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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live, this is "today" with kathie lee and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh! oh! i love this song! >> apparently everybody likes "peanut butter jelly." >> it's a great song! picture yourself on the workout machine. go, go -- >> no, no. no, reid and i are like simpatico on this. do you like this? >> any kind of athletic
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activity. is this '80s? whe what is this era? >> get out of the kitchen more often, baby. you and i need to go clubbing with hoda woman. [ laughter ] >> that would be totally weird. >> that would be very strange. it is boozeday tuesday. it's the first day of september. that was "peanut butter jelly." barbara corcoran is always a bundle of laughs. >> kathie lee and barbara are just like that. we are simpatico, same as with reid. barbara will tell you why buyers are looking for when you're ready to sell. it as a seller's market. >> and reid is in the kitchen. he's making one of his kewl bites for the summer. >> cool. >> i say kewl. plus, if kids are ambivalent about the start of school, real moms will help you get psyched with classic back-to-school movies and new ones to look forward to in the fall. >> all righty. >> we talked about yesterday.
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>> yes, we had fun at your expense. >> george washington apparently knows these rules of civility. >> because he wrote a book when he was 16 years old. >> of course. and everybody knew that. >> civility and decent behavior. >> so we've plucked from that book and we want to figure out if these things still hold true and we found out a lot of things do. >> he wrote them 16 years old, believed it was a school assignment based on a set of rules written by french jesuits in 1595. >> here's one "if you cough, sneeze, or sigh or yawn, do it not loud but privately and speak not in your yawning." >> just the way they phrase things. "shift not yourself in the sight of others." >> you know what that means? that's what it means. >> "nor gnaw your nails." >> how about this? "do not laugh too loud or too much at any public spectacle." >> the world has changed. "let your discourse with men of business be short and
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comprehensive. >> be that's so good. "in visiting the sick. do not presently play the physician." don't act like you know, you don't know. don't act it. >> "do not be quick to believe bad reports about others." >> this is a good one. >> "play not the peacock looking every to see if everyone sees you well-dressed." >> this is my pet peeve, someone running down the street, jogging, and there's a big window or mirror -- >> and they check themselves out? >> and they're like this, "hey." [ laughter ] >> people do that. >> people do it! or they're walking by and they'll look in a mirror and readjust. it happens in the gym a lot because there are mirrors everywhere but i'm talking about mirrors on streets and some are just reflections, just a window, that's it. >> our cultural in general. >> "associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for it's better to be alone than in bad company." >> one more. "give not advice without being
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asked and when desired, do it briefly. drink not nor talk with your mouth full." >> so there was something we saw somewhere that talked about how women are always scaring men away from relationships. t t daily mail talked about this article. they're jealous, possessive, always texting, all that stuff. so we decided to turn the tables because that's what we do. >> and be fair about it and see what men do that turn women off. >> we sent donna dorable out. >> when you're out on a date is there something a man does that scares you off? >> if he talks about his ex-girlfriend on the first date i'm just like done and disinterested. >> creepy staring is definitely something. >> when you're with a guy and he's always checking out other women or talking about other women. >> when men lack chivalry it's a deal breaker. >> neediness is a red flag for me as a female in dating.
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>> those are all great! >> those women all sounded fantastic. >> so smart and everything. that was good. i agree everything with. >> we love a cute picture and this is of a cute puppy that people think looks like a teddy bear. >> oh, my gosh! is it -- >> is it a shar-pei? >> a four-month-old shar-pei. oh, my gosh! >> has a plush coat which they say is rare for the breed. >> usually they look like they have just -- oh, my gosh! >> very cute. at eight weeks she has as many followers as i have. except i don't have instagram. she has 200,000 people following her on instagram. >> the owner posted a video of her taking a nap. i guess she has a snoring problem. let's look. [ puppy snoring loudly ]
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>> isn't that the face of a hip snow. >> it >> it doesn't even look weird. >> have you heard of the squint? >> well, i've heard of ismize. you smile with your eyes. if you think about it before your take a pictures when your eyes are looking apy right now. >> because i'm looking at reeg. >> isquincing is when you squint and look down and then -- >> more zoo landerish. >> now squint. >> oh, sucking in your cheeks, very zoolander. [ laughter ] >> so attractive. >> we found great examples. here's kim k doing the -- she's not really looking down. all right. >> that's a come hither look.
