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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hall. >> some cool temperatures to start out the day. 60 degrees in the north bay and 57 degrees in san francisco and mostly clear skies in the peninsula at 59 degrees. highs today once again in the 60s and 70s, but a lot more sun than we had yesterday and the wind will be kicking up up to 30 miles an hour. those gusty winds may make it hard for those firefights and trying to get that wildfire under control. i'll talk more about that. let's get a look at the morning commute now with mike. >> karia couple travel spots we're tracking. does appear to be moving smoothly towards 680 and the dublin interchange. we'll look at the map in the same direction does see some slowing and heading over towards the dublin grade and the crash still over on the shoulder at the interchange itself. over here eastbound highway 4. this is countercommute. all lanes closed at bailey and over towards bailey where you can get on the freeway and head back over towards antioch and the bay bridge toll plaza, folks
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are waiting for that change, we have a lighter flow for the next few moments. to the latest developments in the valley fire. the wall of flames is keeping several communities under siege this morning as firefighters struggle to gain the upper hand in lake sonoma and napa valley. >> the fire has swelled to 62,000 acres and only 10% contained and nearly 600 homes have been swallowed in those flames with 9,000 other buildings still in the building's path. >> monitoring from evacuations to the fire battle on the front line. let's go to "today in the bay" where hundreds of firefighters gearing up for another day of battling these flames, bob. >> laura and scott, cal fire has actually called on 300 more firefighters to help put out the valley fire that is burning a number of miles away from the incident command post here at the lake county fairgrounds located in lakewood. that means now 1,800 men and
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women trying to put out this fire. a fire that since saturday has killed one person, injured four firefighters. destroyed about 1,000 structures including close to 600 homes. as you mentioned in the latest update from cal fire indicates that this fire is still threatening 9,000 more structures. now, the valley fire has shown such unusual fire behavior that firefighters with years of experience are using words like unreal and unprecedented to describe what they are witnesses in the field, which is one reason this fire has been so difficult to contain. >> we create this box and we start building perimeters and once we start getting control of our box it is smaller and smaller. >> burned up and we lost the hydrants and the water supply was getting challenging and then the winds kicked up and the fire kicked up. so, i wouldn't say we were in the balt at that point. >> yesterday, the weather was more cooperative. the temperatures were lower, the humidity higher, which is why
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firefighters were able to achieve that 10% containment number. conditions could even be more favorable tomorrow as we've heard kari telling us the forecast calling for rain. reporting live here, bob redell. >> homes and belongings not the only thing destroyed in the valley fire. also take an life. 72 yooerd barbara mcwilliams died when her home went up in flames on saturday. she had severe multiple sleroum and no way to escape. her caregiver tells us she didn't know how bad the fire was until it was too late. >> it just makes me feel so horrible that she had to go like that. i mean, no one should have to go like that. and i'm sorry. i am so, so, so sorry that she didn't make it. and that i wish she could know how hard that i tried. >> she tried calling mcwilliams and the phone was busy. first responders did not have
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enough time to save her, but she called. the wall of flames keeping several communities under siege this morning. this gives you a better perspective of just how huge this fire really is. and, it continues to grow. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live with more on how evacuees are doing this morning. steph? >> i had the chance to speak with three different evacuees in the last hour and all bearing it pretty well. they all said the help here has been amazing. one man said he was so cold that he had to try to come and look for a sweater in this pile of donations that has been very helpf helpful. to the right of here is the tent city that has been set up. he says he feels a lot of people came here to the fairgrounds yesterday where you see there are tents and rvs and some people are sleeping in cots in the nearby building and he says that it feels like the p population here has doubled. others still try to go back and see if nay have a home still
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like r.j. and his friends looking for meatal box containing important documents, house deed, social security cards, birth certificates but many badly charred. even though the flames are unsafe, it's still unsafe for groups of people to try and return home. >> all the infrastructure that would allow people working in their homes ask living on their properties has to be done first. >> so many are here that evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds where you see, again, the donations. a pile there on the table for babies. there's diapers and then there's tables of food and clothes. there's just about everything here for people and the red cross and just continue to donate to folks here. people saying that this has been a silver lining. they do feel very taken care of here at the evacuation center. live here in lake county, stephanie chuang. >> thank you, steph. excessive cover of the
