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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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robert handa is live from the san jose park where it all happened. robert, you have our first close-up look at the suspect and what investigators say they need to make the more serious charges stick. >> reporter: well, that's right. we're at kahalin park in san jose where there were less visitors since those wild events on friday. that wild scene has made it tough for investigators. when 22-year-old albert alexander hernandez was booked into jail, his photo image looked very much like a man who has been dragged down a street, which is what police say happened. home video shows a man who police say is hernandez running from the top of the screen, right to left, trying to carjack this vehicle and holding on frac particul -- frantically as the driver speeds down the road. officers swarmed the area and arrested hernandez, but in the confusion many possible victims
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and witnesses scattered. >> this is a very violent situation. it was a violent incident. some people were obviously traumatized. either the victims of the incident or people that had to observe or witness what was going on. >> reporter: police made a public plea for anyone to come forward. so far enough witnesses have been found to charge hernandez with felony attempted carjacking and hit and run. he was also charged with assault on a police officer, battery on an officer and resisting arrest. but investigators want more. >> in order to go ahead and amend the charges to include the kidnapping offenses that we know occurred, we have to have the victims come forward to go ahead and explain the incident and the situation as it unfolded. >> reporter: now, hernandez posted $75,000 bail. as you heard was released. as you heard, the investigation is also ongoing and no court date has been set. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. robert, thank you so much.
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just into our newsroom, he is no longer on the fbi's most wanted list. after nearly 15 years on the run, a fugitive from the east bay is behind bars tonight. take a look at 52-year-old frank montenegro. in 2001 he was charged with sexually assaulting children while working as a fremont elementary schoolteacher. the fbi says that he escaped to mexico but agents recently received a tip that he was living in los angeles. agents arrested montenegro who is awaiting extradition back to the bay area. new details on an officer-involved shooting in oakland. within the past 30 minutes we've learned the robbery suspect shot by police has died. we want to show you video from 27th street and mlk way. it's where a car chase between police and that suspect ended this afternoon. the chase started around 2:30 at 69th avenue and international boulevard. police say the armed suspect stole a car. when the pursuit ended the man tried to carjack another vehicle. that's when an officer fired. no one else was hurt. and now a big break in a
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case that has deeply rattled the city of alameda. police have arrested a teenager that they say sexually assaulted a young girl in her bedroom and also broke into several other homes in the middle of the night. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in alameda's west end. michelle, they caught up to this suspect in a pretty unusual way. >> reporter: that's right. he walked right into the police station yesterday afternoon and turned himself in to police. but that was after investigators released this surveillance picture that was taken here at the rodeway inn, just one of the locations that he broke in to in the night, got in through a window. >> reporter: the lieutenant says in her 18 years at the alameda police department, she's never investigated a case like this. >> it was just going to be a matter of time, whether he self surrendered or we were going to arrest him. >> reporter: police say this 17-year-old turned himself in last night. we are blurring his face because he's under 18 and no decision has been made about whether to charge him as an adult.
