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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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..te right now at 11:00, fans caught on camera fighting at levi stadium busted. it's thanks to a viral video that helped south bay police track them down. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. from youtube to facebook and everywhere else, this fight was shared thousands of times since monday night. captured on cell phone video. four people wearing 49ers
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jerseys attacking a man wearing a vikings jersey in the parking lot. peggy, that cell phone video has been key in tracking down the suspects. >> reporter: face it, the video was really everywhere. it was hard to miss. police say it was a critical piece of evidence that led them to four suspects. they were arrested on felony assault charges and booked into santa clara county jail. [ shouting ] >> reporter: it was hard to miss this viral video. it was everywhere -- on facebook, twitter, and here on youtube -- of an attack on a viking fan outside of levi stadium after monday night footba football. santa clara police have arrested three men and a teenage girl in connection with the assault. >> after the video surfaced, we assigned investigators to look into it. we were able to identify four individuals responsible for that felony assault. >> reporter: lieutenant clark says the video played a key role
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in the arrest. >> absolutely. the video played a key role in identifying the suspects. >> they drink a lot. drink too much alcohol. >> reporter: fans say alcohol was clearly a factor in the attack, an allegation that the viking was smack talking the 49ers fans. >> i don't think it's right. but you don't come into the opposing team's stadium and act tough like that. >> reporter: the attack took place as fans were leaving the game at c gate. police responded to 24 assaults at football games at levi including one last year in a bathroom that left a fan with a brain injury. >> it's scary. i wouldn't want my daughter or son to be there. >> reporter: the fans didn't blame the football rivalry as much as they did the booze. >> you know everyone's drinking, a lot changes once drinking gets involved. it starts as a family affair. a bunch of friends coming together. even friends argue once alcohol becomes involved.
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>> reporter: the alcohol obviously playing a big factor. another thing that you notice about that video -- the security guard who simply threw themselves into the fight, putting their own life in danger. police credit the secured guard for -- security guard for helping get the situation under control. both the security guard and viking fan were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. in santa clara, peggy bunker. >> thank you. what you saw were high school games at levi's. one of the men is a 49ers season ticket holder but not anymore. the team revoked his season seats. containment in the valley fire has grown to 45% as crews expand control lines. some 73,000 acres have burned, and three people are dead. more than 580 homes destroyed. we're learning the state is pushing for a federal disaster declaration that would free up more money to help fire victims. we have live coverage on the fire. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is checking the weather which is
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expected to heat up this weekend. we begin with a couple in calistoga. lots of news about people at the evacuation center. some will get to go home soon. >> reporter: absolutely right. tonight some 900 people are here. many hoping it's the last night for them. that's as crews make progress restoring electricity and water to communities along highways 175 and 29. evacuees in line for dinner heard that roads would reopen to twin lakes and rancho sundero, tomorrow to middletown. sooner than denise expected. >> we cheered here. we're excited, we're very happy and excited. >> that is wonderful news. i'm ready to go now. >> reporter: the tent city of getting to beverly and david thomas. ellie galindo didn't think a couple their age should sleep on the ground. >> they're uncomfortable. i'm hoping to find them a spot. >> reporter: she appealed to local hotel managers to donate a room until one said yes. >> it's been a long spell, but
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we're happy to be able to escape. >> luckily some of the evacuations were lifted which freed up rooms for us tonight. >> reporter: this weekend, the thomases and mcdowells will see what's left and what's next from the valley fire still burning elsewhere in the county. >> we figure the people whose houses are still standing will be helping the people who lost everything. >> we still have a lot of work to do. i think that we may get through the weekend with the warm, hot weather, cooler weather coming next week. we'll turn the corner and containment lines will grow. we'll get it under control and get these people home. >> reporter: lake county local assistance center opens tomorrow in middletown at noon. it's to help people with all the paperwork that comes with rebuilding. the twin pine casino will open a smaller scale evacuation center closer to town to help people there. in short, the fire response in this part of lake county is in transition from emergency travel recovery. reporting live in calistoga, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you. there's a concern late tonight. the 45% containment could be reduced in the next 48 hours all because of our incoming weather. temperatures are expected to soar. even worse for the firefighters, wind could be an issue. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what's it looking like? >> we're not seeing any kind of windstorm that would have winds topping 40 miles per hour. winds out of the west/northwest, 25 miles per hour within the fire lines. of course, temperatures, we keep talking about 94 tomorrow. and humidity will go to some of the lowest levels we've had in five days, down to 14%. specifically in the fire zone, we expect that smoke to again blow toward calistoga and also pope valley heading throughout saturday. temperatures, a three-day hot event at this point. 94 on saturday, sunday, the hottest at 97. we'll sides of the aisle isolated low 100s in and throughout the fire lines. 93 on monday. by tuesday and wednesday, we'll