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valley fire on the front page of our website and then you click on the big red banner on the top for more. you'll find the latest stories and numbers and constantly updating all the digital platforms including our free nbc bay area map and facebook and twitter, as well. such a big fire and so much smoke, as well. some of it possibly coming into the bay area closer. >> we do have a wind shift, laura. some areas yesterday that didn't have the smoke that will have it today. so, we're looking at every level of the atmosphere at 10,000 feet, the winds coming in from the south, southwest. more of a westerly wind. as we gate closer look, some of that smoke could be drifting towards napa as well as alamead as we go into the day. so, you may see some of that ash falling. it will be windy, too. the good news is that, yes, we do have some rain in the forecast for lake county and that will be tomorrow. we could have up to a 0.01 of rain and temperatures coming down and you see what happens as we head into the end of the week
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into the weekend. those temperatures ramp up, not only there, but all across the bay. i'll talk about that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike. >> we'll take you out to the bay bridge toll plaza. flashing lights. don't be alarmed a larger trailer and for safety. folks know to leave a little more perimeter and backup on the right approach. nothing uncommon as we look at your speed sensors and down the east shore freeway, remember the giants are playing after work and right around the center and right through that two-block section. eastbound highway 4 we have now one lane closed and three lanes opened heading eastbound past an earlier crash. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening today, big changes taking shape in palo alto after months of delays a parking permit program is set to start in the downtown area. >> kris sanchez is live in palo alto on more on what you can expect and where to park.
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good morning, kris. >> palo alto not the only community trying to do figure out what to do with the influx of cars and a lot of folks watching how this residential, preferential program will work here in terms of parking. now, today is the first day of that rpp program. it is a response to citizen complaints that palo alto neighborhoods. streets are taking over who park in residential areas for free and tie those spots up all day long. over the last month, the city has been unveiling new signs designating two-hour parking for anyone who does not have one of thez preferential program permits. for the last month, people parking longer than the two-hour allotment have gotten warnings and starting today they will get tickets. four permits for free and a visitor one for $25 and then downtown employees can buy rpps for $233 a year. it will cost them a little less if they make less money.
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now, here's a look at the map of the area we're talking about. the best rule of thumb is if you are in palo alto look for parking signs bordered by palo alto on the north and lincoln avenue to the south and over to the embark dacadero on the west side. if you qualify, register for one online or show up at the city offices. but, again, a lot of communities like palo alto around the bay area looking at how this is going to work to see how they can handle their own parking problems at home. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." coming up, less than 36 hours away from the next gop debate and the top contenders preparing ahead of the big night. more on some of the anticipation building up, next. candidates... =scott/2shot= ...
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are making their final preparations for tomorrow republican presidential candidates are making their final preparations for tomorrow night's debate. it continues on the campaign trail. >> as it probably will for quite some time. tracie potts live in washington. donald trump has a big target on his back for this debate. >> this time he has solidified his lead compared to the last debate where he was just starting to pull ahead. now the polls are clear. he is the republican frontrunner. and has been for several weeks. in fact, over a month or so, which means he's getting it from democrats and republicans. >> number one in every single poll!
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>> reporter: donald trump drawing 15,000 supporters and some protests last night in dallas. he'll be center stage at tomorrow night's debate. >> the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever, whatever. >> it's so hard to attack donald trump because he's not playing by the rules that everybody else plays with. >> reporter: hillary clinton in iowa targeting her own sagging poll numbers there calls trump entertaining. >> i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality. oh, listen, i don't have to tell you anything. when i get there. >> reporter: carly fiorina turning around trump's comments about her face. >> this is the face of a 51-year-old woman and every single wrinkle. >> reporter: dr. ben carson, now the number two republican. trump called the world renowned neuro surgeon an okay doctor. >> it's pretty narrow minded when somebody says he's a neurosurgeon so he only knows how to do medicine. that's pretty stupid.
