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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us. a town devastated by flames. entire neighborhoods destroyed. ==terry//boxes== good evening, i'm terry
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mcsweeney. ==peggy//boxes== and i'm peggy bunker. ==peggy//take vo== and we have word tonight that this wildfire burning near now fatal. as of right now, we don't know much about the victim. ==terry//boxes== and hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed we want to get right out to the scene right now. raj? ==raj//live== now i'm joined by nbc bay area's damian trujillo in middletown. damian, the damage has been
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back here now, we are on jefferson street and really what's incredible is across the
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street there, that row of houses is totally fine. here behind me, you see the car here, you see some chairs. just literally collapsing all around us. it has been incredible. but not just here in middletown. in fact, we've been on sight for about 24 hours now. crews in the morning, afternoon and here at this late hour, with me. in fact let's bring in nbc bay area's damon trajillo. and robert dwigives us an idea how big this area is. what's the latest on the fire lines where you are? >> reporter: here, napa county is stepping up efforts. as you can see behind me, napa county sheriff deputies closed off polk valley road near lake county as part of its emergency procedures. as we traveled between the two counties, we saw a lot of emergency situations and many people responding.
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thousands of acres have burned and more are burning now. as firefighters scramble to stop flames from spreading to neighborhood to neighborhood and town to town. many homeowners couldn't stop the destruction and we saw whole areas levelled. power lines on fire. blocked off many streets. but some residents did save their homes. >> everybody is doing okay. >> david demonte suffered bruises and burns, working to protect his house. >> hoses, rakes, shovels. anything that you could get that you could use to get fire away from something. >> yeah. it's began. >> ezekiel and his family worked through the night carving out protective space to keep flames away. >> everything was burning from tree to tree. and out in the back too. >> as we roll through the charred countryside here in lake county, we saw plenty of hot spots, including some like this
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one, reigniting and spreading into the dry grassy areas that didn't get hit the first time. regardless, families able to return home, say they plan to stay. >> the town looked like a war zone. >> you think there's much of a future in the town here? >> the whole community works together. i think we can make something happen. >> many, many people lost more than us. so i'm just thankful. >> now we did see the community come together in large groups as well as neighbor to neighbor and many people told us they will have to keep that attitude up because until the fire is under control, the list of people in needle grow. live in napa county, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. back here in lake county, i'm joined by my colleague damon
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trajillo. this is small town. middletown, about 1500 residents. but everyone we have spoken with has such a good attitude just because they are here and alive. >> it is very inspiring. done town is all in tact but this part, just off of highway 29 of middletown is just utter devastation. one thing we see a lot of here in middletown is human kindness. neighbors helping neighbors. >> the fire roared through the small community of middletown over night. >> we have 10 minutes to get out. we were barely able to grab anything. so i don't even know. >> this is where the harpers lost everything. >> apocalyptic. >> opening a hardware and grocerier to they run in middletown. >> we wanted to come here and make sure we can open it up for the firemen and for anybody else that stayed behind. >> we have a generator running the store outside. and we have outside access to
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the store. so we will have somebody here 24 hours. >> the credit card machines weren't working so the store was taking ious from those that didn't have cash. like the smithes who stayed in town to help rescue abandoned animals. >> first time we he have seen the sign of life, i guess, first step to getting things back on track, i guess. >> for the town. >> yes, for sure. >> i amazing. i can't even imagine. >> also staying in town and spend the day rescuing horses. >> six live horses, thank god. >> brenda took the rescued horses to the sun rise stables in cal stoeg why. middletown is a virtual ghost town. but those that took the chance and stayed behind, spent this day not thinking of themselves, but of their neighbors. >> you and i have seen a lot of this today. this was part after bumper on the car behind us right now. just melted by the sheer heat of
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this fire. just utter devastation here. >> just a lot of actually when we say this, good spirit going around here, with the people you spoke with in your story. that local hardware store and grocery store is still open. really just serving the firefighters and the people around it. >> and locals say that they are keeping life with what they need. >> thank you. see you tomorrow reporting on this with me as well. damon trajillo is here. robert handa is here. about 80 square miles. bigger than city of san francisco. this region we're talking about. i can't stress enough, there are so many people watching us who live here and in the communities who don't know if their house is still in tact. back to you in the studio. >> devastating to see. and all that melted metal. i know in napa, lake counties, a lot of rural areas. the woman looking for horses. what about the horses that so many people were trying to rescue?
