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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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can make a difference. i'm sure. applause runs :08 kris/cont.vo right now at 11: a speech that i'm convinced that we can make a difference. i'm sure. [ applause ] right now at 11:00, a speech that brought lawmakers to tears. an historic address and simple message from the pope this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. thousands of people crowded the national mall today to see pope francis after he gave that monumental speech before congress. he addressed everything from immigration to the death penalty and even brought several lawmakers to tears. >> we have been tracking the pontiff all morning long and so
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has nbc bay area's tracie potts. she's live outside capitol hill with a recap of the historic speech this morning. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon everyone. we are learning after a grand welcome the pope will get a grand farewell from military families, school children and secretary of state john kerry when he leaves in about two hours headed for new york. now, he was here earlier this morning at the capitol giving an historic speech that some described as inspirational. others said it was a slight rebuke of congress. after greeting excited children outside his embassy with a sea of followers waiting at the capitol, pope francis arrived. and delivered a simple message to congress, get along.
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he mentioned dr. martin luther king and got the first of several standing ovations. >> continues to inspire us all. >> reporter: this much-anticipated message the first ever by a pope condemned religious extremists and the death penalty, urged compassion for immigrants and took a hard line on protecting human life. >> also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. >> reporter: he called for equality and end to weapons of war and courageous action on climate change. >> i'm convinced that we can make a difference, i'm sure. >> reporter: after the speech the pope came outside and addressed thousands who'd been waiting on the national mall. >> thank you very much. and god bless america.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: so now in a couple of hours the pope leaves washington. he's headed to new york where he'll have an even larger audience, the united nations. from the u.s. capitol, i'm tracie potts, back to you. >> thanks, tracie. >> here in the bay area there were a number of local viewing parties where folks gathered to hear the pope's message. this one at presentation high school in san jose. hundreds of students decided to get to school early to have breakfast and watch the pope make history. >> it's really exciting. yeah. you know, this is the first time any pope has ever spoken before american government so it's very important to be hearing. >> two bay area residents were among the lucky constituents attending the pope's congressional address. 89-year-old maria skoczylas is a morgan hill resident. she was a guest of house
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congresswoman and house minority leader nancy pelosi invited reverend privett. >> he will go to new york and philadelphia. you can download our app and follow us on facebook and twitter for full papal coverage. and this just in, we are getting a look at a dead whale floating out in the east bay this morning. it washed up near coyote hills in the wildlife refuge area. and so far we don't know how that whale died. the marine mammal center is waiting out tide conditions before heading out to investigate. we will bring you an update as soon as we get one. and now to developing news out of saudi arabia. more than 700 people are dead and hundreds others injured after a stampede outside the holy city of mecca. 4,000 workers and 200 ambulances are helping in that disaster. the stampede happened during one of the last rituals of the season, the annual pilgrimage to mecca. crowds throw stones at three
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pillars. hundreds have been killed in past years during the same ceremony. closer to home a prayer vigil this morning for a boy struck by a car outside his high school. this happened yesterday outside archbishop in san jose. >> nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live where the student was taken. damian, how is he doing this morning? >> reporter: the last report we got about half an hour ago is the student remains in critical condition here at valley medical center as his school, mitty high school, comes together and praying for his well recovery here in san jose. it happened just after school at mitty around 3:20 yesterday. the 14-year-old was walking eastbound on the sidewalk of mitty road when he crossed the street and was struck by a car. we're told the driver is a woman apparently in her early 20s, an adult woman we're told. the accident was witnessed by several students who were also leaving school yesterday. today classmates are holding a prayer service on the catholic school campus for the victim. the school was asked -- has
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asked for privacy from the media and we are respecting those wishes. meanwhile, police continue to investigate the accident and are following up on any leads that might arise. >> any time you have anybody that's hit in such a manner and it's so easy to avoid that because there's a crosswalk right there that could have been utilized but wasn't. >> reporter: police do not believe drugs, speed or alcohol were involved. at last check the driver has not been cited or arrested. police say they will get back to us as soon as they can with any possible updates. the principal has confirmed to the nbc bay area that the student remains in a coma here at valley medical center. he is a freshman and was going to basketball praice when this accident happened at mitty high school after school yesterday. the principal also says the chapel on campus is open all day and students have been coming in to pray. also counselors are on hand. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
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news. >> very sad. damian, thanks. it is suspicious and it is scary. a green ban rolling down streets with a man inside attempting to lure children. the van was spotted friday morning near ruby bridges elementary school in alameda as kids were arriving for school. 20 minutes later berkeley police got two calls about different incidents also involving a van. that one where a person was trying to kidnap kids near willard middle school. alameda police are still trying to figure out if these incidents are connected, but law enforcement agencies across the east bay want parents to keep their guards up. >> keep an eye out. yeah. not just for my kids but other kids. >> this morning alameda police are not confirming whether the green van driving near ruby bridges elementary school. the driver there was attempting to kidnap anyone. one person hurt in an early morning house fire in vallejo.
