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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. breaking news in the south bay where san jose police officers opened fire on an armed suspect, what made them fear for their lives. good evening to you, thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. >> an investigation into a stabbing leads police to the suspect and a deadly con fr confrontati confrontation. tonight, the suspect is dead. investigation is going on in the area of san antonio avenue near the 680 and 101 interchange. we are live at the scene, kim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i can tell you this is still a very active crime scene. you can see behind me, as you mentioned on san antonio avenue
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at packing jackson, the street is shut down as officers search the area for clues. this began at 6:20 tonight when san jose police responded to a call of a stabbing. a victim was found with several wounds in the area of south 34th street who was taken to the local hospital with serious injuries. about an hour later, an ongoing investigation led to a ses pekt in packing place. >> they made contact with the suspect who was armed, and the shooting occurred, two officers fired from their weapons at the suspect. the suspect fell to the ground and was pronounced deceased a short time later. police will only tell us that the suspect was a male in his 20s. the two officers involved in the shooting were not injured. as is departmental policy, they will be placed on administrative leave until this investigation is finished. reporting live in san jose, nbc
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bay area news. thank you so much. we're following more breaking news. 3,000 acres burned in less than eight hours. firefighters are battling a new massive wildfire in the north bay. this latest fire is caughted the jerusalem fire. fire officials say it started before 4:00 this afternoon. right now, there is a mandatory evacuation order in place. this for homes in the jerusalem valley area east of spruce road, not clure home people are affected by the ore tonight. the fire is just off highway 29 south of clear lake, firefighters say it's creeping closer to the rocky fire which is only 10 miles away. >> we don't have an estimate for the potential growth of the fire or number of acres, but it is slowly moving towards the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> right now, cal fire is shifting resources from the 70,000 acre rocky fire to this one. at this time, rob, the conditions out there are making
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this really tough. >> again, seeing dry conditions out there, the jerusalem fire are not far away, ten miles south of the rocky fire burn area, and during the day, there was a video, the column plume associated with the fire, takes on thunderstorm-like characteristics which we track on radar. that's the smoke plume of the developing fire from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon when temperatures at the fire line were in the low 90s. temperatures of 72 degrees, humidity is 39%, and looking at the winds now, closer to ground level, the win are pushing the fire off towards the south and east, and some of the smoke in the sacramento valley into tomorrow morning. where the fire's burning, it's too far inland for the return of the marine air and cooler air to sweep in. for elevations below 2,000 feel, not getting out to lake county. dry conditions continue in the hill overnight, and the bay area, tomorrow morning, misty skies are possible as we track a
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little bit of a cool down starting the workweek. before we look at that, the forecast coming in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank very much. we are learning more about the deaths on the front lines of a different wildfire. the u.s. forest service says late last night, they lost one of their own. michael was struck and killed by a tree while battling the sierra fire. he was 31 years of age, the fire is a small one, burning in a remote area near the national forest, and nbc spoke to one of his colleagues earlier thaed. >> this is something we absolutely hate to see, and, unfortunately, i have to announce this today, it's some of the worst news i had to deliver in my professional career. >> governor brown issued this statement, quote, this reminds us of the dangers firefighter face every time they suit up. >> this death reminds us, of course, after one week, another
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firefighter died in northern california, a week ago, and they were scouting ways to fight the frog fire near the oregon border. a wind shift caused him to be trapped by the flames. we'll continue to follow the wildfires burning across california. you can track them on the website, download that to the android device for free. a story from ferguson, missouri where fire broke out on the one year anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. that's the sound of gunfire in ferguson, a lot of it, and at least one person wounded in the shootout with police, getting word now of a second person shot. st. louis county police say two unmarked vehicles came under fire and officers returned fire. it is not clear right now how badly the injured person is. we know that the injured are not police officers. there's been looting as well, a news reporter assaulted and
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robbed. again, one year ago tonight, 18-year-old michael brown, a black man shot and killed, darren wilson in the city. hundreds gathered peacefully, and the teen's death sparked outrage and reactions across the country, and they called for peaceful protests, but the city was ravaged by months that followed, and, again, after two grand juries cleared officer wilson of any wrong doing. >> we have to all be in this together, and it's not going to get better. if i stand by and do nothing, i'm part of the problem. >> tomorrow, activists call for a day of civil disobedience. meantime, the fbi's investigating another deadly shooting involving an unarmed black man and white police officer. later on in the newscast, video from texas showing moments before the ddly encounter. a special tribute at today's oakland a's game to honor scott
