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tv   Today  NBC  August 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, state of emergency. while fires exploding across the west this morning. one turning deadly. thousands run for their lives. extreme heat out west, triple digit temperatures making life miserable for firefighters. we're live on the front lines. no double agents. >> what do you tell conservatives when you and the clintons are in cahoots. >> donald trump denies running to make the opposition, and he continues to offer helicopter rides at the iowa state fair. and a commuters glitch grounds hundreds of flights
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stranding thousands of passengers on the biggest vacation weekend of the year. and greek tragedy? critics slam a sorority video. is it all in good fun or does it send the wrong message? today is sunday august 16th, 2015. sdwlrchlg this is "today." >> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> a lively crowd outside, we will get there in just a minute. >> we will. we want to get to our top story, a outbreak of dangerous wild fires. thousands are being evacuated, homes have been destroyed in
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oregon and idaho where a 70-year-old woman died while fleeing the fire. we find gadi schwartz in washington. >> no one expected it this fire to grow so fast. it is now 10,000 acres and dozens of buildings and homes like this one have been destroyed. and now, the entire town is surrounded by fire. overnight hundreds of firefighters working to beat back the flames that threatened to consume this popular tour rest destination in central washington. the fire stretches 15 miles in some places closing roads. it all started friday sparked by bursts of dry lightning. >> the fire started in the area where there's fuel. when the wind gets going it rages through. >> reporter: smoke rising over
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lake chilean. >> >> it was heartbreaking. i mean, i'm standing in my backyard and i'm looking at this whole hillside. i'm getting phone calls from people saying can you see if my house is on fire? >> reporter: a little further south a similar scene where more than 150,000 acres are on fire in oregon. so far at least 50 homes burned as the fast-moving flames got too close for comfort. >> within five minutes, the fire was in our backyard and we barely got out of there. >> reporter: in southern california, soaring temperatures pose another challenge for firefighters. >> and what is burning it may be 130 plus. >> reporter: the situation all too familiar for some trying to protect themselves from fire danger for the last several years. >> this is a third time that we
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got threatened by a fire. >> reporter: many back in washington have seen those fears realized. the question now is how much worse will it get? later today more help is on the way. we're expecting an additional 250 firefighters to arrive. we're told this area is so scarce with resources that help has been requested from as far away as australia. >> gaddy schwartz, thank you. dylan is here with a look at the sheer number of fires we're talking about and what the firefighters are up against today. >> awful conditions. keep in mind we're at the peak of fire season right now. it lasts through basically the middle to end of october, and we have 85 uncontained large fires right now including parts of montana, idaho, washington, oregon stretching down to california. california has the worst of the conditions right now because humidity in redding 7%. the air is so dry. it's the massive drought in this part of the country that means
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any fire that develops and most of them are caused by lightning without the rain associated with the thunderstorms and the dry conditions allow it to spread. in eugene, oregon the humidity is up to about 27%. 16% in vale. temperatures in the 80s but it's the dry ground that allows the fires to spread out of control. that's what we're not going to see any improvements with any time soon. >> even with the humidity they can't catch a break. >> it still doesn't do anything. >> thank you, dylan. turning to the race for the white house. this weekend donald trump and hillary clinton showed up at the iowa state fair. both in full campaign mode. chuck todd interviewed exclusively for "meet the press." first, kelly o'donnell is in des moines with the political round up on the sunday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this was like politics in neon. think of it as dueling
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slow-moving spectacles across the fairgrounds. you had democratic frontrunner hillary clinton in one swarm, gop frontrunner donald trump in another as they brought their styles and their issues here competing for fair goers' attention. as donald trump's helicopter circled in the sky, hillary clinton was already on the move. >> this is really good. >> reporter: she was a at the center of a roving pack of cameras, security, and iowa voters. across the fairgrounds, trump led his own frenzied throng. sometimes gliding in golf course style. trump did bring his own thrill ride to the carnival for a few kids. >> i love my kids. come here, kids. does anybody want to take a ride? >> clinton's visit here was followed by the issue of her private e-mail server and classified information. clinton said she did nothing
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wrong but blamed republicans for stirring controversy. >> this is the usual partisanzation, i may have made up a word, of anything that goes on. >> reporter: still iowa democrats are considering their options. bernie sanders is drawing huge crowds. >> a lot of people here. thank you! it say that's people are sick and tired of the establishment politics. >> reporter: another democratic candidate former rhode island governor predicts joe biden will join the race. what does your gut say? >> i think he's going to get in. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: during his iowa swing trump talked with todd and his first immigration plan. roll back obamacare 's policies >> you're going to split the families up. >> they have to go. we're not splitting families.
