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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i want to get right to the forecast with keri hall. >> it is 58 degrees in the east bay and a look at the highs this afternoon in the 60s along the immediate coast, 70s for the inner bay and inland areas in the lower 80s this afternoon. expect a high of 86 degrees in the tri-valley. i'll talk more about all of that coming up in the microclimate foreca forecast. let's check in with mike. >> good morning fall. the bay bridge, hey, people are celebrating all over the bay. there's a little backup for the cash payers but not a big deal. we have a crash blocking the two left laneses on the center divide. southbound we there's going to be a distraction as we clear the vehicles. meanwhile over in hayward, there are no problems for the castro valley, but we have a closure
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for neck land. i'm going to ha you guy to handle what's happening over there. let's get to that right now. breaking news, fire and smoke fill a home in hayward overnight leaving behind a lot of guess. >> damien trujillo is live. the fire is out but the investigation far from over. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out what exactly happened. i'm standing in the middle of meekland avenue. this call came in after 3:00 this morning of a structure fire. we're right next to a street here in the city of hayward. firefighters arrived and found the home engulfed, the front portion of the home engulfed in flames. so they immediately started attacking this structure. at this point they say there was no any fear of the fire spreading to adjacenthomes. it's kind of a quay sue
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industrial residential home. i spoke with the battalion chief and he says that they do not suspect arson at this point. but this is in the initial stages of the investigation. the alameda county sheriff's office is her along with the california highway patrol. they're trying to assess what exactly happened here on meekland avenue. right now it's the mopup phase but the investigation will commence now as they're going into the building to find out where exactly the fire started and what was that cause. we'll keep you posted. we're live in the city of hayward. new details this morning at 5:02 an an attempted home invasion in sausalito. investigators looking for a man who broke into a woman's home and confronted her. the suspect snuck his way through the victim's home through a side door and confronted her in the living room. he pointed a gun at the victim
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demanding money. once the victim screamed at the suspect to get out, he eventually got out. police soon swarmed the area trying to track him down. but after several hours of searching police never found him. also happening today, the sunnyvale charter school set to reopen. >> today we're live in sunnyvale this morning. all employees have had their background checks snow. >> yeah. and so now it is okay for the students to return to class. but we know how the kids come back to school, there are three staff members who will not because they were fired. now the school board nor administrators will tell us why those three were fired, but we can tell you one of them is 18-year-old jonathan cow who spoke exclusively with nbc bay area to ask for privacy for the eight-year-old girl he's charged for molest ppg the school
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abruptly closed the school on sunday and monday when it was found out that none of the employees had been fingerprinted nor had background checks made. they blamed the california department of justice for not issuing the state id number that she needed to do the background checks. >> this has taken the parents and educators in this area as well. >> i thought that they had passed all of these background checks and fingerprinting and i'm sending my kids to somewhere where i think it's safe and it ended up being so not safe. >> i think everybody knows when you start into a public education, and charter are public schools, that there are requirements for hiring and part of that is fingerprinting and background checks. >> now she's with the sunnyvale teacher's union. now the santa clara office of education did grant the spark
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school charter. it is their jurisdiction. but it says it is not the body that oversees day-to-day operations of the school. that is the school board to hold the school responsible. a spokesman said the county office of education would not have known that the school was not in compliance with the background checks until they did a records review which happens within a year's time. so the students returned back to school this morning right around 8:00. 5:05 right now. baseball legend who transcended more than just sports. yogi berra died last night, as much known for his cute phrases as his record setting ten world series championships. but as occurring gregory reports, some of the yogi-isms will live on forever. >> lawrence peter berra was born in 1925 in st. louis. a childhood friend gave him the
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nickname yogi. yogi dropped out of school in the eighth grade to help support his family and sign with the new york yankees in 1942 for $500. during world war ii he joined the u.s. navy, took part in the d-day invasion and served in the european theater before returning home. berra was a catcher with clout. he led the yankees in rbi for seven straight seasons. and hit at least 20 home runs in ten straight seasons. a three-time mvp issian keys teams won 14 pennants and ten world series titles. berra was behind the plate for don larson's perfect game. an extremely popular personality, berra was known for yogiism. >> it's not over until it's over. >> that led to roles as a pitchman in tv commercials. >> and they give you cash which is just as good as money. >> he coached and managed
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several teams including the yankees and mets and was elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1972. yogi berra will be remembered for his baseball talents and humor. a yankee great, one of the best catchers to ever play the game. occurring gregory, nbc news. >> part of his legend is those sayings. so some some of the yogi-isms are home run. here's one about a pow you lar restaurant, nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded. or when you come to a fork in the road, take it. it's always the famous, it's day va view all over again. and what he says about his team, it ain't over till it's over. >> classic. classic. may he rest in peace giving lots of memories. >> very sad day for the baseball world. >> but to know that he added so much to the game.
