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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good deal. thank you so much. thank you for joining us, as well. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes with a live local news update. good morning. guest of honor. pope francis set to touch down in the u.s. for the first time today. a rare presidential greeting at the airport and then thousands of the faithful and massive, unprecedented security. >> not going quietly. republican candidate scott walker ends his candidacy and urges others to do the same, with a shot at donald trump.
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>> this morning bill o'reilly is here. >> and raising the cost of a life saving pill overnight from $13 to $750. >> in response to doctors saying they can't access this drug, are you going to chang the price? >> no. >> nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. >> how that ceo has become a pariah and thrust the battle over prescriptions and price gouging into the spotlight today, thursday, september 22nd, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on tuesday morning. that prescription story has raised a lot of eyebrows and it's entered right into the political arena.
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>> much more on that story. meanwhile, run ready for the arrival of the pope? >> you mean spiritually ready? >> he'll arrive and he'll come to new york coinciding with the u.n. general assembly getting together. >> something like 170 world leaders, including the president. >> how about traffic? the red carpet being rolled out for pope francis as he begins his first trip ever in the u.s. >> reporter: good morning to you. he'll be here about this time tomorrow morning. this will be the first time the americans see this much celebrated, much admired pope up close and personal. from the moment pope francis arrives today, it will kick off
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a series of firsts to be personally welcomed at andrews air force base by president obama. on wednesday, the pope will canonize a saint. >> the members of congress have been told to not shake his hand, there's a dignity that's above politics. >> over 16 law enforcement agencies are teaming up for security. in new york friday francis speaks to the u.n., visits ground zero and goes to madison square garden. >> then to the city of botherofy love, speaking from the lectern
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that abraham lincoln used to deliver the gettysburg address. more than a million people are expected to flock to philadelphia. these nuns working overtime for two months to bake 100,000 communion wafers. >> he lands today at 4 p.m. we're told to seeing him are next to none. today he'll head directly to his quarter. popes don't stay at hotels, they stay at church quarters. he'll come here to see the president in person at his residence tomorrow morning just after 9:00. >> peter, thanks very much. we'll be live at the white house tomorrow morning for the show. we expect to hear the pope speak about 18 times in all during his six days here in the united
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states, mostly in spanish, his native tongue, but he will speak at least four times in english, most notably when he addresses the joint session of congress. >> and security in all three of these cities are absolutely massive involving tens of thousands of military police. in filled alone, there will be another traffic barriers to close off a four and a half square mile area. >> and he'll come with an entourage. and the translator has a decided by li british accent. if you ordered the new iphone, you could experience a holy delay. ups says they will not be making pickups and cliff ris during the pope's visit. >> well, they have a good excuse in this case.
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>> in the meantime, the republican race for politics is smaller this morning. wisconsin governor scott walker announced the end of his campaign but not before taking a swipe at donald trump. and we'll get a take of what trump is saying about him on twitter. but first, halle johnson. >> reporter: good morning, savannah opinion scott walker's early sur rife sal, who didn't endorse anybody else, left with a parting shot about donald trump without mentioning his name and advice for the rest of the field on how to beat the current leader. once the front-runner in iowa where he'd been making his play, scott walker is now out of the game. >> i believe i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race. >> reporter: leading by leaving, he says, and encouraging other
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candidates to consider doing the same. >> so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates, who can offer a positive, considered alternative. >> i think he's a nice guy and it been tough for him. >> a freefall, win unable -- it wasn't all laughs for cruz. the audience booed him over an intense debate over gay marriage. >> and i don't think -- >> guys, guy, however you feel, he's my guest so please don't boo him. >> and also carly fiorina. >> when people get to know me, they tend to support me.
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that's what you see in the polls. >> i've heard her speak numerous times. she uses many of the same lines and its could o s couls coul ss like a robot. >> donald trump is saying vladimir putin wants to come here and meet with donald trump. you've met putin. >> i have. the two of them have a lot in common actually. >> trump said he had a hard time watching the fox network and mentioned bill o'reilly saying he gives too much air time to trump haters. >> funny you mention bill o'reilly. he's the host on fox news and the co-author of "killing
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reagan." scott walker is out of the race. here was a battle hardened governor with a conservative resumé. what does is say about the state of the party that he's out, couldn't get support and donald trump, who people question as a conservative is leading the pack. >> well, it just says that fame is a currency in america. nobody knew scott walker, they didn't really know rick perry down in texas. they were both good governors and everybody knows donald trump. so immediately attention goes to him and he's so bomb dassic and charismatic. good news, he watches your show apparently. >> he says, "o'reilly factor" be
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why don't and this is a a guy who has no problem poking a sharp stick in the eye of the media, his opponents, women. are these the kind of qualities we want in the white house? >> well, that's up to the folks. i've known trump a long time. he wants people to like him. when people criticize him, he takes it personally and then this machine, this tweeting thing, that's like the worst thing you could give donald trump is this tweeting thing. so i just think this is just an extension of his reality show, "the apprentice." this is just theater right now. he gets a lot of attention from the theater. a lot of people like him because he's the nont politician in a country and that's why people you're somebody who likes to look to the future.
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i'll say you're back here in six months promoting your next book. is donald trump going to be in the leader in the poles. >> i think he'll be competitive. >> not the front-runner? >> i can't say that with certainty because there are so many variables that happen. but i think trump has been but he has engaged peep, did he has forced them to pay attention and they are paying attention and that is good for america, pay attention. the country's in trouble. >> before you go, let me ask you about some comments that ben carson made the other day about not being able to support or advocate for a muslim to lead this nation. >> you agree with that? >> well, i mean, carson beliefs
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so if o -- you have your own beliefs. stop with the nonsense. if that's what carson believes, that's okay with me. stop with the nonsense. >> and let the voters decide. >> that's right. i'm coming back, right? >> to talk about the book "killing reagan." >> and another reason the secret service is apologizing this morning. >> another controversy surrounding the secret service. this morning the agency apparently ordered hundreds of parents and their cancer stricken children out of a
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washington different. >> after what happened saturday night in lafayette park behind me, 7 people were there, half of them children. they had a permit but the secret service essentially shut them down while the president was away from the white house giving a speech. we talked to several of them, including 11-year-old natasha gould who keeps a blog about her brain cancer. she told us see ended up going back to her hotel room and cried. the entire family of another child, 12-year-old kiely meyers who they said a lot of people had to leave because their children needed their medication. yesterday joe clancy called organizers and gave them a heart felt apology and offered to speak at the event when they were able to reschedule it and
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natasha, whose blog was unbelievablely upbeat was upbeat again, she said at least this way they're getting a lot more publicity to a cause close to her own heart, childhood cancer. >> a navy fighter jet crashed on monday but the pilot ejected and safely pair chuted to the ground. nobody was aboard the super hornet that cashed. a fire from the crash was quickly extinguished. the pilot is in good condition. >> a former peanut company executive was sentenced money to 28 years in prison. they say he knowingly shipped salmonella-entertainmented peanuts. it's the toughest outcome ever. the death was blamed for the death of nine people and
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sickened hundreds more. >> residents say the blast shook their homes and sounded like a bomb going off. two people were air lifted to an area hospital and three were treated for minor injuries. firefighters are working with the gas company to determine if there was a leak. and two inmates escaped a kentucky correction center on monday by tying bed sheets together and climbing down the side of a four-story building. they were being held on drug charges. they were both on work detail in the build be where they managed to escape. cornelius and johnson are now back in custody this morning. >> newly released video shows frightening moments last week when a florida school bus carrying 27 elementary school kid plunged into a pond. surveillance video shows the bus blow right through a housing community gate and crashes into the water.
7:16 am
none of the kid were seriously hurt. policy a number of factor could have led to the crash, including speed. thier still working to determine the cause. >> and incredible video showing a man who is truly lucky to be alive. the man casually walking down the street when a pane of glass falls right on top of him, knocking him to the ground. you see he get right back up and walks away. he was okay. thank fly the glass did not hit him in the head. but, gosh, that is just remarkable. he is so likely to. >> crazy but so lucky. >> natalie, thanks very. >> mr. roker. >> we're looking at some papal weather. looking pretty good. we start off in our nation's capital.
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and for this afternoon about mainly cloudy skies 4 p.m., 74 degrees. tomorrow fabulous weather, temperatures getting into the upper 70s and thursday as well looking pretty good. then the holy father touches down here in new york city. and nice weather right threw there's a system we're going to talk about in the next half hour that may cause some problems. we'll get problem coming up in the next 30 second. >> what are you doing, buddy. >> my ewalk happy dance. good morning.
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we're taking a live look from mt. hamilton toward the south bay. a layer of clouds this morning that will quickly clear out and a high of 83 degrees. much cooler than yesterday. redwood city, 78 degrees. 70s in the mission district. oakland, 76 degrees. in livermore, expect a high of 86. and our temperatures coming down in some spots by almost 20 degrees. and then it will start to climb as we head through the rest of the week. now to the alarming new numbers on sexual violence on college campuses. >> there's a massive survey of 150,000 students at 27 top universities, including ivy league schools. it fond 23% of undergraduate women, nearly one in four, say they have been victims of sexual assault or misconduct, with freshmen women at higher risk than older students.
7:19 am
>> as part of this when it comes to reporting incidents to campus officials or police, rates are extremely low ranging from just 5 to 28%. the reason? most students didn't think they'd be considered serious enough. >> coming up, keeping your family safe when you can't be with them. >> and plus the ceo of a company
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coming up on rossen reports, keeping your kids safe coming up you can't be with them. the three apps you need to download today. and which is more hazardous. sharks or selfies. after your local news. s, while t those.
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♪ story... ==topvo== a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. authorities investigating a chase that ended in a deadly police shooting. shot and killed a suspect near interstate 238. investigators say the suspect initially shot someone during a carjacking in oakland. that victim is now hospitalized. the suspect then apparently tried to ditch the vehicle and carjack another person but was not successful. when the suspect fired at police, they returned fire killing the suspect. let's take a look at the forecast 2340u from kari hall. >> and today will be much cooler than we had the past couple of days. some clouds near the bay. and sunshine inland. it's 59 degrees now in the east
7:27 am
bay. and a high of 79 today. 78 degrees in the peninsula. south bay up to 85 degrees. in the trivalley we'll see highs around 85 degrees. san francisco seeing a high of 71 degrees. let's see how the commute is moving now with mike. >> it's moving much more slowly right now. we talked about it kicking in at 7:00 and 7:30. slow up into saratoga. and northbound 280 added to the slowdown out of downtown. all pushing towards westbound 237. the crash looks like it cleared from eastbound 84. and west 92. crash clear on the southbound side. and as you head toward the bay bridge, upper show near the golden gate field. and a crash over here from 242. so that should be clear. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike.