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>> i've talked to so many people down in calistoga at the evacuation center and it is a mixed bag. there are people in tears because they lost their pets and horses. there is a lot of live stock around here. cats and dogs. but also other people so thrilled just clutching on to their dogs and cats. and their other animals. a mixed bag here. i think really though the bottom line people are thrilled that most of their friends and neighbors and relatives have made it out here. but as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, so far, one death here related to this valley fire. >> one thing, with all of the positive among the tragedy, you were at the center at calistoga, what was that like for you? >> it is positive. it is hard to believe when you see the devastation. take a look behind me. but yes, it is positive. they got out of there with their lives.
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there is so much support in calistoga, we should point that out, the city of calistoga has invited people in, providing materials, clothes, food, cell phone charging stayings, more than 10,000 people evacuated. local hotels and motels for 15 mile radius are jam-packed and booked at this hour. it'll happen through the week because people don't have homes to come back to. >> thanks very much. so many people evacuated there. let's see how quickly this fire spread. take a look at this map showing exactly where the fire started near cob yesterday afternoon. you can see as is it grows, sucking up 50,000 acres within the span of just one day. right now bringing in meteorologist rob tracking in the fire and weather. rob, lay it out for us here. exactly why the fire spread so quickly. >> we saw the wind around the fire line accelerating saturday afternoon from 20 to 40 miles per hour. the footprint of the fire like an arrow racing off to the south and east and you saw raj there,
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along highway 29. there between hidden valley lake and middletown where we saw the biggest damage to property. the impact there, close to north of midtown middletown. winds gusting from 3 to 4 hours. temperatures at that time in the 90s. good news here, tonight, temperatures cooling off. humidity levels coming up. as we see a cool done and chance of showers on the way which could be good news. but in the case of this fire again, continuing to watch the threat of those gusty wind picking up a little bit as we get into tuesday but overall an improving picture there weatherwise as we see a chance of rain later on this week. a full look at that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thanks very much. stay tuned with nbcbayarea. you can also download our app and it is free. next up, an hour by hour look at how quickly the valley
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fire exploded. >> if you can believe it, ex scammers trying to take advantage of those that lost everything in the fire. what you need to watch out for tonight. >> and how much ash and dust can you expect to fall here in the bay area. ♪ we're following brn
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napa and lake counties. an explosive wildfire burned at least 400 structures and is still spreading. at least one person died in we are following breaking news. an explosive fire burned at least 400 structures and is still spreading tonight. at least one person is dead from the flames. >> destruction we're seeing is truly inimaginable. entire communities that were whole yesterday morning and now destroyed hundreds of homes destroyed as well. let's get back to middletown. raj, you've seen a lot up there. >> we have seen all these fires in the last 18 months, couple of years in this drought, and rarely do we talk about homes burned down. but that's what happened here. you mentioned 400 homes and businesses. let's take you to this home here on jefferson street. it is just sobering what we are seeing. all this ash here, it starts here, up in lake county and gone all wait down to tri-valley and
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east bay and as far as san jose. you know where it's coming from here. things we find here. part after hubcap that burned. one of the things that stayed in tact this vase, and we are are opt side yard now of someone's home on jefferson street. and that is another thing that stood out to us. a lot of propane around here. for regular barbecues you are talking about. or for propanes for homes and nbc photographers have gotten video of the propane tanks actually exploding and you can just see how intense the flames are. this is shot overnight by one of our crews here. so dangerous, thankfully all of the residents are at least most of the residents were evacuated from here. more than 10,000 of them. so dangerous with firefighters on scene. more than a thousand firefighters remained in this region and also there are people who witnessed all these explosions. >> you can hear the propane tanks blowing.
