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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a mystery on the bay bridge, a woman running away from officers falls 75 feet down into the water, but where is she now? good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. and i'm vicky nguyen in for kris sanchez. >> stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. of all people, investigators with a dumptruck, why is that? >> oakland investigators are questioning a dump truck driver who apparently in the last hour, hour and a half walked into an
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officer and said i picked up a woman who was wet and dropped her off somewhere. we're also understanding that they believe that this missing woman was the driver of a car stolen out of southern california. a woman who's not been seen for a nine hours, the coast guard and chp had officers in the area. multiple boats were in the water. the missing woman is described as in her early to mid 20s, a his spain woman from the east bay. investigators boulevard she was behind the wheel of a car that crashed eastbound on the bay bridge, a car that came back stolen out of los angeles reported a few weeks ago. officers had seen the crash, they tried to catch up with her and two other women who were walking away from the scene, but 50 yards out, they say a missing woman went over the bypass, and dropped. she says officers fold her i.d. floating in the water not far from where she fell in, and are trying to track down the places
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she might be and the people she might know. >> definite not that unusual, not the usual collision we take. we do want to find this person. we want to make sure she's okay, and obviously there's another criminal investigation that's going on, we want to follow up on as well. >> reporter: the coast guard suspended its search at 9:00 this morning, a caltrans person told me there was an additional eyewitness who reported a dump truck driver picking up a woman who was wet. they have a few footage from the cameras all along the bay bridge. all morning long the investigators questioned the other two women, but they said they didn't not the driver very well. the chp released both of those women, saying it simply did not have enough to hold either of those women. now, this missing woman was last seen wearing a black dress with no shoes, still again no search
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is ongoing, but no word if the coast guard will at some point pick up the search again. >> isn't that remarkable she survived that fall? if that is the case. did the officers say anything about any charges she might face? >> reporter: she could be charged with anything with the stolen car? >> yes. >> reporter: yes, they're saying the two women who were picked up and detained and were questioned here at headquarters, they didn't have enough to hold them for what would be an auto burglar or robbery. if they find her, she might be the one to face that charge. just moments ago, morgan hill police identified the known felon involved in a 12-hour-long stand off. early this morning they arrested alfredo adape. officers say they got a tip that
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someone sauce adolphe wanted for two burglaries around 1:00 tuesday afternoon. he locked himself inside a friend's home, wouldn't come out for 12 hours. officers evacuated the neighborhood as a precaution. just about 1:00 this morning, they got him out, took him into custody. he was wanted out of san jose for two burglary warrants. new concerns in lake county, as crews battle the jerusalem fire. it is now 16 1/2 thousand acres and may merge with the almost contained watke fire. mandatory evacuation continue in the jerusalem valley. hear that? that is total silence. it's the first day of school in so many households in the bay area, including one of the largest school districts in the region. >> dame you good morning,
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damian. >> reporter: police wasted no time in issues citations today, for school and student safety is a top priority today in san jose. they headed to school. the first day of classes at san jose unified. >> sixth grade. being driven to school, crossing guards are san jose police officers, they parked in front of the peter burnett academy and cited drivers. several we are issued already this morning. >> people out, you know, watching the streets and watching the children, making sure that everything was safe. >> i'm glad. i wasn't aware of that, but thank you. >> reporter: they will ensure
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that students return home safely after their first day of classes. they remind driver in some school zones, the speed limit drops to 15 miles per hour. that motors unit is at full staffing today, so expect a lot of motorcycles, police officer around san jose all day today. we're live in the south bay, i'm damian trujillo. >> damian, thanks. well, now to another police scene. this time in mountainview, police officers and the s.w.a.t. team armed with machine guns in plain view. their orders -- to keep the peace. it was all because of a controversial dutch politician speaking at a local hall and spreading his anti-islamic views. nobody was allowed in the parking lot because of the concerns about threats on his life. >> i thought it was an amazing speech, a tremendously brave man and saying what's plain in front of our eyes.