7:28 am
thank you for joining us as well. another news update in a half hour. see you then.
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♪ 7:30 on a tuesday morning. 22nd day of september, 2015. the final full day of summer. where did it go? >> wah, wah, wah. >> inside studio 1a, here's a look at what's making headlines. pope francis arrives in washington, d.c. today. he'll begin his first ever trip to this country. in all he'll spend six days here, including stops in new york and philadelphia. a security operation that we haven't seen before. we're going to have much more on pope's visit and his popularity just ahead. in politics, wisconsin governor scott walker is the headline. he has ended his campaign for the republican presidential nomination. and now he's encouraging others to do the same without naming
7:31 am
donald trump. walker said he would like to see more of a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> front-runner equaling trump there. >> and a navy fighter jet crashed in california last night near a military base outside fresno. the pilot managed to eject and safely parachute to the ground. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. >> meantime, a lot of people get their prescription drugs and have a bit of sticker shock and wait until you hear this, the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company, face of global outrage this morning because he raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. it's a controversial decision, and he is defending it. nbc's tom costello has the story this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, this is a growing phenomenon. dramatic increases in drug prices raised by pharmaceutical companies focused on bottom line and this company in particular causing this firestorm. let's say this one more time, raising priced by 5,000% for one
7:32 am
drug that's been around for 62 years. now the heat's being felt from wall street to the campaign trail. it's enough to make you sick. drug prices not just doubling or tripling, but in some cases soaring 2,000%, 3,000%, even 5,000%. the latest bombshell by a company called turing pharmaceuticals which recently acquired a drug called parmim raising the price from $13 a tablet to a stunning $750 a tablet. >> there's no regulation in place that says you have to keep the price where it is. >> reporter: daraprim helps with infections sometimes contracted by aids patients and the ceo defend the move insisting the money will go to develop a better version of the drug. >> this is the more appropriate price for daraprim. at this price daraprim is actually still on the low end of what orphan drugs cost and we're certainly not the first company to raise drug prices. >> i mean, it's days graceful.
7:33 am
>> reporter: speaking at an event in little rock hillary clinton started to hold drug companies accountable for their prices. >> nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. >> reporter: across social media people blasted shkreli's decision making him immediately unpopular but skrely is fighting back tweeting the lyrics to a song by rapper eminem. it seems like the media points a finger at me and i point one back at 'em but not the index or pinky. >> in response to all of this attention and doctors and patient groups saying they can't access this drug, are you going to change the price? >> no. >> reporter: investors will be watching very closely. biotech stocks on wall street today following hillary clinton's focus on the issue of drug prices. the index of biotech stocks dropped 5% on monday. shkreli, by the way, remains dev yapt and will not drop the price of daraprim, he says. guys, back to you. >> tom costello, thank you very much. >> understand the need to invest in better drugs but 5,000% an
7:34 am
crease seems way out of bounds. >> that's what got a lot of people talking for sure. >> let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> guys, we're actually still in the hurricane season. we can have a tropical development at any time. right now the national hurricane center watching this area, investigation area, 97-l, 250 miles southeast of cape had race and stationary and 30-mile-per-hour winds. can you see we've got some showers now coming off the coast and rip currents that will start to develop so we're going to watch this over the next several days because it's slowly going to drift to the east and north bringing showers with it, gusty winds and rip currents and we look for this to move further north as the weekend wears on, but through saturday some areas picking up 3 to 5 inches of rain along the coast, and this could make its way in philadelphia in time for pontiff's visit. we'll continue to track that. for today we've got sunshine in the northeast. gorgeous last full day of
7:35 am
summer. along the mid-atlantic coast and midwest. showers and thunderstorms through the southwest and gorgeous day along good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today temperatures coming down quite a bit from yesterday's highs. and we start out right around 60 degrees. some clouds and fog near the bay. and mostly sunny skies this afternoon. expect a high of 78 degrees in the peninsula. 85 degrees in the south bay as well as the tri-valley today. in the north bay, 83 degrees. san francisco, a breezy day with high of 71 degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds. have a great day. >> don't forget. get that weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. coming up, the room filled with balloons. the fellow star who shared amy schumer on her big emmy win in a very big way. >> and the rock star pope. maria shriver on why pope
7:36 am
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we are back at 7:40. million of people expected to line the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of pope francis during his trip to the u.s. >> it begins with his arrive later today. our special anchor maria shriver will report on pope's trip here for us. good to have you here. >> i'm excited. pope francis has been called the people's pope and rock star. with the first visit to the united states, he hopes to reenergize the faithful. millions show up just for a glimpse. he is a pope who has inspired many. catholics and non catholics alike from the very start. dressed in a simple white robe,
7:41 am
he became pope francis in march 2013 in honor of the saint for the poor. has walked in his steps ever since. >> i think he has been a breath of fresh air for the catholic church. he has been the man who called people to a simple way of life. everybody refers to him as the people's pope. he has been very outgoing and engagin engaging. >> reporter: over the last two years, the pontiff has used the spotlight to expose the world to the flight of those who suffer. one of the first acts as pope shocked many. he washed the feet of inmates in rome. in his public audiences, he breaks free from the popemobile security seeking out the suffering. his dinner guests have included the homeless. his actions sending a powerful message. >> i have seen images of him reaching out to people i don't know i necessarily would be talking to on the street.
7:42 am
he is this big public figure. it sends a great message. >> reporter: francis is a pope of surprises. weeks ago, an unscheduled stop to buy glasses in rome drew a huge crowd of fans. pope francis reportedly insisting on the way out that the clerk charge him full price. on the trip to naples, the pope accepted a pizza delivery to the popemobile. and a motorcade took a wrong turn in rio. what did he do? he rolled down the window and blessed the crowd. >> it wasn't turn around. he said i'm here, i might as well spend time with these people. that is what attracted people to him. >> reporter: he hasn't shied away from controversy. addressing hot button issues calling it a moral duty to protect the environment. encouraging immigration reform and taking on capitalism. his encourage forgiveness for
7:43 am
women who had abortions and move to anul divorces easier. his words of inclusion and mercy resonate with many. >> his openness and compatibility to the culture and accept everybody, even the gay and lesbian groups. >> reporter: pope francis is open to continued discussion of these issues while staying true to church doctrine. not ignoring the modern world we live in. participating in a google hangout and social media. he tweets in nine languages and taking selfies in st. peter's square. >> somebody said he is like just as famous as justin bieber. i thought that was funny. >> the pope has never been to america before. on the first visit, he said he
7:44 am
really wants to meet the people here. he wants to get to know them and listen to him. we will try to help him with that. we like to know what you think. we hope you send us your thoughts on what you think it means to be a good catholic using the #stateoffaith. >> it will be interesting to hear the comments. i want to tell people you will join us tomorrow live on the south lawn of the white house for the pope's meeting with the president. you will be back later in this show with more of our do you believe series. the man behind the provocative take on the story of adam and eve. >> maria, thank you. see you tomorrow. coming up, our newly minted golden boy returns on the heels of his triumph emmy win. carson is here taking the internet by storm. >> do we have a mic? >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. thank you.
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we were doing trending and we were bragging about carson and the gang at "the voice" nominated for a primetime emmy. he was confident. here is what he had to say at the time. >> a big emmy award for the show. >> fingers crossed. >> good luck. >> early congratulations to "amazing race." >> every year! it's amazing! >> spotted in 2003, in my own defense, prior to the sunday night, won 10 of 12 years. we took one. "top chef" took one. >> oh, ye of little faith. >> thank you. we were stunned. they sit us all together. you are with your competitors who are friends in the business. when they said our name, we were
7:50 am
stunned. it made the trip worth it. >> you got a good welcome home from the kids. >> there's my son. they made signs there. it was a whirlwind trip. we came back on the redeye sunday night. it was crazy. >> that is awesome. >> crazy with the governor's ball afterwards. >> i know your night was not entirely fun. you said come on, i just won an emmy and all i want is a beer can. >> i want bud light. i'm an oakland raiders but light can. i took the opportunity when i won the emmy. how do i? >> all you have to do. >> oh, my gosh. is it real? >> yes. >> chug, chug. >> chug for carson.
7:51 am
>> go, carson. >> all right. >> thank you. that's what goes good with beer. good pizza. >> let's do pizza quickly. less than 24 hours, this is the video that has gone viral. you will talk about pizza wrap. it is trending. tweets are hilarious. i left my wife and kids to start a life with pizza rap. and ain't no mountain high enough. gilbert tweeted out, i'm patiently sitting by the phone to see if i am the voice of pizza rat. so much support in the voice of the rat that could. i appreciate this. thank you. thank you so much. coming up, joan lunden on what she is doing to inspire other women. we are happy to have her back after your local news.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
new details this morning on the ten-day-old valley fire burning in the north bay. cal fire has issued a new update. that fire is now 75% contained with more than 76,000 acres burned. authorities confirmed the fire has already claimed the lives of three people. the lake county sheriff's department also says several others are still unaccounted for. the fire destroyed homes in the process. the city of santa clara is rethinking how alcohol is sold at 49ers games. cutoff may start as soon as the third quarter begins. that's different than the cutoff at the end of the third quarter. metlife stadium for example in new jersey also stops sales after half-time. that's where the giants and jet play. back to home now, let's get
7:57 am
a check of your weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> a lot of sun this afternoon. 88 degrees will be the high today in los gatos. redwood city, 78 degrees. financial district at 71 degrees. in napa 84. let's see how this commute is moving now. >> we've got a big problem heading through fremont over across the dunbar bridge. all traffic is stopped there. that's at ardwood. take it over to thornton onramp that's past the crash to get you back on. also more folks might be heading towards the san mateo bridge. so this stretch going to get worse through the area. some might head south to 237. that may be an option for you. packed in for the south bay. we jump up to the bay bridge. by comparison this isn't so bad. but a crash here slows you down. back to you. all right.