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this happened just after 4:00 this morning at the intersection of locust and tennessee. that's about half a mile east of i-80. crews say when they arrived they found fire coming from the garage and the front door. you can see how big this got. that fire contained to about half of the home but just an enormous fire. one person inside at the time made it out with minor burns. that person's been taken to the hospital but should be okay. and the cause of that fire is under investigation. napa county fairgrounds which was home to a lot of folks -- we'll take you there in just a moment. first in alamo this morning million-dollar home went up in smoke. the home caught fire about 1:30 this morning. and when crews arrived they say they found electrical wires down and flames coming out of every door and window of that house. they say they had no choice but to let it burn for a while. fortunately everyone did get out of the house and no one was hurt. according to zillow the home is 3,500 square feet and sold in 2013 for $1.5 million.
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investigators now say three bodies found near sacramento are likely a missing bay area family. a couple and their 7-year-old son hadn't been heard of since september 11th. the family was supposed to spend a weekend at their cabin near auburn. now we are learning three bodies found in that cabin, it was destroyed by fire. missing are adam and molly buchanan and their son gavin. police have questioned family members, taken items from the home and their construction business. >> the family is coping its best as they can. carrying on with the business, carrying on taking care of the remaining son. >> that son is 16. he did not go to the cabin with the rest of the family. the napa county fairgrounds were a makeshift home for hundreds of valley fire evacuees, but today the temporary shelter there will close. that means a lot of people who lost their homes will have to find somewhere else to go again. people have been leaving the fairgrounds all week, some of
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them going back to their homes. others to live with relatives or stay in hotels. meanwhile, officials confirm last night that a fourth person has been found dead in that burn zone. searchers found the body of robert fletcher inside a burned home near cobb. the valley fire also destroyed more than 1,200 homes and hundreds of other structures. and the fire is now considered 85% contained. fema is now on site urging people who lost their homes or businesses to register with the agency, with fema, so they can start the recovery process. and there's cash involved in that. well, today the san francisco zoo is hosting a free day for 50 kids affected by the valley fire. it will hopefully be a reminder that better days are ahead. up next at 11:00, trying to make silicon valley more bike friendly. the continued push from google to try to take cars off the road and add more cyclists. and more fallout for volkswagen. how the company is trying to bounce back amid one of the biggest auto industry scandals
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ever. and we're looking at temperatures warming across the bay into the 70s, even the 80s right now. we're talking about a warming trend and then temperatures fall for the weekend.
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more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. so here's the thing. september is always rough on stocks, but man, it's hard to get used to. the dow industrial's down better than 200 points again today. the head of the fed, janet yellin, will speak after the close. there might be some anxiety about that. chinese president xi jinping will meet with president obama in washington, d.c. tomorrow. yesterday he met with tech leaders in washington state. president xi met with all kinds of high-tech leaders, a real who's who in quoting facebook's mark zukerburg and all kinds of other people. the chinese president meeting with high-tech leaders before political leaders.