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let's look at the forecast for the first day of fall. >> it's day va view all over again. we will be a few degree warmer but it's nice to have the cooldown, 66 degrees in san francisco and hayward, sunnyvale 55 degrees and san jose at 54. we've had some fog starting to redevelop especially along the coast and our temperatures are much cooler. a look at all of the microclimates today, except a high of 82 in san jose, 67 degrees napa, 82 in pittsburgh, dublin today, a high of 84 degrees. the first day of fall pretty good to us. let's look at the commute with mike. >> it's not treating us badly. we have the road cruise treating us well. the bulk of the traffic starting to build now westbound hire.
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a little slowing because of the build out of the altamont and in toward livermore. south it's moving smoothly. northbound 101, still a crash activity, two left lanes blocked. they're trying to clear the crash in the roadway. coming up next, the drug company accused of jacking up the cost of cancer drugs changes its course. can we make credit and swaps exciting ? police an historic day from the white house. we're live from washington with the arrival of pope francis.
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welcome back. it is 5:12. this is a live look of people waiting outside the building where the pope is staying. he alives in the united states yesterday. a very busy day ahead of him. this morning he'll meet with president obama, then head to st. matthews ka theed dra to meet with bishops across the united states. tracie potts live at the white house. security very tight as you would expect but the pope doesn't seem concerned. >> reporter: no, because the security is for him. so absolutely i would imagine he's not concerned at all as he heads over to the white house today with tens of thousands of people here and at the basilica waiting to hear what he says,
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including a catholic schoolteacher who was fired as a result of a same-sex marriage. lots of people wondering if he might address that this week. after zipping through town in his tiny car, windows open, here's where pope francis is waking up this morning, getting ready to give his first speech in english before 15,000 people at the white house. >> i'm real excited to see what he has to say. >> reporter: he'll circle in the pope mobile after a private meeting with president obama. >> the goal of the meeting is to give the two men an opportunity to talk about their shared values. >> and the pope will be greeted at 300 cardinals and this sign from the human rights campaign urging him to welcome gay and lesbian catholics as part of his message. >> respecting every person, respecting live, respecting the dignity of every person. >> at the basilica, north america's largest church, chairs
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are set for another 25,000 this afternoon to watch the pope can than niez an 18th sently francis can who spread catholicism and missions throughout california. opponents want the pope to reconsider. they say native americans were tortured in those missions. >> for the church native lives didn't matter in the 18th century and apparently they don't matter today. >> reporter: so not without some controversy, but there are tens of thousands of people who want to see the pope in person and millions more following online. >> he's a social media sensation. thank you very much. some bay area catholics might be among the tens of thousands that are traveling east with the hopes of delivering their critical message to the pope. 20 members of the catholic church in oakland are on the way
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to see the pope, the request, their apology from the pope for the way that the church treated the catholics during the slavery era. >> that would be the beginning of church and in this society to say i'm sorry. i'm sorry that the bishops of the united states had slaves. >> the national black catholic congress estimates three million african americans are catholic. that would be slightly less than 5% of all catholic church members in the u.s. >> zbloo we'll keep you updated on the pope's historic visit. the pope expected to arrive at the white house within the hour. when that happens we'll bring you a special report from washington. >> a very excited day across the country. the president of china is in seattle. >> and that is where he'll give an address to a who's who of high-tech. skt mcgrew and tim cook. >> obviously very -- high-tech
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is very important relationship with china. just about everything is made there and i ooh's market we want to continue to get in toto see. the chinese president will talk to leaders, all of that happening today. he'll also speak with leaders of cisco and some reports say cisco will announce today it's going to make a deal with the chinese server company. all this takes place with so many tension in the background. we're angry at the chinese for hacking, they're angry at us for revelations the nsa has been trying to put spy devices on the products we sell them. we think the president will announce sanctions against chie in in some fashion but not until the president leaves the country. looks like another rough day, landon dowdy. good morning. >> it might be but futures are slightly higher that morning.