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>> i think it's great we can have forums and talk about topics like this safely, but i don't necessarily have to agree with the opinions held. >> the tight security comes after two gunmen fired shots at an event in texas earlier this year, where a contest was held to draw the prophet mohammed p he spoke at that event as well. california is the first for ban the use of a grand jury in a case that involves a police officers -- governor brown -- but being a grand jury did not have to explain why not. the lack of charges sparked riots across the nation as protesters demanded transparency. starting next year, it will get to a prosecutor alone on whether to decide to file charges in california. >> as it stands now or district attorneys are allow to do directly file the actions they
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think can be supported by the evidence. i'm not sure this is really anything other than window dressing and kind of a political move. >> what they have done by passing the bill and the governor signing it is something concrete, saying basically secrecy has no place in the criminal justice system. >> the new law will go into effect next year. more details, governor brown has signed a billing making it clear that taking pictures of police or videos is perfectly legal. a u.s. marshal smashed the phone of a southern california woman, who was recording police activity in her neighborhood. but there are limits to photographing and recording officers. it is still illegal to obstruct an aremember owes film on private property if you're tremendous passing. . a key move for the for sjpd to use drones, can usually used during hostage or search and
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rescues, or the bomb squad can use them. the f amount a has to give permission as well. san francisco's sheriff has full driving privileges back this morning, this after the dmv suspended his driver's license back in february. the crash happened last year while he was driving a city-owned vehicle. the sheriff said he thought his insurance company was going to handled that. he said he paid ought fees and is now cleared to drive. a temporary victory for people living in san jose's mobile home park the. they're trying to find off big developer. developers have been buying up the parks to build new homes and sell them. 35,000 people live in mom hobble parks. city leaders approved the six-month moratorium on any park closures while they work on a
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plan. >> we cannot force of owners to stay in business. i want to make sure we have a team approach where the owners are listens to the residents and the residents are listening to the owners. >> while the city can't prevent a mobile park homeowner from selling ever, it does intend to talk about how much money and other compensation people can get if they're forced to leave. happening now, crews trying to repair a water main brea ecinial amo. it was first reported about 7:00 this morning on danville boulevard near m avenue. something said the break was causing the roadway to actually buckle. chp officers are there directing traffic around this mess. no word on when everything will be fixed, but we'll keep you updated. up next at 11:00 the companionship of a dog or puppy, it can be so strong that it's sometimes prescribed by doctors. plus driver arrested in china and new silicon valley reality tv show.
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all ahead in business. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a live look at sunol, where we see sunshine, but temperatures are going to get hot there this weekend. more in the microclimate forecast.
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and welcome back. the dow industrials down 80 points, which is not bad at all when you consider the fact they are down about 250 earlier today. the big problem is china. china has lowered the value of its currency, and that has had the market very upset. five uber drivers were arrested in hong kong accused of, well, just being uber drivers. undercover officers asked for rides using the app and said the drivers lacked hire permits, and police tipped off local tv.
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this is one of the founders of uber, derek cant, and reports say that san francisco social media company is going to lay off 70% of its staff after failing to raise new funds. the stocks we'll continue to watch them. it is a concern with the chinese value of the currency making products and labor less expensive, ours more expensive. that will be a continuing story. a new tv show premiered on one of or competenttory, abc family. it's a reality show start in san mateo, called "start-up u." had has all the usual components, like rappelling down a building. you may know draper from his recent push to division
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california into six californias. a very smart investor. his sister produced another band, where draper ends up in his underwear. i don't mean you specifically, that sounded weird. i mean people in general. >> i'm on your wavelength. draper getting his moment on tv. >> people are really interested. >> we have arrived, in our underwear. [ laughter ] scott, thank you. bmw wants to make the new enlighten app connecting to next-generation signals, and shows the current colors of upcoming lights. right now it works in salt lake city, portland and eugene, oregon sticks that have involved the connected stoplights. what happened to just looking at the lights? you mentioned uber after a chain of bad press, some good news,
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they saw a reduction in drunk driving deaths, a researcher looked at trends in california city with his uber. they found death rates dropped between 3% and 5%. that's the company's economy service. there are thousands of pets who are waiting to love new owners. this saturday you will have the chance to receive that gift. >> it's a one day pet adoptathon, where the adoption fees are waived or reduced a woman found a pup, and it was a life-changing event. raj mathias has the story. >> he is in the love care of kristin rasmussen. two years ago, the life they share now didn't seem possible. >> she just obviously had a traumatic past.
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i fouled hnd her on the street. she was very underwater. and her hair was mangled. i th the cops put her in the backseat, and when they got her out, she bit one of the cops. >> after clearing quarantine, she was ready for the pet version of internet dating. >> i saw her on the humane society website. >> reporter: kristin was struggling with stress and anxiety and was looking for a dog at the suggestion of her doctor. >> i made an appointment to go see her, we met, and i just fell in love with her. she's really changed my life in a lot of ways, a great companion. she's a great stress reliever, being able to take care of something, especially something that had no home before, helps you almost more than it helps the dog.
