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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. nbc bay area news, begins with breaking news. >> breaking news, where a fire at shut down southbound lanes of 280. a small fire with the heat, had fire crews acting quickly. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai.
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it was much worse. about 15 minutes ago, the fire cruise blocked all southbound lanes of 280. as you see, those lanes have reopened. >> 280 at winchester. firefighters battling the flames earlier. fire officials say at one time three separate fires popped up. there were structures in danger. but things have been cleared and all lanes are back open again. high heat for all of us and no school for some of us. a rare move by south bay school districts. >> they're cutting classes for eight high schools. not just for tomorrow. but also on thursday. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is in saratoga where classes will be cut short. but rob, how hot are we talking about? >> the temperatures the same as today if not slightly hotter in the valleys. 76 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 75. and in livermore, 76 degrees. in locations around the bay, if you don't have air conditioning, it's not comfortable outside
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tonight. and same trend tomorrow 11:00 to 7:00 tomorrow evening. a heat advisory up bay area-wide throughout the day tomorrow. also, another spare the air day tomorrow, as air pollution gets worse as our heat wave continues. north bay, east bay, south bay, the worst of the air quality. we may see more of these. the temperatures right now, in the mid-70s. towards tomorrow morning, not cooling off much at all. mid to upper 60s start the day in livermore. but the warmer start to the day. a few spots could be trending even hotter than today. we'll look at how hot it will get in a few minutes. the heat is too much for an entire school district not willing to take chances. officials in the campbell school district are cutting classes short for eight of their schools. terry mcsweeney joins us from prospect high in saratoga. tomorrow and potentially thursday, just a half-day. >> reporter: that's right. students, as you might expect, pretty much happy with this.
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parents, we have a mixed reaction, as you're about to see. but school district officials are saying many of the classrooms don't have air conditioning. and it's already taken a toll on students' minds and their bodies. the prospect high school football team is not letting the heat stop them from preparing for friday night's opener against half moon bay. >> hard to regain the breath. and hard to practice. you feel heavier. >> reporter: that heat means two half-days of classes. >> the heat, i think that's ridiculous. but i'm not going complain. i'm out of school early. >> let's go. >> reporter: but because of the heat, the team won't be practicing on the field. they'll be in the gym for the next two days. and all 8,000 students in the 8 schools in the campbell union high school district will be getting out at 11:30. the district's superintendent for business services, brett mcfadden, says it's a first. >> about half of our classrooms in the district are -- more than half of the classrooms aren't --
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do not have air conditioning. and we thought this was a wise move. >> reporter: some parents say the school is missing out on a teaching opportunity. >> you could teach a kid that it's a little hot outside, there's things you should do to stay healthy. don't say don't go to school because it's hot out. >> reporter: but teachers say students are raising red flags, with the hottest weather still to come. >> many are reporting being dizzy. and sick to their stomachs and stuff. and that was just with, you know, heat in the upper 80s and 90s. >> reporter: outside tonight's parents/teachers/students ocean meeting, cindy varek says she knows what students are going through. >> i was in a meeting in the gym. and it was ridiculous. that was in the evening. anyway, i'm okay with it. >> reporter: school district officials say they knew they would take the heat. but the reaction to the heat, but they want toeer err on the side of caution are glad they
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are. >> thank you, terry. you can track the heat with our nbc bay area app. find the temperatures specific to your neighborhood. the app is free for iphones and android devices, as well. promising big money and a lot of jobs in vallejo. is it too good to be true? at issue, toxic materials. a company based in airlining wants to build a green cement facility. is it safe? nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in vallejo. >> reporter: the people say they're all for bringing new business to vallejo. but they're concerned that this proposed business may be hazardous to their health. >> vallejo has paid its toxic dues. >> reporter: peter brook is on a
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mission. >> environmental impact review has a revised map that shows increased cancer risks for this neighborhood. >> reporter: he wants to know how a proposed green cement plant, that would replace the general mills flour processing facility, will impact this neighborhood. >> we have a problem with the environmental impact report. it has a lot of information and tells us a lot about this project. but what it doesn't do is tell us how much contaminants and what type of contaminants we can expect. >> reporter: the report, which recently went online, is packed with information. the report claims the green plant based in ireland, would generate green high-performance favorable concrete. the company's president says the unique cement has been used in the building of the 49ers stadium and the eastern span of the bay bridge. brooks and others are worried that levels of mercury and other toxic materials might be shipped in and trucked out of vallejo.