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>> yeah. almost like you're looking angry because you're -- >> well, they only make about $400,000 an hour. they have nothing to be happy about. they always talk about runway models look like they're angry. >> so here's the zoolander moment. let's just take a look. >> what is your trademark look? >> well, i guess the look i'm best known for is blue steel. >> what's that look like? >> impressive. >> and then there's ferrari and le tigre. that's softer. more of a catalog look. i use it for footwear sometimes. >> can i see that? [ laughter ] >> weren't they just the same? >> they were, yeah. >> so everybody thinks they do everything right but apparently we do everything wrong, including brushing our teeth. >> we'll show you what dentists in australia say we should be doing according to t daily mail. >> we brush too hard.
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>> and this is an interesting one. do you know how long you should brush your teeth for? >> same amount of time you wash your hands. >> let's put up the timer. >> we're not going to put up the timer. >> it's two minutes. start counting. >> no! somebody tell me when two minutes are up. some people think all you have to do is just brush the front of them. you have to get behind. and i didn't know this. you don't brush straight after eating a meal, you have to wait 30 minutes after a meal to allow your mouth's ph to balance out. >> finally, you're not supposed to brush in the hour. >> it's good to brush your teeth in front of the mirror so you're much more aware of which teeth you are cleaning. >> how much time? >> you have another minute and a half to go. >> i am not doing this -- >> that was only 30 seconds? >> i know. >> can you imagine? >> what are you going to do
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with -- >> i didn't have any toothpaste on i'm just moving it around. but can you imagine for two minutes straight? who does that? >> well, if you include flossing but, no, they're talking about -- 60% of women over the age of -- this is another thing. 60% of women over the age of 60 are in committed relationships and they're sexually active and very happy. >> as you get older your sex life will be good because that report says women in their 50s and 60s their sex life is just as good as women in their 30s and 40s because you know what you want. >> or don't want. >> and you don't have anxiety. you can tell somebody what you want the way you didn't. you just let them do whatever they wanted. >> well are we doing? if you're thinking about doing a home renovation, we'll find out -- >> i know how you can brush longer. >> -- we'll find out which are
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good job, mom. great job, mom. real scrubbing. for your real life. thinking about doing a home renovation or putting your house on the market? you should know what sells the house best. >> the national association of realtors says there are more than two million homes for sale on the u.s. and the housing market isn't slowing down. >> but if you didn't hop on the
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for-sale bandwagon this summer it's not too late. real estate brokers say there's still a lot left. but your home won't sell itself. here she is to help us out is barbara corcoran. so we're playing a game? >> yes. >> what is it? >> we're doing whatever we can to make sure hoda wins. what sells best, a house a on a cul-de-sac or, b, with a pool. >> i am going to go with -- >> i'm going with w the poole. >> and kathie lee is correct. it's the cul-de-sac. people like peace and privacy. >> even though i like this house better than the other one. >> that was a cheat. ready for number two? what sells best, a a, a house painted white, or, b, a house painted dark gray. >> i want to point out i know i'm right on this one. >> and you're both right. it's a. white houses look larger to the
10:15 am
eye. it's the most popular color in america followed by yellow. gray does not sell. >> how much more would a house -- if that house was in gray or another color -- >> this would work in gray but this in gray would be horrific. you'd lose 10% value. don't check that out because i made that up. >> so paint it before you sell it. >> obviously. number three, what sells best? a corner property or, b, a property in the middle of the street? >> i keep forgetting we can do a or b. >> b, middle of the street. nobody wants to live on a corner. >> hoda is correct. i told you. >> i lived on a corner when i was growing up. we loved. >> it it has two accesses, it's too noisy. parents think it's dangerous for kids. no privacy. in fact, you get 10% more for the same house inside the block than on the corner. number four, what sells best? a front porch or a back zmek.
