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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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th brkinnewin e sth ba the crec that breaking news in the south bay. three correctional deputies under arrest facing charges of murder in connection with the death of an inmate. thanks for joining us this morning. >> the deputies are themselves behind bars in the same jail where they worked. and they're there on no bail. >> we broke the story last week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting for a news conference which should happen later this afternoon here at the sheriff's office to explain the charges and the arrest.
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the deputies are in the same jail where this alleged crime is alleged to have happened. the correctional deputies are named jerry lubrin, matthew fe a ferris. the man died in his jail cell. he was badly beaten with lacerations to some of his intern internal organs. some observers are surprised with how fast the sheriff moved in making the arrests. he was on the sixth floor of the jail reserved for gang members and inmates in protective custody. he did not have a cell mate and was about to be transferred to a treatment facility. for the last week, the guards were making a routine welfare check when they noticed he was unresponsive and called paramedics. the three guards face three
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felonies. they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. i am told that the correctional deputies are here at the main jail. they will be transferred into another facility for their safety and security at some point either today or later on this week. i'm told that later today, the coroner will be here at the news conference. he is expected to announce the cause of death is, in fact, a homicide. the d.a. tells me they do not have the file yet. these charges are not formal yet. they will review and see if they will stick with those charges o under the color of authority. we will follow this and bring you the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thank you very much. another developing story for you. two children are in the hospital this morning after they were hit by a car.
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this happened around 7:00 this morning in pacheco at second avenue. the chp says the driver was trying to turn on his windshield wipers to clear off the early morning condensation when he ran into an adult and three children. two of the children, girls 3 and 5 were airlifted to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the other two, a woman and child, had minor injuries. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. >> how scary. new details now on a bay area murder case that is grabbing national headlines. that undocumented immigrant accused of shooting and killing a woman is back in court. >> chuck, what's the latest? >> reporter: chris and scott, good morning. there was a delay. the judge had to hear another
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case. at 1:30 the hearing continues to determine if he will stand trial. so far, police -- investigators have recalled what people nearby the shooting saw and told them immediately after kate was shot and killed on pier 14. her parents filed lawsuits against the bureau of range management for a ranger's gun stolen from his car used in the killing, against immigration authority and the san francisco sheriff's department for among other things what they call a lack of communication in allowing sanchez, who had been deported many times and has a criminal record to go free after a non-violent offense earlier. the defense is that the gun went off accidentally. we should know whether he will stand trial by day's end. the judge is scheduled to go on vacation and wants to wrap this up before. if sanchez stands trial and is convicted of second degree murder, he could face 40 years
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to life in prison if it is involuntary manslaughter and with his prior convictions, his minimum sentence could be 19 years in prison. more at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thanks, chuck. to one of the bay area's most high profile murder cases. after dozens of delays, the man accused of killing a 15-year-old will finally face a jury. investigators arrested him in 2012 after a grand jury indictment. yesterday, a judge set an april 2016 trial date. victims advocates say four years is too long for a family to wait for justice. lam lamar's father says that after waiting all of those years, the decision caught him off guard. >> relieved. i was shocked. that's probably the most overwhelming emotion was shock, because i had my expectations
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set pretty low. >> the attorney filed aid mot d to dismiss the case saying the grand jury did not hear all of the evidence. legal experts say it's one of several motions expected to be filed in this death penalty case and it is possible that the legal maneuvers will affect the trial date. on the run for weeks, but today behind bars. the last of three suspects has been found and arrested for a deadly shooting. this man is in jail without bail. police tracked him down in san jose. he and two other men are accused of terrorizing and killing a man in an office building last month. it was caught here on surveillance camera. he is seen holding a ball and chain-type weapon. he is the only suspect still alive. the other two were killed in separate police shootings. napa valley college police are trying to track down a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a female student inside a campus
