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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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station in san francisco that's ringing that bell today at 6:03 our time is when the second tower was struck. we take a moment now to remember the victims.
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just to today on a friday morning. it doesn't matter how many years removed we are from 2001. >> it's seared into our hearts. that's the former ground zero,
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now of course one world trade staging the stands there. in washington, d.c. there will be commemorations at the pentagon, of course, and in wen shanksville, pennsylvania, where we continue to reme flight 93 went down. we'll have it we'll continue to remember this >> let us turn to politics we'll have that covered. a busy morning in the a busy morning in the e pre. presidential race.viceresident d vice president joe biden making headline new headlines for what he's he ab saying about a possible run or he's n maybe even what he's not saying. plus our first look at the plus a look at the line-up for the lineup for the next republican debate.e we'll get to that in a moment.d. first peter alexander has mor first, peter alexander has more on the vice president. on the vice president. peter, good morning to peter, good morning to >> reporter: good morning to you. this l >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. con this late night conversation v re with the vice president was rk remarkably raw. candid it was candid. and certainly deeply personal it was certainly deeply personal. was biden's first this was biden's first television television interview, his most h in-depth and emotional comments in depth and emotional comments since losing his son to brain cancer in since losing his son beau to ma. brain cancer in may. "the late man on the "late show" late next i president --
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thursday, the man next in line >> be careful what to be president -- -- be carefu. what you wish for. >> reporter: talk about what's next in line for him..what next >> i'm going t >> i'm going to get in trouble.. i think you i feel it coming. should run fo president again. i'll i think you should run for president again and i'll be your vice president. vice president. >> reporter: during an emotional >> reporter: during the conversation for the third time emotional conversa in as many weeks, biden on bide suggested he may not have the heart suggested he may not have the r heart for another presidential run. another >> i don't think any man or pr run. >> woman should run for president unless they can look at the i woman should run for folks out there and say, i pre unless they can look at folks and say, i promise you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy. i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> reporter: biden spoke about suffering and service and the struggle this summer after losing his son beau. >> he said, dad, i know how much you love me. so you have to promise me you're going to be all right. i don't know what it was about him. he had this enormous sense of empathy. >> sounds like you loved him. >> oh, geez. >> at times the host seemed
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ready to give biden the colbert bump. >> i think your experience, your example of suffering and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race. i think we would be happy if you did run. >> reporter: but the democratic race hasn't slowed down without biden. bernie sanders surging past hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire surprising even the senator himself. >> could you see yourself being president of the united states? >> increasingly, yes. >> reporter: still, clinton remains focused on the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> if it's all the same to you sh mr. trump, i would rather you stopped cherishing women and started stopped cherishing women and pe. started respecting women.r: in a >> reporter: and earlier in le than capacity crowd. one reporter ohio, a less than capacity twe exactly a crowd, one reporter tweeting, p not exactly a passed out.acked . but what keeps showing up is the what does keep showing up, e-mail clinton's e-mail controversy. c. a former the former staff department sto maintain her private server
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staffer who clinton personally from the house benghazi paid to maintain her private comm server declined to answer a new national poll overnight show questions from the benghazi cls committee. support among democrats has clinton's support among droppe. more democrats has now dropped to 37%.worrisome is she lost her advantage in potential hea more worrisome for her d to head match-ups against supporters, she's lost her republicans like ben carson and jeb bush. as for the biden interview advantage in head to head perhaps no one was better suited to do it with th matchups against ben carson and sa jeb bush.w than stephen colbert. he lost his stephen colbert lost his father brothers in and two brothers in a plane a e crash 21 years ago today. crash years ago today. >> peter, thank you very much. >> let's bring in mark halpern. good morning. >> good morning. >> the tea leaf readers are dissecting every wor let's bring in mark hallperin. said. he s joe biden came right out and he said he's not sure he's there yet, that he can make the yet, that he can make the full commitment to runnin commitment to running. do you think's bluffing? you th? >> he's more inclined than >> no, i think's more inclined before than before.that's the sense i . that's the sense i get. what? >> >> more inclined to what? >> to run. to run. three things were on three things were on display.sp.
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first of all, the incredible first of all, the incredible lj life of joe biden.den. second, this is the most second, this is the most wide open wide-open presidential race, p. joe bi there's moment there for joe biden. possibility of being president. he can see the possibility of f and the personal moment for being president. him now. does his son's death finally, his son's death, does more want to run to it make him more want to run to legacy, the dream both fulfill the legacy, the dream had of one of them that both bidens. being presiden one of them being president? to? >> or is it too much now? >> he saw it differently than we saw it. we did. >> you could read it any >> i think you could read it anu wanted to. way you wanted to read it. you said you said something remarkable.i ra you said this is a wide-open ig race, including on the on the democratic democratic side, something no s one would have said one would have said six months ago. months ago. this speaks to this speaks to hillary clinton's sagging poll sagging poll numbers, not just . not just joe biden but others thinki joe biden, but others ng i coulo potentially looking at this and race thinking, i could get into this race. in new york. major league >> look what he did yesterday i. not just on colbert and that new york, major league incredible, touching thing, but performance, not just colbert, but talking about violence talo against women, talking about at minimum wage. women, joe biden is ready to be minim. he's president, and he feels he wouls be a better president than
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hillary clinton. he get the org >> can he get the organization togeth together, can he raise the kind will take to win the of money it would take to win and an election. >> for the nomination and the election >> for his decision, it's all about the personal. personal. can he devote t can he devote, as he said, the ? attention to it. can win it on e he can win this on the debate stage, i believe. debate stage, i believe. he's a great debater. he's great he doesn't need her organizatio. he doesn't n or her fundraising.eed her fund he'll never get it. raising. he'll never get it. if but if she is threatened by shd bernie sanders, if she is by b sanders, if she's threatened by the public hrea thinking, democrats worried d ds she's not the right person, he can win.n. the right person he can win. >> there is a lot >> stand by there, mark. to tal wi there's a lot to talk about on . we know w the republican side, too.ho wil the next gop debate. things we now who is going to take par. hallie jackson has the in the next gop debate. story. good morning to you. haley jackson has that side of the story.morning. it's >> reporter: good morning, guys fiorina will be on the main stage it's now confirmed that carly fiorina will be on the main at sharing it with donal stage next week, sharing it with this i donald trump, expected to be th time first time the two come face to since he face since he insulted her insa appearance, even though trump now claims he wasn't talking h talking about her looks at all. under about her looks at all. attack , under attack from donald trump,
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carly fiorina is bar carly fiorina is barely blinking. blinking. >> i reall >> i really don't spend a lot of ti time worrying about what donald trump thinks about trump thinks about my looks. my. >> reporter: trump was quoted i saying whi rolling stone saying, while wan tv, look at that watching fiorina on tv, "look a. would anyone vote for that face, would anyone vote for that?"?">> there is so much abo and very littl >> it says so much about him an. this i very little about me. part of a. this is part of a pattern wheres he says things and tries to an to explain explain why he said them. why h. >> reporter: trump insists he >> reporter: the explanation now?wasn't talking about her fa trump insists he wasn't talkingr about fiorina's face. persona. >> i'm talking about her persona. skeptical. >> the remark was about >> the remark was about her persona? and not her persona. >> it goes >> it all goes hand in hand.andn >> reporter: late thursday, ha >> reporter: trump said he's giving supporters trump bluntly acknowledged he's want. >> many comments are made just giving his supporters what they want. entertainer. >> reporter: trump is up >> many of those comments are over ben carson made as an entertainer. >> reporter: ben carson is whoo tamp down a tiff with the rival telling the trying to tamp down a tiff with apologizes if trump took offense his rival, telling the to his rn washington post he apologizes i
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adding he doesn't want trump took offense at his recen into remarks on religion. gladiator . perhaps a truce for the top two. perhaps a truce but not for but not for a frequent trump colbert. frequent target. >> stephen colbert said, let's talk about the big orange talk about the big orange elephant in elephant in the room. the room. >> reporter: overnight, jeb bus >> reporter: overnight, jeb bush taking taking a shot, then deduction. >> that's a >> that's humor, donald. don't tweet. please. donald. don't tweet. go to sleep. please. please. go >> reporter: bush, one of a to. number of presidential >> repor trump's com candidates criticizing trump's tweeting the country deserves better. comments about fiorina, tweetedt out, "the country deserves better."."time trump said somet controversial about a woman but it doesn't seem to hurt this isn't the first time trumph primary voters. has said something controversiam about women.ark on that point. >> it's interesting about trumpt he's supposed to be the straigh. he talker in the race. says this at he says this about carly carly fiorina's fiorina's face. face. it seems capable of one it seems capable of only one interpretation. interpretation. now he yet now he's saying, no, i was g talking about her persona. about her persona. either you're a straight talker either you are a straight talke or you aren't. or you can't. >> you can be >> you can be offended by what he said. yo he said as some people are.can t
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you can point to the notion that the explanation isn't credible. but he's got maybe his explanation is of the he's got one third of the vote vote now nationally in many now, nationally in many key ke states in a 17-person field. states, in a 17-person field. he's said these things he's said these things before, . it hasn't hurt him. and it hasn't hurt's the. it's not a mistake t finally, that's the trump brand him off t that's not a mistake that takesg him off his message.e. that's what his supporters like. >> when you that's what his supporters like and you have jeb bush, scott >> in some ways, yesterday you walker, bobby had jeb bush, scott walker, jin fiorina carly fiorina, all firing out ae trump, they're putting him are putting him whe exactly where he likes to be, t trump against the >> center of attention and he's a >> he's a brawler. brawler. i asked his top these another thing people like worried about i asked his top aides, are you thing? they laughed worried about this carly fiorina thing? this is what he wants. they laughed at me. as long as he's the c this is what he wants.enter of attention, fighting people say, as long as he's fighting. yeah, i wish he didn't say i people pete ameet people who the time, yeah, i wish he him. one-third of the vote wouldn't say things like that, who's never run for office in a but i'll vote for him. 17-person field. that's the reality the that's the reality that every republicans face. >> how many have said he has a ceiling, 20, one of these republicans faces.. now it's 32.