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>> you want to know if the cement factory and the city are being straight up with residents with the amount of dust that's created and the toxicity of the des. >> there's going to be a lot of noise. a lot of pollution. a lot of trucks. >> reporter: we reached out to the city's community and economic development director and got no response. she did respond to a concerned resident, who was worried about toxic emissions at existing plants in other areas. she side-stepped the question by saying that information would have to be provided by the applicant. vallejo residents have less than 45 days to voice their opinion. a huge meeting is scheduled for october 7th. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, abc, bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. it was supposed to be a new start. but homeowners in nevada were stunned to find their dream house was trashed by teens before they ever moved in. want to show you pictures from inside the home. they were posted on facebook. paint on the new hard wood
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floors. they say some high school students broke in over the labor day weekend and threw a party. a huge bash. reports say as many as 80 teens showed up. you can see beer cans and glasses everywhere. partygoers even poured beer and liquids down the new air ducts, ruining them, causing thousands of dollars in damage. if you know anything about the house party, police there would like to hear about it. a wild scene in vegas. passengers scrambling for safety as a british airlines flight caught fire. late tonight, we're getting new information. the jet was taxiing on the runway at mccarron international, the airport in las vegas. about to take off for london. but the boeing 777 never got airborne. the faa says the left engine caught fire. emergency slides were deployed to get all 159 passengers and 13 crew members out. >> there was a lady with a young
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baby, not too far from us. she was immensely brave, taking her baby off the flight really quickly. pretty much everyone was trying to help other people. >> that's one of the passengers on the flight. remarkably only 14 people suffered minor injuries. the faa and boeing are investigating. at a city that always seems to be under construction, one leader is asking for more. he wants to see a major transportation upgrade all across san francisco. supervisor scott winer calls for more subway stops and perhaps another transbay tube. jean elle is live in san francisco with more on the plan. >> reporter: right now, crews are hard at work building the new central subway. it's a $1.5 billion project. one city leader says san francisco needs more digs just like this one to help keep things moving. getting around san francisco on
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muni can be trying. >> it can take a long time. >> it sucks when it's running late. >> reporter: scott wiener agrees. >> muni is, on coverage, the slowest major transit system in the country at over 8 miles per hour. our buses and light rail vehicles are getting caught in the same traffic as everyone else is getting caught in. it impacts our economy, our quality of life. >> reporter: wiener introduced legislation today asking for city leaders to develop a subway master plan over the next year. he says san francisco is growing by 10,000 people every year. and the system needs to expand or the gridlock on muni and for drivers will only get worse. weiner says the system will be on tack in a few years. >> it will be the highest ridership line of any of the light rail lines. and we have to make sure it's extending north to north beach
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and fisherman's warf. >> reporter: many riders agree. >> i think he's right. i think we should have more transportation. and like that, less people would take their car. >> reporter: but this woman worries it will be a long, painful process. >> i don't know about the trade-off between, like, the added congestion because of construction and the possibility that it will take, like, years for the whole system to get into place. >> reporter: concerned the board of supervicars will consider. supervisor says it will not be easy to plan and it will be expensive. but the cost of doing nothing is even more gridlock. >> jean, thank you. the question is, what happened behind bars? accused of killing an inmate, three south bay corrections officers are now accused of assaulting another inmate. the three faced the judge for
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the first time today. prosecutors say the guards punched an inmate in the head and twisted his arm last month. then, just minutes later, they attacked this man, who is mentally ill. tyree was found beaten to death inside of his jail cell. the officers did not enter a plea to the murder charges today. if convicted, they face life in prison. coming up, free but not apologized. the next move for released county clerk that would not sign marriage licenses for gay couples. also, the car crash that grabbed some headlines during oakland's mayoral election. now, the price the city needs to pay for former mayor jean quan for the other driver she crashed into. tracking hot temperatures, another spare the air day and changes into the weekend that could include a connection to hurricane linda brewing to the south of southern california. how that will impact our weekend weather when we come right back.
