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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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66 right now in the north bay and a few clouds in the east bay. 62 degrees. check out these highs today. it is going to feel a little bit like fall in some spots. 68 degrees in san francisco. 78 in the east bay and the south bay. 80 degrees. but this weather changes as we head into the holiday weekend. i'll detail that coming up. let's see how the commute is moving now. >> we've got some change happening this morning. the sigalart from marsh creek road is still closed. traffic is starting to build on highway 4 through antioch, through pittsburg as well. dublin, hayward, we have a stall but off the shoulder 880 southbound just before the san mateo bridge. not all that bad. in the south bay we have an accident that's starting to jam up 101 at mckey northbound side. the slowdown goes all the way back towards capital expressway.
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it is pretty slow here this morning. if you use this route, pack the patience. we're almost to the weekend. back to you. . breaking news. we are waiting to learn more about a hard helicopter landing that killed an american marine. it happened last night at camp lejeune in north carolina. the helicopter came down during a training exercise. at least nine other marines were hurt. the name of the marine who died has not been released. a marine spokesperson says the crash is under investigation. now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a man held by immigration agents for months finally free this morning. he was nearly deported to mexico but he says he's an american citizen. now there are many questions about how something like this could happen. chuck coppola joins us live in the san francisco newsroom. all this confusion actually caused this man to miss his own mom's funeral. >> that's one of the human costs of the situation. immigration authorities now taking this case very, very seriously but it comes after
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ricardo salizar, whose mother was born in the u.s., was detaped by immigration authorities for four months after he tried to return to his home in texas from a trip to mexico to get less expensive medicine for his mother. salizar had only his green card. salizar's attorney said salizar's claims of citizenship should have been investigated sooner. >> there was a memorandum from 2009 that was issued that explains what the procedure is for someone that claims u.s. citizenship. i.c.e. is supposed to basically investigate it. they're supposed to interview the person. it's supposed to be recorded. >> salizar was freed after his attorney presented his mother's passport proving her u.s. citizenship that should have extended to him despite the fact that he was born in mexico. further compounding his situation at the texas border, salizar also had an arrest record and his family never
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formally filed his citizenship papers. in the san francisco newsroom, chuck coppola, "today in the bay." 6:02. today we could find out if there is enough evidence to try juan francisco sanchez for murder for a woman who was shot and killed while walking along the embarcadero with her father in july. the defendant's lawyers say the shooting was accidental. on the run for weeks but today behind bars. a suspect considered armed and dangerous is accused of a deadly office shooting. being held without bail. police tracked him down in san jose. he and two other men are accused of terrorizing and killing a man inside of an office building last month. investigators say aguero was seen on this surveillance video holding a ball and chain. as you slow down to the picture form right there.
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aguero is the only suspect still alive. the other two were killed in separate police shootings. 6:03. another bizarre twist in an already strange kidnapping case. the man charged in a vallejo kidnapping for ransom is now blaming his behavior on side effects from a vaccine. he blamed it during an off the record interview with the fbi in march. he also claimed to have acted alone. but nothing is off the record when you are being interviewed in jail. >> i haven't seen it. i haven't heard it. i heard they filed something in federal court. we'll take a look at it. >> muller is accused of slipping into a dublin home, strike being t the homeowner in the head but he dropped his cell phone when leaving. that's how police found him and found evidence linking him to a
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kidnapping. 3 1/2 years of pain. so many unanswered questions for the family of sierra lamar. after numerous delays the case against the morgan hill teenager's accused killer is finally moving forward. garcia torres is being held right now and a trial date is set but could there be even more complications in this case? >> reporter: that's right, sam. 3 1/2 years is also how long garcia. torres has been sitting in that jail cell behind me at the main jail in san jose. it looks like he'll finally have his day in court. you might recall sierra lamar disappeared from morgan hill as she was walking to school in march of 202012. weeks later investigators arrested garcia-torres. sierra's body has not been found but prosecutors are still pushing forward with the death penalty for garcia-torres in sierra's murder. garcia-torres' lawyers are still trying to fight the charges and
