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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> now he's ditching the fiat and going into the pope mobile to go around the streets of washington, d.c. we're going to leave was with these final images right now. >> have a great morning. ♪ here they are! [ cheers & applause ] you're looking at president obama and mrs. obama and pope francis on the south balcony of the white house. the president and first lady have just welcomed the pope to this country for the first time in his life. george weigel joins us here and maria shriver both commented on the need for religious freedom and the hot button issues in this country and world, the flight of the refugees, immigration reform and the watt
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l over that subject that is taking place and seems to be taking places in this country for decades. those are subjects that the pope will be talking about tomorrow when hi addresses this joint meeting of congress. and yet i was interested to hear him say i will offer words of encourage to lawmakers, not give them a lecture. >> he's not coming here as the 436th member of the house. he's coming here as the universal pastor of the catholic church. and i think he understands that this is a difficult moment in political history. aof divisiveness, a lot of head banging. not a whole lot of serious moral conversation about how we ought to be living together. and i think he wants to lift that vision. >> the ceremony is concluding as you can tell the people, the
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15,000 or so people have gathered here at the white house that this part of the activity is over. we still have a parade of sorts where the pope will be toured and get a chance to see some of the faithful who have gathered here, i would say, the majority of them not from the washington, d.c. area. but coming in from other places, choosing this location to hopefully get a glimpse of their holy father. they're going to meet for 45 minutes or so, george, in private with just two translators. i would imagine that this point they're going to hit some of the issues that we talked about today, agree on more than they disagree on? >> there's twoing to be two meetings. the holy father and the president will meet with the translator. secretary kerry and the cardinal state will be meeting. and i think they will do more of the nitty-gritty. that's generally the way these things work. but i do expect and i know the
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people of the united states expects that the pope is going to underscore to the president how urgently they feel about obamacare and its impacts on religious freedom. >> threlet's go to chris jansin. you've had a good view of this. what else can you add? >> i was watching very closely the faces in the crowd to gauge their reaction and their experience. and you, maria and george of course have been at many of these events at the vatican. it is a profound experience that folks go through. i saw a few people wiping away tears, some hugging and i saw a lot of people with wide smiles. and this brings to mind the francis effect. what impact will his visit here have on america, from
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immigration to climate change, normalization of relations with cuba. we saw with pope john paul, a call to religious life, a call to the priesthood. we're seeing with this pope so many people who are coming back to the church or considering coming back to the church. and i guess the question that lingers out there today, was we're in washington in this magnificent setting is what impact will he have on what's been a negative discourse in this 2016 political season, conflict that we've seen in congress that have made so many americans so disappointed. what will the francis effect. be. i can tell you that people have been moved, and he mentioned that positions of power, will they be moved? >> i think that's exactly right. i have a chance here -- we're sitting in a location that is a bit of rare filed air and it's
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one of those days where you stop and think about how fortunate you are to have a job like this. i take some pictures every once in a while. i took this one just a second ago of the view of where we sit watching the president and the pope address this crowd. george, i'm taken back to 2008 where i had the great honor of sitting in this exact location at that time when pope benedict visited the white house and president bush. i sat with tim rus ert at that time. i'm not catholic but i agree with maria. you sit and watch this and look at the faces of the people witnessing it with you, and it is a deeply moving experience. it makes you feel good and it gives you hope and hopefully that can be the message and the feeling that lasts throughout the next five or six days of the pope's visit to the country. >> the word catholic means universe. dillon thomas, i think it was kb
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catholicism means here comes everybody. this is the first universal. i think if john paul -- john paul. if francis can bring that sense into the american public conversation, that will be great. his two predecessors had very different experiences. as i mentioned earlier, the remarkable site of pope benedict here, in 1945, he understood how important it was for america and its allies to have won the second world war. john paul, ii, saw in the united states a model for how to be a free country in the late 20th century world and he found in the united states an ally in his contest for human rights,
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particularly behind the iron curtain. this has got a different texture to it. francis is reaching down into our souls, or trying to reach down into our souls and asking us to be a bit more than people dedicated to the noble ideals in the declaration of independence. >> you said something the other day, george, in briefing us of this visit, you said one of the common misconceptions of pope francis is that in some way he is some sort of theological wildman. those were your words by the way, not mine. and that in fact he is not that at all. >> well, as maria has said, and ann thompson yesterday, he's committed to the settled doctrine of the church. what he wants the church to do is better articulate the yes that lies behind every time it
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must say no to something. he thinks people are hearing the no -- >> does that make sense to you? >> it makes sense to me. and i think the other thing, when e was listening to you saying you're not catholic and you talk to a lot of people here of different faith, there's a quote that says every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. he talks about immigration and global warming, he's also talking about loves with he's leading with love, he's leading with compassion and leading with inclusion. he's saying we can all be better people. that quote i've remembered and think about a lot 0, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. change can come into the church. the church can be more inclusive. it can be less judgmental. a lot of people felt that the church judged them, shamed them. and he's trying to lift that
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back, change the dialogue and the emphasis saying come back in here. >> do we sometimes though put too much faith is the wrong word, but hope in a moment like this? there have been moments in the past where something has happened in this town that so divided and we've all sat on some stage saying maybe this is the moment, maybe this is the man who can make a difference and we've come to be disappointed so many other times. >> i think he's saying all of us can be the man or the woman. all of us can make the moment. not up to just him. >> i think he's also suggesting to the catholics of the united states, matt, particularly to the bishops of the united states, that they need to get back into the e advantageization business. they need to strengthen what's going on and they need to intensify. that's what's going to change things over the long term,
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helping people become the saints they were created to be. >> been an exciting and thrilling morning. great to have you here, george, ra maria great to work with you. coverage of the parade expected to begin about 11:00 a.m. for now that concludes this nbc special report. ♪ we're back now ten minutes after 7:00 on the west coast with a split edition of of toad. you have the best seat there, matt, to see a bit of history. what a remarkable moment this
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morning to see the pope on the white house grounds, to hear his words to the american people, and then the shot of the morning, i think, there on the balcony with president and mrs. obama, waving to the throngs who turned out to see him. >> i don't think, savannah and natalie and al sitting there, you know, sometimes microphones do not pick up the true volume and feeling of a crowd when the pope and the president first stepped onto the podium and then later that moment you were talking about, savannah, when they came out on the balcony, there was just a roar of approval, of warmth, of appreciation for what the people who have been gathered here all morning have just witnessed. and we have the chance here that you don't have the chance to do, to look at the faces of the people who were witnessing this along with us. and there were just smiles everywhere. it was wonderful to see. >> he does, matt, seem to exude such warmth. we just heard a few remarks from him.
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i know his big speech is tomorrow before the joint meeting of congress, yet, we got a flavor of it. he touched on some pretty important issues. it wasn't just all pageantry this morning. >> no, it wasn't. by the way, just the delivery of the speech, as we mentioned, in english, not a language that he thinks he is very comfortable with, but it was such a nice gesture to speak in english at this gathering as he is welcomed to this country. but yes, it does give us an idea of what he might be saying to congress tomorrow, but also the tone he might use. it is not going to be a scolding tone. it's not going to be a lecture. it's going to be about encouraging and pushing hope and trying to give hope to people who perhaps could use it at this state of our history. let's bring in george, our vatican analyst and maria shriver who have been with me all morning long. it's been remarkable. >> it's been inspiring.
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both of the men i thought spoke beautifully this morning. they both touched on who we can be. i think the president has certainly been inspired by pope francis and, i thought the fact that he, you know, gave him a shout out as a human being and what he stands for, and he thinks that that's why so many people came out here today. >> it strikes me, matt, that it's a warmer relationship than it was 18 months ago. there were not a whole lot of smiles in the photographs in the vatican in march of 2014. so i think the common work on cuba has obviously made some sort of a difference. perhaps they've gotten to know each other a little bit better. but everyone here today seemed ready to be lifted up. to be called to something a little more noble, something a little more honorable in their public life. and i think that's the message
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that will permeate this visit of this pope to the united states, including what he said about marriage and the family, which is what he's going to talk about in great length in philadelphia this week. >> you talk about the personal side, the gesture the president made to the pope. he said, i believe the excitement around your visit must be attributed not only to your role as pope but your unique qualities as a person. >> that's right. people are talking about his simplicity, right, his kindness, the way he reacts to people. i think people often think, they think about people in washington. you were talking about that, the powerful and that the rest of the country doesn't feel like they have a champion. here is a man who champions the vast majority of the world, who talks about their struggles, who talks about their suffering and identifies with them and tells their story. and they see a champion in him. >> maria thank you. george, thank you as always. we'll have much more on today's historic events here in
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washington throughout the morning and bring you the pope's parade, if you will, live. for now let's go back to savannah and the gang in new york. >> we'll see you in a little bit. other news this morning. politics. hillary clinton's email controversy, back in the headlines with a report that the fbi has recovered emails thought to be deleted from the private computer server she used as secretary of state. andrea mitchell is following that for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. new reports today that the fbi has recovered both personal and work-related emails from hillary clinton's private server. the fbi has been investigating how classified information was handled by this account. clinton told her lawyers to turn over the server last month after the inspector general for the intelligence agency asked for an fbi probe. it had already been reported that the fbi thought they could recover some of the emails from the server even though they had been deleted. what is new today is that they've actually been able to get them and they're now sorting
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through from the fbi believes is personal from work related. the justice department said hillary clinton had the right to delete emails. this ensures this will continue be a drip from this issue as clinton tries to campaign. there is a new indication today that the campaign is in trouble. a bloomberg poll out this morning shows vice president biden who hasn't decided if he is running and bernie sanders now are closing in on clinton. she is at 33% in the poll of the biden is second at 25%. sanders is not 24%. no real difference there. biden has a net favorability 10 points higher than clinton among democratic voters. biden advisors say he is likely to make a decision in the next few weeks, in time to be on the stage next month for the first democratic debate. savannah. >> we shall see. andrea mitchell, thank you. tributes are pouring in this morning for baseball hall of famer yogi berra, one of the game's most legendary figures. he died at the age of 90. we have more on his remarkable
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life on and off the field. >> yogi's blast over the right field fence. the yanks off and running. >> reporter: the long-time new york yankees catcher was one of the greatest players on some of the most storied teams in baseball history. his hall of fame career numbers among the best ever. 19 seasons. 15 straight all-star games three league mvp awards. he played in more world series game and had more series hits than anyone else. most of america new berra's words, not his numbers. it ain't over till it's over. in a special "meet the press" at yankee stadium tim russert asked him to explain. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> take it. we got a street back home that we had one. that's why i said take it. >> half the things i said, i never said. >> oh, boy. i tell you the truth, tim. i don't even know i say these things. i really don't.
