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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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"boo!" screams don't miss the wicked fun of halloween time at the disneyland resort, dazzling brighter than ever during the diamond celebration! visit "trick or treat." it's day three of the valley fire... and it doesn't get any easier. right now at 11:00, it's the third night of the valley fire and it doesn't get any easier. the damage, both physical and emotional. >> i'm sorry. i am so, sew sorry that she didn't make it. >> tonight, the fire lines are busy. as firefighters from across the west coast are trying to stop these destructive flames. good evening and thanks for being with us. we continue our live coverage from here in middletown and
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really this entire region. the valley fire has affected. there is a lot happening at this hour. we're joined in studio, as well. >> the fire fight continues at this hour. specifically, two important changes in the forecast that will impact firefighters. >> we want to show you this map. it shows just how much this impact this fire has. several communities under siege from these flames. let's go out for more on this developing story. raj. >> janelle and jessica, there's two parts of this story. part one is the devastation, the 400 to 800 homes and businesses. you see a couple of homes here that are destroyed. but part two of this story is, really, this town, middletown, is buzzing tonight. yes, it's 1:00, a little after 11:00 and there's a lot of activity. let's show you some video just a short while ago. i spent some time at the makeshift pg&e command center.
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a lot is happening right now. hundreds of people scouring this small town and the region. it's organized chaos. they are working through the night, not only trying to restore the power of this small town of about 100 residentes and providing temporary power for the firefighters. now these crews for pg&e are working, eating and sleeping on-site. now, we want to show you some of the latest video we have. this is the latest cell phone video that we just received. if you're asking how intense were the flames and have the flames ben in this town, you can see it here. house after house. this was taken by one of our nbc crews, cell phone video just hours after the fire began on saturday night. still no word on how this fire started. now, so far, there has been one death, one old elderly well has died. she's 72 years old. the fear, though, is that there could be several other deaths. we've spoken to a lot of people. the evacuees here who said they still have missing and loved ones who are unaccounted for.
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now, i'll tell you about this 72-year-old woman. she was severely ill and, actually, we caught up with her caretaker. the family of barbara mcwilliams says she moved to middletown less than a year ago and, really, had just fallen in love with this community. her caregiver told us she didn't know how bad this fire was when she left mcmillan's home on saturday afternoon. once she understood the dangerous of this fire, she tried to race back, but the roads were closed, as we've seen here. she said she couldn't convince the emergency workers to allow her to go back into the hot zone. >> it just makes me feel so horrible that she had to go like that. i mean, no one should have to go like that and i'm sorry. i am so, so sorry that she didn't make it. and i just -- i wish she could know how hard that i tried. >> very difficult for so many people here. and once again, the fear is that there may be other deaths, other people have loved ones who are unaccounted for at this hour. and now we are more than two
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days since this fire started. now, we have a team of reporters here with us in lake county and in napa county. terry mcsweeney is with us. jeff raneri is tracking our forecast and cheryl herd is with us, as well. let's begin with terry mcsweeney who is along the fire lines and has the latest on this fire fight. >> this is the base camp in lakeport. firefighters here from all over the western united states, throughout california and the bay area, of course, some just getting their first rest now since they joined the fire fight saturday evening. >> not far from the town of cobb tonight, the fire continues to burn. crew res too busy with the big battles to worry about something this size. >> you can probably find more moisture in a 2x4 in home depot that you would find out here in some of the vegetation. >> the fire captain richard cordova said says the valley fire has been winning with winds gust to go 40 miles per hour and low humidity.