10:16 am
>> oh, that's a good question. let me think about this for a minute. a front porch -- >> front porch is inviting but the deck is what you use with your privacy. >> i'm going go for a, front porch. >> hoda has a higher iq today. >> i do! no, no, no, you don't. >> you don't want to hear why? it extends the living space and people use them. people don't use front porches -- >> wait, so it's the back deck? >> oh, what did i say? >> you said i was smarter. >> okay, of course, she's right. listen carefully, girls you're getting mixed up. number five, what sells best, a house that's vacant or a house that's occupied? >> that's hard because -- it depends on what it's occupied with. if it's beautiful like that -- >> hmm. i'm going to say a.
10:17 am
vacant. >> and, of course, no surprise this time, hoda is right. because the house that is occupied looks larger with furniture and every buyer who cease an empty house no matter how pretty it is thinks "let me make a low bid." . oh, they do? but i hear realtors say all the time most houses are not so pretty the way they're decorated. >> you have to get rid of the junk. but assuming you get rid of the junk the worst thing you can have is an empty room. they show you the pretty rooms. >> what's the score, by the way? >> 3-3. >> i love it. >> i'm going to wink at the right answer. >> i'm going to trust you. >> what sells best, a, a beautiful front yard or, b, a beautiful backyard. >> i'm going to against intuition. >> i'm going with a, too. >> you are both correct. because it has the first
10:18 am
impression on the buyers and people decide if they don't like your house within eight seconds and all they can see is the front of the house within eight seconds. >> this is our tie breaker and the last question, barbara, no pressure. >> what sells best? empty closets or neat closets? >> i'm going with b, baby. >> me, too. >> so we have a full tie. what sells best? a second bathroom with a tub or, b, a second bathroom with a shower? >> for me it would be the tub. >> we keep guessing the same thing. >> you are correct again because it makes the room look bigger. >> poor barbara. >> number nine -- >> last one. >> concentrate. what sells best? a two-car garage or a family room? that's a tough one. >> i'm going with the -- i'm going the opposite of you so you pick one and i'm going the other one. b. >> it's the garage. >> you got it. the family room always sells
10:19 am
best, it's extended living space. >> most people want a place for their -- >> what do i win, brash? >> a broom that you'll never use. thank you, girard. >> i didn't know they still made brooms. >> oh, did you get that from barbara? give it back to her, you know she flew in on it. >> it's a house warming gift, not an insult. >> i want a swiffer. i don't know what you use this fors. we'll be right back. >> i knew hoda would win. my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team for 51 years. about five years ago, i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now joyce and i can have cheerios together anytime we want. and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too.
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it's brain teaser tuesday so here it is. what goes up and down without moving? >> the answer is coming up. plus, get dressed in 30 seconds? after your local news. you get dressed fast. >> i do. hands...where it belongs. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. never settle for anything less. the regenerist collection. from the world's #1. olay, your best beautiful we never plan on a full house. it just...happens. like my ranch dip. two cups of sour cream, a little this, a little that, and a packet of hidden valley original ranch.
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oh! >> hello! >> oh, everybody's naked! >> hi, li ottcgr 10:26. good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. it's been a terrible tuesday for the market. the dow industrials now down 415 points. you're looking at a live picture of the big board on the nyse. checking on the growth in china, the current scapegoat, but
10:27 am
honestly there's an overall nervousness now. there's a case of measles at uc berkeley. a student there is in isolation but he's taken a bus, ac transit bus 25-a. it is contagious if you've not been vaccinated. 130 people got the measles at disneyland last winter. we'll take a look at weather and traffic after the break. atk= ckam 8 -ubl (5) spsor
10:28 am
good morning.