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>> reporter: meantime, bernie sanders continues to draw huge crowds. this one last night in virginia. >> if we weren't talking about donald trump, bernie sanders would be the biggest story of this campaign so far. >> he certainly is a big story because of the recent polls showing that he's overtaken hillary clinton in iowa and in new hampshire now. but the bigger story over the next 48 hours is going to be the republicans. donald trump. what will he say and how will he say it and how will the other candidates react on stage? >> all right, tracie potts from washington, thank you. a u.s. visit from the secretary of security. the topic of today's talk is terrorism both overseas and home grown. johnson will discuss some of the latest challenges in the fight against terror, including the explosion of social networking and also address some of the newest strategies being used to protect america. if you already starting your holiday shopping and one of
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million americans getting a head start and crossing those names off their holiday shopping list. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at worcnbc world headquarters. >> investors appear to buy and pieces are relatively flat this morning. fed is debating to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. we get data today on the consumer, what the report on retail sales, as well as industry production or output the dow falling and the nasdaq losing 16 to 4806. the uaw has agreed to extend its current contract with fiat chrysler on a new contract. the contract expired at midnight and wage increases and health care benefits. the uaw could call for a strike.
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fiat chrysler would be used as a template with gm and ford. it's hard to believe but more than 32 million americans say they've already started their holiday shopping. a new survey by creditcards com finds about 4 million have checked everything off their list and a quarter of people expect to be finished by the end of november. experts say if you're on a budget, your more likely to get a head start to take advantage of those layaway programs. those let you make bigger purchases without running up your credit card debt. scott and laura, have you started your shopping? >> i hope scott likes the crocheted vest i'm making him. >> i got her an ash tray, even though she doesn't smoke. thank you much. 5:16 right now. ing now in utah, officials are looking for five people who disappeared during severe flash flooding. already eight are dead. heavy rain swept away a road along with two vehicles carrying 16 people near hilldale, utah, yesterday.
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only three people were rescued alive. the vehicles were reportedly hit by what is being described as a wall of water and debris. several children and mothers of the dead and missing. the flooding was the result of an intense downpour that only lasted about half an hour. in california's historic drought. researchers say the sierra snow pack hit a 500-year low this past winter. you may remember in april it was virtually barren when governor brown took the last snow pack survey and, yep, no snow to be found at all. by examining tree rings on blue oak trees, scientists have determined the lack of sierra snow pack is actually the most severe in five centuries. >> wow. fascinating. right, exactly. need to bring that poll there. >> i don't mean to make light of the situation. but pretty much eyeball that one. >> maybe things will change for this winter. at least a little moisture in some parts of the bay area. >> more rain in the forecast
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heading into tomorrow we're really hoping for a nice, wet winter, though. as we take a live looked is right now, we do see that it is nice, quiet to start out the and we'll have a lot of sunshine after those morning clouds roll out of here. a look at the seven-day forecast. it is now coming up at the bottom of the screen. it will be getting hotter over the next few days and heading into the weekend, but the current temperature right now, nice and cool. 61 degrees in livermore and 57 degrees now in san francisco. it's going to be a windy day. the wind now shifting in from the northwest. yesterday it was a southerly wind. so we just keep getting theseeratic wind patterns as we see more active weather moving in as we go into the middle of the week. winds coming in and also westerly picking up to 20 miles an hour sustained gusts will be up to 30 miles an hour into the evening. if you're out at at&t park. keep in mind it is going to be cool, windy, fall rolling in. ly be at 60 degrees by the end of the game. winds coming in from the west at
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10 to 20 miles an hour. a look at all the microclimates today. gilroy 77 degrees and burlinggame 72 and the outer sunset at 62 degrees. and napa 72 and 82 degree in san ramon. we have been talking about that rain. here it is in the forecast. all throughout today, sunny skies. tomorrow is when the rain starts to roll in. ahead of cooler air that will be here between wednesday and thursday. we see a solid line of rain as it approaches. and then it kind ofs apart as it moves into the bay area. but the good thing about that is that it will at least bring a nice, measurable amount of rain for the north bay. where we're trying to get a handle on that valley fire. some of the models showing the possibility of at least a tenth of an inch in that area. we'll keep you up to date on that. let's check in with mike for traffic. >> dublin camera towards the
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dublin interchange. we're looking at westbound 580 still moving smoothly and look at that volume of traffic and looking at the map because the reason i'm watching that dublin interchange, we continue to see that slow down and you're tapping your brakes all the way past the scene of a crash right there at 680 and taking a while to clear the vehicles from the roadway completely. out of lanes but still at a distraction at the critical point in the tri-valley. light towards livermore and dublin. smooth drive over towards the bay bridge and no metering lights yet. smooth flow of traffic over here. east highway 4 and an earlier crash clearing from the area. north bay san rafael and just gentle build here and about the same volume, maybe a little less 101 northbound through san jose. >> thanks, mike. coming up, just how smart do you think you are? the new research proving when it comes to science, most of us are no bill nye the science guy. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit?