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you've got apple's tim cook here in the corner, bezos from amazon, head of ibm, the head of sysco and mark zuckerberg right there. google's soon-to-be brand new ceo has already sent the prime minister a welcome message. >> to be welcoming prime minister modi to silicon valley this coming weekend. there is tremendous excitement for your visit amongst all googlers and the community. >> connor perkins says it won't make ellen pao pay the firm's legal fees. pao lost lawsuit against the venture capital firm, the courts told her she had to pay the legal bill, that's standard procedure. now, john dor apologized the other day. he made a joke at tech crunch disrupt on tuesday. he said the firm was so diverse he had trouble pronouncing the
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employees names. he later rethought about that comment and tweeted out my apologies, it was an unfortunate joke. it was not funny. i have deep respect for my new partners. back to you. >> not everybody thinks your jokes are funny, right? >> sometimes in the spur of the moment something that was meant to be cute isn't. >> right. or private is public. >> there you go. >> not that makes it okay. an abandoned san jose lot will soon turn into an affordable home for one family. san jose city officials and habitat for humanity representatives will join together this morning for a ground breaking ceremony. they have been working to clean up contaminated soil at a vacant lot on dellmoss avenue. this is video of the organization working on past habitat for humanity projects. now it is ready to be converted into a new affordable home. creating sky high rental, we're talking about the housing crisis in mountain view, but
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things could be changing and very soon. the mercury news reports that the city council has scheduled a study session for next month to figure out a way to help renters. this comes after hundreds of people attended meetings this month to demand action on rising rents. the city is also hearing from landlord associations which fear the possible imposition of rent control. google continues to push its plan to make the south bay a bike heaven. >> google put the plans in front of the cities and they are offering millions of dollars in matching grants. so far cities remain unconvinced though. nbc bay area's ian colt explains what the plan would look like. >> reporter: google wants to change the way we all commute by making silicon valley more bike friendly. the tech giant has made riding to work more attractive to its employees providing bikes and lockers. about 10% of its workers commute on bicycle. now they want the valley to follow their lead. >> doing what we do in silicon valley, it's a pilot, it's a
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vision, it's disruptive. >> reporter: colin haney helped work on the google bike vision plan. it identifies problem areas and crossings for riders and even roads that make for stressful commute. >> all the stress analysis, the mapping is insane. this is why we think there's a problem and this is how we think you should address the problem to change it. >> reporter: according to the plan making silicon valley more like copenhagencopenhagen, denmf the most bicycle friendly place in the world. >> if it's more bike friendly, i'm definitely for it. >> reporter: riders today say they're looking for those changes google suggests. >> we don't have that many bike lanes, you know, everywhere. >> what we currently perceive is good routes are not. >> reporter: though some are skeptical our streets could ever look like denmark. >> if by far silicon valley
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stretches out, i can't see that being a realistic thing. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> google first presented that bike vision plan last spring as part of its massive proposed campus plan. but mountain view then rejected that campus plan. the bike plan's sort of been dormant ever since. >> as long as they have people peddling there will be people clambering to make something happen. >> as we should. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here. >> kari seeing media folks in oakland. media folks right here doing some work. we've got time lapse from mount tam. you can see over my shoulder we had some low clouds this morning. more mid-level, high level clouds. your hour by hour forecast for san francisco does show temperatures going to warm back into the 70s. look at 76 by 2:00. and that will be the general trend as we head into the evening hours, falling back into the 60s once the sun does go down around 7:00. and then it will be generally clear tonight in the city. now, for the rest of the bay area temperatures are going to
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be really warm, we're talking upper 80s for the south bay, mid-80s for peninsula and east bay. the tri-valley is really going to be hot 95 degrees. 76 for san francisco. 91 for the north bay. we have a cold front sitting right off the coastline. you can see the cloud cover pretty extensive. it's not going to bring any rain for ununfortunately but high pressure will remain in control for the next couple of days in through saturday. the cold front moves through and unfortunately falls apart. no rain expected. once it does move through temperatures are expected to cool off just in time for the weekend as well. if you're making plans they have the san jose rock and roll marathon happening this weekend, saturday and sunday. temperatures expected to be cool for the morning hours back into the low 60s. by noon mid-70s. and by the afternoon hours low to mid-80s. also happening in pacifica the 30th annual fog fest happening in pacifica saturday and sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. temperatures there a little cooler back into the upper 60s with plenty of sun for saturday. more cloud cover for sunday and
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temperatures just a tad bit cooler. that's all because of that cold front that's going to move through that's going to drop our temperature. we're talking five, maybe ten degries for some places like san francisco close to 79 for tomorrow. 69 by sunday. across the tri-valley temperatures do go down. while it won't be oppressive heat, 96 for tomorrow, 90 saturday, back to 86 for sunday. things do start to cool off. as we head towards next week it gets even cooler with the start of october and the start of rain season. hopefully we'll see some rain show up as we move towards next month. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. up next at 11:00, can volkswagen bounce back after that emissions test cheating scandal? we'll take a look at what customers and car dealers are saying coming up.
