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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 10, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ oh, oh ♪ waitin' all day for sunday night ♪ >> al: sunday night, it's the season number ten. volkswagen post game report, we'll break it down and take a look ahead to sunday night in arlington, texas. >> cris: looking forward to hearing carrie, too. kind of missed her, too. we don't get it on thursday night. >> al: not part of her deal. from the 46. roethlisberger deep shot, deep pass and into traffic. it's incomplete. three patriots converging on markus wheaton, second down and
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ten. >> cris: devin mccourty right there and devin mccourty was one of those guys in high demand. lot of people interested in him. patrick chung. there's mccourty. mccourty converted over from a corner, but one of things you always worry about taking a corner to a safety position is how they tackle. boy, he had some one on ones that he had to make against marshawn lynch in the super bowl and he managed to get him on the ground. it was impressive. >> al: ben dumps it over the middle. trying to get out of bounds and unable to do it is heyward-bey. bradley fletcher corralling him. clock keeps running. 1:40 left. >> cris: i think having to switch sides of the field, you know, lot of times in the hurry-up offense, you don't see those guys having to go back and forth. they just get wherever.
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that's eating up a lot of clock. >> al: ton of time off the clock. third down and eight. and ben will convert this to brown making the catch, inside the patriots 40 for a first down. and a time-out taken. >> referee: 30-second time-out. >> al: by the steelers. so it's opening night, game one of 256. another big night for brady, starts the year with four tded. gronkowski catching three of those passes. meanwhile, deangelo williams great job with the suspension of le'veon bell. >> cris: pretty remarkable really. there's a guy that the last two years more catches than anybody in the national football league. slight guy. big smile. very pleasant to be around.
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>> al: sixth-round draft choice back in 2010 out of central michigan. and ben sends one deep down the sideline and that is caught but a flag is thrown back behind the line of scrimmage. that will stop the clock with 1:10. >> cris: you've got one player for the patriots, ja ball sheerd with his helmet off. i don't know if somebody knocked it off. >> referee: hands to face, number 68 offense. ten-yard penalty, first down. >> al: that's the left tackle kelvin beachum. >> cris: take a look. 68 right there on your screen he definitely hit the helmet but kind of as he was going down, you know what i mean? looks like he sort of slipped on the play and then takes away this. which would have given the steelers a chance.
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>> al: glancing blow but -- doy. >> cris: still yelling. >> al: first and 20 from the 49 yard line. four-man rush and roethlisberger is all he can do to hold on to it. another helmet. sheard, that's the second play in a row. and he gets credit for the sack. >> cris: he doesn't need a helmet. going to come right around the end here. that's a pretty good pass protector throughout in kelvin beachum too. look at the way he uses his hands. they have been working a lot with his technique here. they think physically he has all the tools and they can just upgrade that technique a little bit. he's going to be scary. >> al: he goes to miller. heath adds to his collection of catches over the year, near the top of the charts. >> referee: first time-out, pittsburgh. 30-second time-out.
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>> al: 27, got 18 so still third down and nine. brady most wins as a starting quarterback for one team. 160. and favre with 160, but tonight add one in 27 official seconds and it will put him atop that leaderboard. >> cris: and heath miller now the second all-time leading receiver, passes john stallworth tonight with eight catches. ways to go to get to hines ward, though. >> al: yeah. our man, hines. an even thousands. third and nine. ben dancing and throws and that's incomplete. setting up fourth down. intended there for wheaton. so new england will start the year with a victory.
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they will go to buffalo next week. of course that means rex ryan. there's robert kraft, the owner of this team. bought them in the mid '90s. has watched them go to seven super bowls. four wins, three losses. >> cris: no denying what that guy has done for this organization. >> al: and for the league itself. fourth down and nine from the 38 yard line. and roethlisberger escaping, looking, firing and it's caught at the 22 yard line for a first down and will take a time-out. one other thing about rob kraft, just to bring it up. i asked him about his relationship with roger goodell. he has always been goodell's biggest booster among the owners. you know, it's a two-sided thing. he has to wear two hat. one as the owner of this team,
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he hates what happened over the last seven months. hates it. thinks it was unnecessary. on the other hand, kraft is so important owner because he is on the television committee, the relocation, finance all of the rest that he and goodell have to do a lot of business together on that end. talk about compartmentalizing things that's what kraft has to do. >> cris: let's face it, there's a lot of pressure from a lot of people around the league who think the patriots don't always play by the rules. so the minute something came up, it was, hey, you got to go get these guys now. this is not right. this is once again spygate and all that stuff. so it has been a strange political mix this year for the national football league. >> al: and roethlisberger throwing, caught, stops the clock. weirdly enough for people who are just tangentially interested in the game, they may be more interested in what's happened off the field than on the field. >> cris: not me. >> al: not me either. >> cris: i could not wait for it to end.
