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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the peninsula. highs topping out in the ients and 90s. grab that bottle of water. 93 degrees in the north bay as well as the south bay. and 98 degrees in the tri-valley. so i'll show you how low those temperatures go over the next few days coming up in a few minutes. . we have a good amount of traffic and slowing. this is early for it to slow down on a friday. we're showing the stretch from 680 to 880. that started at quarter to 6:00 this morning and lasted 15 minutes. we're looking at a little slowdown there. 87 starting to clear up and the rest of the south bay moving nicely. a couple of crashes here. the one we're worried about, not the one here, 880, completely off the roadway. one left some gravel on the
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roadway. the bay bridge toll blah za has the metering lights on. the east shore freeway around golden gate field. 6:00, pope francis continues his east coast tour this morning. this is a live look at new york city where he will address the united nations general assembly to celebrate its 70th anniversary. the pope arriving with much fan mayor in new york. throngs of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of his motorcade. pope francis will attend a multidenominational ceremony at the 9/11 museum, then he'll pay a visit at a catholic school in harlem where students have been preparing for his arrival all summer. >> this is the best day of my life so far. >> he has a very tight agenda and he is the one that said i want time to go into an inner city catholic school. >> this is the best day of my life so far. the pope will fin his day with a
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mass at madison square garden tonight. touching so many. we'll have much more on the pope's day in new york coming up with a live report at 6:30. new video now of a fiery and explosive scene in santa rosa. take a look at this. some people had to evacuate from their home overnight while the firefighters worked to put out the flames. investigators discovered a hash oil lab inside of the shed. no homes were damaged but one man did suffer burn injuries. he was air lifted to the hospital for treatment. new details on the nooibt shooting involving san jose police officers this year. we now know police were doing a welfare check and then something went wrong an an officer ended up opening fire. >> chris sanchez is joining us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: we don't know how this welfare check came to start, but we do know how it ended.
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according to a san jose spokesman, it happened after 6:30 last night. we'll give you a look at the screen. the spokesman wouldn't say why the officer felt compelled to draw his weapon, but we know that the person was shot at least once, taken by ambulance to a local hospital and that person's condition has not been released this morning. police are being tight lipping saying they'll release more details of the preliminary investigation is finished. the officer who fired the weapon will be an administrative leave for four days. this is something that happened on monterey road just north of south lake drive. it is part of monterey road where the neighborhoods are separated from the busy road. the shooting happened outside the neighborhood. however people were shut out of their homes for hours because of the investigation. this is the ninth time that a san jose police officer has fired a weapon at a person.
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in five of those cases, the use of force was deadly. it was a gesture that appeared to be friendly, which quickly turned into violence. uc berkeley police right now on the lookout for two men who offered to walk a woman home on campus at cal and then sexually assaulted her. stephanie chuang joins us live. a lot of people on the campus on edge this morning. >> reporter: this is the second report of a sexual assault on the campus in this month alone. the latest scene happening late wednesday into thursday morning, here heading on to campus off of oxford street. a woman says that two men, one of whom she knew beforehand offered to walk her home and she told campus police they sexually assaulted her. cal is the subject of a federal investigation and complaint filed by 31 current and former berkeley students last year alleging officials went so far as to discourage victims from
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reporting the assault. cal says it's strength thenned it resources. undergrad must complete onion line course about sexual assault. >> all of the teachings we have and all of the courses we've taken, to still have those in our area, it's incredibly saddening. >> reporter: take note. mere are the suspect descriptions. both around 5'9". one hispanic or white man, 20s, dark eyes, collar length curly brown hair. the second not as extensive in description, a white man in his 30s wearing all black and a backpack. police have not made any arrests and they're hoping that might ring a bell for someone and someone will give them a call. a convicted rapist will be back in court today as a judge decides where to place him when he is released.