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for bringing his homemade alarm clock to school -- has a big-name bay area so that teenager arrested for bringing a homemade alarm clock to school has a big name bay area lawmaker on his side. >> 14-year-old ahmed mohamed was arrested last week at his texas high school. the school and just about no one else thought the clock looked like a bomb. mohamed was never charged but congressman mike honda calling on the department of justice to investigate possible civil rights violations. mohamed's arrest has made him very popular. he's already visited google's offices in mountain view. and soon he will get to go to the white house to meet with president obama who said cool clock. the one-time owner of two san francisco restaurants may face prison time after being
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arraigned on criminal charges. u.s. attorney and the department of labor say grand jurors have charged a former owner of two hong kong lounge dinsom restaurants in the district. accused of underpaying employees by more than $90,000 in overtime and then threatening them. he's also accused of lying to federal agents. if convicted he could face 25 years in prison. damage control at volkswagen shifting into high gear. vw's ceo is out, the board is meeting today to choose someone to run the company. this in the wake of one of the biggest auto industry scandals ever. nbc's janet shamlian reports on the fallout rippling across the country from dealerships to owners of the cars feeling betrayed. >> reporter: this morning one of the world's most trusted automakers is in a world of trouble. volkswagen admitting it cheetded on the pollution test of a half million u.s. cars.
11:25 am
many customers now dealing with a different kind of road rage. >> it's kind of like bp, right? with the oil spill. >> reporter: on social media calls for volkswagen execs to face criminal charges. this should be punished with jail time. others sweeting they're done. i'll never buy or promote this dishonest brand again. just this year volkswagen passed toyota as the world's largest automaker. now the company is in damage control mode. >> they've apologized. they've promised a swift investigation. the question now, how quickly can they come up with answers? >> reporter: the first signs of a problem came from west virginia university researchers who found emission levels much higher than epa standards. >> we presented what we saw. this led to an independent investigation by the epa and by the california resources board. >> reporter: now some are asking whether the brand will survive. >> it is a company that has a lot of potential, but they're in the midst of a terrible mess right now. >> reporter: and so are dealers. now struggling to sell cars. how much have sales dropped in the last few days?
11:26 am
>> well, literally we went from selling -- we sold 13 new cars on saturday and one yesterday. >> that is not a lot of cars. cal trans says fixing troublesome anchor rods on the eastern span of the bay bridge could top $15 million. and toll payers will likely foot most of the bill. engineers say the steel rods were exposed to salt water because a contractor failed to adequately seal them. the risk of corrosion has led to months of study and delays in putting finishing touches on that new span. cal trans officials say future repairs could drive well into next year. up next at 11:00, the pope on his next trip where the pontiff is off to before making a historic speech before congress this morning.