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in the middle of the night on sunday, investigators say he broke into a home through an open window and sexually assaulted a young girl in her bedroom. they also say that's not his only crime. >> the cases all are similar in nature because the homes were occupied with females. >> reporter: the lieutenant says investigators have evidence linking the teen to five other break-ins in the last two months. she says in those break-ins the victims were all adult females living in the west end neighborhood. in each case, the suspect slipped through an open window overnight, woke the victims up and then took off. >> he perhaps might have been watching them, learning their patterns, knowing when they were home, knowing if they were home alone. >> reporter: the teen faces charges of sexual assault and four counts of burglary, but investigators believe he may be responsible for as many as 11 break-ins and another sexual battery case. >> the suspect cut the screen on an open, unsecured window. that's been the link to all of these. >> reporter: well, charges have
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not been filed but the d.a. does say they are reviewing the case. reporting live in alameda tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. an arsonist on the loose in the east bay. within the past hour police in san leandro confirm that a massive fire that destroyed a san leandro grocery store and damaged four other businesses was intentionally set. the four-alarm blaze happened early monday morning at a strip mall not far from the oakland airport. >> some of the witnesses have told us that they did hear a loud explosion. i do know that there was evidence collected from a dumpster outside adjacent to the building and some of that evidence is now being examined by atf and it is some of the stuff that has led our investigators to believe that this is an arson. >> police say at this time they have no leads on a suspect or suspects. happening right now, the race to slow down the jerusalem fire. tonight it's reached the perimeter of the rocky fire in lake county, but they have not merged. that's because the larger rocky fire is almost completely
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contained. the charred brush is acting as a containment line. the jerusalem fire is mostly burning to the east, spreading from lake county now into napa county. it has scorched 16,500 acres since sunday. cal fire issued new evacuation orders overnight for at least 150 homes. right now the fire is just 6% contained. and now to an nbc bay area follow-up. the city of san jose has presented a long-awaited wage offer to the police union. it was made public today, but that offer may never get to the rank and file. the reason for that, as we reported exclusively yesterday, the police union is accusing the city of reneging on an earlier deal on pension and disability. both sides have been at odds since voters passed measure b in 2012, which dramatically cut those benefits, causing many officers to leave the department in droves. last month the two sides did agree to a new deal which would restore some of those benefits. now, the union says that the city is trying to change this earlier agreement. the union also says there will
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be no membership vote if the city does not honor the earlier terms on the pension and disability deal. >> it's unconscionable in our view and puts at risk all of the good will that's been built up over these past few months working collaboratively to get san jose on the right track. >> reporter: the city council is meeting in a special closed session on friday morning to discuss some of the issues. police union members are tentatively scheduled to vote that afternoon. [ bell ringing ] a slight comeback on wall street today after yesterday's huge losses, the nasdaq gained nearly eight points. the dow mostly finished flat after yesterday's 212-point drop. oil prices also inched higher after sitting a six-year low yesterday. china continues to devalue its currency and markets around the world are feeling the effects of it. here at home, it could be the next job boom. manufacturing long sent overseas is making a comeback here in the bay area. scott budman has more on what the city is doing to create more
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opportunities. scott. >> reporter: well, they're offering incentives, janelle. things like tax breaks, faster permitting, even land to encourage tech companies to keep jobs here. as the tech industry grows, manufacturing jobs are hot again. >> close the skills gap. >> reporter: and san jose wants lots of them, enough to offer south bay tech companies economic incentives to build here and keep manufacturing jobs here. >> we know lots of folks are doing very well in this boom, but thousands of our residents are being left behind. we know with manufacturing jobs, this is a pathway for the middle class, a lot of folks who don't have college or advanced degrees. >> reporter: and after a long lull, more products are being designed and built in the bay area. local companies say they'll take the incentives to keep jobs local. >> you lose some touch when things go overseas, working with the innovation, design,
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manufacturing and tying it all together. it's also personally rewarding when you see jobs created here back home. >> reporter: it's a change to offer a more diverse range of tech jobs, something companies saying they're trying to do. now they have city backing to do it. >> we are a california manufacturer and we're very proud of that. we have a large number of employees here in santa clara county and we expect that to grow. >> reporter: so you're doing some hiring? >> absolutely. >> reporter: good news for job seekers of all kinds here in the bay area. now, this will all likely increase the need for job training in the manufacturing sector. i spoke to a job training company earlier this afternoon. they say it will probably take some time, but eventually they expect more requests for training to come in. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. it was a brazen robbery along san francisco's pier 14 when three men hijacked a pair of television cameras from crews, including one from nbc
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bay area. we are at the hall of justice where one of the suspects was in court today. i'm mark matthews. the story coming up next. plus thousands of schools ready to hire, but no one is applying. what is keeping young people from becoming teachers. and what's that taste? the reason behind the weird tasting water that's coming out of millions of taps. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. sunny skies from the east bay all the way up against the coastline. we're talking about that much hotter weather and how long it will go in just a few minutes.
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7. now to a story that hits very close to home here.
