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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to get a check of that forecast. anthony slaughter is in for kari this morning. >> we're waking up to clear skies across the entire bay and that's going to mean a warm day. we're talking about the return of 90s later on, especially for places like san jose. it's going to be a little bit toasty later on. it's very comfortable. clear skies will lead to a sunny afternoon. 76 for san francisco. 84 for the east bay. expect 85 for the peninsula. meanwhile, close to 90 in the south bay. let's see how the roads are moving. >> everybody's moving well except for these cash payers to the left approach of the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll have a very easy drive. that will sort itself out. fremont has the only crash. south 880, there's a car sticking out from the bushes. no injuries reported. i don't know if they can find a driver for that car.
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might have been left there overnight. there's a signal by kennedy high school at kennedy and stevens dale. i'll remind you about that. students at archbishop mitty high school will wear white in honor of their freshman classmate who was hit by a car yesterday. the incident happened right outside of the school. >> kris sanchez joining us where the teen is in critical condition this morning. >> reporter: the teen is getting care in the intensive care unit this morning. while his family will be here at the hospital with him, his school community will gather in prayer outside their catholic high school later this morning. here's how the tragedy happened. according to san jose police, the 14-year-old was running along the sidewalk in front of archbishop mitty's school when he ran into the street behind a jeep headed in the same direction. then police say they don't know why, but he ran into the other lane of traffic where he was hit by a car. sadly, it happened just before 3:30 in the afternoon at the end of the school day. so there were plenty of
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witnesses. police investigators say it is unclear why the 14-year-old ran into the street and why he didn't use the crosswalk. >> any time you have anybody that's hit in such a manner and it's so easy to avoid that, because there's a crosswalk right there that could have been utilized but wasn't. >> reporter: police say the driver who struck the teenager is a young woman herself who is cooperating fully with the investigation. they don't believe drugs or alcohol with factors in this crash. according to an e-mail that a student shared with us, the school built in time for prayer at the beginning of the school day today. students are also banding together via social media and they're planning to wear white in honor of their classmate. we have been asked to give the students their privacy as they gather to pray outside the high school today. we are respecting that request. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot of people pulling for that young man. thank you very much, kris. a million-dollar home up in smoke.
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take a look at this. this home caught fire around 1:30 this morning in the alamo hills. when crews arrived, they say they found electrical wires down and flames coming out of every door and every window in the house. they say they had no choice but to let it burn for a while. fortunately, no one was hurt. according to zillow, the home is 3,500 square feet and sold for $1.5 million back in 2013. suspicious and scary. a green van rolling down streets near schools with a man inside attempting to lure children. police say that's what happened several times in the east bay. they're warning families to be aware of that. >> in alameda, police are trying to connect all the dots and see what's going on. >> reporter: they say that suspicious van has been cruising by both cities. at least they believe that that is the case. police are warning families to be aware this morning. the driver of that green van
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allegedly trying to lure kids inside. the latest incident here happened last week. police say the green van cruised by as the driver attempted to get kids to get in. that was on september 18th. 20 minutes later, similar reports from two other schools in berkley. these were described as attempted kidnappings near willard elementary. alameda police are still trying to verify if the two incidents are related, but detectives want families to keep their guard up and look out for that green van. >> makes you more cautious. keep an eye out. yeah. not just for my kids, but other kids. >> reporter: berkley police describe their suspect as a latino between 30 and 40 years old, dark hair, a mustache, heavy set, and wearing a hat. at this point, alameda police cannot confirm if the driver here in this city actually tried to kidnap those children other than just tried to lure them
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into his van. we're live in alameda. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> always be aware, no matter where you are. new guards are coming to the santa clara county jail. the hope is they're better trained to deal with mentally ill inmates. the jail is under fire after inmate michael tyree was found dead in his cell last month. three jail deputies are charged with beating and killing him. tyree's sister told us she's pleased with the county's commitment to change, but questions if the 40 hours of training is enough. >> i don't know what kind of training you need to not beat somebody. i mean, what kind of training do you need? >> the new cadets will report to the jail right away. they still have another few months of training inside. it's not budget cuts that's causing a peninsula library to shut its doors later today. it is bedbugs. the mitchell park library is going to be closed for several days while exterminators treat an infestation there.