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all three major arches were sharply in the red on tuesday. the results from the first bond auction since the federal reserve opted not to raise interest rates last week. dow falling 180 points yesterday to 16,330, the nasdaq down 72. back over to you. let's go back for a minute to the housing crisis of late 2000. banks were handing out mortgages, people couldn't afford them. people didn't realize how toxic they were. but there were a few who figured it out early and may made bets that paid off. all of this is coming back to you. michael lewis wrote a book about it called "the big short" and it's going to be a movie. how exciting are credit default swaps? they're pretty exciting. >> you just bet against the american economy. >> if you're wrong, you can lose
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it all. >> the banks defraud the american people. >> this is going to be the best movie about credit default swaps we've ever seen. it comes out at christmas and it looks pretty cool. >> whenever you can get mind blowing, i'm in. >> put brad pitt on there and you can make anything exciting. a look at weather and traffic right nout at 5:18. a little warmth coming our way but not too much. >> not too much. a few degrees warmer. yesterday was so nice. you'll have more of the same today. a pleasant midweek before the temperatures start to inch back up the next couple of days. let's look outside right now. san jose we have just a few clouds here and there but a mostly clear start and some cool temperatures this morning. and we'll have another nice breezy sunny afternoon. a look at the temperatures now with 56 degrees in san francisco, in the east bay it's 55, and peninsula in the south
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bay it's 54 degrees. highs today mainly in the 70s for the inland areas. along the immediate coaste'll only have some 60s there. and a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day. a light northwesterly wind. and the winds picking up 10 to 15 miles an hour but not as strong as yesterday. during the afternoon to evening hours it was nice and breezy. you can see the winds today won't be as high as yesterday. let me take you hour by hour today in san jose. 7:00 we're at 54 degrees, 65 degrees at 10:00. and by lunchtime it's 73 degrees. temperatures warming up nicely, in the lower 80s for a couple of hours this afternoon. so the temperatures will start a warming day between day' saturday, high pressure beginning to build. and then by the weekend we'll have another push of cooler air moving in between saturday and sunday. and that help bring the temperatures back down. in the meantime we'll see the
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temperatures coming up in the south bay on friday, 93 degrees, peninsula, 88 degrees, san francisco up to 80 degrees and on friday the east bay 85. 94 degrees in the tri-valley, while the north bay tops out in the lower 90s and then we see by the end of the weekend we're talking 70s and 80s for most of the bay. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. they're moving well. folks are starting to slow down here at the cash lanes because the bay bridge build just started. 5:20 right now. we're looking at you maps and you see a smooth drive. the big rig has cleared from the approach to the richmond center field bridge to plaza, earlier problems with the brakes. no injuries there. a crash still reports north 101 at marsh, south bay getting ready for the first burst through san jose. here it comes. back to you. 5:20 right now, coming up,
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the drug company that raised prices by 5000% has a possible change of heart. the high school football players who tackled an unsuspected ref could find out later today if they're kicked out of school. two texas high school football
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players - who tackled a referee during a game-- are facing possible expulsion at a disciplinary hearing today. =vo= the incident happened earlier this monta to be texas football players are facing possible expulsion.
