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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of us in the family happy. >> we think there's some serious problems with this case that have been there since the beginning. and might have a question about the appropriateness of the death penalty in this case. >> certainly, the defense is going to argue that sierra lamar could still be alive. is that the kind of case that should be a death case. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, we will hear more about what the defense has to say about the prosecution case, and we will also hear more reaction, including from sierra lamar's mother. live in santa clara, robert handa, nbc bay area news. in other news, an emotionally charged trial is coming to an end. closing arguments today for the two teens accused of killing a san jose paramedic. prosecutors say it was all part of a crime spree that included carjacking, robbery and murder. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland, where the father of the accused triggerman told her something he said he had trouble telling the victim's
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family. jodi. >> reporter: that's right. the father of the alleged gunman says that he knows nothing he can say will ease the boyer family's pain, but he says he is truly sorry. one thing is very clear tonight. this killing has left more than one family devastated. >> i apologize for all the wrongful doing that took place. forgive my son and forgive me for not being there for my son and teaching him right. >> reporter: that's what the father of the alleged triggerman, who prosecutors say shot and killed paramedic quinn boyer during an attempted carjacking want boyer's family to know. christian burton, who was just 16 at the time, and 17-year-old david mcneill, are on trial for the 2012 oakland hills killing. burton's father spoke out today for the first time. >> in my family, this is not our teaching and this is not what we
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do. >> reporter: in closing arguments, burton's defense attorney claimed the teen didn't take part in the crime spree at all. but the prosecutor replayed graphic video of the crime scene, saying burton purposely aimed the gun and hit the bull's eye dead on. he told jurors, after the shooting, the teens laughed about it, and then went window shopping at macy's. >> in that one moment of malice and greed, they sacrificed a whole life they could have had. >> reporter: that was quinn boyer's widow. we'll hear more from her tonight at 6:00. now, closing arguments will continue tomorrow morning. the jury could begin deliberating tomorrow, and we could have a verdict by the end of the week. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we are learning more about the confrontation with police at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station that ended in gunfire. b.a.r.t. police say the suspect shot himself in the stomach while reaching for his gun. these pictures show the moments
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after the shot was fired last night. b.a.r.t. police say they confronted cory powell about smoking a cigarette on the platform. he then tried to jump off the platform to the sidewalk below. a drop of two stories. as officers tried pulling him back from the ledge, police say he reached for his waistband. officers tased him, and that's when he shot himself in the stomach. he is now listed in critical but stable condition. police say he's from union city and has an extensive criminal record. a tragic ending to a summertime hike. park rangers at yosemite found the body of a man who had been missing for about three weeks. 39-year-old james mill let jr. was found dead yesterday, above yosemite valley. he went for a hike august 11th but never returned to his car. no details yet on how he died. still concern inside the prison walls. six confirmed cases of legionnaires' disease at sam quentin. but the number of prisoners showing symptoms has jumped to 95. this comes as prison officials are slowly restoring services to
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inmates like serving hot meals. legionnaires' disease surfaced last week at the prison, prompting san quentin to shut off its water. the disease is usually spread through contaminated water. port-a-potty attend ants. that's right. san francisco city officials say it's a necessary job. with these new paid monitors will come more public rest rooms. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live along market street in san francisco near one of the new toilets. michelle. >> reporter: that's right. there's about eight in the city and they plan to have more. they're actually pretty clean. take a look inside. the challenge with these rest rooms is making sure nothing illegal happens inside. there is a 20-minute max. so if somebody reaches that 20-minute limit, somebody will knock on the door and call police if need be. >> you've got to give respect to receive respect. >> reporter: va nita walker says when she was living on the streets -- >> i can understand what people are going through. >> reporter: the city didn't
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have public bathrooms. >> i'm proud of my job. i'm good at what i do. >> reporter: now she's more than a dozen so-called pit stop attendants in san francisco. >> they see me, they be like, oh, it's time to go. >> reporter: at $15 an hour, her job is to clean up and watch for any illegal activity. >> i love the paycheck. >> reporter: there are eight toilets around the city. >> this is the way we're going now. >> reporter: rachel gordon with the public works department says another five more will pop up in the next several months. >> it's the tenderloin, a great example that the number of steam cleaner requests to come and clean human waste has gone down in the areas where these toilets are. >> reporter: currently, san francisco pays $1 million a year to clean up human waste on the streets. with more available toilets, the cost is expected to go down. >> every day, got to watch your step. could get a surprise on the bottom of your shoe. >> reporter: that surprise is a serious health issue that many want to see fixed. >> there's urine everywhere. >> reporter: for vinita, the job is a way to pay for a roof over