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>> lawrence peter berra was born may 12, 1925, to an immigrant family in a primarily italian neighborhood of st. louis. he quit school after 8th grade and served in the navy. after the war in 1946 he joined the yankees, where he would spend his entire playing career, ending in 1963. he then went on to coach and manage the yankees, and the cross-town mets. berra retired in 1992 after his last job in baseball, a coach for the houston astros. >> yogi berra hits one. >> i love baseball. i really do. i always told my dad. i said, dad, i ain't going to make it working. i like to play ball too much. which i did. we played hard. you have to work at this game. you really do. and it's fun doing it if you do it the right way. >> he devoted the later innings of his life to community service and charity work. his yogi berra museum and learning center on the campus of montclair state university in
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new jersey, not far from yankee stadium. in march of 2014 berra lost his wife of 65 years, carmen, often called the woman beside the man behind the plate. they had three sons, 11 grandchildren. >> yankee hall of famer, yogi berra. >> yogi berra, a yankee legend, one of the most charismatic baseball players and sports personalities of all time. >> reporter: my favorite yogi-ism, if you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else. savannah guthrie. >> so many wise ones to choose from. craig, thank you so much. >> al, we know you loved him. >> the best. that's what's going on around the country. okay. let's take a quick look at what's going out west. we will see. looking at plenty of sunshine. san francisco, los angeles, sunshine 84 degrees. denver, 84 as well. seattle, you're going to have partly cloudy skies, 70 degrees.
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billings, montana, high of 83. the rest of the country, wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. strong storms in the midsection causing problems there. gorgeous day for the first day of fall in the northeast. we'll get to good morning. i'm meteorologist keri hall. it is cool right now as you step out the door with temperatures in the mid 50s, now 47 in the north bay. a high of 780 degrees there, san francisco up to 67 degrees.
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east bay will be up to 74, slightly warm near the inland spots, the tri-valley, 86 degrees, peninsula 76 and the south bay today will see a high of 82 degrees. have a great day. if you're feeling tingly this morning around 4:21, it's because fall started. >> i thought it was your presence, al. >> hmm. let me ponder that one. >> matt, stand by for a second. coming up, we want to tell you -- we have a story. why oscar winner sean penn filed a $10 million lawsuit against "empire"creator. pope's first full day in the united states. he's getting ready to arrive in the white house. why his papacy is unlike anything we've ever seen. first on wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up. trevor noah stops by and opens up about how he is feeling as he prepares to take over "the daily show" from jon stewart. no pressure.
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... our breaking news: the chp has called off a bay good morning on your when. 7:26. i'm sam rock. breaking news, the chp just deactivated a bay area wade amber alert for a child abduction reported at 4:30 this morning on the peninsula. authorities were looking for a fave-year-old boy in san mateo county. the child was located safely but we don't have all of the exact circumstances and specifics behind what happened. the chp issued the alert only 30 minutes ago and word it was called off just came in to our newsroom. again, that 5-year-old from san mateo county has been located safely and the amber alert has been deactivated. the pope comes to the united states today. we're watching coverage from d.c. it was heavenly and bright and
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sunny there. what's the weather like here? let's turn it over to keri hall. >> we're seeing a nice cool start to the day. live look from mt. hamilton and the temperature at 54 degrees, 58 in concord and 47 degrees in napa. expect a high of 85 degrees in los ga tot, foster city at 77, the outer sunset at 61 degrees today and in fairfield, 80 degrees, 72 in oakland and dublin today a high of 84 degrees. more of the nice weather today. how are the roads looking? at 7:00 the roads filled with the cars flooding on to the roads here in san jose. 680 south bond 280 northbound at the interchange, slow driving earlier there. there's the build. across the san mateo bridge, the earlier crash. it's off of the roadway. and you know what? a drive through oakland, the bay bridge, a crash westbound has
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cleared from treasure island. that will the it for us right now. we'll back back with a local news update coming up in 25 minutes.
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it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the united states of america. [ applause ] >> god bless america. [ applause ] 7:30 now on the west coast on this historic wednesday morning, the 23rd day of september, 2015, a day on which america officially welcomes pope francis. it happened just a short time ago in an extraordinary ceremony here at the white house on a picture-perfect day in washington d.c. the pope and the president addressing some 15,000 people gathered here around the white
7:31 am
house. both speaking of the need for religious freedom, and both touching on some of the ho hot-button issues that we are living through right now in this country and around the world. this is a great image of the pope and the president on the colonnade after meeting for a short time in the oval office. and in just a little while the pope will take to the pope-mobile, the first time that we'll see it here in this country for a tour of the ellipse where hundreds of thousands, perhaps, are waiting to get a glimpse of the holy father. it's just some extraordinary images that we've been seeing all morning long, and there is more to come in just a little while. i can see you guys gathered back home. i will tell you that every once in a while i have to make you jealous because this morning i have the best seat in the house. >> you really do! >> those images are amazing, matt, the president and the pope walking next to the rose garden. there is so much to come this
7:32 am
morning. in about 20 minutes the pope are participate in the parade and the midday prayers at the cathedral of st. matthew, right, matt. >> later this afternoon he'll celebrate mass at the basilica of the shrine. the mass will include the first-ever canonization on american soil. there is a lot to look forward to. we'll be covering it throughout the day. let's also talk about some of the other headlines. we begin with a sad one from the world of baseball. just from the world. let's be honest. overnight new york yankees' legend and hall of fame catcher yogi berra died. the 90-year-old was a three-time most valuable player. he won a record 10 world series titles with the yankees. he was also beloved for his so-called yogi-isms, like it ain't over till it's over. >> fondly remembered this morning. the pharmaceutical company
7:33 am
ceo under fire for raising the cost of a drug from $13.50 to $750 a pill says he will lower the price. he did not say what the price would be but said it would be determined over the next few weeks. two texas high school football players who were suspended for tackling a referee during a game face a disciplinary hearing before school officials today. the players claim they were told to hit the ref by one of their coaches. now back here, a celebrity feud that could get very expensive. sean penn filed a $10 million lawsuit against "empire"co-creator lee daniels. willie is following that one this morning. sean penn has been making headlines and movies for three decades. now he is fighting back against what his attorney says are false, baseless and reckless attacks that have gone on for years. the hit show "empire"is back on the air tonight.
7:34 am
it's co-creator is getting buzz not only for his anticipated season 2 premiere but for comments he made in defense of lead actor terrence howard. in an interview with the hollywood reporter he referred to howard as "that poor boy." he went on to say that howard, quote, ain't done nothing different than marlon brando or sean penn and all of a sudden he is some demon. >> if you're sean penn the comparison to terrence howard is exactly what you do not want to hear. howard as a very established unfortunate legal record of violence incidents with women. >> penn's attorney acknowledged that, while he's had several brushes with the law, penn, unlike howard has never been arrested much less convicted for domestic violence and his ex-wives would attest. penn who most recently has been linked to charlize theron and
7:35 am
scarlett johansson was married to robin wright for 14 years. it was his marriage to madonna that's been called into question. >> his marriage to madonna is probably best remembered for an incident that, while penn was not formally arrested there were widespread reports of him engaging in violent behavior. something like that will not be forgotten easily. >> while he's drawn attention for clashes are paparazzi, penn points to his humanitarian work in the lawsuit, perhaps an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation in the court of public opinion even if experts say it may be more difficult in the court of law. >> it's a tough case for him. he has to show that a fault statement of fact was made about him, essentially accusing him of being guilty of domestic violence but also that lee daniels made that false statement knowing it was false. i think that is a tough burden for him to meet. we reached out to the l.a. county sheriff's office. officials there confirm an investigation into a domestic violence incident involving sean
7:36 am
penn and madonna in 1989. but we were unable to find any charges that were filed. other than penn's attorney, no other parties involved in the lawsuit would comment. check of the weather from al. >> heavy rain happening in nebraska and the midsection of the country. strong storms. flooding, flash flood warnings are out. we're also looking at sunshine along the west coast. beautiful day today there. lots of sunshine here in the east, some showers and thunderstorms drew the gulf zbhoo good morning. i'm meteorologist keri hall. it is cool in some spots like the north bay. only 47 degrees now and 57 degrees in san francisco. today another nice one with more sun than we had yesterday, 67 degrees in san francisco, the north bay up to 74, 76 in the peninsula and the south bay seeing a high of 82 degrees. in the north bay expect a high of 80 degrees and our
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temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days. that's your latest weather. matt. al, thank you very much. coming up, live coverage of the pope's parade through the streets of washington d.c. maria shriver explores the (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
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can i just switch to sprint? pre-order today. [trouble hearing on the phone, visit] it 't . a pretty good photo op right there. the pope and the president in the oval office, just moments ago, giving some anxious photographers the opportunity they've been waiting for. a lot on the pope's schedule this morning, including a prayer meeting at the cathedral of st. matthews, not far from here in washington d.c. i think you can see in the live shot right there we had some of the bishops of the catholic church entering the cathedral as we speak. the pope's day began at around 8:45 eastern at the nunciature where he briefly greeted an adoring crowd. a lot of those people have been waiting basically all night just to get a glimpse of him. after shaking hands, he hopped again into what has to be the most popular car in this country right now, the small fiat, for
7:43 am
the ride to the white house. it's already become a symbol, that car, of the simple life that he leads. nbc special anchor maria shriver is back with that part of the pope story. welcome, again. >> thank you, matt. after his first days after taking the name francis to his ventures into the crowd to greet the faithful his openness and simple life-style and approach has resonated with millions of people all over the world. pray for me, he said so often. pope francis is a humble man, living a simple life. despite his rise to the highest position in the catholic church. much has been made about that he didn't want to wear the prada slippers, he didn't want to live in the pope's palace or the pope's apartment. he wanted to live more in community. talk to me about what his life is actually like. is it really awestustere and si?