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good girl. >> all lois asks for is to go shopping every now and then. >> i love taking her places with me. she likes going total mall, lives her morning walk. >> so cute, that dog's face. for more information on clear the shelter project head over to our website, the shelters, find a shelter closest to year how and come out on saturday to find a new family members. and kari, i know you are deeply involved in it. >> yes, saturday i'll be in burlingame. i just met skippy. coming up in a few minutes, you will meet skippy, too, and make you can find skippy or another new friend for your home. it is 69 degrees right now in san francisco, the east bay at 75 degrees. it is warming up quickly, as we will see the highs around 80 degrees in a peninsula, the east bay 82 degrees, a high of 87.
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north bay expected to warm up to 84 degrees, and our temperatures continue to go up over the next couple days, so enjoy this. if you're on your way out to the giants game, it starts at 12:45. it will be 68 degrees at first pitch. by the fifth inning, you've got sunshine and 70 degrees, absolutely gorgeous weather. a few clouds moving in. we do have a very weak onshore flow. it's allowing temperatures to jump up fairly quickly. that would be the case over the next couple days. the winds out of the west, and it won't be as breezy as it was the other day. the winds started to pick up yesterday. that's probably good news for the crews trying to fight the fighters. we've had a very erratic wind pattern. it causes those wildfire lines to kind of shift in directions and spread. now the humidity this morning was at 75% during the daytime, the humidity drops down to 25%.
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the temperature is now at 77 degrees in that area, but it could be heating up to 97 to 100 degrees this weekend. we'll keep you up to date with that. let's go hour by hour in san jose, 79 degrees at 1:00, rising into the lower 80s. again the wind will be light, coming in at about 10 miles an hour at the most, mostly clear skies. the winds are still kicking up over the pacific as tropical storm hilda continues to kick up. we've seen the storm fizzling out. over the next couple days, we do expect that to continue to weaken as it moves just to the south. we've had the area of low pressure just offshore, giving you a strong onshower flow. each morning we've the fog and drizzle, but it gets hotter the next couple days. we do see highs going from the 80s into the lower 90s.
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get ready for a hot weekend. north bay up to 92 degrees, by the end of the week. east shore at 86, and tri-valley in the lower 90s. we'll look at that weekend forecast in a few minutes. right back to you, scott. >> all right. we look forward to meeting the puppy. and brady versus goodele. the critical hearing that could determine whether the san mateo native will be allowed to lace up the cleats in week 1.
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well, a remarkable run came to an end a little too early. the cambrian park elgts league lost their second game yet in henderson nevada won the game 9-3. with the loss, san jose has been sent home. the world series begin next week without san jose. >> still a good job, though, guys. a showdown off the field, deflate-gate brought tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodele to federal court today. he's fighting a four-game suspension for his alleged role in deflating footballs last season. goodele and the league argue
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that the punishment was justified. the judge asked both sides to engage in good-faith settlement efforts. oakland's city plan looking more like a mirage, but city leaders are gathering today. there is a developer attacked to the remodeling projects, those the raiders pitched the nfl on an l.a. stadium plan and the a's have shown no desire to get a deal done. if a deal were made for a new stadium -- the deadline for a coliseum plan nine days from now. an about-face from hillary clinton, why she finally turned over a private server to the justice department, and why republicans say it's not good enough.