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congress this morning.. pope francis touched on themes in a historic speech before congress this morning pope francis touched on themes of poverty, the environment and the refugee crisis. members of congress, the supreme court and members of the catholic were all in attendance as the pope introduced himself as the son of immigrants. he said the world must respond with humanity, not hostility to immigrants crossing the border in search of a better life. this is the first time in history a pontiff has addressed congress. the pope now up to new york for the next leg of his trip. >> yesterday's historic canonization comes with a lot of controversy here in the bay area. junipero serra helped to spread the catholic faith to california, but critics say serra was anything but a saint and blame him for the deaths of thousands of native americans. nbc bay area's michelle roberts talked with several people who say the ceremony was a mistake and an insult.
11:30 am
>> reporter: it was the first ever canonization on u.s. soil. >> translator: he was the embodiment of a church which goes forth. >> reporter: pope francis named father junipero serra a saint in front of thousands in washington, d.c. >> translator: let's keep moving forward. >> reporter: hundreds watching the mass on a big screen at the caramel mission applauded the historic move. saint serra for spreading catholicism and said serra defended native americans against abusive colonizers. >> translator: junipero sought to defend the dignity of the native community, to protect it from those who have mistreated and abused it. >> reporter: many catholics believe serra was a compassionate leader. but for dozens of demonstrators outside the mission delores in san francisco he was anything but a saint. >> when the church condones this
11:31 am
behavior, it makes a mockery of sainthood altogether. >> reporter: critics say serra didn't do enough to stop the genocide and abuse of indian people at the hands of spanish colonizers. >> he actually brought what i would consider hell to a place that was like a garden of eden. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> staying with our coverage of the pope, an arizona family says the pope saved their baby's life. >> little ave kcassidy born wit multiple health problems including two holes in her heart. last year at st. peter's square she got to meet the pontiff. >> my husband scott held her up, like the lion king, and the pope came by and secret service person johnny stopped and took her from scott and held her up to the pope. and the pope asked my husband how old is she and what's her name. he told her that she has two holes in her heart. when we got home in may we went back to the cardiologist for a checkup and one of the holes was totally closed and one was half
11:32 am
the size. >> wow. her mom admits it could be a coincidence, but she thinks it was a miracle. well, happening today boy it's a busy week for the president. not only the pope but the president of china is in washington, d.c. he will sit down with president obama. xi jinping is scheduled to fly from washington state where he met with tech leaders to washington, d.c. he will meet with the president to tackle issues like cyber security. they may discuss territorial concerns over the south china sea as well. this comes after president xi spoke in seattle about keeping china's economy strong. now to decision 2016. republican candidate ben carson is not backing down from those controversial comments he made about islam. and apparently it's working. on monday the super pac that supports carson sent an e-mail to other supporters asking them to back comments he made on "meet the press," specifically that he would not want a muslim
11:33 am
to be president. since then donors have given about $350,000. carson says he didn't mean to insult anyone. boycotting appearances on fox news claiming he's being treated unfairly by the news. he canceled his appearance on "the o' reilly network. there's more evidence this morning that china's behind that federal government hack. and now we know it wasn't just names and addresses and social security numbers. hackers also got their hands on 5.6 million fingerprints as well. they were accessed during the same data breach that affected 22 million government employees this past spring. the data was stored by the agency that screens and hires federal workers. right now not much can be done with the stolen fingerprint
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records, but government says that could change over time depending on new technology. a robbery on the peninsula not for money but for prescription drugs. a pharmacist taken hostage at a walgreens. the suspect seen here robbed a walgreens on 41st avenue near el camino. police say a man jumped the counter, held the female pharmacist at knife point. once he got the drugs he walked out. the suspect has a reddish tattoo near his right eye and possibly more tattoos on the back of his hand. do you recognize this man? san jose police say he robbed a subway restaurant at gunpoint. happened last month at the subway restaurant near branham lane. he's described as a hispanic man in his late teens, maybe early 20s. and as you can see in the pictures he was carrying a skateboard at the time. stunned and concerned how many parents are feeling after learning a former elementary school coach is in jail. chp officers arrested julio
11:35 am
