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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in a second. but now it's a situation of what's going on out there. because the rain is certainly a rescue for firefighters, but it can't wash away these folks' sorrow. it's been a difficult way. lots of big help for firefighters that are fighting the fire because they have been able to access these new areas for them that they weren't able to get before. they're able to get a little more of an upper hand on the fire. but here at this campground, it is supplies. what they need are tarps. they're looken for those, putting on the rain gear. let's talk about the fire, give you new numbers on where we're at with the fire. flames still very, very intense, but the rain is certainly helping. at this point, we've got 70,000 acres charred. 30% containment, which is good. and the numbers of houses burned is still holding at about 585. now, we did learn just a short time ago, i spoke to a state assembly member who told me 26 new strike teams are headed to
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the fire zone. he was talking to cal fire and they said they want to take advantage of the next 24 hours or 48 hours before it starts to get really hot again. that's when it's going to get 90 degree temperatures. but for now, the rain is what both the salvation and a problem here. we have team coverage for you tonight on both the fire and the rain and the impact it's having on people here. we begin with our meteorologist jeff ranieri. how long can we expect to see the rain, and the intensity? it's been raining pretty steady all day. >> yes, and it looks like another two to three houroffs the rainfall continuing right across the area where you are located. you can see the doppler radar right now. it's more of a moderate rain. as you have been mentioning, steady all day long, enough to create puddles in those tent cities where the evacuees are currently staying. let's take you down into the fire zone right now. and you know, there's still a good amount to come here that's
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off to the west. we'll be moving across middletown. so far, .35 inches of rainfall. great for the firefighters to help increase the moisture and at least help them on the immediate fire lines. here's how the futurecast plays it out now. by 6:30, still have the rainfall across middletown. also calistoga. by 8:30, we'll begin to see the cold front breaking up. still spotty showers but not as heavy. once we hit 11:00 tonight, we should begin to see the rainfall moving on out. now, the fire forecast as we head throughout tomorrow, unfortunately, does have a temperature increase up to 78 degrees. winds could gust as high as 25 miles per hour, and humidity will low toor 35%. want to take you back to jessica in middletown, and yes cjessica rain today, by this weekend, it looks like mid-90s in the forecast. another change we just don't need there. >> you know, that's even a concern for the evacuees here. they're sitting in the rain, but they're concerned ability how hot it's going to be when it comes to this weekend as well. a lot of people have been walking up to me, showing me
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pictures of their house, saying look, my house is burn down. i haven't been able to go back but someone sent me a picture. their homes are a big concern. now we're hearing from authorities there are cadaver dogs going to the areas that are inaccessible to people and looking to see if there's other people that are missing. we have heard there are four people missing, which of course is a huge concern for many families here that don't still know where their loved ones are. let's bring things into jodi hernandez joins us live from middletown. i know you have been talking to family members who have still desperately trying to find out where their loved ones are. >> jessica, the sheriff's department tells us tonight that they have boots on the ground tonight actively looking for the four missing people. they're looking through the ash and rubble for signs of bodies. as you mentioned, i did talk to the daughter of one of those missing fire victims. she says her family is remaining hopeful. >> it was his whole world, pretty much.