7:44 am
>> as much as it can be for a pope. we take vows of poverty. >> to francis the vow of poverty includes life in these simple rooms at the santa marta. the dorm-style guest house. he eats every day in the cafeteria along with staffers and the janitors. he is the first pope to carry his own bags when he travels. >> this is also a very shrewd man. people i have spoken to said this is a man who was influenced by perone, who watched the power of gestures, who understands what it means to get a photograph of him carrying his own briefcase. is that fair? >> i think it's natural to him. the things picked up by the media are part of who he is. he is not just doing them for show. it's a way to telegraph what the church is about and what he is about. >> to truly understand this pope, one needs to understand where he came from. he grew up in a lower middle-class family the son of
7:45 am
an accountant who emigrated to argentina from italy. later, when he became a priest and then even as a cardinal, he worked in some of buenos aires' most impoverished neighborhoods. >> as the cardinal, he was not an administrative, a vatican person. he was a person who was really out with people and living with people. he took public transportation to work every day. he got on the bus like everybody else did. >> and that is a key part of his popularity. the people's pope seems to be just like us. he even enjoys some of the same indulgenc indulgences. he is a big fan of soccer and of dancing. he has even been known to enjoy the tango. he has reportedly developed a fondness for pasta. since moving to italy he has gained weight and his doctor has asked him to cut back. he is perhaps the most relatable pope in the church's history.
7:46 am
what do you think is the difference between what people are seeing in this pope compared to pope john paul ii, who was also very popular and pope benedict? >> three different popes. they bring three different sets of gifts. john paul was a philosopher. benedict was a theologian. pope francis is more of a pastor. a mother of a friend of mine said i respected and admired john paul and benedict. this guy, i want to hug this guy. >> americans can be a little cynical. famous people, well-known people here surround themselves are pr experts, strategists, messaging experts. when they see signs of the simple, humble life, they may say is this part of that message. but you know people who have seen him in candid moments who say, no, not at all. >> i was talking to somebody who was at santa maria two weeks ago and they walked in for a concerns. he was there busing his own tray.
7:47 am
they were like, don't go talk to him because he is having lunch and going up to his room. they were like, oh my gosh! he is the real deal. that's what people sense. they sense that he is authentic, that he lives out in this busy world. he doesn't use a computer. an iphone. he meditates and prayers. he is calm. he seems to have it together. >> maria, thank you for the story. we're getting you ready for the pope to come out and greet the crowds along the ellipse. just a few minutes away. we'll bring it to you live. first, these messages. queso dip ♪ ♪ haven't been this lost in years ♪ (gps) ♪ recalculating shortest route ♪ ♪ do i really look like this? ♪ ♪ never seen this one before ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪
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... ==topvo== investigators don't yet know what caused an overnight house good wednesday morning. 7:56. i'm sam brock. investigators don't know yet what caused an overnight house fire in hayward. it started just after 3:00 this morning on meekland avenue. crews arrived to find the front of the house engulfed in flames. thankfully nobody was hurt and right now firefighters believe that that fire was accidental. in the meantime, a neglected san jose hotel may find new life helping the south bay's homeless population. they voted to turn the now closed plaza hotel into a homeless housing project. the plan calls for a major conversion of the hotel and new temporary apartments. it has been empty for the past seven years. they're repurposing it now. >> let's get a quick look at your weather. nice day ahead?
7:57 am
beautiful out there. it's the first day of fall. we see the clear blue skies. 82 in san jose. and in foster city, a high of. 7 degrees. mission district today reaching 66 degrees. and fairfield 80 degrees, 62 degrees in pittsburgh. we seal see a high many the mid 80s in the tri-valley. he's look at how the commute is rolling. a tough drive right now for the south bay. 680-280. here's 101 northbound crawling. we'll lack at the map and say that is made worse because of a crash. 101 has one lane blocked by a fire crew to assist with an earlier crash. a slow drive through san jose pushing up towards santa clara. a slower drive across the dublin. 92 to san mateo starting to ease a bit. no break for hayward or oakland. back to you.
7:58 am
thank you very much. we'll be back in 25 minutes for another update. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ back now 8:00 on the west coast on this wednesday morning. an historic day in this country this is probably or that will probably be the best opportunity for those people to see the pope while he's here in washington. the event a little bit earlier at the white house, about 15,000 people gathered. much harder to get into that. i'm joined in washington by maria shriver, always good to have "her."
8:01 am
nbc special anchor. let's recap a little of the pope's morning so far. he arrived at the white house a little after 9:00, a little behind schedule. he was greeted by the president and first lady as he arrived in that now famous fiat 500 sedan a little after the opening ceremony. he had some time to spend in the oval office with the president, move a photo-op. that's an image we'll see all day long a prayer session at the st. matthew and first time ever held on american soil. i know savannah, natalie and al are standing by in new york. it's been an extraordinary morning so far, guys and there's still more to come. >> just getting started with this day and trip and last six days and take the pope from washington to new york to philadelphia. we'll get back to you in a
8:02 am
moment, matt and maria but let's check on the top stories with natalie. >> faeb recovered some of the e-mails from the private secretary hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state. bloomberg reporting the salvage material includes both personal and work related e-mails. the story has not been independently verified by nbc news. the justice department has said mrs. clinton had every right to delete the e-mails. however, the fbi is investigating whether her private system exposed any classified information. republican front-runner donald trump campaigning in south carolina following an appearance on the late show with steven colbert. we're also hearing from trump's family members. here is more. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. >> the republican front-runner in the late night spotlight. >> i want to thank you not only for being here, i want to thank you for running for president. i'm not going to say -- i'm not
8:03 am
going to say this stuff writes itself but you certainly do deliver it on time every day. >> as stephen colbert riffed, donald trump ducked. >> the last time you ever have to address this question if you hit the ball. barack obama, born in the united states. >> you know what, i don't talk about it anymore. i talk about jobs. i talk about our veterans being horribly treated. >> even on late night tv trump not able to shake this controversial moment from last week's town hall. >> we have a problem in this country and it's called muslim. >> it was a testing moment for a man running for president. >> i don't think so. >> you never know when they are coming. >> here you have a bigot. >> you don't know that. he asked a question. you don't know that he's a big on the. >> now trump's children highlighting his softer side telling "access hollywood" what
8:04 am
they learned from their dad. >> i think a lot about this as a parent myself now, how he instilled discipline and hard work and focus and passion into us. i think he have just an amazing father. >> his campaign says the timing of ivanka comments in the midst of latest controversies is just a coincidence. >> i'm proud of him. he's winning in every single poll. he's schicking it up, saying what everybody thinks but is afraid to say. he's sort of the anti-politician, the man i know him to be. >> that was nbc halle jackson reporting. pharmaceutical executive under fire for jacking up the price afterlife saving drug more than 5,000% is now backing down. martin shkreli target of outrage after raising price of dara prim from $13.50 to $750.
8:05 am
an infection sometimes contracted by aids patients. he said his company will lower the price to either break even or make a smaller profit. baseball hall of famer yogi berra is being remembered today for his 10 world series championships, and, of course, his amazing sense of humor. the yankees legend died tuesday night at the age of 90. berra grew up in st. louis, the son of italian immigrants. he served in the navy in world war ii before becoming one of the greatest catchers in major league history. among his most popularsation, if the world were perfect, it wouldn't be. and if you come to a fork in the road, take it. and the list goes on and on. yet another controversy surrounding an incident involving a high school football player and a referee. the question, was it an accident or intentional. this happened in tennessee. video shows a player knocking down a referee during a play. now, he says it was an accident but the school district has suspended him from football during the investigation. earlier this month you recall
8:06 am
two high school players in texas were suspended after allegedly targeting a ref during a game there. a substitute who came off the bench to give his team a spark did that and more. record shattering performance, he entered the game with his team down 1-0. he caught fire and scored an astonishing five goals in nine minutes leading his team onto victory. he to skip a game saturday because of a sore ankle. after tuesday night he said, i think the ankle is fine. by the way, i don't think he's a sub anymore. after that performance. >> he had his wheaties. >> i'll have what he's having. >> if at first we don't succeed, one little boy's adorable struggle to blow out his birthday can else. no pressure.
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♪ join for free at and lose ten pounds on us when you sign up before october 26th. to see him before making a short drive to the white house. that drive was a bit delayed. he got to the white house about 15 minutes after he was supposed to get here.