10:29 am
looking towards a late slowdown. what's going on. not a great picture. this is behind a sign but that's westbound 580. it's over on the shoulder but just enough to cause that slowing. then it lets up. look at the map. that's the slow drive continuing through livermore. the dublin interchange, just fine. clear in hayward. the peninsula showing the slowing there. northbound 101 finally recovering past the airport. and a slow drive down towards milpitas. slow for oakland. the sweepers have kicked in on the southbound side. the northbound commute just starting to clear up but the dust kicking up on the other side is a distraction and a slowdown. same thing on the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are still on. the accident in san francisco has cleared and things are better now. back to you.
10:30 am
>> we have an 11:00 newscast coming up next. we'll see you then. before the break we give you this riddle to think about. >> what goes up and down without moving? >> the answer is -- hoda thought this -- >> a staircase. >> i said the sun because it doesn't move because it goes up and down -- >> from our perspective. >> no, so i think that's two of them. >> you might be right. well, 'tis is season for being on the move. we make the transition from summer to fall. we have easy styles to get you dressed when you're on the go. >> here to get you out the door in 30 seconds is life-style expert janay lucciani. >> what about an escalator? >> that goes up and down. >> that's my pregnancy brain.
10:31 am
>> each of these models will get dressed in 30 seconds? >> we're busy in the morning and we want quick stuff we can throw on so that's the theme of the segment, transitioning into fall and quick items we don't to zip or button. >> so no one has clothes on except for their undergarments. >> they are naked. they just got out of the shower. >> we'll put 30 seconds on the timer, lonnie, and janay will tell us about what you're wearing. ready, go. >> these are not your grandma's pull on pants. >> are those up? >> yes, you know them. they make them in denim and all different styles and they pull on with ease. >> they fit fabulously. >> then this printed silk top that you can pull from your summer wardrobe, so transition that, and a great coral cardigan for under $20 from marshalls. and these pants are $120. >> oh, that's a lot of money. >> these have built in shape
10:32 am
wear and everything. these are the fancy $120 pants however you can get similar styles that have a lot of stretch and give and look like denim for less than that. >> how cute are those jeans? >> aren't they? >> i love it. they don't add bulk, it's great. we're moving on. >> erin, no pressure, just because she got it right doesn't mean you have to. start erin's timer and go. tell us what she's doing. >> so erin is a new mom and she's also in the beauty industry so she needs to look put together in a flash. so as you can see i gave they are great jewel-tone tank top again from her -- wow, hangers are flying. again, her summer closet. >> everything is a pullup. no zipper, no nothing. >> she's going to make in the no time. >> this is $12.99 from kmart, it h then a biker jacket, this is a must have. >> oh, you did it! >> she had more pieces. >> i'm so nervous.
10:33 am
i don't know why. >> way to go. >> heather, don't worry, no pressure. oh, my gosh, it's a jump suit. >> heather is our air force maven. she's no stranger to getting dressed on the fly. >> 30 seconds on the clock please. >> and go. >> tell us about this. >> one and done, right? a jump suit. huge trend again. >> i love jump suits. >> and women are afraid to try them. this is under $40 from old navy. it comes in great fall colors. >> old navy? >> yes, very flattering on a lot of different figures and she can dress it up day or night, add the printed scarf that adds nice detailing with a fall look. she can have it already tied and ready to go so she can throw it on and away out the door. she's determined. >> you got it. [ buzzer sounding ] >> the hat's a little loose. >> details, details.
10:34 am
>> all right, deanna, 30 seconds on the clock. >> so exciting, no pressure everyone. >> and 30 seconds on. let's go! >> tell us about this. >> i wanted to show a great look, a sweater dress, another huge trend as we're transitioning into fall. this is a great trend, nice and stretchy, super comfortable. >> you got it. >> there you go. >> and a little boho look. >> i love that! >> i added the boots. slip on boot, no zippers, no nothing. >> wow. >> and then a great -- will she get to it? >> we're going. [ buzzer sounding ] >> oh! you got it. >> no hands here. no hands. >> by the way, congrats to everybody! that was so exciting! >> all right, you're going to fall for this male hook, line, and sinker. >> reid alexander is whipping up delicious fish tacos.
