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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 27, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, silicon valley welcomes the prime minister of india today. but not very far away, a different message from protesters. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us. to titans to political leaders, it's been an extremely busy day pour the prime minister of india who made his way to san francisco today, with several stops along the peninsula. he just wrapped up a sold out event back in the south bay, speak to thousands of people. many say it's an historic moment to have him here. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in san jose with reaction
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though those who came the hear him speak. marianne, a big night. >> reporter: certainly a very big night. inspirational. that's how many people described the prime minister's speech tonight here at s.a.p. center. he thanked american indians in silicon valley for improving india's place in the world. they came from across the bay area and the nation, waiting in long lines and going through intense security checks. to join 18,000 others inside s.a.p. center in san jose. they came to see this man, narendra modi, the prime minister of india. and to hear his message of hope. speaking hindi, he told the crowd india has a new vision. he said you have changed the way the world looks at india. your fingers are responsible for that. . >> it was meaningful. mr. modi represents hope to india and the indian diaspora.
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he is more than a politician. i think of him as a teacher. >> he is bringing the goodness of india in front of all the countries around the world that is the best he is doing. >> reporter: not everyone celebrated mr. modi as others protested outside the arena, and even from the air. mr. modi is the first prime minister of india to visit the united states in 33 years, and many parents here tonight say he is inspiring their children. >> he is improving india. so i'm pretty glad. >> reporter: the prime minister received a rock star's welcome with groups of people breaking out into impromptu chants of his name. >> modi! >> reporter: many say they're inspired by the leader's humble beginnings. he started as a tea vendor and rose to become prime minister. they say in just 15 months, he has already proven one man can make a difference. and after his speech, the prime minister actually walked back on stage to remind people that coming in december, there will
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be free direct flights from san francisco to india. a little plug for commerce there. right now the prime minister is on a flight of his own headed to new york, where he will meet with president obama tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. india's prime minister made several silicon valley stops before tonight's speech. at google this morning they were chanting his name. >> modi! >> prime minister modi was given a tour of some of google's latest projects. his tour guide was the company's newest ceo who grew up in india. after google, modi sat down with facebook founder mark zuckerberg who explained his own connection to india. it turns out before facebook was a success, the late steve jobs told zuckerberg to visit india for inspiration for guidance regarding the budding company. >> seeing how people connected
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and having the opportunity to feel how much better the world could be if everyone had a stronger ability to connect. reinforced for me the importance of what we were doing. and that is something that i've always remembered. >> marianne was mentioning it. modi now headed to new york city. he'll attend a summit meeting with president obama tomorrow morning. >> incredibly busy, of course. despite that packed schedule, prime minister modi also made time to meet with governor jerry brown. the two met in san francisco this afternoon to talk about climate change, renewable energy, and the digital economy. governor brown has made slowing climate change one of his top priority, and the prime minister recently revealed new renewable energy programs in india. well, here is a good up close and personal view. this video sent in by our own raj mathai who was the emcee during tonight's event. if you would like to see more of the prime minister's visit to the bay area, head to our
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website, we posted there full interviews in town hall sessions at google and facebook. you can see them in their entirery and online. you can watch on our nbc bay area app. pope francis' historic visit to the u.s. is now history. the holy father left tonight departing on a private flight from philadelphia healthcheck heads back to the vat condition after one last high energy day which included a final mass to more than 800,000 people. by reaching out to catholic, he also did his best to get a little closer to people of all fight. brian mooar joins us from philadelphia with more on the pope's final day in the u.s. brian? >> reporter: well, terry, from beginning to end, the pope was energetic and on message. after six days, three cities, and uncountable kisses, hugs, hand shakes, blessings, prayers, and a few surprises, this evening pope francis said