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he actually didn't leave the house very often. he preferred to stay at home. >> it was his love of his anderson springs home that may have cost 69-year-old leonard his life. the retired san jose mercury news reporter hasn't been heard from since saturday. his daughter, who talked to us by phone, says when the fire started, he didn't think he was in danger. >> at that time, he didn't smell any smoke or see any smoke or ashes. and he could see the glow of the fire across the highway. my mom last spoke with him on the phone 8:00 p.m. saturday night when the fire was getting a little more intense in that area. and he was finally starting to decide to leave. >> his daughter said her dad told them he was going to try to drive out. this cell phone video shows another anderson resident escape, but unlike the folks who
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shot this video, he didn't make it out in his car. it was found along this road. >> they found his car on one of the roads, but it was burned out, but there was no one inside. so we think he's still out there in the forest. we just need people in there looking for him. >> his daughter tells me she wants her dad to know that people are out looking for him. and they're not going to give up until they find him. reporting live in middletown, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you very much. that is a huge concern to try to find people here. now, the big concern for a lot of folks here, marianne joins me now, is just getting back in their house and maybe getting out their pets. a lot of people really worried about their animals. we saw some people get access to their homes today. >> about 100 people were allowed to go with sheriffs back to their homes. but they were only given 15 minutes to look for their pets. some of the people i talked with
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had big concerns that perhaps the looters may have gotten their first. >> today, dozens of people waited to be escorted by deputies back to their homes. while they wonder if this is what they'll find, some have a new concern. >> i'm hoping when i get there that my house has not been ransacked. >> lake county sheriff's deputies say some homes have been looted. they arrested two suspects in their vehicles and this man, 26-year-old royce moore who had a car full of burglary tools. as nel arrived at her hidden valley home to find her 2400 square foot house burned to the ground, she's more concerned about finding her cats. on saturday night, she packed up her two dogs and 15 cats to escape the fire. but she is still missing five more. >> stuff is stuff. you know. it's sad to lose it, but i really just care about the animals' safety. >> nel and her daughter have
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only 15 minutes to leave the pets water and food. and search for the missing cats. finally, nel hears an answer to her calls and finds pooch, her paws are burned but she's okay. >> i'm very joyous to find at least one of them. and hopefully we'll find more in the coming weeks. >> a furry bundle of joy in the midst of devastation. i'm sure you have noticed this, too. as we have been out here, we have seen a lot of people who were able to rescue their pets. we also visited a veterinarian who said he has been treating 150 animals including sheep and horses and cats and dogs with burnt paws. so we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. >> okay, thank you. >> it really is a family environment here. lots of pets, lots of families and lots of kids. about 150 kids are currently here. which means they are not in school. and parents are starting to worry when they can get some
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normalcy. for now, all the kids can do is just play. a game of pass the ball in the rain is how kimberly and naomi are spending their day. the friends are fifth graders in middletown, and they're craving the comfort of their classroom. >> i'm worried about if the house is on fire or if they're okay. >> their school is still standing. but the apartment building where kimberry lives with her mom, brother, and dad has burned to the ground. they said they have been left with nothing. now she's worried about the kids falling behind in school. >> i feel sad because i want to see my friends. >> school is the least of the worries for sonya and her two daughters. >> i miss my room. >> i cried a bunch the first couple days. now i'm just trying to go with it. >> they have been camping at the fairgrounds since saturday. and while their home in hidden valley is still standing, not
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much else is. >> my mother lost her house. my mother-in-law lost her house. my brother lost his. as well as his business, i believe. he had a welding business. and it got all of those places. so we're all here together. >> how are you holding it together like this? >> i don't know. >> in the meantime, they find comfort in a few donated trinkets and some happy thoughts about getting back to school. >> what do you miss most about school? >> recess. >> now, there's a lot of recess here, and that's an issue for a lot of parents. lake county officials, the superintendent of that county were meeting all day long to figure out when to get kids back in school. they're anticipating maybe a week or so. schools in middletown are still closed. on friday, calistoga officials and lake county officials will be here to meet with parents to give them an update. by law, they're supposed to go
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to school here in calistoga because they're considered homeless, but that hasn't happened yet. there's a level of frustration. hopefully this friday, they'll be able to have a plan for getting the kids back in school. in the meantime, you can see that the rain has really picked up here. that's why a lot of people are rushing trying to get back into their tents. >> okay, jessica, stay in place. we'll come back to you later. and of course at 6:00 as well. >> information about schools and jessica was alluded to, also property damage and the firefight, we know how critical this is. we're constantly updating our website with that information. also, video and photos. right there on the front page at >> the valley fire has been burning for just a few days but it already ranks among the worst fires in california history. it's ranked ninth in the state's history in terms of the structured damaged. that's according to cal fire statistics. the ranking will likely rise by the time the fire is contained and damage is fully assessed. the worst fire ever in california was the oakland hills
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fire that ravaged the east bay in october 1991. it destroyed 2900 structures and killed 25 people. >> the numbers really are staggering as you can see on the map. there are currently ten large wildfires burning across california. nearly 14,000 firefighters are on the front lines trying to get the fires under control. >> about 100 miles east of us, that other major fire, as we learned today, two men died in the butte fire. this is new video now of the area today. this is gold country outside of sacramento. the calaveras county coroner says a man who refused to evacuate died when the fire swept through. another body was found while crews were investigating the blaze. the butte fire started exactly one week ago and has burned roughly 72,000 acres. it's 45% contained. more than 200 homes have been destroyed. still ahead on nightly news, we'll take you inside the fire storm. a rare look at the dangerous conditions on the front line. lester holt joins us at 5:30.