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bathroom. the victim told police that a man confronted her in the rest room and then sexually assaulted her. then that man took off. anyone with information is urged to contact police. happening now, part of the mississippi is closed to shipping as crews investigate an oil spill. two boats crashed into each other. the crash damaged at least one barge carrying oil. it could carry a million gallons of oil. the barge ruptured. crews have shut down about 16 miles of the river for cleanup. cause under investigation. staying in kentucky now, the defiant county clerk is going to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. in last hour or so, a federal judge told the clerk that she will stay behind bars until she complies with his order to issue those licenses. davis responded with a thank you before she was escorted out of the courtroom. hundreds of people gathered
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outside the courthouse against and in support of the clerk who claims that signing same-sex marriage licenses violates her right to religious freedom. as an elected official, she cannot be fired from her job. as she's ordered to jail, the state legislature can vote to impeach her. new details on deflate-gate. tom brady will be able to suit up for the nfl season at the start. just hours ago, a judge rules in his favor overturning a four-game suspension. though the league is appealing that decision. you remember the league decided it was more probable than not that brady knew patriot staffers let air out of game balls when the team plays indianapolis in january. at question in court was whether brady was aware of the potential punishment. did he know the behavior would lead to suspension? the court rules brady did not know. the nfl did not make that part of the rule clear. therefore, brady can play. many local veterans may now
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get closure because of a vandalism case in the east bay. an 18-year-old man from utah is facing a felony charge after allegedly spray painting a war memorial at oak hill park. many people say that this is a sacred place for them. this happened back in june. one person is dead after a fire in a shed. this is video from our helicopter. this is about 4:00 yesterday. they found the body after they put out the flames. no word on what caused that fire. to a developing story. a new fire is raging in lake county where two other wildfires burned recently. the elk fire started yesterday afternoon and has charred nearly 500 acres. mandatory evacuations are under way for some of the people in the rural area there. crews do have that fire 20% contained at this point. up next, boys and girls rest rooms are just rest rooms. one san francisco elementary
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school's latest move to gender neutral. security for toilets. why san francisco is shelling out big bucks for port-a-potty guards. beautiful weather today, highs in the 70s and 80s. big changes this weekend for the holiday. more on that coming up in a few minutes. you should shop at grocery outlet first,
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like right now, monterey farms chunk cheese, two pounds are just $5.99. grocery outlet. bargain market. stt e lest we're sort of breaking even this morning on the markets after tuesday's terrible drubbing. let's look at the big board. the dow moving at .05%. we will call that breaking even. work in tech, you will make a lot of money. the fed said job growth in the san francisco region among tech
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workers is very strong. remember for the fed, the san francisco region is really the west coast. the demand has forced companies to pay more to find those workers. strong for tech workers and banks report they are having trouble finding qualified employees as well. reading the beige book, the fed says, shortages of skilled labor and wage increases in the west, hotels and restaurants are worried about the new minimum wage increase and the real estate market, they're calling it solid. the affordable tesla model will be unveiled in march. i'm using air quotes because not everybody can afford a $35,000 car. there will be at least two years, he says, until you can actually drive one of them. he says the first model x suvs will be handed over to owners at the end of this month. the high-end models will go out the door first. by high-end, we're talking
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$135,000 models. consumer reports recently gave the model f, a score of 99 out of 100. consumer reports gave the model f souped up version a score of 103 out of 100. consumer reports says the souped up is the best they have tested. amazon making its dash button more or less free to prime users. the wireless buttons to stick on your washing machine. when you run out of soap, you hit the tide button. amazon sends you more. it costs $5, but you get $5 off your first order. be careful. it is a little more expensive to buy from amazon. but it's easy to push the button. >> i was asking you earlier if they are buttons for everything. i forgot to buy coffee. >> i forget that all the time. how about some port-a-potty protection? they are paying for more public
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rest rooms and attendants to keep an eye on them. michelle roberts shows us what their duties will be. >> reporter: san francisco is known for its diversity, energy. and unfortunately -- >> the smell of urine is so horrendous that it makes your eyes water and your throat burn. >> reporter: the city spends a million dollars a year to steam clean human waste off the streets. >> every day, watch your step. get a surprise on the bottom of your shoe. >> there's a need for fpublic bathrooms. >> reporter: if funds allow, the city will continue to install bathrooms like these. five more are expected in the next several months. >> it's a great example that the number of steam cleaning requests to clean human waste has gone down in the areas where these toilets are. >> reporter: each toilet is monitored by a pit stop attendant.
