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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, and cassidy romeo, and we are hoping that you have had a lovely weekend and very lovely on the east coast and hot here. >> and very last weekend of sum meer? >> i think it is. >> and we have a very big show
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with willber from "that '70s sh show" and hand selected. >> and all of the stars were out, and bobbie thomas is out who has made some tweaks to the a-list celebs. and. >> bobbie is back. and look at that. >> she is going to be making her redos. >> she is allowed to come back without miles? >> and we will have the actor better known as bumper from "pitch per pekt ii" and now playing robert de niro's boss. he will be here. >> and yes. >> we will have the latest about our girl j.lo and wait until you
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see her at 46. >> fine. >> and what happened to you over the week sneend? >> i took a road trip and went to philadelphia where my adorable friend lee is. >> sure. >> i wanted to go hang out with her and i said, i wanted to hang out with her h, and soy made a pop-up lemonade stand and i put pop-up pitchers and lemonade there, and i rode there and look at what we did in her lobby, we had our own leah's lemonade. >> oh, hoda, what a lovely idea. >> and we made that and lots of people in the lobby and they bought lemonade and it was 50 cents, and they paid $5 for it, and her grandmother was there, too, and she was so sweet. we also did the song -- >> it looks like she would be your granddaughter, because she is so great. >> she loves that song "all about the bass" by meghan trainor and we did a dove smash.
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♪ i'm about about that bass ♪ no treble ♪ i'm all about that bass >> how great to have her. >> so precious. >> and she is looking so strong. >> yes, and she is going to go back into hospital today monday for more treatments and she is looking good. >> we are praying for her. god bless her. >> and you were busy? >> yes, it is a season opener for the giant, and big, big day, and even though they lost one on the road. >> look at you. >> all alone on the bench, boy, i can cause a team to leave. and cody and cassidy went out there on the field with me, and a moment of silence, and christine and cody newton who is still growing and me and cassidy and next to her is sheila mara, one of the mara children of the famed mara family and they are the other family here in new
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york, and wellington, her father, and anne, her mom who was also honored with a moment of silence, and she and frank were such dear friend, and she was an amazing moment. and there is frank, and who could miss frank. i brought you a little 16 pin, hoda. >> and what was it like to be at giant stadium for you? >> well, it is is always moving, because it is so funny, because i have told you the story of when i get upset with frank, and he'd go, a lot of people like me. and i'd say, yes, i know that, but they don't live with you. and then you get to the place like that where you realize, millions of people liked him and he really was a legend. and continues to be, and then later at the awards at the emmy awards, there was a tribute to frank, which i was asleep and i was told it is buteautiful and this is my first chance to see the me moirm along with many people to frank, and let e's ta
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a look. >> and frank gifford and you heard the players talk a moment ago how it is personally. >> how many times. >> hmm, they could haven't played my song? >> and you know, you do so many things well. and the way you always mix in humor. >> you turn it around. >> and we lost anne mere ra, and joan rivers and b.b. king and so many others, and our friend jackie collins which i did not know, and we wish her family the best. you did a beautiful piece this morning, hoda. >> thank you. and andy samberg kicked it off. >> getting good reviews, right. >> yes, and when he started, a lot of people wondered because people saw him do the bit parts on snl, and that is the opening piece. >> and he had to the watch
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everything toj1jve him the right to be the post. >> i watch your show "mad men." >> andy, how long since you s u showered? >> over a year, and there was no shower in my viewing bunker. >> and kerry washington -- >> you smell like dog feces. >> maybe human feces. >> you are a mess. sflt have you seen "castle"? >> ugh -- >> he thought he had seen everything. >> congratulations to the "voice." >> and we were trying to get carson on the phone because he said many times on the phone, we are not winning, because it goes to the "amazing race" and that is why he is flabbergasted because he and the crew walked up there, and they won an emmy and how cool is that? >> very cool. >> a couple of ones were broken. >> he was trying to get home on the red eye and he had to put it through security so it was not a weapon. >> yes.