7:11 am
we'll see how >> now his ceiling is 32%. high. mark, thank you. >> let's go to we'll see how high it goes. ari growing number of a growing number of reports cars being shot at on a phoenix of cars being shot at on a interstate. nervous drivers phoenix, arizona interstate. nervous drivers hoping desperately that police will soon catch whoever is behind those shootings. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. a quarter million people typically take this stretch of i-10 every day. many are rerouting the way they get to work or school, worried they may be the next ones in the cross hairs. >> there's a subject, the vehicle was struck at 0820 hours. >> reporter: the shootings are triggering fear along a 14-mile stretch of interstate 10. >> it looks like a suspicious person on the roof. >> reporter: police now responding to multiple incidents every day. >> seven confirmed bullets. >> reporter: it's wall to wall coverage in phoenix. this semihit with gunfire thursday, the latest of at least
7:12 am
11 confirmed vehicles that have had windows shattered and seats pierced by bullets. some shots coming within inches of striking drivers. >> we want everybody to be vigilant. >> reporter: investigators say there could be multiple shooters. today they're watching hundreds of traffic cameras, but so far not a single suspect. while some refuse to interrupt their routine. >> we carry our firearm in case we find them. >> reporter: many aren't taking chances, some parents no longer driving their children on i-10. >>i iv have a little girl. everything to make her safe. >> reporter: today, school districts are rerouting buses, as a group of armed civilians are patrolling side streets on their own. this morning, no sign of the shooter, only the fear left behind. yesterday alone, police responded to 15 incidents of reported shootings along this stretch of i-10.
7:13 am
investigators say as of right now, only 11 incidents are confirmed over the last two weeks. that number could spike, though, today when they do further investigations. matt, people are watching their captured. matt? backs on this roadway here.>> m. now from >> miguel, thanks very much. tht from the category of that didn't take long. the nfl s didn't take long, the nfl seaso nigh kicked off last night, the new the new england patriots already the england patriots already at the center of another controversy. controversy. >> the reigning super bowl champs >> the reigning super bowl def steelers with champs defeated the pittsburgh g four steelers, tom brady throwing four touchdowns.s.during the fi steelers' coaches rep during the first half, steelers coaches reported problems with . at tim their saying they he at times they said they heard patriots radio broadcast of the game in their the patriots' radio broadcast o each other. the game in their ears instead n of hearing each other. game new conference the >> in the post game news steel coach mike tomlin conference, steelers' head coact the fir claimed i want the first time while playing he's had issues while playing il new england.and. >> there was a report that your radio went out -- your communications? >> that's always the case. >> here? >> espn reported your radio went out, communications? >> >> that's always the case. >> here?>> you're saying every
7:14 am
>> yes. time you play here -- >> i said what >> you're saying every time you play here -- bill >> i said what i said.belichick the p >> bill belichick said, for thed record, they also had issues issues with headsets during the game. with their headsets during the t game. just as a patriots fan. it is the nfl >> can i chime in, it is nfl's responsible for game day crew who is responsibl communication. for headset communication. >> there was a problem. >> but it's not the first time. but it's not the first time. >> the nfl >> and the nfl ruling is if rus a problem wit there's a problem with one oneh teams headset, both teams have to shut off the headsets. headsets. nice job for t did they? weather for the >> nice job with the weather for game, too. >> i'm sorry about that. >> it poured. >> those pats the game too. >> those pats fans will do anything. natalie has top news of the morning. a florida man accused of helping plan an attack on missouri. joshua goldberg is accused of
7:15 am
giving an fbi forminformer how make a pressure cooker bomb. if convicted, goldberg could place up to 20 years in federal prison. president obama marking the 14th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks today with a visit to fort mead, maryland. at ground zero here in new york city, 9/11 families, survivors, and first responders gathered today to mark the anniversary. a tolling of bells was followed by moments of silence and the reading of names of those who died. a stunning photo shows this beautiful rainbow coming from the world trade center site, taken on thursday after rainstorms in the area. absolutely stunning. one marine killed and 18 others injured in a vehicle trt rollover crash during routine camp pendleton marine training at camp pendleton base marine base.a spokeswoman said a spokeswoman says several mart marines were taken to the hospital following hospital following thursday's single
7:16 am
single vehicle accident.icle ac. camp camp pendleton north of san diego is the major u.s. outpopes for the u.s. marine corps. a ma for the force. >> police high drama in los angeles speed chase before the manhole where a man led police on a higd speed chase before holding up in authorities say he ditched one car, then stole another, and reached speeds up to 80 miles per hour. >> the way the suspect was driving, endangering a lot of people, he did hit and run at least one vehicle. >> the chase finally ended with the suspect running into a crowded restaurant. at least 80 patrons and employees escaped. six people were held hostage inside. eventually that standoff ended after police shot and killed the suspect. fortunately no one else was hurt. very scary moments in los angeles. the butte fire in sacramento, california, expanded thursday, powered by high winds
7:17 am
and triple-digit temperatures. the blaze is expected to grow even more today. there are roughly 800 firefighters right now on the front lines. the blaze is only 10% contained. some incredible video to show you this morning from off the coast of san diego. ben lewis was fishing on a boat with some friends when they were joined by these extraordinary visitors you see there, a pod of killer whales. lewis captured the what else chasing after their boat. the fishermen with a left almost speechless about the unforgettable and beautiful encounter. fun to see that. >> huge! >> they put the pedal to the metal. >> natalie, thank you so much. what do you have? >> a lot of rain yesterday, it's been a while since we've had a washout in the north east. we had torrential downpours produce this flooding west of houston. the creek overflowed. it looks like waves in the actual street here. that one sidewalk almost looking
7:18 am
more like a dock in the middle of the road there. cars are stranded. we have a hundred reports of hail and wind damage across the midwest, the southern plains, especially back in kansas and missouri. torrential rain, heavy rain falling in a very short period of time produces flooding like that. this is the second confident that's moving through. it brought thunderstorms to the st. louis area overnight. a lot of the heavier rain is fizzling out. southern illinois, it's still raining pretty heavily. that was confident number one. the combination of these two fronts will continue to cool temperatures down. as the second confideld front m its way through the weekend, we could see heavier rain in new england saturday night into sunday morning. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds.
7:19 am
gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are in the 50s in the north bay and san francisco, but we do have the 60s in the south bay, east bay and the peninsula. as we go into the afternoon expect highs today to top out, still some very hot temperatures inland. it will be in the 80s and 90s all across the bay area, san francisco 80 degrees, north bay 99 and highs over 100 degrees in the tri-valley. mostly sunny skies and still some hot temperatures inside -- inland today. you. and that's your latest weather. >> and dylan, thank you.
7:20 am
coming up, an apology from police to former tennis star james blake after he was slammed to the ground by an officer. this morning what could be the reason for the case of mistaken identity. two of the heroes who stopped the gunman on a paris-bound train reunited for the first time since it happened. our exclusive interview with them together. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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now... ==live== a very good friday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now in san francisco this is specifically at san francisco's fire station 7 on full some street city leaders joined firefighters in remembering what happened 14 years ago today, september 11th terror attacks. today's events include add bell ringing at the very moment that the world trade center south tower collapsed, this is the names of all 343 new york city firefighters that lost their lives are being read. the event is closing up with comments from san francisco mayor ed lee and other leaders. remembrance right side taking place at all 44 san francisco fire station joos it's going to be a hot one across the booir, especially inland, right, kari? >> yes. we are not catching a break
7:27 am
there but we will have some cooler temperatures in service and san francisco and immediate coast. in the lens ba expect a high of 86 degrees, 94 degrees in the south bay, 99 degrees in the north bay. in the tri-valley 102 degrees, more of that sizzle continues throughout the day. this weekend our temperatures will be going down as humidity goes up. let's see how the commute is rolling with mike. we had some flashing lights right by the coliseum now we just have -- we don't even have the big rig over on the shoulder. that might be why there was a little slowing. look at your map, you see a slower drive developing for northbound 880, down the east shore freeway a crash near golden gate field. a lighter build but we have that slow down west 92 across san mateo bridge. building on the peninsula in san mateo as well as palo alto and 880 south heads to a slower drive. there is a crash around mowry and thornton causing more slowing. both on the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will be back with another local news update in half an hour. have a good friday morning.
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7:30 now, friday morning, september 11, 2015. it is a somber day in new york city and across the country as we remember and reflect the 14th anniversary of 9/11. good morning. >> let's look at the headlines this morning. arizona's governor is urging drivers to be vigilant as police investigate more shootings on i-10 in phoenix. authorities say an 11th vehicle was shot at thursday. a number of potential incidents have been reported. >> the line-up for the next republican presidential debate is out. 11 candidates will be on stage in primetime next wednesday. it's the ten who took part in last month's first debate and carl fiorina who has cracked the top ten in polling.
7:31 am
>> classes are cancelled in seattle with teachers on strike. began monday, what was supposed to be the fist day of the school year. >> it was a prison break this summer that captivated the ground by police officers in new york. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the
7:32 am
latest on that. good morning. >> good morning. this one gets confusing. not only did they get james blake's identity wrong but the pictures they were using to find the credit card theft suspect was another man. the officer at the center of this has been placed on modified assignment as they investigate while the police commissioner and mayor apologized to blake. a question of excessive force and false identification. the head of the nypd calling james blake to apologize one day after a plain clothes undercover officer not publically identified by police tackled the former tennis star without warning. police saying it wase likeness
7:33 am
to mr. james blake. they look like twins. >> reporter: according to police the officer tackled blake, believing him to be the wrongly accused suspect. this man was completely innocent of wrongdoing. the officer is being investigated for the amount of force used and failure to report to superiors that the incident happened at all. >> based on myself, the chief, review of the video i have concerned about the takedown. >> reporter: the officer has been placed on modified assignment. >> his gun and badge have been removed and he's on administrative duties pending the investigation by internal >> reporter: bratton denied it was racial profiling which blake himself said was not the main issue. >> the rush to put race on it, i'm sorry, that's not involved in this incident at all. >> reporter: bratton said internal affairs talked to other officers involved but not the one who tackled blake. meanwhile, the presidents of the police union came to this officer's defense saying in
7:34 am
part, the first story is never the whole story and i believe placing this officer on modified duty is premature and unwarranted. a lot to figure out in this case. >> thank you very much. we get a check of the weather from dylan. >> this sunday night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile, included only on verizon. and we've got a lot of heat in the southwest, this big area of high pressure is keeping temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average. the jet stream is well off to the north. we are looking at temperatures to remain on the hot side through redding, california where it should get up to 110 degrees today. portland should be nearly 20 degrees above average with a high of 96. but then watch what happens, monday, portland drops to 67 degrees. temperatures will be much more comfortable. we'll lose the hundreds and switch back to mid-90s. we have a cold front that triggered showers and thunderstorms yesterday. and look at how cold it's going to be as we go into friday afternoon. cold for the season.