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on july 2nd three men in a black bmw drove up to two television new crews covering a fatal shooting on the embark dare oh the three men attacked and robbed both crews. police have made an arrest in that case. mark matthews is outside the hall of justice in san francisco where the suspect was in court this morning. mark, this is very personal to a lot of us here. >> reporter: his name is michael a. jones. he lives in visitation valley. police say he is linked to a local gang well known for robberies and car burglaries in san francisco. this is a picture of one of the suspects snapped by a ktvu reporter during the july 2nd robbery, and this is a picture of the gun one of those suspects used to pistol whip one of our videographers before they stole his camera. he has recovered from the attack. the police say they have now caught one of the suspects. >> mr. jones was charged on july 27th with robbery, aggravated
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assault, grand theft and conspiracy. >> reporter: the chief tells us the suspect is 23-year-old michael a. jones. investigators got onto him after oakland police tipped them to the owner of a black bmw used in the attack. >> within a week we were able to identify a black 7 series bmw that we believed was a possible suspect vehicle. >> reporter: investigators say they also have leads on the two other suspects who were with jones. over the past several years, television camera crews have repeatedly been targeted by thieves in various parts of the bay area. tonight oakland police say they're trying to determine if robberies there are linked to these suspects. >> we've actually had multiple news camera crews, meaning over five in the last year or so. it's very alarming, very concerning to us. >> reporter: so far the cameras from the july 2nd heist have not been recovered, but police say they have leads and local stations are working to outfit cameras with tracking devices. >> you know, they say the number one deterrent to crime is fear
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of being caught. this guy was caught. we're confident we're going to get his crime partners. in the future with this technology, tracking technology, this is not a crime worth committing. >> reporter: michael jones was in court today, supposedly to have a date set for his preliminary hearing. that, however, was postponed. he'll be due back in court on friday on charges that are not related to the july 2 nnd robbe and that's part of the reason why we are unable to show you his picture. police want to keep that picture private until they have had a chance to use it in a photo lineup with witnesses. reporting from san francisco, mark malt tthews. it happened in the blink of an eye, four thieves on the run after pulling off a brazen store at an apple store. four men walked into the store in downtown palo alto and quickly snatched 22 iphones. police call it a grab-and-go.
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it happened yesterday around 4:00 p.m. phones are valued at $16,000. the suspects were last seen running east on university avenue. if you've noticed your tap water doesn't taste as good as it used to be, blame it on the drought. state water experts say it's not uncommon to see water quality go down as reservoirs get lower. folsom lake near sacramento is a good example. it's being drained to provide water to the san joaquin valley delta, but is also the drinking water source for hundreds of thousands of people in northern california. >> as the water level drops in a reservoir, just like in a groundwater aquifer, the heavier parts of the water are going to be closer to the bottom. so if a reservoir is full or if a groundwater aquifer is full, the water at the top is typically going to be cleaner. >> despite that, state water experts say that california still has some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. well, a painful reminder of the bay area's aimiging
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infrastructure as millions of gallons of water rushed down streets today. a neighbor captured this video. you can see all that precious water just running down the street. the water actually went into some of the homes in the area of danville boulevard and hemi avenue. that's where chuck is joining us live. chuck, the cleanup there has got to be a big headache, but two, that is a precious resource these days. >> reporter: absolutely right. and you can see behind me traffic is flowing and so is the water. the water is back on for homeowners here in this area. but the fact that it was a pipe first installed in 1931 that broke, that underscores a bigger problem for the east bay. it has miles of cast iron water mains that are crumbling. the force of rushing water shoved a garden shed sideways and cascaded not just over but through a stone retaining wall meant to keep san ramon creek contained. it was sunday with a strong current. >> fast enough if you've ever stood in a river, you know, and
