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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> he sends a message of love. that's what it's about. >> for a long time the church has been a lot about what we shouldn't be doing. he's about what we should be doing. >> reporter: leading by example, again, pope francis went from the ornate halls of congress to the catholic charity, feeding the homeless. more people than ever now the pope says need help. a theme that he's sure to repeat in new york. his plane arriving there this afternoon. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. we're going to take you back live to st. patrick's cathedral in new york city where the pope just wrapped up evening prayers. he is now on his way out. this is the only public event he's attending this evening. tomorrow morning, he will visit the u.n. to address the general assembly. after that, he's expected to spend time at the september 11th memorial and museum and will take part in a procession through new york's central park. a bay area man was among those specifically invited to see the pope address congress today. the president of st. mary's
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college in maraga witnessed history. >> it's one of those things you have such anticipation and such expectation, when you actually see the man it does bring tears to your eyes. there's something about this person. >> it was a moving afternoon. president james donahue was a former theology teacher at georgetown university right there in washington, d.c. congressman who represents contra costa county invuded donahue to today's event. washington, d.c., wasn't the only place to watch the pope's address. how about san jose? dozens of students you see here gathering at presentation high school this morning. the all-girl's catholic school had breakfast with the pope so to speak even taking selfies with a life sized cardboard cutout of the pontiff. we have more coverage of the pope's u.s. visit online. get the latest on our website, or simply download our free nbc app. also follow us on facebook and twitter. well, this might make your skin crawl. a popular library is closed in
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palo alto after bedbugs were found crawling on a couple of chairs. exterminators are inspecting the library and books to figure out how to clean up the creepy crawlers. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live outside the library in palo alto where people had to be turned away today. >> reporter: it is closed and the city doesn't know how long the bedbugs have been in inside or how they got there in the first place. so far no bugs have been found inside of books but if you have any at home, you might want to take a close look. the front doors are shut. >> we do have a -- >> reporter: librarians at the mitchell park library in palo alto spent the day directing people to the so-called popup library next year. >> they said they found some tests so they're doing spraying. >> reporter: spraying to kill bedbugs. >> i wuonder how that happened. weird. >> reporter: the city said the bedbugs were found on two chairs yesterday afternoon. >> we have no reason to think that there's any bedbugs that have traveled to books.
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>> reporter: palo alto spokes person claudia keith says bedbug sniffing dogs will sniff the libraries in other town next week. rudy is an exterminator with planet orange. his company isn't working on the library but said if there is bedbugs in the chair, there's a good chance the pests are also hiding in books. >> they like to go someplace where other people will be around so they can come back out and take a bite. >> reporter: the thought has many library regulars wondering how close they were sitting to the creepy crawlers. >> i've probably been on those chairs. >> reporter: library employees say if you're worried one of your books is infested, put it in a plastic bag and return it. >> now that i know it, i probably will check. >> reporter: exterminators do say if you are home and have one of the books, shake it out and leave it out in the sun because the bedbugs do not like heat. as for the library, it is expected to open on sunday. reporting live in palo alto, michelle roberts, nbc bay area
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news. >> thanks, michelle. new at 5:00 the search is on for two men who police say sexually assaulted a uc berkeley student. they were escorting home. campus police say it happened overnight near frank schlessinger way and oxford street. police say the woman ran into a man she knew along with his friend while heading home. the two men offered to walk the woman to her apartment and that's when police say they assaulted her. a milestone today with the valley fire. the calistoga evacuation center officially closed. that means hundreds of evacuees are on a move to a new shelter closer to home. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in middletown this evening. this isn't a one-month process here. it will take more than a wrayea for a lot of people to get back on their feet. what happens now? >> reporter: it's going to take a long time. evacuees are transitioning today moving on to a new phase in the recovery and rebuilding process. now, in one hour from now, a special meeting will take place here at middletown high school
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to help guide them through that process, but for many, today was all about transitioning from a makeshift community in calistoga back here to middletown. ♪ after nearly two weeks camped out at the fairgrounds in calistoga, fire evacuees had to pack up and head out today. >> they took us in. gave us tents. put the tents up for us. >> reporter: calistoga evacuation center officially closed this morning, but the friendships and bonds made there aren't going anywhere. the determination to rebuild is strong. >> we're hanging in there. yes. you can't not be inspired to hang in there when you've got people around you that we have. so you're inspired to hang in there with the rest of them. >> reporter: bob coleman boarded a charter bus with a few things
