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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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ahead. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next as we continue our coverage of pope francis in washington, d.c. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. breaking news tonight. the pope in america. a rousing welcome for the man who has been called the rock star pope. francis begins a historic visit. tonight the largest security operation in u.s. history to protect him. more developing news. hillary clinton comes out against the keystone pipeline as a clash of the business titans erupts on the republican side. price spike outrage. the cost of a life saving drug skyrockets, 5,000% overnight. a young ceo under fire. why are americans paying so much more for medicine than other countries. and caught cheating. the largest automaker under fire and under
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investigation for something hidden inside cars. a scandal now effecting 10 million drivers. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. from the campus of catholic university of america, behind me the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where pope francis will celebrate mass tomorrow. the first journey to america began late this afternoon. welcome to washington, plane-side by president obama and a cheering crowd. following his three-day trip to cuba. for american catholics, the next six days offer a chance to see and touch a leader who is inspired with his humbleness and compassion and mercy. but his outspokenness on matters of world affairs ensures his visit is seen through a political lens. we begin with peter alexander. quite a welcome today. >> that is right. this is a historic trip. pope francis is now in for the night.
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but his arrival has energized so many americans, including more than 70 million american catholics. his holiness today made history, touching down outside of washington, francis's first visit to the u.s. the pope welcomed by president obama and the first lady at andrews, so rare a president has only done it once before. and the holy father showing attention to school children. and he left in a fiat, dwarfed by the american suvs carrying his secret service detail. aboard a jet dubbed shepherd one. he would not bring up the u.s. embargo on cuba saying this is a pastoral trip, not a political one. in cuba, a remarkable reception with the pope calling for a revolution of tenderness. the streets to greet francis as he made a surprise visit at the cuba's holy shrine and taking photos with
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some of the hosts. and even castro seemed impressed, meeting finally with him today for the third time. the 78-year-old pontiff carrying his own briefcase as he boarded a flight to the u.s. awaiting in washington, a city known for tight security, police everywhere, closing streets and putting up barricades and everywhere is excitement. >> there it is, going by and there is the pope. >> we're focusing on the message of love and mercy and the joy that he brings to all of us here. >> francis will visit with the president at the white house tomorrow. on thursday becoming the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. speaker boehner today tweeting the view he will see while visiting the capitol. while here he will parade along the national mall and celebrate mass at the largest catholic church in the u.s. tonight he arrived in what is the vatican's embassy, located directly across the street from the vice president mansion. a humble man of faith and now at the center
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of american democracy. >> and in a city not known for spirituality, reflection, what has struck me so much is how much of a reception. a cardinal receiving a call from a caller saying take care of our pope and he wasn't a catholic. >> we have been watching them prepare all day for the mass. peter, thank you very much. anne thompson was on the plane with the pope on the way to the u.s. and during the flight he took a question about the message he hopes to deliver during the historic visit. anne joins us live from joint base andrews. what did he say? >> lester, i can tell you it is was an energized pope francis talking to reporters after three long hot days in cuba telling us a funny story about a woman thinking he is the anti-pope because he doesn't wear the red shoes. the pope knows he has the world's attention and we expect him to use it expect him to
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use it to hit some favorite photographer sis themes. first of all climate change. he believes that developed countries like the united states owe a debt to developing countries for all of the carbon emissions they have spewed into the air. immigration, he has asked every parish in europe to adopt a refugee family. might he do the same here in america. the plight of the poor. he will have lunch with the homeless here in d.c. and the importance of family is the topic when the pope travels to philadelphia over the weekend. the hope told me on the plane he is anxious to meet the american people. and he gets the first chance around the ellipse tomorrow. lester. >> anne thompson, thank you. and a story sparking widespread outrage. about a drug company that jacked up the price of a life saving medicine by a staggering 5,000% and the company's the young ceo is taking major fire about it all. andrea mitchell has this report.
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>> reporter: he is the face behind the latest outcry over alleged drug price gouging. martin shkreli, the former hedge fund manager who turing pharmaceutical bought a drug called daraprim and practically overnight boosting it 5,000%, from $13.50 a tablet to $750 a pill. >> this is the more appropriate price for daraprim. at this price it is still on the low end of what or fan drugs cost and we're not the first company to raise drug prices. >> reporter: he said it was for research money to develop a daraprim used by those with infections, sometimes contracted by aids and cancer patients, has been around for 62 years. >> we don't need another drug in this space and there is no indication that this guy has any idea how to do drug research and development. so i don't think this is a well-justified argument at all. it is simply exploiting a niche drug. >> reporter: after a
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public outcry, cnbc meg tirrell asked if he would consider lowering the price. >> in response to all of this attention and doctors can't access the drug, are you going to change the price? >> no. >> he was blasted online and tweeted lyrics by a song by eminem. it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me so i point one back at em, but not the index or pinky. but tonight under pressure he has backed down telling nbc news he will in the next few weeks lower the price to either break even or make a smaller profit. >> it is easier to see a large drug price increase and say gosh those people are gouging but when you find out the company is not making money, what does that mean. it is easy to want to villainize people and we're in an election cycle where this is a very tough topic for people and very sensitive. >> reporter: and indeed, with drug prices skyrocketing here in the u.s. and not the rest of the
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world it has become a campaign issue. with hillary clinton today proposing a plan to hold drug companies accountable for lowering their prices. lester. >> andrea mitchell tonight, thank you. and also under fire, the largest automaker in the world and under federal investigation after getting caught cheating by installing hidden software on vehicles to get around air safety standards. over 10 million drivers affected by this, pete williams has details. >> reporter:volkswagen tonight is in full throttle apology gear, admitting it installed software in the diesel fuel models that allowed them to cheat on air pollution emissions tests and claiming they were selling an environmentally friendly car. >> our company was dishonest with the epa and the california resources board and with all of you. and in my german words, we have totally screwed up. >> when the cars were being inspected with only the front wheels turning on the test bed, hidden software turned on the pollution controls.