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new details now wh new details on what reportedly happened inside the upstate new york prison after an escape. >> according to new information from "new york times," inmates claim hours after is the break, they were beaten, choked and slammed against walls by guards. >> "new york times" calls it a campaign of retribution, following the three-week manhunt, the times reports that prison guards from clinton correctional abused dozens of inmates while looking for information about the escape the time quoting two inmates who worked in the tailor shop, one says a guard ties a lastic bag
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around his neck, tightening it until he passed out. the other inmate said corrections officials put him in solitary confinement for three weeks and threw out most of his belongings, including family photographs and his wedding ring. >> following the escape more than 60 prisoners filed conditions about the organization that helps indigent prisoners. >> the amount of complaints we have received lately and the descriptions we're hearing about the tensions within the prison, particularly in clinton, it's very concerning. >> reporter: the prison came under fewer following the escape, some saying the relationship with prisoners and workers was too friendly. former prison tailor shop work are joyce mitchell pled guilty to aiding the prisoners. now the department of corrections said the allegations had been under investigation for several weeks and have also been referred to the state inspector general, saying that any
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filledings of misconduct will be punished for the fullest extent of the law, but according to the times one inmate said hess was pressured to sign a report that he was not assaulted. >> if they happened that they say, why? and why was it handled this way? more controversy for hillary clinton today. despite her past denials, the intelligence communities inspectors general said two shooshd clpd's top secret, even as the fbi takes control of the private server. >> andrea mitchell has more. >> hillary clinton in new hampshire tuesday, as aides confirm she has turned over her private server for the fbi. in addition her attorney, david kendall gave the fbi two thumb drives containing her e-mails. all of this as the intelligence community contradicted the
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claims that nothing on the private e-mails was classified. >> i did not e-mail any classified materials to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> reporter: clinton has said there were no classified markings on any of her e-mails. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was srcht and received. >> reporter: but the inspector general has now told congress that two of the e-mails should have been classified top secret with coat words indicating electronic eavesdropping from satellite, so sensitive it could not be shared with foreign allies, raising questions about the security of the system. >> a server at somebody's house probably wouldn't have the security monitoring you would expect at a government facility. you'll have surveillance cameras, security staff watching those systems around the clock. >> reporter: the controversy has a huge distraction for clinton's
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campaign and fodder for the republicans. >> it's quite sad to thing right now, but probably the russian and chinese government know more about her server than do the members of the united states congress. hillary clinton's biggest republican rival in the presidentacy race are taking aim. jeb bush and donald trump laus night was not only about laying out their policies and confronting their weaknesses, but attacking clinton head-on. kristin welker reports. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states! donald j. trump! >> after a series every controversy donald trump left his muscles in michigan two, and she is declared a truce with fox news. >> i think that i won the debate, i don't think i was treated fairly, but these are minor details. >> reporter: when asked to respond to hillary clinton, who called his controversial
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remarking about megyn kelly offensive, he was characteristically defiant. >> i think i can do more for women than hillary can ever done. he would have had a much different presidency if he didn't have monica and all these things that happened. meanwhile, at the reagan library, a very different attack. >> she was secretary of state for four years, but it's a failed record. >> in his first major foreign policy speech, he blazed the rise of isis on president obama, and by extension his former secretary of state. >> isis grew whine the united states disengaged. and where was the secretary of state clinton in all of this? >> reporter: the strategy is a risk for bush, whose brother started the iraq war and struggled to articulate his own policy. he got more specific.
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>> the president and secretary clinton, the storied team of rivals took office. so eager to be the history makers, they failed to be the peace makers. san francisco police backing down this morning against bicyclists in the city. they officially called off their crackdown. in just two days last week, officers issued close to 200 citations for running stop signs and red light, not yielding to pedestrians as well. last night's community meeting, they said the crackdown is on hold, but hoping it sends a message. >> we're encouraging them to share the road, and do it in a safe way. >> over half of deadly traffic incidents occur due to five violations, and those are always when someone driving is breaking the law. we're asking that there be a specific run to focus on the five. >> police are calling off that crackdown, but they say they do