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>> reporter: i talked to many voters who were excited to see trump and clinton regardless of politics. some very interested in the politics. trump told us he's heading to jury duty tomorrow in new york. hillary clinton went to join her husband for some down time at martha's vineyard. and fair goers get a chance to see more politics. former new york governor george pa tacky will be here and dr. ben carson will be talking to voters and speaking about his issues mixing and mingling here today. >> kelly, nice to see you this morning. thanks. chuck todd is mod rater of "meet the press" and has an exclusive interview with donald trump this morning. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning, craig! >> here is the thing, you spent time talking about the relationship donald trump has with the clintons. we know clintons went to his last wedding. the coziness raising questions inside the republican party. here is the exchange. >> what do you tell
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conservatives that you and the clintons are in -- >> nobody has been tougher on hillary clinton than me. when bill clinton called me, i made up my decision -- just so you understand. he called me long after i made a decision and everybody knew i was running. i think he's disappointing i'm running. i'm the one person that is going to beat her. >> how far does it go in tamping down concerns over donald trump's motivations? >> reporter: i don't know. i think the answers he's given on different policy issues are going to be where he runs into problems with conservatives or with some different conservatives, i mean, he's clearly with some populace fervor on immigration. he has a lot of support in some parts of the conservative movement, but i think for sort of the internationalist wing of the conservative movement more of the main stream conservative movement, i think they're going to believe that donald trump is pulling a stunt, and there are plenty, that no matter what he says about his relationship with the clintons that they're going
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to believe that somehow he's there to help her. >> chuck, you lived the hood, you kicked the tires. how does the donald trump brain work? >> look, there are times when you feel as if he's winging it on this campaign, and that can come through, but this is a man with more intellectual depth than i think people realize. he is -- he reads everything. you can clearly see he reads everything. now the question is, does he read a little about a lot, or does he read a lot about a little? i think there are moments in the interview, craig, where you'll feel he knows a lot about that issue and other moments he's read just a newspaper clips on issue "y." that's the conundrum. it's hard put him in a specific box, i think. >> look forward to the interview. chuck todd, thank you very much. the exclusive interview in a bit
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on "meet the press." it's likely to be a busy day at airports along the east coast after hundreds of flights were cancelled on saturday stranding thousands of passengers. all due to what the faa calls a computer glitch. kristen dahlgren is at la guardia airport. >> reporter: good morning. technology making our lives easier, right. take a look at la guardia. things are returning to normal. i just took a look at the board and a few scattered delays 15 or 20 minutes. nothing too bad. for tom people that were affected and supposed to get on flights yesterday, they're just getting on their flights this morning. >> reporter: it was enough to earn the #flypolpse. delays stretching across the country. >> it shouldn't be like this. this is the nation's capital. it should be better than this.
