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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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about 600 homes have been destroyed but people are thankful that they simply made it out. this family driving away as you can see with flames on either side. >> i imagine how terrifying that must have been. let's go back to janelle wang with new information. have people been able to see their homes yet? >> reporter: just a handful, jessica and raj. just a small number. but the majority still evacuated or staying with friends and family outside of this area. i'm at jefferson court. you can see what's left behind. nothing, basically. just ash and rubble. unfortunately, residents don't have anything to come home to. they want to get back and take a peek because they haven't been able to see this area since saturday. four days now. fire crews still want to keep people out of the area. they say this place is not secure, it's not safe. pg and e crews working to restore power. we had a flare-up today.
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there was a flare-up near bus canyon road, about 20 miles southeast of here. that's because of gusty winds. we have cooler conditions and hopefully rain on the way tomorrow which will help the situation. i want to bring you the latest numbers about the valley fire. it's burned 67,000 acres since saturday. it's only 15% contained and 585 homes destroyed. there is one fatality, a 72-year-old retired school teacher who was not able to escape her home. as for the investigation, cal fire tells nbc news that investigators have been in the area of town, specifically high valley road and bottle rock road. that's ten miles northwest of middletown. evidence is being collected there and it will be a long process. at this point it's way too early to speculate on the cause of this fire or the exact location of where it started. they do say they believe it started in the town of cobb.
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also, we want to show you dramatic new footage that emerged from sacramento firefighters as they work to save a house early sunday morning in middletown. the crew was able to -- extinguish the burning awning and roof of the house and remove burning debris and fencing from the perimeter and that house was saved. but unfortunately, not for many others. hundreds of others, nearly 600. we want to show you new video from the nbc helicopter of the devastation of middletown. you can see homes leveled, things destroyed and unfortunately, thousands of more homes in the lake county area are still threatened. we have team coverage tonight. we've learned that eight firefighters fighting fires in northern california who have been working hard come home to find their homes destroyed. for that part of the story, we join jodi hernandez live in calistoga with more. >> reporter: we talked with one of the firefighters. that firefighter and his family
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have spent several nights at this evacuation center in calistoga. he shared what losing his own house while trying to save others has been like. >> firefighter robert taylor is in a situation he's seen others go through countless times before. the cal firefighter is among hundreds who lost their homes in the valley fire over the weekend. >> it had come through very hot, very fast. it was very, very unforgiving. >> reporter: the 24-year-old was dispatched to his own neighborhood hours after battling another fire in butte county. he says he could barely believe his eyes. >> we were making our way into cobb mountain. it's my hometown. it's the entire area covered in flames. your body wants to stop and just be emotional and take it hard. with all the fire and everything going on around you, just the
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chaos, i didn't have time to think about it. all i could do was get a photo and keep going. >> he's the one who had to tell us our family home was gone. >> taylor's mother who is staying with the rest of the family at an evacuation center says her son called her saturday night to give her the news she didn't want to believe. he said no, mom, i'm sitting in front of the house in the engine and the house is gone. >> despite the loss, taylor is determined to stay in lake county and keep fighting fires. in fact, he kept working through the night even after discovering his own house was gone. >> just the thought of what can we save? at that point, it's -- i know how i feel and i don't want anybody else to feel the way that i feel. >> taylor and his family are now staying at another evacuation center in napa county. he says for the first time in his young career, he can tell fire victims he knows exactly what they're going through. reporting live in calistoga, i'm
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jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> it's a difficult story to hear. >> reporter: thank you, jodi. a lot of people have lost everything. we want to thank the firefighters for all their efforts. they've been working nonstop not only on this fire but this entire summer. it's been an explosive summer in terms much wildfires in northern california. now, jodi was at the evacuation center at the fairgrounds in calistoga. we stopped by there earlier today, my photographer and i. we saw donations pouring in, water, sleeping bags and the volunteers. people coming from everywhere just wanting to help. wanting to do something. they came in, signed up, put on a vest and got to work. trying to help these evacuees pass the time. some heard today they won't be allowed to go back for seven to ten days. that's longer than expected. really disappointing news. we spoke to one resident about that. >> really just waiting it out. hope for the best.