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>> i'm proud of my job. i'm good at what i do. >> reporter: this woman says when she was homeless, she didn't have access to a rest room. now for $15 an hour, her job is to clean and watch for suspicious activity. >> you got to give respect to receive respect. >> reporter: she's working for a paycheck to keep a roof over her head and to help keep the streets clean. >> they know what they can do and can't do when i'm around. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. let's take you out live. donald trump holding a campaign event in new york city. trump has signed a gop loyalty pledge. he says he will back the party's 2016 nominee. that means he is forgoing a potential third-party bid. this is enormous news for the republicans, whether he gets the nod or not. new video in to our newsroom of a plane crash in southern california. look at it, right in the middle of a neighborhood.
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it was a passenger plane -- rather, a small plane. the passenger died in the crash. the pilot was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being pulled from the wreckage. believe it or not, no one on the ground was hit. though that plane crashed into at least two homes there. one of the homes did suffer damage. this is in santee. the plane was a mile from the airport when it crashed. no more going to the little boy's room. a san francisco elementary school removed the signs from its rest rooms making them gender neutral. the principal says there are about eight first graders who don't fit gender norms. two laws, one city, one state requires schools to let those students use the rest rooms they feel fits them best. follow-up now, a victory for renters struggling in san jose. they approved a plan to strengthen the rent control laws. the law allows landlords to hike
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rent 8%. the council voted to look into creating a just cause ordinance which will prevent landlords from evicting renters without cause to bring in tenants to pay higher rent. san jose and several non-profits launching a mobile app to improve food donations. it's waste no food. you can find it in the app store. grocery stores and restaurants will access that app and donate their extra food. people can use it to donate money as well or spare food stamps. california schools are working harder than ever to make the great when it comes to kn nutritious lunches. unique fresh produce options are being offered up daily. they are getting healthier options because of a new walk-in refrigerator that is helping to beef up food storage.
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that looks good. >> it does, to an adult. it's one thing to serve nutritious lunches, it's another thing to get them in their mouth. >> we do get some of it back. >> for sure. maybe a picnic outside would be nice. >> yeah and enjoy something healthy and go for a long run because our temperatures are so comfortable. as we take a live look, you see clear blue skies across the south bay. it's 72. 73 in the east bay and san francisco at 67 degrees. a closer look at some of the temperatures in the east bay. walnut creek, 69. dublin, 67. 75 in brentwood. temperatures coming down quite a bit from earlier this week. we haven't seen much fog on the bay. as we go into the afternoon, an all clear day for san francisco and along the coastal areas and into tonight, more of the same. tomorrow we will have another bright sunny day. the good news about this is that we're not having temperatures
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that are extreme, just yet. it looks like we could see a pattern change as we go into the next several days. enjoy this. 78 degrees in san jose. the outer s eer sunset at 65. napa, 85. pit pittsburg, 82. and it's nice and breezy. the onshore blow giving us natural air conditioning. into the next couple of days, it will be high pressure, the dominant feature causing the sinking air and clear skies heading into the labor day weekend. that fights back the onshore flow. we will see highs in the 80s and 90s. one event to find mild weather, the sausalito arts festival. that's this weekend. details on our website. expect highs in the mid 70s on
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saturday. labor day looking nice into the mid 70s. another festival you might want to check out, there's a lot of them, the bacon festival in san jose. it will be 85 degrees. a little warmer there on saturday as well as sunday, up to 90 degrees with mostly sunny skies. a look at all of the bay area. we will have 80s as we head into saturday. 85 in the south bay. then it goes up a few more degrees each day. by labor day, up to 92 degrees. san francisco, the upper 70s. in the east bay, 86 on labor day. it looks like, as you look beyond labor day, it will be hot throughout next week. the cool weather here now doesn't last for very long. >> no, it doesn't. up next, strong enough to stop a bullet. a fresno state student says this iphone saved a life. hey foster farms!