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>> reporter: d.c. was the center of it all. the faa said a glitch in a recently installed tracking system meant air traffic had to be stopped or rerouted around the nation's capital. hundreds of miles away in new york, that meant jo ann's flight wouldn't get her to her family reunion on time. >> we're the only ones stranded in new york. we're going to miss the whole thing. >> reporter: hundreds of flights were cancelled and more than 2,000 delayed. like jones'. >> we've been here for two hours stuck on the ground. >> reporter: by late afternoon the computer system was back up and flight operations resumed. getting all these people where they're going? it will still take some time. >> i guess stay here in new york maybe go to times square. i don't know. at least try to find something good in this situation, maybe. >> reporter: not everybody handled it as well as you can imagine. our experts tell us there should
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have been a back up system. so clearly that failed as well. the faa say they don't think it was hacking or an accident. but as to what exactly caused all of this, they're still investigating, erica. >> we'll be looking forward to learning the answer when they give us one. thank you. let's turn to sheinelle and breaking news about a commercial airliner that has gone missing. >> an indonesia plane is missing. the regional airliner was scheduled to land when contact was lost. the plane was carrying 49 passengers and five crew members. the area is mountainous and officials say the weather is not conducive to any search right now. this morning julian bond is being remembered as a powerful force in the fight for civil rights. bond, who died after a brief illness, was one of the iconic figures in the movement creating the student nonviolent coordinating committee in college, later the southern poverty law center, and serving for a decade as board chairman
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of naacp. sheriffs shot and killed a man of a target of a two-week manhunt. benjamin ashley was on the run suspected of killing a dentist, taking three men hostage, and wounding two officers. in china shocking aerials show the huge crater that is the epicenter of the explosion. it shows the power of the blast killing 112 people and injuring more than 700. searchers were able to pull one more survivor from the wreckage. and horrifying accident at the chicago air and water show. two military parachute jumpers collided in midair. the member of the army's golden knight team slamming into a building in critical condition. the other from the navy crashed on the beach. he served a broken leg. bystanders rushed to help both until emergency crews arrived. and a fitting finale for a
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star wars fan on a mission. kevin doyle donned the storm trooper's walk in honor of his late wife. he gained so much attention that other characters joined him in san francisco for the final leg of his journey, as you see here, crossing the golden gate bridge. >> you know it's a great way when darth vader shows up. dylan is back with a check of the rest of the nation's weather. >> and we have some rainy spots, especially down through the gulf coast where we're looking a the chance of heavier rain through the pan handle of florida. lots of flashes of lightning, too. it's moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. some of these downpours could be intense. we'll have to watch out for isolated flash flooding. we have a frontal system trying to move through the northern plains and upper midwest. that will trigger storms later this afternoon and evening. especially the yellow area
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stretching from wyoming to americ northwestern iowa. this is not an outbreak just pop up stronger storms and the severe threat lasts today and tomorrow, too. in the northeast it's another hot and humid day. temperatures in the 80s and 90s, and it is scorching in the northwest. death valley hit 123 another hot one in the bay area. talking temperatures approaching the century mark for inland valleys. look at the numbers. waking up to sunny skies. 99 degrees today. 94 for east bay. san francisco up to 85 degrees. north bay expecting 98. wherever you go, a hot day. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan.
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up next on "today." hoop dreams for the boy's basketball team that made national headlines for having a ♪ (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. maybe see if it's something that has an affect on her social side. she literally started changing. it was shocking. (laughs) the difference has been incredible. she's much more aware. (jan) a brighter look to her eyes. she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. i went in as not a believer, but i am now. i don't know. she's a good dog. (vo) you're getting a bit emotional there? (ray) yeah. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental
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sharpness in dogs 7 and older. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. a night you'll never forget. a youth basketball team from virginia. the boy's team was thrust into the national spotlight after they were disqualified from a tournament because they allowed a girl to play. sheinelle is here with more on that. this is a happy ending. >> it is. we were talking about this. do you remember the charlottesville cavaliers and the 10-year-old girl at the center of the controversy? they were eventually vindicated after a powerful protest. what better place for them to claim victory than on the most iconic basketball court in america. when the charlotte ville cavaliers took the court, they were playing more than a game of basketball. before the rushing crowds, lights, and fans they had
6:19 am
something to prove. earlier this month, the virginia youth team made it all the way to the final four of a big tournament when a technical foul dashed their hopes of a national title. they were disqualified because one of their players is a girl. she'd been playing on the team for the last four years, but because of a new rule this year that banned girls, the league said the team wouldn't be able to play. in a show of defiance, the entire team still showed up to the game in silent protest tr e trading in the golden jerseys for pink ones. the new york liberty heard the message and invited the team to see a game and play one of their own. >> you know her story is so similar to so many of the players stories. they grew up playing with and against boys. we wanted to instead of them playing in their tournament give them the opportunity to play basketball at madison square
6:20 am
garden. >> they have big league support, too. >> as the people as the organizers have to take more responsibility in what we're instilling in our kids. >> the moment they were waiting for the team laced up ready to go. playing like champions in front of a crowd for one of the biggest moments of their lives. >> i love that. the team inspires young women to burn bright in whatever they do. >> i love it. the whole thing is great. >> good story. >> we're ready for the movie now. >> exactly! up next blond bombshells, blowing bubbles, and barely through bikinis. controversy has a shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal.
