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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," riveting new surveillance video from ferguson, missouri, and it helps show why they shot and wounded a young black man during protests late sunday night. and how trump's brand of politics is playing across america. >> donald trump is still the front ruer in the republican primary race. very impressive because it's the only race yet he hasn't offended. and hillary clinton faces questions about possible private e-mails labeled top secret, according to investigators. the food and drug administration forced to speak out after a kim kardashian selfie violates rules. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm dara brown. we begin with breaking news out of japan. we learned a u.s. military helicopter crash landed off of okinawa. 17 u.s. personnel were on board the chopper at the time of the crash. all for rescued. the helicopter was conducting a training mission at the time. the cause of the crash is under investigation. tensions remain high in ferguson, missouri, following the death of michael brown. and more protests but the atmosphere was relatively calm. meanwhile, we're getting a new look at dramatic surveillance video which officers say shows the teen pulling out a weapon. and they released it to counterclaim that harris did not have a gun.
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the shooting happened on sunday. harris remains in critical condition and has been charged with ten felonies. the oath keepers are a group of former soldiers and officers openly ka carrying their own military style weapons. >> we're just americans trying to keep our fellow men safe. >> people are calling the group's presence unnecessary and inflammatory. but state law allows them to openly carry weapons. the 2016 campaign is getting nastier. new poll show trump is still leading but he may have taken a dent following the republican debate. and in new hampshire, it's at 18%, which is down. while he leads in iowa with 17%, he's tied with scott walker at
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14%. yesterday, he had two targets. >> jeb and hillary on the same day, they said, donald trump has too strong a tone, too strong. we have heads being chopped off because they're christian in the middle east, we have borders where people are being killed. the world is cracking up and they're worried about my tone. >> that's just part of yesterday's three-way war of words. jeb bush went after hillary clinton in a speech of his own. brian moore is in washington. all right, let's start there. because bush really laid into hillary clinton regarding foreign policy yesterday. >> reporter: after controversy republicans really want to shift the focus back to hillary clinton. jeb bush was talking isis and and hillary clinton. >> isis grew. when was the secretary of state?
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>> reporter: then there's donald trump. >> leading in iowa, leading in new hampshire, leading in north carolina. >> reporter: still riding high in the polls, still short on specifics. >> we have to build a wall. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton wants to focus on policy. >> a majority of gun owners support universal background checks. >> reporter: but knew she's given the justice department the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state will give rivals and critics something to talk about. hillary clinton's campaign aides say they weren't marked that way at the time. in fact, the state department says some of that information was on unsecured server as far
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back as 2009. >> thank you so much for that. and today, the new york jets will begin life without their starting quarterback, at least for the next six to ten weeks. why? he was sucker punched by a team mate in the locker room. multiple media reports say it was over a $600 debt from a plane ticket. >> reporter: nfl quarterbacks by teammates, hence the bright red practice jersey. but a new york jets back up player broke with this long standing protocol, circ punching geno smith in a locker room confrontation. and he was convicted of battery after punching an off daut r duty cop while in college was fired. >> you don't walk up to another man and punch him in the face. it's something you don't tolerate.
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>> reporter: what was the fight about? >> i'll let them toll you. it was something sixth graders could have talked about. it had no reason to happen. >> reporter: tensions often run high during the nfl's six-week preseason. he apologized, writing in part, geno and i let our frustration get the best of us, but i should have just walked away from the situation. >> in theory, the guy who threw the punch could face some sort of discipline from the nfl. >> reporter: and the game plan for the season sacked for you. a stern-looking geno smith vowing on instagram, i'll be back. well, it was an emotional day in liberal, kansas. the entire community came out to say good-bye to nine-year-old kaiser carlisle. he was the bat boy who died after he was accidentally hit in the head by a batter. they all remembered the boy they
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called the spark plug of the team. quote, i will hold him in my heart and know that his love can be shared by everyone loving each other and showing that compassion. the go fund me site has raced more than $23,000. this morning, more than 60 inmates at the correctional facility in new york have filed report claiming abuse. new york's department of corrections say the allegations community supervision say the allegations have been under investigation for weeks and have been referred to the inspector general. they say quote, any findings of misconduct or abuse will be punished to the full extent of the law. well, kim kardashian may be in hot water with the fda. the federal agency warned the drug company that kardashian's
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instagram promotion of the drug is false and misleading. she stated it hah been tested and no risk to the baby. it presents efficacy claims but failed to communicate any risk informing. now, kim kardashian was paid by the drug company for the post which garnered over 450,000 likes. and the fda wants corrections made on her instagram account. strong storms tore through east texas tuesday. high winds blew over small planes. the estimated damage between 300 and $500,000. a large sink hole nearly swallowed up a pickup truck in central falls, rhode island. the driver was still inside at the time and had to be rescued. they say a water main break caused it. in phoenix, time lapse video
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shows a massive dust storm blowing into the city with near zero visibility. cars had to pull over and several flights were diverted. meteorologist dominica davis is here with our forecast today. haboob, i love those videos but they are dangerous. >> yes they are. we have all this monsoonal moisture and speaking of phoenix, they had a thunderstorm warning just a few hours ago. we're still going to have this monsoonal moisture that will be up through the rockies. scattered showers and thunderstorms will be on tap. unfortunately the fire threat risk is going to continue as well with all of this extreme heat we have locked down to the south. that is spreading to the west. northwest interior your temperatures are going to be ten to 15 degrees above normal and that will go right into the
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weekend. we're looking at a high that's where we have the hottest temperatures. but the coast is looking good and comfortable with temperatures mainly in the 70s. new developments in the arlington police shooting of a college football player. plus, california's got balls and they're betting big on 96 million of them. and this just may be the shot of the day. can you guess where it is? "early today" is back in two. people are both soft and strong,
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who crashed his truck into morgan's limo had been awake for more than 28 hours at the time of the accident. he's plead not guilty to vehicular homicide. and the officer who shot an unarm unarmed man has been fired. >> i decided to terminate officer miller's employment with the arlington police department for exercising poor judgment. >> police were called to the darrell ship after christian taylor crashed a jeep into the car dealership. and what they thought was a weapon, turned out to be a wallet and cell phone. a criminal investigation continues. and in florida a 23-year-old driver of a beer truck lost control of his big rig when he became distracted by his dog.
