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tv   Today  NBC  September 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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that northbound build happens in san jose as typical. >> a lot of those folks do have to wait to get the party started but it will get started. good morning. good morning. on edge. a tense commute for drivers in phoenix this morning in the wake of ten interstate shootings in 12 days. the latest happening on wednesday. we're with police as they try to track down a possible serial sniper. look at that face. donald trump's own words mocking the appearance of the only woman in the republican race. this morning, how carly fiorina is fighting back. >> excessive force? former tennis star james blake slammed to the ground and handcuffed by the police in a case of mistaken identity. >> it shouldn't happen and it's something we'll deal with with the blees. >> one officer reassigned while the incident is being investigated. >> and just in time. he's grown up right before our
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eyes here on "today." after three years away, justin bieber is back with a new song. with a new outlook, and a new concert on our plaza. he's about to show this audience what he means. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." a thursday morning. there are concert crowds and then there are justin bieber concert crowds and they're not all created equal. >> he first appeared on the show when he was 15. the crowd appeared two days ago. a little hope from mother nature. we're flying without a net. if it rains, they'll get wet. >> everybody gets wet this morning.
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we'll have the concert in a little bit. >> our top story, a string of shootings targeting cars on a phoenix highway, rattling the nerves of drivers and the police. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer spent time with officers as they went searching for clues. good morning to you. >> hey, matt. good morning. late breaking news for our viewers out west. police tell us they are investigating another potential incident here on interstate 10. another vehicle with a shattered window just a short time ago. if confirmed, this would be the 11th incident in the area. police also tell us they believe there could be multiple shoot g shootings out here. along interstate 10 in phoenix, swo zone zen. desperate desperate to find a shooter, someone who has innocent drivers in their crosshairs. >> very terrifying for them. >> this morning, no suspects, no car description. just a growing number of
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vehicles riddled with bullet holes or projectiles that nearly took the lives of those behind the wheel. now the news there may be multiple shooters. >> i am of the opinion right now that we have multiple shooters just because the m.o.s have changed. >> the highway patrol took us along a stretch of roadway that could be the most dangerous in the nation. ten instants here in 12 days, at least along i-10, the others all nearby. the majority, gunfire. robert mcdonald was alone, driving this tour bus when a bullet sliced through the seat just behind him. >> had the bullet bib a little more powerful, it would have come this far from my shoulder. if i would have moved my head, i would have got hit. >> police now call the shooters or shooter a domestic terrorist. many scared to drive i-10 are calling the fear of the beltway sniper in 2002. criminal profilers who worked that case say the shooter here
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is also feeding on terror. >> he knows the time he wants to be out there. he knows the location. and realize, he and his mind is playing this chess game with the authorities. >> with police investigating what could be an 11th incident, they say they're fortunate so far no one has been seriously hurt. >> thanks. politics now and mixed new this morning for donald trump. support for his campaign is growing according to a newly released national poll, but he's also at the center of yet another controversy this morning. more on that and also the democratic side of the campaign covered. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> good morning to you. there's more evidence this morning that donald trump's surge is no summer fling. get this, a new cnn national poll shows trump with his biggest support yet. the first gop presidential candidate to top 30%. there are your numbers. he's at 32% right now.
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his closest competitor is ben carson. he's in second with 19%. together, these two nonpoliticians hold the support of a majority of the republicans. that other number we showed you was a third of republican women support trump right now. that number is up double digits in a month. even as trump is under new scrutiny for comments about his only female opponent. donald trump under fire again. this time, for comments to "rolling stone" about the only republican woman in the field, carly fiorina. look at thas face, trump is quoted as saying. would anyone vote for that. could you imagine that, the face of our next president? adding, i mean, she's a woman, and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. are we serious? late wednesday, fiorina said she viewed trump's words as very serious. >> maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> this morning, trump insists he wasn't criticizing her looks.
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>> i'm talking about her per sona. she's not going to be president. >> trump is pushing back after ben carson who is clipping away at his lead in the polls, seemed to question trump's faith. >> i'm a believer, big league, in god, in the bible. he questioned my faith and he doesn't know me? you look at his faith, and i think you're not going to find so much. >> on wednesday, trump headlined a rally on capitol hill taking aim at the iran nuclear deal. >> nefrk, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. >> and trashing the president. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. >> trump also attacks hillary clinton, answering questions from nbc's kelly o'donnell about whether or not clinton was right to apologize for her use of a person e-mail server while secretary of state. >> well, i think she should have
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apologized a long time ago. i think she's long beyond apologies, frankly. i think what she did is very dangerous for the country, very bad for the country, and we'll see what happens. but she has problems, no question about it. >> all the republicans come to southern california next wednesday. that is the republican debate. you'll have donald trump against jeb bush against carly fiorina, and now against ben carson as well. as for that iran deal, the white house has already locked up the votes it needs to stop congress from blocking the deal. still, on wednesday, iran's supreme leader ruled out new negotiations with the u.s. beyond a nuclear deal and predicted israel would not exist in just 25 years. more to consider. savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. it's going to be a busy day of campaigning for democratic front-runner ric ric as she dealed with her own set of challenges including a new batch of troubling poll numbers. kristen welker is in ohio. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. secretary clinton will be
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rallying her base here in the battleground state of ohio, and later today, she'll hold an event in milwaukee. both events aimed at women voters who are critical to secretary clinton. this comes amid new warning signs. the latest quinnipiac poll out this morning shows bernie sanders now edges clinton 41% to 40% in iowa. sanders tramed clinton by 21 points the last time it was conducted. while other polls have clinton leading, this is one of several recent indicators showing sanders gaining strength and clinton struggling in the wake of her e-mail controversy. clinton is rebooting her campaign, and aides tell me they want clinton to show more of a personality. that's one reason she'll appear of "ellen lae" later today. in one moment, she dances, and in another, she answers a question about her age. >> they're saying if you're elected, you would be one of the oldest presidents elected. does that matter? don't we want experience more than anything? isn't that important?
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>> i think it's very important. but the way i look at it is i would be the youngest woman ever elected president. >> looming over all this, vice president joe biden who is still considering whether to get into this race. he'll be in new york today and later appear on the late show with stephen colbert. all eyes will be watching to see if he gives any clue about what he's going to do. matt, savannah. >> kristen welker, thank you. now to a disturbing case of mistaken identity here in new york city. former tennis star james blake slammed to the ground by police after they mistook him for someone else. stephanie gosk is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. overnight, the nypd released a statement saying internal affairs investigators have reviewed surveillance tape of this incident and one officer has been place on modified assignment, but the investigation continues. >> what would you like to hear from them?
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>> an apology. >> a frustrated james blake, retired u.s. tennis star shaken up shortly after being reported, tackled, and rahandcuffed by th nypd. >> it shouldn't have happen and it's something we'll deal with with the police and find out whey they have to say, and hopefully there's video of it and people can see what happened. >> blake says he was sta outside a hotel texting when without warning a plain-clothes officer charged and tackled him. the former world number four ranked player who said he was just waiting for a car to the u.s. open, was handcuffed as four additional plain-clothes officers arrived. officers subsequently determined who blake was and let him go. police sources say they were working on an idinty theft ring on the area of blake's hotel, and a witness pointed out the tennis player along with a legitimate suspect. he stopped short of calling it
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racial profiling, insisting it was more of a case of excessive force. he told new york daily news, to me, it's as simple as unnecessary police force no matter what my race is. in my mind, there's probably a race factor involved, but no matter what, there's no reason for anybody to do that to anybody. blake says he hopes that surveillance video will be released to the public, and later today, he's giving a press conference to tell his story. back to you. today he's giving a press conference to tell his guys, back to you. >> all right, stephanie, thank you very much. natalie is in now, she has got a powerful storm that hit this area overnight, causing a lot of damage. that's right. we are going to start with the video out of japan this morning, some dramatic pictures there after parts of the country were pummelled for a second day with torrential rain that sparked massive flooding. two people are missing and 170,000 people were evacuated. rescue helicopters flew over neighborhoods north of tokyo, plucking residents from the roofs of their homes. officials say they can't keep up though with homes were washed away by flood
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waters, some areas have seen nearly two feet of rain since monday night. eight days after the deadly shooting of an illinois police officer, coroner says he can't rule anything out, including homicide or suicide. the lake county coroner says that lieutenant joseph gliniewicz died from a single devastating gunshout wound but says he needs the findings of police before he can rule on its nature. the officer's death is still being investigated as a homicide, but police are largely working off gliniewicz's own call before the shooting saying he was pursuing three individuals. now to the latest on the two high school football players uzcused of intentionally attacking and ramming a referee. officials are now questioning whether the coaches should have done more to calm emotions in a very tense game. kerry sanders is snaan antonio with the latest. good morning. good morning, natalie. today is when attention turns to tomorrow's high school football game. friday night lights, of course,
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is part of the fabric of texas. while the team here at john jay high school will take the field, it will be minus the two players, held responsible for that horrific attack on the ref. and the game will be played like, unlike any other, because there will be security both a ufand on the field. this morning, new photos of referee robert watts immediately after he was violently taken down by two high school football players. his face red and looking dazed. his injuries requiring a doctor's care. at an emergency meeting of the group that oversees texas high school athletics one official ticked off a litany of problems with the game. >> in this ball game, there were multiple ejections, punches thrown, unsportsmanlike penalties, arguing with officials. that seems to me like a time bomb waiting to happen and it did happen. i didn't see any leadership coming from the coaching staff. >> one member of that staff, assistant coach mack reed, is
7:14 am
being accused by some of making comment that may have instigated the attack. he's now on administrative leave and could not be reached for comment. >> whether or not the coach uttered any words that led the kids to believe that they could do what they did, it is not reason enough for those kids to have assaulted that referee. >> and there are player allegations that watts used racial slurs before he was attacked. his lawyer denies that and says the players should be punished for what they did. >> how can you say anything other than this was a heinous crime? >> despite reports that suggest otherwise, the body that governs high school football here in texas has not, repeat, not called for the team here at john jay high school to be completely disbanded. >> kerry sanders in san antonio with a still developing story there. thank you. and life in the fast lane. take a look. here's skateboarding video that's getting tons of attne. you can see why.