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frazier smith had planned to move into a home in concord, but the property owner backed out earlier this month. people living in the neighborhood rallied against smith's placement there. the 51-year-old was convicted of sexually assaulted four women but is now up for arrest. >> arrested, possibly just in the nick of time. san francisco police spot two men wearing ski masks and carrying gun. this happened just after midnight early yesterday morning. two plain clothes officers were patrolling the area of 25th and wisconsin streets near the rec center when they spotted the masked men. the men took off but the officers were able to track them down, one of them at least. the other person is still on the run. officers took two guns from the scene. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is in the bay area today talking about improving community policing. lynch will hold a forum to discuss how to strengthen trust between the police and the community. it's part of a national tour to
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improve the perception of law enforcement officers in communities. police across the country are under greeter scrutiny because of recent shootings. >> we felt a good deal of heat so far this week. >> a nice mild way of putting it. >> i like to let you down gently. but you have good news for us here. >> over the next couple of days. we'll still be pretty hot today and we're starting out at 60 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa 51. it's going to be hot. 97 in san martin and half moon bay, 70 degrees, palo alto, 82 degrees, 80 in the mission district, napa 94, sizzling temperatures in a few spots like pittsburgh, 99 degrees. it wiwill be coming down this weekend. let's check in now with mike. keri this live look started itself out nicely.
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north 101, a smoother drive now. as you can see the light traffic slow and no slowing. i'll track this whole area closely. the map will show you we have a tape call slower drive developing up toward 880. 87 and 17 showing some slowing down coming up toward 27880. a little slowing for hayward but that's not bad for 880. no problems for the tri-valley. and your approaching towards the bay bridge are pleasant. the earlier slowing around golden gate field sorted itself out. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll give you the live look. we did gets reports of a crash near the toll plaza. reported somewhere around industrial. sounds like a vehicle was hitting a lot of gravel. more gravel on the roadways. it is 6:08, coming up, first the pope and now the president
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is hosting the leader of china. topics on the table next coming from a live report. there is the meeting happening right there live.
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to face with the leaders of superpower rivals chinand at 6:11, over the next few days president obama will meet face to face with the leaders of super powers with china and russia. first stop, china's president xi jinping live at the white house. tracy, topics on the table range from efrl to cybersecurity to climate change and pollution. >> son some of the areas they'r going to move forward, like climate change. we show you the live pictures. there are some issues with the white house literally rolling out the red carpet for china's president when these two countries have so many differences and that's part of what we expect to hear from them when they have a news conference later today. china accused of human rights abuses and suspected of hacking
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government computers gets another formal welcome at the white house this morning. >> we seem to be a cheap date when it comes to human rights, then we can expect the atrocities to continue on and on. >> we want to be greater business partners but we have to do so in a legal environment where they stop stealing our stuff. >> the state department insists that the u.s. will not shy away from confronting those issues. >> we're going to continue to be just as forth right and candid about those as we have been. >> but china is a key trading partner and the word's biggest polluter. today china and the u.s. are expected to announce a new deal to curb emissions. in the meantime at the united nations this week, russian president vladimir putin has asked to meet with president obama. >> i hope that russia sees what's happening in ukraine and will rethink it. >> they're also expected to discuss russia's support for
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syria's government. >> president obama will make it clear once again that russia doubling down on their support for the assad regime is a losing bet. >> but you know, the obama administration insists that these economic sanctions that we've had for months now on russia is working, thought's crippling russia's economy. >> thank you very much. 6:14, california regulators now gearing up for serious action against volkswagen. the company this week admitted to rigging smog tests for millions of diesel cars. now california's air resources board is preparing to issue a severe penalty. so far no word on what that may be but it's likely to include a recall of all cars equipped to with the device. in the meantime, volkswagen's future may be riding on what happens later today. the company is poised to appoint a new ceo. v. w is facing a huge uphill climb
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to win the support after fallout from this week's scandal. the company's previous ceo resigned on wednesday. insiders believe the current ceo of portia may be the one to take over. a new story shows we should handle our devices carefully. a consumer reports article tells users to keep phones away from their head and body. it also suggests uses a speakerphone and texting whenever possible. a local health care expert says that taking such precautions is beneficial to our health. >> we're risking a variety of cancers, other forms of nonmalignant tumors which we have evidence for. >> although the article says evidence raises concerns over health impact, it du does not exactly make the cancer connection. some people are not as concerned and say for studies need to be