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>> it became a scloesive fire right off the bat. >> for much of the fight though this point, cal fire's air attack, the largest fire fighting air force in the world has been grounded by those winds and the low visibility, leaving ground crews to fight alone. >> we create this and we start building perimeter. once we start getting control, it gets smaller and smaller. >> among the hundreds of firefighters at the fargds in lake port tonight, bay area firefighters brought the dozens with more on the way and some exhausted from a 36-hour fire fight. >> when we pulled into midland, basically, the town was pretty much catching fire. >> captain mick rourke has been in milthsz middletown since saturday. >> the pump house burned up opinion we lost the hydrants. the water supply was getting challenges. the winds kicked up and the fire kicked up. i wouldn't say we were winning the battle at that point. >> should firefighters need emotional support following a battle -- >> everybody is leaving. firefighters are going in. and the unfortunate truth is
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that firefighters, a lot of times, end up seeing things that nobody ever ought to have to see. and it's very stressful. >> firefighters got a heck of a break today with conditions improving. they're going to be back out on the fire lines, fresh tomorrow. some out there right now. live in lake port, terry mcsweeney. raj, back to you. >> terry, thank you. we are thankful of the work of these hundreds of firefighters. in fact, about 1500 of them. we have nbc bay area cheryl herd twus...with us. cheryl, you were up here with me town and you are now down the hill where the evacuees are. what's their status there? really, it's like a tent city where you are. >> well, it definitely is. many people displaced by this fire are here at the fargds. some people are living in tents, others at rvs, others living in cots in the building nearby. this is a difficult time for the folks here. people i talked to say they will
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survive. >> searching through rubble for -- >> important documents. >> social security cards and birth certificates. >> l.j.montelly and his two best friends sifting through the charred remains of his grandmother's house. they were looking specifically for a metal box with important documents inside. >> we were hold to find good birth certificates and social security cards, but it was just the charred remnants of it. >> they did find pieces of documents. >> this was the title to the house. >> montelly is hoping what he did find will help his daughter and grandmother get the medicines they need right now. >> the main thing is, she has some form of identification right now. so hopefully we'll be able to get her medication and get something going for her because right now all she has is the clothes on her back and the shoes on her feet. >> that's the story for hundreds of people who lost everything in the valley fire. the fire ripped through entire towns, destroying homes and
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ranches in its path but sparing some buildings like the local high school. the people who live here are anxious to come and see if their home is still standing. but cal fire says even though the fire is no longer a threat, it is still unsafe. >> all the infrastructure that would allow people to come back and start living in their homes and start working on their properties have to be put back in place first before it's safe to allow them to come back in. >> reporter: meanwhile, people are living in this evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds, people who lost everything. >> i've been in that house 20 years. and have been on the mountain 30 years. i guess we're going back. i don't -- you know. >> now, i've heard that time and time again. people already are saying that they will rebuild. but if you would like to donate, help people out, we'll show you how. click on our donate button on our website at nbc bay raj, back to you. >> cheryl, thank you.
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it's a very helpful site. we'll take you and point you in the correct direction if you want to donate. now, the theme with so many of these people, more than 10,000 evacuees is really the line of communication. they are not allowed back here to their homes in middletown or any of the surrounding communities. so they just want to know how do they stay in touch? the only way, really, right now through napa county is their facebook page. also our nbc bay area facebook page. and i'm taking questions on my personal twitter account. so many people just asking if their property is okay. we're doing our best to answer and field all of those questions. now, later in this news cast, we're going to tell but some of the popular tourist destinations in this region that have been destroyed. a lot of people upset by their favorite summer hangouts or vacation spots that didn't make it through this fire. for now, i'm raj. jessica and janelle, back to you. >> thank you very much, raj. obviously, the weather will be changing within the next 48 hours and that could have a huge impact on firefighters on the front line. >> two important changes expected at the valley fire. rain on the way?
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>> rain is definitely one of those changes. the second one will be the wind. and it's going to be the wind tomorrow that we're going to see shift that is going to make it erratic for these firefighters. as we get a look currently, we're seeing this surface wind come more out of the west and out of the south. that's continually blowing smoke out of the valley. by tomorrow, the shift in the wind will bring us northwest. nefrterly winds. that could blow smoke into napa. for firefighters, temperatures will stay cool in the 70s. but winds could gust as high as 30 miles per hour right at the epicenter of that fire and humidity at 39%. now, wind will not only be gusty in middletown, but throughout the entire bay area keeping our fire danger high. the good news for the firefighters, it still looks like on the latest model updates, by wednesday in the afternoon hours, right here at 2:30, we'll see a storm system approach and it looks good for rainfall in middletown, calastoga and cobb and we'll
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likely say rainfall continue through about 7:00 p.m. wednesday evening. we'll have details on how much that could accumulate to in about ten minutes. our fire coverage still continues straight ahead here at 11: 11:00. we're going to look at the popular attractions reduced to ashes. coming up, google try toes rev up its driverless car project. why they may sit the road sooner than expected. >> the flight made it to hawaii, but it wasn't the right plane. the gaffe that has american airlines under investigation. plus, a local community could raise its minute among wage to $19 an hour. let's go back to raj mathai live
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in middletown. residents trying to pick up the pieces of what's left. some emotional moments out there in middletown.