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call 1-888-966-tips or e-mail the unit at nbcbayarea, we investigate. now to an investigative unit
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follow up: ==laura/cu== for 8 years -- they sat in front of grocery stores claiming at 5:23 now to an investigative unit follow up. for eight years they sat in front of grocery stores claiming to collect money for veterans.
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after they confronted the veterans for making false claims, they pakd up and left. but now we've learned that they have taken their operation to another shopping center. first exposed members lying about working with county veterans court and office of veterans services. frustrated viewers reached outto us wanted to know why solicitors are allowed to keep asking for money, even if their claims are not true. so, we asked the law professor at santa clara university. >> people have a right to lie. there are other ways of controlling that kind of misbehavior. but people have the right to lie. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll show you what happened when we spoke with the gift about their new setups and the best way you can prevent groups like this from collecting one more cent. if you have tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or send them an e-mail at theunit.
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the music industry suffering a huge setback in its fight against a dancing baby video. the 2007 video shows a baby bouncing to prince's "let's go crazy." sent youtube a takedown later saying the copyright violation. the baby's mother sued. yesterday a san francisco court ruled that the mother has a case and it could to trial. the ruling says copyright holders must consider whether mom and pop style videos violate any kind of copyright or fair use before sending a take down notice. a new man behind the google self-driving car project. is now the ceo of that division. the stanford engineer has worked for ford and hyundai and right now the president of true car, an auto website. mountain-based google continues to test its driverless cars in
5:26 am
the bay area, but no official release date just yet. when it comes to science, many of us are barely making the grade. >> that's the consensus from the pew research center. conducted a science quiz contacting 3,000 adults. what does a light year measure and what element is needed to make nuclear energy. >> that will be distance and uranium. as an overall grade americans collectively scored a c. that's okay on the basics. not so good on more advanced concepts. experts say that barely cuts it in a world where science is such a driving force. coming up, we continue our valley fire coverage. we'll have more on they of firefighters gearing up for another day of battle. as crews from all over the western united states make their way here. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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in for sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes bo good morning, thank you, everyone, for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. get the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we have fog and drizzle near the coast and right around 60 degrees for all of us starting out the day. and we will get some clearing this afternoon. unlike yesterday and it will be windy this afternoon. highs still in the 60s and 70s and some of us will still have to deal with that smoke and ash from the valley fire just to the north. let's check in now with mike for the morning commute. >> kari, it's tuesday and we expect a big commute and the bay bridge toll plaza just a shade earlier for the metering lights to be turned on.
5:30 am
look at your map and you can see the speeds and show no slowing for the maze but causing a little slowing and giants play tonight. keep that in mind. dream force is there all week. watch for a couple real closures. earlier crash has cleared at the dublin change for west 580 and talk about what i'm watching over here at 280. no slowing right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. to the latest developments in the valley fire. the wall of flames keeping several communities under siege this morning as firefighters continue to struggle to gain the upper hand in lake sonoma and nappy county. >> the fire has swelled to 62,000 acres and 10% contained. nearly 600 homes have been swauled by those flames. 9,000 other buildings are still in this fire's path. >> we're monitoring all sides of the story from evacuations to the fire battle on the front lines. let's first go to today in the bay bob redell where they're gearing up for another day of
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battling these flames. bob? >> this being day four,a and scott. we're here at incident command and set up at lake county fairgrounds and this is where the 1,800 firefighters come to rest and recharge. some of who have been out on those lines for 24 to 48 hours straight. those front lines located several miles from here. cal fire, of course, will be sending them back out as there is a lot of pressure to establish a perimeter around this fire that before it destroys any more homes and lives. what has surprised not only the people who live in the fire zone but the firefighters themselves is how fast the so-called valley fire has grown. you can blame it on the four-year drought. one firefighter tells us that the grass there, that the fuel is drier than let's say a 2 by 4 you'd buy at a home depot. those 2 by 4s are sometimes film dried. that gives you a sense of how dry the conditions are. that's why fighting this fire has been so stressful.