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>> al: we're not quite tangential. >> cris: yeah. i don't want to get into the legal side of it. we'll be up until 1:00 a.m. in the morning reading that whole legal thing. didn't really get to the facts of the case. it was all about due process and lack of notice and all of that stuff. that's what i said. [ snoring sound ] >> al: roethlisberger and that is caught by brown for a touchdown. might make a couple of people happy in a minute here because malcolm butler gets beaten. makes it an eight-point game for the moment. couple of things that will be in play here right now. >> cris: malcolm butler, just dead perfect position. maybe used up all his luck in the super bowl, but couldn't have been in a better spot looking at the ball and somehow it missed his hands. >> al: speak about tangentially
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interested, there are a few people more than tangentially interested right now. you know what i mean. >> cris: no idea. >> al: here is scobee. and that created a few ooh's and awes over the country. >> cris: i don't need you to get me in trouble. i can do it on my own. >> al: me, too. that's a seven-point game with two seconds remaining in the game. brown and butler going head toe head. >> cris: antonio brown made his plays. when you lose darrelle revis and you lose one of your guys that wasn't a starter in the super bowl that you say go cover one of the best wide receivers in the game, i don't know that bill belichick would go, that's one sided at all. i'll take that effort tonight from malcolm butler and that one, of course, the touchdown ends up really in garbage time
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at the end of the game. >> al: not bgarbage time for some. one way to keep an audience. i know that. two seconds remaining. red zone faux pa were big. >> cris: really you take the two missed field goals and the blown chance from the one yard line, that's the difference in the game right now. >> al: uh-huh. that one drive after they cut it to ten that bogged down. got a little on side kick here. gronkowski will be there and that will do it. so the season has opened with a victory by the super bowl champions. never trails. tom brady, four touchdowns
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another big night 25 out of 32 for 288 was brady tonight. julian edelman, caught 11. gronkowski caught three touchdown passes. michele on the field. we'll have tony rodney and hines break it all down. volkswagen report coming up next.
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>> announcer: welcome back to the villanueva pa sat post game report. here now bob costas. >> in a constant rain in foxborough, the patriots begin defense of their reign as super bowl champions for the 28-21 quinn over the steelers. tom brady 25 of 32 for 288 yards and four touchdowns. three of them caught by rob gronkowski. brady declined an interview. he gets a game ball. so too does gronkowski. gronk is with michele tafoya. >> michele: bob, thanks. rob, on a night when this place was full of emotions because of tom brady, because of the last year's super bowl championship, you score three touchdowns. let's talk about the first. you look across the line. no one is there. what are you thinking? >> just a play we work on. we just saw going fast with the offense. everyone is on the same page. tom saw me open real quick. he threw it. he made a great throw. i had to make the catch. there's really no one on me.
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make the catch and mange the play. great overall job by the offense getting set and ready. >> michele: tom brady close to perfect tonight. what does this performance tell you about him? >> he was an unbelievable performer tonight. he is our leader. he is a great player and it's fun to play with him. i have to give huge credit to our offensive line men. we had three rookies throughout. they played their butts off tonight and did an excellent job and same with our tackle. so it was just a great overall team win. our defense played well and our offense came together and did great. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >> thank you very much. >> michele: bob. >> michele, thanks. tony rodney and hines are here. rodney, let's start with you. tom brady is generally excellent. as you said before the game, if there's some kind of challenge in front of him, he is better yet. >> i felt like tom brady did a really wonderful job of controlling his emotions and playing with poise. a lot of times when you have a game like this, with everything that he has gone through, coming in here, it's easy for him to
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get overexcited and try to do too much. i thought he did a great job of playing within himself. >> on the flip side, the steelers in their own way had the same challenge, not to be affected by the atmosphere here tonight. how do you think they did? >> mike tomlin was worried about the young defenders being overwhelmed by the moment and the patriots knew that. they had a great game plan. they moved rob gronkowski around. spread formation, got him open, pittsburgh made several mistakes and that definitely hurt them. >> hines, your old team moved the ball. roethlisberger was 26 of 38. for better than 350 yards. but they couldn't quite get it done. what do they take away from this game? >> you have to be encouraged coming into this game minus three key starters. put up over 450 yards total offense. on the defensive side, just clean up the communication issues in the secondary. the steelers will be fine this year. >> all right, guys. thanks. that's part of the story from down on the field. when we come back, al and cris will wrap it up from