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bedbugs were found in two chairs on the first floor. that building is closing at 6:00 tonight so the pest control can treat the area. as an added precaution, the city is sending special bedbug sniffing dogs to inspect the city's other four libraries. the activist group founded by the reverend al sharpton is opening a new learning center. it's billed as a computer lab offering free classes to people of all ages. the classes apparently focus on providing basic computer skills, including web design and internet job search. the new academy is located at the b.b. memorial. two bays here, anthony. on the coast, 79 degrees. but the tri-valley a different story. >> we're talking about temperatures here at 100 degrees. it will be all about those microclimates, especially later on depending on where you live. right now we're looking at clear
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skies for everybody. that's one thing we'll all have in common this morning. and then we'll see a few high, thin clouds drifting by through the day. clear skies for the most part as our sunsets right around 7:00 this evening. you can see how hot it's going to be. 91 today. 88 for san jose. 71 for pacifica. even some cool air for ocean beach. in the north bay, a few 90s. 87 for napa. for sausalito. pleasanton up to 97 degrees. we do have a cold front. that's going to give off a few high, thin clouds. as we head toward this weekend, it's going to offer some cooling, especially by sunday, but it washes out and doesn't give us any rain. same deal happens toward monday and tuesday. another cold front is going to move through and that will drop our temperatures even more. in the meantime, it's all about
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the heat today and tomorrow, especially when the heat will peak for the tri-valley. the temperatures up a couple degrees and as we head toward the weekend, our decline begins as we fall back into the 80s. at the coastline, temperatures fall back into the 60s for san francisco as we head towards sunday. let's talk to mike and see how things are moving on the roads. >> moving very well. your commute direction equally as smooth with lighter traffic. we'll look at your map. we do have that build coming out of the altamont pass. so speeds just down to 60 pretty much over into dublin where they get back up to the speed limit. that commute is starting to approach 580 and 680. there was some slowing as chp arrived on scene. we're still waiting for an update. they did call for an ambulance. the a's play at 12:30. that will be midday traffic. right now, very light. we give you that live look to show you the toll plaza, the
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backup that we had on the left approach. that's pretty much cleared up, but that burst of traffic starting to build now as we have that commute coming off of the maze. no problems, though. back to you. >> that's nice. coming up, making a bang. how a local man is keeping military history alive and very loudly at that. plus, the uber goes to oakland and a cool new way to get your starbucks. and the pope waking up in washington again this morning. his visit already a little controversial. but it's what he's expected to say today that could anger both democrats and republicans. continues today ... =laura/live=
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this is a live look at at washington d-c - where the pope the pope's historic visit continues today to the united states. this is a live look at washington, d.c., where the pope actually spent the night in the building to the left. you see the crowds gathering on the right. soon, he will emerge to deliver a speech before congress. he is the first pontiff in history to do that. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts will be there for the history. she's live outside the capitol building this morning. what he has to say might make both democrats and republicans squirm a little bit. good morning. >> reporter: well, it certainly could. good morning, sam and laura. that's because he's been very willing to address some topics that have been controversial here on capitol hill. he's spoken out about -- he talked on abortion yesterday. he talked about climate change. areas where this congress has been very divided. pope francis, the son of
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immigrants, is literally embracing this issue that's divided congress. 5-year-old sophie cruz will attend his address at the capitol today. her parents are undocumented immigrants. >> i am scared that one day they will take them away from me. >> reporter: the pope is urging bishops and may urge congress to support immigrants, the poor, refugees, and innocent victims of abortion. >> he'll be bringing life to them. not in a wagging the finger perspective, but really saying let's have a come to jesus moment. >> reporter: lawmakers have been asked not to use standing ovations to politicize his speech, which will likely include another passionate appeal to deal with climate change. >> we are living at a critical moment of history. we still have time to make the change. >> reporter: after today's speech, the pope will greet the faithful outside the capitol. he'll view the statue of junipero serra, the missionary
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he canonized wednesday, and visit catholic charity volunteers feeding the homeless. >> this will be a very special blessing from the pope. >> reporter: before he heads to new york this afternoon, these children will be outside the vatican embassy, hoping to get a blessing. >> if i got to talk to him, it would be just the best thing in the world. >> reporter: that would be pretty cool for those kids. in terms of who is coming today, and we've already started to see some arrivals here, there are guests of some of the lawmakers. there are at least six presidential candidates, five of them lawmakers, plus dr. ben carson, who says he's a guest. and also four supreme court justices planning to be here today. >> tracie potts live from washington, d.c. thank you very much. >> and we will be covering the pope's visit throughout the morning on air and online. you can also download our free nbc bay area app and follow us on facebook and twitter. we have our own star power right here in the bay area. the president of china spent time with a who's who of high-tech leaders and the prime minister of india is also on his
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way to silicon valley. >> scott mcgrew, it's been a very busy week. >> prime minister narendra modi will visit. the heads of google and facebook and all other companies were in seattle wednesday to meet with the general secretary and president of china xi jinping. xi moves on to washington today. this comes, of course, during tightening tensions between the u.s. and china. it does appear the chinese hack of federal workers includes fingerprints. president obama has hinted at some kind of sanctions, but will likely wait until after the chinese president's visit to the white house. this afternoon, lieutenant governor gavin newsom and the golden state warriors will ring the closing bell on the nasdaq from the new nasdaq center in san francisco. another sign the center of gravity in america is moving from new york to the west coast. meanwhile, uber's moving to the east bay. at least some of it. the company announced the new headquarters at the old sears
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building in oakland. it will still have a major headquarters in the mission bay area, but as san francisco gets too expensive and too crowded, oakland is next. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey there, scott. good morning to you. stocks will try to avoid a third straight down day. futures are lower ahead of the opening bell. markets boasting modest losses on wednesday, as the rally in oil prices fizzled out. we get data on unemployment, demand for durable goods and new home sales. fed chair janet yellen speaks. the dow falling to 16,280. scott, back over to you. >> all right, landon, thanks. starbucks said it had such good luck with its iphone app, it's bringing it to the bay area three weeks early. you tap what you want, charge it to your starbucks card, grab your mocha off the bar. "usa today" calls it the don't wait for your frap app.