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>> let's go out to r aj. you've met with some of these people who have returned home? >> i have. and it's been incredible to see just in the last 24 hours. people have gone from shock and now it's starting to sink in what, indeed, they have lost in this fire. if you were with us last night during our news cast, we were broadcasting from this spot. this is jefferson court in middletown. among our viewers was the man whose family owns this house or what remains of this house. in fact, he and his family own two homes here on jefferson court. both of them destroyed. now, earlier tonight, i met with him. he came up here and said, you know what? i have some things that i saw via the television that wasn't destroyed from the fire. take a look. >> only one memorabilia that we have here and that they wanted me to take just now is a vase right here. and this is all they've got left. so we're going to give this back to them and, you know, everything else, as you can see,
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is not very intact. >> that is jim. we wish he and his family the best. his daughter-in-law owns this house here. he came to collect that vase, perhaps the only thing that remained intact from this fire. it's not just the loems and small businesses. at last sound, it's anywhere between 400 and 800 homes and business that were damaged or destroyed in this fire. it's also some really popular tourist destinations, really, for locals and tourists around the world. let's show you the first one, just up the hill here. it's the harbin hot springs. it's up the road from exactly where i am. this is a great spot for so many people and it's a historic resort, really connected to the land. but as you can see from these pictures, from prosperity productions in hot springs. not here with us any more. destroyed. the same can be said over in cobb, another part of this fire several miles away but still in this region. recently renovated. this is also a historic gem that
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has been flattened. it opened in the late 1800s. it's been renovated. it's so popular throughout generations, very popular for musicians and art its. a gem in this region. now, the big business side of all this, the geysers. this is the largest geothermal plant in the world. 350 full time employees. this place provides 21% of california's renewable energy. some of the plant has been damaged by this valley fire. essentially, they've taken and tapped and harnessed the steam that comes from the ground, from the earth, and then they turn it into power. cal pine owns 15 plants here. silicone valley owns two plants here. silicone valley power, you might be familiar with them in the south bay. they help power the cities of sunny vale and santa clara. some of the guisers have been damaged. sth a big revenue producers for lake county. but some of them have been damaged.
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swe se we'll see now as the days unfold. 10% containment of this fire. about 62,000 acres have burned. we will be here throughout the night and the next several days, as long as it takes to get the people from middletown to come back in here so they can assess the damage for themselves. back to you. >> i know a lot of the family will be allowed to return home starting tomorrow and wednesday. we'll keep an eye on that. thanks so much. other headlines for you now, which teenager pulled the trigger? that question led to a mistrial in an emotional murder case in oakland today. two teens were on trial for killing paramedic quin boyer. 17-year-old david neal was convicted, but jurors couldn't agree whether 18-year-old christian burton was the triggerman. as a result, the judge declared a mistrial. while the move is a blow, bowyer's widow is still holding on to hope. >> it means a longer battle, but it also means the battle is not done. it wasn't an acquittal.
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and i feel -- which they could have done. they could have decided to acquit and they didn't. >> alameda county's d.a. will decide whether or not to try burton again. several of the teenagers involved have already pled guilty. not a fly over, but a takeover. drone stores are becoming popular targets for thieves. this is surveillance video of a burglary that happened this morning at the drones plus store in santa clara. the manager says the thieves stole about $5,000 and other products. minimum wages are rising fast across the bay area, but one city is far ahead of the curb in what it's willing to consider. berkeley city council is set to hear more about a $19 minimum wage by 2020. many in the business community say the rate is too steep. let's talk about our own local weather. jeff, is this cool b trend going to continue?
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>> i really think over the next four days, we'll continue to enjoy these mild temperatures and still the possibility of some rainfall coming our way. of course, you can get a preview of that in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen as that continues to populate. otherwise, i'll take you into the morning forecast. low clouds, drizzle in san francisco and 56 to start there. 57 for the peninsula and 59 for the south bay. the forecast will be dominated by this upper level trovr. for us specifically tomorrow, i do think we'll have increased sunshine after that morning drizzle. but it's also going to be a windier day across the bay area and, again, those comfortable temperatures. then we'll look at that next best chance of rainfall coming your way as we head throughout wednesday's forecast. mainly, rainfall south of the golden gate bridge but anywhere north of that, that's where our best chance would be of accumulating rainfall. let's show you the latest forecast models as of the update this evening. we are still looking at a decent amount expected in marin, napa
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and sanoma counties. great news for the firefighters up at the valley fire. you can see anywhere from 0.04 inch in napa to maybe middletown 0.1 inch. there are some isolated amounts on other forecast models showing possibly .25 inch or higher. that is great news. but then down here towards san jose, just .01 of an inch. we will have these comfortable temperatures, but we'll have that increased sunshine. i think overall, a nicer day for us. 75 expected in san jose. for the peninsula, 73 in pal alto. san francisco, we expect 60s across the board here. from the marina, 65. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, we'll come in at a 72 degrees and we'll have likely a little bit of that snow smoke flowing into napa. you want to watch that if you suffer from any kind of the east bay. 72 in fremont and back to oakland at 71.