7:35 am
it's more fall-like, that's for sure. minneapolis should top out around 64 degrees. saturday morning lows, sioux falls, 43 degrees to start out the day. st. louis will drop to 56 saturday morning rebounding to 68 cure the afternoon. we should be in the mid-60s in charleston, west virginia. this cooler air will try to make its way to the eastern seaboard. we are looking at a chance of rain with this cold front saturday afternoon and evening and then into early sunday morning across new good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we already have a wide range in temperatures from the north bay at 55 degrees and in the peninsula it is 66 degrees. a look at all the highs today, expect a high of 87 degrees in burlingame, los gatos 99 degrees, the embarcadero will be up to 81 degrees, 89 degrees in novato, antioch 100 degrees and also 100 degrees today in pleasanton. heading into the weekend the temperatures come down, but the humidity will be going up. have a great one.
7:36 am
if you have verizon you have football in the palm of you're hand. >> watch sunday night football only on verizon. >> since it's starting to feel like fall, it's only appropriate we talk about sunday night, football night in america. the dallas cowboys hosting the new york giants. i think the roof will be open at at&t stadium, temperatures running in the mid-70s. let's clear and mild. perfect for game day down in dallas. that's sunday night, football night many america, matt and savannah. >> we'll work on that a little bit. >> i don't have the booming voice, the echo. i was nervous to do it in the first place. >> coming up, do you make your bed religiously every morning? >> no. >> on trending we'll tell you something that could make you never do it again. next, a "today" exclusive, two of the brave heroes that thwarted that terror attack on a
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7:41 am
now to an nbc news exclusive. two of the heroes who stopped the attack on a paris-bound train speaking out together for the first time. mark moogalian was shot and wounded trying to stop the gunman. that's when u.s. airman spencer stone, a trained paramedic, jumped in, tackled the shooter and saved mark's life. spencer is with us from los angeles. mark joins us from paris. good morning. it is an honor to speak with both of you. mark, you were recently discharged from the hospital. you were shot. the only one who took a bullet. one of the first people to notice this person on the train acting suspiciously.
7:42 am
how are you feeling this morning? >> feeling good, all things considered. >> as i understand it ump sitting with your wife, isabelle. you noticed the gunman go into the bathroom, thought it looked suspicious. when he came out, there he was with the gun. what happened next? >> well, at that moment, i looked to my left and saw the young frenchman who wishes to remain anonymous. he jumped the guy first. the door in front of him closed. at that moment i turned to my wife, isabelle, and told her to get out of there. i said the same to some of the passengers behind me. the door opened back up and i went in. somehow managed to get the ak-47. i took maybe five or six steps and he shot me in the back. i saw the gunman had retrieved his gun and was walking down the aisle. i thought he was going to shoot me in the head at that point. so i decided just to play dead
7:43 am
and i closed my eyes. then i heard some noises. i opened my eyes just in time to see spencer's body flying through the air, tackling the gunman. >> let's bring in spencer stone to pick up the story from there. spencer, i know you had been sleeping. suddenly you see a commotion. you leap over mark and attack this gunman. what do you remember? >> i remember hitting him pretty hard. we both fell down. kind of reaching for the gun. i couldn't find it. so i put him in a rear naked choke to defend myself. my friends anthony and alek came up, took the ak from him. he pulled out the pistol, pulled it back, put it against my head, click, it didn't work. i guess the clip fell out beforehand. then we pried it out of his hands. that next thing i know i see he has a box cutter.
7:44 am
he started to slash my neck, cut my finger down to the bone. and then i started to scream, he's got a knife, get the knife. i put him in another choke hold, choked him unconscious, ran over to mark, put my fingers to his neck, stopped the bleeding. >> both of you had moments where you felt this was it, this is the end. mark, do you remember that moment? do you remember spencer leaning over you and helping you? >> i remember it very well, because he was talking to me, trying to keep me from losing consciousness. he asked me where i was from, toll told me where he was from. said after this is over we'll go get a beer. he kept me there. the sound of his voice and the sound of my wife kept me there, kept me alive, gave me hope.
7:45 am
>> spencer, in that moment you yourself are bleeding, as we now know your thumb was nearly severed off. what was going through your mind as you are trying to save another man's life, not knowing your own condition. >> i didn't feel my injuries. i was focused on mark. i didn't want him to die, especially with isabelle right there. >> everyone here is so, so proud of you both. so relieved that you were there. so relieved and amazed at your fearlessness in the face of something terrifying. we brought you together because we know you wanted to be together. mark, i know you wanted to talk to spencer directly. i will let you do that. >> spencer, i would like to tell you again, thanks for saving my life. i have said it already, but i will never forget it. i think you still owe me a beer. we'll have to get that done somehow. >> we'll get that beer. it will be under different circumstances this time. i'll see you soon, man. >> we certainly hope the beer
7:46 am
happens. >> sounds good. >> it's an honor to are you here to tell us your stories. thank you, mark moogalian and airman spencer stone. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you, savannah. >> amazing. >> nice to see them doing so well, too. >> they are doing well. can you imagine how much their lives changed in that instant? mark said he's feeling good. he likes to play the guitar. he's trying to get feeling back to do that. >> likes to drink beer, too. i like that. >> coming up, from shy truck driver to governor of mississippi? meet the unlikely candidate who won the democratic primary on a whim. >> and up next, serena williams's honesty on her quest for the historic grand slam. carson has tha you've gotta make better choices, jane! farewell, cookie dough ice cream. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats.
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you...and itchy eyes.more than sneezing... they also bring tough nasal congestion. so you need claritin-d. it starts to work... just 30 minutes. in fact, nothing works faster. so blow away nasal congestion, fast, with claritin-d. ♪
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statement jackets are thall about what's new, what's now what's cozy what's bold what's wild what's fun what's chic this season at chico's, it's all about you. express your personal style with new statement jackets for fall only at chico's and after a bit of a ragged start to yesterday morning carson is cleaned up with a new hair cut this morning. >> that was fun actually.
7:51 am
casual. anyway, this was the scene at the u.s. open thursday night. heavy rains delayed serena williams's quest for grand slam history. she was scheduled for the semis. that will be later this morning. without stepping foot on the court she stirred up a conversation online. someone asked her at a prochbs what's wrong? why aren't you smiling? that was at this press conference. serena responded with a different kind of slam. >> it's 11:30. to be perfectly honest with you, i don't want to be here. i just want to be in bed right now. i have to wake up early to practice. i don't want to answer any of these questions and you guys are asking me the same questions. so it's not really -- you're not making it super enjoyable. just being honest. >> don't you wish we could all be that honest? >> refreshing. >> her mic was on.
7:52 am
the clip was shared on facebook and has been viewed 1.6 million times t. attention is back on the court. the win for serena helps her move a step closer to the first player with a calendar year grand slam since 1988 when steffi graf did it. savannah is going tonight. >> to the mens's semis. >> you and your husband have to get ready for the single day i lady dance. >> we have been practicing. >> like timberlake and fallon. >> the whip and nae-nae. we're working on it. >> what if we all pulled a serena now. oh, i have this piece to read. i don't want to. >> i'll take it. >> you do it. i don't have the energy. >> no, no. go ahead. >> you go ahead. >> you go ahead. >> that worked well. you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure.
7:53 am
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i'm ... ==anim== happening today... ==vo== a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, one of the survivors? june's deadly berkeley balcony collapse will speak about his long recovery. six eye reich students died including one from the bay area. seven other young people including nile murray survived. today he may provide an update on his plans to finally return home. the arrest of three santa clara county jail workers in the death of an inmate is prompting is new call to action. the correctional deputies face murder charges in the beating of michael tyree. yesterday santa clara county supervisors announced the formation of a blue ribbon panel. they will present hair recommendations next year. let's get a recommendation on the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> i recommend today you stay near the water. that's where it will be cooler.
7:57 am
today we can see the fog is rolling across san francisco from our view from san bruno mountain. 57 degrees now in san francisco, 50 in santa rosa and 72 degrees now in livermore. it's going to be another hot day inland and a wide temperature spread. san jose 94, burlingame 87, castro 80 degrees n napa today 89 degrees and in the tri-valley still over 100 degrees. let's see how the commute is rolling now with mike. very slowly right now across that san mateo bridge just in the last few minutes we saw this traffic really build up coming off of 880. shear what i think happened as we look at the map. we have had a crash in fremont close ago big bailout. folks decide they will go across the san mateo bridge and that's why 92 seeing more slowing. slow for the nimitz and in toward downtown oakland, slow down the east shore freeway as well. a lighter volume overall but the south bay has slowing. >> we will be back with another local news update in half an
7:58 am
hour. hope to see you then. from a great friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ 8:00 on "today." coming up -- from the big rig to the governor's mansion? meet the mississippi truck driver who may be the most honest and surprising political candidate you've ever seen. >> spent how much in this race. >> $50, $60. >> $50, $60 on the whole campaign, no signs in the yard, no bumper stickers. >> no anything. then the doctor is in. dr. oz stops by with his prescription for how to go online for medical news without scaring yourself half to death. ♪ and feeling the burn. >> stepping the right foot between your hands. >> am i allowed to grab it? >> grab it and move it. >> what happened when we tried the hottest trend in exercise in
8:01 am
hot yoga. today, friday, september 11th, 2015. good morning! >> i'm 40 today. >> today is my birthday, hi, mom. >> i'm celebrating my 60th birthday. >> i'm 50 years old today. ♪ get up and dance with me ♪ this moment is my destiny >> welcome to new york! >> we're from georgia. >> we're celebrating our 40th anniversary! it's 8:00 now on a friday morning. it is september 11th, 2015. we've got a big crowd. a very enthusiastic people out
8:02 am
on the plaza this morning on a day that looks like it could do a little of everything. >> it's not doing everything. she's providing sun now. >> what's up? >> oh, great, you got in on that. way to go. >> nice. it looks like your handwriting right there. >> we have something fascinating to tell you about. we'll catch up with some of the people from the most captivating stories, from the mccoy septuplets to a key witness in the scott peterson case, amber frye and also, jessica lynch who was severely injured and dramatically rescued in the early days of the iraq war. >> it starts monday with ashley smith, the single mom who talked a man on a killing spree out of taking her life. that's where they are now, all next week right here on "today."