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you feel that pressure, that's how fast it was coming down. >> reporter: the 84-year-old cast iron water main, 10 inches in diameter, burst shortly before 7:00 a.m. for more than three hours, water gushed into several yards and homes near danville boulevard and hemi avenue. >> we saw a stream of water about four feet deep on the right-hand side of the house. >> reporter: an estimated 13,000 galloning was lost. that's about as much as families in 50 east bay homes would use in a day. east bay mud work crews say age, corrosion and seismic activity shifting the ground probably contributed to the pipe bursting. this pipe hadn't seen daylight since herbert hoover was president. >> it is a bit of a time capsule. the east bay has taken over from different water companies so we inherited stuff they put in. >> reporter: shortly after 1:00 p.m. about 50 homes had their water service restored but the
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new pvc pipe is only one of hundreds of replacements needed throughout the service area. >> we have probably about 800 to 1,000 main breaks a year. that sounds like a lot, but remember there are 4200 miles of pipe here in the east bay and they're quite old. more than half of our pipes are more than 50 years old and some of them are almost 100 years old. >> reporter: east bay mud says the only way homeowners might, and they caution might detect a water main about to burst is if there is any leaking going on. one symptom you might see, lower water pressure in your home. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, chuck. right now we do want to check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of people will be looking to the skies tonight. >> yes, and we do have clear skies for that perseid meteor shower. we'll have more on that coming up in 25 minutes. i want to take you outside of the doppler radar right now and we still have this very weak storm system sitting offshore. we've been tracking it for the
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past three days. that's what you can thank for keeping temperatures out of the 90s and very comfortable. no rainfall headed towards california with this one. let's get a look outside the weather underground sky camera tonight. clear blue skies from the outer sunset in san francisco, no sign of any fog right now. we can do even better here in the oakland hills. ten mile plus visibility. look at that blue sky, it almost looks fakes. let's bring you down to mt. hamilton. we do have some haze throughout the silicon valley, but nonetheless looking very, very great. in terms of the futurecast, we start with patchy fog near the coast, maybe isolated drizzle for the morning hours. then we get sunny skies not only inland but again at the immediate coastline for tomorrow. so that will set temperatures up with low 80s in the peninsula, upper 80s for the tri-valley and mid-80s for the north bay. check this out, we've been talking about the heat. as we head through saturday's forecast, we likely will have 92 for the average on the peninsula, 101 in the tri-valley and also 98 in the north bay.
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i still even think sunday could even be slightly hotter at this point. we have been tracking what is tropical storm hilda. right now winds at 45 miles per hour. good news for hawaii travelers. over the next two days this storm system is not expected to hit the big island. it will move just to the south but still expect gusty winds thursday and friday. i'm back in about 25 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, bitter over books. berkeley's libraries are being accused of breaking criminal and ethical laws. and also is it legal how a bay area tech giant is skirting federal law as it tests its unmanned drones? furious over theumping ofbooks
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activists in berkeley are furious over the dumping of books from the city's library system. >> two titles by kenneth brower. >> they said this tossing out of book titles was symbolic of the thousands of volumes the library has deleted. they call it library-gate. >> the director has been saying that only 2,200 books have been weeded from the collection, but we now know that it's somewhere between 35,000 and 39,000 books. way, way, way, way more many books than he's talking about and it's time for the public to know that he has not been telling them the truth. >> the library's director tells the berkeley website he made an honest mistake on the number of deleted books and says the
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library is not cutting more titles than usual. this was the first day of school for several bay area school districts but many are starting the school year without one critical element, teachers. california is facing a massive teacher shortage. the state needs at least 30,000 more teachers to fill all its classrooms this fall. many of the open positions are right here in the bay area. educators blame the shortage on the high cost of living and the traditionally low pay given to new teachers. what makes the situation worse is that a third of the state's current teachers are over the age of 55. that means they will retire in the near future, creating an even bigger shortage. well, on saturday nbc bay area is teaming up with our sister stations across the country for a massive pet adoption marathon that we are calling clear the shelters. during this drive adoption fees will be waived or reduced at more than two dozen bay area shelters and animal rescue centers. tonight raj mathai shows us why now could be the perfect time to open your home and heart to a new pet.