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the incident happened earlier this month at san antonio's john jay high school. the players were reportedly frustrated with the ref and they blindsided him at the beginning of the play. obviously could have seriously injured him. the students say the ref also directed racial slurs at them. public outcry has caused a major drug make tore change course. it comes after turning pharmaceuticals raised prices for a drug that fights aides and cancer. they raised it by 5000%. the company announced earlier this week they were raising the price from $13 to $750 a pill. the price increase created a huge public backlash. yesterday the company's 32-year-old ceo announced he would drop the price. not clear how much the drug will cost now. a wakeup call for doctors and patients. most mistakes aren't made during
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surgery but rather a diagnosis. one out of ten patient deaths are due to misdiagnoses. and that data was just released by the national academic of science. doctors are too busy filling out paperwork which impacts care. as a patient you should ask for more tests and more second opinions. it turns out someone is keeping track of your trash. be careful what you throw away. city of san jose cracking down on people who con strantly through trash into the recycle bin. 40% of items found in recycling bins are garbage. some of the items many tried to mistakenly recycle, pizza boxes, takeout containers, dirty tissues and rags. >> i thought u was recyclable, like this pillow. it's not, huh? is that what you're saying?
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>> yeah, right. that's got a lot of life left in it. studies what kind of trash are ending up in recycling to see what people are getting wrong. >> you've got to be able to repurpose the down fets. investigators on the scene of a house fire in hayward. we're live from the scene next. plus classes resume at a sunnyvale school after three employees are fired following a sexual assault. but there will be a big difference between the school opens its doors today.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes boxes ad lib toss to wx thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon. let's get to the forecast. >> nice and cool. we have some chilly temperatures this morning in the north bay. it is 46 degrees there and 56 degrees in the east bay and san francisco. look for highs today in the 70s for most of us, low 80s popping up there in the north bay and south bay as well as the tri-valley. san francisco some peeks of sun. let's check in now with mike, good morning. >> cash lanes are filling up past the end of the parking lot. that's a big build over the last five minutes. we should see the lights turned on in the next couple. the volume of traffic down the east shore freeway, as it meets
5:30 am
at the bay bridge, not causing a problem. the rest to have bay, have your typical build, highway 4, west 80 out of altamont. one local closure in high ward, meekland avenue just off of a street. breaking news we're firing this morning. fire and smoke filling a home in hayward overnight leaving a lot of questions this morning. >> damian trujillo is live. the fire is out by the investigation far from over. >> reporter: crews are still here at the scene. however they have opened most of the avenue right now, only the big rig fire truck that is at at this point blocking one of the lanes. traffic is getting through at this point. crews responded about 3:20 this morning of a structure fire. they arrived and found a home engulfed in flames. they immediately began attacking the fire. we are right next to a street.
5:31 am
this is sort of an industrial area but also surrounded by several homes. the fire crews were quick to respond to make sure that this fire did not catch -- or that other surrounding homes did not catch fire from this blaze. we spoke to the battalion chief this morning. >> the first unit arrived on the scene, they had heavy flames from the front of the house, made a fast attack, the next two engines came in and did a quick primary search trying to locate the victims. we found out later that the vichls had gotten out okay, no injuries. >> reporter: there are crews still here at the scene at this point mopping up and trying to find the source of the fire and whuns they find the source -- they don't believe it's arson at this point but they're still investigating to make sure they have all of their i's dotted and t's crossed at this point. the meekland avenue is still open to some extent.
5:32 am
that's the latest in hayward, i'm damian trujillo. >> thank you very much. 5:31 right now, caught in the act, a former peninsula youth sports coach in jail accused 0 sexually assaulting a teenage boy. deputies found the 35-year-old performing oral sex on a 14-year-old. ortiz and the teen were in the car. he used to coach in redwood city. he also volunteered with the san mateo sheriff's activity league. he was fired from all of those jobs last year after he was arrested for giving alcohol to a minor. back to school for students and teachers at a sunny jail charter school. >> chris is sanchez is live in sunny jail. the school had to be close sod the school could do background checks on all of the employees.