7:58 am
thank you so much. we'll be back in 25 minutes. another local update. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, your child's safety. jeff rossen goes over the apps to keep your kids safe. >> it tracks them in real-time and if the phone falls out of their hands, one will call the local police with their exact location. and joan's juourney. how joan lunden is doing and what she is doing to help others fight the disease. and up, up and away.
8:01 am
the surprise after amy schumer's emmy win. today, tuesday, september 22nd, 2015. ♪ >> hi, dad. >> we just got married. >> we honeymooned in new york city. >> all the way from orange county, california. >> celebrating my birthday from north carolina! >> good morning. welcome back to "today." it's tuesday, september 22nd. 8:00 out here on our plaza. great to have everybody along with us. >> it is so cute. if you look, wrangler is looking at carson going where's the emmy. >> he wants a treat.
8:02 am
>> beautiful day for the last full day of summer here in new york. >> fall comes in tomorrow morning at 4:21 a.m. it will be warmer than usual for folks. >> we love to hear that. a little earlier, we talked to bill o'reilly about the presidential race and other topics. he will be back to talk about "killing reagan." how the attempt on the president's life impacted his white house legacy. and first let's get a check of the top stories of the morning. natalie. >> good morning once again. president obama is preparing to personally welcome pope francis when he arrives in a few hours on his first trip to the united states. this morning, the pope wraps up the trip to cuba by celebrating mass and meeting with families struggling with hardship. the washington schedule is a ceremony at the white house on wednesday and address to congress the following day. the republican presidential field is less crowded this morning. wisconsin governor scott walker suspended his campaign. he said the republican
8:03 am
candidates are too focused on personal attacks instead of personal issues. he urged others to quit so a challenger can take on donald trump, who he did not mention by name. democratic contender hillary clinton is expected to provide details today on her plan to hold the line on prescription drug prices. a campaign stop on monday, mrs. clinton said she would cap monthly and annual out of pocket costs for patients with chronic or serious health conditions. mrs. clinton tweeted about what she called outrageous price gouging by companies that buy older drugs and turn them into specialty drugs. volkswagen admitted today that 11 million of the diesel vehicles were fitted with software to fight the pollution testing. the corporation faces hefty fines. and regulators revealed that the
8:04 am
cars could pass smog tests and they were rigged to do that. and a story we brought you yet about a flight attendant who appeared to slur his words on a flight from birmingham to dallas. the flight had supervisors to assess a flight attendant on board. although the captain on board the flight did not witness or detect any unusual behavior, the employee acknowledged a reaction to the medication prescribed to the physician. we made the decision to remove the employee from duty for the day. and the ordinary stuff for kenny belae. he decided to take on this. a bigger challenge. kenny practiced for months to ride across the line 370 feet high in the french alps. i see that close call left him
8:05 am
dangling, but kenny finally managed to pull off the trick. so his next goal -- getting dizzy looking at that video. his next goal. the first person to ride a bike on the moon. >> to the moon? >> he managed to hang off and get back on it? >> and laugh and continue. >> and nik wallenda is saying get my agent on the phone. thank you, natalie. >> we have the latest from jeff rossen with "the rossen report" for the update on the kids safety. >> alarming new research showing nearly 70% of teenagers, 14 to 17, have been assaulted and in college, not better. 1 in 4 women experienced
8:06 am
unwanted sexual contact. this morning, that all changes. we are about to show you three apps on your phone that your child needs now. best part is, they are all free to download. the technology is so advanced, you can be in your child's pocket as they walk alone. even the cops can. you know how we do it. putting the apps to the test. in a moment, how to get them. >> reporter: your teenager is walking home alone from class, from anywhere. nobody knows where she is. if attacked, who would know? last year, the university of virginia student hannah graham was walking alone to a party. a month later, a college student disappeared after leaving a bar. his body want found in a nearby river. and this indiana university student vanished walking home near campus one night. she is still missing. but now three smartphone apps designed to change that.
8:07 am
using gps technology to track your child and sense trouble. first up, companion. >> ready to start my trip. >> reporter: my producer stephanie is walking across campus and wants somebody to know just in case. >> jeff is my companion. >> reporter: she chooses me. it can be anyone in your contact list. i'm getting a text alert here. it says hey, jeff, stephanie requested you be her companion. keep an eye on her. you swipe here and hit yes. look, it map it s it out. it uses the motion sensors to detect problems. when stephanie's headphones get yanked out, i get an alert. >> check in with her to make sure she is okay. i know something is going on. i hit okay. i can call stephanie. >> reporter: it sends an alert if she starts running or drops her phone. the app's creators, a group of
8:08 am
students from the university of michigan. >> how did you come up with this? >> i'm a college girl walking home alone at night and it is scary. we wanted to find a solution. >> reporter: app two goes further. circle of six. allowing you to alert six friends at a time beaming them your location if you are in trouble. but app number three may be the most advanced of all. called lifeline. tracking you and calling the police instantly. you walk with your thumb on the screen. if your thumb comes off, it sounds the alarm. >> we are in a park in arlington heights, illinois. the local police have no idea our location as the app makers don't know your location. i'll let go. if i don't enter the p.i.n., the alarm will go off. i will not put in my p.i.n.
8:09 am
>> this is emma from lifeline response. we received your emergency distress alert. i notified the local police of the situation and transmitted your gps. the police are en route to your location. >> reporter: can the police find me? the lifeline center is tracking me live and dispatching the cops. >> he is the at intersection of westmont avenue and south mitchell avenue. >> a male, white, 6-foot, green eyes and approximately 35 years old. >> reporter: within minutes, police are here. >> you okay, sir? >> yes. the app called you and you found me? >> it's a good app. my daughter is 13. i'll have her put it on her phone. hopefully she will never have to use it. >> reporter: by the way, these apps are not just for students. they can be for anybody when you are walking alone and you don't feel safe. these are free to download right now. that's the important part here.
8:10 am
lifeline gives you 30 days three. you if want more information, the apps and how to download them, i have links on my facebook page. >> it reminds me of the report on the school. technology is great, but a sign of the times. >> the fact you need this is sad. >> gives parents peace of mind. jeff, thank you. up next on trending, a bigger danger. sharks or selfies? don't answer too fast. and the very definition of pink power. joan lunden on her brave fight against cancer one year later. we will check in with her. an evelonger night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom,"
8:11 am
she sees determination. we do too. for nearly 40 years, we've designed an education for people just like you. learn more at which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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8:13 am
back now at 8:13. time for the stories that have you talking. matt, i was in your office the other day and started leaving through your copy of "naught" magazine and really saw a deese. take a look at this. the largest yacht ever built. >> just saw this. >> a super yacht that cost $400 million. who saw this coming? it was built by a russian billionaire. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a lot of fertilizer. >> you know why he built it. >> his $300 million yacht just was not cutting it anymore. the interior isn't finished anymore and this vessel will have eight floors, pools and an underwater observation room and helicopter pad. >> does it have a sub? >> here's the thing, al. i don't think we can really comprehend this unless we
8:14 am
compare it to a boat we all know and love, the love boat, aka the pacific princess. cue that music. it cost $200 million and love boat just a cool $150 million. super yacht is 468 feet lont and 550 feet for the love boat and up to 750 passengers and just 74 passengers for super yacht. two vessels are about even when it comes to top speed. >> does the super yacht have isaac? >> i was going to say. >> captain stubing. >> julie mccoy sold separately. >> speaking of boats, anyone agree with me that if you need a boat that big you probably already have a small dinghy. >> whoa. >> compensation. went a long way around the bay to get to that one. >> slow cap for matt on that. >> whether we like it or not, we're in the age of the selfie. here's the latest gimmick. okay. you're eating breakfast but you want people to know what you're eating. now, people at cinnamon toast crunch have created the selfie spoon. >> no way. >> come on. >> so when you're eating your
8:15 am
cereal you can capture every delicious moment. >> what a great idea. >> costs 7 buck. before you buy, it listen up, carson. the folks at mashable crunched the numbers and found this year more people have died from selfies than from shark attacks. >> really. >> selfie-related deaths at eight. >> just so dark. it's hard not to laugh but it's really not funny. >> what about sharks taking selfies? >> that's double the problem. all right. this next one is for you. >> oh, good. >> you ready for this. >> you probably spend hours selecting the perfect emoji. >> do i. >> to express yourself. wouldn't it be great to have thousands right at your fingertips. behold the emoji keyboard. >> oh, wow. >> made up of 14 regular keyboards adding up to over 1,000 emojis at your disposal. the guy who built it posted this video on youtube saying it's the most ridiculous thing i've built in a while.