8:03 am
let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the news desk. >> good morning to you buys. the big question this morning, will he or won't he? vice president joe biden still isn't saying whether he will challenge hillary clinton for the 2016 democratic nomination. but he is talking about it. in an emotional interview on the late show thursday night, biden told stephen colbert he's still overwhelmed by the death of his son earlier this year and may not have the heart for another presidential run. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy. i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> biden has run for president twice. he is expected to make his decision in the coming weeks. a series of shootings in the phoenix area is alarming residents and confounding police. 11 vehicles have now been struck
8:04 am
by bullets or projectiles over past two weeks, mostly on the same stretch of busy interstate 10. only a 13-year-old girl has been injured when a bullet shattered the window of a car she was rying in. investigators are watching hundreds of traffic cameras for clues but so far, there is no suspect or suspects. there are new clues this morning in the search for the killer of a popular dallas dentist. police have uncovered evidence of a possible love triangle connected to the case. here's nbc's janet shamlyay. >> reporter: they prepare to say good-bye. >> only if she only knew you for a moment you were drawn to her. >> reporter: the dallas dentist was murdered last week in the parking garage of her upscale apartment. brenda delgado used to date hatcher's boyfriend, a search warrant indicating the
8:05 am
relationship ended earlier this year. police say she pursued hatcher using an iphone to track the location of her cell phone before the murder. delgado told police she loaned this jeep to 23-year-old crystal cortez. cortez is charged with capital murder after authorities say she admitted being the getaway driver in what was supposed to be a robbery of hatcher. in exchange for $500. her attorney says cortez is cooperating, so they can get everybody else who was involved arrested. >> they took someone very special away from us and i want people to know she was amazing. >> reporter:s aloved ones prepare to say good-bye, hatcher's family this morning issuing a plea for help. we urge anyone who has any information to please come forward immediately. this is how we can honor her best right now. for "today," janet shamlyan, nbc news, houston. scientists have made an amazing discovery. a new member of the human family tree. it may rewrite history.
8:06 am
the fossils of at least 15 individuals were found in a huge trove of bones deep in a cave in south africa. experts say the primitive human-like species stood about 5 feet tall and had a brain of size of an orange. >> my cousin. >> fascinating. >> cousin noleti. >> thank you. in a political season already filled with surprises, the biggest may be in the mississippi governor's race. >> that's right. willie is quofring this one. it's an incredible story of a truck driver who won his primary without running any campaign. willie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. robert gray loves his home state, knows the issues. he thinks he can do better than the sitting governor. on a whim he registered as a candidate and forgot about it. imagine his surprise on election night. >> a mystery man revealed. the democratic nominee for governor. >> robert gray didn't get around to voting for himself on election day. but 150,000 other people did. >> i just wouldn't have known
8:07 am
who robert gray was. >> what happened in the primary was shocking to a lot of people. >> insane or embarrassing, one of the two. >> political experts in mississippi were stumped when the long haul trucker who ran no campaign to speak of and who was essentially unknown outside his own home was elected as the democratic nominee to be governor. >> of course he had no website, no facebook page. you know, nothing. >> spent how much in this race? >> maybe $50, $60. >> $50, $60 on the whole campaign? >> right. >> no signs in the yard. >> no signs. >> no bumper stickers. >> no anything. >> reporter: gray's run for the nomination was so low key he forgot to mention it to his own mother. >> the first time she learned you were running for governor is when she walked in and saw your name on ballot. >> i have a common name. >> i called him and i said, robert, you're running for governor? >> i was like, no, he would have told us. >> how did he do it? some think it's simply because gray's name was the first on the
8:08 am
ballot. others say it's because he has a traditional man's name. and then there's the conspiracy theory that says mississippi republicans put robert up to it. >> i categorically deny any related activity. >> no one from the republican party approached you and tried to push you into the race. >> the only people that knew i was running were the people when i went in to qualify. >> it's impossible unless mr. gray has come up with some genius of a political strategy where you can do nothing, spend nothing, go nowhere and take 79 counties in a three-way primary. unless he's got some sort of genius strategy for that, something else was going on. >> i guess you cam back down here once i win. >> reporter: even with his man of the people message, gray is a long shot against incumbent governor phil bryant. >> they want a governor that wants to help, wants to do good.
8:09 am
wants to make the best of what's available. >> reporter: if robert doesn't move into the governor's mansion, he'll return to his home on the road. >> does the rig have a name? >> old faithful. >> what do they call you? >> silent night. >> reporter: ready to give this up to be governor? >> yeah, i'm ready to do the job as governor. >> so the sitting governor phil bryant wished robert luck and he will need it. robert raised a little over $2,000 so far since he won the nomination. governor bryant's campaign says it has $2.8 million in cash on hand. is it incredible story. robert gray comes home on election night. he hasn't voted for himself. he's about to watch a movie and says that's right, i ran for governor, i should turn on the tv. turns on the tv and he's won by 20 points in the election. >> amazing. >> his odds are very, very long against a sitting governor in a state that goes republican. amazing story. >> wow. willie, thank you. well, coming up next, ever feel like someone's following
8:10 am
you? >> yes. we'll show you a little girl who has felt that way. we'll show you that coming up. >> faster. >> get away from me. and a whole lot of stretching and sweat. natalie and tamron drag me and hoda to our very first hot yoga class. where was carson? >> good question. >> football tips here. dr. oz is in the house. he's going to share his five online clicks to better health. first, these messages. >> that's how you do it. >> it's like this, football, party supplies. >> health. >> no health. >> hot dogs. >> tropical diseases. i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now joyce and i can have cheerios together anytime we want. and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too.
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try lipton sparkling iced tea. the perfect combination of fruit flavors, iced tea, and light carbonation. lipton sparkling iced tea. refreshingly uplifting! we are back. time for what's trending. >> in this selfie obsessed world people are constantly posting selfies on the internet. lots of boyfriends and girlfriends putting on the pda, taking pictures of themselves. together for just a couple of weeks they have already posted a lot of photos together. it makes you wonder how their parents would feel if they saw these photos. let me tell you how they felt. they decided to recreate all of the selfies shot for shot. all of the affection, faces,
8:15 am
tongue hanging out. >> spot on, i have to say. >> that's embarrassing. >> what were the kids reaction? >> they thought it was funny. >> the daughter posted the pictures and reposted them. she was surprised at the reaction they got. >> great idea. >> my heroes. i love it. >> we talked a couple weeks ago about making your bed. almost everyone here says they make the bed, it's good for you. you and i were in the club of we don't make the bed. we have been vindicated. >> you didn't know the right reason. >> right. this is what the experts say. don't make your bed because of dust mites. apparently as you sleep little dust bites are all over the bed. >> don't tell me that. >> this is what the experts say. when you wake up, if you make your bed you tuck in all the dust mites. now they are just living there. >> our beds are nice and clean. >> levee them open, let the dust piets go on about their business in the day and make the bed
8:16 am
later. >> thai still in the bedroom and at night they go back in. >> light and fresh air kills them. >> do you know what they feed off of? the scales of the human body. >> what's wrong with you? >> people are eating their cheerios now. >> hope they are not making the bed. >> darling of the internet. how about this adorable little girl afraid of her shadow. take a look. [ crying ] >> how many times did we see carson do this? >> stop chasing me! >> somebody following her everywhere. >> adorable. now to the new entry in bridget jones diary and chrissy tiegan's top parenting rule.
8:17 am
>> it's been 11 years since the first sequel to bridget jones came out. the new one "bridget jones's baby" finds her unexpectedly pregnant. i have no idea what this is about. >> you haven't seen it? >> i have not. >> siri, come on. >> i have no idea. renee zelwegger and colin firth both returning and look who's joining the cast. mcdreamy is alive. patrick dempsey. >> he's not the father, is he? >> no word on that. we are looking forward to it. >> that's awesome. >> she'll have the baby so she has to gain weight again. >> just pretend you know. >> i don't know. >> next, robert de niro and michelle pfeiffer in "wizard of lives" behind the infamous
8:18 am
madoff ponzi scheme. it premieres next year. finally chris sy tiegan is already sharing parenting rules. the ynumber one rule, no hot nannies. >> smart. >> no hot nannies, drivers or maids. i trust john, but you never know with these men. she's right. my nanny looks like mrs. doubtfire. nice and safe. there is your popstart. >> wise man. >> how about a check of the weather? >> we have a lot of rain moving through the midwest now. it is going to make it to the east coast for the weekend. a lot of folks up and down the east coast wondering if it will rain. saturday afternoon and sunday morning is the best chance of rain in the area. this morning it's moving through missouri but fizzling out. dragging down much cooler
8:19 am
fall-like air in the midwest where temperatures in wisconsin in the 50s. elsewhere it will be in the 70s, 80s and 90s through texas. scattered showers and storms. we could see damaging winds, isolated hail. nothing too widespread. it gets chilly behind the front. chilly in the pacific northwest. into monday from 90s in portland down to good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we see clouds and fog along the bay, and that brings our temperatures down. it's now 58 degrees in san francisco. and a high today of 80 degrees. it will still be hot inland. 99 degrees in the north bay. 94 degrees in the south bay. peninsula up to 86 degrees. the east bay, 85 degrees. in the tri-valley, we start out with clouds. it will be 102 degrees today. and all of that sunshine returning as we head into the afternoon.
8:20 am
that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. the kids back in class across the country. we decided to learn things as well. so far we had acting and singing lessons. when matt came back from vacation we turned the heat up. >> it's national yoga month. >> i didn't know. >> another subject you have to brush up on. for the fist time i got to try hot yoga and i brought hoda with natalie and tamron who are more experienced to pure yoga studios in new york. take a look. one of the hottest trends in yoga these days is heat. >> breathe in. breathe out. >> reporter: hot yoga studios reach temperatures in triple digits with 40% humidity. for an hour yogis twist, turn and contort to help build strength and increase flexibility. >> who's ready for hot yoga?
8:21 am
>> yeah. >> matt and the ladies. >> we hit the mats and turned up the heat. >> welcome to pure yoga. >> reporter: tanya bolton has been teaching yoga more than 15 years. she'll give us our lesson. some of us had concerns. >> rumor has it, it's over 100 degrees in the room it is a little over 100. >> why is that? >> when you have an externally heated environment it increases blood flow and create as powerful dynamic. it's a kra type of yoga. >> reporter: but hot yoga isn't for everyone. people are high blood pressure, pregnant women and those with heat sensitivities should not do it. >> i'm sweating already. >> i'm having a hot flash. >> before hot yoga. >> should i not do it? i'm happy not -- >> no, no. >> i will take care of you.