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>> and by the way, you know who else cleaned up? "veep" and they beat "modern family" who won forever, and best writing and best supporting actor tony heal and joule ulie louie dreyfu dreyfuss. >> and i am getting bored because carol burnett was out and so funny. >> and "game of thrones." ". >> and a congratulations to a man who has waited eight
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years to get one. >> and watch him crawl up. >> very cute. >> and he got the bless iing. >> but he is hardly in susan lucci territory who waited 17 years. and he thanked his partner of 18 long years before they split, and his dog. and i think it is a classy thing to do. >> and if you love lionel richie and you will love this. he appeared on jimmy's show friday and they did a parody of the 1984 music video "hello." this is the original in case you forgot what it is. >> oh, it is wonderful. >> this is how i see you. >> and so, by the way in the
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video the woman is blind and so she has to sculpt it. and so he was trying to reenact it with lionel richie and jimmy fallon. >> in my dreams, i have kissed your lips a thousand times and sometimes i see you pass outside my door. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hello is it me you are looking for ♪ ♪ i long to see the sunlight in your hair ♪ ♪ and time and time again ♪ how much i care ♪ sometimes i feel my heart will overflow ♪ ♪ hello i just got to let you
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know ♪ ♪ because i wonder where you are ♪ >> that is where he lost it. that is cute. >> that is a good one. >> i love it when they can't keep it together and that is my favorite part on carol burnett when they couldn't keep it together because they enjoyed each other so much. >> and in comedy i love it. >> and the fourth wall in theater and you are never supposed to break it, but i think that in comedy, and it is, yeah, okay. and everybody loves it. >> and coming up, don't forget that the favorite things are coming up later. >> and plus the hollywood star who was hand pick and we already told you who it is. wilmer. do you
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wilber vilerrama is better known as the foreign exchange student from -- well, we don't know where he is from, from the hit show "that '70s show." >> and now he is going to be playing the newly appointed police lieutenant in a new television show. >> i have a question, how did you do all of that alone. >> in my spare time. >> the threat was not even out. >> very good police work. >> and i also told them that if you had an informant i would be the first to know, and so, did you? did you have help? >> you know me. i'm always better when i work alone. >> ooh, somehow i don't believe her. >> i doubt it. >> she is hiding something. >> and hello, wilber.
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and you are the hardest working man in show business. you and ryan seacrest. >> this weekend, i was p presenting out, there and ryan and i had that moment, wow, we r are still on planes. >> how did it feel for steven spielberg to say, hey, i want this guy on the show, and i want him hand picked? >> well, it is like for any young actor growing up they understand that a spielberg films will make you bigger and made us want to be part of the uniform and worlds that make us so universal to be part of the audiences, and part of the fi films, and validating and nerve-racking, because i want to make him proud, but exciting. >> did you know him before? >> no, i didn't, and i had not met him, but i heard the rumor that he had seen me like in an
10:16 am
independent film they did for sun dance, and he liked my work, and that is to me like a master moment that it was like a rumor. >> and the rumor was enough. >> you could live off of that for a while. >> completely. >> that is nice. >> and yes, it is definitely that this production is nothing short of anything that he has done. >> and not the first time he has taken one of the films to be dramatized for television. >> and another one to be working on. >> and he is going to be the new prince charming. >> busy man. >> and tell us about it. >> and yes, from "dusk to dawn" is on netflix around the world, and it is starring for television and i play a really, really bad guy, and remember the last time i had the fangs, and then i joiped the cast of "charming" and animated feature of john williams the and may or
10:17 am
the of the "shrek" franchise and i'm the first latin prince. >> at least it is animated so you don't have to put on the hair and the makeup. >> i don't know about the wig. >> well, it is a first couple of weeks of intense fun, but then it is fun. first time of voice? >> well, i did the handy manny. >> i did that with you. that is right. i forgotten that. >> and we did some musicals and so a lot of music stuff. >> we are happy for you. >> and take a break. >> yes. >> and "minority report" premiers on fox and we just keep repeating ourselves. and maybe some of the and maybe some of the a-listers could use a little your body was made for better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and maybe some of the a-listers could use a little before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion,
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them to us? our style editor bobbie thomas. >> hi. >> and talk about the first segment back. how are you feeling? >> very good. little baby drain, but i love the facebook feedback and we love these women, and i am not suggesting that they don't look beautiful on their own, and this is fun with fashion, and so let's get started. >> this is not to criticized. >> and right over the top, i want to swoon over two girl crushes of mine. kerry washington. and look at that. >> is that metallic? >> yes, and it is off of the runway, and i love that you will see is silver that goes into the gold, and that is hard to mix metal, and to have this really great silhouette that was not the column gown and she nailed it with the faux bob, and that is a fashion forward look that works for everybody. >> and smart to put it up for the hot night, right? >> and it is hot, and the gown is such a gown. and ellie kemper nailed wit
10:22 am
this, and to to see the hombre effect of the dresses, and dresses like in are panned, but this is such a good job they deserve to be highlighted. >> and now, talk to us. >> gorgeous women, and over and overk and i was afraid to touch sophia, but they both have this body conscious style about them, and the signature style is rocking the curves, but i thought that it might be fun to see these girls swap, because, you will notice that in the swap christina has a neckline that is kind of minimizing and not that she has to, because she likes the girls, but i can understand that some people at home may want to be covered up, and this is a great strap less option, and so it pops. sophia i wanted to light en up her makeup, because she had a brown lip on, and i like the dark edgy embellishment, because she goes for the bright color and nudes. >> i like sophia in the one that you picked.