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alabama story i aorority is heat over a video. >> critics are slamming the video for what they say is a lack of diversity and object fieing the young women in the video. people are talking about this one. there has been more than half a million people already viewing the video, which was uploaded by the university of alabama's alpha phi sorority. take a look. ♪ >> in the slickly produced video, 72 sisters can be seen frolicking in coordinated outfits in and around their sprawling sorority house at the lake, even on the football field. it may look like an ideal scene to some. a columnist is blasting the video calling it racially and s
6:23 am
a esthetically homoe genous. one writing in -- others say it's a promotional video for a sorority not a college. we couldn't reach the sorority themselves for comment, their website said we're a body of strong, motivated, and resilient young women tied together as a family and hold truth to our hearts and values. again, it's not trying to promote a college. it's a sorority, after all. i don't know. what do you think? >> i think it's a well-produced video. >> it is. >> it's super slick. it's well shot and well edited. >> we're going let the people decide what they think. >> and we have more coming up
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vicky/2ot m vickynguyen.alo good morning, it is 8:26. we will give you a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. i am vicky nguyen with anthony slaughter with a check of the forecast. it has been scorching out there. >> temperatures in the bay area, even at the coast in the 80s and 90s. it is another hot day like yesterday. unfortunately the air quality will suffer. spare the air alert today. do car pooling or hiking. temperatures start in the 60s. talking about temperatures warm in san francisco, up to 85 degrees downtown.
6:27 am
98 degrees for north bay, 94 east bay. peninsula lower 90s all day yesterday from san mateo to palo alto. same deal today. south bay temperatures near the century mark. another hot day, if you have to work outside. take 15 minute breaks. drink plenty of water and spf. >> very important. we don't see these temperatures often, sometimes people aren't ready. >> had record heat yesterday, expect the same today. >> anthony, thank you. we begin with the developing story in the south bay. sunnydale police say a man who may be armed is on the run after a deadly officer involved shooting. it happened yesterday evening. it is not far from moffett field. two suspicious man ran after an encounter in a motel 6 parking lot. one threw or dropped an ammunition clip at an officer,
6:28 am
fired the weapon, striking one of the suspects. that man died at the scene. they spent hours going door to door looking for the other suspect. dozens of people in vallejo full water service and pressure have been restored. crews are working to repair a 20 inch water main that broke friday. it happened under railroad tracks. it spanned 20 blocks, crews treated and tested the water. city officials say it is okay to drink. >> the water came back positive for chlorination, it is okay to drink, and this period of time if you find sediment coming through, go outside, flush water five to ten minutes. >> fire stations handed out drinking water to those who n d needed it. a permanent fix expected next week. san francisco police are investigating a hate crime. a man writing a racest message on the garage door of an asian
6:29 am
family at 3:30 a.m. yesterday. the victims say they were confused and surprised by the graffiti, think they were targeted because of their race. the family since painted over the remarks. police are asking for the public's help identifying the suspect. coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay, clear the shelters campaign was a success. how many furry friends were taken home this weekend, how you can still participate. that and all your top stories. anthony will be back with how hot it will get. for now, back to the "today" show.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> wow! >> we are back. >> good morning! >> on this sunday morning, august 16, 2015 with an incredible young opera prodigy from "america's got talent." >> wow! >> say good morning to 12-year-old arielle baril. good morning. you were looking at the camera. i was looking at the crowd and you were mesmerized. i saw this gentleman in pink go -- i think you have some fans here! and you had a big fan in heidi klum who used the golden buzzer. how did it feel? >> oh, my gosh.