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her head and keep the streets clean. >> we have to keep it clean around here. so they know what they can do and can't do when i'm around. >> reporter: each one of these toilets costs about $100,000 a year to fund. so in total, this project is about $1 million a year, and the city wants to put even more towards these public rest rooms. reporting live in san francisco, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a big win for president obama today. he secured enough votes in congress to ensure his iran nuclear deal will live on. the president needs 34 senate votes, and he got that final vote today. the deal reached by the u.s. and five countries eases sanctions on iran, in exchange for more inspections and nearly all republicans have come out against the agreement, calling it, quote, weak. they say iran cannot be trusted, and believe it will still try to make a nuclear weapon. israel and other arab allies also fiercely oppose this deal. but the u.s. is making expensive
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new commitments to win over those countries' support. lester holt explains that part of the story at 5:30 on "nightly news." now to decision 2015. will he or won't he? more signs today that vice president joe biden will run for president. the vp is in florida right now for a campaign type swing. it appears he's testing the waters in this key battleground state. some democrats hope he jumps in, because hillary clinton's campaign might be in trouble. her numbers are slipping. but running against her will be a tough decision for the vice president. >> they're very good friends. they have been for a long while. i don't know if joe biden has the stomach to launch a campaign based on attacking hillary clinton. >> the vice president spoke at miami dade college today. tonight he's attending a fund-raiser. not for him, but for senate democrats up for re-election. good news for carley fiorina. the ceo will be included in the next republican presidential debate.
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it comes after cnn, which is hosting the debate, added a provision that better reflects the state of the race. fear rena has moved up in the polls and is now in the top ten. the debate will be held at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley september 16th. still ahead here at 5:00, will key evidence get tossed out? the court battle begins for the suspect linked to the "gone girl" kidnapping case. how his cell phone is playing a key role. plus -- >> sending technology to the military from outer space. i'm scott budman at the bay area company that built the satellite. plus, tiny creatures at the center of a huge invasion. we're going to explain how the weather is likely to blame for this onslaught in california waters. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog is back in san francisco. that helped to cool temperatures down. we're talking more about some cooling here coming up in the microclimate forecast. then at 6:00, in one of the most dangerous places in the
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south bay, it's an oasis of peace. >> gangsters divided the churches. >> the unwritten rule that keeps this spot violence-free in a gang turf war. there is a legacy there. >> that's new at 6:00. t maacced thhigy puicid vlej
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the man accused in the highly publicized vallejo
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kidnapping for ransom case appeared before a judge today. this is the man, matthew muller, not only accused in the vallejo case, but also a home invasion crime in dublin. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live with more. cheryl, it was a detective in that dublin case that actually cracked the vallejo kidnapping case? >> reporter: that's right. she was here, but could not talk to us on camera. meanwhile, the prosecutor called three witnesses to the stand. one was chung yeng, the homeowner and victim, and the other a police officer there at the time on june 5th when it all happened. and the other was an alameda county sheriff. no cameras were allowed inside the courtroom today. but we did see matthew muller, seen here in this mug shot, and he was wearing a red jumpsuit. the case is a serious one. a home invasion case where the homeowner was struck in the head with a flashlight, with his wife and daughter inside the home. that case led dublin police to connect muller to the strange
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kidnapping case involving a young couple6f claiming they we drugged and the woms kidnapped. fpvallejo police calling it a kc hoax. but when1 dublin police xee an alleged connection to the vallejo x?case,v the hoax allegation wentu: into questio. iece of evidence inonto questio. the dublin case is a cell phone. and his attorney talked about that cell phone just moments ago. >> well, it's important to know when law enforcement gets possession of evidence, and what they do with it when they have it. if you read the moving papers, you see that the cell phone was really like a key that unlocked the case. and so what happens with this cell phone in front of this judge is very important for the remainder of the case. >> reporter: now all eyes were on muller today. he was stoic, but he did smile one time. now both sides will meet once again in two weeks. at that time, they will decide whether or not there's enough evidence to hold this home
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invasion case over for trial. a complaint, however, has been filed in the vallejo case, and his attorney said today that he hasn't gotten any information regarding that one. reporting live in pleasanton, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl. authorities in the south bay say he is armed and dangerous. tonight we have new video of the man wanted for multiple robberies. here's the suspect robbing a gas station in march. you can see him showing the gun. he took cash from the attendant and then took off. the man is wanted for four armed robberies. they all happened in march in millipede as and san jose, including at a taco bell and shell gas station. if you live in mountain view or los altos, they're all around town. the google self-driving cars. this time, another fender-bender. one of the cars was rear-ended near google headquarters, and google says the self-driving car was not at fault. the car reportedly stopped for a pedestrian at a crosswalk when it was hit by another car.