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>> and still to come at 5:00, is it a case of racism? the science experiment that led to a teenager's arrest. and the invitation president obama extended to him today. >> vandals have been cutting fiber optic cable throughout the bay yare aand it happened again. how they're doing it and what's being done to stop them. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. rainfall is now moving into the bay area. also starting to develop across the peninsula. we're tracking it on doppler radar. we'll have details on how much we'll get in a few minutes. it's happened again. vandals
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are to blame for an internet it has happened again. vandals are to blame for an internet outage in alameda county. they cut two fiber optic cables near livermore. the suspects may be responsible for 16 incidents throughout the bay area this year. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live outside livermore with more on the investigation. michelle, the fbi is now on the case? >> the fbi is asking for help. any information, trying to figure out who crawled down into this manhole as well as another one down the road. on monday, this manhole was open. anybody could get in. today, they have welded it shut. just another step they're taking to protect these cables. at&t and offering a $250,000 reward to anyone who knows who crawled into this manhole and cut the fiber optic cable on
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monday night. today, crews restored power and sealed access to two manholes that were compromised late monday. many homeowners were left without internet and phone service for nearly 24 hours. according to the fbi, this is the 16th time someone has cut cables in the bay area since february. the suspects aren't stealing anything, which leaves many wondering why would someone do this? >> someone who harbors a grudge or does this harm, perhaps someone has bragged about doing this. we just want to know so we can investigate further or rule it out. >> now, the majority of these incidents are all happening in the middle of the night. if you do see a crew, something that seems suspicious, you're asked to call the police. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> we're going to go back to the valley fire. containment stands at 30%. firefighters are hoping cooler weather and this rain today will help them gain more control.a l
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calisto calistoga. it's going to get messy for all those evacuees. >> it is already starting to get messy. the rain has picked up in the last hour or so. it's been a steady flow all day long. as you said, by the weekend, it's supposed to be about 90 degrees. this is a big weekend for football teams up here. napa is having a big game. it turns out that two east bay football teams, have decided since they're coming up here and they're going to play football, they're going to show the spirit of sportsmanship. they have been collecting bags of donations, clothing, tents, anything that the folks here might need, and they're going to bring it up when they play their friday night game. and bring it to the evacuees. they say it's their way of giving back. they did it after the napa quake. and it started by one of the kids whose grandfather lives up here in lake county. they decided they need to step
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up as a team and show team spirit. this weekend, they're bringing their own supplies to the evacuees. some people behind me say they have nothing left at all. their houses are decimated. they say anything anyone can supply for them, they are grateful for. we'll be seeing those teams up here, and it's going to be a special friday night lights. >> that's nice to here. so many people, not just the football teams. but also in gilroy, people are collecting hay for the horses. >> reaching out from all over the country. let's get a check of the forecast. jess has been rained on all day. the water system is now moving through the bay area. >> great for firefighters. the humidity increasing, a steady rain producing about .35 inches on the fire lines for the firefighters today. really the day for them to make the huge headway on this fire. now, what we have happening is the storm system moving into northern california. the cold front is currently dissipating. our hopes of any kind of super heavy rainfall are pretty much gone at this point.
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we weren't expecting major downpours, but there was a possibility of maybe some heavier pockets. let's take you into the fire zone. right now, we have seen jessica reporting all night loung, and the steady rainfall is continuing on doppler radar, ining down at about .08 inch an hour. we likely have two to three more hours and then clearing up here. i wish we could see that stay for a couple days. look at the north bay overall, and you'll see the steadier pockets of on again/off again rainfall keeping highway 101 wet, down towards the peninsula, we have started to see the rainfall develop in san francisco, down towards san mateo, getting close to redwood city and palo alto. this is moving from the west off towards the east. the peninsula finally getting in on some rain drops. as we take you down to the south bay, it's been a different story. you had the cloud cover today, but nothing in terms of raindrops. in fac, the rain line could stay to the north and east. not expecting huge rain tonight,
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but we may get a few drops. let's take you to the sky camera network. temperatures at 73 across san jose. 74 in the east bay. and look at how much it has dropped where we have the heaviest rainfall. 61 degrees for the average right now in the north bay. as the rain is coming in, we're not seeing winds too gusty. out of the south at 3 miles per hour. for tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll have the cloud cover coming on back. let's get a look at possibly areas of drizzle lingering in fr san francisco and the peninsula. the futurecast, may have a few areas of showers lingering until 11:30, and after that, we start to clear out. that's going to get us set um, the clearing on thursday, for much hotter weather this weekend. all about high pressure. we're talking not only 90s but we have pushed up the forecast for the potential of 100 to come our way sunday maybe even into monday's forecast.
