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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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different message from protesters. bed bugs, again. another bay area library closed this morning because of a possible infestation. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> make your skin crawl on a monday. >> starting my week looking at that. >> thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a look at the forecast, here's kari hall. we'll have great weather again today starting out with clouds and fog across parts of the bay area. it is 56 degrees in san francisco and the south bay at 61 degrees. here's a look at those highs this afternoon that will be in the 70s and 80s. a mild day with our highs about average for this time of year. in san francisco, 70 degrees and the tri-valley up to 89 degrees. i'll show you the rest of the week's forecast coming up. let's see how the commute is rolling now with mike. >> a very light volume of traffic and just as the roads are widening out, getting more
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lanes off to the right. i believe you have your right lane blocked by a big rig and chp just arrived on the scene. just prepare for a little tap of the brakes there and looking towards the bay bridge toll plaza and no delays. an earlier disabled vehicle cleared off the ninth street off ramp and look at the golden gate bridge as we're showing a smooth drive over that bridge and moving for those cones and get ready for that morning commute. sending a message or just causing chaos. just days after pope francis canonized junipero serra someone vandalized the statue of the new saint. >> stephanie chuang in our newsroom this morning. the vandals caused a lot of damage and naturally the question is there a connection between the pope's visit and what happened here? >> police in carmel say there was a link and this was scheduled ahead of a celebration of the new status of sainthood. people snuck in to send a very clear message. this was at the carmel mission
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where junipero serra was married. pushed over the statute of junipero serra in the courtyard and vandals scrolled on one headstone. some folks have criticized serra saying he was responsible for the mistreatment and they understand the bashlash but a reminder that no human is flawless. >> being made a saint doesn't mean the perfe person is perfec. we all have our flaws and our defects. so, it was with serra. >> and mission leaders say services will continue as usual. there should be no permanent damage to the mission. so far police do not have any suspects in the case, but may be investigating this as a hate crime. we'll have more on why coming up in our next report in about half an hour. live here in our san francisco news room, stephanie chuang.
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the prime minister of india on his way to the east coast this morning but busy in the bay area over the weekend. >> he made several stops on his weekend trip. from san francisco down the peninsula and then late last night wrapping up a sold out event in the south bay speaking to thousands of people. as "today in the bay" marianne favro says having him was a historic moment. >> reporter: they came across from the bay area and across the nation waiting in long lines and going through intense security checks to join 18,000 others inside sap center in san jose. they came to see this man, narendra modi and to hear his message of hope. speaking hindy, he told india has a new vision. you have changed the way the world looks at india. your fingers are responsible for that. >> it was meaningful. >> mr. modi represents hope to
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india in a way that very few people have, you know, inspired people in many, many year. he is more of a politician. >> it is bringing in front of all the countries around the world. that is the best he is doing. >> reporter: not everyone celebrated mr. modi as others protested outside the arena and even from the air. mr. modi is the first prime minister of india to visit the united states in 33 years and many parents here say he is inspiring their children. >> he is improving india. >> reporter: the prime minister received a rock star's welcome with groups of people breaking out into impromptu chants of his name. many say they're inspired by the leader's humbled beginning. he started as a tea vendor and rose to become prime minister. they say in just 15 months, he has already proven one man can make a difference. marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. india's prime minister made several silicon valley stops before last night's speech. at google yesterday morning they were chanting his name. you can hear it right there. narandra modi was given a tour. the new ceo who grew up in india. after modi he sat down with mark zuckerberg, too, who explained his own connection to india. before facebook was a success, steve jobs told zuckerberg to visit india for inspiration and guidance regarding his budding company. >> seeing how people connected and having the opportunity to feel how much better the world can be if everyone had a stronger ability to connect. reinforced for me the importance of what we were doing. and that is something that i've always remembered.