8:16 am
friday, 3:00 i'm picking up my kids. savannah, text me her latest favorite emoji. perfect for you. >> christmas is 93 days away. yeah. get right on that. >> got the keyboard for you. >> now it's a pop star. ryan reynolds getting personal and jennifer lawrence's big surprise for aim schumer. carson, if your head isn't too big. >> it's not. >> would you do "pop start" for us. >> ryan reynolds story, a orie of a friend's betravel telling "gq" magazine about a friend he had known for 25 years and then ryan caught this supposed friend trying to sell photos of his baby daughter. apparently the friend needs cash and ryan said losing him was like death, one of the devastating things to find out. sad story. >> horrible. >> now to the concert getting a lot of buzz, global citizens festival happening this weekend in new york city. leonardo di caprio. >> that's an emmy winning kind of fun. >> sorry, leo. leo and bono, both, you know
8:17 am
we're talking about, added to the lineup, pearl jam and beyonce and coldplay. paper dolls >> you drank that whole beer, didn't you? >> yeah, really. >> paper goods. >> the duran duran record and salma hayek is going to be one of the hosts and complains why she is involved using one your favorite mottos. >> do not be somebody a didn't do something to change so i think if we're not happy with the way things work we can't just sit and complain and wait for someone else to do it. >> salma co-founder of the charity chime for change. can you see her here at the global citizens festival. willie and tamron will be here and airs this sunday on msnbc. finally the bffs were love. jennifer lawrence and amy schumer. amy won her first emmy on sunday and goes back to her hotel and look what she finds in her room. it's filled with huge balloons, a surprise from jennifer. amy posted this photo of herself on instagram saying never tell
8:18 am
jennifer l. your room numbers. many guys would disagree with that but point taken. that's your "pop start." sorry, leo. >> thanks, carson. >> now a check of the weather frommal. >> let's see what we've got as we spin over to the map. shower activity off the southeastern atlantic coast and part of this investigation area that we've got. weather in the southwest. this tropical moisture will be making its way up. remnants of another tropical system but now it will move past the rockies and on into the central and northern plains. 50-mile-per-hour wind gust. some small hail possible and locally heavy downpours and some places picking up to three inches of rain from new mexico all the way down and into parts of texas and on into nebraska. for today we look for plenty of sunshine here in the northeast good morning, and it won't be as hot today, but warm in the
8:19 am
expect a high of 83 degrees in san jose and palo alto up to 80 degrees. 70 in the mission district and morning clouds clearing out to give us a bright afternoon, 84 degrees in napa, 84 in pittsburgh, and a high of 86 degrees, this weather for the next couple days and slight warming as we ged closer to the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thanks very much. as you know our friend joan lunden feet a very public battle with breast cancer last year. now a survive, she's become an advocate for others in the fight and hoda is here with more on joan's journey. >> we have been following joan's journey, havy very closely and she is on the other side. joan's made it her mission to help other women battling the disease and overall health and wellness by opening up about her own story. take a look. ♪
8:20 am
>> it's been over a year since joan lunden was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> it's a shame you have to go through something that almost takes life away to appreciate it more. >> reporter: she spent nine months battling the disease, a journey she shared with her fans. >> and i'm just trying to build up my stamina. >> reporter: her mammogram was clean but an ultrasound picked up the tumor. >> with all the chemotherapy. >> reporter: she had aggressive stage two triple negative breast cancer. her initial treatment included 12 rounds of toxic chemotherapy and then a lumpectomy. >> i have the wires going into the breast. >> reporter: in a brave move joan lunden appeared bold and bald on the cover of "people" magazine. >> we're doing this and losing our hair in order to live and survive and be there for our families. >> pink power. >> reporter: last fall to raise
8:21 am
awareness for breast cancer joan tamron and i joined 100 women for our pink power on the plaza. >> we are at the radiation center for my very last dose of radiation. >> reporter: after four more rounds of chemotherapy and radiation every day for six weeks, this past winter her treatment came to an emotional end. >> it's a very kind of mixed set of emotions with the last day and kind of re-entering normal again. >> reporter: now in remission for over five months, a new memoir "had i known" and the birth of her first grandson joan lunden has a lot to celebrate. >> she certainly does. joan, good morning. >> hi, guys. >> we're all sitting here crying. gets me every time. belated happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> lots to celebrate. >> oh, yeah. what a difference a year makes. a year ago my daughter lindsey gave birth to little parker and
8:22 am
it was one of the sickest days. i was in the middle of chemo and i just wanted everything to be wonderful that day and i didn't want anybody to know how bad i felt and here a year later little mason was born, a beautiful little boy, two weeks ago today, and, you know, i'm strong and i'm through the journey. i survived. >> well, you know what's great, you've had an amazing life. you've worked -- you worked on "good morning america," you traveled the world and now you have like a purpose-driven life. >> yes. >> it's completely changing gears, right in. >> i think it's hard for someone to understand how a survivor can say that cancer was actually a gift, but i have to tell you, i mean, one would think it would be a year i would want to forget but it was really very memorable and it changed the trajectory of my life and my career. i'm in washington advocating for women's health. i wrote the book. i started the channel alive with joan, and -- and it's all good.
8:23 am
i like the fact that it kind of propelled me and put me out in front inform. >> but i was thinking about you last night. before you went through this, did -- could you have envisioned yourself as an advocate? did you think you'd be kind of person who would get out in front of something like this? >> i've always been a health advocate for women. i think i'm that wannabe doctor that never became a doctor, but this -- this i never would have imagined myself being in front of the breast cancer world. i used to see everybody in pink, and i don't know if i really got it. well, believe me, i now get it. i mean, i understand that there's an incredible healing in the power of just everybody reaching out and i think it's a natural instinct that if you make it through and you survive that you made a little pact with that lady upstairs. >> not lost on me, that's all right. >> that all reached my hand and will help someone else.
8:24 am
>> some people are shaped by breast cancer and some are defined by them and it becomes their calling. how does it feel with people who have looked at you and everything you've accomplished in your life and that's what they see now? >> nobody needs to be defined by my breast cancer but in my case i think i'm a little bit different because i understand that i have the potential of making a difference in this fight so if when, you know, the end comes, that little dash of my tombstone represents what i can do in this world, i'm fine with that. i'm good with that. >> you're going to be a special correspondent for us all month long, breast cancer awareness month, and as part that have you're going to have a lot of air time to communicate things to others who are still in the fight. are there two things that jump out at you that you want others to know? >> first of all, women have to be vigilant. the only ones monitoring our own body. do body self-exams. don't worry about articles that say it will raise your anxiety. you need to be your own best
8:25 am
advocate and need to do what's going on get all your screenings because the whole thing is you want to catch it early. if you catch it early, we live in a wonderful time with amazing medicine, and the other thing, if you happen to be diagnosed, once you get over freaking out and you will, expect to win. it makes a big difference. expect to win and be vigilant and be -- try to stay engaged in life. >> one of my bosses said, great statement. he said i know a lot of women with breast cancer and they all have one thing in common and i said what's there? he said they are still here, so it is, if you find it early, it's up of things we can get. joan, so excited about having you here all week. starting next thursday and friday you're going to have lots of surprises. we're going to see you out on the plaza, so for more information got to sign up. go to find that pink power button and -- and get with joan. >> yeah. happy birthday again. >> thank you. >> great having you with us. just ahead, private tragedy in the public eye. we're going to talk to kim
8:26 am
goldman 20 years now after the o.j. simpson trial but her family in the spotlight. but, first, we'll take a look at these messages, your locali'm . story... ==topvo== authorities are investigating an early morning chase that ended in a deadly police sh a very good morning to you. we have a developing story. authorities investigate an early morning chase that ended in a deadly shooting. the deputy shot and killed a carjacking suspect near interstate 238 and east 14th street. investigators say the suspect initially shot someone in a conduct in oakland. that victim is hospitalized, and the suspect then tried to take a second vehicle, and then they killed the suspect. let's look at the weather. >> a little better, 80 was the cut off from the bridge, highway 84, we have traffic flowing in the two of the three lanes,
8:27 am
better flow, but jamming traf c traffic. look at the south bay jammed. northbound, crawling below 20 miles per hour. a little bit better further north, but still building up with the traffic as you can see in the morning. over here, active for the day, slower, and east 14th off the north 238 because of the activity and investigation you were told about. back to you. >> thank you very much, we'll be back for another update in a half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hathaway and seth has patrick stewart. "the late night" nbc tonight. ♪ >> we're back now. 4:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 22nd day of september, 2015. last full day of summer. big crowd out on the plaza. as always, we thank you for being here. >> good morning, everybody. we'll glad to have you with us this morning. talking a lot about faith and coming up maria shriver is back with a story about a controversial author with a controversial new take on one of the bible's best stories, adam
8:31 am
and eve. >> and also bill o'reilly will be back to talk about ronald reagan, his legacy and impact on this year's presidential race. >> and 20 years after the o.j. simpson trial kim goldman, ron goldman's sister, speaks about how it change her life forever. >> "best time" with neil patrick harris premiered last week on nbc. tonight alec baldwin will be the special guest announcer and pop star joe jonas and britney spears will be there tonight. good luck to neil patrick harris. a real fun show. >> a big hit? how about a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we've got starting off with today. wet weather down through the southeast into the mid-atlantic states by tomorrow, but in the meantime wet weather through the southwest and sunny skies and cooler as you get into the pacific northwest and gorgeous day into the northeast and on into new england and the great lakes. tomorrow as you can see our papal visit washington, d.c. with the pope tomorrow and this afternoon, i should say,
8:32 am
sunshine and decent weather, 74 degrees. wednesday and thursday and temperatures in the 60s. new york city, it looks pretty good as well right through saturday and philadelphia may be the only problem. we look for sunshine on saturday but showers late on sunday afternoon. midday right on into the evening hours. and we've got some nice friends here from ucp, all part of team ucp! all right. good morning, we do have clouds near the coast and temperatures will be slowly warming up today making it into the 70s and lower 80s. not as hot as yesterday, 71 degrees in san francisco, 83 degrees in the north bay. the east bay up to 79 degrees in the tri-valley, expect a high of 85. also 85 in the south bay, the peninsula. topping out at 78 degrees and a breezy one through the afternoon.
8:33 am
>> you guys just married, my gosh. >> we were. >> us two. >> you were standing -- >> not me and him. him and her. >> all right. glad we could straighten that out. guys, back in to you. >> all right, al. thank you investment. more of our special series do you believe? what if everything you learned in sunday school about the story of adam and eve was wrong? >> that's the story of the new novel "eve" by best selling christian author william paul young and maria is back with that story. >> william paul young makes it clear that his new novel is a work of fiction but within the store they's a powerful message about love, self-worth and the importance of women within christianity. trying to open up novel to say was eve really to blame? >> that's part of it. because that's implicit in the story, and that's what we've done historically. >> blame women. >> blame women. >> young, the son of evangelical
8:34 am
missionaries says the original scriptures say clearly that the fall from grace started with adam, not eve. one of his recurring and controversial themes is that god is as much female as male. >> i think men are fundamentally more lost and i think we're finally beginning to enter a period of time which i think this century will be the century of the woman, not in terms of power but in terms of humanity, authentici authenticity. >> reporter: young finds hope in pope francis' new more inclusive message. the pope even sent him a note of thanks for his previous book "crossroads." do you find his message parallel or in concert to what you're trying to say in this book? >> it totally resonates, and, you know, the catholic church is a humongous ship. it doesn't turn quickly, and yet you're watching kind of miraculous things happening. >> reporter: in young's own life
8:35 am
the blockbuster success of "the shack" was something of a miracle as well. when he wrote it young was working menial jobs that included scrubbing toilets. it's now sold 25 million copies and is being made into a major motion picture starring octavia spencer as god, but young says none of that material success really matters in the end. >> when i wrote "the shack" it was for christmas. i made 12 copies at office depot in gresham, oregon and i went back to work. it was never intended to be published, but before i wrote it, everything that mattered to me was in place. >> reporter: instead young says he learned to define himself by the strength of his relationship with god and his loved ones. are you trying really to say to men and women return to your relationship with god because that is the only place that you will actually find yourself. >> yes. >> reporter: this is going to happen inside the crucible of real relationships with spouses,
8:36 am
with the other, with our children. personhood happens inside relationship. >> reporter: a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, young says it's taken him 50 years to reach a place of peace and self-acceptance and hopes that his books help others on a similar journey. who are you? >> i'm a child. i am pure of heart. i'm kind. i'm gentle. i'm good. i love justice. i'm furious at what we've done to ourselves and to each other. i am thrilled to be human and alive. >> beautiful answer. it's interesting because young comes out of the evangelical tradition, but he says he has a lot of friends who are catholic nuns and really admirers what pope francis is doing in terms of reaching out to women and to changing the narrative on social
8:37 am
issues. again "eve" was just released and i know it will spark a big debate. it's a novel. it's a notch. he wants to make sure everybody understands that. >> fascinating perspective on life and faith. >> it is, beautiful answer i thought. >> by the way, of course, we'll see you a lot, tomorrow from the white house live as we kick off our coverage of the pope's historic visit. up next, bill o'reilly on ronald reagan's legacy and how an assassination attempt changed his presidency, but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
hi. welcome back. along with being a famed fox news host bill o'reilly is also a best-selling author with his popular "killing" series, and today the latest installment, "killing reagan" is out. it explores the career of ronald reagan, his rise to the white house and the impact of john hinckley's assassination attempt 69 days into his presidency.