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conducted. happening now, a cell phone frenzy, not just any cell phone w iphones. people are lining up at apple stores across the bay area now to get their hands on the tech giant's newest edition. >> from a distance, i suppose. bob redell is live in palo alto where folks have been camped out for more than 12 hours. >> reporter: some people here since yesterday morning, sam and laura, on university avenue. you can see trying to get some shut you in their camping chairs, waking up right now to the reality they only have two hours left to get their hands on the s version of the 6 and 6 plus that apple will be releasing. some people have the right idea. instead of standing out in the cold, you got brianna from san diego in her cozy apartment, coming to us via robot. how is this going to work? the store is going to open up. you're going to drive the robot up and how do you get the phone and make sure no one takes it from you? >> i have already told the
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manager how i plan to play. you can pay via cash or credit ard. >> reporter: how did you come up with this idea. i know you work with the company. don't you have an apple store in san diego? >> we do. but tim cook might make an appearance. and this is the heart of silicon valley. this is what you want to be if you're sitting in a line. >> reporter: is it hard to be in front of a camera. we've been out here a few hours and you're there the entire time with your camera in you face. >> i've made an effort to stay here the whole time. i have not fallen asleep unlike my neighbors. but you know, you do what you got to do. >> reporter: thanks. how much sleep did you get out here? >> none. >> reporter: what time did you get out here. >> 10:00 yesterday morning. >> reporter: why not buy i online? >> because i wouldn't get the share the night with a robot. >> reporter: is this your first time with a robot? >> it is. >> reporter: i want to show you some video of what the new phone
6:18 am
is going to look like. it looks like the current phone, it's the same size. they do have rose gold that's a new color. but some things you might not notice by looking at it is the 3 d touch technology. now when you touch the new iphone, it can detect how hard you're pressing the phone. it gives you more options to control your phone. there's a much faster processer and a much better camera. 12 megapixel camera that shoots 4 k video. if you take a look inside, there they are on display. these doors scheduled to open at 8:00. you got about 100 people out here waiting in line. not as long of a line as we've seen for the regular 6 and 6 plus, but a line nonetheless. >> the new steve jobs documentary, a man in the machine. there's a woman in the machine waiting for the apple product. certain types of irony.
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>> look at sam getting some detailed this morning. >> hey, buddy, it's friday. >> the weather keeps it simple too. it's still going to be hot like yesterday. no major changes there. a lot of sunshine as we get a live look at san francisco. we see the clear skies starting out the day, nice cool temperatures too. this is what you need to know as you head out the door. we're going to see the sunrise shortly before 7:00 this morning. mainly clear. all of the sunshine heating the temperatures up rapidly. we're back in the 80s and 90s today and mostly clear tonight. unseth at 7:01. live moore is now at 66 degrees, 51 in santa rosa, santa cruz at 58 degrees. if you're headed that way, it's going to be a hot one. in fran, 9:00, 64 degrees. 90 will be the high in san jose,
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89 degrees in palo alto in the mission district, 80 degrees today, 97 in fairfield, 99 in pittsburgh. we still have the hot temperatures inland but it does look better as we go into the weekend. here's the reason why. as the front passes it will be fizzling out and then we'll be watching the next system moving in on sunday. unfortunately all of that rain kind of dries up too but it will be cooler and dropping the temperatures especially inland. that's great news for the san jose rock and roll marathon this weekend. we start out at 62 degrees at 7:00 in the morning, a few clouds and sunshine during the afternoon. and then the big event on sunday, 61 degrees, rising into the 70s and 80s. also this weekend, the supermoon lew mar eclipse sunday night. it will start at 7:11. the full eclipse. and then it continues, you'll see the sun moving past the moon until 8:23 in the evening.
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the next one won't happen until 2033. a look at all of the microclimates this weekend, temperatures coming down a few degrees each day. about average as we head towards sunday. highs in the north bay up to 84, south bay, a high of 85. we ale get another look of this forecast coming up. we're looking towards san jose, i was worried because we had an early first start and it was pretty significant. 101 sorting itself out. we're looking at where the maps are in that area and we see things are calming down. all the way up to the airport we had a red stretch but they've calmed down. we're kicking off speets below 60 miles per hour. the done b.a.r.t.en bridge, i know we've got a story coming off off of the bridge, we're talking about the san mateo bridge, getting on to the bridge we have a gravel spill and a may nor fender bender.
6:22 am
that build from the commute as well. no problems, should clear that quickly. highway 4 is smoothing itself out, 680, 24. now there's a game, a's versus giants and anytime we have that, we'll see more congestion across the bridge this time heading to oakland. another dead whale washed ashore in the bay area. it was discovered in fremont through the dunbmbarton bridge. water levels and algae may be a factor in the recent number of breached whales appearing. more than a dozen whales have washed ashore this year. >>. coming up, a fist at petco park and it has nothing to do with anything that happened on the field of play. the weekend is right around the
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corner and tomorrow is your chance to explore national parks -- for free. ==vo== tomorrow is "national public lands day". it's the tomorrow is your chance to explore national parks for free. it's the nation's largest day volunteer effort for public lands. to celebrate national parks service offering three entry at all 408 national parks across the u.s. nearly half of the parks usually charge on entrance fee. padre fan for life.