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>> modi is now headed over to new york city where he'll attend a summit meeting with president obama this morning. despite his packed schedule, prime minister modi made time to meet with governor jerry brown. the two met in san francisco yesterday afternoon to talk about climate change, renewable internal and the digital economy. governor brown has made slowing climate change one of his top priorities and the prime minister recently revealed new renewable energy programs in india. >> they're still chanting. this video was sent to us by our very own emcee during last night's event. if you want to see more of the prime minister's visit to the bay area, head over to where we posted his full interviews. it's the top story on our website. you can also watch it on our nbc bay area app for free. 5:06 right now. bay area libraries could soon be sharing more than books.
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the library in berkeley is closed because of a possible bed bug infestation. last week an outbreak closed one in palo alto. the library being treated at the north branch. bed bugs sniffing dogs will check out some of the other branches this week. dogs will also be inspecting libraries in palo alto after pests were found inside the mitchell park branch. we don't want to be sharing bed bugs. i think it's safe to say that. we would like to share some memories from last night's super moon. >> oh, yes. quite a sight if you got a chance to see it. some clouds hindered some view points. >> in san jose those clouds were everywhere. i didn't get to see much of it. let's take a look now as we see things are nice and quiet. a few cars starting to get the day started and heading off to work or maybe to school this early. 62 degrees right now the current temperature and sunnyvale at 64
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and san jose at 61. here's a look at all the microclimates and what to expect this afternoon. foster city 73 and the financial district will be at 70 degrees. 81 degrees in napa and oakland 76 degrees and livermore today up to 89 degrees. mostly some 70s and 80s. a few spots hitting 90 and it gets a little bit cooler as we head through the middle of the week. i'll show you that coming up. let's get a look at how the morning commute is rolling with mike. >> it's rolling well. company here west 580. very smooth. expected volume of traffic and look at your map. you see nothing unexpected here as far as the patterns go. from time to time speeds dropping down to 60 miles per hour. no problem on the dublin interchange and the volume starts to fill in and all the way over towards 680. typical pattern for the tri-valley as well as over here. antioch the start of the commute here. no issues towards the bay bridge toll plaza and a smooth drive over on the peninsula and 101 northbound and there's some
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debris. rocks in the roadway. be careful, they might have to have a traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much. for those drivers out there, good time to fill up. prices at the pump are down 9 cents the past five weeks, according to the lundberg survey. the national average is now $2.35 a gallon. some experts think the low prices can extend well into the next year and maybe into 2017. in san francisco, $2.67 a gallon for regular. slightly lower in oakland. people filling up in san jose getting the best deal so far at $2.48 a gallon. increased supply is one of the reasons for the drop. >> saving some money there. one politician trying to save face. carly fiorina clashes with chuck todd over what she said about planned parenthood. >> he announced his resignation and now john boehner seems to be embrace as new-found freedom. why he calls those within his
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own party false. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity
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and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. house speaker john boehner's exit from congress could help avoid a government shutdown this week, at least for a little while. but the next speaker could have a hard time controlling tea party republicans amid the controversy over funding planned parenthood. >> tracie potts joining us live in washington with more. actually, we take that back. it is not tracie potts this morning. it is eduard. >> good morning. someone who looks just as good as tracie. she is off, she will be back
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again tomorrow. this is something john boehner is not going out quietly. he lashed out at members of the house on the far, far right talking about them pushing strategies or political strategies that had no chance of going anywhere while putting the government in financial crisis. now, he pointed to one event in 2013. the shut down of the government when the far right tried to repeal obamacare. he said the republican members were getting other members into a frenzy with goals they just couldn't accomplish. then causing problems for the nation along the way. now, the speaker says that the far, far right also wants the government to shut down this year to prove a point about defunding planned parenthood. it appears that a bill will pass this week by the deadline to fund the government until december 11th. the house majority leader from california will likely take over as speaker. the tea party just doesn't have the votes to elect one of its members to the post. now, boehner thinks that the tea party, though, will continue to
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cause problems for the next speaker as their influence grows in the republican party and cause problems for the government as a whole. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you. >> thank you so much, edward. to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. later she'll be in belvedere in marin county and in the evening off to the east bay for a reception. tomorrow she'll be at a breakfast in san francisco. tickets costing between $1,000 and $2,700 for each event. clinton last visited the bay area last month for fund-raisers in san francisco. the big political news over the weekend, refusing to back down. yesterday on "meet the press" republican presidential candidate carly fiorina clashing with host chuck todd over her comments about a planned parenthood video. fiorina described a gruesome scene from one of the controversial undercover videos involving planned parenthood.