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>> reporter: let's face it, most of us have mornings when we just don't want to get up and face the world, or when we come home from a rough day feeling like nothing went right. it's in those times that having a best friend makes all the difference. for emma heinz, that's exactly what she found in niles. >> he offers unconditional love. >> reporter: emma's previous dog was killed in a car accident, leaving a hole in her life. that void was filled by the shih tzu. >> i went the day before the christmas. she was like the favorite at the shelter. >> reporter: who seemed to know that emma needed him. >> it was funny because when i showed up there, i asked if he was still there and he actually came like trotting out of the back where i guess their offices are or something. so it was pretty cute. >> very cute indeed. for more information on this weekend's event, go to if you already have a pet and
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would like to encourage others to adopt, snap a picture with your pet and tweet it using the ha #cleartheshelters. new information tonight about the moments that led up to a woman going off the bay bridge path and into the water below, plus why investigators think she likely survived and why they want to talk wither eher. plus stunning pictures coming out of china. a massive explosion and fire ball at a big city port. we're learning more about the dangerous goods that are feeding these flames. the u.s. olympic committee weighing in on the 2024 summer games. which city seems to be taking over the bid and what it means for the bay area. where did she ? a womanvanishes
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from the y well, where did she go? a woman vanishes after falling more than six stories from the bay bridge. it is a case that brought this morning's commute to a virtual stand still. tonight the chp believes that the woman made it out of the water. now, we've just learned that critical new information about exactly what happened in the moments before she fell from the bridge. nbc bay area's christie smith is joining us from the bay bridge with more on these developments. christie, an officer grabbed this woman before she fell? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. apparently this woman exhibited some erratic behavior, climbed the rail. of course the concern was that
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she might jump. there was an officer on scene who was trained to deal with unstable suspects, tried to grab her, get her back over, but apparently she pulled away. this all started when the chp saw a stolen nissan spin out and crash on the bay bridge eastern span overnight. a woman ran from the car to the edge of the bridge bike path. an officer tried to grab her and she slipped. >> approximately a 70-foot drop into the water. so he goes up, he looks down. he can see her floating under the bridge and so he deploys a dye pack to mark the location where she went in. >> reporter: the chp, coast guard and helicopters immediately started searching for her, bringing bridge traffic to a call. >> long traffic. i got here like 9:45. >> i usually leave the house at 7:18. usually the car pool lane isn't full or clogged at all and it
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was clogged from hercules all the way to about oakland. >> reporter: they never found the woman, said to be wearing a black dress and no shoes. however, they did find appear i.d. after a while, calls started coming in reporting that someone was trying to hitch a ride near the toll plaza. >> we also received several calls matching the description of the person of what our officer saw and so our belief is that she did survive the fall, but we're still -- you know, we still want to talk to her to make sure she's okay. >> reporter: then a dump truck driver called in saying he had given the woman a ride to a safe location. two other women in the car were questioned and released. now, those women were questioned and released, we're told. they said that they didn't know her very well, but the investigation is ongoing. as for the i.d., they did check on that, but were unable to locate the woman. they say they do want to find her, though, and make sure that she is all right. reporting live near the bay bridge toll plaza, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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a hero's welcome today for an alameda based coast guard ship and its crew. the crew seized more than $1 billion of cocaine from drug smugglers. it's the largest bust of its kind in coast guard history. stratton and her crew have been patrolling the pacific nearly four months. during their time at sea, they intercepted 23 drug shipments, including two cases where smugglers were using homemade submarines. in total the stratton crew confiscated 33 tons of cocaine. get well wishes are pouring in tonight for the 39th president of the united states, jimmy carter. just hours ago he announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer and that it's spreading. the 90-year-old carter said he will be undergoing treatment at an atlanta hospital. earlier this month he had surgery to remove a mass on his liver. that's where he learned that the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. carter said he will reveal more about his condition next week. wearing a baseball cap and running a table saw, this was