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farewell to the state. >> may god bless you all. god bless america. records boarding a plane bound for the vatican, he wrapped up an extraordinary first ever trip to the united states. the grand finale an open air mass before 860,000 people in philadelphia. though security was so tight, huge crowds had no prayer of getting anywhere near him. this man of the spirit did his best to press the flesh, kitsing every baby handed his way and gratefully hopping out of the popemobile, leaving security scrambling. his trip began and ended with plenty of substance, from an a unprecedented speech before congress to an unexpected statement today vowing accountability for clergy sexual abuse. >> translator: god weeps. >> reporter: inside a prison, he embraced inmates, praying for their rehabilitation. and as he left, he challenged the faithful. >> may our days bear fruits that
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will last. >> reporter: pope francis leaving behind a message and some unforgettable memories. and speaking of those unforgettable memories, one family that traveled 13,000 miles to get here on a vw bus hoping to just maybe get a glimpse of the pope got a personal meeting with him today after he heard about their journey. live in philadelphia, i'm brian mooar, nbc bay area news. >> brian, thank you very much. just days after pope francis canonized saint junipero, someone toppled and painted the statue at the historic carmel miss basilica overnight. other statues and tombs and the mission itself were also defaced that included anti-serra graffiti. volunteers gathered this morning to clean up the damage. the celebration of serra's st.hood went on this morning despite the vandalism. some native americans protested the canonization of serra,
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saying that the missionary enslave and tortured their ancestors. firefighters busy today, keeping a grass fire from reaching a building. the fresh fire broke out this afternoon in east san jose. the two-alarm fire started near 280 and mclaughlin avenue. some structures were threatened. the fire never reached them. how it started, investigators don't know that yet. a zeddly crash in east san jose has claimed the life of a bicyclist. san jose police are investigating last night's crash near landis and morel avenues. an adult male was riding israel bike without lights and against traffic when a car struck him. the unidentified victim died at the hospital. police say it does not appear that speed, drugs, or alcohol are factors in the collision. a 20-year-old is behind bars tonight for drunk driving and hit-and-run. it happened in morgan hill about 11:00 last night.
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police say they got several calls about a hit-and-run on cochran road west of highway 101. and a few minutes after, that more 911 calls came in. this time about a solo crash on southbound 101 not far away. officers say it was the same man in both incidents. the suspect's name has not been released. well, hopefully a lot you have got outside the see it. tonight a spectacular sight in the sky. the once in a generation event that just ended. a super moon coinciding with the lunar eclipse. here is what the moon looked like earlier. our camera caught the beautiful pictures. you can see the red taking over. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the observatory in oakland. i have to think you got the best assignment of anyone tonight. >> reporter: yeah, i think so. i have to tell you, right now the moon is bright, but nothing like the glow we saw earlier, the supermoon and lunar eclipse brought out people to this viewing tonight who say they have never come out before. and it did not disappoint. >> can you see okay?
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>> reporter: stargazers in the oakland hills were impressed with the rare moon. the hunt family stayed nearly to the end. >> it made it look kind of orangey. and the bottom was like dark. >> it was really cool just to see it and know that it doesn't happen that much. >> reporter: a combination not seen since 1982. a supermoon and lunar eclipse. it brought a sellout crowd to the science center for the moon. >> it will be 14% larger than it is when it's farthest away from us. and it will be a lot brighter in color, except then we're going get this eclipse which is going to cast a shadow on the moon. you see it? >> reporter: astronomers were out to explain and offer a closer look with tell scopes. but this was visible with the naked eye. andrew people from all over the bay area. >> i didn't expect it to be that big and that round. like on the telescope. it filled the whole lens. >> i think i was 17 the last
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time this happened. when i heard it was happening on my birthday, i thought what a wonderful gift. >> i've seen pictures of it. but i never really imagined it would be this cool. >> reporter: now if you saw it tonight, it certainly is something to remember. astronomer says it won't happen again until 2033. reporting live in oakland, christy myth, nbc bay area news. >> for those of us who are stuck inside and didn't get out to see i, it's nice to see the pictures on twitter. a couple of videos. >> i did. i went out the parking lot. >> where was i? coming up next, lake county recovering from the valley fire still. the big events tomorrow that will bring some sense of normalcy back to this devastated area. plus, a leisurely tour around seattle ends in disaster. now another person has died from that duck boat crash. we'll tell you about something that caught the attention of investigators. and this was the view earlier tonight. san francisco 8:18. you had the supermoon lunar eclipse. now it's just plain super foggy in san francisco right now.