8:22 am
drink water when you need to. >> i told you. >> what's this. look what's happening to my face. enough stalling. we were ready to hit the heat. >> it's a heat wave in here year round. we asked tanya to show us the basics for yoga beginners. >> exhale and bend your elbows. don't let anything touch the floor. roll through to up dog. tops of the feet pressing. roll back into down dog. you've got it. they say yoga encourages flexibility. i'm looking forward to it. >> arms up. to the side. feel the shoulder blades melting. roll your feet and flip them. now back to down dog. nice. >> apparently we were just getting started.
8:23 am
>> stepping the right foot between your hands for a low runner's lung. matt, right hand -- you're got it. >> am i allowed to grab it and move it? >> you can grab and move it. fantastic. >> tamron and natalie are good at yoga so their take was different from mine and hoda's. >> right arm over left. elle bows move forward. >> good for the brain, too. >> very good. meditative. >> take your knees into your armpits. super high up. breathe. tuck your chin. >> how do you do this? >> jump back. [ cheers and applause ] >> just when i thought we had the yoga thing down there was this. >> another leg up.
8:24 am
nice and easy. one leg up. >> i'm probably going to pass on the handstand. >> i can spot you. >> okay. >> it took extra hands for some of us. >> yeah! >> get me down. >> i was feeling good until i looked to my left -- >> oh, you two are obnoxious. >> so easy. >> go, hoda! >> then came the part i knew i could do. >> we are preparing for the final relaxation here is shivasana. now open your arms up. let your legs drop to the left. >> no matter your skill level -- whether your practice looks like this or this, there comes the part everyone seems to love. >> aaah. >> namaste.
8:25 am
>> here's the problem. >> what's the problem? >> it's supposed to be emotionally calming. i had to listen to her whining the entire time. >> first of all, i knew it was bad. until you see yourself you don't realize how awkward you are. >> you look great. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm inflexible, not good. but the lady said some people throw up when they come to class. i didn't. do you know who they said did it? people who were hung over. kathie lee. >> i'm inspired by that piece. i'm going to ask my local bartender to make it 103 to get that cardiovascular feeling. >> i wonder why she looked at you with the hung over. >> would you do it again? >> i don't think it's for me all the way. natalie is good at it. >> we saw that coming. >> you had it down.
8:26 am
i don't mind the yoga part. hot part, not good. >> you weren't that flexible. >> you're right. >> look. wait. >> i thought wei'm ... ==anim==g today... ==topvo== the bay area js a good friday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. happening later today, the bay area joins the rest of the nation in remembering the september 11th terror attacks 14 years ago today. this morning, san francisco leaders joined firefighters at fire station 7. the event included a bell ringing at the very moment the world trade center south tower collapsed. the names of all 343 new york city firefighters who lost their lives were read aloud. san francisco mayor ed lee and other city leaders all on hand for the remembrances, which took place at all 44 of san francisco's fire stations, all of which rang their bells in honor of those lives lost. now we're going to turn to mike, who's watching a traffic accident in palo alto. >> trying to find it on our live camera, it's just north of
8:27 am
embarcadero. not far enough to catch it. you see traffic flowing here. slow south toward the embarcadero. northbound, crash still clearing from lane there is. the northbound routes through san jose with a slower route through 101. earlier crashes through fremont all cleared from 880 but a jam toward the dumbarton bridge. back to you. >> and if you're in a jam this morning, you have the peace of mind knowing it's friday. see you again in 25 minutes with another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on friday morning the 11th of september, 2015. beautiful day here in new york city. a little chill in the air. a lot of the country experienced a little bit of a cool-down after a hot, hot start to september. good morning. great to have everyone along. coming up, have you ever looked up your symptoms online? feel a little sick. >> dangerous. >> your own liver illness or
8:31 am
whatever. we have dr. oz here with how to use the internet in a smart way. the best places to actually learn about medical issues. >> plus, justin bieber was here on thursday. after the show he had a really nice surprise for very big fans. we'll show you what happened. >> speaking of music, we have another huge concert. savannah and i can't wait for duran duran. they have a new album out today. that's trduran duran, thursday "today." >> scotaylor or le bonn. >> let's take a check of the weather now from dylan. >> getting chilly in the knot east. the sun will come out later today. a cold front clearing the area bringing rain to new england this morning. that will also clear out. we have a second cold front bringing heavy rain through the midwest. moving through southern illinois into indiana.
8:32 am
that will make it colder as we go into saturday. saturday morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s across parts of the midwest. chicago on saturday, 62 degrees for the high. we have rain up and down the east coast later saturday into saturday night clearing out by sunday. most of the weekend it's okay. temperatures will be in the 70s through the plains and close to 90 in north dakota. it is going good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting a view from san bruno mountain. we can see the fog rolling across parts of san francisco. the fog is back, and that means temperatures are cooler near the shore. still very warm inland. we're already at 72 degrees in livermore. expect a high of 94 degrees in san jose. palo alto, 92 degrees. castro up to 80 degrees. 89 dgz in novato. oakland, 85 degrees. danville today, 102 degrees. stay cool.
8:33 am
we have lots to celebrate on the plaza. you guys are celebrating 20 years. happy anniversary. your birthday? >> yes. i'm from long island. >> celebrating on the plaza. we have 75 here. >> and 50. >> it goes on and on. guys? >> i'm going to take it. thank you very much. in addition to saving lives a heart surgeon being one of the most influential doctors, dr. mehmet oz. monday he kicks off the 7th season of "the dr. oz show." congratulations on that. >> thank you very much. >> any different approach this year from six seasons in the past? >> well , it's changed a lot. i am laser focused on the healthy mind. ironically people don't ask for help. we'll help navigate the complex life that's now become more difficult. we have a blueprint for balance which is what today is about. >> talk about life changing. it seems most people today when they start not to feel well,
8:34 am
they go online and look for information online about their medical symptoms. as a doctor, is that a good thing? >> it's a good thing to do. you're looking for a hangnail and think tropical yeasts is the cause. we go the opposite direction. people come with files from the web. i'm worried they are worried but i'm happy they stopped searching. these are five things doctors wish you would do. >> first, click past the first page of search results. >> 90% of people don't go past. 60% don't go past the first three items. companies are trying to sell you stuff. go to the second page. >> type in the minus sign in that little box on the search field. >> people don't know it. you can use google search more effectively if you put a minus sign. if i'm searching for a hangnail
8:35 am
i don't wand to hear from blogging. minus sign, blog. you will start going to physician or nurse sites, high quality sites as opposed to things that will mess up your might not. >> pay attention to the kind of website it is. this seems like common sense. >> more than half of all websites are dot comes. .edu,.gov,.org are the ones to look for. less than one-tenth of 1% and .gov. >> credentials spch search the person who wrote the article. are they a physician, nurse, health professional. if you haven't heard, that's a bad sign.
8:36 am
you will get much better quality material. see who wrote the paper. >> okay. finally here, look for any kind of advertising on the site you're on. >> i'm writing how fantastic some herb you have never heard of is and i can buy it. too easy, too convenient. not the goal. you want to be happy. make your life simpler. give people a blueprint for balance. they can nevaavigate the web effortlessly they will be happier. >> at what point do you call a physician? >> be a good student. go talk to them. even if it's an e-mail or call it's easy to contact. especially primary care doctors. they want to hear from you. easier to fix a problem you know about. stitch in time saves nine. >> the show begin it is new season monday. check your local listings. up next, the special gift
8:37 am
justin bieber gave a remarkable group of kids after the big concert on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:39. we are back. remember yesterday we had a great concert from justin bieber. fans at the plaza as he took to the concert stage. >> when that show was over, a few fans received a great surprise. carson has the story. >> that's right. we had two special groups in the audience. one lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack 14 years ago today. the other were kids from the make a wish foundation, an organization justin does a lot of work with. they had no idea what was going to happen. >> reporter: with stun looks on their faces and cameras in hand it was a special surprise for deserving justin bieber fans. >> how are you? nice to meet you. >> reporter: earlier thursday they were part of the huge crowd on the plaza. but now not only were they meeting justin, they were being treated to a personal performance in the green room. ♪
8:41 am
you i ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ can't worry about nobody ♪ yeah ♪ if i ain't with you ♪ i'm with myself ♪ you make me complete ♪ when you nod your head yes ♪ but you want to say yes ♪ what do you mean ♪ want to argue all day ♪ making love all night ♪ first you're up, then you're down ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ what do you mean ♪ better make up your mind ♪ what do you mean >> a memorable experience for a special audience.
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> the kid has had his issue it is last couple of nears but of all the musicians i can think of he's done more for the make-a-wish foundation from the beginning. this isn't new for justin. when he was a young guy, 2007, 2008, started to make it. make-a-wish foundation was near and dear to his heart. >> that was nice. >> makes our day, absolutely. >> you can see more of justin bieber tonight on nbc. part of a special called think it up in support of education along with halle berry, gwyneth paltrow and ryan seacrest. >> we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
. welcome back to today. oscar nominee benedict coupled cumberbatch, in new move by about a mobster, whitey bullger. before the conversation started, cumberbatch wanted to know. >> i'm not twitter. stop pretending to me. you got a message from me, it's not me. i'm not on twitter. >> you are an governmenter. -- i am pot -- i am pos ter. >> what a droisk film. >> thank you. i feel like yes, it is.
8:46 am
>> in the beginning, jim was a small-town player. >> in black mask, johnny depp plays the boston mobster, cumberbatch plays his good brother, a massachusetts senator. >> that is a bond that doesn't get broken. >> he's wading in very dark waters. >> jimmy's business is jimmy's business. we all need friends, even you. >> trying to play a part of somebody who really exists, what are the challenges in that? >> many, many. much loved man. a real sort of icon, local hero, i think what we do is just show a man who is utterly tied into a family through blood and love and loyalty. >> just getting started. >> working with johnny depp was a big deal. >> really important for us to establish a bond and get to know one another. we talked a lot.