6:32 am
like no other! it was life changing. it was so amazing and i'm so happy. >> you have a voice that is -- it's a very mature voice. it doesn't seem like it would come out of a 12-year-old. who introduced you to opera music? >> my brother. my lovely brother who is my biggest supporter. i love him so much, and he's always been there for me. it's amazing. >> and he's your trainer, too. >> yes. my family, my mom, my cousins, my uncle everyone, really. >> it's a family affair. >> yeah. >> good luck, arielle. >> nice having you with us. 12 years old. thank you so much. you can catch arielle "america's got talent" from radio city music hall right here on nbc. still to come in this half hour, sundays with harry and a rewriting of history after dna
6:33 am
tests prove that warren g. harding fathered a love child. and dylan shows us day two of her swedish adventure. >> let's start with major developments in the oscar pistorius case after serving ten months, the blade runner could walk free this week been kelly cobiella has more. >> it's hugely controversial in south africa. some saying oscar had special treatment doing much of it in the prison hospital away from the general population. now because of overcrowded prisons released after less than a year. >> mr. pistorius please rise. >> oscar pistorius was sentenced
6:34 am
last october. five years in jail for killing girlfriend reeva steenkamp, now just ten months later he's getting out. >> in south africa this case was like our o.j. simpson trial. >> reporter: he was south africa's golden boy. the first amputee to compete in the olympics. he shot his girlfriend through a bathroom door just a few months later on valentine's day. he testified he thought she was an intruder and tried to save her. >> reporter: he was convicted of culpable homicide. this friday he'll be released on house arrest. >> he'll have to do community service once or twice a month which is pretty lax given the circumstances. he's going to be staying at his
6:35 am
uncle's house which is very wealthy. he'll have a carriage house that has been decorated and renovated for him. >> reporter: reeva steenkamp's family is outraged telling the parole board incarceration for 10 months of taking a life is simply not enough. >> there's no closure. if somebody could magically put her on this earth, i would have closure. other than that no. our lives have been destroyed. >> reporter: in november prosecutors will go back to court to argue he should have been convicted of murder. >> reporter: unlike the u.s. it could be appealed. legal experts say there is a fair chance that the prosecutors could win. that would mean a minimum of 15 years for mipistorius, so he cod be going back to prison. >> the story continues. kelly cobiella. thank you.
6:36 am
>> we have another look at the top headlines for this hour. >> we start with stream heat and drought conditions fuelling dangerous deadly mix. in the pacific northwest wild fires rage burning homes and leaving thousands under evacuation orders. authorities are searching for an missing indonesia airliner reportedly carrying 54 people. the plane apparently lost contract with ground control over the mountainous jungles of popula. flights along the east coast are set to resume after a apparent computer glitch paralyzed air traffic from new york to the carolinas. >> thank you. dylan dreyer has a final check of the forecast. >> it's another warm one in new york city. a lot of people in new york visit the statute of liberty. apparently you danced at the statute of liberty. what is that about? >> our dance group went and danced there this past friday. >> at the crown or the base? >> at the base. >> okay. yeah. it's an exhausting walk up there. the weather will be hot across pretty much the entire country. we're looking at record-breaking
6:37 am
heat again possibly in the southwest. temperatures into the 90s. even in the northeast will be in the 80s and 90s with the humidity making it feel even warmer. we are kind of just getting started on a heat wave here in the northeast. washington, d.c., will stay in the 90s through at least wednesday. new york city will stay on the hot side, too. pittsburgh a cold front will cool you down. tuesday and wednesday back into the lower 80s. we have a chance of stronger storms today especially in the western parts of the plains. it's also very unsettled across the gulf coast. lots of heavy rain. we could see downpours and tomorrow the slight risk is basically in the same general area as it is today. we're looking at scattered showers to develop across the southeast and great lakes region. i am meteorologist anthony slaughter. expecting sunshine this morning. no fog, just high, thin clouds. we have smoke and haze from the
6:38 am
fires burning. keep in minds, another hazy day, spare the air alert in effect for today. later this afternoon, temperatures from 85 at the coastline to 105 for inland valleys. hot spots the tri-valley and south bay. cooling expected by five to ten degrees tomorrow. coastal fog can roll back in. >> dylan, thanks. guys? >> dylan, thanks. up next on "today" our sunday stories. rumba nights. the heart and soul of cuba. dylan dreyer taking a swing at golf on day two on ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...