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reserve the right to bring it back at any time. chevron needs to pay $146,000 for air plaollution penalties. they had. more than 20 violations. chevron said it's taking the matter very seriously and has corrected the problem. the settlement funds will be used for air district enforcement work. a water win for the city of dublin. the district is holding a celebration to mark the expansion of its recycled water program. now pipes carry recycled water all the way west of 680 to 35 parks, roadway medians and school grounds. the new program will reportedly save 49 million gallons of drinking water every year. a follow-up, now santa rosa council members agreed to expand outreach to homeless. how to do it is up for debate. they endorsed a plan yesterday to spent $415,000 to expand the outreach program. one of the ideas was to provide
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mobile showers and barmes for people on the street, but according to "the press democrat" some council members said maybe that's not a solution. but the city is working on additional ideas. from walnut cream to san ra mob could soon be faster. tonight overnight work on carpool lines begins. the goal is to convert the carpool lanes to toll lanes. drivers would use a fast track just like they do on a different stretch through fremont. the work will you from 10:00 at night to you 5:00 in the morning. for more about you how how you can help, kari hall has a special guest with her. >> and good morning. joining me now, we have bonnie and gary from the silicon valley animal authority -- control authority, and they brought
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along skippy. skippy has sitting here so nice and quiet. tell me more about skippy and some of the other animals you have at the shelter. >> skippy is a chihuahua. he's one of probably ten other 12 dogs we have at the shelter right now. he's 5 years old. he came in pretty well beat up. he had been neglected, and he had some teeth problem. we took care of that, but he's a really good dog. he would make a really good pet, i'm sure. >> and you have quite a few other animals at the shelter. what is the need you have for people to adopt them? >> go ahead. >> you go ahead. >> the shelters like this weekend, all the shelters have lots of animals. it's good to get them into homes and it's nice to be able to have a program like you guys are offering, or people -- you draw attention to the shelters, and lets people no there's so many
11:38 am
animals that can use a home. he's just a good guy. >> he was adopted as a puppy, and then they brought him back a couple months ago. >> for anyone who has ever adopted an animal from a shelter, you know they are so grateful. you can tell by the way they act towards you. what were some tips for someone to try to get the animal adjusted to being at their new home? >> they've got neglected and left, and haven't been treated well, so it's always a learning curve, it takes a while. obviously with him, it would be easy. what bonnie, she's one of the animal socializers. she works with animals to get them ready to be adopted, get their behavior back in order and get them -- >> play with them, walk them. >> you know, just handle them, touch them. that's good, too. really the biggest thing is the
11:39 am
love of a shelter animal is someone where you went and bought an animal. this little guy would be great for anybody. >> if you can't adopt right now, can you still help? >> yes, you can volunteer. >> we're always looking for volunteers. >> just go to the website, fill out a play, and you have a two-our orientation, and you can start coming and taking care of kitty cats, rabbits, dogs. >> we have cats, rabbits and dogs. >> any other animals occasionally? >> ours is only -- lizards and other things go to the wildlife center. >> and we have 40 shelters participating this saturday to clear the shelters. what does it mean to you to seize an effort like this. >> this is great. the support of nbc and comcast, has been really good. we saw it on the "today" show.
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it's really good. the subsidized, so the adoption fees are subsidized by nbc. so come down and adopt an animal. it's a perfect time. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we have the details for this event on scott and vicki? kari, thank you. he's so cute. looking right at the camera. >> for more information, you can head over to our website, the shelters. find the shelter closest to your house and adopt a member, the fees will be waived or reduced all day saturday. and the death threats that may have led to increased patrols at a bay area lake. it's being callethe e of
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well, sort of an end of the era. vise is not contracts are going the way of the dial temperature tone. >> beware, nbc's matt lauer reports, it comes with a catch. >> remember this verizon commercial? >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: now verizon is ditching all of the annual contracts, no more confusing payment plans, no more being stuck for the life of the contract. no more free phones. wait! hold the phone. that's the catch. in return for the freedom of being unchained from verizon,
11:44 am
you're free to buy any smartphone you like, at full price. before now you could sign a contract with verizon and get an iphone 6 for $200. you can still get with you, with a retail price of $649. analysts say you were never really getting a discount, just paying off the phone over the length of the contract. with this new plan, you can still do that, but you also have to pay an access fee for the network. t-mobile has been using this model for a while. at&t and sprint of moving in that direction. >> the era of confusing -- it willi stimper, you're not going to pay that much less in the long run, but at least you'll know what you're paying and what your phone is worth. it seems that someone has it out for the otters. rangers say someone is threatening an otter family. this at a lake in oakland.