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his most recent visit to the bay area. this was in 2013. carter marked the anniversary of his work with habitat for humanity. for 30 years he's been doing that and he honored that by building low income apartments in oakland. president and michelle obama released a statement from the white house saying, jimmy, you're as resilient as they come and along with the rest of america, we are rooting for you. now to decision 2016. the fbi is combing through hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. the top democratic contender for the white house handed over the server after months of resistance. a house committee on benghazi has pushed hard for clinton's e-mails while she was secretary of state. as nbc's jennifer johnson reports, for clinton, the stakes are very high. >> reporter: after months of demands, hillary clinton has finally handed over her personal e-mail server to the justice department. clinton used her private account as secretary of state, and now it's known that at least two e-mails that traversed her system were top secret, despite previous denials. >> i did not e-mail any
6:35 pm
classified materials to anyone on my e-mail. >> reporter: experts say the controversy is hurting clinton. a new poll now shows her trailing vermont senator bernie sanders among new hampshire voters, 44% to 37%. >> people are worried about it. they don't think she's trustworthy or honest in part because of the e-mails. so she's really sort of taken a hit. >> reporter: republican candidate jeb bush is also on the attack. last night he blamed the former secretary of state for the rise of isis. >> when the president and secretary clinton, the storied team of rivals took office, so eager to be the history makers, they failed to be the peace makers. >> reporter: clinton's campaign says bush is making a pretty bold attempt to rewrite history and that jeb should blame his older brother for the takeover of isis in iraq. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> reporter: donald trump is bashing both bush and clinton, but critics say his campaign is
6:36 pm
short on specifics, big on show. the question many people are asking now is will vice president joe biden enter the democratic race? his campaign says no decision has been made yet. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. and now to a developing story out of china. massive explosions rock a coastal city leaving at least 13 people dead, hundreds of others are hurt. take a look at these explosions. they simply lit up the sky at this busy port about 9:30 this morning our time. investigators say the explosions came from a warehouse that stores dangerous materials, but didn't give any further details. that warehouse is right by a port about 90 miles southeast of beijing. right now emergency crews are facing a devastating scene with doors and windows of nearby buildings blown out. they're estimating that up to 400 people are hurt. boston said no thanks. los angeles is saying please. the u.s. olympic committee says it's optimistic that l.a. will be the viable option to compete to host the 2024 summer games.
6:37 pm
the news comes two weeks after the usoc dropped boston's bid because it did not have enough support. a joint bid for l.a. and san francisco is also being talked about. mayor ed lee has decided to defer to l.a. a pay area council says it welcomes any opportunity to work with l.a. for the bid. once the u.s. city is picked, it will compete with international cities including rome and paris to host the 2024 games. coming up, hiring hackers. a strange tactic that tesla is now using to make sure their cars are safe on the road. plus -- >> as i got closer, i was like, wow, those spider webs look like heads. >> the secret just uncovered behind the walls at one of the oldest art schools in the country. grounded by f-a rules .
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google appearto have fnd a as several drone pilots are finding their aircraft grounded by faa rules, google has found a loophole. this shows the tech giant's so-called delivery drone. google has struck a deal with nasa which allows the company to test out its drones. nasa has a standing authorization from the federal government to fly. the guardian also reports the google delivery drones weigh about 55 pounds and can reach speeds up to 100 miles an hour. well, tesla is giving its hackers a pay raise. for years the electric car company has offered about $1,000 if hackers uncovered any flaws in its i.t. systems or vehicles. now that amount is shooting up to $10,000 after two hackers reported breaking into the system last week. in that case the hackers said they not only managed to take control of the tesla model s but also shut it down. tesla says it has now closed
6:41 pm
that security gap. i hope you enjoyed the weather today, because it's going to get hot. >> yes, it is. i keep looking at the forecast going why? it's going to be htoo hot for a lot of you this weekend. we're tracking full details coming up in the microclimate forecast, plus something you don't want to miss tonight. art ol
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san francisco's art institute is one of the nation's oldest art schools. it was founded in 1871 and it's launched the careers of many great artists. >> but as nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. reports, even a very old art school is full of some very new surprises. >> reporter: it will come as no surprise the walls of san francisco's art institute are filled with art. since 1927 when this russian hill campus opened, student artists have left their mark on every inch. >> the ghosts of the art institute can be remnants anywhere. >> reporter: many of those
6:44 pm
ghosts are in plain sight, like parent diego rivera's 1931 fresco temporarily covered by yet another art installation. >> i've walked this hallway many times. >> reporter: facilities manager heather hickman holland figured she knew where all the school's artistic bodies were buried, until. >> i'm walking down the hallway and i noticed what i thought was spider web. as i got closer, i thought, wow, they look like heads. >> reporter: not long ago in a dark hallway. >> i was like oh, my gosh, it's a fresco. >> reporter: she discovered the school's artistic past peeking through time and layers of paint. down the hall -- >> i found another one. >> reporter: and around the corner. >> i was like wait a minute, there's another fresco here. >> reporter: she quizzed older faculty members, even the school's librarian, to see if they knew of any hidden frescos. >> the places that she was mentioning were brand new to me. >> reporter: holland and