8:11 am
there he was welcomed by the president and 11,000 invited guests and some 4 or 5,000 others who simply waited throughout most of the night to be allowed onto the grounds of the white house. maria shriver nbc special anchor is with me here at the white house along with george weigle, our vatican senior analyst. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> what we're going to see now is a different event. this is an event where the pope is going to get into a popemobile. kind of a new version of what we've seen over the years. he's going to be driven around the ellipse. this is the moment, george clancy, head of the secret service has been staying up nights worrying about here in washington for a long time. >> there's been a real tug-of-war between the vatican and secret service over this entire trip. it really has to do with the new popemobile. had pope francis agreed to use that pububble top his predecess
8:12 am
used, things could have been done different. they could have traveled the streets like he did. but he's determined to use the fiat, jeep wrangler and that from the secret service point of view puts a whole new dimension of concern on this. you have these enclosed drive arons, the ellipse and central park. >> it is a tug-of-war, maria, because on the one hand you have to do everything humanly possible to protect this pope while he's on this tour of the ellipse. on the other hand, this is the best chance for the majority of the people in this area to get a glimpse of the pope. some are hoping to reach out and touch him. >> we've seen a glimpse where people have given him a pizza, gone up to the popemobile, touched him or put their baby up there. i think they are hoping it will be much less security focused and they will have an opportunity to touch him, to have him bless them, to have him kiss their baby.
8:13 am
kind of human encounter with this man who they feel represents the vast majority of humanity. >> they had a chance to do that this morning. instead of jumping into the fiat, he did cross the the driveway and reach out and touch people who had been there so long. peter alexander is at the parade route. give usa sense of what we'll be seeing over the next few minutes. >> people have been cheering, chanting, singing for the last few hours. some arrived at about 4:00 this morning. we'll give you a look. this the scene. more than 200,000 people they estimate on this glorious day waiting for what is really the only chance in washington, if you don't have a ticket, to see pope francis. one woman said to me a few minutes ago, just being here, i feel like i'm in heaven. no pizzas so far but certainly people bringing items to be blessed by the pope. one family came with their
8:14 am
18-year-old son. they said they woke him up way too early, long before a normal family would do it, on a day like this they wanted to bring his bass tichlal cross, so he would have a chance to be part of this historic moment. this ellipse he's going to travel is less than a mile. 4/5 of a mile. they say it's like a mini inauguration. atmosphere is incredible. many spanish figures from argentina latin america, argentina, el salvador. there are young children, elderly, many in wheelchairs around the route. they were wheeled in early this morning, matt, in hopes of hearing from pope francis. >> you talk about it being less than a mile route. like we've come to see in inaugural parades, peter, i would imagine secret service has worked closely with the pope's team to say if the holy father is going to get out of the
8:15 am
popemobile and be spontaneous, there are probably places better than others to do that. would that be a reasonable assumption. >> i think that's certainly reasonable. p pan the camera, this is 15th. so we're on the east side of the white house here. here only one side has a crowd on it. the other side is empty. obviously that means you don't have to watch both sides of the pope quite as -- with as much urgency as this direction here down constitution again where they are literally 20 people deep on both sides. matt, to be very clear, we've spoken to law enforcement officers, federal officials saying this is part of what is really the largest security operation they have ever been a part of. they have counter-assault teams in plain clothes, counter-terrorism agents in these crowds right now. for all the people in their uniforms right now, there are plenty of others not keeping a close eye on this crowd. not just for pope's safety but
8:16 am
people here. >> head of security said this security operation in place today and while the pope is in this country is unprecedented. the secret service takes the lead in this because he's a visiting head of state as well as leader of the catholic church. they will be aided by many other law enforcement agencies as well. take a look at the vehicle he will be traveling in. this new popemobile. it is -- this one has been retrofitted just for this trip of it's a retrofitted jeep wrangler. pope francis known to favor open air vehicles. it's likely, george, that people are going to be throwing gifts at this vehicle as it passes by their location. and of course, he uses a ford focus back in rome. this is a change of pace for him. >> this trend is a challenge for vatican security people as well. vatican security people remember very well that on may 13th, 1981 when i don't know paul ii was
8:17 am
shot, he had just handed a small child back to his mother. so there's nervousness on both sides that free wheeling papacy. both those men insisted on it. that's part of the risk of the job. >> you talked a little earlier, george. i said he seems to be so open, to willing to reach out and touch people. he said that's not something that's just come about in the two and a half years of his papacy, it's really been part of the vatican and popes for the last 30 years. >> it's the transformation of this office over the past three and a half decades. >> we're starting to see security members now leaving white house grounds. i guess at any moment we should get our first glimpse of what we call the popemobile. there it is behind the police officer on a bicycle. you can see the pope in that jeep wrangler fitted just for this occasion. he will make a turn in just a second and come into full view
8:18 am
not only of our cameras but soon after of hundreds of thousands of people gathered along the ellipse. for those people, maria, this is a moment they will never forget. >> a moment he'll never forget. let's remember again this is the first trip to the united states. never been to washington, d.c. before. he'll be able to get a sense of what america looks like and what it feels like. he'll see perhaps some of the monuments. he'll see some of the history of washington, d.c. and he'll get a glimpse of who we are. he had talked a lot about wanting to meet the american people, see the american people, listen to the american people and learn from them. >> here comes the popemobile and pope francis on a glorious day. you talk about getting to see monuments, washington, d.c. is such a beautiful and picturesque city. as he leaves the white house he's going to get a small taste of that in less than one mile route.
8:19 am
he's getting to see it on the best possible day. we don't have audio, obviously, that we can eavesdrop p on what is happening. now we have a little more of the natural sound of what's happening as people see the pope for the first time. >> people in buenos aires three years ago would have been utterly astonished by this. this was the man who rode the bus, not a large scale personality, rode the bus alone, cooked alone. here is this dynamic person, something completely unexpected by his friends back in his native city. i think we talked about this a bit earlier. it's the sense he's a pastor and the people want a pastor, need a pastor whether they know it or not, whether they would put it
8:20 am
in those terms or not. they would want someone to affirm their striving to be noble human beings. >> here we have someone bringing a small child out to the pope. there's that child. again, a dream come true for that person, whoever he or she may be, who brought that child and waited hours. >> and urged the family to do the same. >> did you notice the agent running up to block this. >> they are nervous. these people have gone through secret service screening points since 4:00 this morning. this isn't like the popemobile traveling through the streets of any city. this is a much more controlled environment. >> this pope, matt, has talked about suffering, about struggle, and about every day people. and i think that's why you have these kinds of crowds. >> pete williams, our justice correspondent is joining us this morning as well. pete, we spoke just a second ago
8:21 am
before you joined us about just what a logistical nightmare this is for law enforcement and security. what went into the planning of this? >> well, everything about this is planned, matt. right down to the speed of the popemobile and motorcade. but it's all a compromise. it's not exactly the way the secret service would want it to unfold. they have to accommodate the pope's wishes, stopping to bring a small child up to the pope and hoping the security people give the child back to the right parents. that's the kind of ad-libbing they have to do. the secret service sent people to rome. they watch videos of how the pope has interacted with crowds in the past. they wanted to learn more about how the pope wants things to unfold. they wanted the vatican to learn more about how they wanted to control security. but they are well aware of all the lingering threats that are out there.
8:22 am
terror groups, the mafia, white supremacists, anti-christian activists. there have been threats against this pope every since his papacy. they have looked at the threats that emerged in recent months. they checked people out in recent days. they have been running down leads. all of them have washed out so far. this is among the most difficult of the scenarios because it's open to the public. they have to be screened in many of the -- events like the one he'll attend this afternoon at the basilica. that's a ticketed event so there's a little more control over the crowd. it is a compromise but also very thoroughly planned. >> pete you talk about it being a compromise between the vatican and u.s. security and secret service, was there anything that either side put out as a deal breaker? >> well, what they basically -- there were no deal breakers, no.
8:23 am
because ultimately the pope will do what the pope wants to do. as far as i know, there was nothing that the vatican said we want to do that the u.s. said absolutely not. but having said that, there still were various accommodations made on both sides along the way such as i mentioned the speed of the motorcade, how often it's going to stop, that kind of thing. >> keep in mind the work of the secret service is not done when the parade ends or the visit to washington ends, george, because he will head from here to new york city where he'll speak to u.n. general assembly. at that time more than 100 world leaders will be there including the president and the pope and that takes this and multiplies it by 10. >> then going to philadelphia, may be a million, million and a
8:24 am
half, 2 million, 3 million on sunday. a security challenge. let's give credit to people who have wait add long time. their patience is admirable. >> i actually now know the popemobile is in sight of our peter alexander who we joined just a second ago. peter, can you see him? >> yeah, matt, we do see him. more importantly thousands in the crowd are getting to see him for the first time. it is striking how meaningful this moment is for so many people. 7 million catholics in this city not known for reflection but so many came this day. we met one young man just a short time ago, a college freshman at george washington in washington, d.c., who said he made the decision to come to d.c. for college because of this
8:25 am
moment, because of this one day. to see the pope coming our derrek, this is a moment he certainly will not soon forget. it is the flickering light. this is a pope that prefers simplicity over pageantry and pomp. for individuals here just any element they get to be a part of is worth celebrating. >> just keep in mind as we're watching these images of children brought to the pope, they are being brought to the pope by representatives either of the vatican or some other but they aren't brought by their parents. nobody is allowed to leave the barricade and approach the popemobile. these would appear, maria, to be somewhat planned encounters. >> okay. i don't know about that. i'm trusting your opinion on that. they are not just people coming out of the crowd running up with their child. i might do something like that if i were on that -- i don't have a child that small. if i did, i might try it. that's a moment in any parent's
8:26 am
life. >> you were talking about compromiseses with pete williams, i think that's one of the compromises we just saw. >> want to remember today, today is yom kippur, day of atonement of the jewish faith. i talked to a lot of people from that faith that said they think it's appropriate he come this day. i think this was dispute among some. the words he talks about, love, compassion, forgiveness, aatonement, reconciliation, these are the words he puts in his speech that he talks about, which are so lacking in so many public speeches we hear. >> so many firsts. we have the first pope of the americas, the first time pope francis visited the united states. a little later today, george, another first. the first canonization to take place on american soil as "juj e
8:27 am
junipjun junipero serra is made a saint. >> what he hopes the catholic church will ever become. serra was an intellectual, a professor who lived a rather comfortable life and went 6,000 miles away from home, giving up all of that in order to be a missionary in what later became california. the pope used the phrase go out to periphery, serra went out to the peripheries of his time. that's why i think the pope wanted to lift him up and lift him up here. canonizations are almost always in rome. he's calling the church in the united states to go out and be an evangelist. >> yet, epa as history looks back on serra, it's not without some sense of controversy. >> no saint ever is. maria said earlier, it's a wonderful line, you'll have to tell us where that's from, there is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future. who said that.
