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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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rolling with mike. >> kari, rolling along well for most people but a lot more company west across that san mateo bridge. as you look at your map, the concern is getting there. southbound 880 over there down into hayward and where there were earlier crashes. a stalled vehicle in the middle of the roadway and the crash has pulled off the roadway and less of an issue and still slowing from 238 down to 92 and that will continue to move down towards union city. typical pattern there. but eastbound you note as little unusual slowing and countercommute and i think it was a late pick up for that road crew there and no problems otherwise. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge and let's take a peek at san jose and north 101 easing up from and the second one coming in in about 20 minutes. back to you. now to a developing story. this morning, mow resource arriving to help in the fight against the valley fire. these crews are focusing on the public. defending homes and controlling the perimeter of the fire. but for many the damage is
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already done. >> since the fire has swelled to 62,000 acres. destroyed at least 585 homes along with hundreds of other buildings. one person a retired and disabled teacher did not make it out alive. at this hour, the fire is only 10% contained. >> we have live team coverage of the fire this morning. stephanie chuang with thousands of evacuees left there. >> let's begin with bob redell where crews are getting some much-needed rest and then head out back to the fire line this morning. bob? >> scott, laura. cal fire has called on 300 more firefighters to join this fight to try to put out the valley fire that is burning a number of miles away from incident command here at the lake county fairgrounds located in the city of lake port. that means there are 1,800 men and women now trying to exit ti
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extinguish this. destroyed about 1,000 structures, including close to 600 homes and the latest update from cal fire indicates that the valley fire still threatens 9,000 structures. the valley fire has shown such unusual that firefighters with years of experience are using words like unreal and unprecedented to describe what they are witnessing in the field, which is one reason this fire has been so difficult to contain. >> we create this box and we start building perimeters and once we start getting control of our box it's smaller and smaller. >> we lost the hydrants and the water supply was getting challenging and then the winds kicked up and the fire kicked up. i wouldn't say we were in the battle at that point. >> yesterday was windy as it has been and this starting this past saturday. but the weather was a little bit more cooperative yesterday. but temperatures being lower and the humidity higher which is why
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firefighters, as you have been mentioning, have been able to achieve 10% containment. the forecast calling for some rain tomorrow, which, of course, will be very helpful. reporting live here in lake port, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so tough for people. at 6:03 we are learning more about the biggest tragedy of this fire. a woman killed in her home because she couldn't get out. barbara mcwilliams had multiple sclerosis and no way to evacuate. her family says she moved to middletown less than a year ago. she fell love with the community. her caregiver said she didn't know how bad the fire was until it was too late. >> it just makes me feel so horrible that she had to go like that. i mean, no one should have to go like that. i'm sorry. i am so, so, so sorry that she didn't make it. and that i wish she could know how hard that i tried. >> that was her care giver. said she tried getting back to middletown but the roads were
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closed. she called, but just couldn't get through. the fire moved quickly. fast than anyone expected. it started near cobb to the north and spread to middletown and beyond in mere hours. giving people who lived in the fire zonal time to get out. >> many of those people are just trying to get back into their neighborhoods and now finding there is little left. treasured vase, a scrap of charred paper. you see people going through things. that charred paper was once a deed to a house that is no longer standing. >> stephanie chuang is live this morning where many evacuees have been living in tents since the fire started. good morning. >> that's right, scott and laura. they have been here some waking up for the third time here at the napa county fairgrounds. what is happening them right now is the smell of bacon. this guy here in charge of feeding hundreds of people who have been camped out here. people have been up in the last half hour or so for breakfast and coffee. these are the things they have
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gotten used to with time. meanwhile, evacuees have gone back home and past the road closures to check on their house and belongings. cal fire will let people back home ins like middletown starting today. a mix of emotions here. people wish they were home and also grateful for the generosity from the red cross as well as from the calastoga community. >> an empty feeling being away from home and not the happiest camp out. we're getting three good meals and asking us all the time if we need anything and blankets pillows and stuff like that. >> and back here live, you see some people gathering, again, for breakfast. these are some of the estimated more than 1,100 people helped here at red cross and more than 1,100 number of evacuees is the latest from red cross. we are expecting as more places under evacuation orders for that number to go up. live,any chuang, "today in the