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lunger shot and killed in a traffic stop. family and friends shared memory, and among them was his love of baseball and coach for the girl's softball team, and we are live at the coliseum where his father and daughters played a special role in today's memorial. so many people wanting to remember the sergeant. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, and his father was touched by all of this from the moment of silence to being able to throw out the ceremony first pitch. the a's, and members of law enforcement and family paying tribute. >> in a moment of silence to honor the late sergeant scott lunger. >> a day to honor and recognize the life of sergeant scott lunger, the fallen police officer's family there to see it all. >> means the world to me. ever since the a's came to
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oakland, been a fan, always brought the kids here. >> the law enforcement day saw his father throw out the first pitch to ricky henderson. >> we came to a lot of games here, and the kids just grew up with it, and my son just cherished the thought of henderson playing. just loved him. his favorite player and so excited when he got up to bat. >> reporter: he was killed in the line of duty last month. today, motorcycles were on the field, a's wore pd ball caps in batting practice, and his daughters touched by the support. >> i can't even put it into words. it's an unreal experience that means everything and more to my sister and i, and we know dad's looking down on us just so jealous right now, and i know it means the world to him. >> reporter: for a's fans, this was something special too. >> i'm always out here, but that was another reason i came today, because i want to honor them. >> reporter: in the dugout, a jersey with sergeant's badge number, 106, a well respected
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officer. >> they've been so sportive and being there for us, and the whole community, the support has been crazy, and it's just -- it's deserving. he deserves everything. >> reporter: and after the game, we saw quite a few people leaving with gear that said hayward on it, and in the end, the a's came out on top. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see that well deserved recognition. thank you so much. a missing police dog is safe at home. the german shepherd is a rookie dog that just started working with the police department when he took off from the kennel last night. >> he probably, like anyone else, wanted to explore, and he somehow got confused or disoriented or lost. >> now, officers did find niko in san jose hiding in a creek bed near the lane this morning. the pup seemed happy to see the
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officers. he's been checked out to make sure he's okay before heading back to the academy. music has stopped in golden gate park. the outside lands music festival closed tonight with elton john playing his piano. ♪ the dogs of society howl. >> he was amazing. >> did you want to sing along? >> i would. >> 60,000 people out there to watch. organizers live streamed the entire festival so everyone could see it, and tonight, we learned not everyone was playing by the rules. a police officer hurt near the event. the officer was there stopping fence jumpers trying to get into the festival for free, and one of them ran right into a police officer knocking him down, and that officer had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. tomorrow, we should learn about the total arrest numbers. >> festival organizers have something to say after pulling an oakland musician from the outside lands lineup.
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his appearance was cancel yesterday after he and two others were accused of ticket scalping by the san francisco police. he told us last night he's innocent. >> turns out, one the interns that was with us, he was very quiet and started to fess up, and i guess he had sold a wristband. >> today, outside lands sent a statement about what happened, and organizers look to protect and maintain their wristband system saying, quote, we're so sorry the artist was not able to perform due to the unfortunately breach. coming up, the controversial movie that has a bay area mother whose son was killed in santa barbara asking that movie never been shown. also trump still leading the pack other than the recent comments, they could be hurting his campaign in another way. plus, get this, the top two landmarks in the entire united states are right here in the bay
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area. going to reveal what they are and how they were chosen. ==peggy/plasma== tonight, a hors
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sparking outrage. the problem,ie inspired.. in-part... by st tonight, a horror film sparks outrage. the problem seems to be inspired in part by last year's killing. a shooting spree near uc santa barbara, 16 killed, 14 others injured, three victims from the bay area, and nbc bay area filed this report before headed to breaking news. >> reporter: from the name of the film to the plot, del playa hits too close to home for those who lost loved ones in the shootings. the trailer for the film was released online this week. the horror movie is based on a college student turned mass killer. scenes show the student rejected and bullied before becoming violence. >> you think it's cool to hit on my girlfriend. >> this is real life.
