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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's thursday, august 27th. coming up on "early today," the latest on the investigation into the murder of two young tv journalists by a man in one hand and a rolling video camera in the other. new details on the race for the white house as hillary clinton addresses her email saga and the possibility of running against joe biden. plus wall street came roaring back with a 600-point gain and more, "early today" starts now. good morning, i'm dara brown. right now two young journalists in roanoke virginia should be getting ready for work. instead we have the question wirks were they murdered? what were they like and what set off their killer? nbc's sarah dallas is outside wdbj tv where they worked and we know there's been an outpouring of support there.
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>> that's correct, dara. from the roanoke community and the journalism community at large. new details about the troubling mindset of the shooter are emerging. a man claiming to be him faxed a 23-page document in which he described himself as a human powder keg waiting to go boom. colleagues describe allison parker and adam ward as special people. the kind who were up before sunrise to put in long hours reporting the news. their off-camera lives were just as busy. parker had recently moved in with her boyfriend and ward was engaged to be married. >> if i walked in the morning, the first person i saw was either adam or allison. i got a smile on my face because they were always that way. >> they were interviewing a local official live when authorities say 41-year-old vester flanagan, a former colleague, opened fire, killing parker and ward. he also filmed the shooting.
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posted it to social media later. as he was pursued by police before he turned the gun on himself. >> it's obvious there was this gentleman was disturbed in some way, of the way things had transpired at some point in his life. it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> flanagan, who was fired from the station two years ago, went by the name bryce williams when he worked there. management describes him as an angry employee. >> after a while, a number of incidents, we thought it was best if he left the company. and he did, but not happily. he had to get some assistance from the police to get him out of here. >> meanwhile, a growing memorial outside wdbj is focused on the lives of parker and ward. late wednesday the community came together to mourn their loss. the station used to covering the news, now the center of a tragic story of its own. and the woman being interviewed
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at the time of the shooting was also hit. she is now in stable condition. meanwhile scholarships are being established in both parker and ward's names. a way to keep their legacies alive. back to you. >> thank you for that report. and last night allison parker's father stood alongside her boyfriend and shared this powerful message. >> everybody that she touched loved her and she loved everybody back. and you know, i'm not going to let this, this issue drop. this is you know, we've got to do something about crazy people getting guns. and you know, the problem that you guys have is that and i know it's the news business, this is a big story. but next week, it isn't going to be a story any more and everybody is going to forget it. but you mark my words, my mission in life and i talked to the governor today, he called me. and he said, and i told him, i said i'm going to do something, whatever it takes, to get gun
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legislation to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something about closing loopholes and background checks and making sure crazy people don't get guns. and he said, you go, i'm right there with you. so you know, this is not the last you've heard of me. this is something that is allison's legacy that i want to make happen. >> just one of the many tragic parts of the whole ordeal? the fact that it happened on live tv. that broadcast, plus a separate video posted by the kill frer his own point of view spread quickly online. as people come to grips with what they saw, there's a question that needs an answer -- where do we as a society draw the line? nbc's ann thompson reports. >> as shocking as this angle was, it is this perspective, the shooter's perspective, that horrified social media. we're only showing you a prescreen. vester flanagan wore a camera when he shot his former colleagues and posted the video
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on twitter and facebook. >> it was just utterly terrorizing, paralyzing. chilling. >> one of the many who watched it, "washington post" media critic eric wemple. >> as twisted as that sounds, it reflected a certain social media savvy on the part of this killer and that's a terrible thing to consider. >> instantly on twitter, users demanded the video be taken down. stephanie haberman writing do not retweet, do not touch, go hug someone you love instead. >> is this the best way to police this? >> no, we constantly struggle with the reality of something that's been posted. unfortunately, this video was true. >> twitter and other platforms pulled the video down. facebook saying the page and profile violated its community standards. which prohibits celebrating any crimes posters have committed. >> social media is a reflection of who we are. and sometimes that's not a very flattering picture. >> magnified by technology, this is the latest workplace homicide
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between 1997 and 2010, there were almost 900 committed by a co-worker or former co-worker. the difference this time? is we could see it. that was nbc's ann thompson reporting. well several 2016 candidates are flooding new hampshire and iowa this week during a campaign stop yesterday, hillary clinton addressed the possibility of vice president joe biden jumping into the presidential race. she said she thinks he needs to do what's best for him and his family. on the flip side, gop candidate donald trump is still facing backlash for his confrontation with unavision anchor jorge ramos. gop rival jeb bush commented on the tussle yesterday saying reporters deserve a little more respect. nbc's edward lawrence is live in washington for us this morning. good morning, edward. do you think trump will face more backlash today? >> if he does, he hasn't seen it in the polls, a new poll out this morning shows that trump's lead is actually increasing in the republican field. to 28%. from 20% just a month ago.