5:33 am
good morning. >> reporter: this is a state requirement that was supposed to happen before the school opened its doors back in august and yet they scrambled in the last minute to get it done over the last couple of days so the students could return to class today. we know awe the students return to class this morning, there will three staff members who will not return because they have been fired. now the district and northern superintendent wouldn't say why they were fired because it is a personnel matter. but we can tell you one of them is 18-year-old jonathan chao who spoke exclusively with nbc bay area behind bars to ask for privacy for the 8-year-old girl he's charged with molesting. the school board canceled classes for monday and tuesday when reports revealed that none of the staff had undergone the background checks and fingerprinting before the schools started. in a statement he blamed the california department of justice
5:34 am
for not issuing the state id number necessary for the school to conduct the background checks. this has shaken the parents in the community and educators as well. >> i thought they had passed all of these background checks and fingerprinting and i'm sending my kids to somewhere where i think is safe the and it ended up being so not safe. >> i think everybody knows when you start into a public education, and charters are public schools, that there are requirements for hiring and part of that is fingerprinting and background checks. >> reporter: now the sunnyvale union does not represent the teachers at this charter school. santa clara office of education is the body that grants the charter to spark school but says it does not oversee the day-to-day operations of the school. i talked with a spokesman who said they would not have known that the cool was not in compliance with the background and fingerprinting checks until they did their review within a year's time.
5:35 am
i can tell you by looking at agenda's past that they were due from a visit from the santa clara office of education in october. so it perhaps might are come to light then. but in the meantime, the teachers and staff were in the classrooms with students without background checks and fingerprinting. students return today. >> interesting to see how many students return today. well a deadly mistake by an elderly driver in live more stirring the debate over how old is too old to drive. the 80-year-old woman hit the gas pedal instead of a brake. the cso of lawrence livermore labs was killed in the crash, six others hurt. statistics reveal accidents like this are too common among the elderly. reaction time and mental focus decline and for other reasons. >> driver 65 and older, over 08% are on meds and that means not just men but maybe two or three. and a lot of medications when they're mixed together can cause
5:36 am
serious side effects. >> research shows older drivers are not necessarily more dangerous than drivers in other age groups. and when it comes to traffic citatio citations, distracted and drunk driving, they're the safest, the elderly. the dmv tests drivers 70 and old every five years. a grieving sister in the bay area to claim her brother's remains. he was found dead in a santa clara jail cell on august 27th. three correctional deputies have been arrested open charged with his murder. he was supposed to be moved to a mental health problem before being found beaten to death. his sister says if those responsible thought that her brother was an insignificant forgotten man, they were wrong. >> it just a has to mean something. it has to mean something. >> what would it take for that to happen? >> that this never happens again if the accused deputies will be
5:37 am
back on court on october 14th. you can watch more of the interview on a sunnyvale neighbor being sued. neighbors saying the boy is dangerous. the autistic boy's family was in the san jose courtroom yesterday. two of their former neighbors contend the 11-year-old is violent saying he slapped an infant and kicked a four-year-old. and yesterday the judge overseeing the case asked both sides to end the ugliness and find common ground. >> we're glad the judge ordered the judicial settlement conference. >> the only reason we felt we had to file the lawsuit was the safety of our children. >> neighbors are asking for monetary damages. the subt was filed last year. the boy and his family have since moved but they till own the house. a cement company is going to
5:38 am
help better equip hazmat teams. the mercury news reporting that the cement facility has reached an agreement with the epa. it surrounds accusations that the company failed to report the lease of toxic chemicals in 2009 and 2010. they'll pay a $40,000 penalty and spend close to 150,000 on projects including 12 hazmat suits for the santa clara fire department. now to a developing story. emergency management officials from the federal, state and local levels will meet to talk about what's next for the victims of the valley fire. yesterday president obama declierd a major disaster in california meaning the state will get sfed rale money to help with the recover pi. senator brown wrote a let tore the president earlier this week saying the victims of the valley fire were in dire need of temporary housing. 1200 homes were destroyed by the valley fire leaving hundreds of families with nowhere to go. three people died in the fire and this morning two others
5:39 am
are missing. the valley fire is now the third most destructive wildfire in california history, burning more than 78,000 acres in a little other a week. the fire is 79% contained. stay with nbc bay area as the story continues to develop. we'll update the digital platfor platforms. painting wall, smoking tenants, those are transgressions that can get you evicted in san francisco until now. the city board of supervisors passed legislation yesterday making it much harder for landlords to remove people they view as quote problem tenants. tenant advocates say the new rules are going to cut down on the privilege lows evictions. 5:39. what like at 1:30 this morning i think fall -- >> keri hall is in the mood.
