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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pleading with the federal government for help. governor brown pens a letter to the president--- looking for money, d governor broup send a letter to the president looking for money and housing aid. fallout of the sunnyvale charter school tied to a sexual abuse case. three people waking up without a job this morning. a parent attacked in palo alto while strolling with her infant child. good tuesday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam barak. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to kari and cooler temperatures. >> yesterday was kind of unbearable throughout the afternoon and today will be much cooler this afternoon by at least 10 to 15 it grees in many
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spots and now at 58 degrees in the north bay and 63 in the south bay and the peninsula look for a high of 78 degrees. san francisco, 71. 79 in the east bay and the tri-valley up to 85 degrees. so, i'll let you know how long this lasts coming up in a few minutes. let's see how long the commute to the slow commute lasts this morning. >> probably tuesday. we're going to about 10:00, 11:30. right now no major issues and an earlier crash and a big rig still on the side of the roads and no slowing there and your freeway over towards the bay bridge and had one incident that was marked here just off of the 238. 238 is open but headed off to what that activity is closing that off ramp. >> thank you. we move now to breaking news in the east bay. you just mentioned shots fired overnight on a san leandro off ramp. a suspect is dead following an
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officer-involved shooting. none of the injuries were injured in that chase. it ended with shots fired. the east 14th street off ramp on northbound 238 in san leandro is shut down as that investigation continues. we'll provide you with an update as soon as we get it. stay with us when the story continues to develop. now, to this developing story, short on money and patience. with more than 1,000 homes destroyed, look after the valley fire will not be an easy feat. >> stephanie chuang is with us this morning and now the governor, steph, asking the federal government for some help. >> that's right. much-needed help. things are winding down. this was the evacuation center and still is until thursday. but you can see considerably fewer tents here. governor brown's request comes in and he's asking to declare
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the valley fire a major disaster. the fourth largest, the most destructive wildfire in state history called the mega fire for out of control behavior. three dead, others presumed dead. four firefighters injured and thousands of people homeless. people like maria vazquez who says the cheapest rent she can now find starts at $2,500. >> because i don't have any help now. it's very hard for me finding to rent for me for five person. >> reporter: for five people. now, to help the governor appointed to the need for temporary housing for hundreds of people and families likely long distance and the cleanup continues. the fire destroyed almost 1,000 utility polls and drinking water systems completely r lly wrecke. things are moving along and the evacuation orders have been lifted for every place except for cobb where the valley fires
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began. "today in the bay." >> steph, thank you so much. three workers at a sunnyvale charter school out of a job this morning. the administrators won't say exactly why. now, also employees were assistants at the school. one is jonathan chow on charges that he sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl. the school said it didn't know until after chow's arrest that almost none of the school's employees underwent fingerprinting or a background checks. it since collected all background checks on all employees and the county is reviewing that today. the suspect in that sexual assault spoke exclusive to nbc bay area. jonathan chow told us in a jailhouse interview he tried to communicate with his alleged victim. chow said he wrote a letter to the 8-year-old girl he was sexually assaulting. he did not want to comment on anything that would compromise his court case.
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he also wanted to keep the media attention away from his family. >> did not drag my family into this. i have done what i have done. >> chow said he is aware of reports based on court documents that say he confessed. he declined to comment, instead, he will wait for his case to play out in court. new details now on an unsettling crime. police just released a sketch of a suspect they say attacked a mom as she was walking with her infant. it happened last night in the mid-town neighborhood, i should say. the woman stopped far to stop the baby's stroller and the suspect punched her and took off with her piece. the mother, thankfully, has just minor injuries and the baby was not injured. 4:35 right now. boy, it's been warmer out here and now the cool off. the air conditioning is kicking in. some welcome news after having to deal with high heat over the weekend and yesterday and it's now 64 degrees in livermore. even that's an improvement over
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yesterday at this time. 59 degrees in san francisco. and it will still be warm in some spots today, but at least we're coming down from 100 degrees in spots like san martin and also in the mission district, 70 degrees in fairfield. 88 degrees yesterday. you did hit 100 degrees there and in pittsburgh 84 degrees and pleasanton, 85. this is where we should be for this time of year and into the next few days and it goes right back up. i'll show you that coming up in the next few minutes. let's check in now with mike. >> lackiooking over here toward oakland and northbound and southbound moves very smoothly. light volume of traffic and we'd show you on the map and the north bay no delays and over here highway 4 moves smoothly, although a crash was reported and i'll check on the status in the next couple of seconds. we told you about that breaking
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news. all the police activity for the 14th off ramp. closed likely all morning because of that investigation. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up next, blinded by the light. the investigation into how the lights in one local sports stadium has caused issues of safety for some pilots trying to land. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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and with the second season now, to an investigative unit exclusive. it is football season, again. with the second season under way under the lights at 49ers levi stadium. investigative unit uncovered new questions about the stadium's impact on safety. >> looking into this very issue for almost a year now. >> good morning, guys. we discovered that at night the lights around levi stadium can create a safety hazard, at least according to some pilots. this is video from the cockpit of one local pilot in the skies over levi stadium during the thursday night football game on september 3rd. you can see the scoreboard light up so brightly. the light actually overrides the camera's ability to handle it. there it goes. the light filled the cockpit and the pilot who took the video told us there was no mistaking
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it. corporate pilot and her captain actually had a more serious issue with the bright lights. back on march 26th. they were blinded while trying to land on runway 12-right and the co-pilot even had to get medical attention after landing safely. we also uncovered another five formal complaints filed anonymously by pilots in 2014 with nasa's safety aviation reporting system. all of those complaints were related to these lights and safety concerns associated with them. now, the faa acknowledges getting these commrapts saying most of them were related to scoreboard and testing that scoreboard. the faa says the stadium operators have agreed not to test the scoreboard without advance notice going forward. but otherwise the faa admits no action has been taken to actually dim the lights, shield the lights or change the intensity of the scoreboard. you can see our entire full story and the full response from the faa, as well as the response
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from the san francisco 49ers. it's all on our website, just go to back to you guys. >> thank you, steven. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give them a call, 1888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit. coming to a head. a contentious debate in oakland involving coal. the new plan that would export the fuel right through the port and have money balancing with principle.