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>> must be anxious. >> definitely. >> frustrated? >> yes. >> reporter: kevin's home is intact. but the lopez family of middletown, not so lucky. they heard their entire apartment burned to the ground. their only hope is the baby is alive and well. they got out safely and they're just hoping that they can recover anything after their apartment burned to the ground. they're anxious to come back. but they're hearing anything from seven to ten days before they get to check on their homes. there were a handful of people that were allowed to go back today since saturday. since they were evacuated on saturday. those were people with animals, livestock and joining me is my colleague nbc bay area marianne favro. you were in one of the convoys with the residents who got to see their home. >> i was. they were able to allow us to go
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with them. about 55 people were allowed back into their homes today. for three days, they've been wondering if their pets are alive or homes standing. we followed along with one couple as they found out. >> i opened the door and it looked like gone with the wind. the sky was red, the trees were on fire. >> this woman and her boyfriend had only seconds to get out of their house saturday as flames 20 feet high raced toward their middletown home. their cat myron ran off. for three days, they've been wondering if he's alive and if the house is still standing. they're about to find out. they invited us to come with them as a deputy escorts them back to their home. this is what they saw when they turned down their street. >> came around the corner. my stomach sunk. i said it's -- then an unbleachable sight. miraculously, their house is
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still standing. >> i just don't believe it. >> now the desperate search for myron begins. >> my my. >> oh, my god. >> fine lip she finds myron under a dresser in her bedroom. >> oh, sweetie pie. >> the couple is overjoyed. >> the first kitty i ever had. >> harlan who has lung cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is in disbelief. >> this is more than you can ask for. >> a lifetime of memories preserved. a family reunited. >> reporter: as we mentioned, about 55 families were allowed to go with the search escort back to their homes to look for their pets. i talked with deputies and they tell me almost all the people returned to find that their homes burned to the ground. di post pictures of the reunion with myron the cat on twitter. you can look that up if you want to see more of that. >> they say cats have nine lives. i think myron used up three of them in three days. >> such great news for that
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family. hopefully we'll have other great news for other families as well. thank you, marianne. >> she posted stuff on social media. and people have been sending in stuff on facebook, twitter and instagram showing support for the evacuees and the residents of middletown and the surrounding area. he can u. you can check them out. it shows pictures of the devastation and a classmate from a high school here in middletown. his home destroyed by the fire. all this video and pictures on our website, of course, we'll be updating the story and the latest on the valley fire on our nbc bay area app. raj and jessica. >> janelle, we'll get back to you later in the newscast. it comes down to two things. the wind and our drought conditions that's fueling the fire. we have a changing forecast coming our way. >> want to show you here in the bay area. downtown san francisco. you can see the clouds in the background there. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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you're talking about the potential for rain in the heart of middletown and that area surrounding. >> it looks like a decent bull's-eye of wet weather. the forecast models have not wavered over the past three days. it's showing 100% possibility of wet weather in the zone of the fire where those firefighters need all the help they can get and this help from mother nature will be good news. the radar right now, we have a few light, spotty showers ahead of the main storm system set to come here on wednesday's forecast. right now the winds are primarily blowing out of the northwest. that is pushing a little bit of smoke into napa and marin and sonoma counties. it's going to be coming more out of south and the west. but the good news, again, rain is in the forecast. temperatures will drop down into the 60s. winds may gust at 30 miles per hour. the humidity will be continuing at 64%. the moisture is moving in on the fire lines. let's take you to that rainfall.
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off to the west here of middletown. also calistoga. then likely rainfall continuing through 4:30, maybe even 6:00 on wednesday. more details on the wet weather throughout the hour. thank you, jeff. again, we want to tell you more about donating. if you're thinking you'd like to, we have the information on our website. all you need to do is click on the donate story on the front page at coming up, more than a thousand firefighters are battling the flames of that valley fire. there's a new strategy, though. the crews are implementing it to save homes. it's not just damage -- there's a lot of damage beyond the fire lines. the dangerous work restoring the power to the region. is it a case of el nino. heavy rain and flooding in southern california. the damage left behind and whether it could be a preview for this winter for all of us. ==jess//vo== you can hear the
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whipping wind. this new video into our newsroom show middletown under sei - hear that? that's the wind whipping about. this new video into the newsroom. it shows middletown under siege in the exact moment that that valley fire blew up. this is on saturday. you can clearly see one of the things that fueled it is that wind. >> janelle wang is spearheading the coverage from middletown. among the many concerns and i know behind you is middletown high school. what happens to the school and what's the plan for the students in this area?