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see the flames shooting up. see houses going up. look at powder horn, you can see that going up. we were surrounded. it took us an hour to go three miles to the highway. ju just -- >> a nightmare for a lot of people here, as we wrap up here for now, just telling you about the ash in the air at this hour, past 11:00 now, it is smoky. it is muggy. difficult to breath. a lot of people's eyes are getting red. so it is an active fire scene. zero percent contained. back to you. >> thanks, raj. we will get back to you as soon as you mention. the valley fire is not the only large fire burning in california. peggy has details on other huge fires burning in the state. >> it is incredible as we take you here to the wall and get a look at fires burning statewide. let's start first with the rough
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fire, 17th largest in the state of california. 31% contained. even after all of that time. let's take you to the butte fire. east of sacramento. bad source of air quality here. burning for such a long time. since wednesday is when this started. 65,000 acres. 25% containment right now. of course the valley fire which we've been letting you know about all night long. this of course just 24 hours old started yesterday afternoon. we're looking at about 1,000 firefighters and in fact cal fire updated there. 1500 responders on scene. 50,000 acres burned 0% containment. this is the drought playing a huge role here. could we have expected it to be this bad? hard to say. it is tough as we heard from raj. >> the speed with which this fire spread, remarkable. take a look at the time line. based on tweets from cal fire. this started as a structure
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fire. 1:30 yesterday afternoon over the next three hours, growing to 400 acres. that's fast but not mind boggling. then by 10:30, exploding, growing to 25,000 acres. roughly the size of the entire city of isn'tsanta rosa. we have heard of stories of people rushing from their homes to escape flames. many posting to social media with their stories. >> michael, we found you by looking at some of your postings here. let's look at this slvideo from middletown. what was it like to be right here next to this fire? >> oh, so surreal. >> you were at a music festival. how did you hear about the fire and what is the first thing you
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did? >> i was at home recovering from the previous fires. we had about a thousand people at the festival and they didn't even know about the fire. i first tried to get out of the area and then contact them to orchestrate a location. people didn't take it seriously so i started posting videos. >> first thing you saw was smoke from the distance or what is the first thing you noticed? >> i had a lot of knocking at the door. came out. and what i saw is cars in the parking lot and evacuating and fire is coming, fire is coming. >> michael, real quick, where are you staying there evening? >> i'm safe and sound. >> that's good to know. this video looks like it is straight out of some kind of movie. it doesn't look real. we appreciate your video and up-close account there. thank you, michael. >> it looks like a special
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effect. >> doesn't look real at all. and being so close to the flames and getting the word out. it was a big challenge. >> rob explains how that got all the way from above napa county down to here in the bay area. in san jose. >> right. we were picking it up on radar about 15,000 feet. so at those level wind about 10,000 feet and lower, wind direction this morning until about 5,000 feet, from north to south. even though that fire was burning in lake county, all the way down to ground level, you can see the winds there, pulling out of the north bay, especially it tri-valley and san jose. if you woke up to ash on the car there and san jose or tri-valley, that the reason why. now there is good news. upper level wind shift direction tomorrow. also helping to bring in low clouds and drizzle for foam morning. the good news for fire danger. especially along the coast. higher elevations though may still see mild temperatures for one more day. satellite view is interesting.
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clouds moving over the bay area and at times around lake county. a few light rain showers off and on during the day today. as we good for the next 24 hours, drizzle at times for tomorrow morning. notice right around lunch time, scattered showers. moving across the bay area. hoping we see more of this heading into the north bay. isolated this nature. clear skies through the afternoon but notice our temperatures cooling down. we see the numbers drop into the 70s around san jose. only warmest spots briefly to 80. look at upper 60s, around 70 and in the north bay highs looking better. you see numbers dropping into the lower 70s. mid 70s around pleasanton and livermore and a stronger system should follow what we see for tomorrow. this rolls in on wednesday. and perhaps brings us the best bet of seeing measurable rain right there in the north bay especially out around the valley fire so the temperatures now go through the middle part of the week and timeframe it watch
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around the valley fire wednesday some models picking up a quarter inch of rain. you see our temperatures for the rest of the bay area. cool start of the week around san jose and numbers dropping below average. that will continue through san fan about the numbers rebound again towards next weekend and yes the final weekend of summer will feel more like temperatures on the rise once again which means fire danger would be increasing. so hopefully firefighters can make ground as humidity levels come up. hopefully rain drops fall at times as they get into wednesday for the the middle part of the week. back to you. >> good news for you. thank you so much. >> coming up, california continues to burn as we've been seeing. valley fire, especially frustrating. >> we have good news
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particular area of lake county this year. . the valley fire is not the first wildfire to strike this particular area of lake county. this is the third in just no two months. part of the burn areas is just a couple miles from the jerusalem fire. >> you can see there on the map, that fire started at the beginning of august. burning for three weeks. ripping through 25,000 aches of lnd and burned six homes. also the monstrous rocky fire. this started at the end of july. by the time it was over, 70,000 acres and 43 homes had been destroyed. >> firefighters are working to slow the spread of fast-moving fire. >> it started on wednesday, consuming more than 65,000 acres as of tonight. residents remain on edge as the fire continues to destroy
11:28 pm
property and disrupt their lives. about 135 homes are burned to the brown. cal fire is working to keep that number from going up. people don't have even the basics. >> we have no telephone. no electricity. we he don't have water. people have lost their homes. there's so many homes that are levelled, burned to the ground. >> the fire just over 25% contained. firefighters are optimistic saying that winds have died down. it is getting cooler. we heard that from rob a little bit ago. less humidity. gaining ground on the fire. >> and i'm raj, continuing live coverage here in middletown. which is near calistoga. we can tell you the game plan for firefighters going into monday and tuesday and talk.