10:35 am
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real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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a. if class isn't already in session, it's about to be. our real moms are here with their favorite films to get their kids in the back-to-school mood. >> mother of three tara mcnair a
10:40 am
is with us. >> and the ceo of diva >> i see her on lots and lots of shows. >> and erica souter is a mother of one and contributing editor to welcome. >> thank you. >> we gave you guys an easy task initially. you're supposed to pick a film you like your kids to watch. how old are your kids? >> well, i have one in college and then i have a 14-year-old and i have a four-year-old so i have a gamut. >> hello! >> that's called the spectrum. >> what movie did you select? >> "diary of a wimpy kid" is for kids in middle school. everything tweens are worried about, where to sit at lunch, surviving gym, how to fit in and puts in the the hands of a self-absorbed 11-year-old who makes all the wrong choices. what's great is it doesn't show middle school as a miserable experience for all, just for this one kid. >> lis, you have eight-year-old oliver and 12-year-old jackson. >> and baby girl blake who is 17
10:41 am
months. also the spectrum going on. >> you picked a documentary. >> one of my favorite documentary which is is "mad hot ballroom." i love this beautiful documentary. it's about inner city kids that learn -- definitely hesitated at first but to learn about ballroom dancing and it is the most beautiful film because you really get to see these children learn about dancing and participating and rooting each other on and their spirit and having come from struggles that they talk about to see where they've come. it's such a beautiful film that i really highly recommend it. >> what did your kids think of it? >> my eight-year-old thinks it's the best movie. he loves to sing and dance. and the older one thinks it's great -- it's a heartwarming film. >> erica, you have a seven-year-old, right? lix, maybe a little too young for the movie you selected but what did you pick? >> "school of rock." it's jack black, an out-of-work rock musician, he needs money to
10:42 am
so he pretends to be his substitute teacher roommate and works at an elementary school. total fish out of water story. he has no idea what he's doing. that's the fun part. that's what the kids need to break out of their shell and learn something new and find their hidden talents. >> and who doesn't want to be a rock star. >> let's go back to older kids. what film did you select that older kids would like? >> my oldest son and i both loved "perks of being a wall flower." it follow this is quiet introvert during his freshman year and he becomes friends with seniors and what's great about it is you have the nervousness of being a freshman and seeing that by senior year you don't care if you're popular, it doesn't matter, it's about making memories. >> now you're worried about college. >> and you see that. i love that. it shows the difference a great teacher can make in your life and what you do in ninth grade does matter. >> and speaking of teachers, i love the movie you pick so much. >> "dead poets' society." >> who doesn't love that film?
10:43 am
classic classic robin williams as the professor. it's so amazing to watch a teacher transform their children and to really make them love and take just a -- be passionate about their studying. >> find their uniqueness. >> and that's what this film brings out and everybody, every teenager should see this film, especially going into high school. >> erica, you picked one that when it's on tnt i don't change the channel. >> remember the titans. the lessons are timeless, accepting people who are different and doing the right thing even when the world around you is so wrong. it's a wonderful movie. >> which is more and more all the time. >> and there are a couple coming out that you like. >> well, there's "hotel transylvania 2." this is one of the most anticipated family films of the year. and the sequel to the "maize
10:44 am
runner" trials will be coming up as well. >> thank you, ladies. >> you picked out the movie -- >> now what's for dinner? >> our friend reid alexander entertains us in that kitchen right after. that right, hody? >> uh-huh. what's he cooking? >> fish tacos. people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquify it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside chocolates, christopher b. wrote: why is this bag only two pounds? we couldn't tell if you were joking, so we made a 100 pound bag. thanks, george! to the savory smokehouse taste of eckrich smoked sausage. it's that irresistible smokehouse flavor, that helps make every moment rich. ♪ the love is waiting ♪ so come on home
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summer may be winding down but it's not over yet. >> our "today" food team is showing us some cool bites from reid alexander. >> we love reid. you. >> you grew up with us! >> this empire is growing. >> look at you guys taking over the universe! we're taking over the grill today, hope you're ready. >> what kind of fish is this? >> we're grilling fish tacos. we're using red snapper.