8:47 am
we talked a lot on set and he was delightful to be around. >> get the fbi to fight our wars. we do whatever we want. >> how's your brother? >> house is jimmy. >> don't think a boston accent, that was a real challenge. >> you know what, john. good to see you doing so well. really, it is. give my regards to the boys at the plaza. >> that's incredible to be able to pull that off. >> i think bostonian is pretty -- rightfully so. they will be whipping me hard, saying any poor vows. >> if jimmy wants to get in touch, he will find you, trust me. >> you are good at p impersonati impersonations. can you do an impression of our anchors, do you think? >> this isn't it. this is savannah. and matt. >> if you are just tuning in on what is a typical week for this
8:48 am
past, ms. savannah guthrie got married over the weekend. >> ms. savannah guthrie got over the area, i want to say was it massachusetts, he's got a very delicate way about him and i like it. >> how about savannah? >> basically in the middle of the desert, but it was such a beautiful day. >> it was basically in the middle -- no, it was basically in the middle of the desert near where i grew up. i can't do it. >> you are a good sport. >> oh, okay. very funny. we're going to get you back for that one. we should mention "black mask" hits theaters one week from today. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
[female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gun shot )
8:50 am
sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save. through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we are back at 8:50. the new nfl season is under way. we are kicking off our special series, together we make football. >> every friday during the season we have stories showing the game can shape lives. willie is back to get it started. let's make football together. >> the lights will be on in texas as fans congregate to celebrate their unofficial religion.
8:51 am
in flower mound an up and coming coach is taking her place on the sidelines. >> i love how you give me the heaviest bags. that's fine. >> these aren't heavy. >> those are super heavy. >> reporter: meet the texas football coach whose daughter calls the shots. >> it's nonstop for us. this is what we get in the fall, in the spring. it's who we are. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years albert montero coached youth football with his daughter reagan by his side. >> she would come up to me and say, dad, the 2 hole is open. run a play. she would tell me things though she wasn't officially a coach. sure enough she was right. >> reporter: drawing up plays since she was a kid, reagan earned the title of offensive coordinator. >> so the pass is here and he pitches it. >> running toward the middle.
8:52 am
running straight toward the quarterback won't work. >> she's been calling our offense we have won 6 of 7 championships we have been in. >> if he comes back down the field cut up sooner. >> pick up your feet. remember the ladder stuff? pick up your feet. you're going to do it. okay? >> my older boys played in the league. we played against reagan several times. her teams are well coached. classy teams. >> 38 pop on one. >> she teaches the boys more than just the sport of football. she teaches them team work, determination, respect. she's a wonderful coach. >> one, two, three. >> thanks, mom. >> she's paying her way through college and wants to pursue a degree in education. on the way to a career under the friday night lights of texas. >> my goal is to become a high
8:53 am
school football coach in x the and win the state championship. >> reporter: this summer dallas cowboys head coach jason garrett brought in reagan for a master class. >> hi. nice to see you. heard a lot about you. >> reporter: she passed the test. >> this guy will take a step up, throw the screen. >> what's that formation? >> left tray. >> left tray. >> these are running hard in. he'll run a wheel route. >> what's great is you are teaching them concepts of football. >> yeah. >> they will get that part of it. i think you are doing a great job. >> thank you. >> i don't know if we have time to put it in for tonight. we may get et rid di for houston on thursday. >> great to meet you. >> keep up the good work. >> thank you. >> fach. fantastic. >> usually as kids get into their teens you get away from the parent and that's not the case. >> my dad is my best friend. i love spending time with him. he's my pop. i grew up with football. it brings us close.
8:54 am
>> reagan learned to coach from dad but the style is different. she said her dad is too easy on them. she makes them run wind sprints when they make mistakes. >> i like her. >> we'll have more stories like this every friday this season. you can join us by heading to to share your story. you could win a chance to super bowl 50 in the bay area of california. >> thank you very much. you can catch the cowboys taking on the new york giants sunday night on nbc. >> from willie geist to willie scott. see who's celebrating birthdays. >> okay, gang. stand by. we have some of the best birthdays you have heard in your life. these are special people. virginia bates from canton, ohio. she's 100 today. he she loves to watch elvis
8:55 am
impersonators. essie may tybron from wilson, north carolina, is 100 today. she makes jams and jellies. john buckhold of santa maria, california. loves ballroom dancing. happy birthday to you. harry kidd of butler, pennsylvania. every fourth of july he dresses up as uncle sam and looks just like him. 100 years old. happy birthday to you. okay. that's it for now. we'll send it back to new york. see you in a minute. >> what's coming up next hour? >> we are talking about the truth about sleep, dark chocolate, red wine. >> all good i hope. >> how much is good for you or is it not good for you? >> we'll get a story that says, drink wine and the next day it kills you. >> somewhere in the middle.
8:56 am
>> and you're with hoda. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> you are playing the role of kathie lee. >> that's right. so some wine. >> start now. they'll get you dark chocolate, too. you're on a roll. >> have fun. we'll be right back after these messages and your local news. i' accused of spraying racist graffiti in san francisco's good friday morning. it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. the man accused of spraying racist graffiti in san francisco's bay view district is set to appear in court later today. police arrested him on tuesday. he's now facing several felony charges, including vandalism with a hate crime enhancement. also new this morning, sweeping deal in sacramento to regulate medical marijuana. lawmakers say they've reached an
8:57 am
agreement on legislation that will be approved later today, on the last day of the session. measures call for a new state office to govern the licenses of all pot dispensaries. it's going to be called the bureau of medical marijuana regulation. growers will also now face rules enforced by the state. coming up, a look at your traffic and weather for the weekend, next.
8:58 am
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the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," serena williams's surprising answer to a reporter. you won't believe what she had to say. and on 9/11, honoring our veterans who triumphed over adversity. and is it good for you or not? the healthy truth behind chocolate. that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" this friday morning, september 11, 2015. i'm willie with natalie and tamron. al has the day off. it's a somber day as we mark the 14th anniversary of the attack of september 11, 2001.
9:01 am
remembrances are being held across the country to honor the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives. you are looking at the pentagon there. we saw a reading of the names at ground zero a few minutes ago. of course the ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania, where some heroes took down the plane perhaps bound for the capitol of the united states. it's amazing. we were saying you wake up on september 11 and it hits you. it's been 14 years. i come from a town across the river in new jersey that lost 12 people. my next door neighbor was one of them. there are personal stories. my sister in law was in one of the buildings. you think about the firefighters and their families. men and women who went to iraq and afghanistan and their families and the wounded warriors still dealing with it. the ripples go out forever. >> the day gives you pause and a day you hope we all remember and have learned so much from what happened on this day. the day of so many heroes that need to be honored.
9:02 am
still so many heroes today sacrificing to honor those who were lost. >> i think about the kids who weren't born and lost their parents who never got a chance. you see them when they ring the bell and they are under the age of 14. they never got to meet their mother or father. i think of the young men and women in elementary school who later went to war for this country after the images played out. i live near the freedom tower. i went out and you look at it. it represents the word we use so much in tragedy, the resilience of the nation. it is hallowed ground where the families go today. >> did you see the beautiful rainb rainbows? >> yesterday. coming out of one world trade. look at the picture. that's yesterday on september 10. >> that's the view from the new jersey side.
9:03 am
when you see that up close it really is. it takes your breath away. the rainbow right over one world trade. >> and in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> flight 93. there was a national memorial formally dedicated there. a long time coming. now it's there and people will be walking through there today on this terrible day. 14 years later. >> it's an interesting memorial to mark the flight path. it's a wall design to mark the flight path of flight 93. >> i was there at the 10th anniversary in shanksville. this is miles of mud. they get a great amount of rain at this time. you walk through and it is directly through the path. we were there ten years ago. there was a picket fence, a boulder that marked the spot of where the plane went down. you hear the description of the time of what they have hoped to buildd9 what the museum would
9:04 am
look like, would represent and now. >> in its full glory. >> a lot of controversy. now to see it in its full glory. actually be a reality. it's stunning. absolutely. >> there is a lemonade stand for 14 years the kids in river forest, illinois, a suburb of chicago have donated more than $140,000 to charities to honor those who died on 9/11. lemon aid. today from 3:00 to 7:00 after school. they will sell lemonade, cookies and treats. this year's event benefits the national alliance on mental illness and parents for teachers and tomorrow. >> probably wasn't in their lifetime. for them to understand what happened and continue to help. it's amazing. >> when i mentioned my sister-in-law was in fwilgbuild she got out and she was pregnant with my nephew who is now a
9:05 am
teenager. she ran down 70 flights of stairs and got out safely. some of her co-workers weren't so lucky. she made it out. >> it's a day of reflection. download the picture with the rainb rainbow. a reminder of the beauty that comes out of pain. meanwhile, joe biden opening up about his family's pain. they are still in mourning after the death of his son beau. the vice president gave an emotional interview to stephen colbert who lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash. he knows fist hand the loss and feign pa pain of losing a family member. joe biden talked about him about the possibility of running for president. >> i don't think a man or woman should run for president unless they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy. i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there.
9:06 am
>> he's been so honest and sincere about where he is. he was saying some of the democratic operatives are saying we need a plan b. this man is making his decision based on his family. putting his family first. he talked about his son's recent death and the impact. >> he said, dad, i know how much you love me. you have to promise me something. promise me you're going to be all right. i don't know what it was about him. he had this enormous sense of empathy. >> sounds like you loved him. >> oh, geez. >> it breaks your heart. >> what's also powerful about joe biden grieving publically, so many people identify whether the loss was recent or a few years ago. we are talking about the loss of 9/11. when you see such a strong,
9:07 am
honorable man share his grief, that's part of the kindred humanity that we all go through something. maybe we learn through how he's dealing with it. >> you strip out the politics. forget what you hear. i can't urge you strong enough. joe biden is so raw. but stephen colbert who lost his dad and two brothers in a plane crash, ironically today, september 11, 41 years ago when stephen was 10 years old. there are two people who feel each oh's pain, who know where the other is coming from. it's a beautiful interview. >> i'm always obsessed with the chicken soup for the souls. you hear of a story and how a person finds the light at the end of the tunnel. i kept thinking of the stories i have read in the books. it's the spirit of you can move forward. that loved one wants you to move forward. >> absolutely. we'll move onto a different subject. serena williams continuing her grand slam quest. she's there in the running.