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it will be available soon. >> i was in a starbucks yesterday and saw that. >> those lines can get long. now it's don't wait for your pumpkin frap. >> with real pumpkin now, which is weird. >> you're not supposed to just walk into starbucks and grab one of those off the counter? that's what i do. >> and you wonder why there's always people following you out of the store. >> calling you larry. >> that's my name today. >> we call him a weatherman today. that's anthony slaughter. >> you know, the interesting thing, this time last year we were tracking our first rain of the season. not this year. >> where is it? >> i don't know. we'll have to blame el nino. not me. let's talk about the forecast for today. we are talking about warm temperatures. especially later on this afternoon for those inland valleys. unfortunately, yes, no rain on the horizon for us. at least in the next seven days. you'll notice that on the seven-day forecast. temperatures are expected to cool off, though, as we head towards next week, the first week of october. can you believe it? it's already here.
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all right, today, temperatures back into the 80s for most of us. we will still see a few 90s for the north bay. comfortable if san francisco. up to 76 today. later on, the tri-valley, that will be one of our hot spots, up to 95 degrees. 85 for the peninsula and the south bay will be warm as well, up to 88 degrees there. we do have a couple of cold fronts off the coastline. unfortunately for us, it's not going to bring us any rain. it's going to drop our temperatures significantly, especially as we head toward sunday and monday. this first cold front, that's expected to wash out as we head toward saturday afternoon, but it will offer more cloud cover for sunday and then another cold front will come in and monday and tuesday. back into the 70s for our inland valleys. but in the meantime, it is all about that heat. if you are doing any traveling, perhaps you're thinking about the weekend, because i know you are. friday temperatures will be warmer. but again, cooling off for saturday, even cooler for sunday. as we get you towards monterrey, if you're headed down to the coast, maybe do some whale watching, perfect time of year. temperatures cooling back into
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the 60s and the santa cruz boardwalk, warm for today and tomorrow. back into the 70s and 80s, but then cooling back into the 70s. the rest of the bay area does keep things warm, especially for friday. and then we start our decline. even san francisco, you'll be close to 80 today and tomorrow. closer to 707 as we head towards sunday. a little bit of relief on its way. but again, today and tomorrow, very hot days. let's see how the roads are looking. >> sunday looks great, but i like the weekend in general. you're right, anthony. over here, we're looking at san jose northbound. a lighter volume of traffic. we'll see a burst in a few minutes here. we look at the maps, we don't see any major slowing throughout the area. camera was right about here. down here, north 85 to 17, that connecter, there's a crash over off to the shoulder, but a flat bed tow truck has arrived, so there will be a distraction, but we don't see any slowing there. san mateo bridge, we see a smooth drive from the east bay to the peninsula without delay.
