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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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first day of school for kids and it is cool to start out the day. a jacket this morning and warms up quite a bit across most of the bay. right now it's 59 degrees in the south bay. and san francisco it's 61 degrees in the east bay. a high of 69 degrees can be expected in san francisco. the north bay 84 degrees. east bay 82. 80 in the peninsula. and south bay 85 degrees. the warming trend continues as we get ready for the first weekend of the school year. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. earlier this morning telling you about the bay bridge toll plaza, police activity on the bridge it self. i want to show you two separate shots. the bay bridge toll plaza, cars starting to build coming in from cash lanes. the other shot the emeryville shot, the bay incline, you can see traffic flow moving without a problem coming in westbound. eastbound as well. police activity on the eastbound side. you might not notice traveling
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westbound but you play see cars there as well. we'll have a live report coming up with stephanie chuang in a few moments. otherwise, traffic flow moving without a problem. green tick marks here over the bridge. altamont pass, no problems, at least right now. back over to you. the bay bridge, breaking news right now. the coast guard is trying to find a woman who jumped from the bay bridge trying to get away from police. >> it happened after 2:00 this morning. the chp responded to a crash on the bay bridge and saw a car wrecked on the eastbound side of the bridge. officers tried to approach two people who had been in the car but they took off running. a woman hopped a guardrail, hoping to get away from an officer, and fell from the bridge. right now the oakland fire department and the coast guard are looking for her in the water. >> we continue to follow that story. new details on a 12-hour stand-off in the south bay after a long, intense night. officers able to get their man. >> "today in the bay" damian
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trujillo live. this is a well-known felon they were after. >> reporter: absolutely. took several hours and several police officers from surrounding agencies to apprehend him early. yes, he was arrested a few hours ago here in morgan hills. the s.w.a.t. team, comprises of officers from several police departments, converged on the home on manner court. it had gotten a tip a wanted felon inside a home. police evacuated neighbors and waited out the suspect. officers asked other neighbors to shelter in place for their safety. they said the suspect was a 24-year-old wanted felon. the s.w.a.t. team made numerous attempts throughout the night to get the suspect to surrender. now, one neighbor posted on twitter video and audio of police trying to coerce the suspect to come out. >> this is the san jose police department. we're not going anywhere. come out with your hands up. >> reporter: they didn't go anywhere. at 1:00 a.m., morgan hill police
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announced they arrested the man on several felony warrants. he was booked into county jail in san jose. no word whether the suspect surrendered or if officers had to go in and forcibly arrest him. we drove by the scene earlier this morning and all was calm there now. live in morgan hill, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." now to a developing story, calm returned to the streets of ferguson, missouri following a couple of nights of intense protests that forced a state of emergency. demonstrations turned into a convenience amid the anniversary of the deadly shooting of michael brown. gunshots rang out in streets late sunday following a day of peaceful demonstration. at least three people shot, dozens arrested amid the protests. officials say if things remain calm the state of emergency could be lifted as soon as today. on a related topic, california is the first state in the country to ban the use of a grand jury when it comes to deciding if a police officer should be indicted for killing
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someone. governor brown just signed that new law. it's a move that comes after a secret grand jury in ferguson, missouri decided not to bring charges against the officer who killed michael brown. the lack of charges sparked riots across the country, as protesters demanded more transparency. so far, mixed feelings about the governor's historic decision. >> as it stands now, district attorneys are allowed to directly file the actions that they think can be supported by the evidence. i'm not sure that this is really anything other than window dressing and kind of a political move. >> what they have done by passing this bill and the governor signing it is doing something concrete in saying secrecy has no place in the criminal justice system. >> that new law goes into effect starting next year. more details, governor brown has signed a bill making it clear that taking pictures of police or videotaping officers is perfectly legal. you may recall the high-profile case from april, u.s. marshall
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smashing the phone of a southern california woman who was recording police activity in her neighborhood. there are limits to photographing and recording officers. it's still illegal to obstruct an arrest or film on private property where you don't have the right to be. san jose city council is given the green light for sjpd to use drones conditionally. those drones can only be used during hostage or search and rescue operations. the bomb squad can also use them. the drones cannot be used for surveillance. the faa has to approve now the one-year pilot program which would start in 2017. school starting for a lot of kids today. many parents back to school shopping with kids, south bay school districts in the hiring frenzy, trying to fill a dozen vacant spots before the first day of school. >> they have made up some ground. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose. that day is here. good morning. >> that day is here. don't i know it, my kids are going back to school today. as we were taking last-minute
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supplies and rushing around to make sure everything was in order, we know that many school districts were doing the very same thing. there appears to be a bit of a teacher shortage, as we head into the school year, and there enough students to fill the classes but there aren't enough teachers. 200 new teachers here hired in san jose unified school district but not enough. as of yesterday, still 12 vacancies here at sjusd, according to the "mercury news." that is a small percentage of the 1,700 teachers that the district needs and mostly has. the rub might be there is increasing demand for the outstanding teachers, there are positions still open in other school districts and there are fewer people getting their teaching credentials. for now, students could find larger classrooms for the first couple weeks of school. i know at our school, we are seeing more combination classes, perhaps because of the teacher shortage, or could be part of the new strategy. so we'll have to wait and see how to all shakes out.
