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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> i could feel the heat from the flames. >> breaking news up in lake county. a fire explodes burning 25,000 acres without any warning at all. four firefighters hurt while hundreds of people are rushed out of their homes. we have team coverage tonight. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. fire tearing through lake county
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near calistoga. burning more than 2,000 acres per hour. >> we've been watching this fire unfold minute by minute. take a look at this video posted to instagram showing a hillside athe blaze with flame. tough to see because lake county has been decimated by other major fires this summer. now another dangerous night ahead to get through for residents there. this map shows the evacuating counties. in total we are talking thousands of people who have been evacuated from their homes. nbc bay area's christie smith is at the twin pine casino and hotel in middletown. >> reporter: what started as a small fire quickly exploded. more than 25,000 acres 1 burned in a matter of hours forcing evacuations near highway 29 in lake county. >> as far as my place, i thought it was safe. but not. >> reporter: jim drake of middletown says his wife left to calistoga as a precaution to an evacuation center.
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>> i think it just -- too much fuel, i guess. all the winds. i don't know where they came from. all of a sudden they were blowing like crazy. i think that's what did the most damage. >> reporter: he went back for his motorcycle but isn't sure if his house is standing. hundreds of homes in harm's way from the valley fire. several communities under evacuation orders from clear lake to calistoga. >> what we could grab. pictures. if i could help anybody. i was trying to help our neighbors. and my animals and my children. that's all i could think about. >> reporter: four firefighters were injured in the blaze, suffering burns in the initial stages. now listed in stable condition. dry, windy conditions continued even tonight as the fire kept raging. >> i could feel the heat from the flames. >> gusty winds playing a major role in this fire. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. what conditions are firefighters up against right now? >> wind is the big story out there on the fire lines. and very impressive midafternoon
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today, we spotted the fire from the radar perspective. the radar beam hitting that smoke plume as we got that strong updraft of the column plume fire at 15,000 feet on radar. when we see that on radar, usually corresponding to a time when this fire is showing some explosive growth, and we did see that from roughly about 3:00 in the afternoon to about 6:00 this evening. again that main burn area burning about 25,000 acres in about ten hours' time. as that fire really started to get going, we had wind gusts at 40 miles per hour, humidity levels less than 20%. in the forecast as we head towards tomorrow, still some very dry conditions. we're going to see temperatures there close to 90 degrees. winds shifting at times. still west-northwest 15 to 25. pushing that fire toward middletown and hidden valley lake over the next twour hours or so. likely we could see this fire expand by almost the same amount into early tomorrow as those winds continue to push those
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flames off to the south and east. >> amazing, rob, thank you very much. so many people have been evacuated because of this fire that shelters are filling up. we have been told the shelter at kelseyville presbyterian church is at capacity, it cannot accept any more evacuees. anyone who needs shelter should head to the napa county fair grounds in calistoga. an equally devastating situation to tell you about east of sacramento where tonight neighborhoods, whole neighborhoods, have been wiped out by fire. we are getting more this evening. the butte fire in central california has destroyed dozens of homes. the fire's been burning in alma doer and calaveras counties since wednesday. earlier today cal fire reported 15 homes destroyed. now they say 86 homes have burned. the fire has burned 65,000 achers in total. it has forced entire towns to evacuate. so far it's only 15% contained so a lot of work ahead of them. 15 fire engines from san mateo county have been sent to help.
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as the 100 square mile inferno grows more help is on the way from the bay area. marianne favro joins us live from san jose with a look at the fire departments who have sent crews to the butte fire examine what they're up against. this is a terrible situation with this drought. >> reporter: so many challenges ahead of them. a strike team left this station in san jose late this afternoon headed to the butte fire. they'll be tasked with trying to prevent dozens of homes from going up in flames. thinking and moving fast. firefighters are trying to protect this house on a hill surrounded by flames. >> watch your footing! >> reporter: all around the butte fire, flair-ups threatened homes. right now, 3,800 firefighters are battling the erratic fire that doubled in size overnight. and more on their way from the bay area, including four san jose firefighters from station 9 who left this afternoon. they're joining another strike team from station 14 that left
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last night. along with several fire engines from san mateo county. >> the butte fire has been ongoing and is threatening a lot of homes and property. we want to make sure the city of san jose that we're able to do our part and help out. >> reporter: the firefighters will rely on every weapon they have, spraying water, using bull dozers, even using their hands. when the fire flares and catches the top of the trees there's no stopping the flames from the ground, exactly what people in the towns of west point and san andreas fear. >> horrible. scared. i just changes too quickly. >> there's no control over it. they're saying it's going whichever way it wants. >> we built the house ourselves 50 years ago. i just hope it's there when we get back. >> reporter: it's going to be a rough night for all of those people. san jose fire department leaders say even though they have sent two strike teams to the butte fire, they say they have plenty of crews to cover this area should they have a major emergency.