8:40 am
bill, good morning to you. always good to see you. >> oh, it is not, lauer, come on. >> oh, it is. two-for today. we get you twice. >> there you go. >> good news, ronald reagan, one of the most talked about, written about, popular political figures in this country's history. the bad news is a lot's been written and talked and said about him. what's new here? what can you add? >> lots new. we've got some new released documents and archives, transcripts of his phone calls with richard nixon, margaret thatcher, things that hadn't been out before, but the take that we have i think is brand new, that after reagan was shot, almost killed, almost died, his whole psychological and physiological makeup changed and nobody in america knew it because you didn't have cable then, didn't have a lot of intrusive press then. they kept it quiet in the white house but everything changed. >> so let's go back. 69 days into the presidency john linkly jr. shoots the president. reagan went on to live into his 90s yeah. >> served two terms.
8:41 am
>> yeah. >> but people forget not only how close he came to dying and after he survived people thought he wouldn't be able to continue as president. >> it's very close. that's the key passage in the book is there was a day when he came to the oval office and his advisers, top advisers were there, and they were watching him to see if he can handle the discussion that they had set up for him, and if he didn't, they were going to inform george bush the elder he would take over as president because there is an amendment in the constitution that allows that if the president sun fit. so reagan came within that close to invoking that amendment. >> and you also write about nancy reagan a lot in this book, and you say that while she was by his side through his battles with health throughout his long life that there was almost a nancy reagan before the assassination and after the assassination. >> it's like three different nancys. the first one is the very, very ambitious actress who -- who gets reagan and maris reagan and
8:42 am
nobody shows up for the wedding except william holden. an amazing scene, right? the second one is the diva nancy reagan who becomes an entitled person after her husband becomes governor in california for two times and then wins the presidency, and the third one is the hero nancy reagan who after everybody despises her, not everybody but a lot of people in the white house, rises to the occasion and almost singlehandedly cares for her husband as he goes down into the dementia situation. so it's a fascinating portrayal of the woman. >> i mentioned john hinckley jr., a guy being treated for mental illness since he took that fateful shot. he's getting more and more freedom each year, more and more visits outside the hospital where he has been kept. do you think he should be set free? >> no. >> ever? >> no. >> he trained himself to be an assassin and went to the firearm ranges, he did everything he could. he wanted to kill jimmy carter. he tried to kill jimmy carter.
8:43 am
couldn't get him. then he went to reagan. this man -- he could say he's insane and i'm sure he's got neuroses all over the place but society is not better off watching john hinckley walk around. >> interesting watching the republican debate being held out at the reagan library in california. how many vand dates evoerked the name of ronald reagan and try to cast themselves in the mold of ronald reagan? does anybody in the current crop remind you of ronald reagan? >> i can't say that they do because i don't know them that well. reagan is the republican icon because his term was so successful. his two terms were so successful, and that's what the republicans have to look back on. they can't look back on bushes. they look back on reagan, so he is very relevant today, and the candidate who captures the reagan persona, which is almost impossible because he's so charismatic will be the candidate that wins. >> bill o'reilly, the book is called "killing reagan." always good to have you here. it is, i mean it. i bookend it with that. >> thanks for having me in,
8:44 am
lauer, appreciate it. >> savannah? >> all right, matt. thank you so much. coming up next, kim goldman 20 years after the o.j. simpson trial. what she is doing now to help other families impacted by violent crimes. we'll talk with kim and catch up with her, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
rise, it has been more than 20 years since murders of o.j. simpson's ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. it thrust ron's sister kim into the media spotlight. well, now a dedicated victims' rights advocate she profiles victims and survivors of high-profile violent crimes. in her new book "media circus. can the "kim, good to see you. >> good morning, thank you. >> you've been on before and told your story and in this book you're telling other stories, other people in violent crimes
8:47 am
in this media spotlight. why did you want to tell these storeies? >> stories that haven't been told yet. no disrespect to the media, stories that go behind the scenes of where the media and public members may have been a little insensitive and i want to show people what it's like to grieve publicly and how hard that is and how comforting it can be. >> an inside look. you talk to everyone, from sharon tate's sister, remember the manson murders and the wife of the d.c. sniper, one story or anecdote that stood out to you? >> each story was so unique and each chapter advise i'ded for that family, they all resonate with me because they talk about resilience and how you can gain control in a really uncontrollable situation and the power of healing and growth and the process. i love how each member, you know, found their own voice throughout their process, and i -- i just was inspired by every story. >> aren't there common strands when you have a horrible situation like this and for
8:48 am
whatever reason it is of interest to the media. it becomes a national story. of what these families go through, that kind of added trauma potentially to what they are already experiencing. >> you know, i think each -- each member that i interviewed every family had a unique situation to them because, you know, the media was different and social media element added, why sometimes certain stories rose to the top and others didn't. there real wane -- we didn't get to the bottom ofit. it was just really teaching and talking about what their unique experience was. >> tough lessons for the media in this book. >> how to be respectful and responsible and how to share a story that's based in truth and not mistruths and, unfortunately, sometimes families don't want to always talk to the media so that's when stories that aren't fact-checked kind of rise up and then the families say, wait, i want to tell my story and get back involved so that ying and yang is really hard. >> it's interesting because i thought it was -- it's kind of a batch of mixed emotion in this with regard to the media because some families felt traumatized
8:49 am
by all the attention and yet other families were saying i want to tell my story. >> right. >> i want to tell my story in detail. i want the world to know exactly what happened to my loved one. >> right, but knowing how and when and having some control over that i think is probably the most difficult part because you always just want to talk and you want to share and it's not always the right time. >> what did some of the families -- i think about judy shepard, the mother of matthew shepard who was the victim of a gay hate crime or eric garner who was killed in police brutality, what did they say about being at the center of larger social movements? >> i remember with esah how hard it was walking down the street and people chanting i can't breathe and people thought they were being supportive and for her it was the last words her husband ever spoke and every time she heard it it was traumatizing and once she understood the reason behind it and why people were doing it
8:50 am
slowly began to comfort here and judy shepard emerged as a victims' right advocate and wanted to get involved and leave a legacy for her son matthew and that took years for her to do that and how to gain control back. >> so many people know of you, of course, because you lost your brother ron. the o.j. simpson case continues to captivate people. there's even a miniseries coming out. >> i know. >> does something like that bring it all up for you, not that it ever goes away? do you know what i mean? does it in some ways make it more difficult. >> all the families talk about that. even though they are living their life privately, it's very public still for people. people are still inveare vested these stories and in some ways it's great because there's life lessons and lessons to be learned from the justice system. for me it's right here. i'm learning how to use the media and this book and these stories to educate and empower and teach and hopefully that's the good message people get to it. >> the human beings' pain that you're reading about, they are human beings. >> they are someone's pain. >> it's real pain.
8:51 am
>> and for community and public, too, they want to be so spottive and we're real people on other side of it. >> thank you, kim goldman. nice to see you. the book is called "media circus." first jamie lee
8:52 am
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. . back on a tuesday morning, we have today's birthday wishes, what a cute little baby from our
8:53 am
friend willard scott. willard. >> come back to new york and i hope you like the birthdays as much as we do. we've got some today. ettel carroll from san antonio, texas, love the river walk, love it all. 101 years old today. loves to cook, best cook in texas. ken washington, one of the great little towns, alice powell lives there, and she is 101 years old today. we lov her and wish her happy birthday. her motto in life is eat dessert first. i agree. >> irving sims from minneapolis, minnesota. 100 years old and his hobby is restoring antique cars. he'd have a ball in my house. arthur grewe of bellview, iowa is 107 years old today. we wish him the best birthday in the world. he loves to garden. well, that's all for us. right now we've run out of birthdays but we have more. don't go away too far. >> thank you, willard. appreciate it. >> we have -- we're having a loving moment.
8:54 am
wonderful person on the couch this morning. >> who is examining rings. >> that's a ring. >> that's a nice ring. >> thank you. >> how long you been married? >> i've been married 32 years to the same -- to my first husband. >> what's the secret? >> very nice. >> don't get divorced. >> nice. >> it's a fascinating thing. i could write a book on marriage called "don't leave." and then -- >> do. >> please write the book successfully think you have to write the book. >> yeah, yeah, hold on. >> you are hear because you've got a new horror comedy series called "scream queens." >> you can say, it matt. >> it's hard to say. >> no, get used to it. >> as someone known as the ultimate scream queen did you have to take this show basically? >> i had to take this show because ryan murphy called me up at my house and said i would hike to meet you. i must tell you, i've been an actor for a very long time. done all sorts of things to make a living. but it's very, very rare when somebody with a track record like ryan as a writer and producer calls you at your house
8:55 am
and says hi, it's ryan murphy. please come meet me. >> how did you get my number? >> exactly. only happened a couple of times with me, happened with jim cameron on "true lies" and with john cleese on "a fish called wanda" and those are the three times people called and said i want you. >> at first you said no. >> i only want you. >> you said no. >> the show shoots in new orleans and i'm a mom and, you know, i'm married and i'm -- i have a family anjust am not able to relocate so we made a deal where i'm there for a short burst of time, do a lot of work and go home. >> are you still listed in the phone book? >> no, but there are things -- later. >> can we put up that picture real quick, the one you put on instagram recently recreating the scene from "psycho." >> that's amazing. >> great. >> ryan murphy and the boys wrote this into an open sewed and i said, you know, guys, my whole life avoided that.