8:28 am
>> i don't know who said it. i said it. >> take credit for it. >> i said it. from now on, i said it. >> it was not -- >> there was controversy. >> there was. there's always going to be. there was controversy around john paul ii. >> i spoke to a very famous franciscan and serra was a franciscan. he said i think we make a mistake to judge him with 21st century eyes looking back. i think also st. st. francis of assisi, the pope's namesake also was a person of wealth and power and gave it all up to go out and work for the poor and on behalf of the poor. i think that's what president was kind of mentioning, kind of urging us out of our comfort zone, making us a little uncomfortable with how we live our lives. >> we continue to watch pope francis in the popemobile around the ellipse.
8:29 am
we continue to hear the shrieks arnold screams from people gathered around the road, 2,000 or more, some from washington, some from far away places betting this would be their very best chance to get a view of the pope while he's in the united states, if not only washington, d.c. george, any idea, any estimate as to how many people will actually have some sort of visual contact with this pope over the next five or six days? >> two thoughts on this, matt. one, when i spoke to pope francis in rome last december, i had the sense he was a little nervous about this trip, how was he going to be received. i think he got the answer to that this morning. he's going to be received with overwhelming goodwill and affection. the other thing that strikes me is what a polish coal miner said about john paul ii in 1979. there were a million people in this vast field listening to
8:30 am
john paul ii. one of the coal miner's buddies were talking to him. he said, shut up, can't you see the pope is talking to me? francis has the ability to connect in a vast crowd with individuals. >> you're saying half people will go home tonight and say he looked right in my eyes. >> he waved to me. >> he blessed me. >> they are going to meet him. i told my daughter i'm coming to work. she said i told my friends you're going to interview pope francis. she was like, why not? you're such a loser. everybody wants to meet pope francis, everybody wants to touch him, right? >> he generates a sense of warmth that's often missing in the world today. i think that's what people understand. >> peter alexander let's go back to you on the parade route.
8:31 am
>> the pope is a hail mary away from us, a short distance away. the crowd followed, around this mile long ellipse. they are taking a photo, capture something to remember this day. as you talk about how many americans get to put their eyes on pope francis, striking how many americans will put their eyes on pope francis through social media. literally every single arm in this crowd is holding up a phone or camera, tweeting using facebook this is an image catapulted around the world. people will say this is a pope they had a relationship with. the cardinal in washington said when he received a call from a
8:32 am
friend in advance of a arrival, that person told him please take care of our pope. that person wasn't a catholic. we met another non-catholic. he said i'm here because this pope is different. matt, he said this pope speaks to all of us. >> talk about images, the first 18 hours or so this pope's visit, beginning with the moment he landed at joint base andrews, we had an image that served as powerful commercial for fiat. two vehicles simple in nature carrying this pope, simple in nature, who has taken a vow of poverty through the streets of washington, d.c. >> the best advertisement of all is the human being, how he lives his life, operates in the world. >> and self-honesty. the first interview he gave,
8:33 am
when asked how to describe himself, he said i'm a sinner. i'm a person who is imperfect, who needs the grace of god to lead the life i want to lead. that's, i think, what he communicates. >> you begin to hear that in churches now. my pastor, my monsignor, i'm a sinner, i think that's a leveling field because aren't we all? >> yes, we are. >> apparently lost our view of the camera position where the pope is now. just again to recap what will happen after this, he continue this parade and then he'll go off for a prayer service. >> with the bishops of the united states at st. chris matthews cathedral. then this afternoon the cannonsation of junipero serra. >> apparently he'll exit to go to the cathedral for the prayer service. we'll see that vehicle only moments throughout his trips throughout the united states choosing other vehicles for easier access to some of the
8:34 am
roadways here, especially when he gets to new york. there's the schedule of events for this day. we've already had the white house visit. we've now had the parade around ellipse at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. midday prayer service george just mentioned with u.s. bishop and then the canonization at 4:15 this afternoon. already a busy day. you mentioned maria, he looked a little tired, as could be expected. long trip for a man in his 70s. >> i thought he did. much la been made, he has sciatica, one lung. this is a heavy duty travel schedule. he gets up very early, prays several hours. he did look a little fatigued to me. this will give him energy with all the people. i'm sure that white house experience made him feel awesome. that's it.
8:35 am
we're hearing it. hear it. >> absolutely. right there through the bushes. >> through the bushes. come on. >> we are right through the bushes you see on the screen there. >> come on. let's go. lift me up. >> we'll let maria compose herself. while you do that, thank you so much for joining us. george, great to have you with us. we appreciate it. we'll have coverage throughout the day on msnbc and of course lester holt will have a full wrap-up on "nbc nightly news." we'll return some of you to local programming. others will have more of "today." i'm matt lauer at the white nb special report. ng you're spending money you don't have. start telling everybody, believe
8:36 am
it or not, i have $15,000 of credit card debt, $20,000 of credit card debt. as soon as people know you have credit card debt, you'll tend not to spend so much money on your credit card. >> kind of being open about it, accountability? >> pay the lowest interest rate -- no. start telling everybody how much credit card debt you have people, it's that simple. >> another thing people talk about, not being able to retire. the ample american has to save -- says they have less than $60,000 saved which sounds like a lot but not when you're talking about retirement and living longer. >> most people are going to spend more years in retirement than they ever did working. >> which is incredible if you think about it. >> my mama lived to 97. if you're going to be alive 85, 90 years of age, you need money in retirement. the best way to do it to play catchup is get rid of expenses. pay off mortgage, get rid of debt so you don't need as much
8:37 am
money to generate income for yourself. >> let's go to kiana who turns 25 today. happy birthday. what's your question. >> i'm a recent graduate from college, i have $40,000. i just signed up for income-based repayment plan. was that the right decision? >> no, i wish i could say it's the right decision. the reason is this income based repayment, loans are based on income. for $40,000 you should pay $400. she's probably paying $150. the $250 goes to the back end of the loan. in 20 years when it's forgiven she's going to pay ordinary income tabs on all of that. get yourself right back to the student loan people and sign up for the standard repayment method. you can a forward another $250. >> happy birthday even though suze is giving tough love.
8:38 am
>> with the recent volatility in the stock market, can you help us not to panic and pull all our money out. >> the best way not to panic is to understand the money goes up and down. that's what the stock market does. if you just invested money in dividend paying stocks, stocks that paid you 5, 6, 7, 8% in dividends when the market goes down you're not freaking because you're still getting income. don't freeze here. just make sure your money is giving you something besides just growth. >> don't freeze, face your fears, suze orman, her only course you can get it free. chat at 11:00 eastern this morning. coming up next, al is going to see if he can get black list james spader to spill secrets about the new seas
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
back3 c3 >> estamos de regreso a la criminal mastermind "red"ington on the run this time with fbi agent elizabeth keen in tow. as he found before it's hard to find people to trust in the criminal underworld. >> you've reached federal bureau investigation major contact center. >> tell them. you and i are finished. >> what's going on? >> you're leaving. we've been second and a breach is building. they are going to want to speak to you because you called in the tip. get rid of them.
8:42 am
>> james spader, good morning. >> good morning. >> this show is rocket sled right out of the gate. >> yeah. >> lindsey and red are on the run. everything we know from the first two seasons has been really thrown up in the air. >> it is. it's been turned upside down. the task force, there are real divisions in the task force. where it's going to land, we're shooting episode six right now. the pieces have not landed. it really -- how it's going to go back together again is going to carry us quite a ways into the season. >> in fact, you've got your premier next week. i got to see it last night. you didn't remember how the premier ended. >> no. you were just talking about it. i was like oh, my god, how did the first episode end. >> it is that complex. >> it is. it's moving. the train is moving so fast,
8:43 am
you're just trying to hold on, you know. >> it is said you are the only person, at least of your cast, that actually knows where this ask is going. >> well, you know, i know a version of what the end could be. >> could be. >> yeah. but you know, on a television show, there has to be a certain amount of fluidity in terms of because you don't know what the life span of your show is going to be. >> certainly. >> so you don't know whether you're going to have two years to tell your story or ten years. a lot can change. >> one of the things i love about the show, i always wait for, at least one time during the show red has a moment of reflection and tells a story. do you come up with -- where do those stories come from? it seems so organic to who he is.
8:44 am
>> many p people's imaginations. it's a big stew. >> the hat. we don't see the fedora in the first episode, because you guys are on the run. will we see the hat? will it come back this season? >> oh, yeah. has he to cover his head. >> is he still fun? >> yes. things are very, very grave. if you remember at the end of season two, elizabeth keen had just shot the attorney general of the united states. and then we hit the road. and season three starts minutes after season two ended. so things are very grave and quite dire right off the bat. there's always fun to be had with raymond redington, i think. >> that's right. we'll get to see some of that fun coming up. james spader, always good to see you.