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bay." nchts a . all lake county public schools will remain closed again today. schools in upper lake and lucern will likely reopen tomorrow. the schools in kelseyville and the lower lake will stay closed through the weekend. still no answer when classes will resume in hard hit middletown. hundreds in lake county have lost their homes, others have lost their power. pg&e says 7,000 customers are in the dark after so much damage. generators installed in the heart of middletown and crews are scrambling to replace power poles. more than 200 pg&e workers are on the job moving as fast as they can. bay area utilities say power facilities may be damaged from the mavs wildfire. the geothermal and solar power plants feed into a northern california power agency grid
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that has multiple power sources. that system is still fully functional. the service to customers should not be impacted. the damage to the lake county facilities is not affected. this is happening in the heart of wine country and one winery and several vineyards are destroyed. along with the owner's home. several other wineries lost vineyards, including the popular estate and vineyard. they lost about 1,000 acres of grapes. middle of harvest season right now. road closure will put that work on hold. we do have extensive coverage of the valley fire on the front page of our website, as well. you can head to and click on more with the red banner at the top. you'll find the latest story and changing numbers of trying to get this contained. constantly updating all of our digital platforms including our free nbc bay area app and also on facebook and twitter. kari hall continues our coverage with some of the winds
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they'll have to deal with today. >> i just got a message that got a 3.2 magnitude earthquake up in that area, too. i have the details on twitter, too. looking at the wind patterns also carrying smoke and some of that ash from the valley fire into parts of the bay area. today in napa, solano and alameda counties will have some of that smoke drifting in with a west, northwesterly wind direction earlier in the day. once we get more of a westernly wind continue that smoke over towards the central valley and smoke up to 30 miles an hour. at least we have cool temperatures and rain in the forecast for tomorrow in that area. we may have even up to a 0.01 of rain and look at what happened towards the end of the week and into the weekend. it is going to get hot and going to be dry. not only there, but all across the bay area. i'll have some updates on that and what we can expect heading into the weekend coming up. let's see how the morning commute is rolling with mike.
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>> takes you through as your commute takes you through hayward the san mateo southbound and two earlier crashes and one cleared from the roadway. still leaves at least one vehicle in the roadway. you're jammed up in towards san mateo bridge. that's the 92 cut off and that means slowing off while you see north 238 jamming up, as well. betser drive up towards the bay bridge and toll plaza and a gentle build right on schedule for that east shore freeway. look at the north bay and live look shows you an easy drive here. same thing for the south bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, she's back to work, but not out of the woods just yet. a possible new legal trouble for kentucky clerk kim davis. it took mere minutes for more than a dozen people to be swept away by flood waters in utah. this morning the rain has stopped but the search for survivors is just getting started. while we're seeing destructive
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flames here in the bay area -- utah is reeling from deadly flooding. this morning - officials in utah are looking for five people - who we're seeing destructive flames in the bay area. utah reeling from really deadly flooding and it is just horrible there. and five people actually disappeared during severe flash flooding. already eight are dead. heavy rain swept away a road along with two vehicles carrying 16 people near hillsdale, utah.
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only three people were rescued alive. the vehicles were hit by what was described as a wall of water and debris. several children and mothers are among the dead and missing. the flooding was the result of an intense downpour that only lasted about half an hour. classeserate a university in mississippi are canceled today after a deadly shooting on campus. yesterday police say shannon lamb opened fire on history professor ethan schmidt of the delta state university campus in cleveland, mississippi. hours earlier, police say lamb shot and killed his girlfriend after an all-day manhunt authorities tracked down lamb who eventually shot and killed himself. investigators have not revealed a motive for the killing. an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing late last night after a passenger caused a ruckus. the flights was on its way from miami to chicago after the woman reportedly hilt another passenger and then a flight attendant as she was being restrained.