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sierra's father told the nbc bay area he's pleasantly surprised by setting of a trial date next spring. >> there's some serious problems with this case that have been there since the beginning. and might have a question about the appropriateness of the death penalty in this case. >> i was glad. i was happy. yeah. a little bit relieved. >> but relieved. i was shocked, too. that's probably the most overwhelming emotion was shock because i had my expectations set pretty low. >> reporter: again, april 25th is when garcia-torres is expected to go to trial. but his lawyers will add challenges, including a possible change of venue request taking this to another county, possibly causing more delays. >> thank you very much. 6:06. many local veterans now say they may get some closure thanks to a
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vandalism case in the east bay. an 18-year-old man from utah is now facing a felony charge after allegedly spray painting a war memorial at oak hill park in danville. many people say it is a sacred place. it happened back in june. in other news, one person dead after a fire erupted at a shed in bay point. this is video from our nbc chopper. it happened shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they found the victim's body after they put out the flames. no word yet on what caused that fire. today, an appearance in front of a federal judge for the kentucky clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses defying the supreme court. >> your interpretation of the bible does not trump the constitution. your interpretation of the bible does not trump the united states constitution. >> a lot of contention. davis' lawyers call it a battle for religious freedom but others
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say she's violating civil rights. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. this clerk and her deputy face big fines, even jail time. >> jail, finds are on the table as rowan county could you clerk kim davis faces that federal judge in just about two hours. while he could throw the book at her, as an elected official she cannot be fired. supporters and opponents are already gathered outside the federal courthouse in ashland, kentucky waiting for are that hearing right now. the federal judge will ask davis to explain why she is defying the supreme court in refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her lawyers have argued that the state of kentucky has an obligation to accommodate her religious objections if it would be reasonable to do so. in the meantime, davis says she's not discriminating against anyone in refusing to issue those marriage licenses. >> you do not work in a religious institution. if you wish to discriminate -- >> i'm not discriminating
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because i'm not issuing licenses to anybody. >> davis says she's not disobeying the supreme court either because she's waiting for an appeal. however, a federal appeals court, and the u.s. supreme court, refused to lift a lower judge's order for her to resume issuing those marriage licenses. meanwhile, another county clerk in casey county kentucky also refusing to sign marriage licenses. he's on a 400-mile bike ride to show solidarity for kim davis who he says was just doing the job she was elected to do. davis heads to federal court this morning. if she's found guilty of misconduct and goes to jail for that, eventually the state legislature could impeach her but that's far down the road, h hours. could be a long process. but the process of getting to your weekend? that's right around the corner. >> temperatures will be rising quickly heading into the weekend. so enjoy cooler weather today while it still lasts. this is what you need to know as
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you head out. some areas of fog and clouds mainly confined to the coast but the sunrise at 6:39 and clearing out quickly. we'll have a comfortable day and mostly clear and breezy as we head into the evening. look at all the microclimate. gilroy up to 82 degrees today. half moon bay 70 degrees. mixture of sun and clouds napa 80 degrees. pleasanton tops out at 80 degrees. we'll talk about that weekend in a few minutes. let's see how the commute is moving with anthony. >> things are pretty full in the south bay. it is 101 i'm concerned about. an accident on the northbound side of mckeever. things improve towards palo alto. in the east bay we have an accident. couple stalls moved over to the shoulder. san mateo bridge, there is a stall as well. could be a little worse at this hour but cars at least moving. over towards dublin, we had an
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earlier accident, had to move over to the shoulder. cars getting through here without any problem. we'll track the rest of the commute in a little bit. coming up, turmoil in guatemala. the country's president resigns in the midst of a fraud scandal. tesla's look at the highway soon. and good reasons for your boss to give you a rise. >> stay tuned for that report. plus -- strong enough to stop a bullet. a fresno state student says his iphone saved his life. a live look at levi stadium this morning. a nice sunrise. 49ers taking on the san diego chargers tonight in the final game of the preseason. hard to believe. kickoff set for 7:00 p.m. newh moing==lra/==upavain atela
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6:14. new this morning -- upheaval in guatemala after the sudden resignation of the president. he announced his resignation this morning in the wake of a customs fraud scandal. a judge late yesterday issued an arrest warrant. prosecutors say he was the mastermind behind a fraud scheme where businesses paid huge bribes to avoid import taxes. an attorney for the president says he plans fully to cooperate with authorities. a big within for president obama in his push to secure support for an iran nuclear deal.