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the dmv says this is google's 16th crash. google insiders tell us the car will be ready within the next two or three years. but the legislation legality of these cars will likely be many more years. it sent a colorful plume into the early morning sky. the rocket launch. a satellite made in the silicon valley. our business and tech reporter, scott budman is at lockheed martin in sunnyvale. what's the significance today? >> reporter: a lot, raj. you may have seen the plume in the sky. behind the plume, something very important. a satellite. bringing mobile technology, the kind we use every day, to our military. the rocket streamed through the sky into space. on board, a satellite, with silicon valley roots, that will help our military. >> they can be better at their missions. >> reporter: lockheed martin built the satellite in sunnyvale. once securely in space, it will
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help our armed forces communicate safely. >> that means that nearly everywhere in the world, you're going to get coverage. that's high-speed voice, data and video. and for secure mobile users, that's not been a possibility before. >> reporter: it's the latest in a network of satellites, bringing the kind of mobile technology we civilians use to our military with a lot of security built in. and as early as the launch was, silicon valley employees here were awake, ready to see their handy work take off. >> and it's a huge sense of pride for lockheed martin and also here in silicon valley we can create this unique communications technology. >> reporter: and there's more of that technology to come. the next satellite in that same network is being built here now. it is set for launch sometime next year. reporting live in sunnyvale, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. viewers of the launch this morning, wee we alluded to it,
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got a little something extra. you see this? that colorful exhaust plume. weather conditions in the area combine to create these images. well, it remains to be seen at this year's el nino will bring us heavy rains. we know wildlife is reacting to the waters already. a huge influx of weak, hungry sea birds are showing up a bird rescue center. they took in 150 common birds. last month, the center normally sees fewer than ten a month. during this time of year, most of the birds are malnourished. chicks that are exhausted. the center speculates it's because the ocean temperature is rising in california, causing fish that the birds normally eat to dive down deeper. here's another el nino effect. these red crabs have landed in southern california. the tiny lobster-like crabs are swarming far north of their natural habitat. the crabs usually found in
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mexico are moving up the channel islands off the southern california coast. this time, this year's el nino appears to be the strongest -- second strongest on record. but we will have to wait and see. >> so many interesting things we're seeing, because of this weather pattern. >> i know. i'm excited to see rain, hopefully. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i know it's above 90%, your last calculation. >> right around 95%. yesterday the climate prediction center is now showing january, february and march for the first time in recent memory, that's when it looks like we could have above average rainfall impacts from el nino. still a while to go, potentially before we get the rainfall. but indications still leading us to wetter weather. outside the sky camera network, definitely colder across the bay area. in fact, i think probably some of the best weather we've had in months. we've had so many triple digits throughout summer, it's been so hot. 77 in the south bay. even felt a bill cool to you. penls peninsula, 73.
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san francisco, 69. and in the north bay, sunnier skies and that's why temperatures are warmer at 80 degrees. but the largest differences, no doubt, right here across the east bay. that's where that foggy wind was able to move in and drop temperatures anywhere from 10 to 11 degrees compared to this time yesterday. the fog is thick at the immediate coastline and will be back for tomorrow morning, of course, the usual suspects will have the most cloud cover. that goes from san francisco, also the peninsula. temperatures in the upper 50s. in the north bay, the biggest chill there and 54 degrees. patchy clouds and 57. the fog again, was the main reason we cooled off today. i want to show you something different tonight, and this is a profile of the atmosphere at the immediate coastline. there is a lot of colors admittedly on this map. what i want you to focus in on is the blue and also the pink. that's some of the coldest air associated with the fog at the immediate coastline. so as we take a look at this, we compare it to the side of the chart and that shows the altitude.