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for now we know that we tell kids, your assignments are temporary or could change. apparently the same goes for the teachers. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. before you get to the classroom, you've got figure out what to wear for the first day of school. >> some have uniforms. but maybe it's a free dress day for some. >> maybe so. and you know, long sleeves are appropriate during morning. during the afternoon, you'll want short sleeves. 60 degrees now in the east bay and peninsula. san francisco at 59. a closer look at south bay and downtown at 60 degrees. santa clara, 57 degrees. and it's 56 degrees in almaden. gilroy 53 degrees. today's high will be around 87 degrees in saratoga. half moon bay 72. outer sunset 65. palo alto 82. and some lower 60s for the coastal areas while the inland areas top out in the upper 80s today and the tri-valley get
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ready for a high of 88 degrees in livermore. let's see how the roads are moving this morning. >> good morning to you. lookinging at light traffic across the south bay. no major concerns than will alleviate some problems. some of your worries with parents getting out earlien an accident 101 past 280 and 680 but not affecting traffic much. off to the shoulder. over towards the altamont pass, moving good from livermore to castro valley. hayward, fremont, no problems. there was a report from chp a field on fire somewhere off of the sunol grade. we'll be following that. we'll get more information as we come along. as we take a peek outside, through the altamont pass, coming through dublin, 580 westbound, lots of cars. eastbound from overnight construction wrapping up but no accidents coming through here. 5:08. coming up, good news for uber. bay area company's saving lives. plus more talks on lay-offs.
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polls -- jeb bush talkingtoughy clinn. while donald trump is fighting to gain momentum in polls jeb bush is talking tough on isis and hillary clinton.
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was the hard dre on thatdeleted?
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=sam/bo one of the big questions, how was the hard drive on all of that deleted? >> how can it be recovered? scott mcgrew. >> continuing coverage of something we're not covering. talking about secretary clinton's e-mail server, sam and laura. she says she or her staff deleted 60,000 e-mails, 30,000 personal, the other half says she's provided to state department. to your point, they could in theory recover the hard drive assuming someone in government wanted to. clinton's lawyers say, they were permanently deleted and there are certainly ways of doing that by write over data. what's not clear if it were done. we'll talk more about hillary clinton coming up in a bit. >> watching china this morning a day after it shocked the world by lowering the value of its own currency. this makes chinese products less expensive and ours more expensive. it also makes chinese labor cheaper. some jobs moving from china
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back to the u.s. by making the yuan weaker, our dollar is stronger than lowers inflation, reduces chance of interest rate hike as well, a financial butterfly effect. good morning, land done. >> scott, good morning. wall street poised for more losses today, futures lower ahead of the open stocks crushed on tuesday following the surprise move by china to reduce the value of its currency. that was aimed at boosting the world's second biggest economy but sparking worries it may be in worse shape than previously thought. share of apple and yum brands, parent of kfc, fell 5% yesterday. they both do a lot of business in china. dow falling 212 point, its worst day in a month. nasdaq losing 65 to 5036. back to you. >> thank you much. more talk of lay-offs. we begin to see for the lack of better word some culling of
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san francisco start-ups. stumble upon will 70% of its staff. it was eclipsed by twitter facebook. founded by garrett camp when he was in college. sam and laura, camp is not feeling completely defeated. stumble upon his first start-up but started something else, it's called uber. >> yeah, little bit. >> yeah. we have a story about that little known company. >> do you? tell me all about it. >> in a little bit, coming up. first, republican playing field levelled a little bit after last week's debate. while donald trump still on top, some underdogs gaining ground. >> let's get a recap or a handicap, we should say, "today in the bay's" brian mooar live in washington. jeb bush now being forced to go on the offensive. >> yeah, really. sam and laura, after day of trump talk, the focus is back on hillary clinton. >> jeb bush talking tough on