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fremont has that crash registered southbound 880. a car went into the bushes. chp is there, minor distraction, and a typical light build in the tri-valley. there is slowing approaching 580 at 680 just because of that build. we'll give you a look over from the peninsula side at that san mateo bridge, and westbound 92 does move smoothly. 101 at that interchange, no delays. coming up, keeping history alive. one man's mystery to refurbish a b-56 bomber. but it's not for the faint of heart. got a tip? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail t t we would like to give one napa
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county man the credit he deserves for keeping our military history alive. ==laura/2shot== just make sure you bring your earplugs. today's in the bay's bob redell wishes he did. ==pkg== outcue: standard trt: ==laura/2shot== michael does ask for a 100 it's scary. something always happens. >> reporter: for a man who's never piloted a plane before, michael niemann sure knows how to send people flying. chained to his motorbike street in st. helena is a 4,300
5:24 am
horsepower beast. >> just shook up, you know? that thing will kill you. >> reporter: it came close. >> whoa! your hand is on fire. you okay? >> yeah, i'm all right. >> reporter: could have been worse. >> one time i caught the roof on fire. >> reporter: an engine collector all of his life, michael bought this one on e-bay. a piston engine that used to propel the b36 bomber. he spent two years refurbishing it. and you knew what you were doing, obviously? >> no, google. >> reporter: while retirees from the nearby air force base taught him how to operate the largest engine of its kind. why? >> trying to keep history alive is my main goal. that's what kept this country free. >> reporter: the b36 had not two, not four, but six of those pratton whitneys, along with four turbo jets to help carry nuclear weapons. this strategic bomber helped deter russia from going to war
5:25 am
with the united states during the early part of the cold war. whoa! hence the nickname the peacemaker. so much for peace in wine country. the locals don't seem to mind. it's the pieces they should be worried about. >> i have to check it out. >> reporter: at least there's google. in st. helena -- >> mike's got to be a little bit crazy. >> reporter: bob redell, "today in the bay." >> michael does ask for a $100 donation so that he can fire up that bomber engine, which actually helps pay for its upkeep. >> we also feel like bob has a whole lot of crazy in him. he was born in the wrong era. thank you, bob. proof that you are never too old to accomplish new goals. in this man's case, he's setting new records. meet the world's oldest sprinter. there he is, decked out in red. he just turned 105, which sets the new record, by the way, for
5:26 am
competitive sprinting. yesterday at a senior's competition in kyoto, he clocked in with a time of just over 42 seconds. that is a drop-off from the 34-second hundred when he was a mere 103. he said he only started sprin e sprinting when he was in his 20s. coming up, they rushed to the scene but there wasn't much they could do when they got there. what caused this million-dollar home to go up in smoke. and breaking news, thousands of emergency workers, 200-plus ambulances on the scene of a deadly stampede. right now, hundreds are dead and that number could rise in the middle east.
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. boxes boxes ad lib toss to wx a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we can start revving up for the weekend. let's check in with anthony slaughter. temperatures are actually coming down. >> yeah, especially as we head towards the next consumer of days, at least until saturday. it's going to be hot until then. you'll notice the high temperatures later on this afternoon. warm, especially for the north bay. that's where temperatures will get back into the low 90s there. san francisco will be much warmer than yesterday. 84 for the east bay. 88 for the south bay. and we'll still have some 90s, like the tri-valley, 95 degrees expected there. the heat peaks for tomorrow. lots happening, including something that involves a
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supermoon. let's talk to mike now. >> we're looking toward an average commute, and that's good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have seen this burst of traffic over the last five minutes. let's show you the map. we do have construction that was there, 580 over at the 24 interchange. on the map, you will see slowing as we did have traffic activity likely clearing the road crew, and that might be what allowed a burst of traffic to the area over the last few. your approach to the maze, no problem. midday game for the a's. that will be an issue before lunch toward the coliseum. a slight build for 580. typical commute patterns, guys. back to you. breaking news from saudi arabia. more than 400 people have died already, hundreds more injured after a stampede outside of the holy city of mecca. 4,000 workers, 200-plus ambulances on scene now helping out with that disaster. the stampede happened during one of the last rituals of the hajj season. the annual islamic pilgrimage to mecca. the ritual is known as stoning
5:31 am
the devil, where crowds throw stones at three pillars. hundreds have actually been killed in past years during the exact same ceremony. new this morning, a million-dollar home up in smoke. take a look at this, as a house caught fire in danville. when crews arrived, they say they found electrical wires down and flames coming out of every door and window in the house. everyone got out of the house. no one was hurt. according to zillow, the home, 3,500 square feet, it sold for $1.5 million in 2013. a warning for families in the east bay. police say a green van has been going down streets near schools and the driver attempting to lure children inside. >> exactly why you talk to your kids and explain the dangers to them. damian trujillo live in alameda where police are trying to connect the dots. what have they found? >> there is some concern from parents. they have been advised to keep
5:32 am
their guard up as they walk their children to school this morning. both here in alameda and also in the city of berkley, two separate incidents. it began with students reporting a suspicious green van cruising by the school last friday. reports say the driver tried to lure kids inside the van. 20 minutes later, similar reports coming out of berkley. there, police say the driver of the van tried to actually kidnap children near willard elementary. berkley police described their suspect as a latino, dark hair, a mustache, heavy set and wearing a hat. at this point, detectives are trying to determine if both cases are, in fact, related. for now, they're asking parents to be extra cautious as their children walk to school. >> it makes you more cautious. keep your eye out. yeah. not just for my kids, but other kids. >> reporter: at this point, alameda police will not confirm if their driver actually tried