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maryland democratic senator barbara mikulski says she will support the deal. it will ease economic sanctions in iran in exchange for iran ending its nuclear program. her support means the president has enough backing to sustain any veto if republican lawmakers follow through with their threats to try to block the deal. from the president, to presidential hopefuls. it looks like a campaign, but it's not. at least not yet. we're talking about vice president joe biden who's swinging through florida this week. he's focusing today on iran amid speculation about whether or not he is going to run for office. analysts say that he could be more of a threat to republicans than hillary clinton. >> will yhe be able to connect with voters. >> it is a very political, difficult issue in america. but i believe -- >> clinton's numbers have dwindled with questions about her e-mails and her private server. but politics is largely about
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money, at the end of the day. right now clinton has raised more than the three top republicans combined. biden has not yet raised a single cent. 6:15. now to an investigative unit exclusive. lying on your resume can have real consequences. yahoo!'s ceo was booted from the company after saying he had a degree in computer science when he didn't. tonight we look into betasoft and fake resumes for its trainees. the $20 million company advertises it trains and places employees at google and ebay. we spoke to two people who say at the end of the course trainers gave them resumes with years of experience they did not have in companies where they'd never worked. >> a five-page resume. >> and who you much of this would you say is actually real? >> about 1% to 2%. >> these are completely
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fabricated resumes. >> no one from betasoft would speak on the record. tonight at 11:00 we investigate the company and the complaints and why some of the job seekers say they were instructed to lie. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail. lots of bay area companies are struggling to find workers with the right resume. >> scott mcgrew, people with the right qualifications. >> the only way to get them to come to work for you is to pay them more money. that's great news if you're a skilled worker. bad news if you are the company's bookkeeper. the fed says job growth in the san francisco region among tech workers is very strong. this data coming to us from the fed's beige book. for the fed, the san francisco region is the whole west coast pretty much. strong for connectitech workers banks report trouble finding qualified employees as well. reading the beige book so you don't have to. there are shortages of skilled
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labor and significant wage increases. hotels and restaurants are worried about new mainly increases and real estate markets, the fed's calling it solid. > the dow gained back a great deal of what it lost tuesday. futures calling for a strong open this morning. tesla shares are up 2% overnight, this after elon musk tweeted several things. first of all, he said the affordable tesla model 3 will be unveiled in march. air quotes, because not everybody thinks a $35,000 car is affordable. it is going to be at least two years he says until you can actually drive one. he also says the first model x suvs will be handed over to owners at the end of this month. the high-end models will go out the door first. we're talking about $135,000 models. "consumer reports" gave the model s, the sedan, a score of 99 out of 100. late last week "consumer reports" examined the latest
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model x, the souped-up model. out of a 100 score, they gave it 103. they broke the scale. "consumer reports" says this is the best car they've tested in the history of the magazine. >> no kidding. >> that one is $135,000. >> yeah. with all the options and everything else. >> well worth your money though. >> you don't have to buy gas. >> a lot of perks. >> insurance. a college student avoided injury, or worse, thanks to his iphone. >> take a look at the iphone. it actually stopped a bullet. police say a fresno state student walking home to his aapartment when a man approached him with the gun. suspect grabbed the man's computer and fired one shot. bullet shattered the iphone in the victim's pocket but the student wasn't hurt. the shooter, however, is still on the loose. >> you breathe on these things
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and they crack. the screens. what's going on with the weather? >> if you're checking the iphone to see what the weather is going to be like today, just look at me. we'll have some great weather as we start out the day. look at the bay bridge. nice way to start out thursday. we're heading into the holiday weekend. the weather we'll feel today will not be what we'll see heading into labor day. i'll explain coming up. this is a live look at belvedere as the sun rises. nice and clear. temperatures starting out in the lower 60s in sunnyvale now at 60 degrees. 61 in san francisco. napa waking up to 56. we still have the nice onshore flow that's keeping our temperatures down and into the afternoon. the winds pick up, it will be breezy. if you're heading to the beach, the waves may be choppy. we may have gusts of 25 to over 30 miles an hour along the immediate coast with the breezy wind bringing in our natural air conditioning, it will be cooler
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than average but it does change as high pressure moves in and we'll fight back that onshore flow and our temperatures will be heating up. we're talking about some 90s here heading into the next several days. one place you'll want to go to stay nice and comfortable will be the sausalito art festival happening this weekend. you may see some of us out there. it will be in the 70s. 75 on saturday. mostly sunny. also into labor day those temperatures in the 70s. but it won't be in the 70s everywhere. we will have some 90s for the inland spots like the tri-valley, north bay on labor day, also into the south bay it will be 92 degrees. so our temperatures going up each day in the forecast. so prepare for that. make plans, too. let's see how it looks now as you head out the door for the morning commute. let's check in with anthony. >> make plans at my place. we can go to the pool. bring the kids -- we can make it a play date. just playing.