11:45 am
we found out the steps they are taking to make the otters safe. >> they play, they're charming. >> you're looking at video taken just this morning of a family of river otters. critters who frequent the lake have groan quite fond of. >> i love them, always have. >> reporter: but it seems not everyone is so taken by the otter family. in fact the east bay park district says they've gotten reports of death threats. >> a couple people allegedly said they would like to do the otters some harm, because they think they're taking the vast majority out of the fish. >> reporter: wildlife ecologists say the angry anglers need to realize the blue-green algae problem has impacted the fish population. he says otters aren't to blame. >> though they take a lot of fish, they also eat frogs,
11:46 am
crayfish. >> reporter: they have stepped up patrols, and also installed cameras to keep an eye on otters. they say people ought to embrace the otters, not target them. >> just coexist, enjoy them. >> in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. your next pair of skinny jeans could do more than just make you look good. they could also charge your cell phone. the battery pack is sewn to the back, with an extra back pocket. but the jeans are called the hashtag hello, not cheap, $189, plus another $49 for the extra battery. my question is why do we need more junk in our trunk? [ laughter ] >> the percent yesterday meet i don't shower will be late tonight into early tomorrow
11:47 am
morning. experts say the show will be more spectacular, because the sky will be darker because of new moon. everything will be easier to see. kari hall, i know one advantage to getting up early as we walk to our cars. >> i'll be looking up, stealing my time getting to work, hoping to see a shooting star. we have clear skies, a clear blue beautiful day. as we look at san jose, kids are heading back to school, looking great there, too. it's 78 degrees in livermore, concord is 75. san francisco 69 degrees, and we have a very light wind. really haven't haven't had much of an onshore flow today, and we could kell that, but winds this evening will be about 10 to 15 miles an hour, it got breezy yesterday. and we don't see much fog on the
11:48 am
bay. as we go into the rest of the day, we start to see it moving back into francis, at least the western part of the city, and then spreading across the bay, we will wake up with a few more clouds during the morning, and it clears out quickly at 5:00 in the morning, we do see the low visibility in spots, and then look at this. by 10:00 we're already getting that sunshine breaking out for tomorrow. today a high 59 san martin at 88 degrees, sunshine there, and that will be a 65, bodega bay at 64. we do have a wide range of temperatures. we're up to 87 degrees in walnut creek and livermore,le 8 degrees, or temperatures do continue to go up. looking at livermore, we're going hour by hour, we see the sunny skies, and mostly clear skies, as we go into tonight, but once we get the clouds moving back in during the early morning hours. and it has given us milder
11:49 am
weather. this is replaced by high pressure, will be getting much hotter, and then the heat peaks by sunday, it looks like it will still be hot out. and the pell anyone look we'll go from 80 degrees to 87 degrees on friday. san francisco up to 75 degrees by the end of the week, and the tri-valley will be in the lower 90s. here's a look at that weekend forecast. it is going to be a scorcher. check out these temperatures, 100 degrees, 101 in the tri-valley on sunday, any then on monday it's 93 degrees, widespread 90s, a couple spots, and then san francisco will be warm with a high of 79 degrees on saturday. i think ocean beach will be very popular there, as well as the beaching all across the bay area. you want to make some plans as you're getting the weekend plans started for the kids, u to do
11:50 am
something to try to stay cool. >> kari, thanks so much. back in a moment.
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well, what could possibly be better than a furry little bundle of doggy joy? >> not much, according to kids of all ages who are feeling a cuddly new party trend. >> it's becoming a trend from coast to coast. [ laughter ] >> reporter: southern california 3-year-old mason lawrence features ten pups in a pen courtesy of a company called puppies and reptiles for parties. what do you like most? >> the puppies. >> reporter: it's not just the
11:53 am
little kids. everyone here has gone to the dogs. >> you're an adult, you kind of want to go in there right now? >> i would love to, but not with all these guys. >> reporter: some adults just could not wait. do you feel like a kid right now? >> i am a kid. right now i am a kid. >> reporter: the next party? >> i might have an adult puppy parties. >> reporter: the events do not discrimination. >> they always get this tone of voice, like, we're adults, and i'm like, we do adults parties all the time. >> reporter: they're also good for the canines. getting them used to people before they find permanent homes t. advancing their stat cuss as true party animals. joe fryers, nbc news, tustin, california. a great idea. >> and a reminder, if you'll like a little puppy, clear the
11:54 am
shelters this saturday. find more information on we'll be back in just a moment.
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giving a gentle giant a
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helping hand. >> fishermen in australia had an extremely close encounter with a whale who had a plasten bag and fishing line. he came up, gave a nudge, he pulled the trash from the whale's face, everybody cheered. the whale seemed pretty pleased to, it stuck around a while to play with the boats. kudos to whoever took the video. nice and steady. had the wherewithal to do it. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> and our latest information is on we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great day. ===today topicaopen=== tay at 5 and 6 on n bay area
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today on "access hollywood live," how donald trump says rosie o'donnell actually helped him. >> she is on one of nbc's biggest hits, frazier. she joins us to talk about her new nbc sitcom. >> kelsey's real daughter is a stripper in the show. >> she is a math teacher/stripper. you think your real housewives of any city know how to bring the drama z compared to the ladies of london, the way they cut each other down, they are lethal. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> what are you


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