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he escaped from the valley fire with. clothes on his back, and his guitar. he says he'll forever be grateful to the calistoga volunteers. >> i hope one day that i can show how grateful i am to these people because they were just a blessing. red cross, everybody. >> reporter: as coleman and the others head to the red cross shelter in middletown or to other temporary homes, volunteers in calistoga say they're forever changed as well. >> to see the last one go is just a little emotional. they take a little piece of your heart with them. >> reporter: we are back here live where federal, state and local officials have begun to gather. families are starting to stream in for a special community meeting. it's going to take a long time for this community to recover, but they're's an awful lot of support here. reporting live in middletown, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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here are the latest numbers for you. tonight this valley fire is 85% contained. the death toll remains at four. now, you can get the latest any time on our digital platforms or on our nbc bay area app. a venetia neighborhood is concerned tonight waiting for news on their neighbors. a family that vanished weeks ago. police are working around the clock to find this mom, dad and son from venetia. their vacation cabin mysterio mysteriously went up in flames. the remains of three people have been inside. we're live with more on this disturbing discovery. pete? are. >> reporter: yes, you knows, the missing father we're talki inin about, adam beau cuuchanan was f their construction company. we have a letter up that they're still open for business. i spoke to residents in the venetia neighborhood, describing the neighborhood as having a sense of restlessness like they
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never had before. residents in this quiet suburban neighborhood are are wondering the same thing. >> oh, did you hear about the family that lived on cambridge? >> reporter: adam bbuchanan, molly mcafee and their 7-year-old son, gavin, went missing september 11th after a fire destroyed their cabin on a weekend getaway. the sheriffs department says the remains of two people and possibly a third have now been found inside of that cabin, all the while the family's teen son who didn't go on the trip can only wait for answers. investigators are still running dna tests and have yet to identify the victims. adam is the president and chief operating officer of buchanan construction & sons, a family business based in venetia. >> i know adam, he did some work for us and he's a real -- he's a great guy. >> reporter: the family's headquarter tells me it's been a tough few weeks and all they can do is prepare for the worst. >> they are grateful for the respect they've had in safeguarding the privacy and the support they've had as they
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continue to await what can only be tragic news. >> reporter: now, the eldorado county sheriffs department cannot confirm if the remains in that cabin matches that of the venetia family but they're treating this has a homicide and arson investigation. reporting from venetia, nbc bay area news. >> so troubling. thank you, pete. overseas now where the death toll continues to rise after a religious pilgrimage gets out of control. more than 700 people were killed in a stampede near the muslim holy city of mecca in saudi arabia. authorities say it's the worst disaster to strike the annual pilgrimage in 25 years. they say it happened when two large groups of pilgrims arrived at the same time at a cross roads. an estimated 2 million people are taking part in this year's journey which began on tuesday. tonight, a major bridge in seattle remains closed. there's an active investigation on that bridge as we speak following a deadly crash involving a duck boat and a charter bus. four people are dead and a dozen more have been critically
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injured. it happened this morning on seattle's aurora bridge. most of the victims were on the charter bus. witnesses say they saw a duck boat usually filled with tourists swerving. just before crashing into two other vehicles then ultimately into that bus. no word yet on the exact cause of this crash. the number of whales washed ashore in northern california is rising, and the latest one was found far inside san francisco bay. what brought a california gray whale to the shallow waters of fremont? the story coming up. i just love the way it all connects and geography is really a fundamental aspect of our day-to-day lives. >> also tonight, the students become the teacher. in tonight's "bay area proud," the high school junior who's using his love of geography to change lives. good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. with the lack of fog today temperatures warmed up anywhere from 5 to 14 degrees. we're talking about a hotter day
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on friday and what this means for your weekend in my microclimate forecast. an update now on the deadly gym
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crash in livermore earlier this week. rorted last night the 80 we have an update now on the deadly gym crash in livermore earlier this week. we reported last night the 80-year-old female driver that rammed into an exercise class had a prior issue on her driving record. she'd actually jumped a curb about a year ago. tonight we're learning that curb