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you feel like you're one-step ahead. say hello to visa checkout. visa. everywhere you want to be. like it used to?ould bounce back new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena. we are back with two day of dylan's swedish adventure. we saw her weather extreme climates at the airport in stockholm. i had to think about that for a
6:42 am
moment. >> different kind of weather. it was confusing. it continued with a golf outing like no other. how convenient. >> we were making the most out of our trip to sweden. golfing was part of that. if you're like me, anyone who golfs knows you can golf all day. i went to a place where sweden where you can golf all day and all night, too. it said an avid golfer would play mount everest. i may not be golfing everest but this course might be just as unique. not just because the beauty. but because of the hours you can play. my tee time? 9:00 p.m. sweden's bjorkliden golf course is located 150 miles north of the arctic circle. sharply tilting toward the sun. the sun barely sets here.
6:43 am
you can play golf 24/7. >> fore! >> what is it? swedish? >> fore. >> fore! >> reporter: patrick was my guide for an evening of golf in the midnight sun. how many rounds of golf have you squeezed in in one 24-hour period? >> well, i think last summer we did three rounds. >> three rounds of golf? that's unheard of. >> reporter: i can use three rounds to master this course. >> not good. how do you say mulligan in swedis swedish? [ laughter ] this is another one of the signature shows where the tee box is high and the hole is low. >> exactly 35 meters difference. >> reporter: that's a 115-foot drop and 154 yard drive over a special bunker you can only find this far north. what happens with the snow bunkers? is there a snow wedge? snow covers the greens for all but three months a year.
6:44 am
that doesn't stop golfers from making the trek or should we say hike to a course that has been around since 1929. >> it's beautiful out here. but you have to be willing to walk to do this. in golf carts here, that's for sure. >> reporter: i have never experienced anything like this in my life. what is the draw of midnight golfing? >> i think it's the light, the scene i a scenery. >> reporter: it's like a sense of awe. check this out 11: 36 still golfing. it might still be light out. night putting. just putting at night. but it's starting to feel like lights out for me. before i say so long sweden, there's one final hole i have to visit.
6:45 am
a quarter after midnight and we made it to the 19th hole. cheers! >> we're at the bar and it's 1:00 in the morning. i had just come off a red eye flight and we flew up to this area almost 200 miles north of the arctic circle. i'm like i don't know if i'll be able to stay awake for midnight golfing. the sun being up that late you don't get tired. all of a sudden you're like is it really 11:00? is it really 12:00? is it 1:00 in the morning? it messes with your head. keep in mind, all winter it's dark. >> it looks beautiful. >> it was stunning. absolutely stunning. >> what a fun trip. and so cool to see. you hear about what it's like when it's daylight that late at night. to see it -- >> to experience it was an experience of a lifetime. >> let's get to the gifts you brought us back after the break. >> we look forward to it. after the break. up next a hidden gem in western cuba where
6:46 am
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they call the it the dance of love. but for decades the rumba has been a mystery with the birthplace long off limits to
6:49 am
most americans. >> with the u.s. flag flying at the embassy in cuba, gabe gutierrez went in search of the music. >> reporter: the soul of cuba has a rhythm. it blares from the windows, strolls in for lunch, and stay ace whi 's awhile ♪ we sent out for a road trip with our '57 chevy bell air. >> people dance everywhere. >> reporter: americans like to have a drink. >> it doesn't matter if you don't have a drink. you keep dancing. >> reporter: it wasn't long before arrived. >> the music is everywhere. the birthplace of the rumba. not any tourists come over here. even its legs were broken, this city would dance. these are the kings of the drum.