7:15 am
this is zach, a professional skateboarding on his long board racing down a street in boulder, colorado. you don't want to try this at home. he's a pro. he reached speeds up to 70 miles per hour as he's flying down the road. he completes the run unscathed. at one point, he puts his hand down and you see sparks flying from his glove. truly amazing. >> isn't it illegal? on a road with cars coming the other direction? >> he managed to pull it off. >> pretty crazy. >> it's crazy. 70 miles per hour. >> exactly. lose it on one curve. >> you don't know what's coming around the corner. >> look at that, right there. >> incredible. >> could you imagine if a deer ran out in front of him? >> yes. >> matt can. >> let me try this again. al's here now with a storm. locally, that caused a lot of issues. >> actually, i'm starting with japan. >> thanks, pal. >> anything i can do to help.
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we had some heavy rain last night. look at what happened in staten island. about 1.5 inches in a half hour. this guy stranded on the roof of his car. flooded basements, a real mess. and we've got more heavy rain again today with the passage of this front. you can see heavy showers and thunderstorms right now. got a pretty good cell moving right over new york city and more rain coming. not great news for our beliebers outside, but hopefully they'll get through that unscathed. we have this front pushing through, low pressure along it. waves of heavy rain, localized flooding. brief gusty winds. the good news is we have a moderate drought going on. some areas may pick up up to 3 inches of rain locale today through tomorrow and more as we get into the weekend. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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i'm meteorologist kari hall. mostly sunny skies as we head through the day, temperatures are now in the upper 50s to lower 60s, but this afternoon a high of 84 degrees in san francisco, the east bay 94 degrees, very shot weather continues inland today. in the 90s and also a few spots hitting over 100 degrees like the north bay and tri-valley. expect a high of 105 degrees. the heat adds receiver continues between 11:00 and 7:00 this evening. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. there's new concerns this
7:18 am
morning over a nationwide outbreak of sal monella that is linked to cucumbers. people have been affected in 30 states leading to at least two deaths. >> the tainted cucumbers were grown and packaged in mexico. and the california-based company has now recalled its limited edition brand. we want to turn to nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azaur. a lot of people are looking and wondering, a lot of these cacumbers don't necessarily have packaging. if you think you have a sickness, what are the symptoms? >> expoesh toor salmonella will typically cause symptoms from 12 to 72 hours after injection. typically, fever, abdominal cramping and diarrhea. it's a self limited illness. resolves in four to seven days without antibiotics. >> can we talk about who's most vulnerable? the infections range in people
7:19 am
from a year old to 99 years old. more than half the cases reported in people under 18 years of age. is that a convince dnls? >> not a coincidence. we talk about the vulnerable groups being the elderly and the young and people with compromised immune systems. children are uniquely vulnerable for a number of reasons. one is their small body weight and secondly they're more likely to get diarrhea. it's also harder to pick up signs of dehydration. >> some can result in death. how do you know it's time to go to the hospital? >> just to review the signs of dehydration and general principles would be a decreased thirst, degreases urine output, in the old and the young, it's harder to tell. one pearl to leave you with is the color of your urine. normal is light yellow to clear. once it becomes dark or amber colored it's a sign of dehydration. can would caution all people to call their family physicians for their guidance in terms of home instruction and which to be
7:20 am
hospitalized. >> thank you very much. coming up, safe and forgiveness. lester holt shares his emotional interview with the survivors of the charleston church shooting. >> plus, why don't more school buses in the u.s. have seat belts? what do you have? >> hey, matt and savannah. good morning to you. that's the question so many of us putting our kids on the school bus this morning to go into school, and many of them don't have seat belts across the country. this morning, a live television event. we're going to crash this school bus live. inside, we have child dummies that could be your children. they're not belted in. you'll see exactly what's going to happen and why aren't there more seat belts on buses? first, this is "today" on nbc. on school buss? first this is "today" on nbc.
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plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. story... ==topvo and a grass fire burning right good thursday morning. i'm sam brock. a developing story right now at a grass fire burning in the south bay, it's happening on weller road in the milpitas hills. four acres so far have been burned and firefighters say it's moving slowly. no structures are threatened. four people right now hospitalized overnight after an early morning fire in bay point on anchor drive. shear video from a helmet camera which shows how bad it was when initially a three alarm fire that spread to four homes in total, it destroyed two of those houses and damaged two others. none of the injuries thankfully are considered to be live threatening. firefighters tell us they are looking at whether it may have started from one of the cars that have been parked in the garage. we're getting ready to step outside of your house and take in the heat, be prepared for
7:27 am
that. meteorologist kari hall joining us with more. >> as we start out the day we're taking live look from sunol, beautiful sunrise this morning but it is going to be another scorcher. especially for spots that are farther inland, like livermore. right now it is 68 degrees, 58 degrees in san francisco, here is a look at those highs today, gilroy 105, pacifica 73, we will have cooler spots along the coast but we are still talking highs over 100 degrees for many of the inland valleys. let's see how the commute is moving with mike. kari, we're looking at northbound 101 creeping down as far as those speeds are concerned with san jose. overall the south bay map shows you a tough drive kicked in for most of your san jose routes. another crash north 101 at 880 moved to the center divide, a distraction adding to that. the push across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges no surprises there. getting through oakland up the east shore freeway a smooth drive through richmond. back to you. >> just remember, mike, patience
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with a virtue. we will be back in 25 minutes for another update. we will see you then. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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♪ lots of screaming on a thursday morning. it's 190th of september, 2015. and we have a crowded plaza this morning. some nasty weather. it has poured overnight but they have been filling the mplaza since the wee hours to see justin bieber. >> i got out of the car this morning, there were squeals and then total disappointment. yeah, exactly. take a look what is making headlines this morning, republican presidential front runner, donald trump, taking heat for a comment to ronald stone about fellow republican candidate, carly fiorina. trump saw her on tv while she
7:31 am
was being interviewed and said "look at that face. would anyone vote for that?" fiorina views the statement as serious. the person who set up's e-mail server will be invoking his fifth amendment right to refuse to testify on capitol hill today. police are stepping up patrols along interstate 10 in the phoenix area where at les ten cars have been shot at in the past two weeks. a $20,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. we begin this half hour with an nbc news exclusive. survivors of june's shooting massacre at a church in charleston, south carolina, speaking out for the first time. nightly news anchor, lester holt, sat down with them. lester, good morning. >> savannah, matt, good morning to you. it was an emotionally draining conversation, those who emerged from that church social hall alive and unhurt carried deep and lasting emotional wounds from the terror and profound losses they faced. their strength, resilience and faith is nothing short of
7:32 am
breathtaking. felicia sanders holds her blood-stained bible as a symbol of her faith and as a memory of the horrifying june evening that took so much from her. >> any kind of connection i can have to my aunt and my son i will keep. >> the clothes from that day? >> i'm keep it >> the bible? >> i'm keeping it. >> reporter: it was sanders' faith that brought her and paulie shepherd to the mother emanuel ame bible study session that night and now, it is their faith that sustains them. >> he call the us with our eyes closed. i never told anybody this. our eyes were closed. and shots rang out. >> reporter: among the 12 in the room, sanders' aunt, her 11-year-old granddaughter and 26-year-old son, tywanza. >> i remember my son saying, mama, he shot me in head. and my granddaughter was hollering saying she was so
7:33 am
afraid. i said play dead. play dead. holding one hand so tight, i had the other on tywanza. i said be quiet, just be quiet. he raised up to talk to him. i can't say anymore, i let on i was still alive, i had my hand on him the whole time and then he shot tywanza more. i think of tywanza, those last moments, my hero. my hero. and i watched him take his last breath. >> reporter: before leaving the room, the shooter stood above polly shepherd, hiding under a table, praying there would be some survivors. >> did i shoot you yet? i said no. he said i'm not going to, i'm
7:34 am
going to leave you here to tell the story. >> reporter: nine of the people in that room were killed by 21-year-old dylann roof who prosecutors say turned on the group, driven by racist hatred, in a place they never expected. >> i never thought of a church. i never thought about bible study. >> why would you? >> church is supposed to be safe. >> there was a young man that shot a tv reporter and camera person recently. >> yeah. >> and he said the charleston church shooting was the breaking point. >> that made me so sad, because i never wanted any one parent to feel what i felt. >> reporter: determined to carry on, at the bond hearing just two days after the massacre, relatives of the victims shocked the country with their display of mercy for the shooter. >> i have forgiven him. now it's all in god's hands. it was important to me to speak
7:35 am
to dillylann let him know he dit kill all of us. >> felicia sanders granddaughter, she held in the take, the other survivor. she issing her from the media and the public, giving her as normal an upbringing as she can, given what she went through. >> takes your breath away how graceful they are. >> graceful, faithful, the sense of forgiveness, you are just blown away when you sit there and talk to them. yet still very fragile. >> they are all in counseling. you know, they are following the case very carefully. felicia vows she will be at every -- every court session for dylann roof. she was there at the bond hearing, but just remarkable ladies. >> a lot more on the interview tonight on "nightly." thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you, lester. a check of the weather now from al. >> amazing display of faith. thanks so much. show what you we have got going on right now a lot of heat out west, it enchur 5 to 15 above
7:36 am
average, jet stream way to the north, big area of high pressure dominating. we are going to look at temperatures today going to be 12 degrees above normal in los angeles. 9 degrees above normal in salt lake. even portland, 89 degrees, going to be looking at that and then the heat continues for tomorrow. big difference though, the jet stream way down to the south, in the midwest and so temperatures today or tomorrow will be anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below average. look at the overnight lows on friday, get nothing the mid-50s and low 40s, and then during the day on saturday, temperatures continue to be below normal, right even down as far south as good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still sizzling across the bay. in los gatos expect a high of 100 degrees, palo alto 9 5rks noe valley 84, embarcadero 82 degrees. mostly sunny skies across the bay after a few coastal clouds
7:37 am
and a high today of 102 in novato, napa 99, hayward 99 degrees and livermore reaching 105 degrees. the heat advisory will be in effect between 11:00 and 7:00 this evening. >> the rain this morning. and will continue. this morning, caitlin general and the fear she felt passion the point of no return in her transition and how she says that her transition has actually helped her golf game. and coming up next, should seat belts be required on all school buses? on a special rossen reports, we are going to have a live demonstration w ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers.