10:23 am
>> and she is always speck t spectacular, but she chooses the same kinds. >> so switch them. >> yes. next. >> and another swap, and two more colors, and i love robin wright and amy poehler, but the thing is that cutouts are everywhere, and great to take the bold choice to wear this, but she is really petite, and so when you see a frame like this, and there is a break in half. robin is like four or five inches taller, so i thought that maybe, we could switch this. >> okay. >> so -- >> oh, yeah. >> i see that the black pops the hair and it helps with this, and if you want to wear the cutout idea, go for the contrast seaming and you will get the same illusion in a different way, but the before and after, and i love amy's figure with the contrast seaming. what to you think? >> i am not crazy about that one on the left. >> okay. >> i think that she looked great on that, though.
10:24 am
>> and it is something that helped right here to get the cutout look. and next, we have laura who looked stunning in this big statement, and wow, the dark hair and this, and this section, and then the fit here. >> yes, a lot. >> so i wanted to -- >> what did you do? >> i wanted to see what it would look like if we took off the arms right here, and then we just kind of trimmed this a little bit more seamless to elongate and she is so beautiful to be able to see that, you would see less. >> okay. >> and the last one, with a few seconds left. >> okay. felicity and i did not like the kcome petition here. >> and the hair. it looked beautiful when she had it done, and then the heat got to it which happens so often. >> i loved the hair a few days before she wore that same hairdo and maybe a way to look more striking. >> and that is not her fault, because we have all been there.
10:25 am
>> and amy poehler, and she is amazing bucks this is what i thought to add the necklace to raise the neckline. >> okay. we have to run, bobbie, and kisses for miles. kisses for miles. >> we the challenges facing so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth. fluffy, fluffy cloud. mmmm, yoplait. on a street just around the corner... i'm home. hi dad the force was strong between father and son.
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her father called on the community to join him outside that courthouse to help him keep the focus on maddie. gonzalez pled not guilty to charges of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. more at 11:00. developing story, firefighters battling the fire burning in monterey county say they found a body near where they think the fire started. they're calling that death suspicious. the fire destroyed ten homes and about 30% contained. we'll look at the weather and traffic coming up after the break. =trx at ck=
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we have one last hot day in the forecast today. a high of 95 degrees in san jose. 94 in palo alto. pacifica, 80 degrees. financial district, up to 85 degrees. mostly sunny skies across the bay and up to 100 degrees in fairfield. antioch, 99 degrees. and pleasanton, high today of 97 degrees. then our temperatures will be much more comfortable through the rest of the week. let's see how the commute is moving now with mike. fremont, late compression, one of your last slow spots. that's what we're seeing for the east bay, things tapering off on the map. slow commission from dumbarton bridge to 237 by where the camera was. 237 eases off out of milpitas. 101 san jose by the airport, latest in the slowing. crash at saratoga could mean slower for the time being. approaches to the bay bridge clearing up except for the east
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shore freeway condensing through berkeley. make sure to join us a at 11:00 for the next newscast. we'll see you then. it's fun day monday and we're ready to fill you in on all the hot hollywood gossip in today's buzz. >> celebrity scoop everybody is talking about is >> very sfwg, someone from "snl." they do a show, live show that ends on time. tina fey was saying, host the oscars, produce them, on time. >> a lot of people were upset, though, after the emmys because they gave away the endings to some of the shows. >> "mad men" ended, parks and
10:31 am
rec ended, boardwalk ended. they put the end and put them into a montage. people went nuts. >> because they haven't seen the endings. >> but they have been over forever. >> i agree. it just shows you how people watch tooep tv in a very different manner. i watched them when they aired. >> wasn't "mad men" over six months ago. >> yes. >> sorry to ruin it. all right. i like all these hash tags. >> people were furious. >> two words people may be learning, although a lot of people, "olive kitteridge." >> two great words. a lot of people don't watch this show and they should. it's a four-hour miniseries on hbo based on 2008 book. it's fantastic. it's about a retired teacher and her husband and what happens a little later on in life. it's just beautiful. a little surprise about them. one of the producers, tom hanks. >> what? >> tells you how good quality tv. >> we know -- >> a big night for them.