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tonight, she's a free woman. but later this week, she might go back to jail. the kentucky clerk who denied same-sex couples marriage licenses walked out of a jail today. and she got a rock star reception. the "eye of the tiger" music was blaring. that's kim davis. she was greeted by mike huckabee and ted cruz and about 3,000 supporters. a federal judge set her free after her deputy clerks started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. davis is urging people to continue the fight she started. >> we serve a living god who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. just keep on pressing. don't let down. >> davis is expected to return to work at some point this week.
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when asked if she's going to comply and give marriage licenses to everyone, her lawyer answered, davis, quote, cannot and will not violate her conscience. trying to win back the flock, pope francis made a notable change to church doctrine, to gain back more catholics around the world. he has revised the process for annulling marriages in the catholic church, making it easier and quicker. the annulment position has been removed. and catholic bishops will be able to decide cases quickly. the process has been long criticized for being complicated, bureaucratic and costly and out of reach for many catholics. one in four american catholics, though, are divorced. >> it doesn't detract from the church's support for marriage. but it's dealing with reality. the pastoral reality. >> the annulment will take a
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year instead o two. and it will be free, except for administrative costs. details on a car accident of involving then-oakland mayor jean quan. several published reports says the city of oakland paid the driver of the other car in the accident $15,000. and that the driver also received nearly $11,000 to repair the car. looking at cell phone video taken after the accident back in june. kwan was driving a city-owned car when she collided with another vehicle. and there were questions if she was on the phone. those were never proven. it may be time to update your iphone. apple's latest secret will be revealed tomorrow morning. the annual apple announcement is hours away. insiders predict upgraded features on a new iphone and a larger ipad. the big reveal is at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco at 10:00 a.m. we'll have full coverage tomorrow morning and on our
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11:00 a.m. newscast. >> will it have a fan that you can use? >> or iac. >> everybody would love that feature. after a day we saw today, over 100 degrees. livermore, morgan hill, 104. 100 in concord and napa. record highs. oakland airport, monterey, 95 degrees. san francisco, if you didn't have air conditioning, tough day. 95 degrees. still warm out there right now, with mid to upper-70s. and look at the humidity levels at night. 25% humidity in san francisco. this is very dry air in place. the high pressure acts like an atmospheric hair drier, arming up the temperatures and drying things out. and acting like a lid when it comes to precipitation. the sun reacts to the car exhaust and creates the ground level ozone.
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and the reason why this is the prime pollutant for summertime spare the air days. north bay, east bay, south bay. and in terms of the heat wave, we'll see that continue as it goes into thursday and friday. morning temperatures, warm to start. mid to upper 60s for most. by noon, look at livermore. approaching 100 degrees. and we'll see 80s and 90s. san jose south, numbers above 100 degrees. burlingame, towards redwood city. upper 90s. 80s and mid-90s. for the north bay, highs getting close to if not above 100 degrees. in the trivalley, 100-105. the heat reaching its midway point tomorrow. we'll start to see temperatures cooling towards saturday and sunday. but los gatos and livermore will have some tougher time, actually, to cool things off, once the sea breeze gets going
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sunday into monday. the hottest temperatures to the end of the workweek. and in san francisco, starting to see some relief, as we get into friday afternoon and saturday. we're going to get a weak sea breeze. for everyone else to cool down, it will take a stronger sea breeze. one of the culprits will be a weather system that's going to try to pull mid-level clouds away from hurricane linda, which is well to our south. and the storm will weaken as it moves to the north and curls off the coast of southern california. all of the clouds will begin to spill towards the bay area. this is going to bring in cloud cover and maybe a chance of an isolated shower on the central coast. it will also pump up the sea breeze. we're going to see cooler temperatures as we get into the weekend. that big cooldown looks like it will arrive into sunday and monday. notice the temperatures to start off saturday. still warm. not as hot as tomorrow. as we get into the weekend, for