8:45 am
catch the season prim ear -- prr of
8:46 am
8:47 am
this morning on today's food our obsession with burgers. americans glob ling up a whopping 2 billion each year. whopping, get it. burgers, there really is no -- >> good morning to you, you can travel the country and never eat the same kind of burger twice. if you can think of it, somebody is probably putting it in
8:48 am
this chef krafted thousands of walking cheds each year. >> it's everything you love about comfort food, macaroni and cheese, hamburger and fried food all rolled into one. >> why do you think burgers are so popular? >> i think it reminds people of a simpler time. >> when you bite into that burger, how does it make you feel? >> hamburgers make you feel american. >> americans eat nearly 50 billion burglary areas year. that's a lot of burgers. >> burger year over year but a spike in people talking about burgers that starts in the middle of may through the middle of september. >> according to data crushed by foursquare, behind search times like lunch and dinner, the burger is one of the most sought-after taste. in rome bison is a favorite, fans topping patties with house
8:49 am
made pickles and parmesan fries. >> excited about burgers thattish unique, different toppings, unique and different. >> this burger covered with candied bacon, cheddar and a fried egg and all sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts. cheese frees, doughnuts, if you can think of it, it's on the menu. >> at the end of the day, it's just a bugg burger but we take very seriously. >> pull up your plate, america, and have your patty. >> i've never had so many burgers in a two-hour period. i'll tell you this, so interesting to talk to people all around the country. you start talking to them about hamburgers and they smile. it makes people happy. i should mention to top it off with the burger they gave me homemade vanilla milkshake and walked in with cake batter and
8:50 am
put it in the shake. >> where do you put that. >> you ate burgers two hours straight and finished it off with that. >> with real cake batter. >> good assignment. >> good times. >> people feel very strongly about how they like burgers. >> i like classic, cheese, lettuce and tomato. >> between two buns. >> yes. >> you'll be on the highlight reel at the christmas party that's for sure. that's very much. thanks for the burgers we'll seat some. we'll be back but first this is
8:51 am
8:52 am
. 3 c3 >> volvemos esta mañana con los olenn james wringler, from colorado springs, colorado, why not? 100 years old. loved pumpkin. good money crop, pumpkin.
8:53 am
fred and jean ann phillips from aliquippa, pennsylvania, married 75 years. that's terrific. they love to garden together. that's a good hobby to do together. it's time for us to go back to the big apple. we do love new york. >> all right, willard, thank you. we're back with more of the pope's historic visit to the white house. but first your local news. i'm ... ==topvo== one group of
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
about 20 bay area catholics are on their way zblnch r. it's 8:56, and a group of 20 bay area catholics on the way to the east coast to deliver their own message to the pope. they are members of the st. columbia catholic church in oakland, requesting an apology for the way they believe the church treated african-american catholics in the slaverygoeera, and the group wrote a letter to the pope and hope it leads to a
8:57 am
formal apology. the national black catholic congress estimates about 3 million african-americans are catholic, slightly less than 5% of all u.s. catholic church members in total. in the meantime, the "today" show continues coverage of the pope here in the u.s. on nbc today, and we'll be back at 25 after with a local news update. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," pope francis now in the u.s. excitement reaching a fever pitch. then, the video everybody is talking about. a 7-year-old shaking it off with taylor swift. and he used to be ur kel. find out what jaleel white is cooking up now. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a very special wednesday morning, september 23rd, 2015. that's our crowd outside. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. i love the choice on this day, beyonce.
9:01 am
>> ave maria. beyonce's rendition. i called it my morning jam and the producer said you don't want to call it a jam. i jam to spiritual music. i wake up and it gets you going. this is in honor of pope francis who is now in the united states. he's in washington, d.c., being greeted by the most beautiful, angelic faces. children who waited all night long to just get a glimpse. and many of them got a hug, a handshake, a touch on the face. let's go to kelly o'donnell at st. matthew's cathedral. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an extraordinary welcome is under way for the holy father in washington. he has just completed a visit with the president in the oval office. an historic moment captured for cameras. but that was only part of his white house visit. earlier, 11,000 people on the south lawn were part of all the pomp and ceremony this pope is
9:02 am
usually not as comfortable with. the president thanked the pope for coming. to say he's a symbol around the world for religious freedom and reminds everyone about the power of mercy. the holy father described himself as a son of an immigrant who feels welcome in the united states. he also talked about climate change saying this is a critical time in our history and that we must take care of our common home. that is a message that has political weight in washington. but there is also much about just simply welcoming the holy father here to washington. he'll be in what's known as the popemobile traveling around here in washington. and then he'll make a couple other important stops. here at the cathedral of st. matthew, this is the archdiocese mother church. he'll attend midday prayers here with 300 american bishops and about 800 guests. traveling later on to the basilica where he'll say mass and part of a six-day visit to the united states. for the holy father, it's his
9:03 am
first time in the united states. and, of course, much of the attention is about that fiat he's been riding in. >> kelly, love it. that fiat got so much attention. what's your impression so far? >> it's exciting. i'm not catholic but it's exciting. i remember my parents had dheth buttons when pope sknrajohn pau here and it just says, i saw the pope. you don't even have to share his faith to appreciate what's happening. i want my kids to see him when he comes to central park in a few days. >> i love seeing that crowd getting as close to them as they possibly could. and i think there was a lot of question as to whether or not secret service and all of his security detail was going to allow him to go over to them. they waited and camped out overnight to have that moment and seeing that man grab at one point the pope and give him a kiss on the head, which, maybe a little too close. >> when he came out of the nunciture, wasn't even a
9:04 am
question he was going to go over there. >> just speaks to who he is. >> i thought about you al yesterday with the fiat. you've been a fan of the fiat. >> everybody loves al >> i don't think the pope knows i drive a fiat. that is so cool. some might say it's a symbol but speaks volumes about the man and what his mission is. >> simple pope. simplicity all the way as a jesuit. >> john miller from the new york police department on on monday. this is a pope who likes to get out and be with the people. how does that make you feel as someone in charge of protoect g i tecting him. he said, he's the pope. if he gets oft the car, we'll be able to react to that. nice to see him, first thing he, does immediately goes out to the people. >> the nypd commissioner said yesterday. he's got 6,000 guardian angels
9:05 am
here also on top of those up above protecting him. >> an exciting week in america with the pope here. meanwhile, early this morning we woke up to some sad news. the great yogi berra died yesterday at the age of 90. known, of course, for his personality and all the yogi-isms. it ain't over until it's over. he was a great baseball player. some generations probably don't realize how good he was. played 19 years. 15 all-star games. won 10 world series as a player. played in more world series games and more series hits than anyone else. >> and as a manager. >> achieving that after coming back from world war ii as a gunner in the navy. so that's pretty amazing. >> great american story. his parents are italian immigrants. moved to st. louis. dropped out of school after eighth grade and just started playing baseball and became one of the best catchers to play. >> growing up here in new york, you not only knew him as a baseball player but the
9:06 am
representative for yoohoo, chocolate energy drink. he was once -- yogi, is yoohoo hyphenated? he said, no, it's not even carbonated. >> best yogi-ism? you guys have favorites? >> i have this long list. >> it ain't over until it's over. >> those are the faums ones. >> you should always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours. >> everybody will be at his. >> the one i like is when you see a fork in the road, take it. i'm an eater. anything referencing food or utensils. >> he was asked about a st. louis restaurant. he said nobody goes there anymore. it's too crowded. >> the future. ain't what it used to be. >> wow. we all know what he meant with every one of those sayings. >> deja vu all over again. >> yogi talked to timoro russer years ago about the yogi-isms. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> we've got a saying back home, we had one. that's why i say take it.
9:07 am
>> half the things i said, i never said. >> oh, boy. i'll tell you the truth. i don't even know i say these things. i really don't. >> do we love yogi berra. he passed away yesterday at the age of 90. >> he'll be missed. switching subjects completely here, who here loves their active wear? >> like workout clothes? >> workout wear. >> my yoga pants. >> i like leggings. >> mab not for the guys at much. you've heard about leggings and workout wear outpacing jean sales, denim sales. >> i can see that. >> i'm not the only one obsessed with active wear. there's an aussie, an australian median group who they have a pretty funny parody. ♪ active wear active wear ♪ ♪ buying groceries in my active wear ♪ ♪ having coffee with my friends in my active wear ♪ ♪ going to the movies in my
9:08 am
active wear ♪ ♪ active wear active wear ♪ ♪ showing off my baby in my active wear ♪ ♪ active wear ♪ a drink in my active wear ♪ waiting for the bus in my active wear ♪ ♪ active wear ♪ buying active wear in my active wear ♪ >> active wear everywhere. >> i stopped wearing jeans. i'm going to stop wearing jeans the entire summer. i.away all my jeans. >> why? >> you get into a fashion rut. the same pair of jeans, a shirt and before you know it, you don't wear anything else. but i do now wear my active wear, leggings. >> active wear. >> i even -- now you know it's comfortable. >> you don't like -- >> i just had this discussion with the kids. why do you get dressed up to fly? >> when i was growing up, it was a big deal to get on an airplane. you kind of wear something nice to fly. you wear something nice when you
9:09 am
go to the theater. it's just a certain -- >> i'm the same. no shorts or flip flops. >> i don't like my legs to touch anything but we're traveling and it's a different time. those days only men, businessmen traveled. now her with her kids. i'm carrying my 16 suitcases of shoes. it gets tough. >> and active wear. >> my active wear. >> you take it one step further, in sports. >> they used to dress up for baseball games. >> yeah, you look at the old pictures when yogi started. i always love in baseball, the managers wear the uniform. >> right. >> at least -- every other sport, they're wearing a suit. >> you whenever know when you get called in to whatever. >> you know if you are the manager, you aren't getting called in. >> girardi still could. >> tommy lasorda -- >> not so much. >> we love tommy. >> you're right. >> weather. >> what are you doing?
9:10 am
>> okay. all right. well usually i walk over there. >> in his active wear. >> let's go to the weather. see what's going on. hey, let's look at some weather for pope francis. spectacular weather really for most of this. today, right on into tomorrow it's going to be beautiful. and then we -- he comes to new york city and, again, fantastic weather from thursday right through saturday when he leaves for the city of brotherly love. and that's the only place where we're probably going to see some problems by sunday. and there's an outdoor mass on sunday. clouds and could be some showers. hopefully that will change. we'll continue to watch that. good morning. i'm kari hall. we're still nice and cool this morning as you head out, a lot of sunshine and temperatures right around 60 degrees. today we'll see highs in the 70s and 80s. in the south bay, expect a high of 82.