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isis and hillary clinton. >> ice isis grew and. where was the secretary of state? >> reporter: after falling plat in a debate that helped carly fiorina, mash co-rubio, john kasich in the polls. then donald trump. >> leading in iowa, new hampshire, north carolina. >> reporter: still riding high in polls, short on specifics. >> so, we have to build a wall. the wall -- >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton wanted to focus on policy. >> majority of gun owners support universal background checks. and if we -- >> reporter: but news she's given the justice department private e-mail server she used as secretary of state ensures her rivals and critics will have plenty to talk about. and inspector general found at least two of the messages that went through those private server were classified beyond
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top secret. the clinton campaign says that the information contained in there wasn't marked classified at the time, and the state department says that some of it was circulated through unsecured servers at the state department. back to you. >> brian mooar from washington, thank you. after a chain of bad press, good news for uber. cities with the service saw a reduction in drunk driving deaths. temple university researchers looked at trends in dui-related road deaths in california cities that have uber service. they found death rates dropped between 3% and 5% in areas with uber. >> if you're driving yourself to work, there's a new app to help you save time and take away your red light blues. dmw made hitting green lights easier with the enlighten app. the app shows the current color of upcoming lights and counts down to when lights change colors. provides drivers whether to
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prepare to stop or not based on the car's position and speed. right now, doing it the old fashioned way and looking at the light. which tends to work but you can encourage speeding if you have five seconds to make the light. i hope i get there in time. >> i don't think we want to encourage speeding. >> right. i'm saying the app could encourage, hypothetically. speeding through this week. already to wednesday. first day of school for a lot of kids here. >> summer's over. i can hear the whines of kids. the parents are cheering. they're excited about the kids going back to school. and now as we head out we have some great weather. enjoy this the next couple of days because it will still be comfortable. kind of weather we've seen throughout the past couple of days. at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, check it out, it's going to get hot this weekend. as you head out today, headlines, what you need to know. cool to start, maybe a light jacket. as we go into the afternoon it will be warming up as the skies
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gradually clear and then coastal fog rolling back this evening. and some clouds, sunset at 8:0. 58 in hayward. 5 santa rosa. napa, 50. highs topping out in the 80s in the south bay. redwood city, up to 80. half moon bay 72. lower 67 degrees. na napa, 86. san ramon, 82. here's what happens next couple of days, tracking tropical storm hilda and it continues to weaken as it moves closer to the hawaiian islands. so great news there. really won't have a big impact on hawaii, if you've got last bit of summer plans to head there to some of the islands. over the next 48 hours. here at home we have a nice strong onshore flow. it makes it feel cool throughout the morning. and some isolated drizzle and morning fog in spots. but this weekend, that area of low pressure gets replaced by
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high pressure. that will make it much hotter. next three days we see a gradual warming trend in temperatures in the south bay from 85 degrees today to 91 degrees on friday. peninsula 80 degrees up to the upper 80s and even mid-70s in san francisco by the end of the week. and the north bay expect a high of 92 degrees on friday. and the east shore, we see some lower 80s today but a look at that weekend forecast, kids want to head back to the pool. in the 90s, widespread 90s, across the bay area. and even some triple digits in the tri-valley. 100 degrees saturday. 101 sunday. and even as we head back to school next week it will still be well above average. let's see how traffic is moving now with anthony. when the pools close, get you one of those water slides roll out of the backyard. i've looked into the prices. you can throw in a discount now, go. let's talk about the altamont pass coming through there, livermore, 580 things looking
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good. an accident on 680 but not affecting traffic. south bay, traffic is starting to pick up where we have camera positioned. we had an accident but it's off to the shoulder. what it look likes outside. you can see for yourself more cars on the road. the speed sensors here showing that speeds are up to 65 miles an hour. folks got to rev up that engine as you get kids to school. one final stop in palo alto, 101, past ikea, i want to show you the shot because it's university avenue, there was a report of a field on fire. we'll be tracking that this morning try to bring you more information as it comes in. back to you. >> keep an eye on that. 5:20. companionship of a dog or puppy, it can be so strong, sometimes prescribed by doctors. how to benefit from a new pet for free.