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the plane made an emergency landing in indianapolis and the woman was taken into custody. a chicago lawyer on the flight posted this cell phone video to twitter. nobody seriously hurt. it is 6:13. lawyers for kentucky clerk kim davis are planning to file a new lawsuit, but they have not said why. davis returned to work yesterday, but standing firm on her refusal to not issue marriage licenses. instead, that duty will fall to her deputy clerk. davis spent nearly a week in jail after violating an order to comply with the new federal law. yesterday she told reporters she wants to move past the issue. >> i don't want to have this conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight. and i certainly don't want to be a whipping post. i am no hero. >> davis is now questioning whether licenses without her signature are even valid. the governor is reassuring same-sex couples the certificates are legal. well, fantasy football
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players take note the legality of some popular clock could be on the clock. the games we're talking about on draft kings and fan duel. each offer one-week games with promised payouts blurring the line between entertainment and internet gambling. a new jersey congressman is demanding a congressional hearing to examine the legality of those games. no words on whether congress will tackle that issue. parking getting more complicated, especially if you plan to leave your car there all day long. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live in pallo alot. sounds like people downtown may get some of those precious parking spaces back. >> this is certainly a problem that a lot of communities are trying to balance, which is the influx of more cars because of a growing economy along with the parking concerns for the people who actually live in those neighborhoods and communities. palo alto's program is dpoeg go be watched by a lot of communities around the bay area. response to citizen complaints that the neighborhood streets
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are being taken over by cal train and stanford commuters who park in the residential areas for free and tie up the parking spots all day long. over the last month, the city has been unveiling about 800 new signs designating two-hour parking for anyone without a so-called residential, preferentipref ren renshal permit. people parking more than two hours have gotten warnings and starting today they're going to get tickets. residents can get up to four permits for free and a visitor one for 25 bucks. downtown employees can buy rpps for $233 a year, though folks who make less money closer to minimum wage will get to pay less. best rule of thumb if you're headed to palo alto or you are here look for the signs on the north and to the east and lincoln avenue to the south and alma to the west. if you qualify for a permit, you can apply online or in person through the city and, by the way, we're not violating any
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restriction here. we're not taking anybody's parking spot because those permits are only required between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00. so, we are law abiders. >> i was going to ask you if you were geeg stay there for lunch, kris. >> what do you want. >> i want to join you is what i want to do. thanks a lot. let's check your weather this morning. i this tuesday morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. tracking a lot of weather from earthquakes to dry weather. cooler weather and then some rain in the forecast, as well as the valley fire. as we get a live look now at the bridge from san francisco, nice, quiet start to the day. we do have some clouds there that will be with us for a couple of hours before quickly clearing out today. get a lot more sun than we had yesterday. we're also tracking that earthquake, the minor earthquake this morning north bay. not too far from where the valley fire is happening. we know that in cloverdale as
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well as lake we do have some of the crews set up as places to evacuate. this earthquake wasn't that deep so they probably felt that jolt this morning right about 30 minutes ago. we'll keep you up to date on that as well as temperatures in the lower 50s and nice, quiet, cool conditions and the winds coming in from the northwest. fairly calm this morning, but will continue to pick up as we go through the day. it will be windy this afternoon and gusts up to 30 miles per hour. and sustained winds at 20 miles an hour and a totally different shift in the wind. the wind direction from yesterday was a southerly wind. today more of a west, northwesterly wind throughout the afternoon. if you're heading out to the giants game, it is going to be cool. we only start out at 63 degrees at first pitch. by the fifth inning, it's 62 degrees in the end of the game and 60 degrees with fall rolling in. highs today in the 60s and 70s across the bay area and upper 60s in san francisco and 67
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degrees oakland and 71 degrees in livermore and up to 78 degrees. we have been cheering on this rain in the forecast and as it moves in, looks like a steady line. unfortunately, just kind of fizzles out and may bring much-need rain at least to the north bay. we'll keep you up to date on that. let's check in with mike for traffic. >> looking at 101 which is now starting to ease back in to the morning commute. that first rush hits hard. folks leaving the house at 5:30 and look at the map and eases off and then just after 6:00, that's when we see more folks coming through the area. gentle build for 81 and san francisco commute. there is a crash right near the connector, watch that before coming out of the santa cruz mountains, it will be a distraction. southbound 880 the crash left one vehicle in the roadway and now maybe a new one just off of 38. getting more details from chp. a slow drive out of san leandro. typical pattern for the rest of your bay area.
