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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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startled in her home and held-up at gunpoint-- a sausalito woman shaken after a home invasion. the suspect is still at-large... startled in her home and held up at gunpoint, a sausalito woman shaken after home invasion. and one of baseball's icons passes away but his memory and mottos live on. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we've got 0 quick check of the weather from meteorologist keri hall. >> let's check out the temperatures as we work out the mic situation. i noticed that. kind of a drive in, kind of in
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the mid 50s so far. you certainly feel the cooling trend that we have and a better sleeping weather as well. >> i don't want to tempt fate here but you might have a career in this business. >> not when keri is around, she's a pro and so is mike. >> very comfortable as far as if driving conditions. and the road crews eastbound 580 held over to elchar ro. and the road crew it's marked on incident report but not showing any slowing. we may see some but so far out of the altamont pass and the rest of the bay, no real disturbances. the a's are playing at 7:00. that's well ahead, over 12 hours from now. let's get to breaking knew now. flames erupting in hayward overnight. firefighters are trying to figure out how it happened.
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>> jamey true hilo is on the scene. >> reporter: we're trying to assess what happened here. ameek land avenue has been closed off as the crews try to mop up the situation here. a lot of flashing lights. this came in after 3:00 this morning, reports of a fire here at a home on meek land avenue. we're ajay krant to a street. fire crews are here at this point, about five fire engines, also alameda county sheriff's office and the california highway patrol is here to corden off the area. there are unconfirmed reports that the rez ent inside the home actually started the fire himself. we're waiting to confirm that with the public information officer from the alameda county fire department. but for right now. the street is close off as the firefighters try to assess the situation. there are paramedics and emts on hand to make sure if anything
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happens they're able to take care of that situation also. we're live in hayward with breaking news. i'm damien true hilo. an attempted home invasion in sausalito overnight. >> police say the suspect made his way through the victim's home through a side door an confronted her in her living room, pointing a gun at the victim and demanded money. it happened on central avenue around 8:00 right now. police soon swarmed the area trying to track him down. after several hours of searching, police never found the suspect. at 4:33, happening today, sunnyvale charter school opening its doors for the first time since the sexual assault allegation rocked the school. one worker is john chan chao who is in jail.
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the school claims it didn't know until after his arrest that almost none of the school employees had within fingerprinted or had a background check. the school says it's since collected background checks on all of its students. yogi barra died last night. known as much for his famous phrases as for his record setting world championships with the yankees. but as curt gregory reports, some of the yogiisms are going to live on forever. >> lawrence peter barra was born in 1925 in st. louis. a childhood friend gave him the nickname yogi. yogi dropped out of school in the eighth grade to help support his family and signed with the new york yankees in 1942 for $500. during world war ii he joined the u.s. navy, took part in the d-day invasion and served in the
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european theater before returning home. barra was a catcher with clout. he led the yankees in rbi for seven straight seasons and hit at least 20 home runs in ten strait seasons. a three-time mvp, his yankee teams won 14 pennants and 10 world series titles. berra was behind the plate for don lar son's game. he was known for yogiisms. >> it's not over until it's over, kid. >> that led to roles in commercials. >> to give you cash, which is as good as money. he coached and wu elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1972. yogi berra will be remembered for his baseball talents and humor, a yankee great, one of the best catcher to ever play
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the game. nbc news. >> the term one of a kind gets thrown out there, pretty safe saying he's one of a kind. come yogiisms, nobody goes there anymore, i's too crowded. or directions, when you come to a fork in the road, pick the fork. then there's the famous, it's day va view all other again. and of course what he said about his team looking up in the midst of a pennant race, it ain't over until it's over. >> there's so many of them. >> he's got a whole rolodex of things. >> not to mention a lot of talent. >> not too bad. from one accomplished baseball player to a very accomplished meteorologist. looking at fog this morning. >> i don't know about all of that. as we start out this morning, the fog is back and it's cooler already as we start out the morning at 10 degrees
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temperature drop across a big part of the bay area. and we start out now in the mid 40s in the north bay and it's the upper 50s in the east bay and expect the highs to top out in the mid 70s. 74 in east bay, 76 degrees and 67 will be the high in san francisco. let's look at the traffic with mike. we'll take you and show you the approach to the bay bridge ask just fine right now. a liethd volume. over here in hayward, now a street, the on and off-ramps to 880 are open. but for folks through the area, there's a costco visible from the freeway. that's where me ka is. hopefully the traffic flows all right through the area. we'll look at fremont on our life shot. back to you. >> thank you very much. a lot more ahead. stick around. a grieving sister has arrived in