5:33 am
to kidnap children or simply acting suspicious in the area. in any case, parents are advised to stay on alert. a green van cruising by several schools here in the east bay. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." stunned and concerned. that's how many parents are feeling this morning after learning that a former elementary school coach is now in jail. chp officers arrested julio eduardo ortiz. he was performing a sexual act on a boy that he coached two years ago. the school district sent parents an e-mail alert and it turns out ortiz worked at three elementary schools between 2009 and 2014. parents are now having tough conversations with kids about their interactions with ortiz. >> right now, i'm very nervous and i'm very concerned that this happened. i met him at garfield elementary school. >> the san mateo county sheriff's department says ortiz also volunteered with its
5:34 am
activity league. investigators say he was let go by both agencies after he was arrested for giving a minor alcohol last year. it is 5:33, there's a break in the case of an unsolved san francisco murder and it is indirectly tied to an infamous serial killer. chicago authorities yesterday announced a hit in dna tests identifying the victim in a 1979 san francisco shooting. he's 16-year-old andy draft. he was aa ward of the state when investigators say he ran away from illinois to san francisco where he was eventually murdered. his remains were never identified. but authorities got a hit when trying to identify victims of john wayne gacy through dna samples. investigators say he did not kill draft and the murder is still uninvolved. students at archbishop mitty high school in san francisco are leaning on each other as they wait for word about a fellow classmate who was hit by a car. >> kris sanchez joins us live
5:35 am
from valley medical center where the teenager is in critical condition this morning. kris? >> reporter: good morning. that 14-year-old boy is in the intensive care unit this morning. his family likely at his side, but we know his classmates are planning to gather today in prayer outside their catholic high school. that is where he was struck by that car yesterday afternoon. according to san jose police, the 14-year-old was running on a sidewalk in front of archbishop mitty high school. when he ran into the street behind a jeep headed in the same direction. then police say he ran into the other lane of traffic where he was hit by a car. sadly, this happened just before 3:30 in the afternoon, so there were plenty of witnesses. police investigators say it is unclear why the 14-year-old ran into the street and why he didn't use the crosswalk. >> any time you have anybody that's hit in such a manner, and it's so easy to avoid that because there's a crosswalk right there that could have been
5:36 am
utilized, but it wasn't. >> reporter: police say the person who struck the teenager, a young woman, is cooperating with the investigation. according to an e-mail from the school that student shared with us, the school did build in time for prayer at the beginning of the school day. students also bandied together for social media and they're planning to wear white in honor of their classmate. the students say they are also praying for the driver as well. we have been asked to respect their privacy at that vigil this morning, and we are respecting that request. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> painful for everyone. thank you very much, kris. investigators say that three bodies found near sacramento are likely connected to a missing bay area company. a couple and their 7-year-old son have not been heard from since september 11th. that couple was supposed to be spending the weekend near their cabin. now we're learning that three bodies were found in the cabin which was destroyed by the fire. the missing are adam and molly
5:37 am
buchanan and their son gavin. police have taken items from the family's home and their construction business. >> the family is coping as best as they can, carrying on with the business, carrying on, taking care of the remaining son. >> the buchanans also have a 16-year-old son. he did not go to the cabin with the rest of his family. meantime, a break in a high-profile burglary and animal abuse case. police have arrested this man, believing he burglarized a fremont home back in late august. this surveillance video we're about to show you is going to demonstrate that suspect throwing food and dog treats on to glass from a shattered door, hoping to hurt the animal. marley the family dog ended up cutting her mouth and throat while she was eating it and she has since recovered. new this morning, the one-time owner of two san francisco restaurants may face prison time after being arranged on criminal charges.
5:38 am
u.s. attorneys in the department of labor say grand jurors have charged a former owner of two hong kong lounge restaurants, each located in the richmond district. the man is accused of underpaying employees by more than $90,000 in overtime and making threats against them. he's also accused of lying to federal agents. if convicted, he may face 25 years in prison. it has been a makeshift home for hundreds of valley fire evacuees, but today the temporary shelter at the napa county fairgrounds is going to sloez and that means a lot of people who lost their homes in that devastating fire are beginning to have to find somewhere else to go. people have been leaving the fairgrounds all week, some going back to their homes. others to relatives or hotels. meantime, officials confirmed a fourth person has been found dead in that burn zone. searchers found the body of robert fletcher inside of a burned home near cobb. the valley fire has also destroyed more than 1,200 homes and counting, and hundreds of
5:39 am
other structures. the fire is at least now 82% contained. fema is on site urging people who lost their homes and businesses to register with the federal agency so they can start the recovery process. high demand creating sky-high rents on the peninsula and south bay. we're talking about the housing crisis right now in mountain view. things could be changing soon. the mercury news reporting the city council in mountain view has stead yuled a -- scheduled a study session for next month to figure out how to help renters. the city is also hearing from landlord associations, which fear the possible imposition of rent control. caltrans fixing the troublesome ankle rods on the bay bridge. they say it could top $15 million and toll payers will likely be footing most of that bill. engineers say the steel rods were exposed to salt weather after a contractor failed to adequately seal them.