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there's the look. the metering lights are on. i know you love pizza. who doesn't? certainly not this little bear cub found his way into a colorado springs parlor. wildlife officers collected the cub and took him to a rehab facility for better nourishment and an injured paw. but not before photo-op for customers. workers say they're now reconsidering their practice of keeping the pizza parlor front door open. >> you never know who will come inside. >> i guess so. coming up, an unsettling warning from north korea this morning. just one day away, presidential candidates prepping for tomorrow's debate and most contenders taking aim at one target.
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-- north korea declared it plans to build sophisticated new this morning a day after threatening long-range rocket launches north korea declared its plans to build a sophisticated nuke weapons program. is the announcement not totally unexpected. north korea already has atomic weapons, but can't deliver them. it stated it wanted to build the long-range missile that can hit the u.s. mainland. 6:23. happening today a bay yare visit from u.s. secretary of homeland security. jay johnson will address the common wealth in downtown san francisco. the topic of today's talks,
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terrorism. both overseas and home grown. johnson will deisks soiscuss soe latest challenges, including the explosion of social media networking. also address some of the newest strategies being used to protect americans. turning to decision 2016. this mornings making final preparations for tomorrow morning's debate. >> tracie potts has the latest. one target. donald trump. >> yeah, a lot of people are focusing on him because remember before the first debate he just started to pull ahead and now poll after poll after poll shows him the clear number one and he is being targeted by both democrats republicans. >> number one in every single poll! >> donald trump drawing 15,000 supporters and some protests last night in dallas. he'll be center stage at tomorrow night's debate. >> i hear they're all going after me. >> whatever.
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whatever. >> it's so hard to attack donald trump because he's not playing by the rules that everybody else plays with. >> reporter: hillary clinton in iowa targeting her own sagging poll numbers there calls trump entertaining. >> i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, listen. i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. >> reporter: carly fiorina turning around trump's comments about her face. >> this is a face of a 61-year-old woman and every single wrinkle. >> reporter: dr. ben carson now the number two republican. trump called the world renowned neurosurgeon an okay doctor. >> it's pretty narrow minded when somebody says, oh, he's a neurosurgeon so he only knows how to do medicine. >> reporter: bernie sanders continues to draw huge crowds. this one last night in virginia. >> if we weren't talking about donald trump, bernie sanders would be the biggest story of this campaign so far. >> make no mistake bernie
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sanders is a big story in this campaign. the way he displaced hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire in the latest polls, but in the next 48 hours, the story is going to be about donald trump. what he says on that stage, how he says it perhaps and the reaction from all the other candidates. scott, laura. >> all right, tracie, thank you. meanwhile hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, will be on "today" show talking about her new book. "it's your world" focuses on how people can make positive changes the world and also plans to talk about her mother's presidential run. 6:26. coming up, spent days fighting the valley fire. today what we're learning from firefighters about conditions on the front lines. the silver lining to the utterly devastating fire. the red cross has gotten so many donations it just simply doesn't need any more but people are finding other ways to give. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =scott/2shot= and i'm scott mcgrew - in for sam brock. a very good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. >> some mist and drizzle in some spots and today will be bright and sunny. a lot more sun than we had yesterday. it's in the upper 50s to 60 degrees now. and expect highs in the 60s and 70s today. so, we're keeping the mild weather and giving up the clouds later on today and it will be windy. those winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour. a look at all the microclimates
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you see. it will be 76 degrees today in the tri-valley. let's check in with mike and tracking some east bay. >> see slowing just north of high street. southbound there's the off ramp just south of the coliseum heading down towards san leandro. on the map just south of 98, we do see some slowing heading towards davis where there was earlier debris just cleared from the roadway and a crash off 98 and a crash over by eighth street has just cleared. so, a series of incidents adding to the slow down. but despite that, only that section for slowing and the gradual build down towards union city. 680 for pleasanton and the rest of your bay looking pretty good here. east shore freeway and a glimpse of the peninsula with no surprises. back to you. >> mike, aftering thousands of acres with barely any resistance, firefighters are finally making progress in the fight against they fire in lake
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county. more crews are arriving this morning to help protect homes and control the perimeter of that fire. >> since saturday the fire hassed to 62,000 acres and destroyed at least 585 homes along with hundreds of other buildings. one person, a retired and disabled teacher did not make it out alive. at this hour the fire is only 10% contained and we are expecting an update from cal fire any minute now. >> live team coverage of the fire and stephanie chuang with thousands of evacuees and bob redell and crews getting ready for another day, bob. >> they're already lining up at the chow tent and get a briefing in about 30 minutes, scott and laura, here at incident command at the lake county fairgrounds located in the city of lake port. this is where the 1,800 firefighters involved in the valley fire come to rest and recharge. some of whom have been on those front lines for 36 hours.