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for a chance to win your own weekend adventure! car radio: with our monday morning traffic report... ♪ "good morning" ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella gives you so many delicious options every morning. ♪ send them to school smiling with nutella, spread the happy! we are back, 7:41678 more of our special rossin reports, school danger zone series. >> are there seat belts on your child's school bus? should she be required? today, national investigative
7:42 am
correspondent, jeff rossen is in ohio, where he is about to crash a school bus live. jeff, explain. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, hey, guys, good morning to you this will be dramatic and we want to warn our viewers, this could be disturbing this will be a live school bus crash. we are here at the transportation research center in ohio. whenever you see government crash tests for the safety demonstrations, it usually comes out of here. what they do here is incredibly secretive but they have given us rare access inside today to view this live because it is such an important issue. why don't most school buses have seat belts on them? here is what we are doing. give you a live picture of this school bus, all the way down this track right now. and so what we are going do, that is going to come down the track around 30 miles per hour and it's gonna slam into this cement wall right over here at 30 miles per hour. let's actually get the experiment going. john, why don't you hit the button right now. we are going to start hearing these beeps, which warns us to get out of the watch we should warn that you there are child dummies on board this bus right now that could be your kids. we want to take a picture inside
7:43 am
the bus right now to show you those child dummies that are there. this bus is going to start moving down the track. and it is right now, we are going to see that moment of impact and we are doing this at 30 miles per hour because that is the average speed a school bus goes through a neighborhood and this is going to be loud, i should warn u the school bus is coming down the track. here it is. [ crashing ] wow! as a parent myself, that is so disturbing to watch in person thinking that there could be real children on board there. i'm going to go on board this bus in just a moment, show you what happened to these children. we have that live camera inside. we are going to show you what happened to these dummies and the moment of impact, they are not belted in those dummies. first, we want to answer this question once and for all, why respect there seat belts on those school buses and what are the feds doing about it? school bus accidents happening across the country. wapalo, iowa, the grifer of this
7:44 am
bus, losing control. kids sent flying out of their seats, injuring all ten on board. tulsa, oklahoma, another bus swerving off the road. four students sent to the hospital. and just this march, six kids sent to the er in this crash in every care the bus didn't have seat belts. in fact, every year, kids are killed riding the bus. thousands injured. but most states don't require seatbelts. only these six states do >> i feel very strongly we should have seat belts on every school bus in the united states. >> reporter: janet fennel president of kids and cars. why aren't there saturday belts in most school buss? >> traditional thinking says that this idea of compartmentalization is the way to keep kids safe. the seat back is high it is very close to the seat in front of t and they are padded.
7:45 am
if the bus is hit from the front or the back, they should stay in this little comp part.. >> reporter: but she says when the bus is hit from the side or rolls over, these not enough. just watch this crash test video. these dummies don't have seat belts on. now, look at the dumb nation do. big difference. they stay in their seats. so, why don't all states require seat belts on buses? i went straight to the national highway traffic safety administration. would safety bells make them even safer? absolutely. >> odd big meeting about this summer and you just said, seat belts make school buses safer. will nhtsa regulate that? >> this fall, we are going to come out with some action and that could be inclusive of seat belts, very likely to be at the top of the list. witness. all due respect, nhtsa has been looking a this the for a long time. what do you say to parents putting their kids on buses today, they don't want to wait. >> you bet. and right now, putting them on
7:46 am
the big yellow school bus is still the safest way to get to school. >> reporter: so we are going to stay on top of nhtsa and federal government to fee there is action this fall and we will keep you posted on that. i'm inside the bus right now. i'm not sure you can tell the entire front is smashed in. school buses are some of the safest transportation there is and you can see they are meant and there is video of that crash we did live moments ago here on "today," the front is meant to crash in and protect the children inside. now i want to show you some of the video inside camera of those dummies and what happened at the -- you can see they get jostled around that girl goes right into the middle of the floor. if we come here live, a couple of the things country see, by the way, here's that girl, right on the floor like. this can you imagine that if that was your child? what you can't see is these accidents. look at the dents that it makes in the seat and the level of impact there. but once again, this is an important topic. critics say if you put seat belts on school buses, the kid does buckle themselves wrong who is going to make sure they do it right? it is a tough debate.
7:47 am
they are made, kids unseat belted, for a crash like, this the proponents of seat belts say what happens when you get the side collision or the tipover? i'm glad we did this and i hope it helps this morning, guys. jeff, we were saying as we were watching it here, our kids are all so conditioned to put the seatbelts on when they get in our car, we have good confidence two do it right if they got in the school bus? >> you wonder why it is not standard. i was talking to a parent yesterday who said that their 5-year-old daughter was on a school bus and actually came home crying because the mother had told her all those years, if you don't put on your seat belt, something very dangerous can happen. these kids get on the school bus, it there are no seat belts. >> my son is on a school bus every morning and just on the rough roads in new york, i mean, they get bounced around, let alone in an accident. >> great story, jeff. thank you very much. coming up on trending, the yoga mat that rolls up all by itself. and next, from the orange room, let's just say it appears carson has some explaining to
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
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7:52 am
to take the stage in just a little bit. oh, wow. >> the hair. >> wow. >> all blond. >> like a water fall. i like that more on that in a bit. saw carson a moment ago. carson that is not your orange room uniform. >> some do he had going. it is the first day of football, go raid extonight, a but a big accident on the long island expressway. normally take mess 30 minutes to get to work. i have proof, no one is moving today. in the new york area -- >> look behind you. >> a standstill, two hours, i ran into work. belieber today is trending. we have got posting all this cool stuff on instagram. fans in new york monday, couldn't officially get into line until yesterday. making up shelter. bieber sends them pizza in the middle of the night. all going down. we are excited. you saw justin there with the hair it is blond. we are going to talk to him.
7:53 am
he is going to play, rain or shine, the beleashes here and very excited to see him. there is scooter braun, his long-time manager. justin makes his triumphant return the "today" show and it's coming up in just a little bit. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
7:54 am
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7:56 am
news. the usgs says a 2-point-5 a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news. the usgs says a 2.5 earthquake a mile east of berkeley happened just about ten minutes ago at 7:42 this morning. so far we are not hearing any reports of damage. if you felt it, please tweet us here or call us at the station as well. happening now, a super bowl party even before the first regular season nfl game is played. to get to the bay area ready san francisco hosting a free super bowl 50 party at justin herrmann plaza this afternoon. the san francisco rock brand train and ellie goulding will both perform. several former bay area football stars will also be on hand. the event is being covered as part of tonight's kickoff game coverage ahead of the new england patriots pittsburgh steelers match up airing right here on nbc bay area. kari hall is heading out that way as well. >> it will be nice today, still
7:57 am
warm, though, especially for inland areas, san francisco starts out at 58 degrees but a high today of 84 degrees can be expected on the embarcadero. north bay 100 degrees it still citizenless for the inland spots, east bay 94, 105 in the tri-valley, peninsula today 92 degrees and the south bay scorching at 96 degrees. let's see how the commute is rolling with mike. looks red hot. really it's head slow through your northbound san jose routes and south bay as well. crawling for the second day in a row. a little better across the san mateo bridge to the dumbarton bridge is the slow done, slow for the nimitz freeway, peninsula slows southbound into palo alto. approaching the bay bridge things aren't quite to bad. a little relief for concord moving slow for highway 24. san rafael we have a smooth drive on 101 through crowded. lucas valley road away from 101 there is a spill there blocking that roadway. back to you. >> another local news update in
7:58 am
half an hour. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
is 8:00 on "today." coming up, caitlyn jenner one-on-one. more on our exclusive interview as she opens up about her transition, fame and family. >> no regrets? >> no regret what is so ever. i just want my family to be okay. all of that stuff takes time. ♪ stop, hammer time then reunited and it sounds so good. ♪ friends, how many of us have them, friends ♪ >> justin timberlake heads back to the tonight show to team one his pal, jimmy fallon. >> damn! ♪ and you have seen him grow up right before our eyes.
8:01 am
♪ now, pop superstar justin bieber is back and ready to rock the plaza today, september 10, 2015. ♪ we gonna party tonight >> we are the biggest beliebers. [ cheering ] >> we have been here since 7 in the morning yesterday to see justin. >> loved him since 2009. >> we love justin! ♪ >> we are back. >> how are you? >> 8:00 on this thursday morning and it is pouring in new york city, but you know what, doesn't matter. we got justin bieber out here on
8:02 am
the plaza. and a lot of fans who have been here since the very early hours yesterday. it is cool, right? >> crazy. >> i hope you have good coordination, i know you do, looks like a little slippery for the dance floor? >> is but we will make it work. >> the michael jackson moonwalk on this. slide around. [ cheering ] >> almost became a mosh pit. >> we are so excited to have you, taking our stage in a little bit. a lot to get to go inside, get the day's top stories from natalie. >> good morning to you guys once again. police in arizona now think more than one shooter may be involved in a series of dangerous incidents in phoenix. at least ten cars have been targeted along or near interstate 10 in the last two weeks a young girl was injured by flying glass. police are calling the shooter or shooters domestic terrorists. there are no suspects. today, congress is moving closer to voting on the nuclear
8:03 am
deal with iran but some republicans want president obama to provide copies of side deals that tehran negotiated with nuclear inspectors. on wednesday, donald trump blasted the deal with iran, saying he has never seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated, he's said. meantime, trump is under fire for disparaging comments he made to "rolling stone" about republican carly fiorina's appearance. fiorina responded that maybe she is just getting under trump's skin because she is climbing in the polls. frightening scene wednesday in southern california where a school bus carrying high school water polo players burst into flames. all 36 people on board were able to get off the bus safely after the driver pulled to the side of the freeway. fortunately, no one on the bus was hurt. and this is a day that millions of football fans have been waiting for, the nfl season kicks off tonight. fresh off the deflategate controversy, tom brady leading against the pittsburgh steelers.