10:50 am
we have a lot of ingredients. this is about savoring the season. one more chance to take advantage of the summer. so we have tomatoes and oranges and cilantro and scallions. but they're easy, i promise. >> he's growing up! >> it's so wild. okay, we're ready. >> we've been cooking six years together! >> we're ready. >> so our snapper is ready to go. kathie lee can i ask you please to pierce the fish? want to? that will help us to absorb these flavors? hoda, add some orange juice? >> justice regular o.j.? >> just regular o.j., freshly squeezed, whatever you have going right in here. we'll marinate this about an hour in the fridge you can imagine. olive oil. not too long marinating and i'll tell you why, can you guess? >> it breaks down? >> right! the acid, brilliant, it would turn into ceviche and it wouldn't be what you want. so let that, go we have herbs as
10:51 am
well. scallions, garlic, cilantro and the next step once this has taken time we'll grill. we have this marinated and i think our grill is ready to go so we'll grab our snapper. >> look at that! i love that! >> pause and appreciate that sound, right? right on cue. >> by the smell right away, huh? >> and you don't to use this fish. you could use other stuff like tilapia, flounder, or ma hi ma hi could be very cool. >> cod. cod would be great. a white fish. so that's going and we'll give that a couple minutes. now we make our salsa. very simple. i have a lot of stuff here. we have cilantro, of course, avocado. there's a little guacamole/salsa in one. tomato, cucumber. >> so ripe right now. >> so ripe and sweet. look at those mangos. >> we're big fans of mangos. >> let me tell you, mango -- and more lime and salt and pepper. mango can be very confusing to cut.
10:52 am
have you ever tried to cut a mango? it can be challenging. let me show you the trick. so three steps. slice, that's the first step. we're slicing down along the edges. now we have these nice lima bean shaped creations. slice then score and this is making a grid with your knife when you're scoring and notice i'm not cuttingly the skin. i use the skin as a guide. >> to push? >> exactly. now i get this grid and we scoop. i'll break this off and watch what happens. when i scoop this out we get this amazing dice without any work at all. very, very simple. so slice, score, scoop. three steps. >> i can mix, of course. >> want to? all right. we can make tacos together. >> i'd love to. >> we've got our fish fresh from the grill. you want to flake this with me? we're going to pull it apart. it's like a science project. >> get involved hoda. >> get involved! >> like you're looking for bones. >> what do you do about the bones? >> be very careful. this doesn't have any because we bought the filets but if you have a bones this is a great
10:53 am
process to are move them. and check around the edges. a lot of bone there is, like the spine: >> be careful. >> exactly. >> we get in here and our salsa and it's simple. >> that whole wheat or -- >> whole wheat tortilla. >> really simple. >> thank you, should we toast with our tacos? >> we'll toast in our zbleds thank you, reid. >> love you, reid! >> for more grilling ideas go to and click the "grilling tab." we'll be back with more but first, this is "today" on nbc. ." we'll be back with more but
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tomorrow the biggest health mistakes you're making without knowing. >> it and if you're on the road this labor day weekend, we have everything you need to know before you get in the car. >> plus find out what luxe for
10:57 am
less trends lilliana has. >> and look at the fun things that are happening. >> have an awesome boozeday tuesday, everybody, gauze guess what tomorrow is? winesday wednesday! >> make it a good one. are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't.
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right now at 11:00, taking action, the parents of kate steinle prepare to file suit following the shooting death of their daughter along the san francisco pier. good morning, and thanks for joining us. >> seeking justice for kate on the front steps of city hall, the family announcing the legal claim against the sheriff and two federal agents. >> bob rudell is live at city hall, where a news conference started moments ago. >> there are claims against three government agencies, the family attorney for the steinle mi


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