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>> everybody is leaving. firefighters are going in. and the unfortunate truth is that firefighters a lot of times end up seeing things that nobody ever ought to have to see. and it's, it's very stressful. >> we're talking earlier, yesterday the weather was a little bit more cooperative. the temperatures are lower and the humidity is higher, which is why firefighters were, as you mentioned, were able to achieve 10% containment and the conditions will be better tomorrow as the forecast is calling for rain. reporting live here, bob redell. homes and belongings are the only thing destroyed, it has also taken a life. barbara mcwilliams died when her home went up in flames on saturday. severe multiple sclerosis and had no way to escape. her family said she moved to middletown a year ago and loved
5:33 am
the community. her caregiver said she didn't know how bad the fire wads s un it was too late. >> just makes me feel horrible that she had to go like that. i mean, no one should have to go like that. i'm sorry. i'm so, so, so sorry that she didn't make it and that i wish she could know how hard that i tried. >> she said she tried calling mcwilliams but the phone was busy. first responders did not have enough time save her. thousands of people are reeling from this devastating fire. some losing everything. others don't know if they'll have a home to go back to. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live with more on how evacuees are doing this morning. steph? >> yeah, scott. still very quiet. but more and more people waking up and that's because some coffee. the other reason is you see the tent city behind me. it is pretty cold out here and the donations here that are piling up are really helping people looking for sweaters and jackets this morning. they say that this has been a silver lining.
5:34 am
all the support to help with the stress of not knowing what they may be going back to. some have already returned home, going past the road closures to see if their house is still standing. and to collect important documents and belongings. evacuees this morning telling me their houses are gone and others heard theirs is still standing. at earliest, though, people can return to their homes to places like middletown. what has helped is how much the community has really pulled together. >> the kindness, the, you know, the generosity and everything is here. food, water. everything you could possibly need for children, for animals. food. just so much kindness. >> back here live looking at some of the tent city set up here. some people staying in rvs and this morning people telling me it feels like the place here at napa county fairgrounds has become home. it doubled in size and really
5:35 am
like reflecting the number of places under evacuation order. at last count red cross said more than 1,100 people staying here. live here, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. 5:35. all lake county public schools will remain closed again today as flames inch closer to more communities. school in the north county areas of lake ford and upper lake are expected to reopen tomorrow. the schools in the lower lake school district say they're going to stay closed through the weekend. still no answer on when classes will resume in hard-hit middletown. hundreds in lake county have lost their homes, hundreds of others have nearly lost their power. now 700,000 customers in are the dark after so much damage to existing utility lines. crews are scrambling to replace power poles. more than 200 pg&e workers are moving as fast as they can to
5:36 am
decide where it is needed. power facilities near middletown may be damaged from that massive wildfires. those solar powered plants feed into a grid that has multiple power sources. the system is still fully functional. a service that customers cannot be impacted. the damage to lake county facilities is not yet known. this raging fire leaving so many middletown landmarks unrecognizable. this popular resort and hot spring among the homes and businesses right in the flame's path. these photos now circulating online showing the destruction of the main retreat at harbin hot springs resort. right now harbin is closed indefinitely. employees hope they can rebuild once this is all over. >> custodians of this land will come back together. we will reconvene with the help of these people giving us a space that all 170 of us can come back together and find a way to rebuild to hold that space, again. >> the company posted a message on the resort's website and says
5:37 am
despiteomotional time, they are confident they can move forward. 5:36. this wildfire is not just causing a financial burden to xhun the communities affected but the state as a whole. governor brown is claiming he can do whatever he can to give the firefighters an upper hand. >> the temperatures are rising. the annual median temperature is going up and that then when combined with years of drought, means that the conditions worse. they're drier. therefore, these fires are acting more aggressively, more unpredictably. so, we have to do something about it. >> governor brown wants california leaders to take the initiative to do something about climate change or he warns fire season will only get worse. with 12 other large wildfires burning across california right now, firefighters are stretched thin. 11,000 are on the front lines battling these flames and this wildfire season already proving
5:38 am
to be historic. cal fire has responded to 6,000 wildfires 1,500 more than this time last year. 5:37. we'll continue to monitor the latest on the valley fire throughout the day. we have several reporters in the area. including janelle wang who will be anchoring our evening newscast from the fire line. right now a check on the forecast and meteorologist kari hall and a look at how the smoke and wind making this, you know, affect here in the bay area. >> it will be drifting into the bay area a little bit more. you'll see that smoke in the air and also seeing some of the ash, as well. especially in napa and salano and now that the wind has shifted and will be coming in more from a northwesterly direction and to the evening, more of the same westerly wind that will help clear things out, but gusts will be up to 30 miles an hour today. so, still windy. and the valley fire forecast will be cool and also humid the next couple of days.