8:04 am
craig melvin in foxborough. lots of folks can't wait for this one. >> reporter: lots of folks, natalie morales. good morning to you. you get the sense when the patriots take on the steelers and def their super bowl championship this is going to be about a whole heck of a lot more than this season. tom brady back under center, coming off that huge preseason win in a federal courtroom last week. judge throwing out the four-game suspension. you know, it's -- it's one of those things talk to folks here on the ground and they really believe that that is going to motivate brady in a huge way this season. of course, he already hasour super bowl rings. if he picks up another super bowl win, he becomes the winningest quarterback in nfl history. and a lot of folks think that this team -- this team has it. 8:20 tonight, steelers, pats, natalie. >> awesome. going to be great, craig melvin, thanks. catch the season other, our
8:05 am
coverage starts here at 7:30 eastern time. guys, you ready for a little football? >> yes. >> yeah. >> looking forward to it. >> missing that song. thank you. now to something that's been decades in the making, help solving hundreds of thousands of unsolved crimes against women all across the country. >> today, vice president joe biden is announce the largest effort to have finally test dna evidence taken from women who say they were victims of sex crimes. nbc national correspondent, kate snow is here and she has got exclusive details on all of this. kate, good morning. >> when somebody is sexually assault they had of the gone to the hospital for an invasive and lengthy exam to collect dna evidence in the hopes that testing that will lead to the perpetrator, but for years, all over this country, that evidence has literally been sitting in boxes, on shelves, never tested. well today, finally, millions of dollars being dead indicted test those kit and get answers for tense of thousands of women. it's known as the backlog,
8:06 am
hundreds of thousands of sex crimes evidence kit, often called rape kit, sitting untested for years, even decades. detroit was one of the first cities to understand the scale of their problem when a prosecutor discovered 10,000 of them in this dingy warehouse six years ago. >> i was just outraged anding anered by the fact that they are sitting there and no one can answer the question as to whether they have, in fact, been tested. >> reporter: every one of those kits represents a person. >> to have those kits untested energy some case for decades, is wrong. >> reporter: the district attorney for manhattan, after winning half a billion dollars in settlements with international bank, new york city today is partnering with the federal government to give out $79 million in grants to cities and towns all over the country, enough money to test nearly 70,000 rape kits. >> we have finally come together
8:07 am
to solve one of our law enforcement community's biggest embarrassments, which is having treated sexual victims, particularly women, not as seriously as we have treated other kinds of crimes and victims. >> reporter: 6300 of those untested kits are in las vegas. constituent has been trying to clear the backlog on its own, but it's been taking forever. >> we tested 100 kits per year. i mean, that's 63 years worth of work lined up at our door. that's daunting. that's inundating. >> reporter: with new funding announced today, las vegas will be able to test all of the backlogged kilts within three years. >> we just need the resources. for the victims who have waited so long perhaps for action and who, you know, maybe this was the worst thing that ever happened to them, to have some resolve, to move forward and to put this behind them, i think it's huge. >> reporter: it could lead to phone calls like the one johnny got 13 years after she was raped, detroit authorities finally tested her kit and
8:08 am
solved the crime. >> i would just like to say to the other survivors out there that may be sitting where i was sitting once upon a time waiting for that phone call, don't give up hope. seeing the person that did that to you will make you feel good, make you feel like justice was finally served. >> reporter: this testing really does make a difference, guys. when detroit went back to that warehouse and tested 10,000 kits, they found 487ment issed serial rapists. unbelievable. >> means so much to these victims who have been waiting. >> justice. >> shouldn't boil down to money. >> that's crazy. >> no limit on justice. >> kate, thank you very much. we will change gear, part two of our exclusive conversation with caitlin general as she opens up about a difficult moment in her transition. she talks about dating and more. plus, another instant classic from jimmy fallon and justin timberlake. wait until you hear what they dhungd time. and justin bieber live in and justin bieber live in concert on a
8:09 am
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all right. back at 8:13. time for trending. we are reading the internet for you. >> what do you think about this, guys? a woman wrote an article or a letter to an advice column in the "washington post", asking what she should do if she finds, brace yourself, a hair in her food at a restaurant. she know it is gross but says she is uncomfortable making a big deal about it and demanding that she get a new dish. we are going to tell you what the columnist said in a moment? what would you guys do? let's say it's mashed potatoes, hair on top of the mashed potatoes? >> well, i already know it's not mine. i'm going to bring it up and say you know this is kind of -- >> take the meal away? >> please say could i get a new meal? >> send it back, paying for it. >> i would eat it. >> say can i get new mashed potatoes. >> an eyelash or one hair, remove it, think it is gross. >> worried about what else is in there. >> i would kind of gently take it awake eat it, not real happy
8:15 am
about it. >> would you eat it? >> wouldn't eat the hair but the -- part of the mashed potatoes. i would. oh, ye, of little faith, the columnist said at the very least, tell your server and hope the server sends you a small dish, like a salad or appetizer while you wait for your dish to be redone. >> it is 100% not true you would eat the mashed potatoes. >> can i get some potatoes with my hair? >> we are going to need that lie detector test, okay? from the why didn't we think of this sooner files, the yoga mat which rolls up all by itself, the answer to all of our problems. namastety. >> a company called yo-yo mats, kickstarter. >> what we call matt. >> raised more than $47,000. i love it. >> that's fantastic. >> you're telling me someone into yoga and fitness and flexibility, you can't -- >> so lazy? >> okay. >> roll it up, you have to get the corners to match perfectly. >> oh, brother. >> a whole thing. >>ky tell you that right now, took a live shot of my living
8:16 am
room, there's an unfurled yoga mat i was too lazy to roll up yesterday. wow. at least i did yoga. i was worn out. couldn't roll it up. an epic night on "the tonight show" last night. carson, all the highlights. >> get trite it, guys, know is going to be a good one, three of the funniest people come together, jimmy fallon, justin timberlake and ellen. the excellent adventure putting on a show at the u.s. open. crowd comes to see roger fedor but stay for the guys doing moves from beyonce's "single ladies." later, the dynamic duo hit the stage, performed their sixth edition of the now-famous history of rap. take a listen. ♪ stop, hammer time ♪ i don't know what they want from me ♪ ♪ it's like the more money we come across the more problems we see ♪
8:17 am
♪ it's the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen mama rolling that body ♪ ♪ got every man in here wishin ♪ >> they will cover the whole history. when do they run out of songs? >> then country music. >> the guys are awesome. the person who really stole the show, that is silas, justin's son with jessica biel, just five months old. okay. >> take your word for t >> i thought he had something there. just have to take my word for t >> he stole the video. >> he is adorbs. jimmy, wasn't ready to drop the mic yet. isn't he cute? five months? beautiful. brought out ellen, jimmy did head to head, a lip sync battle, ellen serve as judge. ♪ do you know where you're going to, do you like the things that life is showing you ♪ ♪ where are you going to ♪ now i see where, where, watch
8:18 am
me nae nae ♪ >> extra stank on that. pretty good. but justin declared ellen was the winner. >> demand a recount. >> didn't have the nae nae quite right. >> variations of it. >> i don't know if there is a real right answer there. so much great video we wanted to show you, put it all up at, invite you to go there and watch t that is your pop star for bieber thursday. >> we should have people vote on our website who won. >> they have to see the whole thing. justin timberlake? >> cool. >> carson,
8:19 am
>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you so much. more of our exclusive conversation with caitlyn jenner. it's been a busy and emotional year for her, going public with her transition. as she told me during a spirited round of golf, it's come with both challenges and some benefits. >> oh, hold on. hold on. not gonna live with that >> taking a second one. >> i'm not gonna live that >> anybody say mulligan? >> mulligan! >> there you go. now, that's the matt lauer i know and love. >> that's better. you get a sense that people are uneasy when they approach you or when you approach them? >> yes, until they get to -- until they get to know me and then they go, oh, it's still kind of the same person. your identity may be different.
8:20 am
but i'm stilt same person, same sick sense of humor. >> your sense of humor is the same? >> yeah, the same thing. yeah. now, you got your little -- your little girlie club, your 3 wood? >> this is gonna be a long round. this is gonna be a long round. >> yeah. your little 3 wood, popping up there. >> see, now if i said that aid get -- i'd be off the air. that would be it. i would be done. >> that's true. i love it. i think right over that tree. good job. >> thank you. have you had, for one minute, since you began transitioning, second thoughts? >> no. i did have a -- i had a little work done. [ chuckling ] >> and i had a hard time waking up and i had a massive panic attack and i never had anything like that in my life. it was like so scary. my heart was just pounding and
8:21 am
this and that and i was just -- 'cause in my head, when i shut my eyes, it was just like, my god, what did you just do? because that surgery kind of passed the point of no return. i turned the tv on, i had to get distracted, my head, get out of here, get out of where i was at. ed and that was the only time. >> no regret? >> no regret whatsoever. i just want my family to be okay. all of that stuff takes time. you know, you transition, your whole family goes through this. and i have a great family. i have ten children, wonderful, intelligent kids. and they have been a blessing in my life, you know? and you don't want anything to hurt them and you wonder, are you doing the right thing? you know, living your true self? and everybody handles it differently. oh. dead in the center of the cup. you're not taking it easy on me.
8:22 am
the question has been, playing with boobs. >> can we say for the record, you brought boobs up? >> i did. i did. you didn't bring it up. but i knew you were dying to know. >> okay. >> okay. as far as the full swing, i really haven't noticed any difference, okay? but where they are an advantage is putting. you know, you will take a -- this, put it under your arm, hold it like that keep that little angle, keep all these angles perfect. now, okay, you have got these little pup foist get right here and here and kind of hold on to that position. okay? they are natural. >> i never thought of that so your transition has made you a better putter? >> a better putter. did you notice that on the last one? >> yeah. >> not that i'm trying to encourage you to have a boob job. >> you just want me to know the advantages are out there? >> there are advantages out there. >> has it been easier, caitlin,
8:23 am
going back after the transition and reconnecting with female friends or male friends? >> oh, female, by far. >> why? >> um, i think women are more tolerant. they just kind of get it. um, although my male friends, didn't have a lot of them. i mostly hung out with women. i think it's just complicated -- more complicated for guys to deal with this subject. >> more uncomfortable? it's embarrassing? what? >> i started way back a year and a half ago, having girls' nights. could i never have that. my whole life, every time there was a girls' night and i certainly a lot of girls around me, i was not included. devastating. so, once i finally was live out in mall but a and kind of free, i started having girls' nights. >> now what do you do on girls' night? >> we just have fun. we laugh. we have a good time. we do what any of the girls do
8:24 am
we eat well. >> no, wait. >> drink some wine. it makes me wonder in terms of social events with you. >> yeah. dating? >> oh, god, dating, here we go again. everybody is wondering about that >> people are curious. >> i know they are. to be honest with you, at this point in my life, see, i come from a different spot. girls in the show are all young. they want a family. you know, find love, all that kind of stuff. for me, i've already had all that. you know? >> but nobody ever loses the desire to have -- >> companion. >> -- someone special. >> i want a lot of great friends that i can share my life with, okay and that's important to me, certainly, that love and compassion, i have no idea what that would be in the future. um, but i'm kind of open to anything. >> are you attracted to one type of person over another? >> okay, oprah.