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a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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this saturday we are clearing the shelters. it's a one-day pet adopt a on this where fees will be waived or greatly reduced. >> that's happening saturday as we prepare for the big day. sharing stories of local pet
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rescues. >> you want to go on a walk? >> reporter: this is lois lane. the 3-year-old shih tzu mix in the loving care of palo alto's kristin rasmusson. two years ago the life they share now didn't seem possible. >> she obviously had a traumatic past. when they found her on the street she was very underweight and her hair was very mangled. the cops that picked her up actually put her in the backseat of the car and when they went to get her out she bit one of the cops. >> reporter: after getting a bath, haircut and clearing quarantine, lois was ready for the pet version of internet dating. >> i saw her on the humane society website. >> reporter: kristin struggling with stress and anxiety and looking for a dog at the suggestion of her doctor. >> i made an appointment to go see her, and we met, and i just fell in love with her.
5:25 am
she's really changed my life in a lot of ways. great companion. she's a great stress reliever. being able to take care of something especially something that had no home before helps you almost more than it helps the dog. good girl. >> reporter: all lois asks for is to go shopping every now and again. >> i love taking her places with me. she likes going to the mall. she loves her morning walk. >> she's frisky and happy now. that's great. for more information on clear the shelter project, head over to shelters. come out on saturday, pick up that new family member, adoption fees will be waived or reduced all day on saturday which is huge because some of the fees can be big. >> costly. >> sam and i are going to be out in berkeley saturday morning,
5:26 am
going live as well. >> starting at 7:00. we're going at least through noon, we'll be out there for hours. talking about dozens and dozens of animals adopted because of these efforts in berkeley, san jose, milpitas, san francisco, all over the bay area. more information on our website. >> we need a newsroom pet, wouldn't that be nice? >> official dog of nbc bay area. husky mix. i don't know. >> all right. we'll put it to work. 5:26 now. update to breaking news. crews searching for a woman who fell from the bay bridge while trying to run from police. maximum security in mountain view for a controversial politician whose very presence led to death threats. joining us. i'm lura garciacann
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sam brock. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. a quick check on weather for the first day of school for many kids withmeteorologist kari hall. >> school to start out. clear skies inland. we have clouds near the coast. temperature for most of us around 60 degrees. north bay clear and cool, 55. south bay today, top out at 85 degrees. peninsula 80 degrees in the east bay. 82 tri-valley, temperatures warm up to 87. san francisco 69 degrees and expect a warming trend to begin. as we go into the next couple of days i'll have detailsen in the next microclimate forecast. let's see how traffic and buses
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and everyone getting out there, how's everything looking? >> you can see for yourself bay bridge toll plaza already jammed up. just the past five minutes, it's become a parking lot here. so, yes, it is slow going over the bay bridge. we told you about police activity on the bridge itself, on the eastbound side lane. westbound not affected all that much. the maps, you can see what i'm talking about, green tick marks that does note things are moving without a problem. san francisco giants game, day game around noon. coming through the sunol grade, no problems there. as we move over to south bay and the peninsula, we are looking at traffic flow moving good across 101. what i want to point attention out to, palo alto, a report of a grass fire right near the dumbarton bridge, folks hitting brake lights. we'll be bringing more information to you as we go along. back to you. >> all right. we have breaking news right now. search crews looking for a woman who jumped from the bay bridge trying to get away from chp. >> "today in the bay's" strothman joining us live near the bay bridge. this started with some sort of
5:31 am
traffic accident on the bridge. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, right now the search is ongoing for this woman on both sides of the bay bridge. down the stretch, farther down, you can see, i don't know if it's left, there's one chp unit, there are two here parked alongside. there's officers looking with flashlights near the water as well as a boat with its lights on looking with lights in the water as well for this woman who reportedly fell off the bay bridge in this stretch. this is before the 880 south connector. also a search by chopper which we have not seen since. chp arrived on the bridge after 2:00 this morning after calls of a collision and found a single vehicle accident. this was eastbound on 880. one person standing near the vehicle in the bike lane but two others apparently run off and this is on the oakland side of the bridge. officers found those two somewhere else here on the bridge. but as they tried to approach them, one woman reportedly hopped the guardrail and then fell off the bridge. so the search again is in the
5:32 am
water. it is ongoing. we are told that the u.s. coast guard is working with different agencies, oakland fire confirmed it it is helping in this as well as the tiburon fire marine department. they are searching san francisco waterfront, yerba buena island to see if they can spot her. waters are very cold at this time, and the coast guard saying it will be ramping up its search as soon as it is light out. live on the bay bridge, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." 5:32. new details on a police stand-off in the south pay. finally one neighborhood, s.w.a.t. teams able to arrest a suspect. >> live from morgan hill police headquarters, investigators say the suspect is a wanted felon. >> reporter: that's right. sam, good morning, they arrested that suspect over 4 1/2 hours ago, but it was an all-day and all-nighter for residents and for police here in morgan hill.