gardo friday night along a rest stop on interstate 280. he was in a car allegedly performing a sex act with a 14-year-old boy who he had coached two years ago. the redwood city school district sent parents an e-mail. turns out ortiz worked at three elementary schools between 2009 and 2014. parents now have been having very tough conversations with their kids about interactions with ortiz. >> right now i'm very nervous and very concerned that this happened. i met him. >> the san mateo county sheriff's department says ortiz also volunteered with its activity league. investigators say he was let go by both agencies after he was arrested for giving a minor alcohol last year. a break in a high profile burglary and animal abuse case. fremont police arrested 21-year-old valdo diaz of oakland. they believe diaz is one of two men that burglarized a fremont home late august. surveillance video shows the
11:36 am
suspect throwing food and dog treats on to the glass that shattered from a broken sliding door. the family dog ended up cutting her mouth and throat while she was eating those treats. she has since recovered. police say they are still on the hunt for a second suspect. and a break in the case of an unsolved san francisco murder. it's indirectly tied to an infamous serial killer. chicago authorities yesterday announced a hit in dna tests identifying a victim in a 1979 san francisco shooting. he's a 16-year-old boy andy draft. draft was a ward of the state when investigators say he ran away from illinois to san francisco where he was murdered. his remains were never identified, but authorities recently got a cold hit while trying to identify victims of serial killer john wayne gasy through dna samples. the murder is still unresolve. >> that is one confusing story, right? >> it really was. we would like to give one
11:37 am
napa county man the credit he deserves for keeping our military history alive. >> just make sure you bring your ear plugs. nbc bay area's bob redell wishes he did. >> i'm scared. something always happens. >> reporter: for a man who's never piloted a plane before, michael neiman sure knows how to send people flying. chained to his motorbike shop. >> keeps it from going across the street. >> reporter: is a 4300 horsepower beast. >> that thing will kill you. >> reporter: it came close. whoa. your hand's on fire. >> i'm all right. >> reporter: could have been worse. an engine collector all his life, michael bought this r4360 on e-bay, a piston used to propel the b-36 bomber. he spent years refurbishing it. you knew what you were doing, obviously? >> no, google. >> reporter: while retirees from
11:38 am
nearby travis air force base taught him how to operate what is one of the world's largest engines of its kind. why? >> you know, trying to keep history alive is my main goal. that's what kept this country free. >> reporter: the b-36 had not two, not four, but six of those whitneys along with four turbo jets to help carry nuclear weapons. this strategic bomber helped deter russia from going to war with the united states during the early part of the cold war. whoa. hence the nickname the peacemaker. so much for peace in wine country. the locals don't seem to mind. it's the pieces they should be worried about. at least there's google. >> mike's got to be a little bit crazy to do this. >> reporter: bob redell today in the bay. >> michael fired that up for you
11:39 am
if you want. just give him a $100 donation helps pay for the cost of the upkeep and pieces falling off. >> don't forget your goggles and ear plugs. up next at 11:00, peddling hope. we introduce you to an east bay man trying to turn around his entire neighborhood. we'll show you he's going about doing that. and bugs by the books. the troubling issue shutting down a peninsula library. and we're looking at sunshine here across the bay area this morning. temperatures warming nicely into the 70s. even some 80s. and we are expecting temperatures to peak tomorrow with a few 90s. we'll talk about a cooldown for the weekend coming up after this.
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richmond park ...but now a east bay man is peddling hope . well, he used to deal drugs at a richmond park, but now an east bay man is peddling hope. >> at that same park now clean just like him. nbc bay area's joe risato jr. shows us the turnaround for the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: we all have childhood memories of a neighborhood park. >> the whole community would come here and play all the time. >> reporter: his memories are a
11:43 am
mixed bag. >> a lot of memories good and pad. >> reporter: growing up in richmond south south side, john f. kennedy park, was where foster's life played out. >> lost a lot of friends, a lot of violence. got caught in the rafters of me doing selling drugs out here and doing crime. >> reporter: then one day foster found a different path. >> changed my life right on the street. >> reporter: a new beginning away from crime and drugs. kennedy park stayed the same. >> there haven't been no change here over 30 years now. >> this park has just been sitting here idle. >> reporter: weeds have claimed the basketball court. geese claim the lawns. and the voices that once filled the 7.5 acres are now mostly silent. at least they were. >> we're going to have four big picnic tables. >> reporter: for the first time in a very long time. >> we are building a victory garden. >> reporter: voices have returned to kennedy park. >> we're going to have a new fitness trail. >> reporter: and they bear plans. >> what we're going to do is totally transform this whole park. we have swings because everybody loves swings.