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cool into the low 80s. what firefighters will be watching this week are hot temperatures and humidity levels. the lower that humidity goes, the drier all the fuel gets. we could actually see the fire grow a little bit larger this weekend. the good news now, we may actually get a little rainfall by next friday. a long way out, but something to look forward to. >> that is encouraging. thank you. new information from the fire coming in almost hourly. the website is a great way to stay on top of the story. we also have a collection of video and a slade show go. to and access good information on our nbc bay area app. new at 11:00, warnings this three northern california cities where several girls have reported that men tried to lure them into their cars. berkeley police say it happened twice this morning on telegraph avenue. three students told school official one man drove up and ordered them into his van. the suspect described as a heavyset man in his 30s with dark merritt and -- dark hair
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and a mustache, driving possibly a green nissan quest with rear tinted windows. in the last three weeks in st. helena, napa police say a man approached five girls. four of those time it happened near the robert luis stevenson middle school. in the 600 block of main street. the man approached and asked the girls if they wanted a ride in his car as they were walking to school. police say the person is suspected of doing the same thing in napa. an intense search in petaluma. a woman claims she was sexually assaulted inside of her home. she told investigators a man with a black beanie pulled over his face was waiting for her when she got home this morning. this is south petaluma. he restrained her, sexually assaulted her, and took off on foot. police is been searching the area with the help of canines. neighbors are rattled especially because they say there are a lot of young, stay-at-home moms nearby. >> they're active, walking, running in groups or by
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themselves. now the moms are rightfully so concerned and on high alert. it makes the rest of us with the -- the dads or husbands or any family member just incredibly concerned. >> the suspect is described as a white man around six-feet tall with a pot belly, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. defense attorneys are calling it a small victory. three santa clara county correctional deputies accused of beating an inmate to death have been granted bail. $1.5 million each. their attorneys are trying to raise the money needed to get their clients out of jail. the bail ruling comes as new court documents reveal troubling texts sent among the deputies. prosecutors claim the messages show the beating death of michael tyree was part of a pattern of abuse. >> texts of the defendant in which he boasts that he likes working on them because there are no cameras there. we've seen the gloating from the defendant rodriguez that he [ bleep ] an inmate.
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>> the first time we heard about those was yesterday. we don't know how authentic they are, what the context is, what text messages came before or after those. >> those deputies will be back in court next month. the man accused of killing kate steinly on pier 14 in san francisco has pled not guilty. juan francisco lopez sanchez was charged with murder today. he previously admitted to steinly's death in a jailhouse interview saying he fired the shot that killed the 32-year-old earlier this summer. his attorneys contend sanchez found the weapon and accidentally fired it. sanchez, an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times prior to the shooting, was set free by san francisco's sanctuary city policy instead of being turned over to immigration authorities. developing news out of arizona. police have arrested a man accused of shooting at cars on busy freeways. why the police work is far from over. an iphone, ipad, and icar.
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could it be apple's next big thing? a driverless car? plus -- >> my career has been taken away, per se. my paycheck, as i would say. >> the life-changing lesson for the pastor forced to resign because he's gay. those are the words from
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arizona's governor tonight, after police finally captured a gunman who had "we got him," words from the governor of arizona tonight after complete captured a gunman who had been terrorizing drivers for weeks. tonight the s.w.a.t. team arrested a 21-year-old man at a walmart in glendale, arizona. he's accused of the shootings. police wouldn't say how they tracked him down, but they believe he's responsible for shooting at least four of the 11 cars that were hit in the last three weeks. thankfully no one has died from the shootings. this just in -- at least 15 passengers aboard philippine airlines were hurt after the flight hit turbulence. they were flying from honolulu
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to manila when they felt the plane jolt. passengers who didn't have their seat belts fastened were jolted and got hurt. all of the injuries turned out to be minor. could your next car be an icar? yep, apple's next best thing could be hitting the road soon. >> a driverless car, and it could create a whole new class of jobs. here's our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: apple gave us an exclusive look inside its newest store. lots of gadgets and merchandise, but nothing about driverless cars. apple is not commenting on those rumors. we've seen google's autonomous car. tesla and uber are rumored to someday go driverless, as well. so how about apple? >> i tend to be on the side that says i can't believe that's a car. >> reporter: with rumors fly, apple watcher tell us the company will at least develop
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technology for such a car. >> a lot of speculation has come through comments that have been made and hires, people apple have hired that suggest that apple is doing something on the automobile. >> reporter: and if they do -- >> if a lot of people start buying these things, we could have a lot of jobs. >> reporter: jobs, not just building cars but fixing them, too. >> the people who fix those have to be more technical. they have to understand things so we'll need new training, better skills to be out fixing cars. that will create jobs just to train them. >> reporter: after all, we can't talk about the car of the future without the mechanics of the future. apple's store which is, by the way, only place you can find t-shirts alongside phones and watches, opens to the public saturday at 10:00 a.m. reporting in cupertino, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it was a hoax felt cell phone video shows police activity outside of amador high in pleasanton this morning.