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59 degrees. misty skies head your way for the morning commute, and a big cooldown to start the workweek. a look at that to start your forecast when we come right back.
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boat" crash in seattle. the 20-year-old woman, who a fifth person has died after the devastating tourist duck boat crash in seattle on the aurora bridge. a 20-year-old woman who has not been identified was an international student attending north seattle college. four other students on the same college were also killed in the accident. within the last few hours, we're learning that the military style boat had not gotten the recommended axle repair. witnesses say they saw the duck boat's left front tire lock up before it veered into the bus. more than two weeks after the valley fire broke out, students living in middletown will be back to school tomorrow. now the fire did not burn any of middletown's schools. they were left intact and undamaged. but obviously nothing very normal in middletown these days. classes start at 9:00 tomorrow morning. the classes at cobb elementary school will be held in portable units set up behind the middletown middle school campus. school officials say they're also arranging for bus students staying in parts of lake county.
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here are the latest numbers on that valley fire. firefighters have it 97% contained now. they hope to have that fire fully surrounded this week there are still homes being threatened right now, though. the fire has destroyed nearly 2,000 structures. more than 76,000 acres have burned. all evacuation orders have now been lifted. just yesterday, people living in cobb, one of the hardest hit communities were finally allowed to return to see what was left. ♪ well, people in lake, napa, and sonoma counties banded together today to support the victims of the valley fire. they had this huge turnout for a benefit concert at the sebastopol community center and annex. the musical lineup included all local talent, people who showed up say they are in this fight together. >> every little town is just pulling in and helping those people that were affected by the fire. there are friends and relatives right close here. they're our neighbors. and we want to help them in every way we can.
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>> funds were raised from donations, silent auctions, raffles, food, and refreshment sales. if you would lake to donate, go to the redwood credit union website and look for the valley fire fund. by area libraries could be sharing something more than books and the i can factor is very high here. a library in berkeley is closed this weekend because of a possible bedbug infestation. last week an outbreak closed one library in palo alto. the berkeley library being treated right now. its north branch near the corner of alameda and hopkins street. bedbug sniffing dogs will be checking out other branchs this week. dogs will be inspecting libraries in palo alto after the bedbugs were found inside the mitchell park branch. that library did reopen today after a visit from exterminators. now to decision 2016, and an upcome a big area visit for presidential candidate hillary clinton. a busy day tomorrow for clinton starting in the south bay. the reception in saratoga.
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later on she'll be in bevel deer for a mothers and daughters event. the evening it's off to the east bay for a reception in orinda. tuesday at a breakfast in san francisco. tickets cost between one thousand and $2700 for each event. clinton last visited the bay area just last month for fundraisings in atherton and san francisco. refusing to back down this morning on "meet the press," republican presidential candidate carly fiorina clashed with host chuck todd over her comments about an abortion video. during a debate earlier this month, fiorina described a gruesome scene from one of the controversial undercover video'd from planned parenthood. she claims the footage showed workers keeping a fetus alive to harvest its brain. todd pointed out even the makers of the video found that claim to be false. but fiorina refused to acknowledge the fact. >> planned parenthood is aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains and other body parts that is a fact.