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given to life at padre stadium. a newborn baby and his mom are doing very well this morning after she gave bit in the middle of the giants-padre's game. mom, a die hard pads fan did not want to miss the game. she went in labor and couldn't make it to the hospital in time. with the help of the ballpark's medical staff, she delivered little levy. the padres won the game but the biggest winners of the night, of course, mom and pop. >> hope they give him free tickets or something, right? it is 6:26 right now. one man believes the grateful dead will provide the signature halftime show for super bowl 50. she's so sure about it that he's launched a petition drive. that petition called the dead the perfect way to celebrate super bowl shows.
6:27 am
this year marks 50 years of the grateful dead which was formed in san francisco. if the notion crosses your mind to sign the petition, remember the nfl is already rumored to be eyes a repeat performance from bruno mars. 5:27 right now, coming up, all eyes on pope francis. a live look inside the united nations in new york city where the pontiff will speak within the hour. we'll have a live report coming up after the break.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. ==labo good friday morning. thank you for staying with us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon. we're tracking weather and the roads. but let's start out with keri hall with the microclimate forecast. >> it will be another warm day after a cool start. mostly clear skies. temperatures will be heating up in the afternoon. let's take a look outside right now. 54 degrees many the north bay, 63 degrees in the peninsula. a nice spread in temperatures there. and highs today up to 80 degrees in san francisco, 90 in the south bay, peninsula 88 degrees and the tri-valley up to 98 degrees. still pretty hot today. temperatures coming down this weekend. i'll show you that coming up. let's check in with mike. we expect a lighter volume but e's 6:30 in yarea. if we look on the maps, there's
6:31 am
not a lot of slowing but a general trend from 880 other to the toll plaza. the gravel spill and the fender bender should be cleared by now. tri-valley looking good, same with the peninsula. the meter lights have been on. no dra a ma for the north bay as far as 101. the south bay, the overall look shows a few more cars, a little slowing and the live look from fremont looks good. 6:31, our coverage of the pope's historic visit continues right now as we take a live look unfrom inside the united nations this morning when the pope will address fellow world leaders within the next hour. >> jay gray joins us live from new york city today. it's a busy important day for the pope and the big apple. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, sam, laura, good to talk to you this morning. the pope has a packed day. in all from yesterday evening
6:32 am
until this evening, about 30 hours of so that he'll spend in new york city. he had jam packed that. let's take a live look again inside the u.n. general assembly. you can see the world leaders are gathering there. more world leaders inside the assembly hall today than ever before in the history of the organization. a lot of people obviously anxious to hear what the pope will have to say. from here he travels out around the city. much of the day filled with what he seems to enjoy the most, that's greeting the faithful face to face. this morning pope francis arrived at the united nations where he was greeted by secretary general bob kay moon. all eyes on his much anticipated address to the general assembly where he's speaking to world leaders about the environment, the sanctity of life and ending conflict around the world. the pontiff is calling for an open dialogue among leaders. next he will visit the 9/11
6:33 am
memorial, museum and world trade center site for a multireligious service. >> he has a very tight agenda and he's the one that said i want time to go into an inner city school. >> he will do that in east harlem. >> this is the best day of my life so far. >> the students spent the summer practicing prayers and hymns that they will recite for the pope later today. next the papal motorcade will wind through central park ending his tour and visit to the city with a mass at madison square garden. you know, that iconic arena holds about 19,000. i thil you' see more than that inside probably lining the walls and the corridors. standing room only for sure. outside the arena, likely packed as well. there have been crowds everywhere the pope has gone here in the u.s. once he is done with the mass, he will e verne chully fly to philadelphia and that's where he ends his six-day u.s. visit this
6:34 am
weekend. that's the latest live here in new york. i'm jay gray, back to you now. >> should be another moving day. another live look at the u.n. the pope expected to begin speaking about 7:20 this happens men when this happens, nbc news will bring it to you in a live special report on nbc bay area. and of course you can visit the website as well. or download our nbc bay area app for the latest updates on the pop's historic visit. new video now of a fiery and explosive scene in santa rosa. take a look at this. some people were evacuated from their homes overnight while firefighters worked to put out the flames sparked by an explosion in a shed. investigators discovered that there was a hash oil lab inside the shed. new details on a shooting involving san jose police.