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the school closed even before classes started because of an e-mailed bomb threat sent to the principal. amador school officials cleared campus and called in police. the bomb squad scoured the campus for hours. the all clear was given before noon. classes were canceled for the day. we'll talk about a bad day -- a tree fell into a home in redwood city earlier today. this is near hudson street and palm avenue. wow. you see the roof of the house, pretty smashed up. we're told the tree originally stood in the yard of a nearby apartment complex. you see it. and tipped over into the house. no injuries reported. he says he was forced to step down. no one he said will silence him. a methodist pastor from michigan is in the bay area sharing his story after he was he was forced to resign this summer because of his sexuality. >> nbc bay area spoke with the pastor about the church's decision and how it's changed his life. >> reporter: the reverend benjamin hutchinson travelled
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from michigan to speak to a church after he was forced to resign in july because he's gay. he's taken the story across the country and is hoping to change some minds. >> when god calls somebody, it's not up to us where the holy ghost lands. >> reporter: for benjamin hutchinson, speaking in church is second nature. >> i grew up in church, very conservative church. i even went to catechism, went to church twice on sundays. the bishop told me i'm not fit for the ministry. >> reporter: when this was taken from him in july, it was a rude awakening. then were up taken aback when they decided we're going to let you go? >> yeah, it did. they were like, we don't need you. i would be like, why did you hire me? >> reporter: he said he was forced to resign from the united methodist church in michigan after telling the bishop about his gay partner. according to the guidelines within the united methodist church, that makes him unfit to lead. >> for allowing me to speak one
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more time -- >> reporter: since his resignation, he's talked to churches around the country, preaching the gospel of being inclusive. >> it's a great message in that we all need to be accepted. >> reporter: for hutchinson, preaching during this time of distress is the only way to get through it. >> i still have my faith. my career and paycheck has been taken away. >> reporter: the reverend married his partner days after the dismissal in july. he tells me he hopes the issue of the minister's sexuality within the united methodist church is addressed at the church's general conference that will take place in 2016. reporting from alameda. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. let's throw things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're talking about a significant warmup not only in the bay area but up in lake county, as well. >> yeah. dangerous heat coming our way saturday and also sunday. mid to upper 90s. even the potential here of low
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1 100s. there will be great beach weather mixed in. of course, you can get more on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you know it is going to be downright hot tomorrow when at 11:19 we have fog-free conditions. to the south bay, you'll see excellent visibility across downtown. specifically here in san jose. 64 degrees. and san francisco, a beautiful shot tonight. winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. even that westerly wind that's usually good enough to get the fog machine going, it's just not strong enough with that hot area of high pressure aloft. helping to evaporate any moisture. clear skies now will lead us to at least a comfortable start considering how hot it's going to be. let's get a look. you see for the morning hours, the north bay expecting 53. east bay, 59. sunny to the south bay and 60. we are in for a 30 to 35-degree warmup for tomorrow.
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we haven't seen anything change. high pressure continuing to sit across california. it's just going to get stronger tomorrow, producing dangerous heat. you take all of the hot air surrounding california and combine it with changing winds tomorrow, that's going to be the key thing to drive temperatures up to record-setting territory. you see at 11:30, there's still a slight westerly on-shore component. humidity moving in. as we head throughout saturday, here we go. the winds begin to turn more out of the east. that east and also a slight northerly motion is good enough to drop the humidities. not only on saturday but also on sunday's forecast. here to livermore, nap athe dry, hot, offshore wind. that may also push in some smoke from the valley fire. hot and hazy. offshore winds provide great beach weather. at least we'll get a little relief in here. let's look at the best beach weather in my forecast. you'll see it -- santa cruz with 88 degrees on saturday.