11:44 am
>> reporter: the trust for public land raised donations to completely revamp the park. neighbors pitched in the will. >> and we're going to rebuild this park. we are going to start from one end of it to the other. >> this area where i'm standing is going to be our new state park. >> reporter: the outdoor amp theater will get a 5,000 square foot mural, the park center convert sbood a community gathering place. >> this area will have a barbecue. >> reporter: and even with big plans neighbors worry about groups of down and out who loiter in the park at all hours. >> all these people around here are people that are lost and don't really have a place to go. >> reporter: and then -- >> we can do something big here. >> reporter: is where bendrick foster's past and future come into play. after founding a program called the new life movement, he plans to set up shop in the park to help bring counselling and job training to the lost. >> be sitting around here and having a look and drinking and thinking there's no hope, but we will give them hope. >> this is all going to be for childrens play. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers will fill the park on october 24th.
11:45 am
and like an old time barn raising finish the work in a day. >> i think it's going to give us a chance to not stay in our house all the time. we'll come out now. >> people take more pride in their property. they take more pride in the park. and i feel like things will really start booming. >> reporter: and no one is more excited to see the boom than foster. >> i still stay in the same neighborhood where i used to be part of the problem but now you can be part of the solution here. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. well, it's about budget cuts causing a peninsula library closing its doors, it's bedbugs. the mitchell park library in palo alto will be closed several days while exterminators work to get rid of those pests. bedbugs were found in two chairs on first floor. that's been cordoned off from the public. the building will close at 6:00 tonight so the pest control can treat the area. and as an added precaution the city is sending special bedbug sniffing dogs to inspect palo alto's other four libraries. >> just makes thinking about it.
11:46 am
too much noise, that's what many people in atherton are complaining about regarding the increased air traffic at the san carlos airport. mercury news reports that the san jose county board of supervisors voted this week to create a subcommittee to find ways to address this concern. this comes after community members wrote strongly worded letters to the atherton city council earlier this month. we aren't the only ones stressed out about the drought. new research show some of california's most iconic trees showing stress because of a lack of water. giant sequoias have dead or thinning leaves, a product of the drought. those trees can live for more than 3,000 years and grow to 300 feet tall. scientists hope data they collect will help them figure out how to save those trees while water is scarce. >> if they live that long, this cannot be the first drought that they've gone through. >> although this was the hottest year on record, on record not 3,000 years back. let's check with an expert.