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looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. well do we get points for trying?! fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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welcome back. it turns out you can die from a broken heart. doctors say broken heart syndrome mimics a heart attack. it's twice as likely to hit people with neurological or psychiatric disorders. this according to research. 90% of sufferers are women. doctors point to cases of
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couples dieing within a few months of each other as an example. a college student avoided injury or worse because of his iphone. >> look at that iphone. it stopped a bullet. a fresno state student was walking home when a man approached him with the gun. he grabbed the student's computer. the shooter is still on the loose. firefighters and paramedics perform heroic feats all the time with little or no fanfare. >> but last night was different. five members were honored. they saved a man who went into cardiac arrest. last night, the men were reunited for the first time. 27-year-old sergio rentoria was happy he got to thank the men who saved his life. up next, only on nbc bay area, look inside the iconic flintstone house. >> i can't wait. an igraonstume. amicaciten arl
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it was hard because i didn't -- >> an immigration stumble. an american citizen nearly deported. who is to blame? he's a free man this morning. after months in detention, he is sharing his story with us. sglt t >> the story you will see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: this man walks out of the west county jail free for the first time in four months but broken hearted he missed his mother's funeral in june. >> it was hard because i didn't get to say good-bye to her. >> reporter: his trouble began in may when he left his home in south texas for mexico to get less expensive medicine for his
11:29 am
ailing mother. when he tried to come back, sal czar, born in mexico, only had a green card. that's because his mother made mistake number one when the family re-entered the u.s. shortly after he was born. >> what they have done is apply for him as a citizen. instead what they did is they applied for the family as lawful residents. >> customs saw an arrest record, six years ago. no problem if you are a citizen. but trouble if you only have a green card. he told any agent that he would listen that he's a u.s. citizen. nobody listened. that's mistake number two. >> i keep telling them my mom was a u.s. citizen. she was born in texas, corpus christi. they didn't pay attention to me. they ignored me. >> they are supposed to interview the person. it's supposed to be recorded, sworn testimony. >> mistake number three, brow brownsville area attorneys conjured up a defense based on his green card status.
11:30 am
he was bussed to richmond. >> i was able to figure it out in about 15 minutes. >> reporter: they contacted the family and got ahold of documents proving his citizenship. soon he will head home. >> i have to go see my mom's grave. and thank all my family members. another strange story. the suspect in the bizarre kidnapping is back in court, this time for another home invasion. >> cell phone and fbi report could prove key in both cases. >> reporter: in the jailhouse interview, the fb i learned he acted alone and was not involved in a gang. he allegedly made the comments off the record during an interview about the march kidnapping of den ease huskins from a home. nothing is off the record when you are being interviewed in jail. his attorney is not commenting on the fbi's findings.