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the bay area to claim her brother's remains... a brother that died while in jail. ==take vo== miae a grieving sister has arrived in the bay area to claim her brother oes remains, a brother that died while he was in jail. he was found dead in the santa clara jail cell on august 27th. three correctional deputies have been arrested' charged with his murder. he was supposed to be moved to a mental health problem before being found beaten to death. his sister says if those responsible thought his brother was and insignificant forgotten man, they were wrong. >> it just has to mean
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something. it has to mean something. >> what would it take for that to happen? >> that this never happens again. >> the accused deputies will be back in court on october 13th. a deadly mistake by an elderly driver in live more is stirring the debate other how old is too old to drive. the 80-year-old woman hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and drove into a gym this next morning. one killed and six others were hurt. accidents like these are common among the elderly, people age, the body breaks down and reaction teams decloin. >> drivers 65 and older, over 80% are on meds. and a lot of medications when they're mixed together can cause serious side effects. >> research shows older drivers are not necessarily more drivers than drivers in other age
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groups. distracted and drunk driving, they're the safest. they test drivers 70 and old every five years instead of every ten years for the rest of the population. it is an historic day at the white house. we're tracking the pope's visit to the u.s. next.
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a weather forecast fit for a king or a pope, maybe.
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>> they're going to have some great weather on the east coast except for philadelphia later on this weekend. but here in the bay area we've got some beautiful weather as we start out, the first day of fall. and we see now we have a nice light commute as you head across the bay bridge and also a few clouds this morning. but you don't have to worry about the fog as you head out the door. it's also cool as we officially begin fall. we'll have areas of coasting fog and slight warming later on today. but the clouds still linger at the coast and mostly clear skies tonight. sunset at 7:03. now the temperatures in the mid 50s and upper 50s for the east bay, north bay at 46 degrees. and a light wind starting out this morning. we'll have a calm wind throughout the day, not as breezy as it was yesterday, especially during the afternoon. winz coming in from the north and that will help the temperatures warm up a few more degrees over yesterday. looking at how many fog we're
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expecting, this shows the cloud cover clearing all the way out except for the immediate coast until this evening, when' eel start out tomorrow once again with mostly clear skies and getting ready for warmer temperatures. it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday, foster city 77 degrees. the outer sunset only 61 degrees. 79 degrees in napa and dublin topping out at 84. heading into the weekend we're getting closer and high pressure continues to build across the southwest. and we'll be moving into the bay area. the temperatures will be going up and by friday in the south bay we're up to 93 degrees. then by saturday, a few degrees cooler. sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend with highs in the 70s and 80s all across the bay. he's see how the commute is moving now. we're going to start over here towards the bay bridge where we see a steady stream of cars. i just saw a set of flashing
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lights but they're following a larger vehicle. we'll track that bay bridge for the next view. we don't see any slowing. we have an incident center the toll plaza off to the shoulder. i'll track that as well. so far not a big deal right there. looking at the fire in hayward, and a crash at 101 and marsh just happened on the far side. that's an issue for the peninsula. before the belt we turn now to landon doubty who joins us live from cnbc headquarters. >> good to you. wall street may get a breather today. we'll get a read or manufacturing with the
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purchasing manager's index and the results from the bond auction since the federal reserve opted not to rise interest rates last week. now falling 180 points yesterday to 16330. nasdaq down to 4776. volkswagen will set aside roughly $7.3 billion, half a year's profit to koofr the cost of fixing the cars to comply with pollution standard and other incentives. and the world's largest endowment fund got bigger. the harvard university management company says the elite university posted a 5.8% return in 2015 to hit a record $37.6 billion. that means the top harvard
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graduates just got richer. still below several of its rivals including princeton and yale. well, some very lucky people awaiting, the media as well. pope francis is in washington, d.c. he's got a busy day ahead of him. these are some of the people awaiting his arrival, as well as president obama who will be meeting with the pontiff. this is a live look outside the white house. people are gearing up for an historic event. and he'll head to st. matthews cathedral to meet with the bishops across the yierts. >> tracie potts on more on the tight security in washington, d.c. >> reporter: and there's the pope. after zipping through down in his tiny car, here is where pope francis is waking up this morning, getting ready to give
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his first speech in english. >> i'm real excited to see what he has to say. >> he'll circle in the pope mobile after a private meeting with with president obama. >> the goal is to give the two men an opportunity to talk about their shared values. >> the pope will be greeted by 300 cardinal and this sign from the human rights campaign urging him to welcome gay and lesbian catholics as part of his message. >> respecting every person, respecting luf, respecting the dignity of every person. >> at the basilica north america's largest church, chairs are set for another 25,000 this afternoon to watch the pope can that niez an 18th century. opponents want the pope to reconsider. they say native americans were tortured in those missions.