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so, we're just celebrating the team is finally back together. >> it's a hard a hearty welcome. >> the summer is over in two days officially. >> tomorrow? >> tomorrow morning. >> what time? what time do we have to change? >> 1:21 a.m. >> come in dressed for fall. and that's when the weather changes, too. we had so much hot weather over the bay area. and it will get much cooler today. as we take a live look outside. right now san jose, can't tell, but some clouds overhead. a few clouds here and there and it is not that cool yet. but we won't have as much of a dramatic rise in the temperatures as we go through the day. and we are now feeling temperatures right around 60 degrees across most of the bay area. the highs today at 79 degrees and 83 in the north bay and the
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peninsula at 78 in the south bay. up to 85 degrees today. it will still be warm but not just scorching today. the wind will be a little bit more breezy and we start out at about 15 miles per hour and more from the northwest and then kicks onshore as we go into early afternoon. that will keep those temperatures also from rising so rapidly. we'll have more of a breeze. we also do have some low clouds and some fog, especially near the immediate coast. that will stay over san francisco throughout the day and then roll back across the bay as we head into the night and into the day tomorrow. so, the morning clouds are back. and so, too, will be the cooler temperature. so, today, a high of 71 degrees in san francisco. also tomorrow about 71 degrees and then it starts to warm up, again. but we will have another cool down in time for the weekend. so, our temperatures still going up and down. as we head into the weekend, our temperatures will still be very warm and, also, reaching into
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the lower 80s and then about 69 degrees heading into sunday. so, once again, our temperatures still fluctuating and cooling down in time for saturday and sunday. i'll talk more about that coming up. let's check in now with mike. >> kari, looking over here towards fremont. look at your map. same thing anything south of there throughout san jose and the rest of silicoicon valley. 680 a truck there reportedly on the shoulder as you're heading around the bend from washington. we'll check on that. meanwhile, looking at slowing right here for westbound 580 right into the castro valley wide. just after the split, we have east 14th street closed because of that police activity we told you about and will remain for the morning likely. it will be slow because flares and a distraction through the area. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, volkswagen on damage control this morning after an investigation revealed the company rigged emissions tests.
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>> for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy. good tuesday morning, landon. >> hey, good tuesday morning to you, sam. welcome back. gang's all here. futures are pointing to a lower open. stocks rose in see saw trading as investors shook off a two-day slump sparked by last week's decision by the fed not to raise interest rates but still worries about the global economy. officials still making the case for a rate hike this year and janet yelin will offer more insight when she speaks on thursday. the dow raising 125 points on thursday to 15510 and nasdaq up one point. volkswagen north america ceo says he's confident the german automaker will restore confidence after it totally screwed up by rigging emission tests of diesel cars in the u.s. the stock fell 20% on monday. the justice department is
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opening a criminal probe and volkswagen could face fines of up to $18 billion. apple is moving ahead with plans tabuild an electric car. the "wall street yearn journal" they set a date of 2017. they will expand the team working on the project. back over to you. >> inest thering to see what it looks like. >> thank you. >> get cars on the stage at the apple reveal. now to an nbc bay area follow up. a controversial plan to export coal through the port of oakland is raising questions this morning about safety in the east bay. hundreds of people packed a city hearing at city hall. allowing coal at a new terminal they would build is good for the economy but an environmentalist countered that coal has serious health impacts. terminal logistic solutions didn't mention coal exports during negotiations. it's a claim that supporters of this plan disagree with.