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>> we'll see tomorrow if they're sending crews up to the valley fire up there in lake county and near fresno tonight, california's largest wildfire is threatening ancient sequoias. the brush fire has grown to over 128,000 acres. this has been burning nearly a month and a half. firefighters have set up sprinklers to try to protect some of the oldest trees. as you might imagine fire crews are spread thin. take a look at this cal fire map showing 13 major fires burning across state. you see it goes from the california/oregon border all the way down past fresno, down to just north of los angeles. stay with nbc bay area for the latest on these fast-moving fires. you can also download our nbc bay area app. it is free. san mateo county deputies are on the lookout for more than just criminals these daze. they're looking for cats. the big ones. the latest sighting of a mountain lion was reported near talla road near the san mateo
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hills. someone reported seeing the cat run through the neighborhood into a wooded area. wildlife officials along with deputies searched the area but didn't find it. deputies say sightings are becoming so frequent that they have started checking neighborhoods for the big cats while on routine patrol. you may remember in may, this mountain lion caused quite a scare. it was in downtown san mateo just walking around. the animal was eventually tranquilized and taken back to the hills. check your fridge. a salinas company is recalling baby spinach because of health concerns. organic girl says a chemical element cadmium got into five-ounce packages of their organic baby spinach. the company didn't say how it happened. cadmium is a heavy metal naturally occurring in soil but pollution can increase its concentration. people who eat the product won't get immediately sick, but long-term consumption of cadmium can affect a person's kidneys, live, and immune systems.
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spinach has a use-by date of september 13th. we will continue to follow breaking news in lake county. a fast-moving wildfire burning north of calistoga. 25,000 acres burned in less than ten hours. thousands evacuated, four firefighters have been hurt. it is a question many people have been asking for months. now some answers about that mystery goo that killed hundreds of birds in the east bay. ♪
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introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. smith on the phone. we want to update the valley fire. we led off the newscast with it. 25,000 acres have burned since 1:00 this afternoon.
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four firefighters with second-degree burns. we have nbc bay area's christie smith on the phone. christie, new information for sinus. >> yeah, that's right. i just spoke with a spokesperson for cal fire. she said she has never seen anything like this in her years here. right now the hills are burning, a couple of bridges behind us. we're on highway 29 in an area that has been evacuated. we feel safe where we are. the fire is burning a couple of ridges away. there is a number of law enforcement out here. for the most part the people who live in the area are already gone. what we're hearing is that homes have burned. exactly how many, that's not known right now. cal fire saying they're hoping to have a better idea by morning. what people are telling us is as they drove out there were cars abandoned in the road. they were leaving quickly. as we came up there was a stream of cars going down highway 29. people left very quickly. we're hearing trees are down,
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power lines down. the power has been cut off. it just keeps burning. hundreds of firefighters now on order to come help as this jumped to 25,000 acres. you mentioned the four firefighters injured. i asked if they had anyone else injured and they said not at this point. two evacuation centers at least set up in calistoga. resources are thin. firefighters saying they're doing the best they can with what they have. thousandser th thousands evacuated. they don't have an exact number but it's quite a scene out here on highway 29 rate now. it's quiet because most of the people who were going to leave have left. you can see an orange glow in the sky, it's very smoky. folks wanting answers, wondering about their homes. i spoke with one man, he said that his wife left earlier as a precaution and took their pets and he didn't think anything of it. next thing you know, he had to evacuate very quickly and get out.
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at this point, as i said, very quiet up here because most people have left. a lot of law enforcement and firefighters doing their best. >> christie smith, thank you so much. we really appreciate that. we're hearing some of these details, obviously very frightening here. so many counties -- cobb, hidden valley lake, high valley road, bottle rock road -- all these communities evacuated. we'll continue to follow this and check back in with christie at the end of the newscast. if you want more on these fires you can download the nbc bay area app. now to the real-life drama involving the crew in one of tom cruise's latest movies. a plane carrying crew members went down in the mountains of northwest colombia on friday. two people were killed, another critically injured. cruise was not involved in the crash but was in colombia filming a movie, the story of a u.s. pilot who worked for a colombian drug lord, pablo escobar, then turned informant for the dea. no word on what caused the plane
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crash. subway said it received one serious complaint against jared fogle in 2011 but did not act because the complaint did not involve criminal sexual behavior. as part of the investigation into the rate of the former subway spokesperson, the sandwich chain reviewed more than 1 million comments and interviewed past and current franchise owners. the serious complaint came from a journalist in 2011 who said she had concerns about fogle and didn't elaborate. the former subway spokesperson agreed to plead guilty to possessing child pornography and having sex with minors. we have new details in the case of hundreds of birds killed or in need of rescue because of that mysterious goo. back in january east bay water birds started showing up coated in a sticky, oily substance. after months of investigating, state leaders have announced the goo is very similar to vegetable oil but the source still remains unknown. nearly 400 birds died because of the oil. another 165 were saved. until the source of the substance is identified, the investigation will continue.