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she jumped was in front of the same gym. livermore police say no one was hurt in the prior accident. however, this week's crash killed a cfo of lawrence livermore labs, seen right here, 49-year-old cathie baker. a dead whale washed ashore in the bay area, this time in fremont. the whale is badly decomposes, a young california gray whale. it was spotted near the dumbarton bridge. that's quite a distance from the ocean. nbc bay area's chuck coppola joins us there. they haven't seen a dead whale there in this part of the bay for the last 14 years. >> reporter: that's right. salt pods along highway 84, the marshlands in southern san francisco bay hardly whale territory, but authorities say the dead whale was found along a bike path just north of the dumbarton bridge approach on the east side. it appears to have been a weaned calf that may have become disoriented sometime. that's according to specialists. the beached juvenile california
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gray whale was found near the fremont side of the dumbarton bridge more than 30 miles into the bay. now rotting, its skin peeling back, pecked away by turkey vultures, it's spotted by bicyclers and hikers near the alameda bike path near coyote hills regional park. >> i just passed by and felt really sad because it's a beautiful animal, a whale. i just wonder what's happening to our oceans. >> reporter: now more than a dozen whales have washed ashore between monterey and mendocino this year. wildlife biologists think this one died about two weeks ago but not necessarily here. >> well, it's only this far down. i'm pretty sure because the tide brought it down here. >> reporter: the california academy of scientists and marine mammal center sense teams of specialists to take tissue samples. warmer coastal waters have increased algae growth which can affect whales' sense of direction. >> when there's a large algae bloom it produces this toxin and when the animals ingest the fish
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up the food chain, they have issues with seizures and navigational problems. >> reporter: navigational problems traced to high algae levels have been traced, they say, to sea lions and at least one of the 12 whales beached earlier this year. this carcass in this instance is a long way from any housing or business development. the u.s. fish and wildlife service may choose to leave it there to decompose or may tow it out to deeper water. reporting live along highway 84, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. well, talk of a strike tonight on the 23 cal state campuses. these pictures are from 2012 when the csu faculty last authorized a strike. the result was rolling two-day walkouts at different campuses. administrators and the teachers managed to agree on a are the so they avoided a system-wide strike. now contract talks are stalling again and faculty members today announced a new strike authorization vote. that vote will take place over anyo nine days next month. you can't understand what's
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going on in the world if you don't understand the world, seems pretty straightforward. >> there's a south bay teenager who thinks children aren't being taught the basics in school. garvin thomas is here with what he's doing about it in tonight's "bay area proud." >> a student said he fell in love with geography in the second grade, there was something about it that fascinated him. he says it wasn't until he got a bit older that he understood that geography meant a lot more than just maps and globes. he'd love for everyone else to understand that, too. >> he says this is the category, the highest natural law. >> reporter: at san jose's bellerman college prep, mustn't service is a required part of the curriculum. everyone does it. but staff there say one student, arvin, has truly gone the extra mile. gone around the world, you could say. and he'd love to tell you about it. the geography of it, that is. >> geography's really a fundamental aspect of our day-to-day life.
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>> reporter: from migrants flooding into europe, to the drought in california, from relations with cuba, to business with china. you and really understand any of them, arvin believes, without understanding the geography surrounding them. and arvin thinks not enough kids do these days. >> so in the public school education system, there's very little geography involved and as we can see, this has a big impact on, i guess the different proficiency levels that kids have in geography. specific time limits for each activity that we would like to do. >> reporter: so arvin has made it his mission to change all that. he started geography for tomorrow to fulfill his community service requirement, but has since turned it into its own non-profit. >> now we're going to have a little activity for you guys. >> reporter: arvin and a team of 20 volunteer tutors regularly visit schools and on a recent weekend worked with the sunday friends non-profit to help low income children. >> let's say we have someone in
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china, right? right here. >> reporter: to do it, arvin developed his own curriculum, reached out and gotten support from national groups and local politicians. >> what state are you in? >> utah. >> reporter: his plans ultimately are to grow this thing, geographically, of course. >> my goal is we can eventually reach that level, we can work toward having geography, solidifying a place for geography in our curriculum. >> can i share a personal note? >> yeah. >> nothing makes me happier in this job than when "bay area proud" stories collide. i went to do the story about arvin, he said we're tutoring at sunday friends which is a non-profit we did in "bay area proud" a couple months ago. i love it when those things come together. that's me personally. he's doing a great job, really passionate about what he does. at bellerman there are a lot of kids who do great community service and there they pointed to arvin and said he went the extra mile.