5:33 am
city south of san jose. morgan hill police gotten a tip that a wanted felon was inside a home on manor court here in morgan hill. the s.w.a.t. team arrived and surrounded the home. the local s.w.a.t. team comprised of officers from various surrounding agencies. they asked some neighbors to evacuate their homes for their own safety. others asked to shelter in place. described the suspect as a 24-year-old wanted on several felony warrants. the s.w.a.t. team tried all night to coerce the suspect to surrender. one posted on twitter commands from police. >> this is san jose police department. we're not going anywhere. come out with your hands up. >> reporter: you can hear him say san jose police, part of the s.w.a.t. team than s.w.a.t. team arrested the suspect about 1:00 this in morning again. there is no word on whether he surrendered peacefully or police have to forcibly remove him from that home.
5:34 am
we did drive out to the neighborhood earlier this morning and all there was quiet. live in morgan hill, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> to the relief of neighbors, no doubt. thank you. 5:33. it was a gruesome find and still no official word on who he is, the man found dead after an explosion in a west oakland apartment it happened as two deputies serving an eviction notice at a unit yesterday morning. a lock smith was drilling through a jammed door when sparks ignited the explosion. signs of booby traps and a severed gas line inside the unit. investigators suspect the remains are of the tenant who was being evicted. alarming snith mountain view, police officers in the swat s.w.a.t. team armed with machine guns in plain view, ordered to keep the peace because of a controversial dutch politician speaking at a local hall spreading his anti-islamic views. no one was allowed in the parking lot because of threats again the speaker's life.
5:35 am
conservative forum of silicon valley hosted speaker geert wilders. hundreds attended, many of whom share his message. >> an amazing speech. i thought he's a tremendously brave man and saying what's plain, just right in front of our eyes. >> i think it's great that we can actually have forums and discuss topics like this safely. but i don't necessarily have to agree with the opinions held. >> the tight security comes after two gunmen fired shots outside of an event in texas earlier this year. that's where a contest was held to draw the prophet muhammad. wilders spoke at that event as well. 5:35. new pencils, notebooks, shiny new shoes hopefully the only thing missing on back-to-school are a dozen teachers. >> a crucial element. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live in san jose i schools dealing with a serious teacher shortage. >> it's not so much serious in the quantity.
5:36 am
san jose unified school district lack of 12 teachers out of 1700 teachers as the school district needs but if it's your child that has a temporary teacher it's a serious deal. adding to the severity of the problem the fact that there's a lot of competition for the teachers. this district hired 200 new teachers. they have a vacancies and there are other districts that have vacancies and there are fewer. it could be a while before conditions are filled permanently. in the short term, could mean larger classes for students more combination classes, certainly some shifting around in the first couple of weeks of school. now as we always get our class assignments for my kids, it always says, class assignments are tentative. apparently tentative for some of the teachers. as the dust settles, hopefully everything will shake out and fine all of the bodies that it
5:37 am
needs. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. people come from all over the world for tech jobs in silicon valley. now san jose's mayor has plans to create jobs for the middle clasp mayor sam liccardo will talk new incentives to bring factory jobs to san jose and has a plan to keep them in silicon valley. focused on helping companies get rare industrial space and retrofitting buildings to employ middle class workers. talking about plans, oakland's coliseum city plan looking more and more like a mirage. that is not stopping community leaders from gathering today to talk about priorities if it does come to pass. there is still a developer attached to the coliseum remodeling project. though the raiders are this week pitched the nfl on their l.a. stadium plan and the a's have shown no desire to get a deal done. today community leaders will hold a news conference demanding
5:38 am
public benefit like jobs and housing if a deal were to be approved for a new stadium. that deadline for a coliseum plan is nine days from today. 5:37. temporary victory for people in san jose's mobile home park, trying to fend off high priced developers. a big issue in san jose, 59 mobile home parks more than any other city in the state. developers have been snatching up parks to build market rate housing. that puts 35,000 people at risk of losing their home. mostly senior citizens and lower wage workers. leaders approved a six-month moratorium on any park closure while they work on a plan. >> we cannot force owners to stay in business. i want to make sure we have a team approach where the owners are listening to residents and the residents are listening to owners. the city plans to revise a 1986 ordinance that deals with mobile park closures. >> 5:38.