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they come here for 24 hours of rest and then they are sent back out. there's a lot of pressure to contain this fire that has already caused so much destruction. they want to stop before it destroys more lives. how fast this fire grew. you can blame it on the four-year drought. one firefighter tells us that the grass tells us they're drier than a 2 by 4 than you'd buy at a home depot or lowe's and those are sometimes dried. that gives you a sense of how bad the conditions are, which makes fighting this fire very stressful. >> everybody is leaving and firefighters are going in. and the unfortunate truth is that firefighters a lot of times end up seeing things that nobody ever ought to have to see. and it's, it's very stressful. >> while there were winds yesterday, there were lower
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temps, higher humidity. we should get a sense in about 30 minutes, as i mentioned during the briefing, whether they will have more favorable conditions today to up that 10% containment number. reporting live here lakeport, bob redell. learning more this morning about the biggest tragedy of the fire. a woman kill in her home because she couldn't get out. barbara mcwilliams had multiple sclerosis, no way to evacuate. she moved to middletown less than a year ago and fell in love with the community. her caregiver said she did not know how bad the fire was until it was simply too late. >> i feel so horrible that she had to go like that. i mean, no one should have to go like that. i'm sorry. i am so, so, so, sorry that she didn't make it and that i wish she could know how hard i tried. >> she tried to get back to middletown, but the roads were closed. she called, but she could not get through. the fire moved quickly,
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faster than anyone anticipated. it started to the north and spread to middletown and beyond in mere hours giving people who live in that fire zone very little time to get out. >> many those people just starting to get back into their neighborhoods and now they're finding there is little left. treasured vase, perhaps, in their burned out neighborhood or maybe a charred piece of paper. tually a deed to a house. the house, of course, no longer standing. >> today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live where many of the evacuees are living in tents since the fire started. but they are getting some help, steph. >> they are getting help. that is really the silver lining here. these people very exhausted but taking it all in good stride and the generosity from folks here from the boosters club that really helping them. these guys are serving up nice, hot bacon this morning. i'm told this is the kind of treatment these evacuees have been getting here at the napa
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county fairgrounds for the past couple ofs. meantime, there are people who have already left. evacuees who have gone past the road closures to see if their houses are still standing and collect important documents and belongings. people will be allowed to return to some places like middletown today. the relief for evacuees who say it is the spirit of giving, though, that is here that has lifted them up in a very difficult time. >> you know what, everybody pulled together and people have come together. the kindness. you know, the generosity. everything's here. >> back here live, you see a lot more people now in the 6:00 hour getting breakfast. things are getting going for some of them day three here at the evacuation center here at the fairgrounds. red cross has said that cash can help with donations and they have enough things. but i spoke with people who say they continue to come in the back gates to bring things like
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clothes and tents and pillows and blank to people and they say those people continue to need those things. it's really been an experience for them, as well. live here in calistoga, stephanie chuang. lake county public schools are closed today and others like hard-hit middletown will probably be closed for a while. right now more than 7,000 customers are without power. more than 200 work are on the job trying to get electricity restored. harvest season is on hold at many wineries because of the fire. reports the winery burnt down and several other wineries lost. so many country wine landmarks are unrecognizable this morning. harbin hot springs resort and shows not much left of the retreat. right harbin is closed indefinitely. they hope to rebuild once this is all over. >> we as the current custodians
6:37 am
of this land will come back together and reconvene with the help of these people giving us a space that all 170 of us can come back together and find a way to rebuild, to hold that space, again. >> the company posted a message on the sort's website. it says despite this emotional time, they're confident harbin hot springs can move forward. the wildfire not just causing a financial birden to the communities, but to the state as a whole. governor brown made it clear he can do whatever he to help firefighters get that upper hand and made a stern warning about the long challenges we will all face. >> the temperatures are rising. annual median temperature is going up and that then when combined with years of drought means that the conditions are worse. they're drier and, therefore, these fires are acting more aggressively and more unpredictably. we have to do something about it. >> governor brown wants california leaders to take the initiative to do something about climate change or fire season is