8:25 am
[ laughter ] >> oprah doesn't play golf. >> yeah oprah can't play golf. honestly, i just don't even know that i don't even want to go there. right now, i'm just happy living myself. i have no idea what the future holds. i will cross that bridge when i come to it. i just want to enjoy myself right now. >> nice shot. very nice. we will tell you, spending a few hours with her, she does seem extremely happy. >> at ease with herself. >> yeah. >> you got all "meet the press" on her. >> all oprah. >> so, when are you going in for the -- get those things done, added, for your golf game? >> let's go outside to carson. >> but you seem very interested. let's go outside to carson. [ laughter ] carson? >> hey, guys, i'm out here in the crowd. justin bieber joins me on stage. we got to thank the "today" show guys here, doing their best to i'm ... ==anim== a developing
8:26 am
story... ==topvo and a grass fire burning right 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. we have a developing story. a grass fire burning right now in the south bay. it's on weller road. this is in the milpitas hills. that may not look like much, but with all the heat, it's going to grow. four acres so far. firefighters say it's moving slowly, no structure is threatened. you can see all the smoke. four people hospitalized after an early morning fire in the bay point on anchor drive. this video from a helmet camera showing how bad it was when the crews arrived. destroyed two homes, damaged two more. none of the injuries considered life threatening. firefighters say they are looking as to whether this started in one of the cars that was parked in a garage. well, let's check your traffic with mike. >> scott, we have a crash on the bay bridge. that upper deck as you travel through the treasure island tunnel.
8:27 am
that's bad news. three lanes reported blocked. it's been there for about 15. we've seen what was clearing at the toll plaza, starting to build once again. the map will show you it's a jam for the east shore freeway. no crashes registering in oakland. we're showing a slower drive across the dumbarton bridge. your northbound routes throughout san jose really in the red zone. that speed below 20 miles per hour. >> thanks. we'll have more local news coming up in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
8:30 am
thank you so much for coming out in the rain for me. you guys are amazing. i love each and every one of you. photographers, thank you for waiting in the rain. >> take your hat off. [ screaming ] we are back now on a thursday morning and as miring
8:31 am
justin's hair. >> i saidky touch it and he said yes. and america, it's awesome. your fans love the new do. >> they do you guys like the hair? [ cheering ] [ screaming ] >> so, do blonds have more fun? >> um -- [ laughter ] >> fun either way. >> we should mention, first of all, so nice to have you back, you first came on this show when you were 15 years old. >> yep. >> as you come back this morning, got the number one song on the billboard charts. so congratulations for that. and it's a great way to wrap up our toyota summer concert series. great to have you. >> toyota our partner more than 12 years, brought some of the greatest names in music to our stage. thank you to them and thank you for sending them out with justin bieber. go along with our concert, one more guinness world record attempt this morning, the most hula hoops you will ever see on one person at the same time. so stick around for that. >> all right. stay tuned. bieber's back.
8:32 am
[ crowd chanting, bieber's back ] >> so many people braved this weather just to watch you today. >> it is good to be back. it is good to be back live. >> absolutely. great tough. all right, let's show what you we have got going on, looking ahead toward the weekend. for tomorrow, we have got more wet weather up through northern new england, through the central gulf coast, on into florida, plenty of sunshine and heat along the west coast. that as we move ahead toward saturday, wet weather along the east coast again, more rain out west. i should say sunshine out west. plenty of heat. cooling down through the great lakes, then sunday, sunday, looking at rain again in the northeast of new england, more rain in central and southern florida, western third of the country, sunny a good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. still seeing fog at the coastline. you can see that low blanket of cloud cover, even across ocean beach. no sunshine just yet. as we head through the day, that
8:33 am
means a cooler day for the coastline. san francisco, only 84 degrees. it's been in the 90s the past couple days, but look at the rest of the bay area. still toasty. 96 for the south bay. 94 for the east bay. topping out at 100 for the north bay. the tri-valley will see temperatures at 105. have a good one. >> that's your latest weather. when did you guys get out here? >> 6 a.m. >> 6 a.m.? so you got pretty good seats. >> yeah! >> here when? >> 3 a.m. >> 3 a.m.? again some folks got here at 11 a.m., 11 a.m. yesterday. so you did okay. all right. there you go. let's head back inside for the next guinness world record. >> all right, al, thank you so much. now, we go to break it today. we bring talented people to attempt to break guinness world records for this week's release of new beginless world records 2016. >> marawa from australia will attempt to break her own record for the most hula hoops spun
8:34 am
simultaneously. the ajude kater is back to make sure the rules are followed. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> every kid tries the hula hoop. >> it's true. >> nobody tries this. how did you realize you had this skill? >> um, i didn't have the skill at first but i really want it had, so i just practiced a lot. >>? -- going do 150 to go for the record? >> 162. >> oh, 162. >> okay. 150, p a'shaw. >> what has to happen to make sure this is an you haves world record? >> three full rotations with all 162 hula hoops between her shoulders and her knees. >> if one of those hoops hits the ground? >> deducted from the total. >> dunn dunn dunn. >> take it away, marawa. ♪
8:35 am
>> you attempted the most hula hoops spun simultaneously, with 162 hula hoops, you saturday new guinness record. >> way to go >> you are officially amazing. >> congrats. how does it feel? >> a little out of breath. very happy. >> wow, congratulations. >> thank you. >> come back next year, we are going to try 163. all right? thank you very much. >> thanks so much, guys. up next, another record breaker, justin bieber live in concert. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> >> announcer: the toyota concert
8:38 am
series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we have got an overflow crowd on rockefeller plaza this morning and they are all here to see one young man. ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ he has had hit -- ♪ >> after hit. ♪ tonight i want to show you off ♪ >> after hit. ♪ i was like baby baby >> the video for his song "baby" has more than 1.2 billion views on youtube, making it the site's second most viewed video of all time. ♪ >> justin bieber's new music is topping the charts too. the single "what do you mean" is his first number one song on the billboard hot 100. at 21, he is the youngest male artist to debut there. this year's mtv video music
8:39 am
awards marked an emotional return to a stage he hadn't been on in five years. just days before, bieber tweeted, "i'm back." this morning, he is back on our plaza, wrapping up our summer concert series. and we are thrilled to welcome him back. ladies and gentlemen, here's justin bieber. ♪ what do you mean when you nod your head yes but you want to say no ♪ ♪ you tell me to go ♪ oh, but what do you mean
8:40 am
what do you mean ♪ better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ ♪ what i'm saying trying to catch the beat make up your heart ♪ ♪ don't know if you're happy or complaining ♪ ♪ don't want to rush where do i start ♪ when i argue while making a long night ♪ ♪ push me up down and in between ♪ ♪ i really want to know what do you mean ♪ ♪ what you mean when you want to say no ♪ ♪ what do you mean what do you mean ♪ ♪ you tell me to go what do you mean ♪ oh what do you mean ♪ ♪ you're running out of time
8:41 am
what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh, what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ you're protective when i'm leaving ♪ ♪ trying to compromise but you can't win ♪ you had me from the start or let this end ♪ ♪ you want to go you want to laugh want to argue all day manager and all night ♪ ♪ you're up and down and in between ♪ ♪ i really want to want to m to know what do you mean ♪ what do you mean you don't want me to go but you tell me to go ♪ ♪ what do you mean i want to
8:42 am
know what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh baby what do you mean ♪ better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ ♪ ♪ you want to say no what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean ♪ what do you mean running out of time what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ >> he is just getting started. more music from justin bieber on a thursday morning, but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
we are back now. it's been three years since justin bieber's last studio album. >> they marked november 13th on the calendar. he has given up a little taste of. with nhis hit "what do you mean" you tweeted this is a comeback. does this feel like a comeback? >> i feel like -- i feel amazing. it feels awesome. three years since your last album, did you always plan to take a little time off or did life just get in the way a little bit? >> i think life throws in places never expected and i think i'm just a young man trying to figure it out, like everyone else, you know? >> justin, speaking musically, between "where are you now" and "what do you mean" tapping into something resonating now and
8:46 am
your first number one hit. what do you think it is? >> i'm working with great people and just focused on inspiring people with new music and what i love. >> looking forward to the new record coming out? >> yeah. yeah. >> i know you worked hard on t >> we had something a second ago, guinness world record set in our studio and the guinness folks have stuck around because they have a plaque for you right here that signifies that you now are the youngest male ever to debut at number one on the billboard hot 100 with "what do you mean." so congratulations. [ cheering ] >> thank you so much. >> now you have to do your whole show holding this. is that okay? that will be another record. >> we will hang on to it. >> justin. >> congratulations on everything. your fans want to hear more from you, so we will let you -- get off stage. take it away. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
♪ ♪ i gave you a key when the door wasn't open, just admit it ♪ ♪ see, i gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can't deny it ♪ ♪ now i'm all alone and my joy's turned to moping ♪ ♪ tell me, where are you now that i need you ♪ ♪ where are you now ♪ where are you now that i need ya ♪ ♪ couldn't find you anywhere when you broke down, i didn't leave you ♪ ♪ i was by your side so where are you now that i need ya ♪
8:48 am
♪ where are you now that i need ya ♪ ♪ where are you now that i need ya ♪ ♪ where are you knew that i need ya ♪ ♪ where are you now that i need ya ♪ ♪ i need you the most, yeah,
8:49 am
yeah ♪ ♪ ain't nobody else ♪ i gave you the shirt off my back, what you saying to keep you warm ♪ ♪ i showed you the game everybody else was playing ♪ ♪ that's for sure ♪ and i was on my knees when nobody else was praying, oh, lord ♪ ♪ hey, everybody clap your hands, come on, new york city ♪ ♪ all around the world, let's go ♪ ♪ i need you, i need you, i need you, i need you, i need you, i need you, i need you you you, i need you the most ♪ ♪ where are you now that i need
8:50 am
ya ♪ ♪ ♪ i need you the most [ cheers and applause ] >> world record holder justin bieber. much more music ahead. but first this is "today"
8:51 am
8:52 am
all right, you want some more music? ladies and gentlemen, once again, justin bieber! >> if i was your boyfriend, aid never let you go i can take you places you ain't never been before, baby, take a chance or you'll never ever know, i got money in my hands that aid really like to blow, swag, swag, swag on you ♪ ♪ chillin' by the fire while we eatin' fondue.