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this is freemont 880, southbound moving pretty good, northbound as well. notice southbound direction lots of cars here. there was an earlier accident. right at the san mateo bridge. there are a few accidents getting on to the san mateo bridge this morning. going to be a little problematic. on the bridge there is another stall. past that there is an accident just past san mateo bridge. this area really problematic right now but in the next half-hour should start to improve. south bay, 101 moving a little bit slow. 237 westbound there's one lane blocked headed over towards 82. outside traffic starting to move a little bit better on 101 right past 280 and 680. you get past the accident on mckey and things improve. >> lot of things moving on the roads these days. coming up, a crossing for mountain lions. they try to make it across one
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of california's busiest freeways. is aoldonct -ithhi-te twt -o hpn
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6:25. welcome back it is an old concept with a high-tech twist. called feeding silicon valley. san jose and several non-profits are launching a mobile app to improve food donations. grocery stores an restaurants will be able to access the app to donate extra food. people can also use it to donate money or food stamps. this morning, overpasses are not just for cars anymore.
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that's an outdated idea. they could soon be used to help mountain lions cross a busy southern california freeway. a new cal tran study with an overpass. roaming is difficult for those animals due to the dense interof the surrounding areas. a large sinkhole opened up and swallowed millions of dollars worth of corvettes inside a kentucky museum back in february of last year, but today that museum is finally re-opening. look at the size of that sinkhole. the eight classic cars that were damaged have now been actually restored and they'll be on display once again. 6:26. coming up, a new fire in a very familiar place. flames burning once again in lake county.
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an immigration mix-up nearly gets a u.s. citizen deported to mexico. the man shares his emotional journey in a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. new details on a bizarre shooting that shut down a b.a.r.t. station. jninus.'m m bck =lra/hotand'm u
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good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. >> we are tracking the weather and the roads. anthony's in for mike. but let's start out with the microclimate forecast.
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>> more comfortable weather today. we start out with a lot of clear skies and cool weather. look at the north bay. it is 56 degrees. in the east bay it is 62 degrees. in to the afternoon, mainly sunny, breezy and below normal for the beginning of september. but this weather does not continue into the holiday weekend. if you have outdoor plans, don't miss this forecast coming up in just a few minutes. but let's see how the roads are moving now with anthony. >> thinking about the bacon festival. you can go on twitter and find out all about. three spots of traffic to be concerned about. 101 and mckey there was an accident. 880 southbound at montague an accident there as well. south bay looking jam-packed in those areas. san mateo bridge, from 237, 887 and lalso on to the san mateo bridge, a stall there. final spot is marsh creek road.
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clayton ain brentwood. antioch starting to see slowing. other than that, things moving pretty good for the rest of the bay area. a story you'll only see now on nbc bay area. a man held by immigration agents for months is finally free this morning but he was nearly deported to mexico. this after he says he's an american citizen. there are a lot of questions about how something like this could even happen. today in the bay's chuck cop. coppola joins us. this causes his mother to miss his own funeral. >> that's one aspect. yes. good morning. the human side of the story involves a son whose mother was born in the u.s. traveling to mexico from his home in texas to get medicine for her, then missing her
6:32 am
funeral when immigration authorities detained him. ricardo salizar whose claim to u.s. citizenship comes from the fact that his mother was born here but salizar was held for four months when he tried to return to the u.s. from his trip to mexico in may. he and his attorney who got him released yesterday tell us what happened and what should have happened. >> i keep telling them my mom was a u.s. citizen, born in texas, corpus christi. they didn't pay attention to me. they like ignored me. >> an attorney contacted salizar's family and in just three days got a hold of documents such as salizar's mother's passport that proves salizar was legally entitled to be in the u.s. immigration officials say they are taking claims that they are holding people improperly very seriously. in the san francisco newsroom, i'm chuck coppola, today in the bay. today we could find out if there is in enough evidence to try juan francisco sanchez for murder. his preliminary hearing is expected to wrap-up today.