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>> announcer: welcome back to the villanueva passat post game report. here now al michaels and cris collins worth. >> much anticipated opener, the new england patriots off to a good start. win 28-21. we'll see the cowboys on sunday night. the first game of the tenth season of the "sunday night football." lot going on in dallas. demarco murray leaving. they've got greg hardy but he is suspended for the first few games of season. what do you think of the cowboys a t this point? >> will they run the football the same way they did a season ago. joseph randle, darren mcfadden, those guys will be asked to take over. everybody talks about dallas's offensive line and they certainly were great a season ago. so we'll find out if these other guys can run the exact same way
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that demarco murray did. >> we'll see eli manning. he has odell beckham on the other side of the passing game. >> how would you like to be the banker for the manning family. >> i would like that a lot. looking forward to seeing odell beckham. >> he is a true soourp star. he will do it again. he is fast and comes out of the breaks probably better than anybody i've watched on film. he is that good. >> that's sunday night. become a sunday night tradition. it's the giants and cowboys from arlington, texas. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. tonight show starring jimmy fallon at midnight eastern time. now it's al michaels for cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our entire gang, back once again happy to bring you nfl football. season under way, pats win. see you sunday. ♪
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i'm still shaken up, talking about it. this special ease addition of nbc bay area news, exclusive video of a limo fire, and how the driver helped the rock band inside escape those flames. good evening, everybody. >> we're on in primetime, part of our opening night coverage of the nfl. let's get you caught up on the headlines. only on northbound, the fire near valley fair mall. a hummer on fire. we speak to the band members who scrambled to safety during rush hour. how did they get out? and how did this all start? peggy bunker was in the area, and the band plays on.
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>> the red dragon cartel band said all kinds of crazy things happen out on the road, however seeing the limo dissolve in flames has meat them grateful for their lives. in an exclusive video given to you by the driver of the hummer limo, you can see the car engulfed in flames, smoke billows over the highway. band members tell me it all started after one of them tried to fix the air conditions. >> i couldn't see them through the haze. >> the lead singer says they were traveling on i-280 near the stevens creek exit, and they smelled motor vehicle -- smoke. >> he feared his passengers would get trapped in the car by autolock doors, and told everyone to get out. i had my finger on the unlock button. when you go to certain miles on the car, it automatically lox.
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locks. that was my concerned, so they could get out right away. >> one door did jam, but all six escaped. not a second too soon. >> and the whole thing was up in flames in three minutes? completely done. >> they're not done, though, they're purchase performing at the rock bar at 10:00. we're heading into the weekend. the big question is when do we get a break from the heat? as we speak, the fog is rolling in, but is it enough? there is a live look. for some the sweltering heat is over, but not for everyone. we bring in jeff ray neranieri. how hot will it bev? >> today again very hot, that fog is rolling in, it's dropping temperatures 2 to 7 degrees from san francisco down to half moon bay. that would impact or temperatures for friday not as
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hot as it was today. 100 in morgan hill, and there's some cooling in san francisco, temperatures expected in the 70s. to the north bay, east bay and also tri-valley. hottest weather no down in the tri-valley, anywhere from 100 to 103. napa expecting 101. let's take you to the cooling we expect by saturday and sunday. it will be above average, but definitely more enjoyable than the past four days. we'll look at a high of 90 in the south bay on saturday, san francisco low 70s. for the tri-valley 93. we have the possibility of some thunderstorms this weekend. we'll break it down in our 11 p.m. show. from berkeley to the white house, presidential praise for a legendary local chef. president obama giving alice waters the national humanities waters. she's not only the founder and owner of chez panisse, but also
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with with starting the founding program. president obama praised her approach to holistic eaten. she is the focus of "bay area revelations" a special show that's next, so you don't want to miss that. lots of interesting things for all you foodies. and remember, we'll be back at 11:00. thanks for joining us here on this special fool edition. see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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[music] lou giraudo: the food scene in san francisco is real, and i think it's honest. david kinch: it's a great place to be if you like food and wine. michael mina: you cannot find a better city to be a chef. alice waters: if you eat beautiful, real food, and you understand where that comes from, and that you're really nourished by it, and you think differently about the world. [music]


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