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planned parenthood will not and cannot deny this because it is happening. it is happening in this nation. and taxpayers are paying for it. >> fiorina did stop short of saying the republicans should force a government shutdown to defund the organization. speaking of planned parenthood funding, the organization does not use public money to perform abortions. a scary moment for fiorina when a backdrop collapsed during a campaign event in texas today. wow. fiorina was speaking when that frame piping fell to the ground. several women are seen rushing to shield her. nobody was hurt. fiorina made light of the situation saying, quote, i'm plenty tough enough to be commander in chief. >> wow. handled that well. very scary. meteorologist rob mayeda is here. you've been so busy with this moon. >> we were looking forward to it last weekend. at least i would say 2/3 of the bay area, the viewing wasn't all that bad. after 8:00, at least around
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emeryville. and somewhat better views around san francisco. this is about 8:18 now. we have passed the full lunar eclipse at this point as the shadow begins to move back off to the upper right corner of the moon there. and the moon begins to lighten up back to a full moon which it is right now. you can see it outside, san jose and parts of the south bay kind of missing out. you had to see that lunar eclipse briefly between the clouds. now too bad the timing is the way it is. you can see things are starting to clear out of san jose. as we begin to see these high clouds streaming up. the tropical jet aiming in all this mid and high-level clouds into california that is the way we'll start the workweek with. and a stronger sea breeze on top of it is going to help to bring down our temperatures. right now 63 degrees in san jose. still some partly cloudy skies outside. livermore a little cooler than 24 hours. we're in the 70s about 11:00 last night. now starting to see some 60s outside. oakland 59. and yes, a very foggy drive around the golden gate bridge right now. and for the morning commute,
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misty skies and some coastal fog a certainty as we head into the workweek. you see the combination of clouds tomorrow morning. mid and high-level clouds once again. and the more familiar coastal low clouds thickening up as we get into tomorrow night and tuesday. the stronger sea breeze increases the marine layer setting up for drizzle at times. morning temperatures in the 50s for most part tomorrow morning as we head towards right around noon tomorrow. numbers in the mid to upper 70s inland. and the temperature trend will continue with to head downward from here. highs near san jose close to 80 degrees. upper 60s to mid-60s out towards ocean beach. you can see around the peninsula tomorrow highs mostly in the 70s. for the mort bay, highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s. the tri-valley, you'll see the temperatures in the mid-80s out by liver more. as we begin to see the see breeze turn stronger, this is going to bring our temperature downs more. temperatures will drop mostly into the 70s inland tuesday and wednesday. and areas of drizzle at times the next couple of mornings. you'll see the temperatures
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around san francisco, upper 60s. and notice what happens towards thursday and friday. high pressure making a comeback, which is going the lead us to warmer temperatures as we head towards next weekend. san jose, you've got the numbers there, climbing again after a cool start to the week. 70s around tuesday and wednesday. and out towards livermore, you'll see temperatures climbing after that midweek drop in temperatures. back to near 90 degrees. guess what? as we head towards next weekend, another taste of summer. you can see the numbers coming up. sunday increasing clouds. a little breezy out there. and a bit of a cooldown to finish the weekend. so you're a fan of cooler weather, you're really going to love from tomorrow to wednesday. if you like summer-like temperatures friday and saturday, the day is for you. >> thank you very much. coming up, thousands came out to see the pope. the effect he is already having on the catholic church in america. plus, the american hero stopped a terrorist attack on a french train, honored by his college. the big event and what is next for him.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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this weekend. "anthony sadler" ware yet another honor for one of sacramento's hometown heros this weekend. anthony sadler was recognized for his efforts in taking down a would-be terrorist in france at last night's sacramento state football game. sadler and two friends rushed a gunman on a train in august preventing what could have been the start of a deadly attack. back at school, he is getting a lot of attention as you might imagine from students and teachers alike. >> they're man, it's crazy what happened. my teachers are you probably have the best what did you do over the summer story, that's for sure. >> that is for sure. well, sadler says while he appreciates all of the attention, he is certainly glad that things are settle do you think so he can concentrate on his studies.
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new at 11, it was dramatic day on the water for some boater nears antioch. first responders say two men and a boy were on this boat in the sacramento river when the driver rammed something underwater. the crash opened a big hole in the side of the boat, as you can see. a passing boater rescued the three on board. all of whom were wearing life jackets. first responders will tell you that is key. the boy was taken to the hospital with a head wound. it's not clear if there was other injuries as well. the coast guard is now investigating. it is a good time to fill up your gas tank. prices at the pump are now down nine cents in just the past five weeks. according to the lundberg survey, the national average is $2.35 a gallon. that's not around here that is down $1.03 in the past year. some expert thinks the low prices could extend well into next year. maybe into 2017. that's a long time to forecast. in san francisco, the price is $2.67 per gallon of regular gas.