11:31 am
>> i haven't seen it. i haven't heard it. i heard they filed something in federal court. we will look at it. >> reporter: in court, three people took the stand in the home invasion. he is accused of slipping into this home, hitting the homeowner in the head and leaving him before robbing him. police say on this way out, he dropped his cell phone. his attorney wants to make sure the search of that phone by detectives didn't break the law. >> if the cell phone was like a key that unlocked the case. so what happens with this cell phone in front of this judge is very important for the remainder of the case. >> reporter: the phone is important to the kidnapping case that was considered a hoax by police. a police officer investigating the home invasion saw similarities in the kidnapping case. now he is charged with both crimes and that cell phone is taking center stage. >> it's incumbent upon law enforcement, if you search something without a warrant, you
11:32 am
have to make that search clean. our lady of guadalupe church is rich in history. you have heard it before. it's where caesar chavez launched his fight for migrant workers. >> it's a sanctuary in the middle of a gang turf war. why gangs consider it a safe zone. >> reporter: as candles burn inside, outside you will find a glaring reminder of the violence surrounding the parish. these crosses represent victims of violent crime killed in the community. gang violence is a reality here. the church is located on the dividing line between rival gangs. at one point one gang claimed the back of the church and the other the front. >> gangs just divided the church and said, this is our territory. here is the unique place where
11:33 am
they both come together, because the line is right here on the back of the parish grounds. so we're right on the line or we're right on the border. people come from both sides. >> reporter: for years, the rival gangs have considered this church with 7,000 parishioners neutral territory. >> we can take them on retreats together. >> the parents or maybe grandparents of the now gang members built this church. so there's a legacy there that has been instilled in the members since they were little. >> reporter: alega legacy of pe they hope will extend beyond the walls of the church. now to an investigative unit exclusive, lying on your resume can have serious consequences. a ceo from yahoo! was booted from the company after saying he had a degree in computer science when he didn't. right now the they are looking
11:34 am
into claims that betasoft, a tech staffing firm, is crafting fake resumes on purpose for some of its trainees. the company advertise d and placed workers. two job seekers spoke with nbc bay area saying they paid $500 to $1,000 for training. but near the end of the course, trainers gave them resumes with years of job experience they did not have in companies where they had never worked. >> five page resume. how much of this would you say is real? >> about 1% to 2%. >> completely fabricated. >> no one from betasoft would speak to us. tonight at 11:00, we investigate the complaints and why some of the job seekers say they were instructed to lie. if you have a tip for our
11:35 am
investigative unit, give us a call or send an e-mail. the state's death penalty has been called broken and dysfunctional and a violation of basic rights. >> the california supreme court is taking up the case. could it be the end of capital punishment in california? >> we do not believe there's any evidence -- >> reporter: the state of california has staked out its position. the death penalty should live on. arguments come after a lower court overturned the death sentence of of a convicted murderer, ernest jones, calling the state system ineffective and an example of cruel and unusual punishment. >> this is an opportunity to inject into the judicial system a sort of a wide angle picture of the whole dysfunctional adventure of california.
11:36 am
>> reporter: this man is a death penalty expert and critic of a system he says by all reasonable statistics is dysfunctional. consider this. of all the ways california inmates have died on death row since 1978, execution ranks third behind natural causes and suicide. in total, 749 people have been sentenced to death in that time frame but only 13 have been executed. despite the numbers, the attorney general is fighting to preserve the status quo. she says the lower court's decision to overturn jones' execution "undermines the important protections that our courts provide to defendants. this flawed rules requires appellate review." that's what's happening right now. the court of appeals could wipe away capital punishment in california. it's not likely. >> the verdict that is being defended in the 9th circuit is a long shot. the most likely outcome will be
11:37 am
that a panel of the 9th circuit will reverse it. >> reporter: on what grounds? california may show it's not up to the courts to decide the issue in the first place. or attorneys might point to delays as proof the state doesn't want to execute innocent people. that's this congressman's hunch. he believes court proceedings will lead to change one way or another. >> given the cost of the death penalty, given the difficulties we have had in it and the difficulties other states are experiences, we need a review whether this makes sense. >> reporter: this court case could prove a tipping point. >> i have major problems with the district court's exhaustion ruling. >> reporter: on a tired subject here in california. as kids head back to school, some parents in orlando are upset with new rules about social media. >> administrators will be monitoring students' facebook,
11:38 am
their twitter, instagram and just about any other iteration of social media when they are on campus but also when they're off campus. here is kerry sanders. >> reporter: when kids post on social media, it is there for anyone to see. now a new computer program in orange county is combing the internet for their social media accounts. and some complain school administrators looking is a violation. >> i don't like it. that's a private thing for me to use. >> reporter: in orlando, where kids returned to school less than two weeks ago, administrators say it's a sign of the times. in maryland three years ago, a student opened fire at school. the teenage gunman had posted threats on facebook before the rampage. in washington state last year, a student gunned down four classmates after posting violent threats on twitter. orlando believes the computer program from a company call eee
11:39 am
snaptrends could save lives. >> it monitors key words that present threats, gun or attack or kill, words of that nature. >> reporter: the district says because social media can be the source of bullying, school threats or mass cries for help, we believe it is appropriate to monitor public sites where anybody can view comments. some parents say they welcome the monitoring when the kids are in the classroom. what bothers them is school administrators are watching the kids when they're off campus. >> their role isn't the parent. they need to stick to educating our children and let the parents parent. >> by them monitoring your social media, it's like they are inviting themselves to sit at your kitchen table. it's not okay. >> reporter: orlando is not alone. schools in glendale, california, monitor. educators say there's one goal, prevent violence. the bottom line from the perspective of the school administrator is to better to be safe than sorry.