8:53 am
i don't know about me but i know about you, so say hello to false set toe in three, two, one ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend, never let you go ♪ ♪ keep you on my arm girl, aid never be alone ♪ ♪ i can be a gentleman, anything you want ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go ♪ ♪ i'd never let you go ♪ tell me what you like, yeah tell me what you don't, i could be your buzz lightyear, fly across the globe, i don't ever wanna fight, yeah, you already know, i'm a make you shine bright like you're flag the snow. girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend, could you be my girlfriend until the world ends, make you dance, do a spin and a twirl and voice goin' crazy on this hook like a whirlwind, swaggy. ♪ if i was your boyfriend, never let you go, ♪ ♪ keep you on my arm girl, you'd
8:54 am
never be alone ♪ ♪ i can be a gentleman, anything you want ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go ♪ ♪ i'd never let you go ♪ so give me a chance 'cause you're all i need girl ♪ ♪ spend a week with your boy, i'll be calling you my girlfriend ♪ ♪ if i was your man, i'd never leave you girl ♪ ♪ i just want to love and treat you right ♪ ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend, never let you go ♪ ♪ keep you on my arm, girl, you'd never be alone ♪
8:55 am
♪ i can be a gentleman anything you want ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend, never let you go ♪ ♪ never let you go, never, never, never, yeah, girl ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, yeah ♪ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah ♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend [ cheers and applause ] >> justin bieber. much more music ahead, but first, on a thursday morning, checking your local news and weather. i'm ... ==anim== a developing
8:56 am
story... ==topvo and a grass fire burning right now 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. we have a developing story for you this morning. it's a grass fire burning in the south bay. now, this may not look like much. we had to hunt for it, but boy is it generating a lot of smoke off weller road in the milpitas hills. four acres. firefighters say it's moving slowly, no structures threatened. happening today, a super bowl party even before the regular season nfl game is play. to get the bay area ready, san francisco hosting a free super
8:57 am
bowl 50 party at justin hermann plaza this afternoon. the rock band train and ellie goulding will both perform. had is being covered as part of tonight's kickoff game coverage ahead of the new england patriots, pittsburgh steeler matchup, which is right here on nbc bay area. more local news in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, justin bieber is back, he is hitting our concert stage for all the beliebers. then a throwback thursday to the '90s, joined by lisa loeb and coolio. and from "fifty shades of grey" to "black mass actress dakota johnson. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al rocker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a bieber thursday morning, september 10, 2015. massive crowd outside on the plaza. justin bieber putting on a show, he will do a couple more songs
9:01 am
for us as well. inside, willie, al, tamron. i'm hearing now -- >> justin bieber is coming. he has an event with some very special kids nearby, but he very well may be walking in here to say hi to us. >> here he comes. >> is this the case? >> there he is. >> yay! [ applause ] >> i'm all sweaty. >> that is oh did you a great job. fantastic. how did it feel to be back out there? >> really good. felt awesome. >> felt awesome? >> i love that they said you are back. you never left. you're justin bieber. >> i didn't really leave but i took some time to just do some soul searching for sure. >> yeah. >> i noticed you were emotional at the "vmas," a little bit again today. what is going on after those performances? >> it just feels so great to just feel the acceptance, you know? and it's not that i -- that's where i get my validation, but it just shows that, you know, they are for me, not against me and you know, you always go into situations, especially me now,
9:02 am
like just feel judged, you know? it's hard. but i'm -- i'm feeling more confident. >> you should feel love based on what we saw out there. i got see this hair up close. >> you want to see it? >> willie wants the hair. >> that's platinum. >> i think could you pull that all. >> how long did it take to do that? >> two and a half hours. >> the color? >> yeah. >> is it from bottle, did you do it? >> i didn't do it. >> it looks good. >> tell us about -- >> tell us about this make a wish event you have. i know it is important to you. >> it is. >> doing it all along. some great kids here. >> i'm just looking -- just like why i do what i do is just being able to inspire those kids and just see them smile. it feels great. >> well, we love you. thank you thanks for coming up to say hi, the kids are downstairs, you killed it the new song is the song of the summer. get it on your play list. >> song of the fall. >> yeah. >> song of the year. >> still. >> yeah, talking about later who should perform at the super bowl. would you be into it?
9:03 am
>> i would be interested. >> you or taylor swift? >> i think that would be great. >> i think that would be amazing. >> nfl, call bieber. he is available. >> i'm down. >> all right. >> youered that here first. >> thank you, guys. thank you. good to go. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> we love you. >> appreciate it. >> justin's album, by the way, new single, new album out november 13th. some fans slept overnight. >> bye, justin. >> this guy. >> he delivered pizza. >> to the fans who slept out. people get out early for justin bieber, sleep all night, he sent pizza. >> good. >> you know i'm childless, but my nieces and my nephew are like my children. can i name myself the coolest aunt? >> you just did. >> i will let her do it. maya, my niece is celebrating her 16th birthday on sunday. she missed school today in texas
9:04 am
so that she could come down and see justin bieber, but the best part, there was a power outage at her high school conveniently, so she is not missing school. >> the full day off? >> the full day off. >> you arranged for somebody to cut the cable? >> maya did. you guys, you have children, you love to share your job, whatever it is, i mean, my mom was a teacher, my dad was in the army and had them come to school and talk about what they did, you're so proud of them and so to be able to, like, you do it all the time, you get the kids in the house, the good and the bad with the kids. i just get good. that was cool. >> enjoy your time. >> she is flying back to texas for school tomorrow. >> yes. jet lag. >> jet lag. [ laughter ] >> she is thrilled to be here. >> very excited about this part. >> all right. >> after justin bieber, a little bit of let down. >> for her, a dream come true. al also had a dream come true. >> what happened? >> right?
9:05 am
>> i was in boston, weymouth, massachusetts, where they are filming the new "ghost booew gh kate mackinnon, kristen wiig, melissa mccarthy and -- >> you were in heaven. >> the rapport and relationship between these four womens, just unbelievable if that's any indication, this movie is going to be a huge hit. got to sit down with paul feig the director who is one of the most dapper dressers have ever met. >> yeah, he is. >> is he really? >> that is high praise from you. you are dazzling yourself. took incredible pictures. can't show them right now >> you can't? >> i posted them a limb too soon on my -- >> like jury duty, you tweet out at trial, you can talk about it. >> i drove the ectomobile. >> it is an operating vehicle? >> oh, yes. oh, yes. >> how does it drive? >> it drives like an old
9:06 am
cadillac hearse. >> the original? >> not the original. but nice. >> does that mean you will possibly have a cameo? >> i don't think so i don't think so. >> let's not push. >> we tried. >> we are coming to new york -- they are coming to new york to shoot some exteriors, i'm hoping to try -- >> you can be on the front of a building. >> paul, if you're listening by any chance. and then i got slimed. >> you got slimed? >> i got slimed. >> you got slimed? >> i dropped everything in a bag and dropped it by the dry cleaner. like when you you were pied by tamron. >> an army to get the stains out. >> i paid for t. >> hey, 50th anniversary, super bowl. >> it the 50th super bowl? >> its 50th. >> really? >> yes. >> seems like just yesterday the game started. anyway -- [ laughter ] >> really? just yesterday.
9:07 am
>> really? >> carson, long bowl feel. >> you just pointed out. >> i did? >> that's what al would say. back in my day. >> little lady voice. back when i -- >> grandma. >> leather helmets. >> we were talking, 'cause we made the headline, justin bieber is following perform at the super bowl, which is major but looks like it might be bruno mars again. a source telling billboard the nfl is asking bruno, who was fantastic, to perform for the super bowl halftime, 2014. i think that's too soon. >> has anybody done it twice? >> i don't know. last year -- gloria estefan. >> justin timberlake has done it. nelly. >> nelly. >> nelly, the rapper did it twice? >> a couple yocameos. >> i think taylor swift and justin. i think the two dynamic. family-friendly entertainment. >> she will do it
9:08 am
>> it is her year. like a crowning achievement. never really had a country/pop singer on. >> mine was the throwback, i want the michael jackson hologram. >> oh. >> okay. >> they did tupac, did michael jackson, the billboard awards. i just want to hear michael jackson alive. purely nostalgic. >> prince. he has a new album out, hit and run. michael jackson hologram meeting prince. >> together. >> i want to do -- i want like a best of, like an all-star concert. you get some springsteen, prince, bruno. >> a mash up. >> a mash up. beyonce. those folks together. >> never done it is coldplay, too. they would be great. >> hey. 50th anniversary of the super bowl. 30th anniversary of super mario. >> the game? >> the game. released september 13th, 1995. >> do your sons play that? >> my sons love mario. you can make your own mario game. >> custom make. >> mario or mario?
9:09 am
>> mario. >> mario? >> my dad is a mario. he is super mario. >> custom version of the game. >> does this bring you back to middle school? >> we just ran into -- >> where am i supposed to look? >> jump. jump. jump. it's jump. >> oh. i think we are frozen here. >> there you go. wait. wait. jump on the guy. >> something weird is happening. >> is it -- >> operator error. hit play. >> oh. there you go. >> jump, too. >> oh, okay. >> grew up on this, right? middle school for me. >> this is competitive natalie trying to help you out. >>? a rave, an underground rave told by the good people at nintendo. i love an underground rave. >> who doesn't? >> plus a foam party. >> happy birthday, mario. >> yes. he looks fantastic for being that old. >> he hasn't aged a day. like you, al roker. >> i feel bad about luigi. lieu ween jie, no love. luigi is the guy, in my mind. anyway, heavy showers and
9:10 am
thunderstorms, you saw them when they were out there listening to justin bieber. we are going to see more of that today, storms pushing through as the from the moves through, localized flooding, brief, gusty winds, heavy flooding in staten island yesterday, jfk, a ground stop earlier, rainfall amounts from a half an inch to three inches or more. locally, generally two inches, some three inch, not out good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. still seeing fog across parts of daly city. that fog is burning out rather quickly and temperatures are going up. we're talking 70s right now for most of the bay area. still 67 for san francisco. but later on not as hot at the coastline. 84 for san francisco today, but 90s across the rest of the bay. 92 for the peninsula. 94 for the east bay. 96 for the south bay. the north bay will top out near 100. meanwhile the tri-valley seeing another hot day with triple digits, schooling though expected by this upcoming weekend.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry. hopefully, we can put the term "songs of summer" to bed for the year as we turn to music of the fall, kanye, macklemore, justin bieber releasing music the past few months. sheefrnlts contributor editor of "rolling stone" and host of "incoming" on spotify, joe, good morning. here on great morning, just had bieber here, can't talk about music without talking about music. the comeback. >> congress passed a law. back in session. talk about -- >> you must talk about bieber. >> right? >> yes. >> new album coming out in november. what can we expect? >> i'm looking for more of the same. he is headed in this dance direction this pop r & b dance direction but really what we can expect is something justin's never had before which is some respect for his music.