6:45 pm
librarian jeff gunderson poured through the school's archives. >> that looks like the boiler room door. he found one picture of a fresco that we had never seen before and grn it was. >> reporter: finally an old article shown an unknown fresco painted in the build in 1935 by then student frederick olmstead. >> and we matched it here to this wall. what it is is an image of marble workers at fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: a year earlier he painted one of the murals at coit tower and another in the school's library. with a special grant, the school peeled back some of the hallway's paint. >> that allowed us to do small tests of the frescos themselves. >> reporter: but who painted them and why they were painted over is still a mystery. >> there probably were the times that happened after world war ii when they realized they wanted more wall space. >> reporter: with limited space and endless students, it's not hard to see why the school would have painted over the frescos. just ask student kevin welsh whose new campus mirror will be
6:46 pm
painted over after just a few weeks' run. >> essentially everybody kind of leaves their mark on it and there's so many different layers of paint here. >> reporter: unlike welsh's painting, these unknown treasures may soon join the school's other historic displayed frescos. >> we hope to apply for some grants and get those restored. >> it does make you look a little differently at everything around here. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> beautiful pieces. >> they are, very nice. >> just like our weather. >> and tonight we're going to see a meteor show, right? >> yes. a painting from mother nature. if you're going to be out and you want to get a view of the perseid meteor shower, it is happening tonight, also early tomorrow morning. we think the best view will be here in the south bay. get this, at the peak of the meteor shower, 100 meteors are expected per hour. you want to watch 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and the best news, the moon is only 3% full, so a darker sky should allow us to see a whole lot more. all right, let's take you outside the sky camera network right now. currently averaging 78 in the south bay.
6:47 pm
starting to cool off with a slight onshore wind. 75 in the peninsula, 81 in the east bay and we have beautiful weather from the north bay down to san francisco. we'll get a check from our weather underground camera here in tiburon. 10-mile visibility. you can even make out the ginl right there, it's so clear tonight. you can see those clear skies from the castro looking right back twashds downtoowards downt. tomorrow we do expect patchy low clouds to return. you'll be able to see it's not thick coverage. i think san francisco will have the most to start, but we should still have sunny skies down in the south bay and at least partly cloudy skies throughout the peninsula as well. it's been all about this trough of low pressure. it is big news to the meteorologists because we've been tracking this thing getting so close to california and watching for any chances of rainfall. it hasn't produced any rain, we haven't expected any but it's been fun to watch. this has been responsible for keeping our temperatures out of the 90s for the past four days. now we're going to see a change in the forecast. that trough of low pressure will
6:48 pm
head off to the north. that will make room unfortunately for this hot area of high pressure and that's what's going to give us a huge boost in the temperatures. now, for tomorrow i don't think it's going to get too hot. we'll have slight warming in the forecast, sunny skies, but by this weekend as you've probably seen on the scrolling seven-day forecast, 100s are going to be back in the mix and also warmer weather for the coastline as well. it's the last thing we need with our drought but at least it's not going to be lasting extensively long. maybe only a two-day event at this point. as we take you into your microclimate forecast for thursday, still very enjoyable. you kind of want to be outside and take some of this in. morgan hill 87, san jose expecting 86. 69 in pacifica, 78 san mateo, palo alto 82. most of san francisco in the low 70s. now, for the north bay, east bay and also the tri-valley, beautiful day up in the wine country napa to sonoma. mid to upper 80s. for the east bay, oakland at 74 degrees. and then over towards walnut creek, upper 80s. now, tri-valley will stay out of the 90s but you're going to get
6:49 pm
real close in danville at 89 degrees and 87 in pleasanton. let's get to the bad news and this unfortunate warming of temperatures. by friday i think it will still be manageable. the tri-valley will be at 93 degrees. but by saturday, that's when temperatures climb an additional 5 to 10 degrees. we're going to 101 in the tri-valley on saturday, 102 by sunday. the north bay also upper 90s to low 100s and we'll get real close to the south bay to that as well. now, we have been talking about our event here at nbc bay area. it's still going to be happening despite the heat. head to nbc bay and get more information on our clear the shelters event this saturday. peggy and janelle i know will be at the spca and it's going to be a didn't tigood time. >> i'll be at the milpitas one helping some of those animals get adopted so it's going to be a good day. coming up, colin kaepernick sounding off on his rumored beef with ex-teammate aldon smith. hear the quarterback's response to the alleged report.