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while defense lawyers do not dispute sanchez shot the victim, they say it was accidental. sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported several times. it's been a painful 3 1/2 years for the family of sierra lamar. now after numerous delays we now know when the man accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill girl will face a jury. there is a trial date set but there could be more complications in this case. >> reporter: good morning. that's what we're hearing. they have been 3 1/2 agonizing years for the family of sierra lamar and frustrating for all those search volunteers as well. but many of them were caught off-guard with the setting of this new trial date here in san jose for the suspect, garcia-torres, in the disappearance of sierra lamar. next april is when garcia-torres is set to stand trial for death of sierra lamar. sierra's dna was found in the car after she disappeared while
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walking to the school bus stop in morgan hill back in march of 2012. sierra's body has still not been found but prosecutors are still pushing forward with the death penalty for garcia-torres. the delays were due, in part, because garcia-torres had to change lawyers at one point. he's now being represented by the alternate defender's office. sierra's father says he was pleasantly surprised by the new imminent start of the trial while the suspect's lawyer says he will continue to fight. >> i was glad, i was happy, yeah. a little bit relieved. and i was shocked, too. that's probably the most overwhelming emotion was shock because i had my expectations set pretty low. >> there are some serious problems with this case that have been there since the beginning and might have a question about the appropriateness of the death penalty in this case. >> reporter: this trial is now scheduled to start on april 25th of next year. and there are indications the
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suspect's lawyers may make a change of venue request of the judge because of all the publicity involved in this case. potentially that could delay the start of the trial even more. new details now on a bizarre shooting at the oakland b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. police say they want the suspect who is now being charged with attempted murder. this is video from immediately after the shooting. b.a.r.t. police say they confrontedcory powell about smoking on the platform. he tried to get away. then he went for his waistband. that's when he shot himself in the stomach. 24-year-old anthony wynn from san pablo was in the passenger seat of a car struck by a driver trying to evade richmond police.
6:36 am
officers eventually arrested the suspect who ran from the scene and he is facing criminal charges. both the driver and second passenger in wynn's car suffered major injuries. today a coroner's inquest will be held in martinez. that's where the coroner and six jurors look into the manner and cause of a person's death. there are no charges pending against police. happening today, is it demonstrating religious freedom or violating civil rights? >> she's been married four times! four times. three divorces! three divorces. we've been together 20 years! >> this morning, a kentucky clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses in the wake of the skwouupreme court decision same-sex marriage will face a judge herself. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. this clerk and her deputy face pretty steep fines, even jail
6:37 am
time. >> reporter: while the judge can throw the book at the rowan county clerk as an official, she cannot be fired. she'll face the federal judge today to explain why she's defying the supreme court in refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her lawyer says this is really a case about religious freedom, but opponents say this is really an issue of civil rights. the argument that will play out in court today played out once again in the clerk's office yesterday. >> your interpretation of the bible does not trump the constitution. your interpretation of the bible does not trump the united states constitution. >> our constitution was founded on -- >> no, it was not. our country is not founded -- >> you hear countering shouts of "stand firm" and "obey the law." so clearly people on both sides of the issue there in support. davis says she's not disobeying the supreme court because she's waiting for an appeal. she also adds that she's not discriminating because she's not issuing marriage licenses to
6:38 am
anybody. same-sex or straight. meanwhile, another county clerk in casey county is also refusing to sign marriage licenses. he is now on a 400-mile bike ride to show solidarity with kim davis who he says is just doing the job she was elected to do. she heads to that federal courtroom this morning. if she is found guilty of misconduct and goes to jail for that, then the state legislature could impeach her but again, she cannot be fired. >> thank you very much. 6:38. menlo park has a greenhouse gas problem. instead of cutting back on emissions, the city has actually produced more emissions than in previous years. me menlo park had a 1% increase from 2012 to 2013. residential and commercial energy consumption also increased during that time. that's far off from the state's requirements of a 25% decrease by 2020. the city says it will be discussing ways to change those numbers pat a meeting later this month. now to a developing story.