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slightly lower in oakland at $2.63. and if you're looking for a deal on gas, folks, do you know the way to san jose? the best deal in the bay area, $2.48 a gallon. higher supply one of the reason for drop. >> then don't drive so far for the cheaper gas. >> might have to move here. nasa has some big news from the red planet. so big they're not even telling us exactly what this news is until a special news conference tomorrow. take a look at the images from nasa's rover on mars. nasa says their news brief willing take place at the agency's headquarters in washington. it will be broadcast live online as well. the director of planetary science is expected to speak, as well as the lead scientist for the mars exploration program. so perhaps it's a big news to share. the briefing starts at 8:30 a.m. california time. looking for ward to that. >> water. . that would be amazing. >> not like rivers. >> sure. >> but there will be some water. >> something substantial. okay. that's your guess. still to come, is your tv spying on you? yeah.
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the new way marketers are getting information. it's amazing. then it is not just ship strikes. the below the surface danger that is really threatening the whales that we're seeing off of the california coast. it's a remarkable story. the clean up after the pope's
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historic visit. he left for rome just a few hours ago. right now the cleanup after the pope's historic visit. he left for rome just a few hours ago. well, everywhere he travels, pope francis compelled his listeners to look outside themselves and challenges them to see their fellow man through a more compassionate and humble lens. the message that certainly preceded his american visit and has reshaped the way many view and act on their faith. nbc's leather holt explains. >> reporter: even before pope
11:31 pm
francis set foot in the st. charles borromeo seminary this weekend, his presence made a profound impact. a young man that answered not just the call to the priesthood, but francis' call for humility and simplicity. some people say he walks the walk. >> yes, he does. a position where he is serving others. i want to embody that. >> reporter: phil tram is in his first year. eric tammany is 20. he enrolled shortly after pope francis was named in 2013. >> in grade school and high school, that was the furthest thing from what i wanted. >> reporter: today their paths crossed. products of what some have labelled the francis effect. an increase in young men inspired by pope francis seeking to become priests. >> it's a great thing to look up to someone. seeing their characteristics and wanting to apply them to your life. can make you a better person, a
11:32 pm
better leader. >> reporter: after years, o.j. simpson seminary bishop says pope francis has reinvigorated the church. have you seen it at the seminary? >> i have. and it's a renewed enthusiasm. people get excited about pope francis. they hear what he is saying, almost as if it's being heard for the fist time. >> reporter: enrollment at the seminary is up more than 20% this year. 20 men from the archdiocese of philadelphia alone, the largest spike in a decade, according to bishop. nationwide nearly 600 seminarians will be ordained in 2015. is it cool to be catholic again? >> i would say so, yeah. >> definitely. >> while it's impossible to attribute all of the renewed interest in the priesthood to pope francis, the fascination his generation has visited among catholics and nonkat lips alike only reinforces the notion that
11:33 pm
he is a transformative figure. and one who has certainly raised the bar for these seminaryians, privileged to sing for him. >> i really wanted to pick this opportunity and serve the pope in this way. >> reporter: and eager to seven for him. that was lester holt reporting. we have even more on the pope's visit online. head to check out our slide show. we've got raw video there from his first time here in the united states. meanwhile, the president touched on the topic of religion at a democratic party fundraiser in new york this weekend. president obama said freedom of religion is not a reason to deny americans their constitutional rights. experts say it is clear he was referring to kentucky clerk kim davis who went to jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. the president went on the say it is still important to recognize that some americans remain uncomfortable with same-sex marriage. a new generation of smart
11:34 pm
tvs has a lot of bells and whistles. but can they spy on you? >> it's a terrifying thought. some high-tech televisions have the ability to deliver your conversations to marketers. randy mack explains. >> reporter: charlie is an information technology specialist. what you might call wise. >> my house in terms of technology is as close to ironman as can get it. >> reporter: lap top, tvs, gaming consuls are all connected to shelton's phone. but his concern is as he watches tv, his tv could be listening to him. >> you never mow when you're going to be heard. and you have to be careful what you say in your own home. >> now days technology is good and it's bad. >> reporter: chris is a salesman at howard's electronics. he says the new samsung smart tvs with voice recognition, microphones embedded in the television that can be programmed to react to your voice command. >> channel up. >> reporter: allowing you to control your tv without a