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it's brutal. murdered, and goes into something to entertain? this is immoral. >> reporter: kelly wang lost her 19-year-old son george chen in the tragedy jalast year. the student was one of six killed, 14 others were injured. the shooter was another ucsc student, elliot roger. she says the movie not only glorifies what happens to her son, but sends the wrong message to the general public. >> when the movie comes out, it will mislead some people to do copy cat and they will make themselves famous by being more deadly, more brutal, more savage. >> others agree. on, over 20,000 people have signed a petition demanding that the release of del playa be halted. in a statement, the director admits to taking the movie's
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name from del playa boulevard and says, quote, i'd like to publicly apologize to everyone who has been offended in any way by our making of this film. while i do admit there is the connection of santa barbara, the film is not about elliot roger. >> that was kim reporting, and one of the things talked about is having the filmmakers change the name of the movie and contribute to a memorial fund for the victims. no word yet on when it is to be released. turning now to decision 2016. new poll numbers show donald trump still the front runner. that's despite the controversial comments made in last week's republican presidential debate. on today's "meet the press," trump is not backing down over the comments and behavior towards women. specifically the debate moderator, megyn kelly. >> you have an allergy to apologizing? >> no. i said nothing wrong.
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>> trump still had supporters, he is losing backers, a prominent conservative group resended their invitation to a gathering over the week. >> tomorrow, bernie sanders comes to the bay area, and tonight, the campaign says more than 20,000 people showed up to hear him speak in portland. he's speaking to members of the national nurses union tomorrow in oakland. polls show sanders is trailing behind hillary clinton, and he is gaining ground. we'll have more on sandra's campaign visit tomorrow. did you feel it? a small quick shook san francisco this afternoon. the 3.3 quake hit offshore by 8 miles west of the city. people in san francisco as well as daily city reported feeling a quick jolt. no damage to report on that. you can track all the earthquakes that hit the bay area in realtime just head to nbc bay area and search earthquake map taking you right to the interactive maps we just showed you there on the screen. the bay area is breaking records on the heels of a woman's
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historic swim in san francisco, and a biker broke a world record. >> he did. >> i broke the record! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! >> i love that. >> that's great. >> they spent the last 48 hours and broke the world record, and he climb 96, 922 feet in just 48 hours. he says the idea to attempt the record started after he biked a height of everest, and he's decided he was still not tired. >> i finished the ride in 13 or 14 hours, and i felt good, so i was, like, maybe i can do something longer. >> that would not happen to me, by the way. he ran the distance of a half marathon before the record breaking attempt, thinking possibly he was a good candidate for the iron man or our own meteorologist, rob, extremely athlet athletic. >> a machine. >> yes. >> he cranked out great athletic
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feats and your forecast. >> how about it, rob? >> as long as the trail's downhill, i'm fine. [ laughter ] >> that's a nice ride down the hill. uphill is another story. right now, going across the bridge, you're seeing low clouds and probably some mist at times. tonight, more of that headed towards tomorrow morning, and the view in oakland right now, also mostly cloudy, not just low clouds as you see on the satellite view, upper level system spinning high clouds our way. here's a look at the lower clouds, again, elevation's blow 2,000 feet, you see the low clouds in the trivalley, it's mild, 66 degree, mid-60s in san jose with mostly cloudy skies now, and here's the system. it looks impressive on the satellite until what you realize here is this is mostly mid and high level clouds, so here you go. we have a weak upper level disturbance ridie ining bye, a sprinkle from it, not many dynamics with it other than cloudy conditions now and we'll continue to advance to the north
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and east by tomorrow morning. in fact, you can see towards midnight, all the high level clouds headed off towards north eastern california, and for the morning, there's low clouds and mist in the morning, and more sun for the afternoon, and with the stronger sea breeze here, the next couple days, also with increasing high clouds across the north bay, the trend here the next couple days will be running cooler. today, we had highs approaching 90s in the warmer spots. not the case tomorrow, low to mid-80s in the inland valleys. tomorrow morning, 50s, low 60s, lunchtime tomorrow, mid-70s around morgan hill, but in the mid to upper 60s in san francisco and oakland and highs in the upper 60s, near 70 in san francisco tomorrow. san jose near 80 degrees and mid-80s south of san jose rather than the low 90s. rewood city close to 78 degrees, north bay upper 70s, low 80s, and wisconsin from the south. not warming up a lot.