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>> definitely makes learning fun. bring out the maps, the globe, the atlas. >> janelle loved that story. >> i want to play. >> thanks, garvin. if you have an idea or story idea for garvin thomas, reach out to us on our website, see did i say that right? >> yes. it's up there on the graphic. you can also go to our website to check it out. let's get a check of our forecast now. it's warming up, jeff ranieri. >> it's been all over the place. lately we had super hot temperatures last weekend then cooler temperatures earlier in the week and now today it's going back up. i know it's been annoying every other day you're pulling out the shorts then get the jacket back out again. we're going to eventually get to stabler weather here. you'll see that in the scrolling seven-day forecast. the sky camera network right now, 9 0 degrees in south bay. hottest weather in the east bay at 96 degrees. san frcisco at 78. and for the north bay, currently checking in at 93. what a lot of you experienced today were these beautiful high
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clouds moving across. you can see from our weather underground camera here, that was subtropical moisture that also imported a little bit of humidity. i think we'll have a little bit of humidity for tomorrow. we're not going to get rainfall unfortunately from the clouds. let's bring you into the forecast as we head throughout your friday. start with cloud cover. the good news we're not going t see a super foggy start in the morning hours. the north bay, 55 degrees. san francisco, 59. across the south bay, 60. the forecast will gradually start to change for tomorrow but it's still going to mean at least one more hot day in the forecast. the slight change comes in with this area of high pressure. we'll start to move off toward the east. that's going to signal an eventual weakening of that area of high pressure to get those temperatures down. again, for friday, it stays hot inland with the mild weather at the coastline. sunny skies all around. we'll start to get that cooling as we head throughout this weekend. high pressure weakens. it will allow this cold front to move across. we're thinking at this point about a 4 to 8 degree drop in
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temperatures so it's not going to get extremely cold this weekend but definitely a lot more comfortable. now, with the heat we've been dealing with at least yesterday and also today, we have been tracking that air quality. it does look like over the next 24 hours, it will be the worst air quality over the next five days, expected right here across the south bay approaching the unhealthy levels. also not looking good in the north bay and peninsula as well. the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. again, we will have warm temperatures with us that puts san jose at 70 9 90 degrees. on the car drive, see the thermometer going up as high as 95 in morgan hill, also mid 90s in gilroy. the peninsula, 89 in palo alto. more beach weather squeezed out there in pacifica with 73 degrees. san francisco, come in with 76 across the financial district, possibly as warm as 79 degrees throughout the mission. let's take you to the north bay, east bay, also for the tri valley. per normal when we get a heating
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event, hottest weather expe pep for the tri valley. 95 in walnut creek. 10 degree drop in oakland with 85 degrees. we will have marked cooling by this weekend, most notable once we get to sunday's forecast. we'll see temperatures drop in the south bay from 92 on friday down to 85 on sunday. and for the north bay we'll go from 93 to also 84. look, if you're looking for an excuse to throw a party this weekend, here is the reason why. we have a super moon lunar eclipse happening and you can catch that this sunday any time from about 7:00 to just after 8:00 at night. it's a super moon because it's on its closest track to earth and it's a lunar eclipse because the moon's going to be passing through the earth's shadow. so this is your reason to have a party this weekend. just saying. >> and it's happening earlier. usually like it's in the middle of the night. i miss it. >> yeah. you don't have to -- >> catch this one. >> don't lose any sleep. >> did he just invite us to his house for a party? >> oh. still ahead, a special delivery in oakland. how police turned a big
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disapointment into a delight. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service.
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i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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turning a negative into a positive. a nice gesture by the oakland police department it's all about bikes and made a lot of kids
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smile. officers delivered ten bikes to replace those stolen from the east bay innovation academy last weekend. the students had been tuning up those bikes and were planning to donate them to charities around oakland. >> i think it's really cool that we got, like, people would come and help support us and replace the bikes that were stolen. >> nicholas was fired up. some of the newly donated bikes only from the oakland police department's bicycle recovery unit. others were personal bikes donated by the officers themselves. >> that's nice to see. still to come, an animal adventure for the young victims of the valley fire. we'll be right back. two big tech rivals, expanding
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in san jose, just blocks away well tonight at 6:00, two big tech rivals expanding in san jose just blocks away from each other. it's good for jobs, not so good for traffic. that's coming up on our 6:00 newscast. well, a moment of joy for dozens of children who survived the destructive valley fire. today, 50 children from middletown got a free trip to the san francisco zoo. the town's schools are still closed to a school director organized a week of opportunities for students. the goal is to keep the kids entertained and give parents a chance to gather information on rebuilding their lives and homes. >> they were smiling and waving and enjoying the day. >> they deserve this so much.
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>> they want to come to the studio and get the tour of the weather center, i have it open. >> really generous. that's a great idea. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. breaking news tonight -- pope francis arrives in new york city. crowds lining the streets and heavy security as the pope delivers a prayer to the faithful at st. patrick's cathedral after his historic address to a joint meeting of congress. tonight the striking message he delivered. so developing news of a fatal collision on a bridge in seattle. a violent crash involving a packed charter bus and amphibious tour boat. we have late details. stampede horror. staggering toll, at least 700 dead, 800 injured as disaster strikes again in one of the world's holiest places. breaking a scandal. the small teen from an american university that discovered a shocking secret and brought the world's largest automaker to its knees.


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