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and 10,000 that breaking news in lake and
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napa counties. a massive wildfire takes at least one life. hundreds of homes are destroyed. and entire communities are level breaking news, fires in napa and lake counties. entires community are levels. >> now raj joining us from lake county. we talk about how quickly people had to flee their homes and they lost everything. >> they sure have. we don't hear this often, fire within 24 hours causing so much damage. don't be confused, we are not at the middle of the foyer fight, we are at the beginning. zero percent contained. around all these bluffs there is about a thousand firefighters on the front lines york working overnight. let's be clear, not in an offensive strategy right now. playing defense so to speak trying to protect what they can.
11:32 pm
among the 10,000 or more evacuees, are down the hill, down in calistoga. we spent time with them earlier tonight. they aren't just looking for a place to stay, they are looking for a place to take comfort with friends and neighbors. this is a family din are they were never planning but couldn't be better. hundreds of people filling up and charging up. they fled their homes to this tent city. and have transformed the napa county fair ground. >> my partner, peter, had driven home arriving in time to find we were being evacuated. he assisted with the final evacuations, getting all of the guests out and finally getting the last of our residents out. he put himself and the cats in his vehicle of choice and drove out watching the trees fall
11:33 pm
around him. >> your neighbors and house, you believe are gone, you think? >> yes. my family is home. where my parents and growth brother live is completely gone. can't good back to any side of that town. have to wait a few days until things calm down. >> how thankful are you to be with shiba here? >> this dog is the love of my life. and my husband really loves her very, very much. and we've had her for nearly 13 years. and if i wasn't able to get out there and pick her up and bring her, i would be very hurt. and my husband also. >> so many people clutching on to their pets. taking some solace in what's been a very emotional and difficult 24 hours. shiba, the dog there, one of the
11:34 pm
survivors here. this is an 80-mile radius of this fire zone. zero percent containment. workers or crews are fighting through the night. let's bring in robert handa who joins us down the flowed napa county with the latest on the fire fight where you are. robert? >> well, raj, napa county is is ramping up. as you heard, the fire is going in different directions, including toward us here. we have been showing you napa county sheriff deputies who have closed off poke valley road toward lake county as part of their emergency precaution. we have been in emergency situation all day as well as people rising to the occasion. >> thousands of acres are burning up as firefighters scramble to stop the damage as flames spread from neighborhood to neighborhood and town to town. many homeowners couldn't stop the destruction and we areas
11:35 pm
levelled. david suffering bruises, working next to a fire crew to protect his house. >> hoses, rakes, shovels, anything could you get that you could use to get fire away from something. >> ezekiel and his family worked through the night carving out protective space to keep flames away. >> burning from tree to tree and out in the back field. the fence was burning and we chopped it off, put water on it. >> as we rolled through the charred countryside here in lake county, we saw plenty of hot spots, including this one, that were reigniting and spreading into the dry grassy areas that didn't get hit the first time. families who were able to return home say they plan it stay. >> many, many people lost more than us. i'm just thankful. >> and again there are people who have lost everything. people we talk to who manage to salvage belongs or rescue their
11:36 pm
homes can't feel much joy buzz they know until this fire is under control, there are going to be more destructive things going on for those people in the days ahead. live in napa county, robert handa, back to you. >> thank you very much. back to raj in a little bit. stay with nbc bay area for the latest on the fast-moving fires. can you also download our nbc bay area app and it is free he. 54 kayakers were pulled to safety last night after they were stranded. they were near point ray station. the group was on a professionally-guided tour to see a buy why luminescent light emitted by organisms he in the water. winds increased and things became dangerous for them. they were picked up by rescue points at pelican point. took several hours to get all 54 kayakers to safety.