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it went off when the cars were back on the road, increasing fuel economy and performance but allowing emissions of a greenhouse gas known to cause smog and asthma, to be up to 40 times higher than the standard. >> they marketed this car as a high performance and super clean and environmentally friendly vehicle. they lied to consumers. >> it was in about 480,000 diesels vws, 2009-2015 jetta, beetle and golf and 2014 and 15 passats and audi a-3s. the company ordered dealers to stop selling those models, including used cars, and says it set aside more than $7 billion to fix the cars in the u.s. and $10.5 million more of the diesel models elsewhere around the world. the ceo martin winterkorn is sorry volkswagen violated the trust of the customers. >> now the company
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faces potentially billions in fines for violating filter laws and a criminal investigation from the justice department and a huge challenge in winning back trust in the brand. lester. >> pete, thank you. let's turn now to news that broke just as the country's attention was focused on pope francis' touching down in the u.s. hillary clinton wading into a hot button issue, announcing her opposition to the keystone pipeline. a decision that already has republicans pouncing. our political director and moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd has late details. >> under pressure from environmental groups and from democratic opponent bernie sanders. >> the secretary can agree and disagree. but i think you got to have a position. >> today hillary clinton finally made her position on the keystone pipeline clear. >> i oppose it. and i oppose it because i don't think -- i don't think it is in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change. >> clinton began the environmental review process on the final
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1200 miles as secretary of state. she said she didn't want to second-guess president barack obama on an issue she worked on. but last week she signaled she was finally ready to weigh in. >> i am putting the white house on notice. i'm going to tell you what i think soon, because i can't wait. >> reporter: critics on the the right who support the pipeline said it will create jobs and drive down oil prices. >> why doesn't she, hillary clinton, want to build a pipeline? >> reporter: the state department estimates construction would support 42,000 temporary jobs and once operational it would support 35 permanent employees and 15 temporary contractors. now lester, ironically, four years ago as secretary of state it was widely assumed she was okay with approving the pipeline. obviously now presidential politics and environmental pressure put her on the side that she is on. but the reason there is a delay from the white house in coming out for or against is that it is a diplomatic issue. the government of canada wants this and they are a close ally
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and that's why there is a delay in the president announcing his own position. lester. >> chuck, thanks. in the republican race, donald trump is locked in a war of words with the latest sparring partner, a surging carly fiorina. while ben carson continues to defend remarks he made about islam on "meet the press" which some found inflammatory. hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: under fire for his controversial comments about muslims, ben carson is a casualty of the p.c. police. >> p.c. culture says whenever you are asked a question it has to be answered in a certain way. and if you don't answer it that way, then let's attack. >> reporter: carson today, tripling down on his remarks the islamic faith is unconstitutional as republican rivals like carly fiorina respond. >> anyone of any faith is welcome here. >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina today -- she
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had a microphone moment that sent a message everyone heard. >> contrary to some caricatures, i'm quite soft spoken. >> a slight dig at donald trump, who is hitting her hard online and on air. >> if you hear here you get a big fat beautiful headache. >> and now taking aim at a different target at fox news and host bill o'reilly who laughed it off. >> this is just theater right now. he gets a lot of attention from the theater. >> the front-runner turning his attention to carly fiorina and turning up the heat in a sign he is sweating her fast rise in the polls. her campaign thinks her campaign thinks so saying we get the point, mr. trump, you are worried. you should be. but her critics say she should be worried about the questions on the strength of her campaign organization and the history as the fired ceo of hewlett-packard.
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>> i wonder if you're concerned you will spend this campaign defending your past business record versus looking ahead. >> i'm not concerned at all. i'm happy to defend on my past business record. i will run on that record all day long. >> fiorina, trump and carson not just the top three in the race but the so-called outsiders who have never held elective office. the last time voters picked a president without a political position and hadn't been elected, more than 60 years ago. the candidate, dwight eisenhower. the hero of d-day, so powerful, both parties wanted to get him to run. >> thank you. still ahead, an alarming report about medical mistakes that will happen to nearly every american, sometimes with fatal consequences. we're going to tell you what every patient should do to protect themselves. and terrifying moments in the water caught on camera. how a kayaker survived a ferocious attack by a shark that just wouldn't give up.