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>> reporter: raj and jessica, the schools are closed because of the firefighting efforts going on. miraculously, i don't know how this happened. but middletown, the elementary and high schools survived. homes around it burned to the ground but those two schools survived. but they remain closed today. all lake county public schools remain closed today for a second day. we're told schools in upper lake and lucerne will likely reopen tomorrow. schools in kelseyville and lower lake will stay closed through the weekend. no word on when classes will resume in middletown. it's expected to be a while because we were told today from residents that they weren't allowed to come back for at least seven to tevin days. and many don't have homes to come back to. their families will probably not be staying in middletown. they'll move to shelters or moving to stay with friends and family. there are a couple of residents
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whose homes are intact and are inviting the neighbors to stay in their home. no word yet when schools will open in middletown. it's expected to be at least another week. because a lot of crews, utility crews, tree cutting crews, pg and e working 24/7 to get power, electricity and services back up and running here in middletown. raj, jessica. >> thank you, janelle. for the last 48 hours, there was a mixture of clouds, smoke and ash. today, much better in terms of air quality. that met a more offensive strategy for the ground attack and the aerial attack. even our nbc chopper finally allowed to fly over this region. here's some of the devastation and destruction down below. you see various buildings, open fields over the middletown area. in terms of the firefight, a lot of cal fire choppers. they have 15 choppers and a
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couple of dozen aircraft dropping fire retardant. they weren't really able to do that. 10 to 15% of the aircraft was used. but today, because of the wind conditions and weather conditions, it was clear sky so they were able to continue their firefight. on the ground, also different now. firefighters along bus canyon road. this is unit leaders. they assembled crews. there are more than 2300 men and women assigned to this fire. they need more actually. but this is the reality. as more resources arrive, they're being assigned to critical portions of the fire line. you can watch all of our raw video on the website. it's on our front page at we've been following the controversy at the santa clara county jail. officers who supervised inmates there could soon be required to wear body cameras. nbc bay area's robert handa is in san jose. that would be a change for the sters officers and the deputies
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as well. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. officials acknowledge they're moving fast mainly because of public reaction of the alleged beating of an inmate here at the main jail. and cameras in the jail and on officers, it's a big part of the plan to restore public trust. santa clara county sheriff lori smith appeared before the board of supervisors today listening to public comments supporting a blue ribbon commission to audit jail operations. numerous advocates wanted a proposal to outfit deputies with cameras to include correctional officers in the jail. civil rights groups said without creating a safe environment for inmates, the truth will not come out. >> people have to be forthcoming and honest and feel comfortable without retaliation. >> the supervisors unanimously voted to form the jail task force to investigate and recommend changes. >> we don't want anyone to be in denial about the fact that there are most certainly abuses going
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on. we wouldn't have a young man beaten to death right now if there weren't abuses going on. >> the sheriff welcomes the scrutiny. >> we're going to continue to look at this issue to see if we have other flaws in the system. but the vast majority of the people work very hard at their jobs. >> the overhaul calls for more surveillance cameras in the jail and the board approved uniform cameras for deputies on patrol but made it clear the plan will include jail officers. >> when you look at what's happening from ferguson to our own jails right now, you have to take action. >> we are meeting and conferring with that union also. and we probably will seek additional funding then for correctional staff to have them. >> the county says it will keep pushing the pace for changes. it hopes to set up the structure for the lineup of the jail commission by september 29th. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. let's bring in jeff ranieri.