9:11 am
76 degrees in the peninsula and east bay in the mid-70s. san francisco, we'll see a high of 67 degrees. and the tri-valley up to 86 degrees. in the north bay, look for a high of 80. okay. we're over here having an epic rant about it's freezing here. >> it's freezing. i had to go grab a sweater. >> you started out the day in sleeves. the one guy who is not cold at all is mr. freeze. even willie is cold. >> it's ice box in here. he became a worldwide star playing the loveable and nerdy steve urkel on "family matters." now he's vying for worst cook in america? >> we'll put him to the test after this. (sarah) we get our speed from mom and dad. (carter) they do stuff super fast. and now they got this new kitchen -so they're even faster. (zoe) so they can help us with our free throws. (announcer) the time saving frigidaire gallery line...
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9:14 am
craving the taste of chocolate but watching calories? introducing light & fit greek with chocolate on top. so chocolatey good... you won't believe it's 100 calories. try new light & fit greek chocolate on top. jaleel white shot to fame overnight when he starred on family matters as the pesky
9:15 am
neighbor steve urkel coining the catch phrase "did i do that? is that okay? >> been working on it. >> everybody had their urkel. >> we now know what jaleel is doing. he's now starring on "worst cooks in america" celebrity edition. here's where he thinks cooking is going to do for him. >> this eggplant parmesan is my third date clothes. >> i have a plan. three day. we have to get her back to the house for a nice bottle of whin. >> it's all i've got. it better be good. >> it says a lot more about my personal life than my cook abilities. >> what's up with that music? >> jaleel white, good to see you. so say that women like you more if you cook. i have a sneaking suspicion that you are not one of the worst cooks in america.
9:16 am
>> when they faxed it over and said they wanted me to do a show, i didn't know i was going to be on "you suck in the kitchen." play around with your celebrity fans. >> i think there are a few people better than me. >> if i could just learn the title when we introduced them. >> that's ridiculous. >> what are you talking about? >> is italian your go-to? you mentioned the parm. i love italian, mexican. it's -- women just really like a guy that can cook and i also have a daughter and i discovered very quickly when she came into this world that -- >> look how cute she is. >> that feeding her was not going to go as smoothly as i thought. i got the twisted lips as soon as i put her in the high chair and that's never really changed. >> what's your go-to for her? >> it's -- she just likes fried chicken and grits and eggs. a classic black kid. i can make those things from my mom. >> not the worst cook in america. >> not the worst.
9:17 am
just slightly bad. >> you are a very proud father. you're joining the soccer league? you'll be a ref? that's a dangerous proposition. >> doing these pre-interviews and they just tell everything. >> then don't tell everything. >> they get to know you. you get comfortable with the lady on the phone. my daughter sothe young side of 6. so to get her to play with the 7-year-olds, we don't have enough volunteers. what are you going to do? i can bring the capri suns. no, we need you to wear this yellow outfit and whistle. now i'm out there reffing. >> that's a tough job. >> some of the worst parents in america. >> worst! >> hey, so speaking of one of the things you shouldn't have agreed to. we've got some kitchen gadgets. and you're going to look at these gadgets and try to figure out what it is, which gadget works for what. >> we'll give you 30 seconds on the clock.
9:18 am
>> do you know? >> i know some of them, of course. >> 30 seconds on the clock. jaleel begins now. >> there's the utensils. figure out which does worst. >> i'm not the worst. >> the egg beater. >> this bad boy right here. i think i'm going to go right there with that. let's see what happens. struggling, struggling. >> i'm trying to help you. >> okay. now this stuff you got at like home depot. >> that's a mouse trap. >> this does not help me at all. i'm going to go here and here and this just looks good. >> there you go. thank you very much. >> how did he do, control room? all right. thank you very much. worst control room in america. all right. jaleel white -- >> how did he do? >> how did i do?
9:19 am
>> no? >> we look horrible. how did i do? >> welcome to our world. catch "worst cooks in america" tonight on food. a 7-year-old who gets to shake it off with taylor swift. the video that's gone viral in "pop fix" right after this. >> perfect. >> we love you, jaleel white. this september, please join st. jude in our fight to end childhood cancer.
9:20 am
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hurry in! buy one, take one is back! tonight enjoy breadsticks, salad, and your choice of entrées, like smoked mozzarella chicken. then take home another entrée for tomorrow free. it's two delicious nights of togetherness. buy one, take one starting at $12.99 at olive garden. ♪ ♪ >> happy. >> this will keep you warm. >> what day is it? >> pop fix wednesday. >> i can't keep up with these things. >> it's been a heck of a week for one taylor swift fan who just got the experience of a lifetime. 7-year-old dillon barns posted a video on facebook dancing and shaking to taylor swift. ellen invited dillon on her show. dillon met the singer and danced with her. taylor posted this amazing video. watch the moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:23 am
♪ >> go! >> go! >> amazing. >> do it. >> wow. taylor looks 6 years old and he looks like he should be in alvin and the dancers. >> dillon, wow. >> impressive. >> dillon's mom tweeted saying, thank you, taylor swift, for making his dreams go through. >> the original post had 6.5 billion views. empire and lee daniel filed a $10 million defamation suit against howard's recent battles. talking about howard and domestic abuse. daniels said parents ain't done nothing different than marlon
9:24 am
brandon and shaun penn and all of a sudden he's some demon. penn was never arrested or convicted for domestic violence and calls daniel's statement defamatory. nbc reached out to the l.a. county sheriff's office and said sean was investigated once when he was married to madonna. we've reached out to them. no one has responded so far with a comment. this is an ugly situation. meanwhile, have you been missing your fix of brad pitt? natalie? >> we haven't seen him for a while. >> what's been going on? >> he, ryan gosselin, christian bale and steven corral are altogether now. >> i haven't seen them. >> they're altogether. one film "the big short." oscar buzz is in the air. the housing crisis drama is not out until christmas but luckily the trailer was just out so here's a peek. >> no one's paying attention.
9:25 am
>> got greedy. profit off their stupidity. >> you want to bet against the banks? >> you're either high or having a stroke. >> kind of brilliant. >> fraud will never, ever work. >> the big short hits theaters december 3rd. many will be saying isn't there another film about the housing crisis? >> michael shanahan. it's a long day and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom," she sees determination. we do too. for nearly 40 years, we've designed an education for people just like you. learn more at new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. protein from yogurt? yeah, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch.
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but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. dannon oikos triple zero. ♪ dannon today: ==topvo== a sunnyvale charter school opens a good wednesday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. later today, a sunnyvale charter school opening for the first time since jonathan chow was accused of sexually assaulting a student there. the school says they had not underground figure are printing. two other workers have lost their jobs. and a house fire in hayward started a just after 3:00 this morning. crews arrived to find the front of the home completely engulfed in flames. they managed to knock the fire down before it could threaten they'
9:27 am
near by hopey homes. they believe it was accidental. and a new hotel may find life helping the homeless. san jose council members voted to turn the plaza hotel into a homeless housing project. a plan calls for a major conversion of the hotel into new temporary apartments. the plaza hotel has been empty for the past seven years. san jose's former redevelopment agency purchased that property back in 2008. coming up after this, a look at your weather and traffic.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm kari hall. as we welcome in the first day of fall, reclear blue skies and temperatures will be a tad warmer than yesterday, but still fairly nice. up to 85 in los gatos, palo alto, a high of 80. and 67 in the financial district. and 79 degrees in santa rose. dublin will see a high of 84. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> moving better, but still
9:29 am
slowly westbound 80, that's the bay bridge from oakland up the in-clean, you can still see the cars moving slowly in toward san francisco. the map will show you the traffic is recovering all the way across the span. crash had a coupkup ecouple lan blocked. we still have a pretty good build off of the east shore freeway. oakland slow up toward downtown where earlier issue had things slowed up there. that's about it for the approaches to the bay bridge. easy san mateo bridge. a crash clears northbound 101 just past the airport and south bound recovering. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. an alarming new report suggests most people will have some kind of health problem that is either diagnosed late or missed completely. the report from the national academies of sciences, engineering and medicine says misdiagnosis leads to an estimated one in ten patient deaths. still experts say the problem is difficult to fix. the report says improvement requires better communication between health providers like doctors, radiologists and lab workers. scientists say they have found a new virus that can be transmitted by blood transfusio transfusions. they say it appears a bit like the hepatitis c virus which is harmful and another virus that can be harmless, but they say until they learn more about it there is no need for concern but it is the first transfusion
9:31 am
associated virus to be discovered in quite some time. if you have a hard time sitting still you're going to like the results of this new study. sitting for long periods of time has been shown to increase the risk of dying by about 30% but british researchers who looked at more than 12,000 women found that fidgeting can reduce that risk. they say more studies are needed but for now get up and fidget. a federal judge has ruled that one of the most frequently sung songs in the world is now in the public domain. ♪ happy birthday to you >> well, that move now can mean millions of dollars in lost licensing fees to the music company that has been collecting on the public performances on public performances of "happy birthday to you." duncan donuts delivered to your doorstep sounds great, right? the coffee and donuts chain plans to roll out a new app that's going to let customers place an order for drive up in
9:32 am
store pickup or even home delivery. the new app expected to be launched next year starting with dd percs members in one yet to be determined market before it's expanded around the country. meantime, starbucks says its new mobile app has gone nationwide. with it users can order drinks and food and pay in advance then pick the order up when they arrive at the store. the order and pay app have been available in some markets since last year but it's now been rolled out coast to coast. so we'll take one pumpkin spice latte to go for the man who doesn't like pumpkin spice latte. come on in, al. >> let's show you what we've got going on for today. west coast looks spectacular. we have this pesky low off the southeastern atlantic coast that will bring rain. mid section heavy storms right now. they have flash flood warnings in parts of nebraska and kansas as well. for tomorrow, we're looking at
9:33 am
more wet weather for the central plains into the western great lakes. high surf, rip tides and heavy winds. gorgeous day for the first full day of fall in the northeast and new england. a gorgeous day out west although there will be some good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have clear blue skies all across the bay and it's still fairly cool but we will warm up into the 70s and 80s this afternoon. san francisco stays at 67 today. the north bay a high of 80. 82 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula and east way will be in in the mid-70s this afternoon. and in the tri-valley, expect a high of 86. sunny today and a warming trend will begin in the next couple of days. and that is your latest weather. now to the series where we share our favorite fall pastimes. yesterdayal told us about his
9:34 am
apple picking tradition. >> i love fall. the leaves are turning. my family and i love to soak it all in. >> what have you got? >> my family's favorite fall activity is to go on hikes, especially when it's peak leaf turning season. it's just being outdoors as a family doing such a fun activity feeling like we're all working together for a common goal to get to the top of the mountain and then break out the lunch and have a little piccinich at the top to celebrate. >> i think what i love about the fall is just that smell in the air of just freshness. it's crisp. hearing the leaves crunch under your boots. there's just something that is so, you know, being one with nature about it. i love that feeling of just, you know, getting back to mother earth in a way. josh was maybe about 3, 3 1/2. he was just potty trained and we were hiking and all of a sudden he's like, i need to go not number one, number two.