5:39 am
a group of former librarians detail unusual allegations against the berkeley public library. claiming that a coverup in the destruction of thousands of books has occurred. that process is called weeding, most libraries do it to get rid of extra copy of books no one checks out anymore. the group of former librarians believes berkeley is taking that process way too far. they claim the stated number of books destroyed and the actual number this year, two very different things. the library director says 2,500 books pulled. critics say it might be 20 times that figure. berkeley's library system has close to a half million books. >> 5:39. new concerns in lake county as crews battle the jerusalem fire. more than doubled in size in the past day. now with 14,000 acres. also it might merge with the almost-contained rocky fire. the jerusalem fire 5% contained so far. mandatory evacuations continue
5:40 am
in the jerusalem valley at 60 homes are threatened. >> we continue to watch wind direction and wind speed as firefighters tackle the fires. all over the map. >> it has. we have had a very erratic wind pattern the past couple of days but it hasn't been gusty. winds at 5 to 15 miles an hour. humidity this morning at 75%. during the daytime drops down to 30. temperature at 53 degrees in that area. but it will be rising to 100 degrees this weekend. that's the pattern that we will all see. enjoy the warm water. saratoga, 87. half moon bay 72. san francisco in the upper 60s. 80 in the north bay and novato. walnut creek 87. and pleasanton reaching 86 degrees. once again it will be heating up this weekend. more on that coming up in ten minutes. let's see how traffic is moving now with anthony. >> good morning to you. traffic is moving pretty good. metering lights at bay bridge toll plaza. keep that in mind, you can see the slowing beginning to show up
5:41 am
there. that's the accident earlier that we were talking about where the woman jumped into the water on the eastbound side direction. not affecting westbound side. up in the san rafael richmond bridge, an accident, something obstructing exit ramp to get on to 80. that's eastbound headed towards the east shore freeway, you can see, 880 southbound without a problem. more cars on the roads this morning. great news, no accidents through here. south bay, looking good. we did have an accident past 101 and 280, keeping things slow. we're starting to see that backup, typical slowing we see this time of morning. it's beginning to get very slow this morning. back over to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:41. a pair of jeans that can charge your phone but they're not cheap. >> another car hack. we'll show it to you. how they did it. we'll tell you. an investigative unit exclusive. a group collecting money outside supermarket accused of being a
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
now to an investigate uniexclus colctingash in front of localc at 5:44. investigative unit exclusive april group collecting cash in front of a local grocery store claims it's helping bay area
5:45 am
veterans we started to look into gifts of that after a viewer told us he suspected it was a scam. the investigative unit learned the group is not a charity or a nonprofit. gift a vet volunteers sit with an american flag collecting donations they told our cameras money helps homeless veterans. when we asked for proof, volunteers walked away. >> my card. >> i just want to ask you a few questions about gift a vet. can you talk to us how you're helping veterans? >> tonight at 1:001:00, we expose the run-in with law enforcement and the simple things you should do before donating to any charity. >> of course, if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call or tip line 888-996-tips or sent us an e-mail to cybercrime hits wall streets
5:46 am
busted for making $100 million by stealing insider information. the biggest case of its kind. investigators say a group of u.s. traders hired ukrainian hackers to break into computers in three pr companies. those agencies released information for businesses. hackers stole press releases before they went public and sole the info. >> the hackers were relentless and they were patient. they maintained access to the victim news wires for sometimes long stretches of time, more than years, and when they lost access, starting over and regaining access. >> that scheme went on for the pat five years. nine people facing criminal charges and warrants issued for several hackers in ukraine. employees are facing charges of accused of putting trucks of california roads illegally. a u.s. attorney says as many as 100 commercial truck drivers paid dmv workers up to $5,000 for illegal california licenses. the employees allegedly changed
5:47 am
computer records to show drivers passed written and driving tests. owners of three truck driving schools are charged. the suspects from san ra month, salinas. chevron needs to pay penalties at its richmond refinery. more than 20 air quality violations over two years. chevron released a statement saying it's taking the matter seriously and corrected the problem. the settlement fund used for air district enforcement work. >> $1 46,000 doesn't sound like a lot but it knees every dollar. >> talking about a company that set records for how much money it makes. >> that's history. it's hard to feel badly for a giant energy company especially when paying less for gas but low oil prices are hitting chevron particularly hard. they're based in san ramon.