10:32 am
>> viola davis. >> a moment. >> a little bit upset. >> viola was going back and forth here. what was interesting was the first african-american ever to win this category and the first person on their seat was taraji. she jumped up. she really could the moment and said that women of color cannot win emmys if the roles aren't there for us. she was fantastic. in fierce, the whole room -- >> shouted out all the different ways. >> to the audience. >> back through history, some that have really changed the world. wonderful. a we hadding this weekend. we heard a rumor. >> absolutely. >> allison williams. >> tied the knot with her handsome boyfriend saturday. it was a star-studded affair. bruce springsteen was there. talking of tom hanks pr did he sing? >> he didn't sing. officiated the wedding.
10:33 am
put out a picture, oscar de la renta. >> wyoming. >> brian walked her down the aisle. >> down the prairie. >> the cast was there, lena dunham. everybody's attention, john mayer was there with katy perry. they would holding hands, photographs of them holding hands. they are back together. a double-date with allison and her husband in january. there was rumors then, now it's confirmed, katy is back with john. let's talk j. lo. she had a hot outfit on. when did she not have a hot idea. >> i heart radio festival, jennifer came out in something very, very revealing. a very strappy almost looked like a bathing costume. >> williams a little bit.
10:34 am
>> she took the stage, did famous song booty. also did jenny from the block. i love that song. >> i love that song. >> if i looked like her, i'd walk backwards all the time. i'd enter rooms that way, come right in that way, would never turn around and just walk out. >> she also from the stage said to be in vegas. >> for the residency. >> for her residency. so jennifer is putting on a huge, huge show and sources are saying it's going to be a real j. lo, lots of costumes like that. >> thank you. the comedian who gets to throw his weight around as robert de niro's boss. >> adam on pitch perfect role. i hope he sings. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric™.
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you could say that 31-year-old adam devine. >> devine! >> is a work a alcoholic as a actor, writer, producer and comedi comedian. >> and most of you know him as bumper allen in "pitch perfect" but we have seen him as the glorious and naive manny on "modern family." >> and now he has made a career move as an intern in a movie with robert de niro.
10:40 am
>> hey, beck, you look really nice. how long can a woman be mad at you? >> depends what you did. >> i accidentally slept with the roommate. i didn't know it was her roommate, i met her out. how long? >> well, how much did she mean to you? did you apologize? did you send her a tweet? >> no, i like texted her a bi billion times. >> somebody is clueless. and robert de niro. >> and i'm with actor robert de niro. >> and when you watch that, is it pinch me time? >> it is like they superimposed me in, and i have no recollection of that, the and the whole time it is like me acting, and i'm like acting, and robert de niro and trying to say my line. >> and you don't want to have him catching you acting. >> did you ask him for advice or
10:41 am
did he give you any on the set? >> i was trying to play it so cool and acting like he was robert de niro. >> why? >> because he is so great. >> and he so easy to be around, and he never laughs. >> and right, and if he finds something really funny, he does this super de niro face and he wiggles and a shimmy and so it is like my goal to kind of time it out how quickly we could get him to do that. >> the wiggle. >> yes sh, and that is a sight. >> and so "pitch perfect ii" and i know it had been out in the theaters a a long time, and you were flying here, and somebody was watching the movie. >> yes, and somebody was watching it in the seat kiddie corner near me and i was shooting them the looks like -- >> i'm the guy. >> i am channeling him, and just he had no -- he did not register
10:42 am
that it was me at all or maybe he did not care. >> maybe he hated you in that movie. >> i am the least favorite character. >> and you take exception to pompous when describing pompous. >> well, he cares. he cares about the singing. maybe that is pompous to some people. >> and do you love singing by the way? >> i do. i'm not a singer, and when i first got "pitch perfect" when i auditioned i thought it was a baseball movie. i thought i will be the wisecracking catcher, and put it in there and we will win the big game. >> what is the audition when you auditioned. sing it. >> oh, yeah. ♪ whatever happened to predictability, the milkman the ♪ >> is that --
10:43 am
>> well, it is "full house." ♪ there might be magic >> or maybe it is -- >> who is it bob newman. >> it sound like randy newman. >> could be. >> you know who that is? >> yes, salad dressing. [ laughter ] is that the guy? >> no, that is paul newman. >> they are brothers. >> randy newman got "short people got no reason to ♪ >> oh, that classic one. >> and "the intern" opens in theaters on friday. >> all right. thanks for having me. >> get a high end look for low ♪