9:35 am
i don't have anything to use because i'm on a hike. mother nature provides good leaves during the fall so we actually had a picture to prove it. josh will kill me if we use that picture. we have a family motto. when things start getting a live tough, the kids start nagging, i can't do it anymore, can we turn around and go back. i'm like, come on guys, we've got to be one with nature. we don't quit! one with nature. it works. we ma i can it to the top every time. >> you took a picture of that? >> of josh in the woods. >> your sweet son. i hope he's not watching. >> oh, man, josh. >> he'll never see it. >> well, you need leverage later on, girlfriend. >> thank you. see? >> i've got a picture for you. >> anyway, we love -- >> aim he sure he'll love to see that. >> when we get to the top of the mountain we love to have a lunch. bianca made her lovely granola.
9:36 am
tamron's like, where's the wine. >> do we have oreos? >> then you eat healthy. >> do we earn one thing sweet? >> that's the bottom. >> tamron, looking for that wine. >> that's right. natalie had a little red wine in a sippy cup. >> okay. up next you know him from the hbo series "girls" now ang anger reynells. starring with an hathaway. we're excited about it. what he did with ann in between takes right after this.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
the past four seasons. >> now he's starring alongside robert deniro and ann hathaway. he plays the senior partner. >> for a man and woman. great 72-year-old woman who's cute. >> that's the same age as my mom. too weird. >> there's a man that's amazing. i watched the video with the whole group. people were crying. >> this is not going to work in my opinion, but how long do i have to do this for, minimum? >> six weeks or we'll be sued. >> i know we never talk about this. >> yeah, we did, for real. he starts tomorrow. >> andrew, good morning. welcome. >> hi. >> you make me sound very fancy. >> yeah. >> you won grammy. >> tossing things out. >> got all kinds of things going. >> i want to say to my nephew who's almost five is home sick. gavin, i love you very much. i mope y i hope you feel better.
9:42 am
>> your mom watches this? >> hey, mom. i just talked to her. >> mostly gavin. >> mostly gavin. he's not a phone talker. thanks for having me. >> we love having you. >> people are loving this movie. >> i understand you have an interesting addition for the role. nancy myers is going to be in the room for you because she's created some of the greatest come disof all time. it's very intimidating. she could not have been friendlier and nicer. oh, and ann hathaway is going to be at your audition, too, just fyi. luckily robert deniro wasn't there. >> you weren't auditioning for this part necessarily? >> no, i was actually auditioning for a different part and they did a little like swapping around. so the part that i ended up playing was written for a woman and, yeah, so they were like why don't you give this a shot. sort of a last -- do you think
9:43 am
you and ann would like hit it off? so we did that. it ended up we did hit it off. it was very nice. i got to work with her predominantly, which was a lot of fun. >> robert da naeniro plays the intern. >> he plays the intern. >> if you look at the poster you might be confused. >> nancy's written this beautiful and great story about stereotypes, perceptions. a woman in charge might be perceived as being controlling and the man retired could be perceived as maybe not as useful in this sort of tech setting that we have here, but he sort of brings an heir of professionalism back to this creative, loose, tech office that sometimes professionalism slides out the window. >> obviously the focus is the intern, internship. did you have any? >> i had one in new york. >> the story. >> i don't think i was a very good intern. i was an intern at a talent
9:44 am
agency in new york my freshman year of college. dating myself a little bit. my main job was faxing head shots. i don't know how anyone got a job from a faxed head shot. it looks like a police sketch. i don't know how anyone worked. >> how could you not be good at that, faxing it? >> good question. that's a real good question. >> you're still trying to find the answer? soul searching. >> that was my last office job. >> we teased before you came out here that you and ann hathaway had a little thing you did between takes. >> yeah. >> is there any truth to the fact that you're a big broadway fan? >> yes. as is she. we nerded out a few times on that set. what's your favorite musical? she would sing me a song between takes. >> what is your favorite? >> you know, that's a tricky one. "book of mormons." we were talking about "into the woods." which is nice.
9:45 am
>> can you sing us out to the break? >> no. >> no. >> good try. >> no. >> you're like, i'm not. yeah. >> have the coffee. >> water. >> that's a twist. >> andrew, we're big fans. >> good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> the intern opens on friday. up next, catch up with jeremy irvine who's starring in the much ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. hurry in! buy one, take one is back!
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and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." actor jeremy irvine made his feature film debut five years ago. the academy award nominated movie war torn as a young soldier. >> the new movie "stone wall" based on the stone wall riots in 1969 playing a young man named danny who moves to the midwest ultimately becoming part of the modern gay rights movement. good morning, jeremy. >> hi. thank you. >> i'm in your freezing studio. >> the ladies have been complaining. >> thanks. >> so what drew you to the part of playing the part of danny? >> well, a lot of things. mostly that i didn't know a huge
9:50 am
amount about the stone movement. not enough. i think it's kind of disgraceful it's not taught in schools across the world but also there's a fact at the end of the script that 40% of the homeless people in america today identify with being lgbt. 40% of the population aren't lgbt so why are 40% of the homeless youth lgbt kids. these kids get caught up in the stonewall riots. it's about the kids trying to catch up. >> you mentioned stonewall and the supreme court decision the streets were flooded. the president mentioned stonewall in his speech in the second inauguration. to your point, a lot of people still not aware of what that location, what that movement, what happened there meant to the lgbt movement. >> absolutely. you know, the gay rights movement had been going on. this is what started the pride parades. this is what started the marches. yeah, it's really cool to be part of a story that you can kind of help spread that message
9:51 am
in any way. something in this film, there's a huge number of different minorities involved in the riots. talking about our movie. we had a trailer that had a bit of a -- >> the trailer portrays -- it appears that danny is throwing the first brick which that wouldn't really happen. >> not really. it actually doesn't happen the way it does -- >> the way the trailer was cut. >> it's a huge part of our film. it's kind of about very diverse group ofgf homeless street kids kind of in the middle and then my character. i basically play the audiences eyes. we meet all of these people through my character. they are all there, i promise. marsha is just a wonderful part. it's been amazing, you know, although there has been a few things. i think the trailer is slightly
9:52 am
misleading. i was out at a bar last night and people were asking me about the movie. i'm hearing the name marsha p. johnson, sylvia rivera, the words stonewall from so many people i think wouldn't have heard about it before. >> you've had a lot of success already. your name is becoming more and more prominent. war horse is one. this is going to put you into an entirely different level. how are you as a young actor from rural england handling all of that? >> it's not a world i ever imagined i would get into. i trained in dance. i'm from a small village in england. i'm not in london. yeah, we're kind of -- i think people suddenly expect your life to completely change. the main difference is i can now get work. i'm doing my hobby for a job which is super cool. you're not going out and buying yachts yet. >> yet. >> one step at a time. >> one step at a time. >> jeremy, thank you so much.
9:53 am
stone wall hits theaters friday and we'll be back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you so much.
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and who he had da. >> we've got such a big show. we have susie ormon. >> carry walsh jennings. >> yes. we've got a jam packed show. >> huge! >> that's a tv program. >> i like that. >> i'm freezing behind i'm ... ==topvo== one group of
9:56 am
about 20 bay area catholics are on their way to the east coast - hoping to deliver their own messagto . one group of about 20 bay area catholics are on their way to the east coast hoping to deliver their message to the pope this morning. members requesting an apology for the bay they believe the church treated african-american
9:57 am
catholics during the slavery era. they say u.s. bishops even had slaves. the pope of course on the east coast today. let's check your weather. >> we'll see a lot of sunshine and another nice one. peninsula topping out at 76 and 82 in the south bay. in the tri-valley, we'll see warming up into the mid-80s there. and 67 degrees in san francisco. the north bay today will see a high of 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> we've had about half an hour since that crash cleared on the san francisco side of the bay bridge and now we see the recovery. but the slower metering lights means folks are backed up off the east shore and off of the maze. recovery will continue over the next half hour getting into the city. smooth drive north of that. san mateo bridge and tri-valley looking good. just slowing out of dublin.
9:58 am
northbound routes continuing to recover, still slow past the airport on 101. really jammed up up from mission. back to you. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
9:59 am
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