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i know we're in for a roller coaster ride the next several days. >> cooler temperatures coming our way and that rainfall in the forecast. the come letter radar, we've had a few sprinkles in marin, napa and sonoma counties. the storm system we're tracking for tomorrow, specifically, it's a couple hundred miles offshore. that's what likely could bring us rainfall at the valley fire and potentially rain towards the south bay. let's take you outside the sky camera network from weather underground. the clouds increased into tiburon. a chilly 64 degrees. towards the east bay, the oakland hills x you can see the clouds that have increased and also a temperature of 66. down towards the south bay, we had master control zoom out on the shot and you can see how much blue sky is still down in san jose and we're also looking at 66 degrees right now for the average. very temperate weather here as some cooler air aloft has helped to level out these numbers across the bay area. as we head into tomorrow's forecast, there will be changes that increase potential of
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rainfall. no doubt the best chance would be right here across the north bay. also for san francisco. tri-valley peninsula and for the south bay, we'll have a chance of showers and temperatures expected in the 70s. now, once we get past wednesday's forecast, we are in for another round of hot, dry weather that will increase our fire danger. it looks like at this point, that hotter weather will come in on saturday's forecast. that would push us to 90 in the north bay. 95 for the tri-valley and right here across the south bay at 93 degrees. it will get hotter by sunday, especially across the east bay, including livermore, pleasanton and danville. by sunday, temperatures expected to hit 99 degrees. that will definitely keep that fire danger up there. back to the full forecast in 25 minutes. jeff, we'll see you shortly. coming up, it happens fast. it exploded in mere hours. we're going to break down the
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path of the flames. the recent hp says they need to cut 30,000 jobs. ==nats of wind 3 seconds==
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==raj//take vo== you hear that wind...howling..a nd the water whipping... this is a view from lower lake hear that? that's the wind howling and you see the water whipping. this is a view from lower lake on saturday afternoon. just after that fire started. that wind essentially fueling and spreading this fire very quickly. now, it started around 1:20 in
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the afternoon. but by 8:00 p.m. on saturday, it had spread to 10,000 acres. jessica now has a closer look at the scope of this fire. jessica? >> raj, take a look at this map right now. you can see the fire there. this is the valley fire. look how menacing all that red looks. right now, 67,000 acres burned and only 15% containment. you talked about when it started. 1:24 in the afternoon. it started over here in this area, right by cobb mountain. they've now narrowed it down to an interception. they say it's at high valley road and bottle rock road. that's when it started. but then it started to move really, really fast because of the wind. let me show you the active zone here. it's traveled 20 miles from when it started up there by the cobb all the way down here. it's moved 20 miles in just the last four days. scorching all that. it's been those winds, those southeastern winds that moved it right now. now, when we talk about
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middletown and hidden valley, that's where we talked about the homes have burned. that's where you're seeing that map of destruction. tomorrow, we potentially will see a good amount of rain there. that will be a bit of respite for the firefighters in that area. you have all the displaced people also in that area. then the concern becomes the fire is still moving. is it going to move down to edna springs or move in the southeastern direction? the other potential is for it spreading is hidden valley like and moving in this direction. a lot of variables and that depends on the wind and the rain tomorrow. raj? >> thank you, jessica. good scope of the extent of the damage. the damage extends beyond the fire perimeter. downed power lines has been the issue in the last 48 hours. more than 7,000 customers affected now. i was with the crews late last night in middletown. they were working, eating and sleeping literally on site. more than 200 crews trying to
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restore power to the 7200 customers in the valley fire area. they're all without pure. it will be that way for a couple of days. crews have only been able to inspect about 15% of this damaged area. >> reporter: i'm janelle wang in middletown. i'm surrounded by ash and rubble. nothing here except media, firefighters and utility crews, including pg and e crews raj mentioned. they're working 24/7 to get services restored back to this town. the latest coming up.
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of the valley fire. this is what it looked like in the five no rest for firefighters on the frontlines of the valley fire. this is what it looked like at 5:00 from our chopper. the valley fire, 15% contained. the utility workers have also have their work cut out for them as well. let's check back with janelle wang in middletown. janelle, very vacant where you are except for firefighters and pg and e crews. >> reporter: that's right. utility crews, lake at&t and tree cutters trying to restore service. i'm on jefferson court. as you can see, not much left on this block. there are some homes on the other side completely still intact. but this entire street on this side just burned to the ground. this is one of the vehicles. i'm standing in somebody's
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driveway right now. this is what's left of their car. if we move over here, a couple of more cars charred, badly burned. nothing left. cars parked on the street badly burned. just a really terrible sight to see and to be here. it's really sad to see. we wanted to give you an update. they said there was a flare-up on canyon road headed toward pope valley. the southeast portion of the fire. you mentioned where the fire is spreading toward. it generated smoke and flames. air tankers were working aggressively to try to put out that flare-up. that was a setback today. the fire, like you said, 67,000 acres only 15% contained right now and nearly 600 homes burned. thousands up to 9,000 still threatened and of course, thousands evacuees who left and fled this area. so it's going to be a long and difficult fight for days and weeks to come.