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if you have been thinking of renovating your home or giving it a little facelift, we have some advice for you. >> and we have an expert in the field to help first-time flippers renovate homes. >> she is ready to put us to the test of high/low. and so what is the basis of this? >> well, it is going to be fun and we ret going into the holidays soon and everybody wants to think about renovating and redoing the house, and talk hardwood and how you can save. one of these is solid hardwood and the other is engineered hardwood and can you tell the difference? the solid is $6 per square foot and the engineered is is $2 per square foot and you say that is the highest and the lowest. >> i can't tell, because they come out with great stuff. i am going low on that one. >> okay. a sticker. >> low, low, low. >> and boom, $6 is the solid, and this is the engineered hardwood floor. now the thing is that --
10:50 am
>> so you were right. >> i was. >> and they are both beautiful. >> and this is classic, and timeless, but i will tell you that engineered is more durable, and designed to get rid of some of the moisture issues that you are experiencing. >> and so the least expensive could be better. >> and these are replicas of the vintage crystal doorknobs that are new again and they are glass and weigh the same, and the difference is one is $8 and one is $50. >> almost impossible, and i will do the opposite of hoda to make it interesting, because you can't tell. >> and when you do it, it should match the quality of the door that it is on, and ladies, this is the highest at $50. >> kathie lee did. and this is $8. >> but doesn't that look better? >> well, it is depending on the look that you are going for. >> and when you get it up close, you would say, who cares, it is the same look. >> and this one, the quality is
10:51 am
better there. >> and when you put it on the scale, they weigh the same. >> and this is a difficult one, because they are almost twins. with cabinetry, si a quick way of the reface, and adding the hardware. >> i am going low here. >> and you are trying to feel it with the handle. >> and this is the handle, and i thought it was the door. >> i have no idea. >> and one being the $2 and one is $6. and see who gets it. >> one, egypt. come on, hoda. >> you got one, high five. >> thank you s.? and the doors are great. >> and let me point out something, a lot of people try to add them, and make sure that you don't put them too close, because then you will have d difficulty opening them. a lot of the big box stores and the designers get the stuff from the same place, and slap their name on it anyway. >> and the back splash. >> and this is subway tile, and super popular, because it is
10:52 am
clean and osprey, and you say this is high end? >> yes. >> why? >> because it looks it. >> and this is $1.75 per square foot. >> which one, egypt? >> $6, and you said this, and you are right. >> i have done so many renovation, and it makes you an expert. >> and one is hand cut and one is made from the mold. the handcut requires professionals and novices can install this. >> and anything wrong with this? >> nothing. >> why wouldn't we get it? >> why indeed. >> and this one, the faucets, one is $90, and one is $390. >> this is so obvious. i have gotten every one of them wrong. >> you say that is the low. okay. >> and you say high. >> guess what? >> what? >> you are right. >> you were right. >> i am right. >> oh, wow. >> when you are picking out the hardware though, make sure that the valve hardware is included
10:53 am
and install it yourself, make sure the hardware stores are open, and guarantee is good to get. >> yes. >> and we have to scoot, but look at this. >> barn-like. which is the more expensive? >> well, low and high. >> flip and high, and you are both right, and that is a great way to end it. >> thank you, egypt. >> and let's say "flipping virgin s
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time to share our favorite things, and first of all four lovely people have come to be with us, and four great charities. and thank you for being with us. i like these laiki crackers and they are rice crackers and delicious and i have been eating them by the bagfuls and they are
10:57 am
very good and delicious. >> go to to find out where to find them. and a best friend of mine wanted to do something in honor of frank, and she knew how much he loved the policemen and the armed forces and so she found honor of god project which provides bulletproof vests for our officers, and they recycle vests, and so to find out more go there and donate. she bought two vests. a lot of towns can't
10:58 am
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right now at 11:00, operation recovery. families pick up the pieces left behind from the valley fire as crews finish off the flames. thanks for joining us ob this monday kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. firefighters do continue to tackle the valley fire. the flames at nearly 76,000 acres, more than 1,000 homes destroyed. still thousands more in its path. fortunately firefighters do have it 70% contained. >> still the flames have consumed a massive amount of homes and properties. and clearly a lot of folks are impacted. lic bay area stephanie chuang


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