11:37 pm
everyone is expected to be just fine. >> levi stadium raking in the dough. more than expected. this is the first financial report on the stadium's inaugural year. marianne favro joining us with a quick look at the revenues. i think the people that paid 10 bucks for a beer, may not too surprised. >> it is going back into the community, right, peggy? and tomorrow night here at levi stadium bb niners are take on the vikings. according to this report released by the city, this stadium is bringing in big bucks to santa clara. from football games to concerts. to wrestlemania. a new financial report shows during its first year, levi stadium wrestled in a million dollars more than expected. generating nearly $3 million in extra funding for santa clara's operating fund. and by saving money on operating costs, the city is much closer to paying down a huge loan on
11:38 pm
the stadium. >> about $67 million under. we gained enough money because we are paying down the debt. so in the firstier alone we cut the debt in half from a billion dollars down to $561 million. that's real success story in one year. the city received $239,000 from a ticket surcharge that will good to senior programs and extending library hours. >> and not just the revenue from the report. it's these others things, businesses making money now because on a sun day or monday night they didn't have that business, now they can bring in more revenue. >> critics argue that some revenue, including one-time licenses, won't benefit the community after the first year. they argue it'll take at least three years to see an accurate financial picture of the stadium. and an independent auditor will release another financial report on the stadium by the end of this month. reporting live in santa clara, mare oo ann faf re, nbc bay area
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knew. >> thank you very much. >> raiders may have lost more than just their season opener. >> embarrassed at home with the help of starting quarterback derek car that has a silver and black worry. sports is next. now let's go to kelli johnson
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with comcast sports net. kelli. on cam whoever thinks pitchers can't hit... hasn't watched the giants! mike leake... became the 4th starter to hit a hr for san francisco this season.... to earn his first win in orange & black & a sweep of the padres. take vo leake making his 6th start for the giants... === down 3-1 in the bot 2nd... not anymore... leake helping his own cause... 3-rume laeks making a sixth start for the giants. down 3-1 in the bottom of the
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second. no more. three-run blast to left. second of the season. giants up 4-3. never looked back in the fifth. buster posey adding insurance. rbi double to the left. 10-3 the final. sweep san diego out of town. let's head it arlington. a's and rangers and rubber match. adrian beltre having himself a game. homered in this at second at-bat and does it again. three-run job. opposite field. beltre with five runs driven in and top of the seventh. 9-3 rangers. and carson, looking for the hit. he gets it in a big way. home run and gets the treatment for the rookie. 12-3, final. how about bangals and raiders. first drive on fourth down and one journey hill gets wide and
11:42 pm
beats everyone to the corner in the end zone for the touchdown. 7-0, cincinnati. so now second quarter, things go bad. third down, derek carr taking off. back man jones tackle him out of bounds. but if you watch, carr hits the throwing hand on packman's face mask p. try to throw from the side. in serious pain. holding his hand. went to the locker room. did not return. x-rays negative. mri monday. 1:30 left in the first half. finding tyler for one of two touch downs. raiders hammereded 33-13. they did add a couple of touch downs. and of course 49ers open up at home tomorrow against the viking on monday night football. hour-long pregame show at 6:00 followed by hour-long post game show. more news after this.
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burning in lake, napa, and sonoma counties tonight. thousands of people are we are following the valley fire burning in lake, napa and sonoma counties tonight. thousands of people evacuated from their homes. at least one person dead. >> let's get back to raj joining us from lake county. raj? >> terry and peggy, it's been amazing talking to firefighters p. each one of them has said, it's frustrating not just in the last 24 hours but in the last 90 days. all of their experience combined
11:46 pm
had not been enough to figure out how the fire were hopscotching and wind directions were confused and a lot of people are confuse bed it. people are reaching out us to on nbc bay area and on my own twit are page that hey, is my house okay. is our business okay. people can't access middletown. unfortunately the answer for a lot of people is no. we're on jefferson street here where this row of house says destroyed. across the street, the houses are totally in tact. that's the frustration. kind after hopscotch mentality of the homes in middletown. a honda civic there. down the street a washer and dryer. these are people's belongs. people fled here so quickly about 24 hours ago. for the ash, here of course in lake county. and here spreading across the bay area. if you're in the tri-valley and east bay and as far out as san jose, 100 miles to 140 miles
11:47 pm
away. you can see the ash on the windshield and wherever you are in your home. let's bring in rob. we were talking a couple hours ago and the wind direc the air quality and this ash that spread across the bay area. >> yeah. we can see that ash falling behind you. a larger piece falling there around lake county. but up to 15,000 feet this morning and into the afternoon. winds moving from north to south bringing ash out of lang county and into the tri-valley. with winds holding the same tomorrow morning, we may see more ash tomorrow morning before the winds shift and pushing air quality from the bay area. the explosive growth of today's fire over the weekend. very windy and dry conditions out there in lake county. again these fires developing wildfire behavior. this is the uniquely bad situation in california this year. very bone dry fuels fast