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let's check the forecast right now and the word rain is in it. not a lot of it. here's rob mayeda. >> a few sprinkles, light showers at times during date today. 63 with low clouds near san francisco. a few overcast skies toward oakland. livermore the warm spo, 72 right now, mostly cloudy skies. san jose, 67 right now. and during the day you'll probably notice the humidity increasing. subtropical moisture moving across the bay area. the view shows you a few showers higher up in the atmosphere. not a lot reaching the ground. yes, the radar too picking up stray showers here. the problem we have is that ground level, the air is still very dry. even though the radar is picking up a few of these returns, very likely it's not quite reaching the ocean or the ground. but that said, as we head through tonight, we will see a chance of subtropical moisture being brought up from the former tropical storm linda to the south around an area of low pressure to our west. the two combining to increase cloud cover and at times there's
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a slight chance of showers. notice this computer model overforecasting the rain we have right now, echoes there on the radar. not much reaching the ground. that said, there's still a chance as more moisture moves overnight that we could see a chance of a few stray showers heading into tomorrow morning. especially around some of those coastal hid tops. as skies turn mostly sunny during tomorrow afternoon, we'll see high temperatures at least briefly turning warmer for your sunday. so mid-80s around san jose. upper 60s to mid-70s around san francisco. to the north bay tomorrow, we'll see numbers in the mid to upper 80s up towards cobb and those areas up towards lake county and napa county. again, some dry conditions, temperatures still near 90 degrees. around the tri-valley tomorrow, numbers in the mid to upper 80s, close to 90 in livermore. oakland about 78, fairly nice for the raiders game. temperatures around game time there in the upper 70s. so watch these temperatures as we go through the beginning of the week cooling off. livermore 70s and 80s to start the week.
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you'll see san francisco cooling off as well as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. and san jose dropping well below what we had just a couple of days ago. highs in the 70s. big drop in temperatures and the weather should be fine for monday night football out in santa clara, levi stadium looks pretty good, low 70s around 7:00. maybe the more interesting part of forecast as we head toward the middle part of the week, maybe our best chance of seeing rain coming up as you approach wednesday as a system brings a lot of rain to the pacific northwest as we get into wednesday. this is the time frame we're going to watch into wednesday night. there you go, slight chance of seeing should showers. especially for the north bay and moving south through the bay area at we get into wednesday night and thursday. so an early taste of fall, we hope, coming our way as we head toward the middle part of the week. >> rob got me thinking about sports. we've got raiders, niners coming up. henry wofford's coming along too. you're going to be talking baseball.
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work their way back in to the
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welcome back to nbc bay area. let talk some baseball. with the giants still trying to work their way back into the postseason hurnt, they knew they needed a strong outing from their ace madison bumgarner against the padres. what do you know, he got things going big-time. flirting with history, in fact. pad rays and giants. the night belonged to madison bumgarner. mad bum a perfect game through six. top of the seventh. two out. matt kemp grounds out to short. so that's 21 man up, 21 man down. top of the eighth, justin upton to the left side. great play. throws him out. perfect game intact. two batters later, melvin upton. he's not having it. pinch-hit single spoils the perfecto at at&t park. how about a standing ovation for mad bum's great work. giants win 8-0. >> any time you have games like that, there's a little luck
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involved. whatever you want to call it. you know. there's always in this game, there's balls that are hit two off three feet one way or the other, game changer. i try not to read too much into it and stay even keel. >> great outing by mad pull. the silver and black officially begin the jack del rio era tomorrow afternoon. we'll have complete postgame coverage on csn california.
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north of calistoga - and has an update to breaking news right now. this fire, the valley fire, started this afternoon north of calistoga, has already burned 25,000 acres. >> christie smith is live in middle town with new news, what's the latest?
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>> reporter: we're in an area that has been evacuated. w feel safe because the fire is burning a couple of ridges away. i wanted to show you video that we just got in that was shot in middletown. and this is where cal fire is telling us that homes are burning. and you can see from that video what it looks like. now exactly how many they say they don't know. how many structures burning. they're hoping to get a better handle on that in the morning. what i can tell you is that hundreds, hundreds of firefighters are on order to help fight this valley fire that is in lake county and now we're hearing parts of napa county as well. of course thousands of people evacuating. when we were coming up highway 29, there was a steady stream of cashes, of horse trailers, of rvs, people trying to get out, some of them heading to the evacuation center that is near calistoga. people grabbing what they could to get out of the way.
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there were four firefighters injured in all this. one firefighter called this just catastrophic, that in her career she hadn't seen anything like it. so at this point it continues to burn but it we are told that hundreds of firefighters are on order to help those who are already here are that's the latest from here. reporting live in lake county, i'm christie smith. >> christie, real quick, we know four firefighters were injured and they are currently at the hospital. any update from cal fire on their conditions? >> reporter: well, we're told that they're nonlife threatening injuries. so the presumption is they will make a recovery. i also asked cal fire if they had heard of anyone else who might have been injured in all of this. because you saw that video. you see how aggressive this fire is, that it jumped to 25,000 acres. they say at this point they don't know, that's something they're looking into reserve into. you can see from the magnitude of the fire they have their hands full.
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>> christie smith, thanks very much. we'll be following the story tomorrow. thank you for watching nbc bay area news.
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>> okay. welcome to "politics nation." [ cheers and applause ] now, what happened in ferguson has come to new york. this eric garner decision has


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