5:40 am
lock at that dress. >> i'm thinking of changing leaves. raking leaves? yeah, that too. as we look at the temperatures this morning, mid to upper 50s. we've had such a nice cooldown over the past 24 mowers. we start out this morning 12 degrees cooler in napa than we were yesterday. most of us five or six degrees. and today's highs will be a degree or two warmer under mostly sunny skies. 85 degrees will be the high in los gatos, mission district at 66 degrees and 79 in napa, 72 degrees in oakland and livermore, a high of 85. the commute is on. so the bay bridge has your backup filling in all of the lanes within metering lights on. this is likely another maintenance vehicle coming through. let's get to the maps. we're showing you a smooth drive across the bridge.
5:41 am
of course that volume will cause more slowing as the folks approach. more volume, more cars. you'll see slowing at the bub lynn interchange. south bay, typical schedule, 101 and 87 showing the volume increase. the live shot north of 680. this is the first burst that we see. things will back off and kick in closer to 6:30 with the heart of the commute. one less bump in the road valley transportation's effort to create high speed bus lanes. the bta wants to create two dedicated lanes for high speed buses. the mercury news reports an outside review board released the information yesterday. found that the traffic would probably not be heavily impacted but traffic elsewhere would see a surge due to drivers taking alternate routes. the audit is now going to an advisory group.
5:42 am
coming up any minute now, president obama is going to greet pope francis at the white house. we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. as soon as it happens. >> good news for oakland, a high-tech firm may be moving in. and the big city? california declaring a state of emergency on homelessness.
5:43 am
5:44 am
wel kohl back. we're going to take you live to washington, d.c. this morning where hundreds of thousands of
5:45 am
people are starting to line up near the white house. this is actually the residents of the pope last night. the people have been gathering there this morning expecting him to depart there before making way to meet with president obama. >> he's on his way to the white house. 15,000 people waiting on the south lawn right now to greet the pope. his first trip to the u.s. hope francis in america. here's matt lauer. we're at the white house awaiting the arrival of pope francis. the vatican diplomatic mission here in washington and there are a lot of people gathered there including our own tom costello who is awaiting for the pope to emerge this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: it looks like the police motorcade is moving into position mind me.
5:46 am
and over to my left we have got a pretty large crowd that started gathering at 5:00 in the morning. several hundred people outside singing were serenading the pope, hallelujah, a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd, a lot of them spanish speaking who believes that the hope speaks to them. and so this is really been kind of a contagious environment for the last several hours. they would love it if the pope came over and said something to them, gave them a papal pressing that seems unlikely given the security here, the concrete barriers and the secret service and d.c. police planning to move him down to the white house for his meeting with the president. >> about ten minutes away from the white house. he'll jump into a motorcade, won't have to stop for any lights here in washington and should be at the white house shortly. joining me on the south lawn is nbc special anchor, maria
5:47 am
shriver and george weigel. good morning to both of you. george, let me start with you, 1979 john paul, ii, in 2008 it was pope benedict xvi, greeted by president bush and today it's president obama welcoming pope francis. what's the difference in the meetings? what's changed? >> they're all remarkable, matt. in 1979 you had this southern baptist president greeting a polish pope, unbelievable. no one imagined such a thing could happen. in 2008 you had a former american prisoner of war, now benedict xvi, being serenaded by the u.s. army band. marvelous moment. today you've got the first pope
5:48 am
from this hemisphere from what he calls america, not the americas, plural, as john paul ii did, he talks of america, one enterprise on this side of the atlantic. and you've got obviously the first african american president. there's all sorts of firsts going on here. the other thing to always keep in mind during this visit is that this is pope francis's first visit to the united states. his predecessors have experience with it. he's on a learning curve. >> and the pope's circumstance is just unbelievable. we were talking a second ago saying this is a great day to be a president when you get to be a part of something like that. the president and the first lady will greet the pope, they'll come out here, we'll hear a couple of national anthems played and then some speeches.