9:15 am
? a guy who two years ago was making some good music but overshadowed by his personal life. now, he has had his first number one single ever and people are taking him seriously. it's a grownup justin. fans have grown up with him and fan he is never had are dancing to these songs. >> good for him. >> fantastic. >> let's move to kanye west, a little sneak peek a few months ago with "four, five seconds." >> it has been three songs, giving us sneak peeks all year long, all day, only one, all of these songs feature paul mccartney. we think the album is called "swish," we think it is coming out this year, all signs point to this. and yet, kanye hasn't confirmed. after that amazing speech on the video music awards, i think people are more hungry for this than ever. and i don't know if you notice, we were just talking about congress before, a petition on the white house website demanding that the president order kanye to release this record. yeah. moderators took that one down.
9:16 am
so, obama won't have to address this issue. >> how about this english dance duo, disclosure and sam smith? >> yeah. well, it was recently announced that the three of them have collaborated on the theme to the next james bond movie but the first thing we have is oman, this song from the new second disclosure album, disclosure did so much to make that dance pop sound that justin bieber is working on now part of our lives and this record is -- looks like it is going to be the party tape of the season. miguel is on it. the weekend. lorde. guest vocalist. and the -- the disclosure duo worked with all those artists face to face in the studio, they weren't e-mailing tracks back and forth. so, expect a really human, cool-sounding record. >> fantastic. >> mclemore and ryan lewis. your song. >> downtown. >> yeah. >> downtown. >> this -- this will be an interesting record. we have heard two songs so far, one is a song for macklemore's new daughter, the other is
9:17 am
downtown, a song about mopeds. the moped store. >> i'm expecting a more serious side to this record. macklemore has been in recovery since 2008. he had a relapse. and it was only when he got clean could he folk coup the music and get this record done. i'm looking for a very eal and interesting record from the two of them. >> how about rod stewart? >> how about rod stewart? expecting a rod stewart record from rod stewart. the two things that never change are the voice and the hair. rod -- >> ageless. >> it is a little -- >> he is 70, by the way. >> get out! >> he is 70 years old. recently. yep. yep. so -- >> think he is sexy. >> you should come on and let him know. you know, he has put out two songs from this record, the first was a fiddle and acoustic guitar song, a little bit of "maggie may" territory, the next is a rocker. the news is that vod back writing songs again, his second record of original songs that he
9:18 am
wrote. and you know what we just love a good rod stewart record. >> need him on our concert stage. rod stewart. please come. joe, thank you. great roundup of the music. up next, we have the real-life mobster story coming to the big screen with johnny depp as whitey bulger and "black mass" dakota johnson plays his girlfriend. talk to her about that and the "50 shades" sequel. >> follow me live on periscope to see what happens during our today's take breaks, right after these. (sarah) we get our speed from mom and dad. (carter) they do stuff super fast. and now they got this new kitchen -so they're even faster. (zoe) so they can help us with our free throws. (announcer) the time saving frigidaire gallery line... with a quick pre heat. a dishwasher with four times better water coverage. and smudgeproof stainless steel that resists fingerprints and cleans easily. it's meal time in no time. from start to clean. (mom) team bus is leaving! (announcer) frigidaire gallery.
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9:22 am
the highly anticipated film "black mass" tells the true story of james whitety bulger, the mobster who went from small-time crook to one of the most powerful crime bosses in boston. the film stars johnny depp and "fifty shades of grey" actress, dakota johnson who place bulger's girlfriend. check it out. >> you did not get in trouble because you punched this sneaky brat in the face. not at all. you got in trouble because you punched the sneaky brat in the face in front of other people. >> i really don't think that that's the right thing to be teaching your kid. >> and dakota is with us now. oh -- >> good morning. >> drawn into your own film. >> i didn't know that was gonna happen. [ laughter ] >> it happens a lot. >> memorized the script, they say what is it, like five days,
9:23 am
that was for "fifty shades of grey," you memorized the script in five days. >> what? >> that's what it said, on the internet. i just ran in clearly late, because i had time to go to the ladies room. i did. dakota is like what just happened here there is a line here that said that you learned your lines for "fifty shades of grey" in five days. >> all of them? i don't know where that information came from. >> on the web. on the web. >> suggesting the internet's wrong? >> can't believe everything you read on the web. >> gets it wrong. >> i do believe, because we do news that whitey bulger was captured in santa monica. >> yes. >> and that's close to home for you. >> yeah. i actually -- i went to high school in santa monica and one of the kids that was in my high school's family owned the apartment building he was living in weirdly. >> no idea the whole time who was living in that apartment? >> no. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we were talking earlier, johnny depp, we were talking with kevin bacon earlier, in the movie, unrecognizable in this
9:24 am
role, he place whitey bulger. and certainly not "people" magazine's sexiest man alive in this role. but what was it like for you to play his on-screen girlfriend and father of the child? >> so wonderful and special. i think it was such a lucky situation for me to be in to be able to work closely and intimately with i think one of the most phenomenal actors of our time. and to be a part of this project and to work with scott cooper and the entire story, it is really awesome. >> this has been an unbelievable year for now, other way to put t "fifty shades of grey," talking about how great you were on "snl." now in this big movie everyone is talking about you grew up with a little bit of hollywood spotlight around your family, but how are you coping this with this over the last year, now that it's that you's in the spotlight? >> i mean, i've been working a lot. so i'm just -- i'm -- i've been busy. i've -- it's pretty amazing. i've gotten to be in some pretty
9:25 am
incredible places with some wonderful people. so i'm just happy. >> and back to the internet -- true or false, were you in a wedding as the bridesmaid earlier this year? >> yes. >> who was the bride? >> my best friend, reilly. >> and she happens to be the granddaughter of elvis. you are not on social media but you are on instagram. true or false? >> that is true. that is true. [ laughter ] >> very excited about t >> "fifty shades of grey" five days not true, thank you, dakota, for setting the record straight. straight. and "black mass" opens september what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners', multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham.
9:26 am
i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. 9 clvrn 26. i'm scott mcgrew. four people are in the hospital after an early morning fire on anchor drive. this video from a helmet camera shows how bad it was when crews arrived. it destroyed two homes and damaged others. firefighters say they are looking as to whether this may have started in the garage. investigators say an electrical problem is to blame for a fire that burned a limo on a south bay freeway. the fire started as the limo was traveling on 880 last night near the stevens creek exit in san jose next to valley fair mall. the hummer was carrying memre)m of the band red dragon cartel featuring an ex-guitarist from ozzy
9:27 am
oz ozzy os born. new inroads when it comes to transportation options. mercury news reports transportation commissioners are recommending the city lose rules when it comes to electric bikes and scooters. right now their use is restricted. also seek to lower the legal age for using motorized scooters from 16 to 12. city council members will have to talk about creating a new ordinance to make that happen. look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28 the time. still seeing fog across parking lots of the golden gate bridge this morning but that is clearing slowly. meaning for a cooler day at the coastline, but still hot. just not as bad. temperatures very comfortable right now. mid-70s for the rest of the bay area. by this afternoon expect 90s across the entire bay area with the exception of the coastline. notice san francisco today only up to 84. so coming down from the 90s like we saw yesterday. but still a scorcher of a day for the rest of us. 104 north bay, near that for the south bay and triple digits for the tri-valley.
9:29 am
let's check the commute now. anthony, this is video from chopper just a few minutes ago over lucas valley road. that's why it's closed. that rig and the overturned trailer. 14,000 gallons of paint down the ravine and now two tow trucks trying to get it back on the roadway so they can clear it. back to the map off highway 101 at lucas valley road. this is slower drive for 101 but that's clearing and it's clear of that crash. meanwhile jam down the east shore freeway but we still have that crash as treasure island, just cleared from lanes. still slow as a result. rest of the bay tough drive into and through the south bay. mike, thanks. more local news in half an hour. see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. drivers in arizona are on edge after shots were fired on at least ten cars in the last two weeks. officials are warning there may be more than one shooter, and they say they have no suspects, as of yet. the incidents have all taken place on or near interstate 10 in phoenix. one young girl was injured by flying glass. police worry the sniper incidents may turn deadly. parts of japan are being hit with devastating flooding following two days of heavy rain. at least two people are missing. some 170,000 have been evacuated. helicopters flying over neighborhoods north of tokyo, rescuing people from the roofs of their homes. contaminated water at tokyo's fukushima power plant leaked
9:31 am
into the ocean. the flooding was triggered by two feet of rain. the cdc and fda are investigating a salmonella outbreak from imported cucumbers. two deaths and affected more than 340 people in 30 states. earlier this month, all cucumbers. >> reporter: they were sold under mexico. cucumbers grown and packaged in the u.s. are not believed to be part of the outbreak. if you have a hard time remembering pass words, help may be coming. mastercard has a new program they're testing. the idea is to allow card holders to verify purchases by sending a selfie and using scans. mastercard employees are running test trials for the next month or so. amazon is getting into the restaurant business. the company now is starting its own restaurant delivery service to amazon prime members in parts
9:32 am
of seattle. users can order food from dozens of restaurants by using the prime now app. delivery will be free for a limited time, but don't forget to tip your delivery man. as forget to tip your delivery man, as we same a check of the weather right now from mr. rocker and tip your weatherman, too. >> that's right. never forget that nat, thanks so much. tomorrow, wet weather, northern new england, great lakes from the gulf coast showers, southwest, western third of the country looking pretty sunny and toasty. as we move on into saturday, cooler weather from the central plains into the great lakes. wet weather moving to the northeast, mid-atlantic states down into florida, western third of the country, again, sunny and hot. then sunday, sunday, rain continues in the northeast. hit or miss thunderstorms through the gulf coast. windy out in the central lynns and the sunshine continues out west, although much good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony
9:33 am
slaughter. still seeing that fog across the coastline, so we're looking at 50s and 60s right now. but in san jose it is nice and sunny and temperatures are warm already in the 70s. you can see from our mt. hamilton time lapse this morning a few high thin clouds out there but it's going to be a nice hazy sunny day for the rest of us. temperatures again very comfortable, not all that bad but we're headed to see another hot day. mid-90s for the peninsula. not as hot at the coastline, san francisco seeing temperatures in the mid-80s. >> and that is your latest weather. so they are two names synonymous with music from the '90s, with i we love. that is our flow. coolio and lisa loeb. >> for throw back thursday, we thought it would be fun to catch one the two stars, both performing the a big event this weekend here in new york. but first, a walk down multiplatinum memory lane. lisa loeb and coolio have rocked the charts since they burst onto the scene in the 1990s.