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up next at 11:00, that iconic flintstone house is for sale. we were invited inside. a surrogate grandma. we will share with you the stoye of a mother who gave her daughter the gift of motherhood. as we take a live look at ocean beach, clear blue skies all across the bay. we will see more of that heading into the weekend. but temperatures will change. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. r omoer thk..o
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a young mother has her own mother to thank for her daughter. >> it's an unusual case of surrogacy in north dakota. >> big girl, yes, you are. >> reporter: mandy and jamie dreamed of a moment like this for years. >> we love you. >> reporter: they had their share of struggles while trying to become pregnant. all that would change when mandy was blessed with the ultimate gift. motherhood. >> it really didn't seem real. it was the best thing ever. like, i'm going to wake up and this isn't real. i have dreams about it. >> reporter: the reality is complicated. after mandy and her husband endured the loss of a newborn premature son, they considered turning to a surrogate for help. >> we met with an adoption agency. then some family members came
11:44 am
forward and said, yeah, i might be a surrogate. at first we thought, that's crazy. we started reading about other families doing it. >> reporter: after trips to specialists and countless tests, mandy's mother was chosen as the best candidate. >> pregnancy was easy. i like being pregnant. i never minded being pregnant. if it was something i could do for her, why not. i knew they were the only ones that really could go through it all. i know my mom is the only one that could. she was a rock star. it's not an easy process at all. >> reporter: it brought an added benefit for sherry. >> i didn't be a surrogate to put my m.s. in remission. that was an after thought. >> reporter: after the big decision came a waiting game and finally the moment the family had hoped for. >> i had to look at the line and i had to put my glasses on. i had to run to my husband, put your glasses on.
11:45 am
we're both looking at it. yes, i'm pregnant. i was like, i'm pregnant. >> when she first brought it out, i was jumping up and down and we were -- we were all just hugging. >> reporter: the family welcomed baby nela into the world july 31. a gift that's brought them together with an unbreakable bond. >> her name means miracle. her middle name is james. she's named after her brother theo james. she's just like god's greatest gift to our whole family. we are so in love with her. she's going to be one spoiled girl. our family is -- we dote over here. it's her world and we are living in it. back here at home the iconic and strange and for sale home and we look inside. >> you know you have seen it, the flintstone house. it's now on the market. only one local reporter was invited in.