5:48 am
they've had a bunch of multibillion dollar projects under construction throughout the world. these are very rough days for chevron. oil prices can go even lower if the dollar gets stronger and you know what, yesterday it did. china reduced the value of it's currency relive to us. opec said it would keep pumping at normal levels and speculation iranian oil would come on line soon. want to see a car hack? researchers at uc san diego able to use a cell phone and text messages to turn the wipers on this corvette. activate the brakes at low speeds, too. using a plug you get from the insurance company, the one that goes in the socket below the steering wheel. this is the plug they hacked. think was poorly made. it's distributed by san francisco-based metro mile. you mind them in uber cars, because metro mile specializes
5:49 am
in uber drivers, charges them per mile. you don't have to worry about your uber being hacked. metro mile was warned by the guys who did the hacking and pushed out an update. important wrote an op-ed in "new york times" demanding anal and google make it easier for police to open locked cell phones. the authors are the chief prosecutors in new york city, london, paris and the country of spain. google and app started locking down those cell phones after u.s. government started tapping into them. >> two companies very sensitive to privacy rights, certainly that's been their pr on the issue. thank you. >> they're locked down. they can't get in them. water win for the city of dublin. the dublin san ramon services district holding celebrations to mark expansion of its recycled water program. now pipes carry recycled water all the way west of interstate 680 to 35 parks, roadway medians
5:50 am
and school grounds. that new recycled water program reportedly going to save 49 million gallon of drinking water every single year. want to check the microclimate forecast. wednesday morning, halfway through our week. a lot of kids heading back to school today. >> yes. it is a busy morning for a lot of households to scramble, get the lunch together, and grab a jacket, too. it is cool this morning. warming up this afternoon as we take a live look from san bruno mountain. we see all of the lights on in san francisco. even some cars moving. you can tell by the moving lights. look at the seven-day forecast as it comes up at bottom of the screen we've enjoyed mile weather but that's about to change as we head into the weekend. temperatures around 60 degrees. we also are starting out with mostly clear skies across the bay. san francisco top out at 69 degrees. 82 degrees in the east bay. peninsula reaching 80 degrees and the tri-valley warming up into the upper 80s. but getting ready for hot air
5:51 am
this weekend. so, today a great day to enjoy out at at&t park. we have 12:45 game and first pitch 68 degrees by fifth inning. 69 degrees mixture of sun and clouds. sun peeks out every now and then. low pressure offshore bringing in a strong onshore flow. that's kept our temperatures down but as we go into the next couple of days, once again changes, as that area of low pressure get replaced by high pressure and that allows for the heat to build all across the bay. so next three days we begin a warming trend. the south bay, 85 degrees today. 91 by friday. a lot of sunshine peninsula from 80 degrees up to the upper 80s by the end of the week. san francisco in the upper 60s. for the north bay up to 92, tri-valley see highs around 93 on friday. let's see how those roads are moving now with anthony. >> good morning. light traffic across the east bay. no problems across 880, same
5:52 am
deal for 580. an accident just popped up, livermore. 680 and pleasanton. otherwise things moving smooth. san jose, more cars on the road as the san jose unified started. seeing slowing, we've got an accident, 101, past 280 and 680. i'll show you what it looks like. cars are starting to slow up here. and it's going to be the same pace all morning long because this is slope palo alto, a report of a grass fire off the dumbarton bridge at university area. outside, not being affect all that much by traffic. but we are seeing typical slowing. keep that in mine head up the peninsula. next pair of skinny jeans could do more than make you look good. they could also charge your cell phone. these jeans have a built-in charger, battery pack sewn into the back with an extra back pocket to hide most iphones. now the six plus, too big. the jeans called #hello aren't
5:53 am
cheap, 189 plus another $49 for the custom battery. available on the designer's website. >> electric idea. 5:52 right now. coming up, barred from the field but back in court, quarterback tom brady scheduled for another hearing. it's the gridiron mtchup