11:35 pm
remote. >> i guess it's convenient. like the smart tvs you could connect to the internet. >> reporter: and with voice recognition, your tv could connect you to people you never met. >> and it could be recording all of your conversations around the house and sending them to a third party to then bombard you with advertisement. >> reporter: state assemblyman mark gato serves on the state's consumer protection committee. he is sponsors ab-1116, legislation to prohibit tvs that can transit in or privately record your information and send that to a third party without your knowledge. >> the conversations you in your bedroom, your living room, they should be private. >> reporter: regarding voice recognition, the samsung user manual issued this warning. please be aware if your spoken records include personal or other sensitive information, that data will be transmitted to a third party through your voice recognition. in a blog post, samsung now says
11:36 pm
it does not record private conversations. the company collects your voice data when you make a specific request of your smart tv, or to elevate and improve features. and that voice recognition can be turned off. shelton hopes that's the case. like a lot of people, he occasionally talks to his tv, with no intention of anyone actually listening. >> having a person listen to it to derive targeted markets, it's an invasion of privacy. >> that was randy mack reporting. ab-1116 is now sitting on governor brown's desk. >> wow. >> yeah. well, coming up next, giants and a's facing off in the bay bridge finale. it was great game. a lot of great sports tonight actually. plus, another dramatic and rare road win for the raiders. and a rough day in the desert. rough is putting it very mildly. >> brutal. >> colin kaepernick and the niners. what is going on?
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
well, if you're watching the 49er, it was a tough game. it was very tough. well heard from a lot of folks that that was a brutal one. >> and kelli johnson has kickoff highlights. kelly, what do you here? what about the raiders. >> i know this is going to hurt niners fans, but we're going to talk about the raiders. >> good idea. >> they are the best team in the bay area. jack del rio's crew left cleveland with the best road win, giving the silver and black their first winning record in four years. raiders-browns at the dog pound. second quarter action, derek carr going to work finds andre holmes for the touchdown.
11:39 pm
10-0 raiders in charge. the final minute of the period, carr connecting this time with last week's hero seth roberts. beautiful throw. raiders up 17-4 at the half. we fast forward to the fourth quarter. raiders up 20-10. getting in on the fun. he rushed for 139 yards. final minute, lead cut to seven. charles woodson picks off josh mccown to seal it. raiders win, 27-20. their first in cleveland since 1985. improving to 2-1. >> you know, this is a new group of guys. it's a new culture. it's a new way that we do things. and for the first time for this team to get the first road win, it feels awesome. >> what i told the guys before the game is don't be afraid of success. you know? don't be afraid to have people say good things about you. and, you know, we take that mind-set into next week and throughout the rest of the season. we'll be fine.
11:40 pm
>> all right. now to those 49ers in arizona. nfc west opener. this game ugly in a hurry. first 49ers possession. colin kaepernick backed up in his own end zone. and justin bevel returns 21 yards for touchdown. 7-0, arizona. they weren't done. next 49ers possession. almost an identical play. this time kaepernick intercepted by matthew. another pick six. the honey badger returns it 33 yard for the score. the cardinals score 24 points off kap, a career high four interceptions. 47-7 the final. >> bad day. that starts and ends with me. today's performance starts and the hats off to the arizona cardinals for what they were able to accomplish today. and the rest of it starts and ends with me. >> very hard for me to deal with. very hard to see myself go out
11:41 pm
and play like that and hurt this team the way i did. i nullified all the efforts of every other player on that field today. that's something i have to fix. i have to be better for this team moving forward. >> kap tomsula shouldering the blame. a walk down memory lane in the finale of the bay bridge series. the big three back together again. tim hudson, barry zito, mike mulder all throwing out the very first pitch. pretty cool moment as huddy and zito prepare to hang them up. brown the rookie loops a single to center. brandon crawford scores. 5-0, san francisco. so bottom 9, it's just a one-run lead for the giants. casilla on and he strikes out billy burns to close it out. the giants win the rubber match 5-4 to take the series. these fans don't care. bruce bochy, though, he does.