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a new fire raging in lake county this morning where two other wildfires recently broke out. the elk fire started yesterday afternoon and so far has burned 450 acres. mandatory evacuations are under way for some of the people living in that rural area. as of this morning, the fire is about 20% contained. 6:39. want to check our microclimate forecast right now. how are things looking today? >> it is nice. beautiful weather expected this afternoon. you may need light jacket this morning but this afternoon it will be so comfortable as we see the sunrise over sunol hills. a cool start to the day. sunrise happening right now. it will be quickly clearing for any clouds we do see along the bay and a comfortable one with mainly clear skies tonight, breezy and sunset at 7:33. in san jose, we'll be up to 78 degrees. also in palo alto. on the embarcadero, 69 degrees. 60s and 70s also for inland
6:40 am
areas. napa will be 80 degrees. oakland 73. san ramon topping out at 76 degrees today. but, unfortunately, this is not the kind of weather we'll see as we head into the holiday weekend. you don't want to miss that forecast coming up. in less than ten minutes. let's see how the commute is moving now with anthony. >> the san mateo bridge is really slow right now. we have a stall that's been moved over to the shoulder but you can see congestion still exists. before you get on to the bridge there is another stall on 880 at a street. there's the other stall that's keeping things slow back toward san lorenzo. past that, another accident past the san mateo bridge so this is going to be a slow commute this morning. if you have to use 880, i would advise 680 if you have the option. south bay, 101 moving slow from mckey where there is an accident all the way towards 237 where one lane is blocked at 237 on the westbound side. 880 southbound at month ague the is an accident on the off-ramp.
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6:40. coming up, boys and girls restrooms now just restrooms. one san francisco elementary school's latest move to go gender neutral. plus some freebies from amazon and we will check your markets this morning. live look at the big board. the dow industrials continuing to claw its way back from tuesday's loss. you remember flintstones. right? yabbadabbado? an exclusive look inside a peninsula house right now on the market. a live look at levi stadium. 49ers take on the chargers tonight in the final game of the preseason. kickoff set for 7:00 p.m. napaall coegeoli artrng trk dna
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napa valley clem police are trying to track down a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a female student inside a campus bathroom. police say it happened monday afternoon. victim told police a man confronted her inside the rest r507 restroom, then sexually assaulted her. the man then took off. anyone with information is urged to call police. separate restrooms for boys and girls now a thing of the past for some students at a san francisco elementary school. signs were taken down for restrooms for first-graders. the restrooms are now gender neutral. the principal says there are about eight first-graders who don't fit gender norms.
6:45 am
the elementary school plans to make the restrooms for older students gender neutral also. 6:44. a victory for renters struggling in san jose. the city council approved a plan to strengthen the city's representative control laws. san jose's current law alaws landlords to hike rent 8%. they're also looking into creating a just-cause cause ordinance preventing lard lords from evicting renters without cause to hire tenants for higher rent. a global toy unveiling happening right now culminating in the bay area. >> a short time ago in a country far, far away, designers of the toy side of the new "star wars" movie started showing off the merchandise. it all started yesterday in sydney, australia. similar unveilings are being held in 16 cities around the globe. one after another will all be
6:46 am
broadcast on youtube the last event takes place this morning in san francisco. the movie opens in december but the toys start hitting shelves tomorrow. i can already hear my son asking to go. twitter needs a new ceo. >> scott mcgrew who is not here in his darth vader outfit today. the new boss may be the same as the old boss. >> i was 10 years old when "star wars" first came out. the twitter board will meet today and the bet is they will offer the ceo job to the current interim ceo, twitter founder jack dorsey. so new boss, same as the old boss, as sam says. twitter has been struggling lately in the lack of a permanent ceo not helping. now if twitter does offer dorsey the job, and dorsey were to take it, that would cause big problems for dorsey's other company, square, where he's also ceo. it's filed to go public, an ipo.