5:54 am
5:55 am
everyone simply cat stop talking abt: get readfor anher rou gridiron matchup, everyone
5:56 am
cannot stop talking about. get ready for another round of brady versus goodell. the suppose two supposed to reach a settlement on deflate-gate suspension. roger goodell seems determined to keep brady suspended for the first four games of the regular season and brady and the union sued the nfl when goodell denied at peel. a deal cannot be worked out a judge may set arguments as soon as next week. ross mirkarimi has his full driving privileges back, after the dmv suspended his driver's license in february for not reporting a crash. the crash was minor, happened laugh year while mirkarimi was driving a city-owned vehicle. he did not report it to the dmv as required. the sheriff thought his insurance company was going to handle than mirkarimi says he's paid all of the fees and is now cleared to drive. in the meantime, san francisco police backing down against bicyclists in the city.
5:57 am
they called off their crackdown. in just two days last week, officers issued close to 200 citations for bicyclists for running stop signs and red lights and not yielding to pedestrians. police said while the crackdown may be on hole they hope it sent a message. >> we're trying to encourage the cyclists to share the road and do it in a very safe way, abide by the rules of the road. >> over half of deadly traffic incidents occur due to five violations, violations when someone's driving breaking the law. we're asking that there be a specific return to focus on the five. >> police are calling off bicyclist crackdown for now. they say they reserve the right to bring it back any time. happening today, the fed to release a report that show as fordable care act cut down the number of uninsured people in the country by the millions. usa today reporting number of
5:58 am
americans without health insurance has dropped from 36 million to now 29 million in the first part of the year. it's a significant drop but experts don't think the number of uninsured will ever reach zero because certain people, like undocumented immigrants, aren't eligible for coverage. remarkable run came to an end too early for a south bay little league team. >> we'll cheer them on. the team lost the second game of the western regional tournament yesterday. henderson, nevada won 9-3. san jose exits the regionals with the loss. little league begins next week in williams port, pennsylvania. next at 6:00, back to school for thousands of students in the south bay but a handful of teachers absent. >> 12-hour stand-off ends with a fellen in cuffs. how south bay police able to catch their man. update to breaking news. search under way now to find a woman who fell from the bay bridge while trying to run away
5:59 am
from police. "today in the bay" starts now. very good wednesday morning to you yop thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the weather, which we've been tracking, and the roads as welling let's start with meteorologist kari hall. she's got our microclimate forecast. >> nice, clear, cool to start out but warming up as we head into the afternoon. right now, as we take a live look at san francisco, we do see a clear sunrise as you head out today. this is what you need to know. with some bay clouds we'll see that in some spots. and warming up as the skies clear. it will be warmer than it was yesterday and this evening, sunset at 8:03 with clouds moving back in. a look at microclimates upper 80s for the south bay. san francisco, 69. north bay in the 80s. bodega bay the place to cool off, 64 degrees. tri-valley will be in the upper 80s this afternoon while oakland tops out at 74. a closer look at microclimate
6:00 am
comes up. >> i want to start off with a shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. yes, it is stop and go, parking lot now. look at that beautiful sunrise. early in the morning, a place to be up early to catch the beautiful sunrise. you can see getting to the maze, not a problem. but again stop and go once you get to the toll plaza. east bay, things looking good from 880 through hayward, union city, fremont. a crash through the altamont pass on 580 eastbound. westbound direction not affected but it's there on the map and causing slowing at least probably folks want to spec tate and see what's happening. westbound side slow through here. what it look like in dublin. westbound 580, cars moving without a problem. slow eastbound direction where we had the crash and that's no problem there. traffic flow wide open this time of day. ba


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