5:39 am
the chance of rain but then it gets hot and dry as we head into the weekend. i'll talk more about that and the rest of the bay area forecast coming up. let's check in now with the commute with mike. >> we're looking to the south bay where we have that first burst we expect just about now. lasting until 6:50 or so and then see things start to ease up 101 at 680. that's the only problem for the east bay speed sensors and looking for the bill for 87 coming into downtown. watching a crash. night a car went through some fencing 280 northbound at winchester. chp just cleared from the scene and busted fencing and repair work later on in the day and commute looks just fine through that portion of the south bay. a smooth flow of traffic and 580 and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening today, big changes taking shape in palo alto after months of delays a parking permit is set to begin in
5:40 am
downto downtown. >> kris sanchez with more on what we can expect. kris? >> ow can expect you might have a harder time finding a place to park for more than two hour physical you come to downtown palo alto. if you live here, parking might be easier around here for you. today is day one of the city's very catchily named residential, preferential program for parking. it is in response to citizen complaints that palo alto neighborhood streets are being taken over by train riders who park for free and then tie up those parking spots all day long. over the last month the city has been unveiling about 800 new signs designating two-hour parking for anyone without that residential preferential program permit. those people have gotten warnings and starting today they're going to get tickets. residents are get four permits for free and a visitor for $22 and downtown employees can buy that. it will cost them $233, for
5:41 am
folks who make minimum wage or less or rather income or minimum wage, they get to pay a little less, as well. the best rule of thumb is that if you are parking in palo alfo look for the parking signs in the area bordered by palo alto avenue and embarcadero. if you qualify for a permit, you can apply online or get one in person at the city's offices. in palo alto, kris sanchez. coming up, chaos aboard an american airlines flight that forced an emergency landing overnight. don't miss what happens coming up next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-966-tips. or e-mail the unit at n we investigate. new this morning... =laura/map=
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concord police are investigating a suspicious fire in a parking lot overnight new this morning concord police investigating a suspicious fire in a parking lot overnight. it happened just after midnight. someone saw two people running from the parking lot when the fire broke out minutes later. the flames destroyed several cars in that parking lot and they also threatened two nearby apartment complexes and some residents had to be evacuated. firefighters quickly put out the fire. police are investigating the fire as an arson. happening today, six men linked to racketeering scandal in san francisco have been
5:45 am
involved former snat sta eer st back in court today. last week six defendants pleaded guilty to money laundering, gun zegz and selling illegal goods. former senator lee also pleaded guilty to charges earlier this year. chow, however, has not pleaded guilty to any charge. a mistrial declared in an emotional murder case in oakland. two teens for killing paramedic. david o'neil was convicted and jurors cannot agree if burton was the triggerman. as a result, the judge declared a mistrial, but his widow is holding out hope for a new trial. >> it means a longer battle, but it also means the battle is not done. it wasn't an acquittal. and i feel, which they could have done. they could have decided to acquit and they didn't. >> alameda county d.a. will
5:46 am
decide whether or not to try burton, again. several other teenagers involved have already pleaded guilty. classes at a university in mississippi are canceled after a deadly shooting on campus. yesterday police say shannon lamb opened fire on history professor schmidt at the delta state university campus in cleveland, mississippi. hours earlier, police say lamb shot and killed his girlfriend. after an all-day manhunt they tracked him down who had shot and killed himself. american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing late last night after a passenger certainly caused a ruckus. >> ow! >> you're good. >> the flight was on its way from miami to chicago after a woman reportedly hit another passenger and then hit a flight attendant as she was being restrained. the plane made an emergency landing in indianapolis and the woman was taken into custody. a chicago lawyer was on the flight and posted this cell phone video to twitter.