11:42 pm
>> i've said so many times. we wish we were in a little better position. we lost some top on the trip here, the two in san diego. but that's baseball. you keep fighting. and those guys are. >> and dodgers coming to town for four. warriors coach steve kerr turned the big 5-0 today. tomorrow i'll make sure to ask anymore he does feel 50. it's warriors media day. two back surgeries, he is probably feeling a little achy. >> go easy on him, kelli. >> here comes basketball and hockey. it's going get crazy again. >> i know. it's going to get crazy. >> thank you. more than a dozen dead whales
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11:45 pm
washing ashore in northern california. and earlier this week, another well, more than a dozen dead whales washing ashore in northern california. earlier this week, another showed up in fremont near the dunbarton bridge. now in many cases those whales have been killed by ships or tangled in fishing gear. pretty tough to see. >> joe rosato jr. shows one local man who has made an art of rescuing him. >> the interest in whales began when i was eight years old. >> reporter: it isn't hard to find the benicia studio of peter folken. >> i've always had a hankering for the big animals. >> reporter: and none is bigger than the creatures he painted most of his life. >> when i was a kid, i always got in trouble for drawing pictures. >> reporter: he doesn't get in
11:46 pm
trouble for drawing whales these days. >> been doing this for 40 years. >> reporter: his illustrations have appeared in magazines, books. he has even created special effects for movies like free willy and flipper. whales are definitely his second favorite animal. >> many i favorite animal is my dog. >> reporter: but his devotion to whales goes well beyond the canvas. >> it might have been 1980 i disentangled my first marine mammal. >> reporter: he has a soft spot for whales in a hard place. >> some whales get entangled in crab pots. so that's me with the knife. >> reporter: ship strikes and entanglements are the leading causes of premature whale death. >> it's cut down into the flesh and they're likely going to die. >> reporter: so when the call comes, he and his whale entanglement team answer. >> once a report comes in we can be on that whale within two hours. this is a humpback whale in a crab pot. >> reporter: for over 30 years
11:47 pm
rescues like this one has played out dozens of times, man coming to the aid of giants impacted by man. >> we're maybe all together a thousand pounds going up against an animal that is 80,000 pounds who is pissed off, upset. >> reporter: this disentanglement took place not long ago near monterey there. >> was knot down below the epidermis. the anxiety level is quite high. boom we pop it. >> reporter: the number of whale entanglements is rising. at least 60 reports on the west coast this year, ten times the number two years ago. he also thinks the upcoming el nino may play a hand. >> these animals tend to know that something is up. so they're packing on the fat. >> reporter: not every operation is a success, but this one -- >> the rope slips off and pulls away. >> reporter: there are no high-fives at the end of the rescue. >> we give the signal of the success by too long our helmets.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: sometimes the real measure takes time thinking guy comes back six weeks layer. this is when it feels good. >> reporter: the survivors are free to carry on their lives at sea. and sometimes on his canvas. joe rosato jr. >> nice work and nice art. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us. >> overcast skies still in san jose. 63 degrees. and one the warmer spots. livermore 68. partly cloudy skies. san francisco obviously the fog is making a comeback there 69 degrees. misty skies across the golden gate bridge as the marine layer for now close to 1500 feet. this will thicken up over the next couple of nights mornings. we could see a few patches spilling into the south bay, heading towards tomorrow morning. so hour by hour as we head through tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. areas of low clouds and the
11:49 pm
coast becoming a little more widespread. and that combined a stronger sea breeze, as you might notice, seven-day forecast leading to a cooler start to the week. mostly 50s outside for the morning. and then as we approach noon, you'll see numbers climbing into the mid- to upper 70s inland. and not a bad day temperature-wise tomorrow. pretty close where we should be for this time of year that means near 80 degrees in san jose. mid-80s south of downtown. san francisco upper 60s and le 70s. and out toward the north bay, 70s and 80s. in the tri-valley for now in the mid-80s. and actually cooling down a few more degrees as those onshore winds turn stronger. the gorgeous sunset. not bringing us any rain. but the winds for the first half of the week that is going to keep our temperatures trending downward as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. san francisco in the 60s. and then rebounding into the mid-70s by friday. and for san jose, that means highs in the upper 70s. slightly below average as we head towards wednesday.