8:56 am
i've literally never stepped in the shower, people wanted to do that, and i said, no, it's my mom's and it's her legacy and for this show, this moment, my mom's been gone long enough now. i'm rooted in my own feet. >> right. >> i think we can now do it. >> the timing was right. >> and we recreated the whole shower scene. >> that's amazing. >> in the show "scream queens." >> that's a great homage to your mom. >> which is on tonight, by the way. >> yes, it is. >> we'll be back with kathie lee i'm ... ==anim== new details this morning... ==topvo== on the massive valley wildfire burning in the good morning to you. 8:56. we have new details on the massive wildfire burning in the north bay. cal fire issued a new update a short time ago, now 75% contained, and more than 76,000 acres have burned. it's killed three people, destroyed nearly 2,000 structures including 13 00 homes.
8:57 am
governor brown is asking president obama to declare a national disaster for victims of the california's two largest wildfires, the valley fire and butte fire. the butte fire is 80% contained and 500 homes destroyed. back in a half hour. hope to see you then. in the meantime, have a good tuesday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," is justin timberlake heading to late night. find out which new show could be getting a new theme song and the countdown till the new iphone is out. we've got our greedy little hands on it and actress margaret cho. all that and more coming up right now >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on a to us morning, september 22nd, 2015. i'm al along with natalie and tamron. willie on assignment. my morning jam, i love this song, "oh, me."
9:01 am
hula hoop. >> a good one. >> in fenway park, we have alex out on the plaza. >> he's not hula hoping. >> and kate is pretty good at it. >> alex is as bad as i am. >> you've got to move your hips. >> that's one of those skills. >> it's all in the hips. ready >> i can't do it anymore. so weird. >> it's a great workout. >> there we go. look at that. >> hula hooping. >> this is not -- >> come on. >> but, you know. >> especially -- >> never stopped us before. >> coming off a night of melatonin. >> yes. i took a melatonin tea and still feel asleep. >> hula hooping, wouldn't that wake you up? >> makes you go to sleep. >> whenever i take that i feel dousy. >> isn't that the point. >> but not next day. >> you want to wake up the next day. >> if you're going to nitpick. >> supposed to be perky. >> you said you wanted to go to
9:02 am
sleep. didn't say you wanted to wake up. >> be more specific. >> now i know. >> i think alive people, not just roman catholics in this country. >> yeah. >> but i think a lot of people are very excited about pope francis. he's been in cuba since saturday. >> yeah. >> he comes to the u.s. today. this will be his first trip. he's going to land in d.c. at 4:00 and then he comes to new york. he's going up to east harlem at a church. he's going to have a procession through central park h.he's got a mass that's going to be in madison square garden and he's going to philadelphia. >> six days extravaganza. >> really exciting. he's just -- he's really walked the walk about how to be a good person, a great person by being -- by being humble. >> yeah. i think he's brought a lot of people back to the church who maybe left as well. we'll have the pope's trip covered in just a little bit. >> yes. >> we have the whole lowdown on where he's going to go, what he's going to do and where you may be able to see him. >> what's interesting, i got --
9:03 am
i use a couple of delivery services, like for food and stuff, and they have already said here in new york thursday and friday they are not delivering. >> yes. >> they have already said. >> they sent the memo out. >> so it's the pope delay. >> it's the pope delay. >> a pope delay including for the new iphone 6s that's supposed to ship out. >> if the delay is blamed on the pope, i'll accept it. >> absolutely. >> no holier excuse than that. >> no holier excuse. >> both fedex and ups say shipments could be temporarily disrupted and the new iphone 6 and 6s plus available at 6:00 on friday. >> however. >> however, we have a direct pipeline. >> do we? >> we have katie who is here. >> is that why you're standing there? >> yeah. >> new iphones. >> with the hair, too. >> forget the phone, look at the hair. >> i thought it was the mole tonin. >> i was going to say your hair. the iphone is great and wonderful. please talk about your hair for a sec. that is obsessing.
9:04 am
>> that is a hair bow. >> is that a rare weave, what is that? >> that's real hair. >> tied up into a little bow. >> no problem saying i'm going to weave it. >> hair contorts into a bow. >> yes. >> that's a tamron trend. >> that's a tamron trend. >> that's a tuesday trend. >> get to the phone, sorry. >> the pope may or may not delay your iphone. >> is this a rose gold one. >> it is in rose gold. >> besides the color. >> okay. >> is it bigger? >> this is a 6 plus. >> s plus are the same size. >> it's obviously a lot faster. the glass on the screen is actually the most robust in the industry. >> what does that mean? >> and i think it's the hardest glass. >> so like -- >> harder than gorilla glass. >> still not shatter proof, brand new and it -- it's custom, too. >> i've been waiting for them to get gorilla glass. >> what is gorilla glass? >> a glass made by gorillas. >> so what's awesome is probably the three new hottest features. >> okay. >> always on siri, don't have to touch the button. >> that's dangerous. >> hey, siri, what time is it on
9:05 am
the west coast? >> the time on west coast, california, 6:04 a.m. >> 3-d multi-touch and as soon as i press down it can feel the finger. >> that force touch. >> the little vibration. >> only works on command. i'm concerned about the siri thing. have you ever hit the button and -- >> activated by voice so you customize it to your voice. >> so it's like the touch print only for your voice. >> that's great. probably the biggest deal is the camera inside here, 12 megapixel photos, can take and edit 4x video which is pretty awesome, but the biggest one is the live photos. >> this is kind of weird. >> a harry potter feature. >> what is it? >> you can hold down any photo and as you're zipping through you can actually see it moving in action so it's a pretty neat little feature. >> video of a photo. >> a little clip is taken before and after. >> oh, wow. >> very neat little feature. >> so people find -- you'll get
9:06 am
to see what happens when people count down three, two, one. >> exactly. >> oh, there you go. >> mop it open. >> and then it comes up. >> pop into my screen. >> that's adorable. >> yeah. >> so, again, if you're taking a photo of a kid or pet and don't have that moment that you missed or blinked, kind of need little feature. >> battery life is fantastic, and what's cooley is they are, of course, on record to break the record this week. >> really cool. >> like a blooper reel potentially pause when you're moving around before picture. >> kids are making faces. >> love your skirt, by the way, too. thanks, good. where are you every day in my life. >> comic strip clothing and hair bows. >> and i have jetsons nails. >> the jetsons. >> jane, jane, stop this crazy thing! >> trends from head to toe. >> how did you get the jetson nails. >> hand painted. >> you have -- you're a human
9:07 am
tuesday trend. >> elroy. >> fantastic. >> leroy jetson. >> elroy, leroy. leroy jetson, hey, mom! >> you can tell how much i watch the jetsons. >> leroy jetson. that was a different show. >> i'll lock away any comment that i have right now? thank you so much because anything we say about leroy jets on. >> weezie jetson. ♪ moving on up to the future different theme song. >> no reloy on the jeffersons. >> no. >> jetsons. >> speaking of theme songs. >> i can't get with you right now. >> did you hear about that. >> justin timberlake theme song. >> stop. justin timberlake was on "late night" with seth meyers and told seth he had never written a theme for a late night talk show but just prepared one for seth and take a listen. >> this is good snow. when you're looking for fun on
9:08 am
your tv ♪ ♪ just switch it on over to nbc ♪ and catch the show that's down and dirty on every night at 11:30 ♪ hosted by your name it's jim to the i and m, my and when it comes to talent he's got ten gls ♪ taupe late night with seth meyers ♪ the all new host beyond compare, comparer pair of glasses and jet black hair ♪ ♪ a show so good it's not even fair ♪ ♪ it's late night with seth meyers ♪ >> stephen colbert. he didn't love it. >> three, four, settle down, folks, no need to be skittish. this talk show host is totally british ♪ >> nope. >> was it the british? >> james cordin? >> sent it back to oliver and he passed again. >> justin timberlake needs to host a variety show or all late night show. >> his comedic timing is right on. love that guy.
9:09 am
>> wow. >> roker, fall day. >> tomorrow. >> take a melatonin again. >> that works wonders. >> when you wake up -- >> i think -- can you do two at once. >> i'm not -- >> come on, come on. >> i'm not, no. >> just come on. >> just a little. >> where's hr? this has got to be a violation of my personal space. >> i'm not. you know why i'm not going to do it because we ask you to do things all the time. can you play the music, you can -- >> oh, my. >> look at this, al, that did not work. >> we ask him to do things all time and rehe fuses. >> what don't i do that you asked me to do. you can't remember because you're on mole tonin. >> it's something. >> we've got wet weather off the southeastern atlantic coast. afternoon temperatures it's going to get hot, texas on into the central plains and also interior parts of california. cool in new england and seasonal here in the northeast. maybe a little cooler than usual, but then tomorrow it's going to warm up nicely.
9:10 am
lots of sunshine from the northeast all the way into the great lakes and mid-plains. wet weather continues dunn through the south and southwest. could be minor flooding, along the west coast, spectacular weather and plenty of sunshine though they could use some of the rain. what's going on over there. >> good morning. we're getting some breaks in the clouds as we take a look now from belvedere towards san francisco. we will have a sunny afternoon, and not as hot with a high of 88 degrees in los gatos. financial district today at 71 degrees. 88 degrees in fairfield today. pittsburgh will be at 84. livermore can expect a high of 86 degrees. and some slightly warmer air for the end of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. coming up next, anticipation building for pope francis as tens thousands await his arrival
9:11 am
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9:14 am
book now at the new in just a few hours pope francis arrives in washington, d.c. marking his first trip to the united states. >> after a visit with the president and speech to congress, he'll come here to new york and wrap up his trip in philadelphia. >> and the anticipation has reached a fever pitch. >> he's often called the people's pope and it's easy to see why. wherever he travels in the world, from brazil, to ecuador, to the philippines and this week in cuba pope francis is up close and personal with his faithful. >> so like life changing and i honestly have no words. >> now the countdown is on for his arrival in the u.s. >> we've been planning and working around the clock on this for two years and to see it come to fruition, it's real. it really takes your breath away. >> donna is executive director
9:15 am
of the world meeting of families and one of the lead planners of pope francis' visit to philadelphia. more than 500 banners have been hung, billboards line the highways, even bars are stocked with their own holy water. >> in philadelphia we don't properly pronounce the word water so it's usually pronounced water. >> it's a play on words, of course, but philadelphia prugh company is out with a real beer made just for the pope's visit. 2,000 gallons worth of kegs, enough for roughly 15,000 glasses and beer-maker bill barton says they are sold out. >> i hope that people that come to visit the city enjoy the product, enjoy the city and leave with a good taste in their mouth. >> the city of brotherly love is the capstone of the pope's six-day visit. his first stop, the nation's capital, where they have had two try runs using a stand-in to make sure the real pope is comfortable when he addresses congress on thursday. >> so what we're trying to achieve here is to give the wholly father his space.