6:35 am
officers were checking on a person when something went wrong. >> chris sanchez is live in san jose. and whated up to the shooting is still a mystery at this point. >> reporter: we know that somebody called 911 asking for police officers to go check on a person who was on monterey road. why it ended in gun fire, we don't know that. we're expecting more details after the preliminary investigation is complete. at this point, according to the san jose spokesman, an officer showed up to check on the person, this would be part of monterey road where the neighborhoods are separated from the busy roadway by a retaining wall. this person was outside the neighborhood. it was after 6:30 last night that the officer made contact to the person. although the spokesman wouldn't say what prompted the officer to draw his weapon, we know that that person was shot at least once. they were taken by ambulance to a local hospital and their condition has mott been released this morning. no officers were injured but we can tell you that that officer will now be on at least four days administrative leave as per
6:36 am
department policy. folks who live in the neighborhood were shut out of their neighborhood for hours because of the investigation. we have expecting more details, hopefully this morning. at this point this is the ninth time that a san jose police officer has shot a weapon at a person in the city this year. five of those shootings have been deadly. chris sanchez, "today in the bay". uc berkeley police are on the lookout for two men who offered to walk a woman home and then sexually assaulted her. steph, the victim says she knew one of her attackers? >> reporter: that's right. we don't know how well she knows this man but unsettling nonetheless. she says two men offered to walk her home because it was dark outside. but the mood shifted as they headed on campus off of oxford street here. the woman reporting to police that, to campus police late wednesday that the two men sexually assaulted her, making
6:37 am
it at least the second reported attack on campus this month alone. this is happening while cal deals with complaints and lawsuits filed by current and former students accusing school officials of not supporting sexual assault victims. right now the undergrad students must complete an online course. >> it should be basic stuff that everyone understands and respects at this point. and the fact that it isn't and the fact that that course is still required is a statement on to itself. >> reporter: now police want you to call if this rings a bell. the men are described as 5'9". the first is an hand panic or white man in his 20s, wearing a baseball cap, yellow shirt or jacket, red pants. the second description, a white man in his 30s wear all black carrying a backpack. police have fso far have made n arrest. that sun starting to rise out there. if not behind us, most certainly
6:38 am
behind keri hall. >> she's our sunshine. >> check this out this morning as we get a view from san francisco. you see the bay bridge and a lot of colors in the sky and a few high level clouds moving in, so. sunrise happening in 20 minutes and rapid heating as we go through the day. some 80s and 90s and mostly clear tonight, sunset at 7:01. it will be. up to 9d 7 degrees in the south bay and half moon bay 70 degrees. mission district, 80 degrees, financial district 79 and napa 94 degrees. oakland 89 and dublin today 95 degrees. still pretty hot in a lot of areas and it does come down this weekend. i'll show you those temperatures coming up an we'll talk more about a supermoon happening on sunday. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. look at that beautiful sky. that is wonderful. and now we also have the backup.