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your outdoor events, san diego state against cal, that's not too bad. mid-80s on saturday. comfortable for ucf versus stanford. the raiders game on sunday, not too bad either. the high in oakland today was 95 degrees. for sunday, in the 70s. and "monday night football," come next monday, the weather pattern comfortable for a change out of levi stadium. that's a long way office. the chance of hitting 100-degree temperatures continues around the bay area. >> are you suggesting we go to all four of the football games? >> i think he is. our return to the halftime show at the super bowl. the pop star that might take center stage at levi stadium. >> and we have jimmy. >> richard gere is my guest tonight. we have jessica simpson. music from keith urban. it's a great show. do not change that channel. hackers targeting some
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80-thousand california college students. ==vo== son hackers targeted some 80,000 colorado college students. the state and maritime academy and six others were impacted. hackers broke into a violence prevention court last month, compromising the information. hackers were not able to get social security numbers or credit card numbers. you may be saying bye-bye to your favorite macy's star. the retail giant said it would close up to 40 underperforming stores across the nation next year. employees may be offered jobs at nearby locations. no word on the locations that will be closed. but there's more than 20 macy's department stores across the bay
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area. we don't know which teams will be playing in super bowl 50, but we might be close to finding out who will be performing at halftime. ♪ >> that would be fun. there are reports that the nfl has offered bruno mars the comforted halftime performance slot. this would be his second go around. he performed in 2014. that would be last year. super bowl 50 is in santa clara on february 7th. >> would they do a repeat like that? or are they trying to throw us off? >> we'll find out soon enough. up next, a big night in sports, including the big tennis match. stay with us.
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are you ready for some baseball? >> baseball, football. i'm ready for it all. >> tennis? >> i got it all. i do have it all. you're right. giants 40-year-old hurler, tim hudson, can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as his career. the baseball's winningest pitcher determined to finish his season with a bang. giants/d-backs. huddy making his first start since july.
11:29 pm
g-man on top. hudson at the dish. taking matters into his own hands. his first bomb of the season. fourth of his career. he was also solid on the hill. bottom sixth, strikes out goldschmidt. hudson, gave up one earned run. and in the ninth, joe panik, going pull side. solo homer to right, just missing. the giants win, 6-2. so do the dodgers and cubs. a's at the coliseum. billy burns, takes scott kazmir deep. bottom fifth, two on for mark khanna. he says hello. a screamer down the left field line. bye-bye. 4-0, athletics. not the return kazmir had in mind. sonny gray is working in the seventh. gets george springer to ground out. gray, five hits, four strikeouts, no earned runs. a's win, 4-0.
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a full house at arthur ashe stadium tonight. treated to a festive williams sisters u.s. open quarterfinal match-up, as the serena calendar slam draws closer. serena and venus, squaring off for the 27th time of their careers in grand slam competition. fifth time at flushing meadows. first set, triple set point for serena. venus' return slams into the net. tables turn in the second. venus rolling to a commanding 5-1 lead. serena's backhand comes up short. and set two to big sis, 6-1. deciding set, serena back in control. double-match point, the ace for the win. her 33rd-straight grand slam victory. on the pitch. usa/brazil, in a friendly from foxborough, mass. namar buries the footer.
11:31 pm
the certain defense can't handle the ball skill officials the barcelona star. usa loses, 4-1. and steph curry's tour of asia has come to an end. concluding in shanghai. the mvp traveled 5,800 miles across the continent. promoting his new shoe, to thousands of chinese fans. the warriors brand getting a huge boost in the far east. that's it for sports.
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all right. rob, 104, 105. what are we talking about tomorrow? >> not good news from me tonight. seeing the temperatures in the upper 90s by noon. south of san jose, hot temperatures and the heat advisories continues, 11:00, 7:00 tomorrow. >> good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- richard gere, jessica simpson, musical guest, keith urban,


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