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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it is wednesday september 16th, coming up on "early today," the political world is counting down to the gop's second debate. will carly face off with a billionaire? we have the preview. with only seconds to escape a fast moving califnia wild fire. and facebook is adding a disc that most will like. and holy hot wheels. and a vertical loop and a cyclist ridesi iriding face dow. it's showdown for the 2016 gop candidates and the stage is set for the second round of debates. donald trump is still the front
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runner among republican primary voters but ben carson is not far behind. mr. trump took his campaign in los angeles last night. in his speech he promised to come out with some plans. we're going to come out with some plans in a very short time. we're going to be building up our military. we're going to make our military so big and so strong and so great. and it will be so powerful that i don't think we're ever going to have to use it. nobody is going to mess with us. >> comedian and political commentator bill ma her talked about trump's popularity last night. >> he talks about how we shouldn't have teleprompters. please, let's bring back teleprompters. because these are just the brain
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fares, the stream of conscious ram blgs of a guy who obviously over the course of his life has breathed into too much construction debris. >> meanwhile vice president joe biden is also taking aim at trump. mr. biden said trump's stance on immigration would fade and a more accepting stance would prevail. >> this will pass. to trump and that stuff you are hearing on the other team. and this isn't about democrat/republican. it is about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before. we always, always, always, always overcome it. >> trump is expected to be a major target in tonight's debate. n nbc's peter alexander has more with what we can expect from the candidatest. >> the battle to win one like the beginner, with donald trump dominating and jeb bush fading.
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trump topping a trio of political outsiders. carson closing in and fiorina gaining steam. they now boast a majority of support. bush falling well behind. >> i'm the tortoise in the race but i'm a joyful torts. >> i think he's a very low energy person. >> while trump is packing them in by the thousands. >> wow. >> bush's crowds are far smaller. >> analysts say bush underperformed in the first debate and is hampered by his last name. he's tried to connect his conservative legacy to reagan's. and reached out to latinos in spanish. >>. [ speaking in spanish ] >> still with no traction, a republican insider insists he needs to stand up to trump. >> bush needs to take it to
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trump and point out to voters that donald trump isn't ready to be president. >> bush says this time he'll be ready. >> someone comes at me, bam i'm come back at him. bush's trump card may be his fundraising. his super pac launching a $20 million ad buy. >> that was peter alexander. a terrifying new look at the wild fires ravaging california. a desperate escape from the valley fire with moments to spare. a woman spotted smoke in the distance while she and her husband were visiting his mother. she shade they never received the mandatory evacuation order. they had to drive through burning forest to leave. the family's home was destroyed but thankfully they made it out unharmed. the fire is 15% contained. and right now volunteers scheduled to meet before looking for the last victim of monday's
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deadly flash flooding in the utah/arizona border. in total 15 died. and now for the first time we're get tag look at what exactly happened. and we want to warn you about the video and sound you are about to hear. >> it happened in an instant. >> oh dear it went over the -- >> raging flood waters ripping across a road. two vehicles filled with three families. 15 people disappearing. swept away hundreds of yards. three survived, as others who were trapped, rescued and wading away to safety in knee high water. virginia shot this video on her cell phone, her concern building as the water rose. >> i was worried about the people in the vehicle. started to realize we were in trouble too. >> search crews continue efforts to find the missing.
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where it was shelter for the victims one moment, a tomb the next. >> never seen anything like this. >> a pair of storm cells blew over dumping an estimated 2.5 inches of rain in just two hours. >> from the top of the peaks near short creek to hildale is over a thousand feet and it is literally just a wall of water rushing into the hildale. the community is far less known than the man who inspired the community. >> hurt my heart hearing about all these people. >> that was ron mott reporting. and a school bus carrying charter school students slammed into the guardrail and the plunged over the overpass.
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a 17-year-old died at the scene. driver of a page buick claimed she swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit the bus. investigators are reviewing security footage from the bus. this morning growing pressure in europe. the barbed wire fence is complete. and refugees are struck piling up at what used to be a main entrance to the european yoonen. they are fleeing violence in their home countries. for many that is syria. many u.s.-backed rebels fighting isis there are also fighting the regime of the bashar al-assad. al-assad is backed by vladomimi put putin. yesterday the white house left open the possibility of a meeting between puten and a obama on the issue.
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according to british market research, more than one in five syrians in syria believe isis is positive influence on the country. and 81% of syrians believe isis is a foreign or american-made group. and now a life size hot wheels in action. for jaguar's 80th anniversary. a driver zoomed up and around a vertical loop. you are watching a world record here. the first time in history a production car has done this. it is not easy. imagine how this feels, 6 and a half times normal gravity while the driver goes around. the driver had to train for two months to make is sure his body was ready for all the g's. a storm that dumped record rainfall caused a retaining wall to go away. one home and several others were evacuated.
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fortunately no one was hurt. and the here is your wednesday weather forecast. >> some areas around los angeles picked up an inch of rain. that was needed. a more rainy wet cool pattern in the west. the one storm went through yesterday and exited now to showers around salt lake city. and now we're watching the next system. it's starting to develop and northern california will see some rain today. mountainous areas will see a little more. not cold enough for any snow yet but we are heading in that direction we may be expecting at most an inch of rain. most likely a quarter to a half of an inch. the computers are the projecting possibility of an inch in the mountainous areas. coastal locations in the green close to an inch with the system. as far as the heat goes. heat waves of the past are long
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gone. temperatures are much cooler than they were. 66 in medford. 76 in the san francisco. bakersfield. a bruta clouds and rain in the 50s and 60s. san francisco about 69. so fall is definitely arrived in the west. to the joy of many. >> fall? you said snow and i went wait a minute we're not there yet. but it is up there. >> high train, yeah. >> thank you bill. one of the biggest tech companies is about to cut 30,000 jobs and facebook is about to change your social network experience. and coming to america. new details on the pope's plans. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot?