5:40 am
the risk of corrosion has led to months of delays in putting the finishing touches on the new span. repairs could drag well into next year. too much noise. that is what many folks in atherton are complaining about regarding increased air traffic at the san carlos airport. the san mateo board of supervisors voted this week to create a subcommittee to find ways to address this concern. this comes after community members wrote strongly worded letters to the atherton city council earlier in the morning. when's the cooldown going to happen? let's check in with anthony slaughter. >> today is the second day of that heating trend. the heat peaks tomorrow, and then we begin the cooling. right now 50s and 60s for the most part. i want to take you into the city, because you can actually see the bridge this morning. we don't have any fog and that's how you know it's going to be a warm day. san francisco, you'll be up into the mid 70s. san mateo, you'll be at 79. san jose 88 degrees. even saratoga expecting 90s
5:41 am
today. santa rosa, you'll be up to 90 as well. and the tri-valley expecting lots of mid 90s. coming up, we've got lots happening this weekend, including the rock 'n' roll marathon. you may have heard about it. and also a lunar eclipse. we'll tell you about that coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, let's talk to mike about how the roads are doing. >> we're looking at the bay bridge. you've got to know about the backup here. we'll look at another live shot on eastbound 580, heading toward el charo. i saw a crew clearing the overnight road work. you do see that over here in the tri-valley. no other drama. just a small build for hayward and the bay bridge toll plaza. and over here, this is unusual here. chp got a report. they file every report they get. southbound 280 at 84. either unfortunately a deer was hit in the roadway and they have to take care of that, either a deer or a tiger. they're not sure which.
5:42 am
so chp says they'll check it out and let us know. >> is there a zoo nearby? >> we'll definitely be checking that one out. coming up, two presidential candidates not backing down from separate controversies this morning. and volkswagen says it will start naming names. the executives and engineers who are responsible for that cheat, coming up. plus, one girl's encounter with the pope that has a lot of people talking this morning. now to decision 2016 - =sam/cu=
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republican candidate ben carson is not backing down from controvsi now to decision 2016. republican candidate ben carson not becoming down from controversial comments he made about islam, and apparently his approach is work. on monday, the super pac that supports carson sent an e-mail to other supporters asking them to back comments he made on "meet the press," specifically that he wouldn't want a muslim to be president. since then, donors have given about $350,000 to carson's super pac. he says he didn't mean to offend muslim americans and he hopes to meet with islamic scholars soon. the feud is back on. donald trump says he's boycotting appearances on fox news, claiming he's been treated very unfairly by the cable network. fox news says trump announced the boycott after fox canceled his appearance on "the "o'reilly factor"" scheduled for today. he has been feuding with fox news since he claimed host megyn kelly asked him inappropriate questions during the debate. a miraculous touch.
5:46 am
as the pope visits the u.s. for the very first time, an arizona family says he saved their baby's life. little ava cassidy was born with multiple health problems, including two holes in her heart. last year at st. peter square, she got to meet the pontiff. >> scott held her up, like the lion king, and the pope came by and secret service person johnny stopped and took her from scott and held her up to the pope, and the pope asked my husband, how old is she and what's her name? he told her that she has two holes in her heart. when we got home in may, we went back to the cardiologist for a check-up, and one of the holes was totally closed and one was half the size. >> a kiss that cures. ava's mom admits it could be coincidence, but likes to think it could be a miracle. >> it's wonderful that they captured that photo, too. uber is on the move. the ride-sharing company rolling into oakland.