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>> always been described as a bulk commodity terminal. and if you googled bulk commodity, you'll see coal. >> the fastest way to provide jobs for the poor construction workers, the fastest way is to build the original plan not to export toxic coal. >> the city council has asked its staff to do more research and report back in october. council members say if there are any negative health impacts, it might explore emergency action to stop the export of coal. hillary clinton will propose a plan today to help make prescription drugs more affordable. the plan would cap out of pocket costs, kill tax breaks for consumer advertising and encourage the development to use cheaper, generic drugs. yesterday clinton tweeted a link about steep drug prices calling the situation outrageous. her comments led to a plunge of
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shares of several biotechs and drug companies. he once led the polls in battleground state of iowa and now he is out. governor scott walker ending he is ending his campaign for the republican presidential nomination. he was one of the final candidates to enter the race a little over 60 days ago. at one point he was possibly considered a favorite. he said more republican presidential candidates should quit and "clear out of the field" so someone can take down frontrunner donald trump. walker isn't the only one taking shots at trump. at a midst of a big surge in the polls, carly fiorina brought her campaign to late-night television. >> donald trump has recently said that he wants, that vladimir putin is saying he wants to meet with trump when he comes here and he wants to sit down and have a conversation with him. you put putin. >> the two of them have a lot in common, actually. but we'll just leave it at that. >> fiorina last night on nbc's
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"tonight show." about a meeting with putin. also made time for more serious issues. fiorina second to trump in the latest gop presidential polls. >> she's really come on strong. needs to look donald trump in the eyes and see his soul. much like george bush did. >> you think there's one there? >> she'll report back. rewarded for a good deed. the repayment all in pizza. how one customer earned a free pizza pass for a year.
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4:54. we were just talking about getting coffee in our system early tuesday morning. kari, have you had your cup yet? >> oh, yeah. about ready for cup number two. but it will be a much nicer day. s so that makes it easier.
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88 degrees in los gatos today. i think you'll welcome the 12 degree temperature drop. in redwood city 78 degrees and mission district, napa 84 and oakland 74 and pleasanton we'll see a high of 85 degrees. let's check in now with mike. >> smooth drive towards the bay bridge. the concern is, over here at the castro valley. big slowing in the region. we saw so much slowing there was a traffic break and right when we were doing our report and get evidence teams on to the freeway there. they have cleared all lanes back past the area. you'll find slowing right at the castro valley because of that closure for east 14th and there will be a distraction just off the valley castro wide. the south bay and volume of traffic here at the peninsula, very light. this is 101 and 680. >> thank you very much, mike. new this morning, bay area wildlife rescue is being overwhelmed and warmer ocean waters could be to blame.
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the international bird rescue center in farfield said it is caring for more than 250 common found exhausted and malnourished in recent weeks. typically the center sees fewer than ten of these birds around this time of year. scientists think warmer ocean waters may be causing fish to swim deeper, putting them out of reach for diving beavers. the center says its researchers are stretched thin and researchers and volunteers are always welcome. happening today plans for a new health program taking center stage in contra costa county. supervisors are expected to approve it during a vote later today that would provide health care for undocumented and uninsured residents. county leaders are going to hold a news conference introducing the program ahead offed today' meeting. the sheriff department gets a big reward today. receive the 2015 innovation in
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america's government award for the charter high school. a high school that is run inside the county jail to help inmates earn their high school diplomas. the sheriff's department was selected for the award from among 450 other applicants. >> from awards to rewards now. free pizza for a year. how does that sound? that is what a berkeley man is enjoying after he returned $1,300 that he found when he opened up his domino pizza box. he ordered from dominos over the weekend and maybe some pepperoni, sausage and cold hard cash. he got his food and also got two bundles of cash accidentally left in a wings box by the delivery driver. while he hesitated a moment or two, he believes in karma and he knew he had to return that money. the business was so grateful that they promised him free pizza for a year. >> all right. what about wboos at a football game. a vote on a new policy at niners
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game. punched by a man while just pushing her baby in a stroller. the latest on an assault and robbery in palo alto. offramp in the east bay - closed
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at this hour - while police breaking news. a freeway off ramp in the east bay closed right now while police investigate a shooting involving one of their own. and a mom with a stroller attacked in palo alto. but this morning police say they have a new lead. plus, reaching out to the white house. governor brown tells president obama, send help now for the victims of the valley fire.
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"today in the bay" starts now. and a very good tuesday morning now. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a bit of a roller coaster week. >> the roller coaster is not over, sam. it has been at the top of the roller coaster to start out the week and today we go right back down and that doesn't mean we're done with this ride yet. let's look at those temperatures now. right at about 60 degrees and heading into the 70s and 80s. the north bay up to 83 degrees and the peninsula a high of 79 degrees. it will be heating back up by the end of the week. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike. >> kari, a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza which has absolutely no backup. we'll look at your approach on the map and a crash on the upper east shore freeway. a big rig on the shoulder


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