9:16 am
>> from d.c. the pope has a whirlwind 24 hours in new york city going from the united nations to the world trade center, harlem, central park and madison all in one day. scalpers have been offering tickets for hundreds of dollars but scott carroll won his in the city's lottery. >> being around thousands of new yorkers, all just really excited to see the pope. i mean, this is his first time here and i can't wait to actually see him in person. >> back in philadelphia the city is setting up for the francis festival welcoming the pope for the first time since pope john paul ii visited 36 years ago. >> this francis festival is going to be like nothing the city of fiflias has ever seen. there are going to be pilgrims coming from all over the country. more than 100 other countries are coming here to philadelphia. >> parkway in front of those steps made famous by rocky is being transformed into a convertible stage. as you can see in this 3-d rendering, pope's sunday service will be culmination of a two-day
9:17 am
party hosted by mark wahlberg featuring aretha franklin, latin star juanes, andrea bocelli and the philadelphia orchestra. >> this is not an address. this is going to be a spectacular event. >> every detail has been scrutinized including the design and construction of the pope's chair. >> i think it's honorable, and it's a total privilege. >> hotels are asking top dollar, but there is one way to save money if you don't mind sleeping on a ship. the battle ship "new jersey" usually hosts boy scout camping trips but this weekend all are welcome. >> price-wise it's pretty affordable, $75 gets you a bunk as well as dinner and breakfast and a tour of our nation's most decorated battle ship. >> if you can't make it yourself, find someone to bring back a souvenir. coffee mugs, rosaries and t-shirts are all for sale to commemorate pope francis' first u.s. visit. >> all right. i may have to book a bunk. >> that's pretty cool. >> we're excited for pope's
9:18 am
visit. got it covered, of course, all week long on the "today" show as well. coming up next, it's the last day of summer so we're going to get you ready for fall with some easy hacks from your with some easy hacks from your favorite fruits and veggi you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. anything. anywhere.
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♪apple trees to sit under yoplait plenti, with oats, flax and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. from time in the service... those years to different jobs... to community college... all that hard work, it matters. it's why we, at university of phoenix, count your relevant work and college experience as credits toward your degree. learn more at okay. so in less than 24 hours we'll officially welcome fall so we thought it would be the perfect time to show you a few simple food hacks to all the fruits and vegetable of the season.
9:22 am
justin is host of mad food tips for "food & wine" magazine. >> thank you so much. >> love to go apple picking, don't have an apple corer, what do we do in. >> we have here what's called a melon baller. everyone has one of these in their draws. >> never use it. who balls melon anymore. what you'll do is cut your apple in half with a knife. great if you're going to bake the apples and take the wide side of the melon baller and scoop out the core. seems so simple and then you can scoop out the little stem area and works so great and these are ready for roasting, put them in a pike, ready to go. >> terrific. >> justin, thank you. >> just be, we have the butternut squash that nat and i were talking about. most serious kitchen injuries we experienced is cutting butternut squash. >> sews intimidating, bulky and big and hard to peel.
9:23 am
>> this works out great. you're going to actually cut off the end like i did here. >> if this is a hack i should know how to do it. >> there you go. >> okay. >> now what you're going to do is take an ice cream scoop. >> this is amazing. >> so great. >> and then this gives you the nice flat surface, take a peeler and do the same type of peel. >> i prefer the peeler. >> sweet potato. don't boil sweet potatoes so they have a lot of water content so you roast them. >> for how long? it is probably about an hour until they are nice and tender and when they are nice and warm, just like this, pop them in ice water. >> what does that do? >> it will wrinkle the skin and cools it down for to you handle it and pinch it off like this and then just squeeze it right
9:24 am
into a bowl. >> amazing. >> mix in some butter. >> a little bit messy. >> good to go just like we have here or great for sweet potato pie, perfect season for that. >> and then this cinnamon water recipe. this isn't quite produce. >> no. >> but this is the better version of the cinnamon challenge. >> come on, everybody. >> so we need a mint or breath freshener. if you don't have a stick of gum, take a generous pinch of cinnamon and put it in a glass of water and stir it up. this is for you, tamron. >> warm water. >> to distribute the cinnamon and then you're going to drink it. >> why? >> because it's going to freshen your breath. >> isn't that awesome. >> actually tastes good. >> it does taste good. >> you don't even need any sugar. >> exactly. >> or add a little honey and add a little sweetness. >> this is delish. >> as always you amaze and never disappoint. thank you so much. >> coming up, one of the funniest women in comedy margaret cho bringing back the
9:25 am
laughs with a new comedy special and i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth. fluffy, fluffy cloud. mmmm, yoplait. kellogg's® frosted 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us. ♪
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kellogg's frosted mini-wheats® feed your inner kidult are investigating a chase that ended with a a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a deadly shooting early this morning in san leandro. investigators say the suspect initially shot someone during a carjacking in oakland. that victim is now hospitalized. the suspect then apparently tried to ditch the vehicle and carjacked a second person, but was not successful. alameda county sheriff's deputies say they returned fire after the suspect shot at them. police in palo alto have released this sketch to help track down a man who attacked a mother sunday night as she was walking with her infant. investigators say the woman stopped to adjust her baby's stroller, and that's when the man punched her and took off with her purse. the baby was not hurt.
9:27 am
the city of santa clara rethinking how alcohol is sold at 49ers games. council members will consider an earlier cutoff that may start when the third quarter begins. city leaders are concerned about a recent uptick in fan violence at the conclusion of niners home games. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
traffic good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in the mid 60s. it's now 58 degrees in the east bay. expect a high of 71 degrees today in san francisco. not as hot as it was yesterday. there and all across the bay. we'll see some widespread 70s and 80s in the south bay. 85 degrees as the sun comes out. in the tri-valley, expect a high of 85 degrees as well, and 83 degrees in the north bay after those morning clouds clear out. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> extremely slow throughout much of san jose. northbound, the 101 at 680, this
9:29 am
is the best i've seen. we'll show you the red all over the map. 87 finally starting to show an easier drive. 85 recovering, but a late crash coming up toward 17. these other incidents over on the shoulder. palo alto was slow. a crash kind of slowed things down there. the earlier closure on westbound 84. now dunbarton an the stamian ma bridges. slow spots, especially the east shore freeway. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update for you in half an hour or so. have a great morning.
9:30 am
taking a look at the head leaps. volkswagen has admitted 11 million of its diesel vehicles were fitted with software designed to defeat pollution testing devices. the world's top selling automakers faces hefty fines. the scandal began unfolding friday when u.s. regulators revealed vw rigged cars so they could pass smog tests even though they exceeded pollution levels in normal driving. good news for air travelers this morning, faster wi-fi is on its way. arrow communications provider gogo announced it expects to launch new technology called 2ku which delivers wi-fi speeds up to 20 times faster. go-go provides all in-flight
9:31 am
entertainment for delta, united and alaska. companies call the technology a significant milestone. a new study reveals that smoking is linked to an increased risk of type ii diabetes. harvard researchers looked at health data from nearly 6 million people and found smokers were 37% more likely to develop type ii diabetes than people who never smoked. yoga may help improve the symptoms of people with arthritis. a small new study included 75 patients and half were assigned to twice weekly yoga classes. the yoga group showed a 20% improvement in pain, energy levels, mood and physical function compared to those who didn't do yoga. these improvements were still noticeable nine months later. and encouraging children to eat everything on their plates could set them up for lifelong weight struggles. results of a new study suggest that kids who are pressured to eat even when they feel satisfied are more likely to become overweight or obese. they can also lose the natural ability to tell whether they are
9:32 am
hungry or full. and a man in saudi arabia is feeling grateful to be alive this morning. here's why. the man casually walking down the street when a pane of glass falls right on top of him, knocks him to the ground. amazingly though he was okay, as you see. he got right back up and walked away. that is truly remarkable. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. >> i still cannot believe that video, natalie. that's amazing. for today we do have amazing weather in the northeast. kind of a cool start right before fall but then temperatures actually warm up in the northeast of new england. it's going to be wet in the southwest. we're also looking at cooler and weather wet they are through parts of the southeast due to a system that's off the coast. it's going to stay cool, wind and wet through the southeast but beautiful weather again through the northeast and new england and through the great lakes. temperatures actually warming up above normal for the first day of fall and temperatures stay seasonal out in california. can really use the rain all the way up into t
9:33 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be even much cooler today than yesterday. a high of 80 degrees in palo alto. up to 88 degrees in san francisco. low 70s. napa 84. oakland 74. in pleasanton, we'll see a high of 85 degrees. we'll have this kind of weather for a couple more days, and then a gradual warming trend headed our way as we get closer to the weekend, so enjoy the cool temperatures while they last. >> hand that is your late weather. margaret cho has appeared in block buster movies, appeared in television shows and been nominated for multiple grammys. >> and now she has a new show on showtime called "there's no i in team "kwu boston there you a cho in psycho. take a look. >> my korean name is moran and
9:34 am
my korean name it's the name of kim jong-il's production company so that's how asian that is. i have a friend who is even more asian. her name is -- >> that's good. >> you know, you have not changed in that you remain provocative. >> yes. >> even in this world where, yes, political correctness should be part of the conversation but can't take out the funny. >> i think because i'm usually the politically correct police because i'm a woman of color, i'm feminist, i'm politically progressive, i'm queer. i'm usually the one saying you can't say that so i get to say whatever i want to. >> you get the get out of jail free card. >> i play the race card, the list card, all on the table, all cards played. >> now the crazy card. >> is it you that's a little bit psycho or the rest of the world?