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hopefully, they can get an upper hand maybe tomorrow when we get showers in the area. right now, the situation here is just really desolate. nobody here except media, firefighters and utility crews. pg and e set up all power to the area because there are downed power lines and we don't want live wires on the street. they've shut power to the city as a safety precaution. tree cutters and utility workers basically trimming down trees. the crews can come in and put up new power lines. they're going to be working 24/7 for days to come. hopefully as soon as possible so residents can return to middletown. raj, jessica. >> hopefully, perhaps as early as next sunday or monday the residents can come back. thank you, janelle. this is a rural area, ranchers and retirees. there is hope for the people who have livestock and crops. the u.s. department of agriculture is making loans for farmers in lake and napa counties. these are low-interest emergency
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loans. the funds were made available after governor brown declared a state of emergency. it's not like the valley fire some people are dealing with. they felt a 3.2 quake centered northeast of heelsburg. it shook the area this morning. the usgs said it hit shortly before 5:00 in the morning. they have no reports of injuries and damage. just that jolt. people in windsor, clover and pope valley reported feeling that quake as well. there is progress to report about crews fighting the butte fire. that's located southeast of sacramento. today, cal fire lifted all evacuation orders and reopened the roads in a.m. dore county. some orders are still in effect. containment of the butte fire is estimated at 37%. a.m. dore county schools were closed today. administrators say they're doing it day by day to figure out if they can open or not. schools will stay closed the remainder of the week at least
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through friday. it's a simple conclusion of why the fire has spread so quickly. wind and our drought. it's the worst it's been in 500 years. you might recall governor brown ordered that unprecedented water restriction as he stood in a snowless nevada back, field there back in april. scientists studied the snow pack and other telling signs in the sierra. they've released their findings in the journal of climate change. you think the rain would be good news. it is to a certain degree. southern california getting too much too soon causing a lot of damage. as a result, about 10,000 people, customers are without electricity now. this is in the city of san gabriel. rushing water knocking down a temporary wall at a construction site. you see it there. left that adjacent home teetering above a gushing stream. that house along with others had to be evacuated. other headlines this evening. an artist's sketch is one of the
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few clues in a san jose murder. this is a sketch of a man who shot a man last month and left him to die. in the middle of the road. he's described as hispanic in his mid to late 20s. raphael espinoza, he had been shot once. police found his body on the street in east san jose in the king road exit off of 680. he was murdered three days after the birth of his daughter. details of a gun buying frenzy taking place in san francisco. the only gun shop in the city can't seem to keep weapons on store shelves. one reason for that. the city is looking to tighten gun laws. chuck coppola is live with more on a proposed change that may be fueling this run on guns. chuck? >> reporter: jess, the proposed changes come in addition to the current background checks that are required. that talk coincided with a spike in sales. frankly, we saw bear shelves
6:36 pm
today when the new proposal was introduced at city hall. the proposed ordinance mandates all gun buyers be videotaped and all ammunition sales be sent weekly to police with information on who bought how many rounds where the buyer may be found. caused a sudden spike in sales at the gun shop. >> the racks are pretty empty. the people are buying them and sending -- >> i'm not surprised by that. >> san francisco supervisor mark ferrell says once the spike subsides, the increased documentation will help police investigations of crime. may prevent others. >> if somebody buys an extraordinary amount of ammunition, it's great. our police department is going to practically have that knowledge and be able to investigate or look into that. make sure before anything else happens on the streets. >> homicides are up in the city. if we whether a problem, if we
6:37 pm
contributed to that, i think sfpd would have got down on us long ago. >> already in compliance with current law. 17 dam ras record store activity in high def resolution. not only one who thinks extending that further will not reduce violence. >> i certainly think people that have guns and bullets should be monitored. but that seems unrealistic to me. >> doesn't make more bureaucracy. >> not from my perspective. >> reporter: behind me here, you might here a mexican independence day celebration happening. they require ammunition sellers to keep records of sales, and three counties, alameda, marin and contra cost a. if approved, the measure goes into effect late this year or early next year. reporting live in san francisco, chuck coppola, nbc bay area
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news. a story we'll continue to follow. it's more than just likes. april new way to update facebook that could drastically change your news feed. we continue our live coverage from lake and napa counties. evacuees are preparing for another night away from their homes. it could be several more nights. janelle wang joins us again. stay with us.