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now on the democrat side, hillary clinton talked about joe biden's personal loss. when she discussed a possible challenge from the vice president. hillary clinton says she always thought getting the democrat nomination for president will be competitive. she campaigned in iowa, and for the first time, she's talking about the possibility of vice president joe biden entering the race. >> he should have the space and the opportunity to decide what he wants to do. >> the first woman president of the united states. >> she picked up big endorsement from the former governor of iowa and the current secretary of agriculture, presidential candidates from both parties flooded iowa and new hampshire with events. senator marco rubio told workers in new hampshire that he will not use the term "anchor babies." he added -- >> ultimately the republican party will reach out to all voters based on who our nominee is. i don't believe donald trump will be our nominee.
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>> former governor jeb bush held an event in florida, for common ground for pro choice voters. >> there's common ground between pro life and pro choice people that we ought to find and forge and make sure the country respects life from the beginning to the end. >> republican candidates went back to the issues. there's a lot of campaigning left to be done. the first primary and caucus in new hampshire, then iowa starts in february. >> edward lawrence in d.c. now some sad news, one of the panda twins born just days ago at the national zoo in washington has died. the smaller of the twin cubs born last saturday showed signs of concern when handlers noticed respiratory issues and that it was not growing. this was the third time panda mom has lost a cub. it was an emotional day in court in colorado as james holmes was formally sentenced to life in prison without parole for the movie theater massacre he carried out in 2012. a camera capturing what may be the last time holmes is ever
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seen in public. nbc's jacob rascon reports. >> judgment day for james holmes, finally arrived. the maximum penalty possible. >> 3,318 years in the department of corrections. >> the shooter hardly moved a muscle. the judge rebuked him sharply. >> it was the court's intention that the defendant never set foot in free society again. >> the judge commented that we'll never know what the shooting victims, as young as six years old might have accomplished if they hadn't been slaughtered. >> we're very happy with the sentence we think it's our best chance to see the defendant die in our lifetime. >> the gunman silent, his mother offered an apology. >> we're very sorry this tragedy happened. and sorry that everyone has suffered so much. >> defense attorneys will not appeal. >> get the defendant out of my courtroom, please. thank you.
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>> the sound of closure for the next best thing. and a mass murderer gone forever. jacob rascon, nbc news. a nasa scientist calls it one of the most visible signatures of our changing climate. sea level rise. take a look at the new 3-d map made from data collected by satellites since 1992. the redder the color, the more sea level has gone up. you're looking at an average global rise of almost three inches. and on top of that, the u.n.'s intergovernmental panel on climate change says levels could go up one to three feet by the end of the century. well a group of people in new zealand poured water over a beached minke whale to keep it wet while they waited for high tide. after six hours the 26-foot whale managed to swim away. that's an amazing picture and a great thing for the whale. >> a beautiful animal. i never heard of a minke whale
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before. >> it's amazing to see up close. >> and to know that they saved its life. erika is a storm that will threaten possibly the southeast coast. right now it's a weak, disorganized tropical storm. the hurricane center does have it bearing near puerto rico tonight and then possibly somewhere near florida. now there's a big if. if it survives the next 48 hours. it could dissipate. but if it does survive, there's very favorable conditions out ahead of it. the southeast coastline will have to watch it closely. this will be the next system we're going to watch coming onshore, we're still advertising in the next four days, rainfall totals possibly two to three inches in areas that have barely seen two to three inches in the last couple months. we would welcome the rainfall. it doesn't look like it will get too much into the fire zone. that's your national redding at
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98. no signs of summer ending any time soon. still in the triple digits there. >> yeah, it's -- kind of a broken record. these are the dog days for a reason. >> bill karins thank you so much for that report. josh duggar enters rehab and his family speaks out. we've got details. plus walmart is taking a big stand on assault rifles that could have ripple he cans, you're watching "early today." save big throughout the store! for the boys their favorite tees only $7.99 and colorful junior's camis just $4.99 find the lowest prices of the season on jumping beans tops and bottoms $5.99 and on the big one bath towel just $2.99! plus, graphic tees for him $7.99 and esssentials for her $4.99 you'll get kohl's cash too! don't miss kohl's lowest prices of the season! it only happens twice a year! this wednesday through sunday find your yes kohl's
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padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. you think your car smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. former reality star josh duggar has checked into rehab. last thursday duggar revealed his addiction to pornography and his infidelity to his wife. calling himself quote the biggest hypocrite ever. it comes in the wake of gawker and the hollywood reporter claiming he had two accounts on the infidelity website ashley madison. in a statement, duggar's family said as parents we are so deeply
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grieved by our son's decisions and actions, his wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children. we pray that he comes to complete repentance and sincere change. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon downey. >> good morning. wall street looks set to build on wednesday's monster rally. stocks surging with at dow rising 600 points, the best day since 2008. the s&p 500, the broadest measure of the markets closing out of correction territory. that's what a stock has or index has dropped 10%. asian and european markets are higher on the back of the u.s. rally. investors taking heart from positive economic data and comments from a top fed official who says an interest rate hike in september now looks less likely. led several economists to shift their forecast for a fed rate hike to october or even later. and a walmart will stop sales of ar-15snd other
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semiautomatic rifles, the retail giant says it's due to sluggish sales and not related to recent high-row file incidents involving the guns. including the 2012 shootings at sandy hook elementary school. dara, back over to you. >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by vagisil. and just ahead, what you sane bo usain bolt did this time to make victory look oh so easy. and base jumping.