9:35 am
>> crazy. going crazy at world. there's so many things to get really frustrated about, you know, just the -- the insanity of police brutality, the crazy gun violence, the rising tide of violence against women from -- both from cosby to isis, you know, with so much stuff so there's a lot to talk about and a lot to get crazy about, and trying to find healing through the humor, you know. i think that's what the point is. >> and in fact on tour you want to bring some of that healing. are you going to be mayor egone couple. >> yes. >> per night. >> yes. >> on your tour. >> yes. >> and you're going to officiate. >> i'm going to officiate because i was deputized by gavin newsome to marry couples in city hall so i actually held kim davis' job but up like kim davis i did the job so i. >> wow. >> actually doing it and really i think it's so rewarding because i've been working towards marriage equality for so long and i've long said that, you know, a country that would deny a gay man the right to bridal registry is really a
9:36 am
fascist one. >> listen. did you have to take a class? did you have to study like the rules of marriage? did you get advice on how to stay married? >> no. you just -- when you officiate a wedding, you just go and officiate so you just do it and usually people will have you read traditional vows or they'll read vows to each other and it's very rewarding and i'm pleased. it's wonderful. >> your dad was a comic, joke book writer. >> yes. >> i used to collect when i was a kid the arrow book of jokes and laughs and my scholastic first book of jokes. what was it like growing up with joke writeers? >> my jokes were totally tasteless books so my sense of humor is much more rotten. he's much more sophisticated than i am and he really encouraged a literary life for me. my mother was not so excited when i told her, i was 14 and said i wanted to be a comedian and she said oh, maybe it's
9:37 am
better if you just die. >> there's a reaction, wow. >> thanks, mom. >> vote of confidence. >> that's the way koreans are. >> we're a mean race. >> now we're told you have two truths and a lie for us and we have to figure out what is the lie. i'm completely allergic to squid and octopus. >> okay. >> i can write with both hands classically ambidextrous and even though my family has always thought we were korean i'm actually ethnically chinese. >> oh, that's a tough one. >> wow. >> i don't know. >> what do you think? >> i'm going with you're allergic to octopus. i think that's the lie. >> no, that is the true. >> and -- you tell us what the lie is. the lie is that i can't write with both hands. >> oh, wow. >> so you're in fact chinese. >> i'm actually chinese. i've been lying the whole time. they did a study.
9:38 am
>> dna test and studied my blood and they were like hey did you know henry lose gates jr. told me i was chinese. >> you've got to redo your whole act. >> i have to learn a whole new language. >> but you can insult a whole new group. >> yes. >> margaret cho, thank you. >> by the way, margaret's stand-up special premiers this friday on showtime and will be hitting the road on tour october 1st and marrying people all across the country. >> yes. >> up next. >> good luck. >> al shares one of his favorite family pasttimes for the fall. we're going into the roker clan after this. >> uh-oh. >> cute. >> i like that picture. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me.
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9:42 am
today we're kicking off a special series my favorite fall pastime. >> we'll each share some of the fun we like to have with our families this time of the year? so i'm kicking things off with mine, all about good company, good food, become a tradition we all look forward to. >> my favorite fall pastime is apple picking. especially if the weather is nice. if it's a sunny day and there's just a -- a little bit of a frost in the air. it's a great -- it's a great afternoon. the one we go to now, there's a guy named farmer al with a tractor, all ford tractor and pulls you out into the apple orchard. there's an apple, you pick it, you like the look of it, you put it in your bag. maybe you see another one you like, you take a couple of bites, you toss it. you've got bags of apples that
9:43 am
you'll never finish. can you not possibly make enough pies or cobbler with, but it's more about time together and then afterwards the hot apple cider donut is the reward. that is perhaps the best pastry you could ever have, a hot apple cider doughnut coated in that brown sugar cinnamon mix, wow. what we do with the apples is my dou daughter is a bit of a baker now so she's made some pies, some cobblers. we eat them. i look forward to everything that is involved with the apple picking. i look forward to the going to the apple farm. i look forward to being at the apple farm and look forward to picking the apples, coming home. the smell of an apple pie baking is one of the greatest smells out there. i mean, there are few greater smells than an apple pie being
9:44 am
baked. >> so true. >> even when you're selling your home to heat up apples and the smell of cookies and cinnamon to draw people in. >> or cookies. >> and so many great apple picking places all around country, and it's a gat time. >> i've never been. is there a tip? >> you've never been. >> is there a tip? >> we don't have apple picking in texas. >> that's interesting. >> so is there a tip. i want to go this year. >> find a good place. >> that's not too crowded. >> and make sure they actually do the hay ride and you ride out into the thing and -- you just -- you get the bag and just pick apples. >> just pick. >> it also has to have hot crider apple doughnuts. >> okay. >> when you're done in and go early. >> ore beat crowd and the good apples get picked. >> i saw a drunk deer. >> what? >> because the amsa actually ferment and the deer eat them and then they get plowed. it's fantastic. as long as they don't get behind the wheel, that's okay. >> what a horrible story.
9:45 am
>> al and drunk bambi. my tuesday trend is all about some fall essentials that i think i'm going to add to my closet. you might want to as well. trying to find some clothes on a good budget. we're talking capes, fringe and ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. ♪ crisp garden vegetables... now we've added even more of them. to philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®.
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11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." super excited. time now for my tuesday lend it and this week we've got the full must have items and i think
9:49 am
we're only going to need three things, ladies, to add to our closet anymore. a cape, a mid-calf boot and a fringe back. my buddy and lifestyle editor at is here to show us her fave and how to rock them. >> i typically don't like segments that are must have because i think you have you had wear what looks good on you and what you like. >> these are three of the moment trends that really say fall. >> we say these designers, we, and i and saw these designers online and now that i'm 1 up years old and starting to save for my retirement. this is the st. laurent and this is isabelle marin and this is a fancy brand from another store. >> these are inspiration. >> these are insprations because they are a mortgage, so we are going to move over to things that are as hot but not as expenseive.
9:50 am
>> that's right. >> our cape, our mid-cap boot and fringe bag, those are the three big trends. >> three big trends. >> i like the mid-calf boot. these are the ones i bought earlier in the season because i have super skinny ageles and ankle boots, so happy they are not in season because they don't look good on me. >> this is the version of a taller booty but lower than the knee-high. >> you know, they are really fantastic and they add a lot of edge so let's talk about capes first. >> got it. >> as far as starter cape, i mean, next level outerwear, this little cape from zara is perfection. the navy and wool buttons. this is a great cape to get you starteded. >> i love it. getting your first cape, done buy a crazy color or pattern because you'll just love it if you get the basics. >> a cape is fun and has volume and it has mad style. >> and looks super chic.
9:51 am
jeans or leggings, pop this on and you're at airport and everyone is stopping you thinking you're a movie star. >> they sure are. >> street style. >> another tip, add long gloves, get yourself a pair of long gloves and you look like audrey hepburn and everybody dying over you. what's next? >> a couple other ways to do capes and all three of our trend starting with this sort of sub trend, blanket cape that you're seeing everywhere. perfect for fall. snuggle up in it and $169, and you can style it any way you want. throw it over the shoulder. >> how much is that. >> this is $169 and now let's talk about our mid-calf boot. >> got it. >> this is sort of the classic mid-calf boot but it has got some amazing faux snake skin? okay. >> note the sort of chunkier heel. we're seeing a lot of block heels. >> so happy. >> and then the higher boot so this is about eight inches high and these are from aldo, 150, and now let's talk about our fringe bag, tamron. a whole lot of fringe. 12 inches. it's the fold-over clutch and
9:52 am
$23 from go gentleman. >> some tweeting me saying $100 bucks for this cape. you'll wear it all year long. could really be your only jacket this season until you get into the colder, colder temperatures and you can belt it as well and you can still wear these in the spring with cute short skirts so you're not just throwing your money away on a one fall thing and don't get all the trend, just one. >> one will really enline your entire wardrobe if you mix it. in our evening look, another classic cape, houndstooth with the faux fur collar. fur collars are major major this season. also from zara, $19 and a classic that will never ever go out of style. >> capes that i've owned, no kidding, i have one that's 12 years old and wore it last year. where did you get it? 12 years old. >> and you're right on. >> her boots real quick. >> these are a dressier version by guess. again, about 9 inches tall and sort of the pre-slouch and kind
9:53 am
of looks like a work and lastly let's talk about her fringe. which we are not wearing. you don't have a fringe. >> saved you money. >> she kept it simple today. >> love it, that's right. >> all of these you choose one of these trends. >> one of these trends. >> and mix it in and it makes your wardrobe feel brand spanking new. >> i love them all. if i had to pick one, i'd pick the cape but i love it all. >> thank you, to our models and back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. thank you, see you later.
9:54 am
it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
9:55 am
ladies, what's coming up? >> big show. we've got jamie lee curtis and joan lunden and -- >> joy bauer. >> joy bauer. >> joy bauer. >> js >> joy bauer. >> js alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up.
9:56 am
double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. gym in livermore.. and witnesses say one person is dead. i'm scott mcgrew. a car has driven into a gym. it's on east stanley boulevard. we have a crew there. all we have are photographs sent to us by the livermore police
9:57 am
department. who died is unclear, whether it's the driver or a gym-goer, we will update as soon as we know. in the meantime, let's check your weather. >> after the clouds clear out this morning, today will be so much cooler than we've had recently. a high of 85 degrees in the tri-valley, coming down from 100 degrees yesterday. 71 degrees in san francisco in the north bay can expect a high of 83 degrees. in the east bay, it will be 79. 78 degrees in the peninsula. the south bay today, we'll see a high of 85 degrees. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> a live shot of fremont, southbound 880 just jammed up. look at the map. we are slammed from dakota all the way down toward mission boulevard and 237. northbound routes through san jose starting to ease up. but still, 280 and 101 really slow where they split at the 680 interchange. the rest of your day looking good. the east shore freeway looking a lot lighter. in livermore, the crash that
9:58 am
scott told you about, it's off of the roadway and not affecting the freeways for sure. i'm sure we'll follow that in the newsroom. back to you. >> we'll have more updates coming up in half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. one of hoda's favorite days. >> what day is this. >> doos day birthday. my ex-husband's birthday, first husband's birthday and debbie boone's as well. >> random trivia, i like it. >> we're having comments in socialia media because people are so kind and sweet all the time, aren't they, wondering why i'm not wearing my wedding ring so soon after my husband's


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