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6:52 pm
it's dinner ti in the citby taking you out live for a nice look at san francisco, of course it's dinner time right now in the city by the bay. we're getting pretty hungry ourselves around here. if you are enjoying a meal out, you're having some of the best food in the country. the food website named san francisco, bon apetite the best food city in the country this year. the website says this year more than a dozen san francisco chefs ventured out on their own. they created new mouth-watering cuisines from all over the world. the full top ten list comes out next week.
6:53 pm
good evening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. as the giants continue to fight the injury bug and the offense suffers, the talks of bringing in philadelphia veteran second baseman chase utley have picked up, according to fox sports reports. john marosi said the talks have advanced to the point where prospects have been discussed. he also tweeted regular second baseman might not return until september 1st and utley could play first base once he does return. all right, giants playing for the two-game sweep of the astros, top third. chris heston on the hill. jason castro deep fly ball to left. he makes the catch at the wall but later he was pulled in the fifth inning due to feeling light-headed. remember he was hit in the head sunday in chicago. top seven still scoreless until a drive over the wall in right.
6:54 pm
astros get on the board. heston is frustrated. g-men shut out for the second time in three games. 2-0 houston the final. a's and blue jays. jays already on top 3-0. danny valencia, solo homer off r.a. dickey. green and gold trail 3-1. bottom second, bases loaded and josh donaldson begins to make them pay. 5-2 toronto. same inning, lead is 7-2 and about to get bigger. justin smoak, say good-bye. the three-run homer ups the lead to 10-2. 10-3 the final blue jays. in the emerald city this afternoon, a gem on the mound. mariners right-hander retires parra on the fly ball to center for a 116-pitch no-hitter. it's the fifth no-hitter in m's
6:55 pm
history and he's the second japanese hitter to toss a no-no in the majors. the recent arrest of aldon smith and his release from the 49ers is still lingering within the locker room. many rumors have surfaced as to what exactly happened in santa clara six days ago. one of those involved quarterback colin kaepernick and a possible feud with smith, also a woman and his car. today the quarterback talked a lot of football but also addressed the alleged report. >> anyone that believes that and goes about that reporting that is just doesn't have the best integrity in my mind. i mean to try to prey on athletes' livelihoods while one is going through a tough time is embarrassing to me. >> all right. warriors fab four in their quest to make the 2016 olympic team
6:56 pm
continued today in las vegas. only 12 of the 34 participants of the team usa camp will make that squad. you have to feel steph curry is a definite lock despite his recent lack of sleep due to caring for a newborn. >> i've still got bags under my eyes and my wife has got it even worse than i do. so it's been a crazy year. it's kind of cool to be back here because this is where the whole year started. working out with our guys, getting ready to go to spain and win a gold medal and fast forward a year later and we're looking forward to next year but celebrating that it was a great year for myself and my teammates. dubs officially released their schedule today, as we reported yesterday. they'll open the season at home on the 27th of october against the pelicans. an nba finals rematch takes place at oracle on christmas against the cavaliers. part of a team record 25 nationally televised games. when you're the defending champs, you play that up-tempo exciting style was the dubs, you get the big stage as often as possible, so peggy and janelle,
6:57 pm
get those dvrs ready. >> i will. >> will do. >> checking in to see how the forecast is going to be, i know you were saying hot. >> yeah, it's going to be going up the next couple of days. we should see a 10 to 20-degree increase. tomorrow morning is very comfortable, upper 50s to low 60s with a few clouds. tomorrow afternoon 87 in the tri-valley, 85 in the south bay. it becomes hot by saturday and sunday. that's when we'll have 95 to about 102 inland. >> triple digits. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. that's going to do it for us. have a good night, folks.
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megan kelly getting death threats over her war with trump? >> now on extra. target megyn kelly, disturbing new reports about threats on her life as trump proclaims himself. >> president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> why the donald made a secret phone call. >> we've got howard breaking news about jen and justin's wedding and his future on "america's got talent". >> this is it. >> new video. ben affleck's n


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