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the trivalley, temperatures are in the low 80s for tomorrow. we have a slight warm up for today, and now it's back to slight cooling ahead. this is going to be the most interesting part of the weather story. all the spin here jouoffshore, that's the upper level low, not typical this time of year, just offshore, setting up closer to the coast on tuesday, there may be showers in the north bay, but right now, the showers are out of the forecast, that reenforces, however, the onshore winds and cooling as temperatures drop down a little bit to start the week. notice the rebound towards friday, livermore, and same trend, and wednesday and thursday, and san francisco, also seeing a little bit of a warm up as we head towards next week as we get back to next weekend, high pressure builds in, and our temperatures set the climb as we look at latest computer runs. next weekend, some models put us into the mid to upper 90s perhaps in the inland valleys in the north bay. right now, calling for 80s to
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mid-90s next weekend. the numbers turn their hottest in the seven-day forecast just in time for next saturday and sun. back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks a lot. still to come, a river taken over by orange sludge. the toxic dallas developing in colorado. target making a big change in all stores. why they are doing it next.
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at least, that a the top two landmarks in the entire u.s. are right here in the bay area. at least according to trip adviser users. alcatraz grabbing number one, and golden gate bridge grabbed number two. you can see it's quiet now, but this is a faef rit for tourists for sure.
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the lincoln memorial in washington and 9/11 memorial in new york city were also at the top of the list. the rankings are based on 12 month reviews from world travelers. a major u.s. retailer wants to end gender labels. they plan to stop putting up signs in some departments suggesting it's just for boys or girls, and also on the way out are pink, blue, yellow, or green paper on toy shelves at the store. bedding will only say it's for kids. changes begin over the next few months. clothing will still be divided among boys and girls. sad news for our nbc family. frank gifford, the profootball hall of famer, sportings journalist, and husband of kathy lee gifford has died. in a statement, the family says he died suddenly today of natural causes at his connecticut home. he feels the nfl's most valuable player in 1956 leadsing the new york giants to a league
11:27 pm
championship. the football star went orphan to a successful career as an football broadcaster, abc rather, and he was 84 years old and five children from three marriages. >> did a great job. >> 27 years commenting there following on the nbf games, a great career. up next, hackers getting in into medical devices. >> investigate a device that they are now telling hospitals to stop using. k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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taking over medical devicessecu the newest target frg hackers could be the medical room taking over medical devices. it can be done and it can be deadly. >> now, the fda issued an unprecedented warning to hospitals. >> reporter: if you've been in a
11:30 pm
hospital room, you probably have seen one of these, they are medical pumps that are used to monitor drugs and deliver pain meds through an iv. a bay area researcher hacked the pumps, see what he found only on nbc. >> this is what i used to read microchips. they use this to hack cable mod end, and there's a hand full of this who can do this. this is a connecter. >> reporter: a marine asecurity researchers. spending 12 years working on cybersecurity issues for the u.s. department of defense, google, and microsoft. but last year, his tests hit close to home when he was rushed to the emergency room at a bay area hospital. >> i had a surgery, almost died, had what's called a leak, a brain fluid leaking from my nose. >> next to him, a patient hooked up to a computerized infusion pump that delivers medicine, a
11:31 pm
device he studied for security flaws. in the video, you'll see only on nbc, rios demonstrates a takeover of the pump as part of the security expermit. he was able to hack into the device remotely and control it. we won't reveal specifics about how, but they said this is one of five pumps made that are vulnerable to hackers. >> there's patient lives at stake her. >> reporter: the pumps deliver medicines like an these sha, programmed through a hospital's wireless network, and they can be hacked when they are connected to the internet. >> the nintendo wii is more secure than any one of these pumps. >> anyone in fact hospital could be harmed by changing rates of infusion or changing the maximum amount that a person could administer. >> reporter: none of the pumps are used here, but the fda and the department of homeland
11:32 pm
security have alerted other hospitals to vulnerabilities in two hospira infusion pumps. as for the hack, he send a the video to the fda and dhs to warn them more than a year ago. this pump is being removed from the market by the end of the year and the company is working with the government on vulnerabilities in its other pumps. meanwhile, they say two new pumps were designed with further cyber security protections in place. there have been no reports of security breaches with the pumps in clinical settings, but rios say that's no guarantee against future attacks. >> people are willing to hurt each other for whatever reason, and if they can find way to do this remotely, they will do it. they will do it. it's better to take the options off the table for them, and engineer the risk out. >> reporter: the fda is telling health care providers to take these pumps offline and program them manually.