5:47 am
the company purchased the former sears building downtown. nearly 3,000 employees will work out of that office. that will make uber one of the city's largest employers. uber expected to move in sometime in 2017. uber san francisco headquarters will also expand to house more employees. amazon spreading out its branches, putting its prime membership on sale now. >> scott mcgrew, let's hope this is better than amazon's last sale. >> that was awful! it was called prime day. remember that? that was back in july. amazon sold a lot of stuff that nobody seemed to want. this sale is on a discount on the prime membership, which normally costs $99 a year. tomorrow, amazon will lower that price to $67. you have to be a new prime customer and you get free shipping, free movies. a lot of families think that prime is worth it. volkswagen says it will start naming names today. naming the people responsible for the software that sent the company into a skid. the ceo stepped down yesterday
5:48 am
saying he was "endlessly sorry." shares of bmw have fallen after a german newspaper reported that company's suv, the diesel version, also tests funny. bmw absolutely denies that claim. we are also learning vw sent the letter to diesel owners here in california back in april, asking them to bring their cars to the dealer for a software update, possibly trying to get ahead of that u.s. government investigation. the president of china xi jinping met with tech leaders on wednesday amid a new report that further pinpoints china as the actor behind that massive hack of u.s. federal government records. the journal says security researchers have traced it back to china's special hacking unit in the people's army. this will no doubt come up during the meeting between president xi and president obama. and president obama is talking about sapnctions, so this could be quite serious. >> could be an uncomfortable conversation. we are not the only ones
5:49 am
stressed out about the drought. some of california's most iconic trees are showing signs of stress. some giant secoyas have dead or thinning leaves, a product of the drought. the trees can live for more than 3,000 years and grow nearly 300 feet tall. scientists hope data that they collected will help them figure out how to save the trees while water is so scarce. >> and it's so interesting to see because there are certain kinds of bug s invading these trees, causing them to be dry as well. >> everything's connected. >> right. >> it's throwback thursday. you were saying this time last year, you were talking about rain. >> we were. we were talking our first rain of the season. not so much this year. >> is that all just up there? >> no, i had to research. a little reality check this morning. we are talking about some cooler weather headed our way by the weekend. and hopefully some rain as we get into october. that starts next week. i want to start you off with
5:50 am
this shot from san jose. you can see it is still dark out there. our sunrise about an hour away. and traffic starting to build. mike will have that coming up in a bit. i also want to turn your attention to something very interesting that's going to happen this weekend. we have a super moon that's expected by sunday, and a lunar eclipse that's going to happen at the exact same time. so here are the details on that. sunday night, you can mark your calendar. set a reminder on your phone. it happens about 7:00 to 8:30. the next super moon not expected until about 2033. that's when we'll see the super moon eclipse. so just get out there and check out the red hue, that's when the earth passes between the sun and the moon and that's when we'll see that happening. right now, it's just super clear. we don't have any fog out there. temperatures nice and comfortable. 50s and 60s for the most part. later on, it's really going heat up. talking about the return of 90s for some of us. the east bay will be at 84. the tri-valley up to 95 today in the south bay, near 88 degrees.
5:51 am
it will be warm through saturday. this cold front off the coast. that will offer just a few high, thin clouds today. as we head through the next couple of days, we will see a cold front move in for saturday and into sunday, and that's going to cool our temperatures big-time as we start off the next workweek. in the meantime, we'll toss things back over to sam and laura and finish up. >> that's right. we have an nbc special report coming up right now. we understand the pope will be heading to congress this morning. he has just left the home where he stayed overnight, greeting tons of children that are outside of his door this morning. >> and this is history, day two. yesterday, the pope speaking to 15,000 people on the south lawn of the white house. today, he will be the first pontiff in u.s. history to address congress, and he's going to be making a number of talking points here. we're going to find out right now. nbc's new special report right now. >> people wondering what subjects the pope will be touching on as he addresses
5:52 am
those lawmakers. it's been a whirlwind of a 24 hours with the pope appearing at the white house and holding mass at the cathedral in washington, canonizing a new saint at that same location. nbc's tom costello is outside the pope's temporary residence in washington. tom, describe the scene for me. >> reporter: well, this is the apostolic nunciature, and this is essentially the vatican's embassy here in washington. the police have now moved into position. they've now shut down this massachusetts avenue, this main thorough fair as they prepare for this rolling motorcade for pope francis, and outside, where i am right across the street, we've now got several hundred people who have been singing, gathering through the morning, cheering and praying, waiting for some view of pope francis. right on the driveway where pope francis is, throughout the last couple of days, groups of school children have been escorted up to greet the pope.
5:53 am
we presume that is the situation again this morning. although i don't have an identity of who those kids are. but clearly, all of the kids, all of the people who have been gathering in front of the nunciature for the last two days have been waiting for this moment, or the chance for a selfie in some cases, to shake his hand, or to touch him. many of these people, matt, have some very -- some stories of personal sacrifice or sadness or illness, and hoping for some blessing from him. it's been really a very moving experience. but he takes time to talk to them. takes time for pictures before the motorcade starts rolling. and then it's anybody's guess as to whether he might at some point decide he wants to stop his fiat and get out and see the crowd. that's been the speculation all along. that's been the wild card for security here in washington. so what he does today as he makes his way to the capital, and then later in the day is at this point anybody's guess.
5:54 am
>> yeah, tom. there were some spontaneous moments yesterday as he was in that motorcade around the ellipse where he actually took a couple of moments and some children were brought to him so they could greet him and hand them a gift, and in one case a letter. there was also an unannounced visit last evening to the little sisters of the poor, a group not far from where he is staying. that group, by the way, noted for the fact that they actually sued the federal government over some mandate that was a part of obamacare. he visited with the nuns there. of course, he has stopped to shake hands on other occasions during his first 24 hours. i want to go to maria shriver. she was joining savannah this morning at the capitol where the speech will be held in just a short time. maria, what's the crowd like there? >> well, there's a lot of anticipation, a lot of excitement as people everywhere across the city have been coming in here since early morning hours to try to get a position, to try to be that one person that the pope turns to.