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in the tri valley, very, very nice weather after last week. 107 degrees. we're down to 73 degrees tomorrow in danville. the extended forecast does get hotter as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday specifically. you can see for the south about a bay, we'll have low 90s. tri valley will max out at 94 degrees on sunday. the valley fire will have this comfortable weather, possibly temperatures in the 60s as the firefighters try to get a handle on this fire. check it out, by saturday, 90 degrees. i really hope that rainfall on wednesday and the cooler temperatures helps the firefighters out and gives them exactly what they need to get a better handle on it. >> they have a brief window here to get ahead of this thing. thank you very much, jeff. still ahead, why google's driverless car may be shifting interest into high gear. >> and we have jimmy. >> jessica alba, mick here. miel performs. it's a great show tonight. don't change the channel!
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(announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. "american airlines" in some turbulence. ==take vo== an investigation is a big mistake has landed american airlines in some turbulence. an investigation is now under way after american airlines flew one of its planes from l.a. to hawaii two weeks ago, but it was not certified by the faa to make that trip. aircrafts that are certified have extra oxygen and certain emergency equipment for longer flights over water. thankfully, the plane landed safely. american airlines says it is working on a system to make sure the correct air kravrts are on the correct route. there's a new man behind the wheel of google's self-driving car, project industry veteran john krachik has been hire as the ceo of that division. the stanford educated engineer
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has worked for ford and hyundai. he starts his new job later this month. mountain view bay will continue to test driverless cars in the bay area, but there's no official release date yet. a word for youtube users and anyone who posts music videos online. 2007 video shows a baby bouncing along to prince's "let's go crazy." the baby's mom sued. today, san francisco federal court ruled the mom has a case and it can go to trial. copyright holders must consider whether this mom and pop style video amounts to fair use before sending a takedown notice. first, monday in the football at levi stadium and the niners does not dis appoiappoin. sports is next. ♪
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. monday night football debut. ==janelle/2shot== or maybe you caught the added traffic from the game on the way home from work. monday night football. >> maybe you caught the added traffic from the game on the way home from work. the niners hosted the minnesota vikings tonight. some fans arrived seven hours before kickoff to avoid the extra congestion and to get their favorite tailgating spot. many nearby companies warned employees to leave early and
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skip the traffic. >> down the street from the stadium is where my company is located. we were told to leave by 3:00. >> let's get to sports and the game light lights. a great way for the niners to kick off their season. >> it certainly was. in a year of change for the 49ers with doomsday predicated on the season brit even started, jim schul la's squad stepped up and delivered a fan calming victory over the minnesota vikings. the niners dressed for success. the alternate black unis making their debut. michael jackson on the ball. the spin move sets him free of the defense. 7-0, 49ers. fourth quarter, from the 17, hide goes right, gets the seam and bye-bye. part of his 168 yards b,
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two-trchd performance. 49ers win, 20-3 behind a huge monday night show. >> we saw that all off season. we knew he was going to be a great fit for our offense. what we have noted to do was show it, he runs downhill and hard and he's going to be a heck of a running back for us. giants and reds, in the three, brandon belt hungry for more. taking a trip to triple alley. matt duffy scores. next up, marlon byrd. tobias sampson. belt scores. 4-0 giants. that would be enough. they win it, 5-3. a's and white sox burning the midnight oil and then some in chi town. bottom of the 14th, tied at seven. line drive base hit to right. josh redick's throw online, but late. a's lose, 8-. that's it sportswise.
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more news come up after the break. raging in lake county. the fire
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has burned more before we go, we want to update you on the valley fire. we've been talking about it. it's in lake county. the fire has burned 62,000 acres. at this point, only 10%
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contained. tonight, nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. pg crews are on the groundworking rd to restore power overnight to those homes and businesses that are still standing. about 7,000 customers are in the dark. there are hundreds of people spending the night in an evacuation center wondering whether their homes are still standing. of course, we'll continue to follow this. we'll have the latest for you tomorrow morning on "today n bay." >> you have a look at the conditions around the fire right now? >> yes. we head to tomorrow's forecast. temperatures will stay cool so that will help firefighters, but it's going to be another tough day for us. >> hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benicio del toro jessica alba


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