11:48 pm
ignition rates and burn rates accelerate with the conditions outside but a little bit of good news for a change coming from the weather. you can see through the next 12 hours. futurecast models picking up scattered late rain hours. perhaps heading into lake county. a better chance as we get into wednesday. tomorrow morning, you will see our temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. drizzle at times for the morning commute. and even for the rest of the bay area, you can see that around midday. slight chance of showers and temperatures trending tooler. 70s tomorrow in san jose. closer to san francisco. mid 70s around the tri-valley. and this transports a singer system into wednesday and we could see measurable rain fall for a change. this will come into wednesday and thursday. futurecast models with a third inch of rain. temperatures cooling down into lake county. chance of showers into wednesday and same trend in temperatures
11:49 pm
following us from the south bay to tri-valley and into san francisco. cool start to the week and temperatures rebound next weekend, last whole weekend of summer. back to you. >> great explanation, thank you. >> up next. >> it looks like a war. scary. >> families heading home to find their homes and businesses are gone. >> what families are willing to do to help out their neighbor. ♪ north of the bay a
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
of homes have already been destroyed, along with several businesses. ==peggy/2shot== some families are finding out today that their livelihoar we are following the deadly fire, leveling family homes and businesses. >> families are learning their homes or businesses are in ruins p. but that doesn't stop them from helping any way they can. >> damian, you have seen some of this help today?
11:52 pm
>> yes and some folks who stayed here in middletown are describing what they see as apocalyptic. utter devastation here. entire downtown of middletown or most of it is still in tact, not effected at all but this part, utter devastation here. in the midst of all of this you are seeing people helping people and animals. >> the son is barely visible through the thick heavy smoke in middletown. ground level, surreal simmages of the devastationing fire. >> it looks like war. scary. >> kimberly and dan lost everything in the community of cob, yet here they are, opening the hardware store they own in town. the only business open. >> we wanted to be here and make sure it was open for the firemen and anybody else staying behind. and there are a few staying behind. there is no water.
11:53 pm
we had to get them water and ice. >> virtually everyone else stayed behind in this deserted town was not here for themselves but for others. >> we have two horses and the trailer right now, and a yearling, i believe and a gelding. about nine, ten years old. we don't know whose they are. they were on our friend's property. >> taking the horses to the sun rise stables in calistoga. new home for evacuated animals. that is the mood in what's left of middletown. a third of the town might be gone. but what is still here is a since of community. strangers helping strangers in the midst of devastation. >> we drove into town and saw a local gas station. lights are on. open sign son. we thought that's cool. gas station is open but that's not the scene, the gas station attendant only had time to lock the door before he had to make a run for it.
11:54 pm
i've never been in a war zone. i can't imagine it looks any more different than here. >> unrecognizable. damian is right about that. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back. for one last time.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
==terry//boxes== j, let's take you back out to lake county now. check in with raj one last time. raj? >> reporter: peggy, as we mentioned earlier, this is not the middle of a fire fight, this is really the beginning. zero percent containment at this hour. we believe that will stay zero percent until daylight hours and a fresh crew can come in and see what conditions are. we are coughing here. it is smoky. as well as a lot of ash, that you might be able to see. it sin credible to see the damage here. the irony is some houses are in
11:57 pm
tact and some are not. from the top of our tv truck, a mass cam, you can see some houses destroyed and others in tact. really that is how it is here in middletown. if you go down every street, you see the same scenario. the businesses here on main street, which is essentially highway 29, are in tact. which is good news for them. also middletown high school is still standing. so good news for the student and teachers there. but again, going into monday morning now, and into tuesday, the residents here won't be able to come into this town and the surrounding areas for another 488 to 72 hours. depending on this fire fight. but it is incredible what you're seeing here. this is not something we're used to. 10,000 evacuees. we've seen a lot of fires in the bay area of northern california. but rarely do we talk about an evacuation of this size. we will continue to follow this, not only on tv, but via facebook and twitter through the night into tomorrow morning. that's the latest from
11:58 pm
middletown. back to you. >> hard to process those pictures, there, raj. truly devastating. thank you for your coverage tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you, raj. coverage continues j not li -- continues on-line. >> you can see the latest on evacuations and coverage begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> thank you for joining us. have yourselves a great night and great week.
11:59 pm
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