5:49 am
what do you think we're going to be hearing in the pope's remarks? >> i think probably like george said, he'll talk about how grateful he is to finally be here, he'll talk about the people of the united states, he'll talk about immigration, i'm sure. and i think he will kind of today and his entire trip call us to be our best selves. he's going to make everybody i think about simplicity, think about humility, think about how we can help our fellow man and woman. i think he'll be kind of surprised, i have so say, at all of this pomp and circumstance. much has been made about his humility, his simplicity. and this is a lot of pomp and circumstance here. this is kind of wow. >> it's wow physically and graphically when you're on the south side of the white house, the south lawn and you look out over the washington monument, which we're looking at. but more importantly for this
5:50 am
pope he'll be looking at the faces of people who have come from near and far. we've got an e nor nous group of people to your vieth. a lot of people from latin america, a lot of parents with their children. these are the people he wants to talk to while he's here in the united states >> he's coming here primarily, as you well know, as a pastor. he's not coming as a politician. he's not coming as a diplomat although the issues will surely be touched on. he's going to see a mosaic of the united states, a mosaic of the entire western hems fear. >> let me just mention we're seeing the 500 sedan that's just pulled up in front of the pope's residence. the vatican, really their embassy to the united states here in washington. so we should see pope francy in just a second. i mean, george, that moment yesterday which has been talked about and talked about when he arrived and greeted by the
5:51 am
president and the biden family and hopped in a car that we're not used to seeing diplomats riding in in this country. it a was a moment that i said to maria, seemed like a gag but it was similar pollic and appropriate. >> it's who he is and how he wanted to present him. i thought it looked a bit like thomas the tank, this little fiat surrounded by these big suburbans, rather odd. this is a man who was determined to remain himself in office. and in that sense he reminds me of john paul, ii whom i knew so well. do not let the office alter their personality. in the case of pope francis who was a reticent figure, he was not going to be the authority. this remarkable election, which he certainly did not -- has transformed his personality. he's become a public man in a
5:52 am
way he never was before. and i think the resonance of that is obvious. >> we're seeing the dignitarities walk out of the white house right now taking their places. about 15,000 people will be in attendance here at the white house for this ceremony which should last just about half an hour or 40 minutes. we've seen some of the remarks from the president and the pope. they're not long. they're not going to be speaking at great length. the major speech that the pope will deliver while he's here will be tomorrow before a joint meeting of congress. george, as we prepare for the pope to arrive here, there are a lot of people who are going to be seeing him for the first time, not only seeing the united states for the first time. what do you think their first impression of him will be? >> he's a very winsome personality. >> it's funny you say that. i watched him in the fiat
5:53 am
sitting there yesterday. he smiles but it's almost an uneasy, almost a smile where he's embarrassed to show it. >> he's innatively not a dem demonstrative man. he's a friendly man, a man you can engage seriously. in our conversations there's been a lot of back and forth of a serious sort. but he does have a wicked sense of humor. while i doubt that we'll see much of that. he likes to flash it every now and then. and that little smile comes out at that point and really lights up his face. >> and maria, there's so much security and so much talk about the really understand precedented security operation that's in effect. they're aided by many law enforcement agencies. because of the security are we not going to see the pope get to do what he does so well, which
5:54 am
is get out and embrace and hug the people who come to see him? >> i don't think we're going to see much hugging here at the white house. i don't think he's going to wade out into this crowd. but i'm sure he'll get a chance to do that. as he said, what he wants to do is meet the american people, listen to the persamerican peop. you've heard a lot about how becoming pope has changed pope francis and how he has become a more demonstrative human being. if you read about him to understand that he was a different man, where he had an interior crisis and he changed the kind of leader that he wanted to be -- there he is. >> there's pope francis. >> there he is, the guy in white. >> just about ten minutes from here to thunderous applause to people who have been waiting for hours and hours.