6:38 am
only going to get worse. with 12 other large wildfires burning across california firefighters are stretched thip. 11,000 on the front lines and this wildfire season already proving to be historic. cal fire has responded to 6,000 fires. that is about 1,500 more than this time last year. we do have extensive coverage of the valley fire on the front page of our website. you can head to and click more on the red banner on the top and there you'll find the latest stories and numbers and constantly updating all of our digital platforms including our free nbc bay area app. also on facebook and twitter. expecting an update at any time from cal fire and, of course, bring that to you. kari hall continues our coverage and look at some of the winds affecting firefighters. >> the temperatures have been favorable, but the wind not so much because each day they're coming from a different direction. yesterday we had a northwesterly wind today or yesterday we had a southerly wind and today more of a northwesterly wind and that
6:39 am
willy the smoke into parts of the bay area today as northwesterly wind will carry it in this direction. so, we are looking at it heading over towards livermore and parts of napa and fairfield. you want to watch out for that as the wind continues to pick up today. all of that clearing out later on this evening as it gets pushed off the central valley as the gusts pick up later this afternoon. our temperatures, once again, down. we'll even have another chance of rain as we look at the valley fire forecast in that area in lake county. tomorrow, the possibility some accumulating rain or some rain that will be measured in the high of 67 degrees into the weekend, though, it heats up. gets dry, again. and that will the case for the rest of the bay area, too. let's get a look at what's happening in the north bay with mike. >> we are looking at a smooth drive southbound 101 here. look at your map, no slowing  shows up on our sensors and there you go, mark my word, things change quickly. dream force continues, as well.
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howard street has been closed since friday. we've been telling you about that and crash northbound 101 approaching the sky way now. over here we're looking at southbound 880 been tough through san leeann row and passing by a scene of a couple earlier crashes. the south bay, the northbound typical build. back to you. >> thank you, mike. laura mentioned an update for that developing story and, indeed, we do. the crews making progress the massive val afire in lake and napa counties. new numbers from cal fire. the fire has swelled to 67,000 acres and destroyed at least 585 homes along with hundreds of other buildings. one person, a retired and disabled teacher did not make it out alive. at this hour, the fire is now 15% contained. so, it has grown bigger, but the containment line has grown with it. 6:40 right now. more people than there are hotel rooms. coming up, thousands are in san for the biggest tech convention
6:41 am
on the planet today. that means the cash infusion for the local economy. how much the city hopes to make.
6:42 am
misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space.
6:43 am
a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. concord police are investigating a suspicious fire in a parking lot overnight. it happened just after midnight investigating a suspicious fire in a parking lot overnight. happened just after midnight on adalade street in laguna. destroyed several cars in the parking lot. threatened two nearby apartment complexes. some residents were evacuated,
6:44 am
but firefighters put out the fire quickly police are investigating that fire as arson. it is 6:43. happening today. six men linked to a racketeering scandal in san francisco that involved former state senator will be back in court. the case involved china town gangster cho. six defendants pled guilty to selling illegal goods. former senator lee also pleaded guilty to charges earlier this year. cho, however, has not pled guilty to any charge. a mistrial in an emotional murder charge in oakland. two teens on trial for killing boyer back in 2013. david mcneal was convicted, butters could not agree whether 18-year-old christian burton was the triggerman. as a result, the judge declared a mistrial. >> it also means the battle is not done.
6:45 am
it wasn't an acquittal. and i feel, which they could have done. they could have decided to acquit and they didn't. >> alameda county d.a. will decide whether to try burton, again. several others involved pleaded guilty. city of san jose considering raising the minimum wage, again. voters raising the minimum wage in 2012. today the city council will vote on whether to hire a consultant to study the impact of raising the minimal wage. kicks off its annual conference. brought in a cruise ship for the 13th annual dream force conference. the ship will house 1,100 guests as a hotel. the conference expected to bring in more than 150,000 people. that is far bigger than the super bowl. and there are not enough hotel rooms in the city to accommodate everyone.