11:33 pm
the process is labor intensive and prone to error. they declined to stay how many pumps are used right now, but this is the first time the fda warned hospitals to stop using a device because of a cyber risk. nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call us at 1-888-996-tip or e-mail us. we are learning more tonight about the man charged with killing six children and two adults at a houston home. police say david conley has a violence criminal history and previously had been in a contentious relationship with one of the victims. authorities say conley confessed to breaking into the home and cuffing the victims and shooting them. a neighbor says he warned people about conley. >> always told them to leave this crazy man alone. >> called them, get the kids away from them. >> that's all we can do, just pray. >> victims have been identified
11:34 pm
add valerie jackson, her husband, dwyane jackson, and six childrens age, 6-13. the oldest child is believed to be conley's. new developments in a shooting of a man in arlington, texas after a confrontation with officers there. we got more tonight. >> reporter: moments before 19-year-old christian taylor was shot and killed by police, a security company was watching his move. he was in a dealership, climbing on cars, and ripping out a windshield. >> trying to get in the windshield, a mustang he broke into it. >> he gets back in the jeep ramming through a secured gate and drives into the dealership showroom window. police say there's no video from inside, but you can see officers calmly approach. >> locked himself in a bathroom. >> reporter: officers ordered
11:35 pm
taylor on the ground, but they say he tried to escape in the back door. >> during the arrest, there was a confrontation between officers and mr. taylor leading officer brad miller to discharge his weapon. >> reporter: police say 49-year-old officer brad miller fired four rounds. he just graduated from the police academy in march and supervised by a training officer. the training officer fired his taser. >> if this was not authorized under the law, there will be consequences. >> reporter: taylor's family says whatever the circumstances, he didn't deserve to die. >> we make mistakes, we have to learn. he didn't get to learn. his life is over. >> reporter: this incident is put in perspective nationwide reporting 585 people killed by police this year so far, and 24 of them black and unarmed. the chief says he recognizes the concerns. >> this instance has not occurred in isolation.
11:36 pm
rather it's occurred at our nation is wrestling with the topics of social injustice inequities, racism, and police misconduct. >> reporter: the chief pledging transparency, asking the chief to help invest gait in the wake of another controversial shooting. nbc news. it's been 70 years since one of the most painful days in the history of japan. today, thousands of people gathered in nagasaki, japan, to remember the day u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city, and there was a minute of silence at the time of the dropping. it was also dropped on her roi a hiroshima. japanese prime minister shinzo abe marked the anniversary by renewing his commitment to a nuclear weapons
11:37 pm
free japan. worst may be over after the typhoon torn through the area killing 14 people, forcing thousands to evacuate. in taiwan, they are removing debris of the that's part of a panel now that was ripped off in a 50 miles per hour wind storm. people are also dealing with flooding and mud slides. tompb tonight, the storm is moving further into china, but downgraded to a tropical storm. >> amazing. the giants keep on sliding. >> not into second base. >> that's right. >> the complete wrap up in sports next. with comcast sports net.fallon.
11:38 pm
well, fallon smith with the
11:39 pm
comcast sports now. i still, i'll always believe in the san francisco giants. that's all i have to say. >> he remains faithful. >> that's right. >> you should. it's early with a lot of banal to be played, but, you know, they had a rough weekend in chicago. today, both giants and a's had bases loaded in the ninth with the chance to win, but only one bay area team would deliver, and it's not orange and black as giants get blown away in the windy city. giants, cubs, the champs looking to avoid the four game sweep, the moment in the third, jake's pitch nailed him in the head, the giants trainer came out, clearly in pain, back to the club house. you hope he's okay. can blanoc be the hero? nope. strike three, game over, and cubs win 2-0 and complete the four game sweep. astros and a's, they honored
11:40 pm
scott lunger, the police officer kill in the line of duty. up 3-1, but uh-oh, adios, three run homer, and astros have the 4-3 lead. bottom of the ninth, luke's glove, there, and mark scores, tied up. next batter, deny valencia is the hero. that's a walk off, folks, a's win 5-4, and here's danny valencia at the end of the game. >> we know gregorson, and you have to look for a slider against him, would you not? >> i was, spiking the fast ball over and over and over again. yeah. not over. >> that's cold. >> but, yeah. luckily it came through. >> always a good time there. smith was one of the best pass rushers in the nfl, and now he's out of work.