6:39 am
but it's friday so overall it's lighter. the toll plaza itself is filled in. the east shore freeway shows some showing typical toward richmond. just a building commute. also the same thing for the richmond bridge for 580 westbound. bay bridge toll plaza moving slowly. no problems heading towards the san mateo bridge. you have your typical slowing but also a crash and spilled gravel caused more slowing. we're starting to see the results of that, nothing significant. over here southbound, 680, this is more of a concern, a crash in please antton and it's blocking the left two lanes. chp is arriving on the scene but we'll see some slowing. build for the northbound routes and speeds in the upper 50s throughout 101, 87, 85 and 280. breaking news this morning,
6:40 am
6:39 we're hearing speaker of the house john boehner will resign from congress at the end of october. this is video taken just yesterday of the speaker meeting with pope francis. now this news this morning of him resigning was broken on the twitter feed of a michigan congressman who was in a committee meeting with boehner. the speaker has been under fire from the far right wing of his party. we are awaiting word from his office this morning. but breaking news, john boehner set to resign -- will resign at the end of october. coming up next, the head of the fed hints when we could see a rise in interest rates. and i'm bob redell, we'll take you live to the peninsula where a good 100 people are waiting for the doors to open at apple here in palo alto trying to get their hands on the latest
6:41 am
edition of the iphone. that story coming up. sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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=laura/cu= on a deadly tour bus crn at 6:4 3, new details on the crash in seattle. the national transportation board is taking over the investigation. dozens of people in seattle are still in the hospital this
6:44 am
morning after a duck boat filled with tourists crash into a bus. four college students died when that boat crashed into the bus on the aurora bridge. at least 51 others were hurt in this crash. crews were on the scene for hours trying to get people hout and then loading the buses on trailer to be towed away. a florida man who was on vacation in seattle was on board the duck boat when he says the drive lost control. >> as i turned my head i heard the driver say oh no and i knew we were going to go head on. it was a question of how bad it was going to be. i've never seen such an organized effort. these people knew what they were doing. >> about 90 seattle firefighters and medics responded to the scene. new this morning, china, a country often criticized for polluting is expected to announce a major plan to cut carbon emissions later today. this is part of a joint climate statement with the united states. xi jinping will make the announcement with president
6:45 am
obama in washington. a moment ago we saw them meeting earlier this morning. the plan outlines new and existing measure to cut carbon emissions by 2020. they're also expected to pledge to aid money to other countries. china and the u.s. are the top two greenhouse emissions in the world. the u.s. investigates a computer hack linked back the china. the state department insists the u.s. is not going to shy away from confronting this issue. >> we're going to continue to be as forth right and candid as we have been. >> we want to be greater business partners but we have to do so in a legal environment where they stop stealing our stuff. >> in the meantime russian president vladimir putin has also asked to meet with president obama. ukraine and syria are expected to be the top points on his agenda. the obama amendment has placed sanctions against russia for its support of the syrian government. expect interest rates to go
6:46 am
higher and very soon during an address yesterday fed chair janet yellen said she fully expects an interest rate hike before the end of the year. it comes one week after the feds latest decision to hold off raising rates even though wall street expected a rate hike to go through. interest rates have been near zero for years, ever since the mortga mortgage meltdown. tyke a look at the big board right now. the dow jones industrial average up 165 points. 6:46 right now, india's prime minister making a trip to the bay area this weekend. prime minister modi going to meet with facebook, google, tesla and adobadobe. more than 43,000 people have applied for free tickets to the event. our very own raj mathai is going
6:47 am
to comc the event. modi is if tirs indian head of state to visit california in 40 years. people lining up at apple stores across the bay area in hoping of getting their hands on apple's latest gadget. >> today in the bay's bob redell is at the apple store in palo alto where a lot of people have been camped out now for more than 12 hours. >> reporter: well, almost 22 hours. i know people have been here since 10:00 yesterday morning, and is doors at the store opening at 8:00. that's when they'll be able to buy the s version of the iphone 6 and 6 plus and they'll be able to leave the store. you can see some of the people standing here. if you look over to your left, you'll notice we've got a robot. that robot is brianne in from san diego who's been waiting in line so she can get her hands on the latest edition of the iphone
6:48 am
as well. >> you see on the side of the device, vi the hooks. i'm going to put the bag on that and then i have a secret lair down that, i'm going to open the doors and lock myself in there. >> brianna who works if are the company that makes the robot is very trustworthy. she does not think anyone here in palo alto will try to steal her phone from the robot. we'll see. looking at video of the new 6, the s version of the 6 and the 6 plus, the sides are still the same as the regular -- >> well the size is similar to the iphone 6, i think is what he was going to say. the 6 s. but it's set to have like a 12 megapixel camera which is supposed to be a lot more. and the 3 d touch sensor as well that kind of detects the pressure that you're putting on
6:49 am