9:34 am
loeb's song "stay, i missed you" reigned for three weeks on the billboard hot 100 in 1994 and earned a grammy no, ma'am nails for best pop performance by a duo or group. >> and i wanted to tell you, i said i love you. >> the some was featured in the movie "reality bites" and the music involves a directed by the film's star, ethan hawke. ♪ >> coolio's "gangsta's paradise" ruled the air waves in 1995, becoming billboard's number one song for the year and earning him a grammy for best rap solo performance. >> learning. >> the triple platinum-selling single was released in conjunction with the film "dangerous minds" stars michelle pfeiffer. while lisa and coolio ruled the '90s, they continue entertaining us today, new ventures, appearances in films and of course, new music. and coolio and lisa l owe. b are here with us right now. so psyched to have you guys
9:35 am
here. >> thank you. >> play a little game in a second. coolio, you are like this chef maven, big youtube shock the cookbooks, life is good for you. >> it's all right. can't complain. >> all right. >> and you flipped the entire career with children's music and new album, nursery rhymes. >> i have a record coming out with amazon in october. and grown-up records as well. just making a lot of music and touring. >> you have an eyewear line. >> yes, i have an eyewear line available at a lot of different stores and costco as well. >> we're going to test your knowledge of the '90s. >> men against the women. >> whoever slaps their little slapper around their wrist. >> this is our wristband to get in the club. gr we're going to start in 1994. no one set more teenage hearts aflutter in 1994 that jordan catalono on my so called life.
9:36 am
>> a chance to seal. >> i don't -- >> johnny depp, leonardo dicaprio. >> it's jared leto. >> none of us got it. lisa got it. >> two, 1996, backstreet boys put our their self-titled debut launching the boys from the '90s. tell me which one did not exist. boy zone, all for one, boytown, lfo. >> lfo. >> no. >> boy bound. >> yeah. >> no, boy town. >> boy town. nobody got that one. >> clearly, just babies in the '90s. >> okay, 1990 or perhaps a decade better "pretty woman" earning julio roberts her second golden globe in a row.
9:37 am
what was the name of her character? >> no options? >> nobody. vivian. >> it was vivian. >> you guys are doing great. >> were you alive in the '90s. >> we were babies. >> name the 1998 show that featured this four characters. jen leery, joey potter. >> dawson's creek. >> dawson's creek. >> team guys get that one. >> 1997, before series, smartphones and an app for that came these digital pets which came in -- >> pocket pets. >> no. >> okay. name these popular japanese toys. >> oh, oh. >> no. >> back to you guys. >> beanie babies. >> pockets pets. >> no. you guys are worthless. all right.
9:38 am
coolio, lisa loeb. '90s fest held in brooklyn this saturday. by the way, here's the prize that goes to the team guys. >> because we got one right. >> beanie babies. there you go. beanie babies. >> everybody gets beanie babies. >> meanest game show host ever. >> up next, last night's big winner. gives us a taste of his stand-up routine after these messages. >> i'm sorry. >> those were too hard. >> i don't write them. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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protein from yogurt? yeah, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. dannon oikos triple zero. ♪ dannon last night, nbc's hit show, "last comic standing," crowned its season nine champion and the winner was the hilarious clayton english who had everyone rolling during the finally. take a look. >> i see y'all in here. we got some cougars. i see the cougars. yeah, like y'all colorings, you just have to make adjustments. they not gonna say the cool slang that you used to. they just know the slang from back in they day. you might get in the room with her and she look at you, like, all right, now, take off them britches. britches? wait a minute. [ applause ] what are we doing? >> claim the, congratulations. >> man, thank you so much.
9:43 am
thank you so much. thank you for having me here. >> just to win is something in itself, but the idea that most comedians hone their material over weeks, months, you had to come up with new stuff every week. >> yeah. yeah. luckily, i got a lot in the chamber, 'cause i have been doing it for a little while, i got a lot of jokes ready, every week, want to make sure you hit them with your hardest stuff. >> so you get the $250,000, which i'm sure you got great plans for, but where do you go from here? >> we are going on tour, so the top five comedians, we all gonna do a tour for three months from september to december. so, we gonna be in your local city make sure you come check us out. >> busy. >> any struggling comic, you have done it all, you have been a wear the, you have worked at ikea a car dealership? >> yes. yes. yes. put that on the paper? >> put that on the paper. you think i knew it? >> circus act, right? >> yeah, i woulded with the circus for a little bit. that was a little rough. but it was cool. >> you got something you got planned us. take it away. >> let's do it. >> clayton english. >> the stage is yours.
9:44 am
>> all right. let's do it. you know what time it is, man. i'm never up this early. um, i want to go ahead and get some stuff out of the watch let's get rid of a few phrases that make sense anymore. i don't like when people choke on something and say it went down the wrong pipe. no it didn't, it's your throat, you choked. no sewage system in your esophagus, you not a row bolt. i don't like when people say you can't have your cake and eat it, too. yes, you can. that's the only way you can have cake what type of cruel person brings a cake and won't let you eat it? also. there's more than one way to skin a cat. hey, hold on, grand marks don't tell met first way and why do you knee knowledge? that is knowledge only a serial killer should have. and last but not least, i think this is the one that really needs to go, um, one monkey don't stop the show. yes, it does f a monkey comes in here right now, this show over until we get a handle on this monkey, man. thank you all. clayton english.
9:45 am
appreciate t. >> thank you. >> man, thank y'all. thank y'all so much. >> the cake, i've always wondered about the cake thing. >> what does that mean? >> i want cake. >> who brings a cake and let's you sit it there, other than ms. hav haversham from "great expectations quick "shout out to my english lit teacher. appreciate it. up next, a little rain couldn't stop justin bieber from taking our concert stage. he performs i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. visit today. because you never know when it will happen you've decided to work in a cubicle.
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taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> one of the biggest pop stars in the world, justin bieber, has been rock our stage. his song you hear now is number one on the billboard hot 100. >> now, here is justin bieb we are an acoustic version of his hit song "baby."e we are an acoustic version of his hit song "babyr we are an acoustic version of his hit song "babywe an acoustic ve hit song "baby." ♪ i know you love me, i know you care ♪ ♪ just shout whenever and i'll
9:50 am
be there ♪ ♪ you are my love, you are my heart ♪ ♪ and we will never ever ever be apart ♪ ♪ are we an item ♪ girl quit playing ♪ we're just friends what are you saying ♪ ♪ say there's another and look right in my eyes ♪ ♪ my first love broke my heart for the first time and i was like ♪ ♪ bay, baby, oh ♪ like baby, baby, baby no ♪ i'm like baby, baby, baby ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ oh, for you i would have done whatever, and i just can't believe we ain't together ♪ ♪ and i gotta play it cool, but i'm losin' you ♪ ♪ i'll buy you anything, i'll buy you any ring ♪ ♪ and i'm in pieces, baby fix me ♪ ♪ and just shake me till you
9:51 am
wake me from this bad dream i'm going down, down, down, down ♪ ♪ and i just can't believe my first love won't be around ♪ ♪ and i'm like, baby, baby, baby oh ♪ ♪ like baby, baby, baby oh ♪ and i'm like, baby, baby, baby oh ♪ ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ when i was 13, i had my first love ♪ ♪ there was nobody that compared to my baby and nobody came between us or could ever come above ♪ ♪ she had me going crazy, oh, i was star struck ♪ ♪ she woke up me up daily, don't need no starbucks ♪ ♪ she made my heart pound, it skipped a beat when i see her in the street and at school on the playground but i really wanna see her on the weekend ♪ ♪ she shows she got me dazing 'cause she was so amazing ♪ ♪ and now my heart is breaking but i just keep on saying ♪
9:52 am
♪ baby, baby, baby oh ♪ i'm like baby, baby, baby no ♪ i'm like baby, baby, baby i thought you'd always be mine, mine ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, now i'm all gone, gone, gone ♪ ♪ i'm gone [ cheers and applause ] >> justin bieber, acoustic. justin, thanks. one more song for kathie lee and cod hoda as the show rolls
9:53 am
9:54 am
hi, everybody.
9:55 am
>> getting a little of my bling off. >> yes. >> she has had body bling on. >> what is body bring? the bronzer? >> makes they are skin glow. it's gone. craig ferguson, jason kennedy, justin bieber and bonnie hammer with us. >> drop the hammer. >> hammer time. >> we call him hammer timeb around here. uh-huh. that's the way we call it >> it's all gone now. >> not really. still between her fingers. >> first your local i'm ... ==anim== a developing
9:56 am
story... ==topvo== crews are at the scene of an overturned big-rig in the north bay that spilled tho 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a developing story. crews at the scene of an overturned big rig in the north bay that spilled thousands of gallons of paint. this happened about 6:30 this morning on lucas valley road in marin valley. the driver not injured. deputies say both directions of
9:57 am
the road will be closed for quite some time. well, let's take a look at weather with anthony. >> good morning to you, scott. in fact, temperatures warming big time across inland valleys. 70s for most of the bay in fact hitting now 84 at livermore. san francisco. you can see view from ocean beach fog started to make its way out of here but seeing sunshine at the golden gate. 84 for a high today in san francisco. 100 for the north bay. expecting triple digits for the tri-valley. temperatures mid-90s with peninsula in the low 90s. let's check the drive now. traffic for the nimts compressed from fremont jammed fromñi dakota toward 237 but starting to moveñi betterçó now. northbound routes easing through san jose. that's good news. it was a tough drive for a short period of time. an earlier crash at treasure island clear. still very slow down the east shore freeway richmond to the berkeley curve and across the t.i. that's the slowest drive. and lucas valley road is a
9:58 am
problem. 101, scott that rig showed, still overturned going to take hours to clear that. mike, thank you. more local news coming up in a half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is thirsty thursday, everybody. it's september 10th. >> already? >> that is "feel it" which we can't hear, apparently. a lot of excitement around here. >> i had bad hair three times today. >> you kept going out for the bi biebster. >> the plaza was packed with screaming kids -- >> and one middle-aged woman.


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