6:50 am
>> it was born and raised here. they have parties and had no instruments. so with different stuff, spoons or corn inside a box they made the rhythm. >> reporter: the rhythm is nuanced. what does it sound like in havana. ♪ >> it's feeling from the heart. >> soul. love. >> reporter: this is much more than a job for you? it's hard to teach. [ clapping ] come on, man. [ laughter ] but grabs you anyway. ♪ >> go man! go! ♪ >> reporter: that beat was born not far from here.
6:51 am
>> like this one was the birthplace of rumba. >> reporter: where workers in the 19th century would build time with their lunch breaks. >> because of pure joy they would play. ♪ >> reporter: that harbor now alive with locals. this may be cuba's history, but also, its future. for "today" gab gutierrez nbc news. >> gabe gutierrez, great story. >> the rhythm is there. i love he took us to the place. it's not where tourists come. great to get the inside look. up next when a president fathers a love child on "sundays with harry" right after these with harry" right after these did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle,
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this morning on "sundays with harry." when it comes to presidential history, maybe you have a vague recollection of warren harding and the teapot scandal. >> turns out there was more in his personal life. >> okay. he was said to be a guy who looked like he waought to be president. wildly popular while in office. he was famous for the campaign pledge to return to normalcy. the beginning of the roaring turns it turns out harding was one wild and crazy guy. for his time, warren harding was a very handsome dude. it turns out he was a kind of
6:56 am
capital casanova. to the public, he was happily married. but his letters to kari fulton philips proved otherwise. some letters 40 pages long. he even wrote poems to her. but philips was not his only. after harding's death, a woman claimed she and harding had a child together, a daughter named elizabeth. harding died in office leaving nothing for the child. at which point britton went public writing a book called "the president's daughter" she claims she and harding made love in a close nt in the west wing. few believed her. until this week at the behest of some of harding's dissen dents
6:57 am
dna testing was done and britton was telling the truth. buffalo newspaper reported maria in cleveland had a legitimate child together. he sullied her reputation and ended up winning the election for shame. we know well the story of sally hemings and thomas jefferson. but there are also some who believe george washington who had no children with wife martha may have fathered a child with a slave woman who was owned by his half brother. plenty of presidents are said to have liaisons before or during their presidencies. but a child? a child is more than an indiscretion. she's a responsibility. warren harding not exactly one of the shining stars in our constellation of presidents. just dimmed a bit more.
6:58 am
>> very nice. >> we love harry's writing. >> what an amazing story, right? what is interesting the harding family, all of these generations later who said let's find out for real. these two families were at odds for generations and it's now this current generation that said let's find out for real. and it looks like there will be a get together. >> so you're my cousin? >> a 40-page love letter. >> and that was the tame stuff. >> it's a sunday morning. "meet the press" for chuck todd's exclusive interview with livepix ta a liveook
6:59 am
7:00 am
outside..... pal good sunday morning to you. your time is 7:00. we want to start you off with a look outside at palo alto. it is a little hazy out there. good morning, thanks for waking up with us. i am vicky nguyen. let's check the micro climate forecast with anthony slaughter. hey there, another hot one? >> it is going to be another hot one. a spare the air alert again today because it is hazy outside. smoke from fires burning in northern california made their way down into the south bay yesterday. that's why we have poor air quality expected. want to start you off with yesterday's highs. look how hot it was in san francisco yesterday, 92 degrees. 100 in livermore. gioy


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