5:55 am
i should also say that there's a lot of excitement amongst elected leaders coming in here. i just saw two congresswomen who said we're not even catholics, but today we'll be catholics. we're so excited. i had a chance to speak to governor christie, who was a plus-one invitee today, who said that he thinks the pope has been great for people of the church. he's excited to be here. that he is looking at the pope as someone who is a religious leader, but also a political leader. he said i can respectfully disagree with some of his politics, but i'm excited to see what he will have to say and i'm excited to be here. so i think that there seems to be great anticipation about this speech. i think it's important that some people are trying to say will he give it to the democrats? will he make the republicans uncomfortable? from everybody that i've spoken to, they say remember, this is a man who stays at 30,000 feet. he's going to take to all of us, of all faiths. he's going to talk to americans
5:56 am
old and young, in that chamber, and very conscious of the americans outside of that chamber. and speak to us all to be better in our own lives and remind us of the issues that plague not only this country, but the world at large. >> maria, if you'll hold on for me a second. i want to give people an idea of the pope's schedule today. he is scheduled to depart from that location where we're seeing him right now any moment. at about 9:15, he will arrive. he has a scheduled meeting with the speaker of the house, john boehner, who invited the pope to come speak. at 10:00, pope francis will enter the house chamber. he'll walk down the aisle. i have been told they were instructed flot to shake his hand. and he will become the first pope to ever address congress. peter alexander is also at the capitol talking about what to
5:57 am
expect. can you hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you well. 50,000 tickets have been handed out for people to have this opportunity. they will be watching on judgmejumb jumbotr jumbotrons. it really feels like it's a rock star event. i saw some nearby students from a catholic school, she said we wouldn't do this for a rock star. we would only do this for our pope. we've met so many nice people, including this family from chicago and memphis most recently. tennessee right now. nicole and zack, thank you for being here. you were here yesterday to see the parade. you're here again today with three little ones, as you try to hold them. what is it that brings you out here and makes it so meaningful? >> we just wanted -- it's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. we wanted to see pope francis. even though we're not going to be very close with the little ones, we kind of feel like we're part of the action and it makes us feel like it's something special. i don't know if the kids will be old enough to remember, but they might remember all the fuss. >> reporter: you've been snapping away enough photos, i'm sure they will remember this. your grandmother you said is 93 years old.
5:58 am
she always dreamed of seeing a pope. for you to experience this, and her great grandchildren, what does that mean at a family like yours? >> well, you said it. we're taking a lot of photos for her. she's up on the canadian border in northern minnesota. and she always wanted to see a pope. when i told her earlier this week that we were going to make the trip, she was really excited. >> reporter: what is it about this pope? >> i think pope francis -- i'll take him. hey, buddy. pope francis is everybody's pope. he cares about the down and disenfranchised as much as he cares about all of us. >> reporter: let me let you take care of this little guy right there. it's nice to see you. enjoy this special day. matt, this is really the experience we've had over the course of this day, meeting so many people, families who just came in from memphis, tennessee. we saw a bus that came in from nashville today with 22 students. they brought with them a prayer book, where everybody in their community had written the prayers and the blessings that they were hoping they could receive from pope francis today,
5:59 am
and just be being in his presence, they felt strongly that they would be able to bring home his message to their community back in tennessee. >> all right, peter. good news for those children. they won't have to wait much longer. we've seen some images of the papal motorcade leaving the apostolic nunciature, so he should be at the capitol in short order. i want to bring in bishop robert baron, an auxiliary bishop from los angeles who was nice enough to join me on the lawn of the white house yesterday, and is now with me in studio 1a here in new york city. it's good to see you again. based on what we heard from the pope in his remarks at the white house, what does it tell us about the tone -- >> you've been watching nbc news special report. we are going to rejoin that later in this next hour. >> that's right, we will continue to watch what the pope is doing this morning. but coming up right now at 6:00, new video into our newsroom showing some pretty massive flames. firefighters spent the morning battling in the east bay. >> and parents and police on high alert this morning after a suspicious van seen lurking around bay area schools.
6:00 am
"today in the bay" starts right now. thank you for staying with us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's start out with meteorologist anthony slaughter in for kari with a look at the forecast. >> we are looking at clear skies this morning. temperatures are going to warm rapidly later on this afternoon under sunny skies, which you're going to notice here. it's going to be hot. much hotter than it has been the last couple days. we're talking about the return of 90s for some places like the north bay. 76 for san francisco today. up to 84 for the east bay. the south bay will be close to 90. and the tri-valley into the mid 90s. we are expecting to cool down for the weekend. in the meantime, let's toss things to mike. >> we're looking over here to a standard morning at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. westbound 580, right at 90, it sounds like


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