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hp is at it again. hewlett-packard is eliminated 30,000 jobs by the end of next month. they've fazed out 50,000 positions but news that the 30,000 more jobs will go is being described as a purge. the legendary company say the cuts will apply to
6:41 pm
hewlett-packard enterprise t will focus on business and government agencies. are you ready to dislike facebook boss mark zuckerberg are working on a dislike button. zuckerberg said it would be more appropriate to respond to posts about tragic events rather than clicking the like button. no official word on when it will roll out the new feature. taco bell announced today it will open a new location in san francisco and alcohol will be on the menu. soon you can order beer, wine and frozen mixed drinks with our tacos and burritos. but only at the new store coming out at the corner of third and townsend. this won't be the first taco bell to sell alcohol. one of the stores in chicago put it on the menu today. no word yet on when that location in san francisco will open exactly. jeff ranieri is back with us. our chief meteorologist.
6:42 pm
we have a lot of people wondering, specifically firefighters about what's going to happen. >> rain is still in the forecast. nothing is showing us we will not get rain in lake county right on the fire lines. for the bay area, though, it's more debatable on who will get the most rainfall. we'll track what we're seeing now and have details in the micro climate forecast. >> reporter: and i'm janelle wang live in middletown. a slight setback for firefighters today. gusty winds caused a flare-up here in lake county. we'll have the latest on the massive fire after the break. warm...ashy muggy...
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yesterdya...cooler... tomorro.. on sunday it was warm and muggy. yesterday and today transitioning, getting cooler. tomorrow we might get rain, which is huge for the firefight. >> right. that will change the dynamic. janelle wang joins us live from
6:45 pm
middletown. also for the evacuees as well. >> reporter: certainly that's right, jessica. right now we're standing on jefferson court in middletown. fingers crossed for the rain that raj mentioned. hopefully coming in tonight and tomorrow. the temperatures cooler today in the low 70s. tomorrow, we're supposed to see 60s and possibly some showers in the area over lake county. we did have gusty winds today and unfortunately, that caused the fire to flare up off the road outside of middletown. southeast of here where the fire is moving in that direction. a lot of air tankers flying over today. we saw it through a lot of smoke generate north dakota the massive valley fire because of that flare-up. hopefully they'll get the upper hand tomorrow when we get showers. for the latest on that, let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> janelle, it's hard to see the images back behind you. completely charred cars. goes on for blocks and blocks.
6:46 pm
thank you so much. as we get a look at the doppler radar now, you can see they're tracking areas of spotty showers off the coastline of port reyes. it's out ahead of a main system accumulating rainfall tomorrow. napa and sonoma counties, you can't rule out a body shower tomorrow night. that's about it. not expecting heavy rain. outside the sky camera network, temperatures continue to drop. we have 68 in the south bay. east bay with 67 and clouds on the increase. for tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll have clouds to start. buff still a little bit of sunshine across the south bay. even with the storm system offshore, it's not impact the peninsula or the south bay or the east bay too much. it's primarily san francisco and the east bay will have isolated showers in the morning. i think the way that things continue to play out on the forecast model today that our forecast for tomorrow shows the best chance of any kind of accumulating rainfall by
6:47 pm
wednesday evening. this area of low pressure and the associated cold front moves across northern california. let's go to futurecast, this is the best tool to use. by 2:00 p.m., the cold front is off to the north. you can see we may have a few spotty showers near middletown getting close to calistoga. as we advanced it to 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the evening when middletown, calistoga, the valley fire has the best chance of that accumulating rainfall. for the bay area, we wouldn't have seen too much at that point. maybe a spotty shower in napa by the evening. port reyes to marin county. still primarily dry in san jose. it's going to be a slow go. as that storm heads to the south, it's going to break apart and lose energy. by 8:30 at night, that's our best chance for contra cost a, alameda, santa clara for a chance to pick up on showers. we'll likely see that chance of scattered showers into early thursday morning and we clear on
6:48 pm
out. rainfall totals have been consistent. no matter which forecast model you look at. everything is showing trace amounts in san jose, to the golden gate bridge. once you pass san francisco, totals a tenth of an inch to .25 of an inch in middletown. some of the higher elevations in calistoga and cobb, .25 to .50 inches. there's an arduous effort still left. many people evacuating, living in tents, rain is good for the firefighters. but it's going to make it unbearable for the folks without homes. the forecast for wednesday. temperatures in the 70s in san jose. for the peninsula, we'll come in with 72 in palo alto and 65 in pacifica. san francisco, 60s across the board from the financial district to the marina. for the tri-valley, east bay, the chilly weather throughout napa and 68 degrees for the east bay will come in with 69 in oakland and slightly warmer in
6:49 pm
walnut creek with 73 degrees. it does get hotter unfortunately by this weekend. this is the last thing we need with all these fires in northern california. fire danger will be extremely high saturday and sunday for the interior valleys. the tri-valley in the mid to upper 90s this weekend and into the north bay, the valley fire will likely have mid-90s as well. we'll continue to track that forecast at >> thanks, jeff. 49ers fans, did you see what happened last night? you probably saw the game. did you see and hear what jim tomsula told his players after the game? >> talking about it. ally -- it's a new hotel.