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water temp at 64. watch for the rough waves and rip currents. winds will be 10 to 30 miles per hour. if 88's too hot at the bay area beaches since we're normally in the 60s, i would say half moon bay or pacifica, spots in the 70s tomorrow. let's take you to the microclimate forecast throughout saturday. it's going to be warmer here in morgan hill and also gilroy. temperatures in the mid 90s. san jose, expecting sunny skies and 90 degrees for the peninsula. beach weather, pacifica 74. palo alto, 89. san francisco, 70s in the mission and marina. the financial district should push up to 80. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, we'll get close. i know a lot of you are probably getting mad with the hot weather this summer. up to 98 in pleasanton tomorrow. also 96 in livermore. take a lot of breaks. remember to drink plenty of water. throughout the weekend forecast, it gets even hotter. sunday, 98 for the south bay. tri-valley, 101. san francisco, 83 degrees.
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we'll begin to cool off monday and tuesday of next week. this weekend, looking for something to do, head to the lafayette art and wine festival. nbc bay area's a proud sponsor. my advice -- head out at 10:00 a.m., do the morning thing. temperatures in the 70s. >> and drink plenty of water. >> did he say people are mad at him? >> no -- >> no one's mad at him. >> people complain, but i take the credit. >> after the chardonnay tomorrow at the wine festival won't be mad. next, the credit card security system that kicks in in two weeks. and here's jimmy -- >> thanks. keith richards is my guest tonight. plus, anna roberts -- [ cheers ] a warning tonight ...about some
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soft cheeses sold by a california company. they
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could be cont a warning about some soft cheeses sold by a california company that could be contaminated. the centers for disease control is investigating listeria outbreak. it's killed one person and sickened two dozen others. listeria is a serious infection that spreads through contaminated food. southern california company called caroon dairy recalled some of the soft cheeses sold under various brand names. people in nine states including california got sick. the death happened in ohio. if you want a list of the recalled cheeses, go to and search "cheese." we're go to get an upgrade whether it comes to credit card security. many banks and credit card companies are sending out new cards implanted with computer chips. an attempt to stop credit card fuad. -- fraud. europe and canada have been using the technology for years and have cut fraud by 80%. retailers are supposed to have install eed new card readers by october 1st. many retailers won't be ready.
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>> it's much more complex to replace every credit card and every single debit card and every merchant payment terminal in the u.s. than we initially thought. >> retailers who aren't ready by october 1st will shoulder the liability for any fraud. >> i already got mine. next, almond free. big football game. "it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
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eliminated from playoff contention -- but they sure are making it hard on themselves. deboer. >> reporter: the giant not eliminated but are making it hard on themselves. 15 games to go. taking on the diamond backs at at&t park. paul goldschmidt lines one to left. out there but no, a.j. pollock comes around to score. goldschmidt would later score. 2-0. parker trying to get them back in the game. deep -- looks like a home run. would have been if a.j. pollock wouldn't have done. that giants get two hits, they fall 2-0. as looking to play spoiler in houston, and they did. danny valencia, deep and gone. second home run of the game. his second career two home run
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game. as spoiler. 4-3 the final. milpitas taking on valley christian at levi's stadium. no score in the first, junior taking the handoff through the hole -- untouched. no one touched him. 41 yards. valley christian up 7-0. late first half, milpitas looking to even the score. chavez going for the end zone. he's got it. milpitas up 21-10 only to lose 22-21 on the strength of an 81-yard touchdown pass with two minutes left. the game in the final a few minutes ago. good friday night football. a lot of good college saturday football. then nfl sunday. a busy weekend. that's sports. ♪
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old. ===jess/take vo=== a al my favorite story of the day. four million years old. >> talk about a whale fossil unearthed near los gatos. found at a housing development site two weeks ago. 500 feet above sea level. experts say the bones made their way through the hills through earthquakes or the shifting tectonic plates. the housing construction is now on hold as paleontologists try to dig out the remains of the
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massive whale. >> we have the potential to find well-preserved fossils because they've been buried under quite a bit of earth for a long time. >> the whale bones will be taken to a lab in southern california next week so they can study them. it will eventually be put back together and displayed at some museum. it's like -- like something out of the flintstones. >> unreal. >> huge! >> four million years old. that's incredible. we have reached the weekend. it's friday, 25 minutes until saturday. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> try to stay cool. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- keith richards, emma roberts,


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