6:46 am
last year, dream force $220 million directly into the economy. palo alto rewrites the rules when it comes to working downtown. if you work downtown and don't stay in palo alto you may be forced to scramble. >> street park getting more complicated, kris. >> a little more complicated but maybe easier for the folks who live in palo alto and the folks who work in the downtown area of palo alto. maybe tougher if you're a commuter or stanford student. park in the residential areas for and then tie those parking spots up all day long. so, in the last month the city has been veiling about 800 signs designating two-hour parking for anyone without a so-called residential preferential program permit. for the last month, people parkinger than that have gotten warnings. starting today, they will likely get tickets from police. residents can get up to four
6:47 am
permits for free and $25. downtown employees can buy it for $233 a year. it will cost them less if they can prove that they make less money. now, the best rule of thumb is that if you're parking in palo alto look up at the parking signs bordered by palo alto on the north and lincoln avenue to the south and alma to the west. if you qualify for a permit, you can apply online. you can also apply in person in the city and they may be able to answer of your questions, but i think we saw a lot of signage out here as we were driving around this morning. so, it should be perfectly clear. what is not clear, though, where you are supposed to park instead. that is one of the concerns that some of the folks who live farther out of the downtown area are concerned about. in palo alto, kris sanchez. >> bring some good walking shoes. let's check your weather and traffic 6:47. good morning. >> good morning. we've been tracking a lot of things going on in the bay area.
6:48 am
and the weather and the traffic, too. as we get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see those beautiful-looking clouds. just sitting right on top of the mountain there. it is beautiful start to the day. and we'll see all of those clouds that we're seeing this morning, clearing out and the temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s and into the day it will still be nice and comfortable. but breezy, too. our winds start out at about ten miles an hour this morning. the arrow shows the direction of the wind coming in from the northwest. and picking up as we go through today. now, these are sustained winds. the gust will be higher-up to 30 miles an hour. especially this evening with the wind coming in from the northwest. it also changes the wind flow from the fire pattern that we've seen the past couple days and may change that wind direction for the fire up in the north bay. our temperatures still staying on the mild side. 77 degrees in gilroy and
6:49 am
pacifica and brentwood 82 degrees and pleasanton topping out. a lot of sunshine and tomorrow we get ready for that chance of rain. it starts out as a basically a solid line of rain as it approaches the north bay. unfortunately, a lot of that rain just kind of fizzles out r before it makes it across the bay area. the rain very hit and miss and the best chance and highest amounts of rain looks like it will be up around the valley fire. the possibility of at least a 0.01 of rain. the rest of the bay area getting trace amounts and then temperatures heating up this weekend. let's check on that morning commute now with mike. >> all right, kari, you're looking at the beautiful clouds and oakland 880, there is that airport southbound. i just saw some flashing lights a traffic break and chp wound back and forth to southbound towards davis. we'll look at the map or, i'm sorry, we'll look at the san
6:50 am
mateo bridge there, as well. big build across the san mateo bridge and a lot of traffic in the two areas. on the map, three crashes over the last 15 minutes that had to be cleared, as well. presumably started to clear those because speeds are improving on our sensors and no official word on the traffic break and crash at davis street and also some debris there. the rest of your bay moves pretty smoothly and no real surprises. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco film festivals. tonight see its first virtual reality film festival. we can't show you a clip of the film. because you have to wear the special vr goggles to see the movie. but artists and filmmakers promise it will be a whole new art form. >> watching people's reaction to the first time in vr is always a lot of fun. almost everyone has tremendously positive reaction to it. and that was true for me, too. when i first saw it, i realized i had to change my whole career. this was going to be my future. i was a filmmaker for ten years.
6:51 am
when i saw virtual reality for the first time, i realized this was a future. >> starts at 8:00 in san francisco and then travels to nine other cities. here's some pretty big dose of reality for people coming up. seemingly endless line of burning homes. new cell phone video shows us exactly what firefighters are up against this morning in lake town.