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how thick is the fog? and right now it's at about 3,000 feet. and that's why again it will stay cold tonight and also cooler temperatures through tomorrow. so speaking of which, let's go ahead and get a look at the forecast. we still have this system meandering off to the north with some spotty showers in the pacific northwest. no rainfall from this for us. again, it looks great tomorrow with more below average temperatures continuing. so let's go ahead and get a look at that thursday microclimate forecast and you can see how nice it's going to be. i mean, plan for lunch outside tomorrow, if you can, in san jose. 78 degrees for your high. morgan hill, hotter. but definitely not uncomfortable. 82 for the peninsula. we have that typical cool wind at your back in the coastline with 66. san mateo, 73. palo alto, 78. and san francisco will have a day with temperatures in the 60s here from the marina right on over towards the financial district. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley. my best weather tomorrow would be up into napa and 80 degrees. also mill valley at 78. east bay is looking great, too. we're hitting 81 at walnut creek
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and towards oakland, 73 degrees. by this weekend, we do have that hotter weather coming our way with this area of high pressure but not strong enough now to bring us 100-degree temperatures. let's go ahead and take a look at the extended forecast. saturday, sunday and monday, best day out of all three of those i think will be saturday, most comfortable temperatures. by sunday, we heat up to 90 in the south bay. 92 on monday. and the tri valley the warmest as we go into monday with an anticipated 94 degrees. so yes, it's going to get hot, but i think this is kind of the happy medium again after all the triple digits we have had this summer. >> you good with that, janelle? >> i'm great with that. one of the iconic homes in the a bear is for sale. what does it look like on the inside and how much does it cost? we love this house. the flintstone house along 280. and tesla reveals a hefty price tag for its suv. the sticker shock, next. so coty "dblido."the o-yr
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the grayton casino is doubling down. the casino broke ground today on $175 million expansion project. the key feature will be a
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six-story hotel with 200 rooms. the owners say adding overnight accommodations elevates grayton to the next level, making it a travel destination. jim harbaugh, jeremy lin and probably james franco. they all played there, and now it's gone. the gym at palo alto high is a pile of rubble. crews demolished the 86-year-old gym today to make room for a state-of-the-art sports complex. work began at 7:00 this morning on the old building, affectionately known as the big gym. the new gym's price tag is 34 million bucks. one family is donating $24 million to make it a reality. >> we love the community, we love the place, we love sports, we love basketball, we love the school. and so we decided it would be a great legacy, a great, exciting thing to be involved in and to be a part. >> the new complex is scheduled to be built by fall of 2017. okay. for decades, we were wondering what it looks like on the
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inside. the iconic flint stone house on the peninsula. hillsboro. the house is so famous, it has its own pick wikipedia page. anyone driving north on 280 can see the rounded towers. since it's on the market, here's what it looks like. we have pictures from the inside. and yes, it's more caveman than man cave. the rumored asking price is more than $4 million. but zillow, the estimate is just 3 million. so you might have some room to bargain. we threw in a picture of the flintstones house, as well. talk about sticker shock. tesla's highly anticipated suv is pricely. 133,000 bucks. that's just the base model. the model x can cost 144 grand with the fancy upgrades. the suv will go 240 miles between charges. that's seven more miles than a tesla model s sedan.
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according to the website, if you reserve now, you'll get it early next year. for those of us on a tighter budget, tesla's smaller model 3 will cost about $35,000. that car will be ready in two more years. that's more my style. >> lots of dreams dashed today, those hoping for the new model x. still ahead, a truly foul situation for traffic in the bay area. that's next. chken angoo- t
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commuters had a way for the chicken and the goose to cross the road this morning. literally. take a look at this video in san jose. a goose trying to cross 101 near 680 around 7:30 this morning. you can see the motorcycle cop just trying to protect the goose. it ended up flying away. it's okay. over the east bay, more animal sightings. some chickens showed up at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. our viewers sent in these photos of the chickens wandering around. >> let the puns begin. a lot of fowl play in the bay area today. >> i think the chicken was probably moving faster than the cars. >> right? >> toll plaza is always jammed up. >> that's great to see. thanks for joining us at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next with lester holt. >> have a good night, folks. m,nd fabooandwitr.
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tonight, nowhere to run. thousands in a perilous search for a new home, hitting obstacles at every turn. the human toll symbolized in a searing image today, one of the many young victims of this global crisis. cold trail? the all-out manhunt for three suspects turning up few solid leads in the killing of a police officer, but investigators vow there's no giving up until these men are caught. an nbc news investigation, a woman's life saved in the nick of time, the threat coming from a medical device implanted to protect her, a device thousands are still walking around with. >> and hero's tale. our exclusive one on one with one of the americans who stopped a terrorist attack. the advice from his father that replayed in his head as he and his friends sprang into action. "nightly news" begins right now.


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