9:08 am
just two matches away. she was supposed to have a match yesterday but heavy rain postponed her game yesterday. today she'll play. but in a press conference which was held tuesday, it has since gone viral. her reaction and her honesty was priceless. a reporter asked what's wrong? why aren't you smiling? here's how she reacted. >> get him, serena. >> it's 11:30. to be honest with you, i don't want sto be here. i just want to be in bed now. i have to wake up early to practice and i don't want to ask any of the questions. you guys keep asking me the same questions. it's really not -- you're not making it super enjoyable. [ laughter ] >> just being honest. >> i love her even more now. come on. that's amazing. who is this reporter? why aren't you smiling?
9:09 am
probably the night before she was in her mind i'm going to play this game tomorrow. she shows up and the game is cancelled. >> meanwhile, we are here to talk about the game and she's like, why aren't you smiling, little girl? >> what are you talking about? >> she gave the laugh at the end and said, let me guess, a question about venus? yes. >> i love it. >> they keep asking the same questions over and over again. all she needed was a bag of skittles. >> what's the line? >> i'm only here so i don't get fined. >> we wish her luck today. >> meanwhile, this is great wedding video. we show you the great bride and groom dance, a choreographed routine or amazing, priceless moments. this one probably takes the cake. how about if the groom is a magician? this is what happens when your now husband the magician. justin and his bride gillian
9:10 am
tied the knot. here's what they do to celebrate. >> what? how did they do that? >> wait a minute. of course you levee statitatele? that's what you do. >> how do you do it? >> there must have been a string. >> floating on love. >> yes. >> i love how you bought it. >> great thigh muscles. >> that's impossible even with the best core, the angle -- >> look at the guy behind him with the arms up. >> that's my boy! >> i'm glad he didn't go with the saw her in half trick. >> i don't know if you can top that. >> i want to meet them. >> dylan's going to do it when she does the weather. >> i can't even touch my toes.
9:11 am
no way. >> you could have pretended. >> i can't pretend that. at least he married his assistance. she was in on the trick. that worked. we have rain moving through southern illinois into northwestern indiana. it will be a second cold front to cool down temperatures significantly. tomorrow morning, temps in the 40s in parts of the midwest. we are losing rain across new england. that will exit. it turns into a nice afternoon. as for the weekend we have a chance of showers for the east coast. especially later in the day into ve good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a few clouds especially along the coast. but expect it to warm up inland today with a high of 94 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula 86 degrees. east bay 85 degrees. the tri-valley still sizzling 102 degrees. san francisco cutting down to 80 degrees. and 99 degrees today in the north bay. heading into the weekend our temperatures will be coming
9:12 am
down, but humidity will be going up. stay cool. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks, dylan. >> we figured out how it's done but we have been censored. >> call us. >> red wine, chocolate, sugar. are they good for you, bad? are they good for you, bad? dave'morning double bogie. game, hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? dave loves the two scoops and that kellogg's raisin bran is one more step towards a healthy tomorrow. you eat slower than you play. you're in a hurry to lose, huh? oh, ok! invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran. no crying today... look more like a tissue box...
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i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies, even without a membership. but as a member, you can save more. and you get exclusive access to ratings and reviews. angie's list is there... for all your projects - big and small. pretty! come see what the new angie's list can do for you. red wine, dark chocolate, sugar. all things we love. one day they're good for you, the next day they're not. >> here with the healthy truth once and for all. oh, i like the final stance. dr. natalie azar. i said today can you prescribe something for me to grow taller between the two? i feel like an oompa-loompa. >> there's a pill for that.
9:16 am
the truth is red wine especially in moderation is good for your heart health. this is important. a couple of weeks ago we reported on a study that said there could be a link between light to moderate drinking. today we'll look at the cardiovascular system. we are talking about red wine. it contains a polyphenol. you have heard of resveritrol -- or not. it's an antioxidant. it promotes cardiovascular health, stabilize it is arteries. good for you. raises hdl, lowers ldl. this is something to point out. this is a serving for women. one a day is five ounces. to demonstrate this is a double serving. ten ounces. this looks like a lot in one serving but you know how you repour, one serving a day for women, two a day for men. >> of red wine?
9:17 am
>> preferable to white. >> for your heart. >> it's good for your heart. >> chocolate. >> tell us it's okay. >> dark chocolate is the best. you're eating it? i thought it was glued to the table. this is the second poly-phenol. these have flavanoids. also an antioxidant which stabilizes coronary arteries and prevents damage to them, helping with cardiovascular ris. the dark chocolate is best. it contains cocoa beans which contain the flav knoll. don't have over processed chocolate. if you are drinking cocoa the dutch is the most processed. stay to the least processed to retain the benefit. why we have the examples here is because if you start having chocolate with nuts and nougat and caramel you are adding sugar and calories offsetting the benefits. milk chocolate is better than these but has less flavanols.
9:18 am
>> i try to get into dark chocolate. >> i love it. the more bitter the better. sleep. how much do you need? for most people watching the show today between the ages of 18 and 65 the number is 7 to 9. in february this past spring we reported on the national sleep foundation's new recommendations. good news for parents is they widened the intervals. if noyour newborn isn't sleepin as much as you would like it's probably okay. for the majority of people it's eight hours. too little sleep, disordered sleep can be linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity. >> with school starting students aren't getting that. >> lastly sugar. big thing in the 1970s the sweet and low caused cancer in rats. we have debunked that. artificial sweeteners in moderation are healthy, so to speak. for the right person an artificial sweetener can be
9:19 am
important. somebody diabetic, watching their weight. for otherwise healthy people a teaspoon of sugar in coffee is okay. there are other novel sweeteners as well. >> how much can i put in a cup of coffee? >> i don't have an exact number. this is something like a hundred times sweeter than sugar. you have to have an incredible amount to have damage. >> good information. thank you very much, dr. azar. up next, the free app every busy family needs. we are told you need it now. we are told you need it now. right after th from time in the service... those years to different jobs... to community college... all that hard work, it matters. it's why we, at university of phoenix, count your relevant work and college experience as credits
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and the new real lemonades from mccafe. we are back with family friendly apps. there is something for everyone. >> randi is host of dot di kpli indicated on sirius xm. >> we are back to school and back to work. i have great apps to share. >> these are available on the android and ios free. let's start with the school application app called remind. >> one in five classrooms are using it. it lets students, parents, teachers message. no more flyers in backpacks or e-mails that the parents reply all to. >> great app. >> teachers can set hours that they are available so parents aren't messaging them on the
9:23 am
weekends. >> so smart. >> makes sense. >> let's go to wonder list for household responsibilities. >> i'm obsessed with creating lists. it's a great way to stay organized. this lets you create lists for anything from groceries to packing for vacation. you can assign it to yourself. if you are smarter than me you assign it to someone else and e-mail yourself if you are going to be off line. >> this is one i need. this helps you keep track of schedules. we have soccer practice. >> that's right. the family planner. for me, i have a new baby and a 4-year-old. they don't have bustling socialle calendars. if you have older children, you can keep all the schedules in one place. you can create tasks, even store recipes. the family planner, cozi. >> this helps with concentration, lumosity. >> if you have a few minutes of down time or want to play video
9:24 am
games it claims to make your brain smarter. here we'll play a little game. the ability to manipulate. so a suitcase with objects in it will appear. tap the square to close the suitcase. you want to place it so nothing overlaps. >> pressure's on. >> where do we put it? >> they have so many great games in here. they improve memory, attention span. >> yes. we clearly need to improve focus here. >> the family photos get scattered. >> this is fam. it's like all of the family, book, children's books.
9:25 am
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we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! coverage... ==topvo== good friday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. continuing coverage now as the bay area joining the nation in remembering the september 11th terror attacks 14 years ago. this morning san francisco leaders joined firefighters at fire station 7 on fulsome street where mourners read the names of all 343 new york city firefighters who lost their lives that fateful day. remembrance events took place at each of the 44 fire stations throughout the city of san francisco. also happening today, one survivor in the deadly berkeley balcony collapse back in june is now going to speak out about his long recovery and experience. six irish students died in that tragedy including one from the bay area. seven other young people
9:27 am
including nile murray survived. he's been recovering in the months since and today may provide an update on plans to return home. finally, the arrest of three santa clara county workers prompting a new call to action. facing charges in the beating death of inmate michael tyree. yesterday santa clara county law enforcement leaders announced the formation of a blue ribbon commission. panel members will examine the system and present recommendations for review next year. after this a look at weather and traffic for the weekend.
9:28 am
traffic ck cam 168 - dublin (580) sponsor good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some high thin clouds over sunol, but a lot of sunshine will be rolling in today. our temperatures heating up quickly. in livermore it's already 77 degrees. in san francisco it's 60 degrees. here's a look at all the microclimates today. it will be 99 degrees today in los gatos. burlingame 87. outer sunset at 64 degrees.
9:29 am
and novato 89. antioch 100. also 100 in livermore. mike. kari, watching this very camera shot. it's what i do. for the last ten minutes we've seen traffic get lighter. 580 approaching the dublin interchange. on the map slower drive through livermore and more slowing through sunol. earlier crash, actually one of three still over on the shoulder just before you get to 84. the rest of your commute is moving nicely. northbound 101 gums up around great america parkway. that's your south bay crash. and bay bridge still has metering lights. back to you. for the most part friday light. thank you very much, mike. back in 25 minutes with another update.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, fiat chrysler is recalling more than one and a half million ram pickup trucks to fix air bag problems. the automaker says some may have steering wheel wires that can wear due to contact with a spring that can cause a short circuit that could make the driver's side air bags inflate without a crash. 370 halogen lightbulbs from phillips are being recalled. the recall involves 60 watt bulbs manufactured from november 2013 to march 2015. the bulbs were sold at home depot stores and professional distributors nationwide and online at consumers should stop using them and contact phillips to request packaging materials and
9:31 am
instructions for recalling the bulbs at no cost. a new report find mrs. u.s. airlines are flying on time. the transportation department says 78% of flights arrived on time in july, up nearly 4% from june. cancellations and tarmac delays were also down. still flies weren't happy. consumer complaints were up 5%. according to the report, the best on time airlines are hawaiian, alaska and delta. the worst -- spirit. the nfl season kicked off thursday night. the new england patriots are already at the center of yet another controversy. the reigning super bowl champs defeated the pittsburgh steelers 28-21. during the first half, the steelers coaches were reporting problems with their headsets. at times hearing the patriots radio broadcast of the game instead of each other. the nfl said in the statement after the game, communications equipment for both teams was provided by the league. bears can run and climb quickly.