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stories making news this morning. 37 members of the pi delta psi fraternity are facing charges connecting to the death of the freshman michael dang. he was knocked unconscious in a ritual called the glass ceiling. >> the object of the ritual is to get through a the line of brothers while fraternity members shove and tackle the pledges. >> the family says it will pursue a wrongful death suit so other parent will not endure a similar loss. and apology letter apparently written by delta state university shooting suspect shan lamb reading in part sorry, wish i could take it back. he shot his girlfriend and later a professor on monday.
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last night a vigil was held on campus for schmidt. and the pope and drones don't mix. during the pope's visit to washington d.c., philadelphia and new york, the faa has prohibited drones in those cities and surrounding communities. also the vatican reports four of the pope's 18 speeches will be in english. the pontiff will speak in english when he addresses the white house and when he addresses congress and the united nations. here landen dowdy. >> hewlett packard expects to cut up to 30,000 jobs from its enterprise business. that is roughly 10% of the workforce. hp says the cuts will be global but isn't elaborating the enterprise business offers i.t.
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and support to corporate customers. facebook gives the thumbs up to a dislike button. the company is working on the feature although he went say when it will be rolled out. he says he resisted the move but users want a better way for empathy for posts than just the like button. and new rates go into effect in january. ups has yet to respond to the move. but earlier this year both companies started charging to ship boxes based on size and weight. and just ahead usc has a new player and one small thing, he's completely blind. and a game of thrones villain arnl wrestles the world champ. well won't spoil the end. wildlife rescue workers
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this morning on today. the hacking of america. how hackers are using the lure of free wifi to pray on tourists. and the free concert series continues with a performance by lionel richie. let's get caught up today on sports headlines with betty nguyen. >> the phillies, nats s pit.
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next the royals travel to cleveland to take the indians. a 1-0 pitch for a solo home run. but the man in charge of fireworks? uh-oh. he set them off with the visiting teams home run. can you say oops? you can see the man responsible trying to hide behind his hat as he receives booms from the crowd. orioles get the win. and the. jake olson is fulfilling his lifelong dream. joining the trojans football team even though he's been blind most his life. he's working on long snapping. and someday he will get in and when that day comes it will be awesome. europe's strongest man took on two time world arm wrestling champion.
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fair's photo showcasing the state of late night television has drawn criticism for lack of female comedians. the upcoming host of the comedy central's daily shows says women are more powerful. remember the jungle book? disney is putting a new spin on the classic movie due out next year. they released the trailer yesterday. oh that's exciting. and michael j. fox and christopher lloyd are back at marty mcfly and doc brown in an upcoming lego video game. they voice their back to the future characters in lego dimensions. i also features characters like
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the ghostbusters and bat man. >> does that mean we're going -- >> -- back to the future. >> on monday, stevie wonder helped james cordon score some browny points with his wife. >>. ♪ i just called to say ♪ james loves you ♪ i just called to say how much he cares ♪ ♪ and he promises me that he'll let me be on his show for an hour. >> good sense of humor. >> i love -- you know i saw that and i hear that it brought tears to my eyes. i love to hear him sing. >> this is early today. we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape.
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leading the news from nbc for new york, escape artist hospitalized after near drowning. locked in a water filled plexiglass box for about 2 and a half minutes when he became visibly zpreszed. fortunately he was conscienous when they pulled him out. and a russian computer scientist who suffers from the muscle wasting condition volunteering for a new procedure. and hopes it will give him a second chance. his head will be attached to a second body from a brain dead donor. they plan to carry out the operation in china. astronaut scott kelly tweeted from space that he's half way through his yearlong
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assignment. the marathon mission is designed to better understand how space impacts the human body. vladimir putin denies claims he has talked to elton john about --. the british pop star posted thank you for reaching out and speaking via telephone with me today. i look forward to meeting with you face to face to discuss lgbt rights in russia. and the national tiny panda cup isn't so tiny almost. the little guy is approaching two pounds and showing his marks. the zoo will announce a name when he is one hundred days old in november. video has gone viral in sloven slovenia. a competitive mountain biker
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comes down an almost vertical water and slams into the water below. the video has gotten almost 4.5 million views. >> i believe someone did it because you are landing in the water. worst case scenario he tumbles down, breaks his neck. >> i wouldn't do it on a roller coaster let alone a bicycle. >> i think people who ski off the top of mountains and fall like 100 feet that is east crazy. >> death defying. and hillary clinton is set to appear on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. her first talk show appearance of the run. and the her first tonight show visit since jimmy toox ovk over show. >> david copper field turns 59 today. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today." hope you have a great wednesday. while the valley fire rages on
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-- investigators get closer to while the valley fire rages on, investigators getting closer to recognizing what started it all. >> meantime, some residents are refusing to evacuate. we'll tell you why they want to stay. massive flooding in utah turns deadly. rescuers still looking for missing people. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew, in for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with kari hall to see if sprinkles will be in our neighborhood. good morning. >> good morning. yes a close eye on the radar this morning as i watch a cluster of showers approach northern california. and we are seeing it still offshore. that will be moving into the bay area as we go through the day. so looking a


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