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now to china. this surveillance video shows a woman being hit, oh, my goodness, by a car driving in reverse. and the woman reportedly suffered just a minor injury. nick wallenda walks over 1500 feet above the milwaukee mile speed way. and check out this spectacular photo of a rainbow and lightning bolt in tucson, arizona. the purpose, to prevent water from evaporating as they battle a historic drought. >> he got the shot after chasing the storm for more than two hours. pretty amazing shot there. >> the markets could be heading
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for more losses after stocks cross crushed on tuesday following china's surprise move to reduce the value of its currency. it's parking worries that it may be in worse shape than previously thought. stocks that have big expose in china may be falling sharply. a move that will preserve about 1,000 union jobs. and facebook is reportedly working on a twitter like app that lets media outlets send breaking news alerts. they will be sent out like tweets with links to articles. facebook is declining to comment. >> early today is brought to you by -- >> just ahead, talk about a
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this morning on "today," more of the rossen report special series, step in or step off. this time, would you speak up if
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you knew someone was using a bogus resume to get a high paying job. see what happens later on "today." now for the latest on sports i'll send it over to my friend betty nguyen. and white sox taking on l.a. in the windy city. the sox called thompson up from the triple a just nine days ago and it's already paying off. you can see his teammates are so excited that they gave him the silent treatment as he returned to the dugout. then they pounced on him. it's a rookie tradition. white sox win 3-0. clay thompson uploaded this caption to his instagram with the caption working on being more versatile in the off season. very impressive.
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unless there is a rule change, though, i don't think bikes are allowed on the court. university of buffalo punter wanted to brag about his long snarp on twitter. so, he posted a video of him knocking it off of a team mate's head. stunning accuracy, right? and the most remarkable thing is that his teammate didn't even flinch. just ahead which presidential candidate will appear on stephen colbert's late show? "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway...
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... to continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways to breathe happy. now for some entertainment news. we now know another guest for steven colbert's first night. jeb bush. colbert even got a jab at the crowded field, tweeting, our first gop candidate. luckily, i do 200 shows a year, so i think ki fit them all. meghan trainor has canceled the rest of her u.s. tour due to a damaged vocal cord. she says she'll need surgery and thanked her fans if their support. and brittany spears has confirmed that she will appear in the upcoming series, "jane the virgin" and gina rodriguez tweeted her excitement, literally fell out of my chair. this is unreal.
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and kim kardashian posted this risque selfie showing nothing but her baby bump. she said she wanted to show that every pregnancy is different. and if you're thinking of baring it all this summer, jimmy fallon has pros and cons of nude beach. >> pro, showing up and taking off all your clothes. con, being told the nude beach is two miles away. pro, telling other swimmers the water is a little cold. them saying, we can tell. and pro, playing nude volleyball or going for a nude run, and con, realizing why clothes were invented. not a good look. >> this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. (music plays)
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leading the news in the independent, men may never truly get over a relationship break up says a study. well, according to researchers, women are hit hardest emotionally after a break up but are good at accepting a relationship is over and moving on. men, however are more competitive and can feel the loss for years afterwards. and from the new york post, baby boom sweeps buffalo nine months after a blizzard. it left many western new yorkers stuck at home. and now they expect a 25 to 30% increase in births. some other stories we're following for you today, the
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total world population is expected to reach 11 billion and the current world population is around 7.3 billion. experts believe it will be caused by population jumps in high fertility countries. there is concern the agency has yet to explain health impacts of the spill. while the orange plume has begun to disappear, residents are concerned about toxins that have settled onto the riverbed which may affect local water supplies. and then there's this. video from lake powell in utah. this is what happens when a fish sees what he thinks is food. the man gets bit in the nipple. by a fish. you can see it jumped clear out of the water to reach its target. each. here in the u.s. we do love our fireworks but i don't think we've seen anything quite like this. these fireworks in china climbed slowly into the air in the shape of ladder. it's the work of a chinese
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artist. the fireworks were mounted on a 500 meter long wire structure. this is amazing. it goes on and on. we might have something knew for macy's day, right? now it's time for a lock ahead. nfl commissioner roger goodell and tom brady are due in federal court in new york city. the judge scheduled a settlement conference. brady was handed a four-game suspension in may for his role in using under inflated footballs during the championship game. and happy birthday to rebecca gayheart and george hamilton turns 76 today. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports.
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i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today. a late rush to fill classrooms p
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a late rush to fill classrooms on the first day of school. not with computers but with teachers. >> south bay stand-off, lasted better than 12 hours. police arrested a felon in hiding. maximum security for a politician's whose very presence led to death threats. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock on this thursday morning. wednesday mourning. thank you. let's not get ahead of ours. a check of the weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. we start out with chilly temperatures across the bay and a few clouds especially near the coast going into the afternoon. sunshine once again and it will


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