6:52 am
6:53 am
several days now. crews making
6:54 am
progress on the an update to a developing story we have been following for days now. crews making progress on the massive valley fire. lake, sonoma and nappy counties. we just received new numbers from cal fire. since saturday the fire has swelled to 67,000 acres. destroyed at least 585 homes along with hundreds of other buildings. one person, a retired and disabled teacher did not make it out alive. at this hour, this fire is now 15% contained. so, it has gotten bigger. but the containment has gotten bigger, as well. "today in the bay" bob redell. you've seen a lot of firefighters getting ready to go to go work this morning. >> we're here incident command at the lake county fairgrounds. cal fire has added 300 fi firefighters to the 1,500 already assigned. that fire line just a number of miles away from where they are at right now. where firefighters are lining up
6:55 am
for food. they'll have a 700 briefing and then head back out to those firelines. some of those firefighters have been out there for 36 hours. they come back here for 24 to rest and then they head back out and what they've been seeing out there is fire behavior they've never seen before. >> to move that fast and to burn thatty structures was just incredible. never seen that before in oakland hills. >> that was the division chief telling us how surprised he was where saturday they spent so much time not trying to save structures, but to try to contain the fire just to get people out. they were in act of rescuing, not protecting structures, which is more difficult when you have the wild fire situations. yesterday the did help. you had lower temps and higher humidity. we are going to find out at a briefing that should be taking place ten minutes from now whether the same will hold true for today. reporting live, bob redell.
6:56 am
6:55. we are learning more about the biggest tragedy of this fire. a woman killed in her home because she couldn't get out. 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams had multiple sclerosis and no way to evacuate. the family says she moved to middletown less than a year ago and she fell in love with the community. her caregiver said she did not know how bad the fire was until it was too late. she was at a distance and just couldn't get there. some of the evacuees have now made it back to where their homes once stood. >> stephanie cuang live where many evacuees are actually living in tents. >> they are, laura and scott. some for three night in a row and it was pretty cold. but something that has been warming them up is right here over my shoulder john from calistoga who has been cooking and jim local guys who are seasoning the potatoes but this has been the little stuff for highlights of folks here as the hundreds of evacuees who have
6:57 am
left their homes not knowing what they would come home to. we to mike over there, he is in middletown and he believes his house is still standing, but wants to see it with his own eyes. a lot of people from his church from the neighborhood who he has seen here at the napa county fairgrounds. the evacuation center. breakfast here, as you can see, served. but this is really the vibe here. people are very exhausted and they're tired and they really wish they were home, but they're also very grateful for the fact that they had such good will in their lives here. officially cal fire says people will start to get to go home starting today to places like middletown. so, something that people have been looking forward to. also a lot of zanxiety for what they are stepping back into, returning to. we saw a lot of devastation in middletown. >> thank you, stephanie. hundreds in lake county have lost their homes. a lot of people have lost power, as well. pg&e says more than 7,000 customers now in the dark after so much damage to utility lines.
6:58 am
more than 200 pg &&e workers on the front lines moving wherever that help is needed. a lot of people asking how they can help. red cross is also accepting financial donations. for that link and others head to our website and click on the donation button. we have a team of reporters cover our own janelle anchoring from the fire lines. a unique type of crime. the drought is exposing lake bottoms and river beds that haven't been seen in decades. burning away thick brush and poison oak. state officials have been finding a lot of native american artifacts in these areas and so have looters. many artifacts are valuable. the crimes actually become so common, several members of the lake county sheriff office took
6:59 am
spec tra special training. 6:58 right now. wreer we're already moving along. >> nice and cool the next couple of days. we do have a chance of rain tomorrow, which will be a big help. and then this weekend, we see those temperatures will be heating up, once again. it will be in the 80s, even 90s across most of the bay area between saturday and sunday. get ready for those temperatures to ramp up. >> check in with mike this morning. >> i think they're very calm right now. rough start in the east bay and talk about the slowing still there and right now the bill for san jose northbound 101 right here at 680 and the general build throughout the northbound route throughout san jose and then, of course, the rest of silicon valley. earlier traffic and jam through san leandro and then return to a typical pat rnt throughout tter the bay. dream force going on and
7:00 am
adjusted all week around that area. >> okay. good to know. we'll check in with mike and kari, of course, with our next local news update coming up at 7:25. join us for nbc news at 11:00. we'll have see you then. good morning. breaking news. in utah, a wall of water out of nowhere catches drives off guard. at last eight people swept to their death. others still missing. wildfires on a path of destruction. more than 700 homes now destroyed. >> the headliner donald trump rallied in dallas, looking more like a rock concert. the huge crowd in texas. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever.


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