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time now for sports with my friend betty nguyen. good morning, betty. >> good morning, dara, less than a week after a nascar driver was killed when a piece of wreckage struck him in the head. the ind in car series tweeted the logo will be featured on all cars and helmets this weekend. fans will be able to purchase special memorabilia sporting the logo with proceeds going to wilson's two children. to beijing for the world athletic championships, usain bolt won with ease in the 200-meter semifinals and he seemed so relaxed that he could do a little chatting with a runner next to him. well u.s. sprinter and usain
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bolt's rival, justin gatlin winning with ease in his semifinals. adrenaline junkies gathered in greece for base jumping games. they parachuted to the sandy white beach with the gorgeous view below. the jumpers performed 300 jumps in four days, can you blame them with a view like that? the 2015 triple crown winner, american pharoah arrived in ablbany, new york yesterday. he has 1-5 odds of winning his race at saratoga, travers stakes. you don't want to miss it. dara, back to you. betty, thanks so much. just ahead, an all-star tag team of hollywood actresses working on a new project. plus, love him or hate him, you've about to be bombarded by bieber, justin bieber, up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. to entertainment the biebs is back. mtv announced that justin bieber will perform his new single at sunday's vmas. amy schumer and jennifer lawrence are teaming up to write a movie screenplay, it will be lawrence's first comedy role. rapper fifty cent is putting
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his mansion back on the market. he filed for bankruptcy last month and claims the cost him about $67,000 a month. it looks like a resort. it cost him that much to finance and maintain and there's no asking price yet. in 2007 it was listed as over $18 million. "people" magazine is reporting that rosie o'donnell's daughter moved out of her house to move in with her birth mother in wisconsin. nbc is holding auditions for a new reality series, "spartan race" teams will be made up of two men, two women, and an accomplished spartan athlete. anyone interested can go to spartan i'm dara brown, this is "early today." hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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leading the news on nbc usa postpones mr. robert over graphic scenes similar to virginia tv shooting. usa network says it's out of respect to the victims, their families and colleague and their viewers, the season finale will now air september 2nd. on, nasa crashes plane to test emergency beacons. nasa dropped the plane 100 feet interest above on purpose. emergency beacons are being tested to be installed on planes to transmit a location signal in the event of a crash. a louisiana police officer has been shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence incident. authorities s the 35-year-old suspect stabbed three women, one fatally before the shooting. the man then fled the home, rammed his car into a
4:27 am
convenience store and barricaded himself inside. officers fired teargas into the store and a fire broke out before the man was taken into custody. a civil rights icon has died, amelia boynton robinson helped lead the 1965 march in selma. she was beaten and gassed on what came to be known as bloody sunday. she later became the first black woman to run for congress in alabama. earlier this year, president obama helped her across the selma bridge during the 50th anniversary commemorations. she was 104 years old. a county clerk in kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of religious reasons has lost another round in federal court. an appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that kim davis must issue licenses beginning next week. while christmas is still months away, one new jersey resident is causing a stir with all these lights. neighbors have been complaining that the intense flashing blue lights from this man's property
4:28 am
are shining into their windows during the night. one resident said he's been unable to sell his house because of the neighbor's lighting decor. >> you just want to know why. what possesses someone to do that. do they think it looks good, just trying to annoy their neighbor? >> it's in august. >> it doesn't look that christmassy, either. it looks like snooki "jersey shore" might be having a party. >> that's a give-away. president obama heads to new orleans ahead of the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina on saturday. the president will visit neighborhoods and meet with residents affected by katrina. estimates put the damage from katrina at more than $1 billion. happy birthday to "breaking bad" actor aaron paul and pee wee herman. thank you for watching "early today." we hope you have a terrific thursday. see you tomorrow. a nsef "mbn
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. a sense of numbness that still has not quite set in as loved ones grieve the deaths of two journalists we're learning more about what led to the calculated killings. locally it's just as much a feeling a of shock. neighbors and family friends describe the man they knew before he pulled the trigger. plus, a hit and run in this santa clara county but there was not another cliefr involved. the driver and explosion that has authorities on the hunt this morning as "today in the bay" starts right now. a good thursday morning. i'm sam brock. laura garcia-cannon will join us momentari momentarily. we have a lot to get to this morning but we start with a look at your weather and pc. that cool down just getting underway. >> and it won't start until the weekend. it will be one hot day across the bay area.


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