11:47 am
>> you know, records have only been kept for 100 years. but then you can use tree rings and things like that like if you're measuring droughts you can always look at that. even when you don't have the expert. just if you're wondering. let's talk about the sunrise this morning. we had a beautiful sunrise over the bay. a few high mid-level clouds but you can see we're still dealing with those. but it's filtered sunshine so we're not extremely cloudy. it's just more of that milky look to the sky. you'll notice temperatures in the 70s across the bay even at the coastline. san francisco at 70 right now, north bay there as well. even in san jose temperature right at 74 degrees. as we move toward the next couple of days we have a cold front sitting off the coast. but high pressure is going to dominate the west coast at least until saturday. it's going to be in control. and once we get into saturday  things do start to cool off. but today it's going to be a really hot day. here's your hour by hour forecast for san jose. by 1:00 up to 84. by 3:00 up to 86 and by 5:00 up to 88. temperatures will cool into the 70s by 9:00 and then into the 60s as we head towards 10:00 in
11:48 am
san jose. across the rest of the bay area pick out your microclimate forecast and 92 later on for saratoga. 79 san mateo. pacifica you'll be at 81. the embarcadero and san francisco up to 73 with plenty of sun there. again, filtered highs clouds will be with us all day long. 81 for oakland, 79 hayward and mid-90s expected later on for the tri-valley dublin towards livermore. there's the cold front sitting off the coast right now. it is expecting to move through this upcoming weekend. for us it's not going to bring any rain just drop our temperatures. then this cutoff low starts to develop off the coastline as we head towards sunday and monday. it will eventually move this way as we move towards tuesday and that's going to drop our temperatures ech more. so we've got two cold fronts that will drop temperatures in the next couple of days. and you're really going to notice it once we get into the weekend. here's your sonoma wine country outlook. tomorrow another hot day, but by sunday temperatures fall back into the 70s. again, a significant drop headed our way. at the coastline not a big drop
11:49 am
but mid-70s monterey tomorrow. headed to santa cruz boardwalk toasty today, even saturday, temperatures sunday mid-70s. the other thing happening this weekend the super moon lunar eclipse happens. this is when the earth passes between the sun and moon and you get that red hue cast off towards the moon. sunday from 7:00 to 8:30 you'll be able to check out this eclipse and i think we'll have pretty good conditions even at the coastline. over all the temperature trend does show things cooling off as we move towards october. and hopefully, guys, just hopefully we can start putting rain icons on this. been running out of sun icons. >> i hear you can get the rain icons for cheap. like two for a buck. up next at 11:00, mending broken hearts with botox. more on the procedure that not only erases wrinkles but also heart ache next. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood
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a broken heart. many doctors say they're seeing somein a potentially new remedy to heal a broken heart. many doctors say they're seeing something called breakup botox. it is a procedure that not only erases wrinkles but also heart ache. so says nbc's doreen gensler. >> i was a train wreck. >> reporter: she had just broken off an engagement and was ms. rab -- miserable, but instead of being sad she made an appointment with her doctor to get botox. >> and i noticed it and sort of built my confidence, you know, being able to get back out th e there. >> and when you feel good about yourself outside and look your best outside, it's going to make you feel better inside. and gives you back your
11:53 am
self-esteem, self-confidence. >> reporter: an ocular plastic surgeon says she sees a lot of patients trying to mend a broken heart, both men and women who come in asking for botox or similar treatments called neurotoxins. she says it works for many reasons. not only does it boost patients' confidence about their looks, it can also help with other people's perceptions of them. >> and usually injected in the upper third of your face where your emotions shows the most. if you're angry, if you're happy, that's where it shows. and people look at you and they can tell how you feel by the way your eyes look. >> reporter: in fact, some studies have shown that using botox to decrease wrinkles and ease facial muscles can actually help to increase seratonin in the brain and that can fight depression. and feeling good is just one of the reasons why annie says she still gets botox injections years after that heart wrenching
11:54 am
break up. >> so you look in the mirror and you feel like, oh, i look more refreshed, or i look more youthful and sort of that in and of itself i think is energizing. >> that was doreen gensler reporting. that can cost anywhere between $300 and $500 for treatment. so if you're looking to save money, you might want to stick to the ice cream. >> we'll be back in just a minute. old to accomplish new goals.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
well, proof that you're never too old to accomplish something new. in this man's case set a new record. >> yeah. meet the world's oldest sprinter. he just turned 105 years old, which is a new record for oldest competitive sprinters. yesterday at a seniors competition in kyoto he clocked in with a time just over 42 seconds. me too. a drop off from the 34-second 100 he ran four years ago. but said he only started sprinting when he was 93. feeling pretty good. >> amazing. good for him. >> i can't sit on the couch today after that. i got to do something. >> right. that man was sprinting. what are you going to accomplish today? >> the gym, the gym, the gym. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> hope you have a great day. you can always go to any time of day.
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. >> ready to spill the beans. >> i'm glad they are arrive and fresh off viola davis's win, three of her students from how to get away this morning. >> welcome asia and alfred and karla. >> which check out their food. we are breaking in the kitchen, our first cooking segment with paula deen. >> we threw your muffins in. "access hollywood" live


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