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>> for the church, native lives didn't mat near the 18th century and apparently they don't matter today. >> tracie potts nbc news at the white house. coast to coast, interest of course in the pope's visit. some bay area catholics are traveling east with the hopes of dliing their critical message to the pope. about 20 members are on their way to see the pontiff. their request within aapology from the church for the way they believe the church treated african american catholics during the slavery era. >> that was the beginning of healing in the church and in society to say i'm sorry. i'm sorry that the bishop of the united states had slaves. >> the national black catholic congress estimates that about 3 million african americans are catholic. that would be slightly less than 5% of all catholic church members in the united states >> we'll keep you updated on the pope's historic visit to the
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united states. the pope is expected to arrive at the white house within the hour. and when that happens, we'll bring you a special report from washington. >> hard to outdo that story but we're going to keep going right now. coming up, santa clara county officials looking at banning alcohol after halftime at games at levi stadium. why the decision could take longer than expected.
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welcome back, earn. a lot of people saying ahhh to the cooler temperatures. >> for now. then what do we face later on in the week. i'm sorry. i'm glass half empty. >> yesterday was too cool at least some of us having a 20 degrees drop in temperatures. 85 degrees will be the high in
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las ga to, still a cool 61 degrees after the morning clouds clear out and napa 79 degrees, pittsburgh 82 and livermore today reaching 85 degrees. i'll show you the warmer temperatures coming up. let's see how traffic is moving. >> it's moving just fine. approaching the richmond centerville toll plaza. let me show you the map. the reason i looked at this camera is there's a report on this bridge. but we don't see any of the slowing through the area. i'll track the report. everything sounds like it's cleared from the lanes. the bay bridge, we'll starting to see a mild increase in the am of traffic there. and north so 1 at marsh we still have two lanes blocked by the car in the roadway. back to you. several hot issues debated at santa clara city council meeting, i should say the city council meeting last night.
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one would change during halftime at the football games. coming after a fight broke out at the stadium. the city is discussing ways to limit alcohol induced violence by limiting the sale of alcohol after halftime. >> i'm just not sure in reducing alcohol at halftime is really the answer. that may be part of it. but i think we really need to focus on the minority group that is causing these bad issues. >> right now alcohol sales are cut off right after the third quarter. no word when a decision is going to be made on this issue. well it turns out someone is keeping track of your trash. be careful what you throw away. city of san jose cracking down on people who constantly throw trash in the recycling bin. a recent audit found 40% of the items found in recycle bins are garbage. the city wants to educate its customers and may hand out $50 fines to repeat offenders. some of the items, many
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mistakenly tried to recycle, pizza boxes, dirty tissues and rags rngts rags. >> i thought it was recyclable. this pillow. it's not? >> the city is trying to see what people are getting wrong. >> that mattress needs to go to rest. coming up, a surprise for a sausalito homeowner, in her house finds a man with a gun. now the search is on for the gunman. and classes resuming at a sunnily vail charter school after three employees fired following a sexual aassault. purpose? investigators -
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looking for the ignition source of an overnight house fire - in hayward. breaking news, was it set on purpose? investigators looking from the ignition source of an overnight house nier in hayward. a suspect confronts a woman in here home only to turn and run. the latest on the death of yogi berra. today in the bay starts right now. good wednesday morning, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon.
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i want to get right to the forecast with keri hall. >> it is 58 degrees in the east bay and a look at the highs this afternoon in the 60s along the immediate coast, 70s for the inner bay and inland areas in the lower 80s this afternoon. expect a high of 86 degrees in the tri-valley. i'll talk more about all of that coming up in the microclimate foreca forecast. let's check in with mike. >> good morning fall. the bay bridge, hey, people are celebrating all over the bay. there's a little backup for the cash payers but not a big deal. we have a crash blocking the two left laneses on the center divide. southbound we there's going to be a distraction as we clear the vehicles. meanwhile over in hayward, there are no problems for the


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