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the bay area billionaire -- just made a big purcahse in larry ellison has a new toy. actually a new hotel. the bay area billionaire made a big purchase in downtown palo alto. he bought the epiphany hotel blocks from the stanford campus. that's the high sale price for a hotel in the history of santa clara county. there was a swanky restaurant and barbee low in epiphany. >> he must had an epiphany to buy it. let's go to geraud moncure. what a victory for the 49ers. >> jessica and raj, there were certainly a lot to love about last night's season opening victory for the 49ers. the offensive line commanded the scrimmage. carlos hyde took advantage. on the defensive side of the ball, the vikings, 1 for 9 on third down conversions. that says a lot in itself. it was a huge opening win.
6:53 pm
not only for the team but for jim tomsula. we remember, he didn't come across at his introductory press conference like the most comfortable head coach or public speaker. he sounded confident in that winning locker room. >> got that first one, baby! >> you guys, you guys all right. now, look, been talking about it. okay? you got something special here. you got something special. protect it. >> we got one thing. we got a game ball for jimmy t. >> all right. the giants continue to try and make that late season push at the post-season swinging for a fifth consecutive win tonight in game two against the reds. the g-men opened the day 7.5 back in the division. 6.5 back in the wildcard. there is certainly no surrender as chris heston takes the hill.
6:54 pm
>> i think this came when our backs are against the wall, they calm down and say you know what, it's time to play like the giants do. i think that's what we've done. >> finally, warriors vision for the new mission bay arena was released. 18,000 feet will hold fans for games, concerts and family shows as well. they hope to open the new digs prior to the 2018-19 nba season. the project will include a five-acre park next to the water and office space and restaurants. off the court, the warriors bringing in some mvp help to try to help their player personnel situation. finalizing an agreement as a part-time player development consultant according to espn. he won't travel a lot. but he'll be on the bench and help out the guys with their games. two-time mvp hired as an assistant by the warriors. that's it for sports.
6:55 pm
geraud moncure. nice reunion for steve nash also where he went to college. the latest from lake, napa and sonoma counties. 15% containment, nearly 600 homes are gone. >> there could be respite tomorrow when the rain comes in. let's check back with janelle wang. >> reporter: we're behind one of the 600 homes burned to the ground. you can see how erratic this fire was. to my left, a home standing. completely intact. this house destroyed. then over to my right, a home right there. so both homes standing surrounding this. it was basically burned to the ground. the fire skipping from property to property and firefighters tell me it's because of the erratic wind. you never know, an ember could have flown into the air and set the house on fire. we did see a resident here. she works at the only gas station that's open. she came and dropped off some food because there are still animals in this area.
6:56 pm
we have not seen them. but pets are hiding in the homes. she left cat food for the animals in the area that hopefully will come out and eat it. because they're homeowners and residents are not allowed to come back yet. just a really desolate situation here. nobody here except the media and firefighters and utility crews working nonstop to get services back up to this small town. raj, jessica. >> janelle, thank you. we know there's a cat at the house behind janelle over her left shoulder. i think that's why they're adding food and water for that cat that remains there. >> a viefr of the fire. the critical thing is the rain and the wind index. >> we'll see wind at 15 miles per hour. the rain looks good from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the evening. a tenth to quarter inch of rain tomorrow. tomorrow is the day to make headway. hot weather is back for the weekend and mid-90s. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely
6:58 pm
put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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new photos john mellencamp moving on with christie brinkly? >> now on "extra." john out to dinner with christie. tiger's exdating britney's ex. all the breaking couple's news today. >> are you still as much in love with her as you were the first day. >> i have to be careful. >> and hillary clinton on kanye for president. >> what advice would you have for him? >> mario's one-on-one, who clinton wants to play her in


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