11:41 pm
the 49ers were already without justin smith and patrick willis, and san francisco will have to dive deeper into their depth chart. he says the coordinator spoke with the media today and admits it is a void that will be very hard to fill. >> you can't easily replace someone of that caliber, but we'll find ways collectively to get that done. it's a great opportunity. it's great opportunities for guys who had more limited roles had he been here. >> silver and black in training camp, raiders with nine practices, seven in full pads. so far, the head coach is pleased with the team's progress, but says there's a lot of work to be done before friday night's opener against the rams. >> looking to flatten out and be consistent on a daily basis. there's ups and downs, up at a high level and maintain and be
11:42 pm
consistent. that's what we're striving for. yeah. if we fall down, we get up. if we stumble, you know, we get back on track, and so, we're going to continue to do that, hit the reset button where we need to. >> football is back! taking off in the annual hall of fame game in canton, ohio. 3-0 pittsburgh. play action, mike hits over the top, and he walks 34 yards to score. the own end zone, watch this, feet up for you, shaking and big baking, minnesota goes on to win 14-3. final round of the bridgestone invitational. bubba watson two strokes back of the lead, birdie put, oh, yeah, that's good. 9 under par, but lowry, second shot from the rough goes through the tree, and that settles 10
11:43 pm
feet from the pin. what a shot. two putts to win, but guess what? he only needed one. the irishman gets his first career pga tour win and pumped up about it, and rightfully so. okay. one last note on the giants. the rough trip in chicago, they now trail dodgers by three games in the nl west and three and a half games back of the cubs for the second nl wild card spot, so they need to get it together. >> they do. >> seven weeks to go. >> there's time. >> i'm a patient man. >> he has. fallon, thank you. >> no problem. >> colorado river, neon orange rather than blue? have you seen this mess? a mistake by of all people, the epa that led to this big cleanup. hey foster farms!
11:44 pm
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looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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tonigh the e-p-says it is wa more than 100 miles of scenic river is sludge. >> it's a sight to see. the epa says it's waste water filling the colorado river and just revealed the spill is bigger than thought. we have the latest on this environmental disaster. >> reporter: the mine is still leaking and the orange sludge is still moving. >> this stayed in tact all the way from the head waters of cement creek, down, through durando all the way to new mexico. >> reporter: it's been five days since the incident at the abandon gold creek mine in silverton. the epa estimates one of the
11:47 pm
teams mistakeningly release 3 million gallons of waste water. >> this happens all the time, every abandon mine has potential for that situation. >> reporter: the professor has seen it happen before, ground water rising inside a plugged up mine, finding its way out, and he's worked with the epa at mine sites in colorado to event it. >> they are going to then add a tracer, ground water will rise, and it's going to come out somewhere else. >> reporter: inside his boulder lab, williams uses jugs of water and food coloring to show how tracers help understand where the water comes from and how it moves inside a mine. >> we learn about the hydrology, how the water gets in the mine, and try to it off or move it somewhere elsewhere it's not a problem. >> for now, the problem is still flowing at 500 gallons per minute. >> in some ways, the worst we've seen because of that yellow
11:48 pm
sludge. >> right now, let's check in with rob to see what's coming our way weather wise. >> a one day warm up today, temperatures closer to 90 in livermore earlier, and you see san francisco in the mid-60s towards sunset, cooling down as the sea breeze picks up. it was a pretty sunset. mid and high level clouds there, and there was a small weather system that shows up well, on top of the bay area now, and these are mid and high level clouds, radar turned underneath the clouds now, a compact system racing through right now, and in addition to the high clouds you'ring on the satellite, we have low clouds beneath, so two clouds tonight, and the low clouds could bring misty skies around san francisco and the coast as marine air from 2,000 feet and below headed into tomorrow morning. the futurecast includes high and low clouds in the morning, upper level races on buy getting in the morning time, but the low
11:49 pm
clouds left behind in the morning commute, but in the afternoon, mostly sunny and increasing high clouds in the north bay with another low pressure system dropping down the coast bringing maybe even a chance of showers just off to the north of sonoma tuesday morning. low 60s by lunchtime. numbers in the 70s inland and upper 60s in san francisco. san jose, close to 80 degrees, south of downtown, 70s in redwood city, upper 60s and 70 in san francisco, and you can see the temperatures out to the trivalley and into the north bay running about three to five degrees cooler than the highs we saw today, and they should drop even more as we get into tuesday. so we have the warm up that we saw in the area today. now, as a larger area of low pressure drops down the coast and sits just off to the west, don't think we're going to get rain if it's holing the position right now. if it moves closer to the coast by scale of 50 to 100 miles or so, there may be showers