5:47 am
no one was seriously hurt. >> more turbulence for american airlines. this time not an unruly passenger. american airlines flew one of its planes from l.a. to hawaii two weeks ago but that plane was not certified. aircraft are certified to having extra oxygen and certainly emergency equipment for longer flights over water. american airlines says it's working on the system. make sure the correct aircraft are on the correct route. 5:47. city of san jose considering raising the minimum wage, again. voters approve raising the minimum wage to $10 back in 2012. now, the city is joining other cities for a minimum wage increase. today the city council on whether to vote to hire a consultant. in berkeley, city leaders set a proposal for a $19 minimum wage. the rate would go into effect by 2020, but a lot of critics have
5:48 am
to be convinced first. many in the business community say the rate. berkeley wants the minimum wage to go up and also wants the minimum age of smokers to go up, as well. the city council meets tonight to discuss banning tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21. currently the minimum age is 18. the city council will also consider an amendment requiring stores to have tobacco retail licenses in order to sell ecigarettes. a new study confirms air pollution isn't an environmental problem, it could be deadly. study from new york university found even small increases in air pollution were linked to more heart disease and respiratory heart disease deaths among nonsmokers. the most harmful type of pollution involve microscopic particles that cannot be sneezed or coughed out. absorb under to the lungs and blood stream. >> talking about the air quality with the valley fire blowing smoke all over the bay area. what does it feel like today? >> still going to be a very
5:49 am
erratic, as we look at those wind patterns today. we had southerly winds yesterday. today a west, northwesterly wind. as we take a live look now at san jose, we do have some clouds starting out this morning and mild temperatures. it will be still comfortable as we go through the day and a lot more sunshine than we had yesterday. it is now 61 degrees in san jose, livermore and concord and napa is 60 degrees in santa rosa at 57 degrees. yeah, we have a shift in the wind today. it now will come in from the northwest and there will be some higher gusts. a windy day and also clear after thosing clouds roll out of here. we'll have a sustained wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour. if you're going to be out at at&t park, nice, cool evening. the clouds and the fog returning. winds from the west at 10 to 20 miles an hour. bundle up for a cool game. and san jose today, 75 degrees. palo alto 77 degrees. mission district at 68 degrees
5:50 am
and oakland 71 degrees and san ramon 71 degrees. all clear today, a lot of sunshine and getting ready for a chance of rain and most of that rain looks like it will happen in the north bay. ahead of a cool front that will be rolling in. you'll see a steady line of showers. unfortunately, that line just kind of falls apart as it moves in through the rest of the bay area. at least we do have some scattered showers. some measure rain that looks to fall in the north bay. starting to tomorrow afternoon. and then we'll still see some light showers early thursday morning. the estimated rainfall totals, at least 0.01 in middletown where we have the fire nearby and santa ros and then trace amounts as you head farther to the south and east. after a few cool days, it is going to heat up this weekend. get ready for highs in the 80s and even some 90s there, especially in the south bay. in the east bay, as well as the tri-valley and the north bay. by sunday, we're looking at some widespread 90s across the bay
5:51 am
area. let's get a look at the morning commute with. >> kari, we're looking at pretty well spread traffic northbound. i saw some flashing lights but i want to talk about an incident report for hayward. i'll continue to check the downtown report. no slowing north past the area where i saw the flashing lights. southbound and towards hayward and we may have two separate crashes, although they sound very similar. more slowing to the san mateo bridge. has your metering lights on and slower for the east shore and eastbound highway 4 and westbound, that's a distraction and a slower drive because the commute direction there, as well. no major problems for the tri-valley and looks like last-minute road crew picking up in the area and lanes open and moving off the dublin interchange andbound there is a stall over there as you're approaching carol. not a crash. just causing more distraction and slowing typical bill for the south bay and look at palo alto.