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you'll so, we're forecasting yathd. san francisco will stay in the 60s for the most part. financial district is the only spot that could go up to 71. for the north bay, east bay, and the tri-valley, there's the warmup across the north bay on the fire lines. temperatures going up, at least ten degrees. that will leave us with 80 degrees in napa and also low 80s in the tri-valley. that's the sunniest spot throughout thursday's forecast. by this weekend, again, it does get much hotter. for the south bay, we'll have 98 by sunday. 94 in the east bay. tri-valley, 100 degrees. and up into the north bay, we'll have anywhere from mid to upper 90s. the last thing we need right now are these triple digit temperatures. we'll take it day by day. >> thank you. just ahead here at 5:00, a teenager arrested for a science project which was mistaken for a bomb. tonight, president obama and mark zuckerberg reaching out to the 14-year-old boy. >> plus, the napa valley wine
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train back in the headlines. the announcement just made that has the train headed in another direction. ♪ introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee.
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in stores now.
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qucikly. its even caught the attention of president a this story spreading quickly. even caught the attention of president obama and mark zuckerberg. a teenager arrested for his
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science project. the 14-year-old ahmed mohamed seen here was arrested in texas today, about 90 miles east of dallas. police feared his digital clock he built from a circuitboard was a bomb. he said it was a science project. he brought it in to show his engineering instructor at school. a different teacher at school was alarmed and alerted authorities. mark zuckerberg advised him to keep building, and president obama tweeted, cool clock. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like you to like science. >> it never happened. they say follow-up interviews with a teenager who claimed she was grabbed by a predator revealed the story was made up. police and the school district said they have to take reports of criminal activity against children very seriously. >> the nappy valley wine train is back in the news tonight not because of the recent controversy when a group of mostly african-american women were kicked off for being too loud. they say the wine train has new owners. noble house hotels and resorts
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is based in washington state and owns napa river terrace inn. >> we are back in a moment. we're going to update what's happening in calistoga. these are live pictures where fire evacuees in this makeshift tent city are facing a few challenge, the rain right now spreading in sonoma, napa, and lake counties. stay with us. we following a major earthquake
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-- off the coast of want to get you back to breaking news. wie told you earlier in the newscast, we're following the major earthquake off the coast of chile. the 8.3 quake hit around 90 minutes ago. there's already been a 6.3 aftershock reported. nowic take a look at this instagram video. you can see everything shaking here. the earthquake was centered about 150 miles northwest of chile's capital in santiago. no word yet on any damage, but 8.3, there is likely to be severe damage. this earthquake praz prompted a tsunami watch stateside in hawaii actually. this is a live picture from kauai. this is a popular resort in kauai. if the waves reach huh wiey, it should hit in the overnight
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hours. >> we want to bring you back to jessica live at calistoga at an evacuation center. it's soaking the evacuees, the hundreds who are there. >> yeah, the immediate concern now for all these evacuees is trying to create some sort of dry shelter. they have their tents underneath and they're taking the tarps and trying to create a dry area. the longer term plan is to try to get them out of the fairgrounds. county officials are meeting with cal fire and state officials to see about moving these evacuees within the next three to seven days to a more semipermanent position like maybe some hotels in lake county. for that, they need to move some of the first responders that are in the hotels out to be able to start to move these families in. so a lot of work is ahead for both county officials and the folks here trying to get some permanent housing and then trying to get the roads open so the people that can have access to their homes can go back and have power and water and the insfrustrui inf infrastructure they need. >> shelter is a big issue.
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thanks for watching us here. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. tonight, gloves off. who is coming out swinging in round two of the republican debate. donald trump claiming he may tone it down. even as his rivals take aim for some of them tonight it is do or die. a false alarm. a muslim team cuffed at school. his moment homemade clock mistaken for a bomb. the case hitting a national nerve, everyone from mark zuckerburg to the president weighing in. breaking news. the fed slapping gm with a fine over half a billion dollars for failing to disclose an ignition flaw that led to over 100 deaths. and no turning back. our journey to the inferno. a wildfire suddenly erupting all around and the only way to safety is through a gauntlet of flames. nightly news begins right now.


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