9:32 am
how's their balance? well, challenged apparently. take a look. especially trying to get into a hammock. a new jersey homeowner found hers occupied by a black bear and cubs wanting a nap. they couldn't manage to stay on top, robbing them of the chance to relax. it looks like fun, right? let's get a check of the weather from dylan in for al. >> it's because it was not getting on it the right way. you have to go from the side, gently. we have a cold front moving through the midwest producing showers and storms. the first cold front through the east coast brought a rainy day and is on the way out. it will be chilly. in fact, by tomorrow morning parts of the midwest starting in the 40s. topping out in the mid to good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got a wide temperature spread from the coast through the inland valleys. that's what we will see today. still getting hot for the north bay, up to 99 degrees.
9:33 am
san francisco will get some afternoon sunshine and 80 degrees. 85 degrees in the east bay. in the tri-valley still sizzling 102 degrees. in the peninsula 86. and 94 degrees today in the south bay. expect some lower temperatures heading into the weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> as we mentioned today marks the 14th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks which led to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> hundreds of thousands of military men and women have returned home as wounded warriors. >> i had the opportunity to meet an elite group of veterans when i helped kick off the special competition called the triumph games, events carried out by some of the most impressive people i have ever met. captain van harrow has shined in any sport. >> i played soccer, high school, baseball, basketball.
9:34 am
that helped me develop the athletic mind set. >> he played ice hockey with a friend but couldn't have anticipated the impact of the friendship. >> it really hit home. i still get goose bumps thinking about it. >> ielpe was killed september 11, 2001. a firefighter, he rushed to the world trade center as thousands tried to get out. when harrow graduated from west point and set off to fight in iraq and afghanistan he was determined to honor his friend's memory. >> being deployed after 9/11 and being from new york just felt like i don't want pay back or reven revenge. it felt good to do the job in iraq or afghanistan knowing that happened. >> harrow experienced his own tragedy. in 2012 on his second deployment to afghanistan with the army special forces he lost his legs after stepping on an ied. >> i remember walking and turning, then flying through the
9:35 am
air. i remember coming to, dazed, confused with a ringing in my head from being knocked out. then a surge of pain and tapping out again. >> doctors told him he would never walk again. a husband and father he refused to accept the prognosis. undergoing a ground breaking broj and proving to himself and medical experts his new life would not be limited by his injurieses. >> he said i may not have legs but i'm still a force, still a warrer i don't. i am present. do not count me out. >> reporter: a few weeks ago he joined 13 of his fellow injured veterans in a competition that would be nearly impossible for the most able-bodied. a triathlon. video game battle. and motor sports challenge, sponsored in part by nbc's parent company comcast. >> the tendency is to look at
9:36 am
somebody with this injury and want to feel sorry for them. the reality is they don't feel sorry for themselves. >> reporter: although the veterans compete against each other, players like army combat medic elizabeth wazel, injured in iraq, say the shared experience bonds them together. >> i was introduced to a community of some of the most humble, wonderful people who could be in excruciating pain and ask how you're doing. it opened my eyes to a world i didn't know existed. >> reporter: injured veterans using sports to heal. >> when you are competing, training, racing. you forget everything that's wrong or might be bothering you. you are to focused on the competition. >> that helps them stay positive. embracing new challenges without the twists of fate that brought them together. >> it's weird the think about john's death and september 11
9:37 am
led to me losing my legs and my life being changed so transplancally. it's a full contact sport. we go into that lifestyle knowing the consequences. we are there to do the job. >> we are all lucky in our line of work to spend time with veterans at different events and things. you are never more impressed in life than when you spend time with them, especially people who were so severely wounded and are such competitors and keep pushing forward. you can follow the triumph games and find out when the official winners will be revealed on 2015 triumph check it out. it's incr across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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join the better skin 3 week challenge at ♪maybe it's maybelline. on today food we have tonight's dinner. we have scott conant from scarpetta in laugh. he's showing us osso bucco with
9:42 am
a twist. >> thanks for having me. >> normally it's with veal. not everybody likes veal. you have it with chicken. >> it's approachable and i have dark meat because it tastes the best. >> oh. >> it's affordable and everybody is looking for ways to cook chicken. one of the biggest questions i get. >> we are looking at the grid.hy a little bit of garlic, tomatoes that are pureed. >> and wine here. >> the wine is a little bit for the sauce and the rest for you. when you're ready. >> you browned the chicken thighs and the legs. >> i'm sauteing the mirepoix, celery, onion, carrot.
9:43 am
get that brown. we take herbs, rosemary and thyme to create a bouquet garnis. you don't want all the herbs floating in the sauce. >> keep it compact and get the flavor without the mess. >> exactly. >> tastes good. oh, my. >> jump in. >> great. >> go ahead, scott. what's going on? >> you talk. >> i'll just keep going. i'm going to add tomatoes to this. we are assuming all the vegetables are nice and brown. isn't that sauce delicious? >> killer. i need bread to dunk it in. >> grab a piece of bread and sop it up. >> there you have it. you have wine there. what does the wine do? >> the wine adds a nice acidity. it mellows out the re of the sauce. >> how long do we blend the sauce and let it simmer? >> we have chicken for 20
9:44 am
minutes. we pop it in the oen for an hour at 350. nice and slow, letting it breathe. >> it gives you an hour. we love things like that. we have added the broth. >> i will add the chicken back. we'll put it in the oven. i would say the differentiator in the dish is the gremolata. >> that's the herb blend for people who don't know. >> right. it's a combination of herbs. we'll grate garlic inside the olive oil, add parsley, lemon zest. and then the parsley and let it go nice and slow. >> does grating it add more flavor than slicing it? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> that will all go inside there. a little bit of vinegar. >> we have it. once it is complete we pulled out the chicken. >> this chicken will be nicely braised. >> oh, wow.
9:45 am
>> you can go online for the recipe. get it in the 30 days of easy dinner ideas at check it out. this is amazing. scott, thank you. >> one of the best things we have had. >> can i just drink the sauce on its own? >> we'll do shots after. >> that will get us going. decorate your bedroom on a budget. natalie and i are going -- oh, gosh. i have to go against this competitive crazed mama. diy or buy i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that
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9:49 am
the whole day to sell to the their old cart aside and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. hi. the bedroom is a place to relax, recharge, revitalize, whatever you want to do there. you don't have to spaend lot offal money to create the perfect sanctuary. >> you just need inspiration. here is abby larson of style me pretty good morning. >> hi, guys. >> put us to the test. >> i am. >> six items you diy'd in this
9:50 am
gorgeous bedroom. >> trying to trick you. you've got it. we have 30 seconds on the clock. see what we can find. >> let's go. >> all right. >> oh, man. right out of the gate strong. ♪ >> looking good. >> we did it. tamron. >> no cards left. you did really well. you missed a few. we'll start with this. this is diy. it's taken with my iphone. >> ooh, beautiful. >> next up, the rug. it's such a great statement. >> over here. i want to show you over here. the mesh table is diy. >> so cool. >> i know. upholstered bench. we have this cute tray also. last but not least the adorable
9:51 am
calligraphy pillows. >> they are so cute. >> they are so pretty. >> this is a 15-minute project. you can help me. we have all the supplies. >> pillow case cover. >> this is an iron transfer. print it at home. you can get it on style me print it. put it face down, take your iron. natalie, you can grab it and 30 seconds on high heat. >> you print from your computer. >> when it's dry, pull this back and the calligraphy is left over. >> oh. >> so easy. >> let's go over here. you may get dirty here. this is a heavyweight cotton drop cloth. not very expensive at the hardware store. we taped off the stripes with painters tape. we'll use a paint roller to roll
9:52 am
it on. give it muscle. the cotton really soaks up the paint. you can peel off the tape and i will show you on this one. right here you can peel up the tape. it's a beautiful, clean black. >> can it be washed? >> it can be. >> wow. >> last but not least this is an ikea hack. >>le wrap the top with two-inch foam and fabric. you will staple it. >> i guess we needed to put these on. >> put it right on. you have this beautiful and you can put it on top. >> great stuff. thank you. >> great ideas. for instructions on how to create these items and more head to this is today on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
erika hill with more on what's coming up this weekend. >> it is fashion week in new york. we have a different take for you coming up. different artists really taking the event by storm. they are artists but not designers. that's katie rogers and blair brightenstein. they are fashion illustrators. like the old beautiful vogue covers and gorgeous sketches. they are sketching live shows and put a lot of it on social media. that's helped to grow this. >> i love it. >> we'll introduce you to a couple of them, show you how they worg on their craft and speak to the designers who are embracing them. >> you got to keep one of them. >> i got an amazing portrait i love. >> thank you. kathie lee and hoda are next.
9:56 am
i'm ... ==topvo== the tango is giving way to tech in mountain view. that's whe well, 9:56. happy friday to you. the tango giving way to tech in mountain view. that's where the ballroom studio run by "dancing with the stars" and bay area native sheryl burk is going to close its doors. networking website linked in is
9:57 am
building a new campus at the site. the dance studio trying to figure out its next move. well, i can predict this, we're going to hear it's hot. but let's check thewet sgler a few spots waking up to some morning clouds today. that will all clear out and temperatures still will be hot especially inland. in the north bay up to 99 degrees. san francisco 80 today. and breezy wind as we go into the afternoon. east bay 85. 102 degrees today in the tri-valley. the peninsula topping out at 86 degrees. not as hot in a few areas, but still pretty warm in the south bay today expect a high of 94 degrees. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. it's friday, so we're seeing traffic big backups start to end a bit earlier in the south bay. but we still have this 101 jam toward greater america parkway. no official word but i see speed sensors clearing over the last few minutes. get a move on folks, get on with friday. to the bay smoother drive. earlier crash had things tied up
9:58 am
but there were a series of three crashes in toward fremont that are all off the roadway. there's the bay bridge toll plaza. live look we have the fast track lanes now start to visibly show much better movement than those cash lanes. i think they're still backed up. back to you. i think, mike, it helps when kwou do that. another local news update coming for you in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, is tryday friday september 11, 2015. carson daily in for kathie lee this morning. >> good mornings, everybody, good morning, sweetheart, i love you so much. >> love you, too. >> great to be here. >> if we were getting married -- which we're not -- this may be the song we would play. listen to this song. it's called "giving it all to you." ♪ i will wait


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