5:52 am
no surprise by university. san francisco is full of film festivals but tonight we'll see its first virtual reality for film festival. can't show you a clip of the film because you have to wear the special gog tools wear the movie. but artisan film festivals promises to be a whole new art form. >> watching people's reaction to their first time in vr is always a lot of fun. almost everyone has tremendously positive reaction to it. and that was true for me, too. when i first saw it, i realized i had to change my whole career. this is going to be the future. i had been a filmmaker for about ten years. when i saw virtual reality for the first time, i realized this is the future. >> the kaleidoscope film festival starts at 8:00 in san francisco and then travel to nine other cities. it is cool to look at, but you feel a little silly. >> you put one of those on. >> we had them in the newsroom. >> you didn't turn out cross eyed after wards?
5:53 am
>> no. coming, new recommendations stirring up debate among doctors this morning. why some are saying you should start taking more of it, daily. next.
5:54 am
5:55 am
new details this morning in the death of a kentucky state trooper shot and killed over the weekend. investigators say he was trying to help. the trooper pulled the man over late sunday night and discovered he had saw spended license.
5:56 am
ponder tried to arrange a hotel for the driver and his four passengers so the driver wouldn't have to sped the night in jail and he sped off. the driver ran from the scene, but police shot and killed him after they say he poined a gun at them. >> that is tragic. 5:56 now to an investigative unit follow up. for eight years grocery stores claiming to collect money for veterans. but after our investigative unit confronted members making false claims they packed up and left. now we learned they have taken their operation to another shopping center. lying about working with the county veterans court and the office of. >> ron: services. frustrated viewers reached out to us. they wanted to know why solicitors are allowed to keep asking for money, even if their claims are not true. we asked the law professor at santa clara university. >> people have a right to lie. there are other ways of
5:57 am
controlling that kind of misbehavior. but people have the right to lie. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll show you what happened when we spoke about their new setup and the best way you can prevent groups like this from collecting one more thing. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give them a call. or send an e-mail to the a win for youtube users or anyone posting videos online. a huge setback in its fight against a dancing baby video. the 2007 video shows a baby bouncing to prince's "let's go crazy." sent youtube a takedown letter claiming the panchrents have violated copyrights. the mother has a case and take it to trial. the ruling says copyright holders must consider whether these mom and pop style videos are fair use before sending a takedown notice. >> the baby has to be about 9
5:58 am
now. aspirin may not be for heart attack patients any more. the task force recommends some people who have not already had a heart attack could benefit from a daily low dose aspirin. the recommendations say aspirin can prevent heart attack and stroke, as well as colon cancer. things are still up for debate and doctors point out even low doses of aspirin can sometimes cause deadly bleeding. >> how about olive oil could reduce a woman's risk of breast cancer. according to new research from a spanish university. the study found women who eat mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil had a 62% lower risk of breast cancer. the study also found that healthy diet with extra nuts and olive oil help you live longer to prevent heart disease and preserve their brain. it's 5:58 and right now at 6:00 a seemingly endless line of burning homes new cell phone video shows us what firefighters are up against this morning in lake county. plus, a retired teacher who
5:59 am
loves living in middletown. what we're learning about the fire's first casualty. for those who survive, the little things that matter. how some salvage important memories from the ashes. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew frin sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check out the roads. >> its cool today, laura, with some clouds this morning, but bright sunshine this afternoon. and the winds will be picking up, too. we'll be windy with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. we see those temperatures now in up thor 50s to around 60 degrees and highs today will be in the 60s and 70s all across the bay area. in the east bay 74 degrees in the tri-valley and 76 and the north bay, 72 degrees. we'll keep you updated on the wind pattern as we go into the next couple of days, as well, as we try to get some containment on the valley fire. that coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the commute is
6:00 am
rolling with mike. >> kari, rolling along well for most people but a lot more company west across that san mateo bridge. as you look at your map, the concern is getting there. southbound 880 over there down into hayward and where there were earlier crashes. a stalled vehicle in the middle of the roadway and the crash has pulled off the roadway and less of an issue and still slowing from 238 down to 92 and that will continue to move down towards union city. typical pattern there. but eastbound you note as little unusual slowing and countercommute and i think it was a late pick up for that road crew there and no problems otherwise. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge and let's take a peek at san jose and north 101 easing up from and the second one coming in in about 20 minutes. back to you. now to a developing story. this morning, mow resource arriving to help in the fight against the valley fire. these crews are focusing on the public. defending homes and controlling the perimeter of the fi


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