11:46 am
it's so famous it has its own wi pip wikipedia page. >> if you wanted to look inside, now is your chance. the home hits the market next week for $4.2 million. >> we felt, that's a good price for a landmark. this is the guest bedroom on the lower floor. >> reporter: this woman is the listing agent and gave us an exclusive tour. through the living room to the conversation pit. >> there's this irregular semi-circle shape facing the fireplace. >> reporter: from the roomy master bedroom to the bathroom, complete with a cavernous shower and tub. three bedrooms, two bathrooms overall and a home that will have your friends begging to visit. >> everyone knows the building, driving on 280. when they come inside, they're
11:47 am
in awe. this kitchen was designed by eugene sway. >> reporter: perhaps the wildest room is the kitchen. the homeowner, who wanted to remain private, is moving on after 19 years. >> you can see by her artwork and her furnishings and the things she collected that she loved this place. >> reporter: that owner even calls it the flintstone house. neighbors home the buyers keep it as is. >> i would like to keep it as a landmark. >> reporter: it's priced too too to tear down. >> no open houses on this listing. fred flintstone may have been priced out of this sale. >> i have one facebook friend who says maybe they could repaint it. it used to be beige on sand before they painted it. >> it looks like something from new mexico or something. they say when you are staging your house for sale, you are
11:48 am
supposed to remove all of your personal things. you can't remove the personal touch out of that house. >> for sure. nor can you find a place to hang a picture. it was all curvy. >> i don't know about that. we're enjoying beautiful weather. don't be inside. we will be outside taking in the sunshine. it's in the 60s across the bay. now the peninsula is up to 71. as we see, the sunshine here in san francisco also the high will be up to 68 degrees today. 78 in the east bay. the south bay, expect a high of 80. hour by hour in san francisco, at lunchtime, we're at 65 degrees on the marina. then as we go into the rest of the day, temperatures will be very slow to climb. in many spots not out of the 60s. our weather once again with all of that sun, nice warm sun and a cool breeze, that still continues. as far as fog on the bay, it is all clear. even as we go into the evening, we won't see much of that
11:49 am
developing and rolling across the bay for the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. we will see more of this as we go into tomorrow afternoon and then on saturday, i think we will keep the mostly clear skies. we have 60s along the coast. then some 70s and 80s for the inland areas. because of a nice onshore flow that keeps the winds up to about 20 to 25 miles an hour. during the weekend, high pressure will build and it will knock back the winds and changing the wind direction with the sinking air, we still have -- we will have clear skies but temperatures will be heating up starting on saturday and then continuing into sunday. i think sunday will be a great beach day. if you are heading down to pacifica, it will be 71. there will be spots you can cool off. water temperatures in the lower 60s. half moon bay, the high 75 on sunday. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20. the waves may be very choppy. in santa cruz, 83 degrees. one of the warmer spots.
11:50 am
the water is warmer, too, 65 degrees. some warm water in some areas and then the air will be warming up for the spots like tri-valley and the north bay as well as the south bay. inland, you are looking at 80s and 90s. a lot of festivals going on. high of 73 in san francisco saturday. by sunday, it's up to 78 degrees. labor day will be 77. overall, we're in for a warming trend after having 60s today. it jumps up ten degrees into the next couple of days, not only there but all across the bay. scott and chris, get ready for some warmer temperatures. this cool weather, the cooler than average temperatures will only last today and tomorrow. >> looks like a great weekend. as are all weekends. >> we'll be right back. tre'a pn isouerncafora..o
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there's a plan in southern california to build bridges for mountain lions. they propose a wild life corridor on interstate 101 in los angeles. a land bridge right over the highway there. the 200 foot long overpass would allow mountain lions and other wild life to cross over from santa monica mountains. they are surrounded with dense urban areas that make it difficult for animals to roam. a measure to help the slaughter of elephants is about to be signed into law. california bans the sale of nearly all ivory products. california already made it illegal to sell ivory back in 1977 but state law permits the sale of older ivory imported more than four decades ago. the new bill would close that loophole and deter poaching. it's headed for the governor's
11:54 am
desk. he said he will sign it. >> taco bell is taking a cue with a taco shell that tastes like chicken. >> it's a fried chicken shell. you can see the make its crispy chicken taco. it is not available for sale. it's testing at a few markets. it's like the animal-style thing that you get but it's breaded. >> it's a whole chicken? >> chicken patty with chicken in the middle and another chicken. >> we'll be back. are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't.
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this may be the ultimate photo bomb. a whale stole the spotlight during a conference with the connecticut governor. i believe that promise. a the whole hovered over his shoulder, at one point seeming to play with the crowd pressing his face up against the glass. >> he had to know it was back there. >> he didn't. >> he didn't? >> he had no clue. i've been there before. i wish i had taken a picture with that whale now. >> thanks for joinings us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00.
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today on "access hollywood live," the first attack ad aimed at trump and believe it or not, he fires back. >> trump fires back? >> knows where to hit a man where it hurts most, too. >> and with us, the movie is off the chart with critics. going to be big this weekend. >> and gina rodriguez. britney spears making an appearance on her show. >> and what does she think about donald trump's controversial comments. we already know the answer, i think. "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. welcome


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