6:47 am
but investors are not going to be enthusiastic about a company that ha is to share its ceo, even less enthusiastic about a new ceo with square right before an ipo. taking a look at the markets this morning, the dow industrials gaining more than 100 points. nasdaq is up as well. tesla is up, though not as much as we expected. twitter gaining 2% on that board meeting in u.s. amazon making its dash buttons more or less free to prime users. those are the wireless buttons you can stick on your washing machine or whatever. you run out of soap, press the tide button. amazon automatically sends you more. this button costs $5 but you get $5 off your first order. it should be more or less free. i did some price testing though and you aren't always getting the best price for actual product on amazon. but you know what? it is pretty easy. >> but you don't know if the price changes if you're just push, the button.
6:48 am
too many button pushers out there. . thanks. only now on nbc, it's iconic, it's strange. a little bit. now it's for sale. what that means is we finally get a look inside the flintstone house. >> yeah. we are getting an exclusive tour inside the house right off of 280. you know where it is. the home hits the market next week -- get this -- for $4.2 million. the listing agent says it is a three bedroom, two bathroom in all. it is a home that will have your friends begging to visit. >> everyone knows the building driving on 280. but when they come inside, they're in awe. >> she'll be in awe of the money she takes home when she sells it, too. agent is showing the home by appointment only so there will not be any open houses. but if you want to see more video inside the home, you can go to our website, it is very unique. down to shah shag carpet. >> you got the carpet, the toys,
6:49 am
all things from the flintstones. all the little paraphernalia? >> i don't think they had microwaves. >> yeah. that was from the future. >> that was in the jetsons. >> another classic. let's check the forecast right now. >> the forecast is going to be great especially today and tomorrow. but then it gets a little hot across the bay once again. we aren't done with summer yet. of course this weekend the unofficial end of summer, the last weekend of summer as we take a live look now at san jose. it is nice and mostly clear. we'll see that throughout the day. a lot of sunshine but the nice, strong ocean breeze keeps those temperatures down and cooler than average for this time of year. it will be 68 degrees in san francisco. the east bay up to 78 degrees. the peninsula, topping out at 76. the tri-valley today up to 81 degrees. as we look at what's happening here, a breezy wind that keeps the hills and our temperatures across the bay cooler than average. but then some changes this weekend.
6:50 am
as we go into saturday and sunday, high pressure builds in, causing sinking air and clear skies. it also fights back that onshore flow. our temperatures heating up for once again saturday and sunday and also continuing into labor day. one place you can go and feel some comfortable weather will be the sausalito art festival. that happens this weekend and it will be in the mid 70s on saturday. mostly sunny skies. a lot of great art, too. 78 degrees on sunday and by monday, we're up to 76 degrees. also the bacon festival happening in san jose. it will be warming up there as we go into saturday. 85 degrees. 90 on sunday. also mostly sunny skies. a look at all of the microclimate -- it will be in the 80s for many spots saturday. sunday we'll see 90s a little bit more common then. also on monday, 92 degrees in the south bay and the north bay will be up to 93 degrees. that's a look at the weather. let's see how the roads are moving with anthony.