it as well as to how it will respond. >> we've heard cook may actually show up as well. >> the sensor, if you're mad and you're texting someone. >> interpreting emotions. what are the emotions heading into the weekend. we're hoping for a nice couple of days. >> we're going to have that. but it will be warm, especially starting out today. and then some slightly cooler temperatures into the weekend. let's get a look at this beautiful shot this morning. doesn't that get your weekend started off right. we have a little bit of fog rolling across san francisco from san bruno mountain, then the beautiful colorful sunrise in the morning. get out the door and get the day started with some weather that will be nice and comfortable to start. right now it's 61 degrees in concord, hayward and san jose. san francisco now at 60 degrees. a light wind coming in as we go through the morning. not much of a breeze until
6:50 am
lunchtime. it's coming in from the northwest at 10 miles an hour and it continues to pick up as we go through the day. this evening, a little more breezy than it was yesterday. it will be 63 degs at 8:00, then warming up into the 70s by lunchtime. later this afternoon we're in the 80s and hitting 90 degrees there. and then the clouds start to move back in later this evening as the temperatures cool off once again. and in foster city, expect a high of 82 degrees, mission district at 80 degrees, napa 94, pittsburgh 99 degrees, hayward reaching 87 degrees. and in livermore we'll be up to 98 degrees. we have this hot area of high pressure across the sweft and as that moves away, it will allow for a cold front to move in. but unfortunately, that front will be kind of fizzling out as it gets here. but it does bring us down a few more degrees and the next one moves in early next week. if you're heading to pacifica this week for fog fest, not much
6:51 am
fog tomorrow. a high of 69 degrees mostly sunny skies. hopefully we'll get a little more fog to celebrate on sunday. especially in the morning. and also we're hoping for clear skies into sunday night, the supermoon lew mar eclipse. and the next one won't happen until 2033. it will be a sight to behold with the sun passing through the moon. the full eclipse at 7:11 then it continues until 8:33. hoping for some clear skies but we may have fog and clouds near the coast. inland areas may be the best spot to see that. this weekend, the temperatures coming down a few degrees. take a look at where you live. 76 degrees on saturday, 70 degrees on sunday in san francisco. we're looking at 680, we talked about a crash that was in the lanes, cleared to the shoulder. that's the good news. but still there maybe four vehicles. that's a distraction at the time
6:52 am
when things are building. we were prepared for that. and the lanes are cleared. 880 a little more slowing, down toward you oncity. and the dumbarton shows a little showing. the south bay, 101 northbound, slowing up toward 280 feeding to silicone valley. 880 past ohm land, we have a nice volume of traffic. tonight giants versus the a's, that's going to mean a crowd. east on the bay bridge, that's what they call. pit that will be a little more slowing. it is 6:52, coming up within what went wrong. san jose police trying to piece together what happened moments before an officer opened up hitting a suspect. and what firefight es found once the smoke cleared in one north bay neighborhood.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
most world leaders ever assembled in one place right now at the united nations preparing to listen to remarks from pope francis. nbc news has a special report. we join it now in progress. >> she's been so moved by the inspirational worsds of the pope. that for her, the real issue,
6:56 am
the real desire is to see the activation. the implementation of the goals, recognizing that even thoed the united nations humanitarian chief says the crisis in ukraine with russia right now, that in that region separatists have forced the united nations teams to leave. that means that they aid 16,000 tons of relief and aid supplies have not been provided to people there that need it. that is one of the failures of the united nations, their inability to help in that crisis. it's one of the challenges we'll likely hear from the hope adds he tries to bring the world together for a common good. >> he has a very busy schedule. he has the address before the united nations general assembly. later he'll go to hallowed ground in this country, ground ze zero, visit the 9/11 museum.
6:57 am
he plans to meet with school children today, a procession through central park and mass tonight at madison square garden. we've seen the pope has taken his place. let's take a listen. [ speaking foreign language
6:58 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> we are working on the translation of the pope's remarks this morning. there is expected to be livecy mule train yous translation. obviously we're not hearing it yet. we'll continue to carry it and hoping in a few moments we'll be able to hear what he's saying in english. let's take a listen. [ speaki [ speaking foreign language ]
6:59 am
>> as we wait for the translation that is expected, let me turn to peter alexander who is listen along at the u.n. and has a preview about what the pope is expected to say. i think we are going to hear some of the themes that we've heard during the pope's entire visit. >> yeah, that's exactly right. obviously we've heard a lot of this message about things like climate change and income and equality. the right of the environment as the pope will describe it in these remarks, we've been given a look at them already, expected to speak 30 or 35 minutes, that's one of the priorities that the pope will communicate to the crowd today. what's been striking to me, is
7:00 am
even yesterday as he spoke on the west front of the capitol, we heard the pope ask for the prayers from the faithful. he said even those who are not catholic, we ask for you good wishes. if you've been trying to recruit americans and really the world on to this effort to make a different. >> peter, there's a huge issue before the world right now -- i interrupt myself to tell you we have the transligs. let's take a listen. i can only reiterate the appreciation expressed by my predecessors, in reaffirming the importance which the catholic


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