11:50 pm
and a pretty good jump. the second half of the week, temperatures rebounded for livermore. mid-80s tomorrow. nice and comfortable there towards tuesday and wednesday. 90s coming back for friday. a warm-up that should last into the start of next weekend. and temperatures trend down a little cooler and breezy by next sunday. back to you. >> all right, rob. thanks for very much. coming up, it is a potential life-saver that will soon fill more shelves in cvs pharmacies. >> why some people oppose the drugs that reverses heroin overdoses. pharmacy chains, c-v-s, made a
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
big announcement this past week saying it will greatly expand one of the country's major pharmacy chains cvs made a big announcement this past week saying it will greatly expand over-the-counter sales of the drug that reverses overdoses of heroin and other opiums. >> some say making the drug available without a prescription is the wrong approach. gadi schwartz has more. >> reporter: next to the family pictures -- >> this was her first time.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: heather corn shows us the type of injection that saved her daughter catherine's life. >> this is where i keep them in lockdown. >> reporter: catherine was a heroin addict saved by paramedics and the drug naloxone during an overdose. since then a supply is always close by. >> i think it should be available to anybody who needs to have it on hand. it should be easier to get that than should it be to get heroin. >> reporter: for years, it has been hard to get without a prescription. but as kate snow reported last year, parents of heroin addicts often keep it on hand. show of hands. how many people are here because someone they loved has used heroin? pretty much everybody. how many people have narcan in your house? wow. >> reporter: a growing number of states have passed laws widening access to the fast-acting drug. since last year, naloxone has
11:54 pm
been available at cvs pharmacies in two states without a doctor's prescription. and now cvs is expanding access in 12 more states. cvs saying naloxone is a safe and effective antidote to opioid overdoses. and by providing access without a prescription in more states, we can help save lives. while across the country, heroin use has exploded. in 2013, 289,000 people were using heroin in the u.s. last year, the number of users climbed to 435,000. the crisis pushing deep into suburbia. opponents argue easy access to naloxone only enables drus drug users to do more drugs. >> it was the scariest moment of my life. >> reporter: but she fears keeping it in her home will send the wrong message. >> i think it should be left to the professionals. not in my home where my addict
11:55 pm
could just decide i can use because there is somebody there to rescue me. >> reporter: and while there is still debate, naloxone is headed to more farm shelves. both of these mothers are grateful their children were given a second chance at life. >> you keep hearing reports how available that is in so many communities. >> we'll be right back. pope francis had a good laugh
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
when he met a pint-sized pontiff yesterday at a parade in il all right. pope francis had a good laugh when he met a pint-sized pontiff yesterday. look at this. in philadelphia. the baby's parents dressed the little girl in papal investments in hopes of getting the pope's attention, and guess what? >> it worked. >> how do you pass up a papal baby like that? the baby caught the eye of one of the pope's security guards who picked up the sweet little girl there and handed her to the holy father who gave her a kiss
11:58 pm
and laughed along with the participants. the security guards when they brought the baby back told the parents the pope says you have a sense of humor. >> pope francis, you have a sense of humor. >> how sweet is that? a nice kiss too. very sweet. let's get a look. i know we have a potpourri week. >> we do. an eclipse of the golden gate bridge. the morning commute as we head towards tomorrow, low clouds start and sea breeze which is going to lead to cooler temperatures here to start the week. >> so nice. thanks. thank you for joining us. >> have a great night. >> have great week. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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now on the season finale of "giants clubhouse". >> to say that i expected it? no, i'm definitely pleasantly surprised. >> giants rising star matt guthrie shares his thoughts about the spectacular season in our exclusive one-on-one. plus -- >> i have no idea. i'm not going to get this one right. >> sergio romo searching for answers. will the reliever come through in our newest edition of know yourself? and -- >> it's emotional. and it brings tears to my eyes. >> he breaks down how baseball and ballet bond the family. "giants clubhouse starts right now. >> from the broadcast home


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