5:55 am
there we go. didn't take long, waiting height past his car and embracing and shaking the hands of some of the people. >> secret service must be dying at this point. >> this is a scene we've seen a lot of over the last few years. >> it's a scene that we've seen a lot of over the last 35 years. the papacy has become one who goes out to the people of the church, lives that in junction to go and strengthen the brethren. and you do that by physical contact. >> talk about persistence and patient paying off. how about these people who waited overnight thinking i've got a pretty good shot of seeing the pope up close and personal and here they get much more than they probably bargained for. >> there was one group we were listening to yesterday that said they were going to be out there at 4:00 in the morning singing to him. i've been in that building and
5:56 am
it probably woke him up. not a lot of sound security. >> this is life altering obviously. these are moments that everybody there will remember for the rest of their lives. pope francis shook my hand. this is a man who calls us to be better, believes that we can all change, that we can all be kind of sources of compassion and goodness in the world. >> i was listening to chris jansing at andrews air force base yesterday talk about something. there comes a moment when you're involved in a situation like this for both of you where you have a very important decision to make in this technological age. do you enjoy and absorb the moment in person with your own eyes or do you pick that phone up and try and capture it forever? if it's just in your own eyes, you'll be able to reimagine it over and over again. of course if you capture it on
5:57 am
video, you can watch it. i see a lot of people shunning the phones and the cameras, simply wanting to be in the moment which is probably the right thing to do. >> he's staying with it. he's actually spending quite a lot of time here talking to people. i wonder if he's speak in english or spanish. >> tom costello, i understand you're about 100 yards away from pope francis. what can you see and hear? >> reporter: i want you to meet one of them. this is casey mar tee knees. he's been here since 4:00. you are one of so many young people that's here. why? what does the pope mean to you? >> the pope symbolizes -- he's really inspiring was he doesn't care about one race or religion. he cares about all races and religions not just cat lick. >> for a young person to have an older man, a pope speak to you is really something.
5:58 am
>> it is. >> how many of your friends came today? >> a lot. everybody that i've known since i was little. >> they're all here? >> they're all here. >> thank you, casey. si singing and celebrating, hoping he would come over here. i don't think he's going to make it to this side of the street but you're still excited nonetheless? >> yes. >> the crowd has been so enthusiastic, the scene here in the early morning hours hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis when he emerges and emerged from the none ka chur and they got just that. they would love for him to have come across the street but they're happy they got a glimpse from here. >> george, you've been there many times. we should mention, there's not a lot of room for a large crowd there. it's a rath tight surrounding. the vice president's official residence is just across the street. it's not a place where thousands
5:59 am
and thousands can gather. >> no, it is. it's an interesting juxtaposition. it's an office as well as a residence where the vatican representative to the united states,bishop does his work. does have some interesting art facts, letter from the first cannon niezed american saint is displayed in one of the drawing rooms there. but i'm watching the pope here and thinking the schedule is going to be interesting for the next six days, because he's off schedule already. >> are we on pope time already? >> i think we're on pope time. >> there's no question, we're
6:00 am
already behind schedule. he won't be at the white house at the time they said he would be here. we should also mention, maria, there's a little comment going on over the last couple of days about the portion of america -- this very first trip to america, it's really a sliver of the north eastern portion of this nation. he will not have the opportunity, at least during the visit -- we hope there will be future visits -- to see the breadth of this country, just washington, new york and philadelphia. >> that's correct. i had read that he had been thinking at one point of coming in through mexico. and this was a trip that was planned when benedict was the pope. and if he had had his druthers, it would have been in the west. but he' soing where catholicism started in the united states. there's so much aat


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