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we're back now with a staggering new report about a dangerous blind spot in our health care system. it concludes that every single one of us will get a wrong or late diagnosis at least once in our lives and that can lead to very grave consequences. nbc's ron mott tells us more. >> reporter: 12-year-old rory dreamed of becoming a pilot. but a seemingly simple cut on his arm in gym class killed the new
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york city preteen leading to a blood infection that was caught too late. >> our son died and our son died despite us raising our concerns that there was something wrong. we were told over and over again that this was a stomach virus. >> a new report about the national academy of sciences engineering and medicine concludes misdiagnosis in one out of ten deaths an out of ten deaths an one in 20 americans seeking outpatient care is misdiagnosed every year. it is a wake-up call researchers say, demanding more attention. >> we found diagnostics is much neglected in health care and we need to study it more to do anything about it. >> the solution, researchers recommend changing the pay structure for doctors to emphasize the time spent consulting with patients and elevating the stature of nurses who spend the most time with patients and improving communications throughout the process. >> ask for the tests
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and more than the test, ask for help understanding the tests. >> peggy zuckerman of los angeles said her kidney cancer was misdiagnosed as a stomach ulcer and now advises patients on how to talk to the doctor. >> number one, know yourself and your story. you need to know what brought you to the doctor, what were your symptoms, what you've done. did it make sense to you and did the doctor fully listen to you as you gave your diagnosis? >> a call to decrease medical misdiagnosis uncovering what is really ailing us. ron mott, nbc news, boston. we're back in a moment with a tradition that fans are kissing good-bye at a college sports powerhouse.
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pope francis isn't the only dignitary visiting the u.s. and causing road headaches. chinese president xi jinping arrived in seattle for a three-day visit.
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his motorcade snarled traffic downtown where he was greeted by protesters, angry not over the traffic, but upset over the human rights record. later in the week he will be welcomed for a state dinner at the white house. it is a regular feature at sports events, the kiss cam. like last week with the carters locking lips at an atlanta braves game. one place you won't see it is at syracuse. the university is getting rid of it after complaints when men forceably kissed women that were clearly saying no. some fans say it sends the wrong message at a time when colleges are dealing with sexual assault. and caught on camera, a battle with a hammerhead shark as a kayaker walloped the shark repeatedly but the shark won't give up. for 15 minutes, it circles and rams the small vessel over and over.
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even after the kayaker made it so safety, he said the shark swam near shore waiting for him to come back. it looks like this one was personal. when we come back, they just got the honor of their young lives. the children hand-picked to greet the pope. beating this woman's brother to
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death. she's talking to us about the ordeal. =raj/take vo= plus: late today -- president obama signs a disaster declaration for the valley fire. what it means for victims. =next close= next.
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finally tonight, when the pope arrived in washington hours ago, he was greeted not just by the president, but also, as we mentioned, by new generations of the american catholics. children selected to be among the first faces he saw as he stepped off the airplane. our rehema ellis has their stories. >> reporter: as pope francis took his first steps on to u.s. soil today, 500 young people were on hand to witness the moment. and a chosen few, four local catholic students stepped forward and welcomed the holy father. this kindergartener presented him with a bouquet of white flowers. >> would you raise your hand if you have butterflies in your tummy as you were about to meet your pope. no butterflies? 8-year-old langston davis is an alter boy at his d.c. church. >> you were chosen to meet the pope.
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>> last week he dropped to the floor when he heard the news and celebrated with his own special dance. >> how did you spend the day preparing to meet the pope? >> dressed. i dressed and made sure i fixed my collar. i took a bath last night and this morning too. >> known to his friends as z, 11-year-old zachary alderman said being an altar boy helps him feel closer to god. >> it is just a special day in my life that i get to do this. >> jocelyn acino is blessed. at 12 years old she said her family and faith have taught her to help those in need. >> how would you describe what happened today to your friends when you go back to school? >> i will tell them everything and tell them that i was blessed to have this opportunity. >> reporter: four young children, granted the once in a lifetime honor, to set the stage for a historic visit. rehema ellis, nbc news, joint base, andrews. >> what a great story they have to tell. that will do it for us
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on this tuesday night. much more on the pope's visit tomorrow morning on "today." matt lauer will be live in washington. i'm be back tomorrow. for now i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. tz")) michael was loved. he was loved outcue: was loved trt: 6 ==raj//take con't vo== right now at 6. she's tal nbc bay area news starts now. michael was loved. he was loved. >> right now, at 6:00 she is talking about her brother who lost his life in the santa clara county jail and about the guards who are accused of murdering him. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> i'm jessica aguirre. shannon tyree flew in quietly to the bay area to claim her
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brother's remains, who had been in custody. michael tyree was found dead in his santa clara jail cell august 27th. three corrections officers are now arrested and charged with murder. in an exclusive interview, his sister talks about the loss, her brother and his death. nbc has more on the story. >> reporter: well, jessica, michael tyree's family does not live here in the bay area, so today was the first time a family member was interviewed about the death, the ongoing investigation. shannon tyree, the sister of murder victim michael tyree, flew across the country today to go to the funeral home and visit the county. she came to take her brother's ashes home. >> it was important, he was my brother. i'm taking him home in a box. he was my


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