6:51 am
>> those hot temperatures make me think of all the sales happening right now. you can get out and get some of those water slides for the kids. even though the pools are closed. just throwing it out there. marsh creek road has been closed this morning, a fatal accident this morning around 2:00 and the roadway is still closed. folks using highway 4. it is starting to slow all the way from antioch over towards concord. also the san mateo bridge, all of these accidents we have approaching 880. san lorenzo. also getting on to the bridge, another stall once you get on to the bridge and pass it. it is slow going approaching the bay bridge. there's the back-up that i talked about from antioch and over towards concord. filtering in toward the bay bridge maze. those are the accidents. final stop takes us outside. you can see the san mateo bridge. it is a slow go this morning. it is 6:51. on the run for weeks but this morning, behind bars. a suspect considered armed and
6:52 am
dangerous is accused of a deadly office shooting. police tracked him down in san jose. he and two other men are accused of terrorizing and killing a man inside an office building last month. investigators say aguero was seen on surveillance video showing a ball and chain type weapon. he is the only suspect still alive, the other two were killed in separate police shootings. a bizarre twist in a strange kidnapping case. a man arrested is blaming the side effect of a vaccine for his behavior. yesterday he was in court for a separate case, a home invasion in dublin. according to an fbi report, muller blamed the vaccine for the vallejo kidnapping during an off-the-record jail interview back in march. he also claimed to have acted alone. but here's the thing -- nothing is off the record when you're being interviewed in jail. >> i haven't seen it. i haven't heard it. i heard they would be filing
6:53 am
something in federal court. we'll look at it. >> muller is accused of slipping into this dublin home, strike being the homeowner in the head and leaving before committing a robbery. police say on his way out he dropped his cell phone which investigators used to track him down in tahoe. that's when police say they discovered evidence linking him to the kidnapping of denise huskins from lev vallejo. a man minneapolis . a man misses his mother's funeral. the major mistake that almost got an american man deported.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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6:56 am
. an update now to breaking news. it will be another 24 hours before we know the identity of a marine killed in a training exercise. a helicopter made a hard landing at camp lejeune in north carolina late last night. nine other marines also injured. investigators are now looking into the cause of that hard landing. >> at the heart of this case is whether u.s. immigration authorities violated a 2009 memorandum that said they must fully investigate claims by u.s. citizens that they are in fact u.s. citizens. ricardo salizar's mother was born in the u.s. though he was born in mexico, he has claims to u.s. citizenship. but u.s. immigration authorities held him in u.s. jails after he went to mexico in may and tried
6:57 am
to return to his home in texas. >> there was a memorandum from 2009 that was issued that explains what the procedure is for someone that claims u.s. citizenship. >> late yesterday salizar walked out of richmond's county jail after his attorney found documents proving his citizenship. his attorney is now looking into what sort of liability immigration authorities may face for detaining a u.s. citizen for four months. u.s. immigration authorities say they are taking these claims very seriously. at the main jail in san jose, the long wait is almost over for the family of missing teenager sierra lamar. a judge has set a trial set of april 25th for garcia-torres, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar as she was walking to a school bus stop in morgan hill. that it was 3 1/2 years ago. now even though sierra's body has not been found, prosecutors
6:58 am
are still pushing forward with the death penalty for garcia-torres, but his lawyers will add challenges, including a possible request to change venue here. that potentially could even delay the start of this trial even longer. sources tell me that tips continue to come in, even today in this case. at the main jail in san jose, "today in the bay." i'm kris sanchez. in about an hour, that county clerk in kentucky who refuses to sign gay marriage licenses heads before a federal court who could fine her, jail her and her staf. kim davis in rowan county says issuing same-sex marriage licenses violates her right to religious freedom but opponents say this is really an issue of civil rights. right now she is not issuing marriage licenses to any couple, gay or straight. kim davis is an elected official so she cannot be fired. but if she is found guilty of misconduct and heads to jail, then the legislature could eventually impeach her. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we have some options going
6:59 am
into this weekend. sausalito art festival and your favorite event of the weekend -- the bacon festival. >> there's a lot going on. we have the line up on to help you fill out the whole weekend. today is will be nice and cool in many spots along the coast. in the 60s and lower 80s inland. napa today 80 degrees. so comfortable. oakland, 73 degrees. >> just getting to the weekend. >> it is starting to jam up across a lot of the bay area this morning. marsh creek is closed. approaching the bay bridge maze, things are slow there as well. a lot of the red indicate slowing there. into san francisco, once into the city things look good. . south bay 101 at mckeysville jammed up. >> we'll have updates of traffic and weather in about 25 minutes or so.
7:00 am
>> sounds about right to me. we also have a closing shot here of levi stadium because they have their final preseason game today against the chargers. then full steam ahead into the nfl season. >> wow. joy. football. good morning. breaking overnight. staying silent. the young tech worker who set up hillary clinton's private e-mail server says he'll plead the fifth and not testify on capitol hill. is this something to hide? and what does it mean to the clinton campaign. cruel hoax? tuz dozens of officers spring into action after a woman calls in a false hit in the hunt for the suspects accused of killing an illinois officer. what could be her motivation as a heartbroken community turns out in force to remember the fallen. >> fighting for her children.


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