11:50 pm
creeping in on tuesday and certainly brings temperatures down with extra cloud cover and renewed sea breeze in the first half of the week. temperatures climb by friday as a high pressure system rebuilds headed towards the weekend after a mostly mild week. next weekend, looks a little more like august for a change. temperatures start to climb. should see upper 80s and mid-90s inland. saturday, sunday, a mostly mild week, areas of low clouds, drizzle, next weekend, there's a lot more in the way of 90s across the valleys, especially by next saturday and sunday and possibly carrying over into next monday as well. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot. still to come, letters by prisoners of war discovered inside an old cereal box. >> it's the messages inside the letters that's really causing surprise. the united states, and they lea
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
during "world two", hundredof ts they came here as enemies of the united states, but they left
11:53 pm
as friends. during world war ii, hundreds of thousands of german prisoners were brought to the united states. >> in some cases, they were put to work and formed bonds in these communities, bonds revealed in a trove of newly released letters. mark potter has the report from tennessee. >> reporter: this story of kindness and love begins with the horrors of world war ii where the allies brought hundreds of thousands of prisoners to the u.s. one of the camps holding more than prisoners was built on a family farm in tennessee. today was it's a quiet neighborhood. >> there were tents here, bashed wire fenszs here with towers. >> reporter: the treasure was found decades letter in the farm owner es's house in her great aunt's closet. >> i looked down, and there was a corn flakes box full. >> of more than 350 letters of
11:54 pm
gratitude from the german p.o.w. and the scribbles and the americans who cared for them at the camp on their land. >> everybody wrote telling them how thankful they were for the kind treatment of their loved ones. >> reporter: for two years, the germans worked the land with the americans who fed and clothed them. >> they were normal people to them opposed to enemies. >> reporter: the letters from after the war are now at the university in nashville. translated by professor charley mcveigh and a student. the writings are personal, the germans referred to the americans as family members. >> well, dear mother, i wish that i could see you. i love you. >> reporter: some sent photos of their new families and grateful for the gifts sent by the americans including a wedding dress. >> i'm happy when i see that the dress i'm married for one week. >> renews the faith in mankind in a world like we live in
11:55 pm
today, that this could happen even in the worst circumstances. >> reporter: heart felt letters from long ago from bonds made during a time of war, still inspiring today. mark potter, nbc news, lawrenceberg, tennessee. >> that's cool. >> amazing. >> a good story. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at oh! >> a tortoise named borris has a better life ahead of him thanks to a vet, a 3-d printing store, and a jeweler in colorado. >> how about that. >> they created a farnl prosthetic to replace his baek and upper jaw. >> this is borris's story, the turtle injured when a 90 pound tortoise attacked him. he had not received the new jaw, he could not eat, might have
11:58 pm
died. the 3-d prosthetic gives hope to those caring for injured animals. go back to the fact that he's named borris? >> with a life now because, you know, people care about so many things. they find. >> i love that. of all things, saved a life there. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> how's work starting out? >> satellite, there's clouds, sprinkles, drizzle tomorrow morning, a cooler start too, highs inland in the low to mid 80s. thank you. >> have a good workweek. >> have a great week. hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff.
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well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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news special, "bay area proud." watching an nbc bay area the look and sound of sheer joy from this child with special needs was a long time coming. julie matsushima: i feel like amy and i have a purpose. garvin: and what she and her grandmother did will help countless other children. arthur renowitzky: eugene is--i mean, he's an amazing guy. garvin: plus, step by step, day by day, a castro valley man embarks on a unique journey to give another man the opportunity of a lifetime. eugene: there's no word to describe this feeling. garvin: two swimmers. kim chambers: i'm drawn to the unknown. garvin: one mission. simon dominguez: i think this is something that not a lot of people in the world can do. garvin: the ocean venture that could put them in the record books. deanna mitchell: he called me and said, "you won't believe this." and he didn't.


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