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fiorina claimed the footage showed keeping an aborted fetus alive to harvest its brain. here's some of that video. the fact checkers and even the maker of the video acknowledge that that claim is false. saying the video was stock footage that was used over the voices. but fiorina refused to acknowledge that fact. >> aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains and other body parts. that's a fact. planned parenthood cannot and will not deny this because it is happening. it is happening in this nation and taxpayers are paying for it. >> fiorina did stop short of saying that republicans should force a government shutdown to defund planned parenthood. an organization which says it does not use public money to perform abortion. this certainly was not a good sign for superstitious supporters of carly fiorina. take a look the curtain behind her came tumbling down.
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fiorina quickly picked up the mike and asked if everyone was okay. someone in the crowd yelled trump which fiorina replied, trump, hillary, could have been a lot of people. >> going to be an "sn" skit of this. another cell phone company jumping into the mobile payment industry. best buy thinks it has a way to get you to buy the new iphone. for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, guys, i got to bring you the deals every day. good monday morning to you. stocks look to start the week on a down note. the nasdaq suffering its third worst week of the year as biotech and health care stocks drag down the index. spending and impending home sales. friday the dow rose 114 points to 16315. the nasdaq falling 48 to 4686.
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samsung launching its new mobile payment service in the u.s. road out in its home country of south korea last month. it's hoping that the platform will give it an edge and the $67 billion a year mobile payment market. samsung pay works with magnetic card readers while others required stores to install new equipment. best buy an enticing off to get you to buy a new 6s or 6s plus. a $200 gift card with a trade in of any working smartphone with a two-year agreement. you can get another $200 as a new surviverizon, at&t or sprin customer. you have to act fast. the offer expires friday. >> those phones are expensive. so financing them not always a horrible idea. >> thanks a lot. it is 5:17 right now. boy, monday morning just moving along.
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going to be a great week. >> the weekend was always way too short. here we go as we start out the new week. at least we keep this nice weather we had over the weekend. so, no changes there. and even get few degrees cooler as we go into the next several days. a live look now at, at the sap center and starting out with thin clouds. it really blocked the view last night of the super moon. you probably had to go farther east before you really started to see the moon rising last night. well, as we get the week started, it is now at 50 degrees in the north bay and expect a high of 83 degrees this afternoon. san francisco topping out at 70 degree. east bay 76 and the tri-valley up to 89 degrees. it will be warm in some spots. we do have temperatures anywhere ranging from the upper 60s right along the immediate coast to some upper 80s inland. and not much of a wind as we go into the morning and early afternoon. we only see the wind speeds at
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five miles per hour but it is coming onshore. cooler near the bay and then afternoon temperatures warming up nicely. so, in san francisco, as i take you hour by hour, morning clouds. 58 degrees and also some low visibility in some spots with fog rolling in. 70 degrees by 2:00. we'll hit that 70 degree mark just briefly and then come back down into the 60s and then eventually into the 50s as the clouds roll in. a look at the cloud cover across the bay. by 8:00, we see the clouds covering san francisco and moving into the inner bay and then it clears out, at least for the inland areas and then along the immediate coast, you do still see the clouds rolling in and hanging tough as we go into the afternoon. and then tonight, we'll have more of those clouds moving in. that's the way we'll start tomorrow. the next couple of days, we will have some cooler temperatures, thanks to the cloud cover. and also a stronger onshore flow. so, we will be coming down a few more degrees for tomorrow, as well as wednesday. as far as to go back up towards
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the end of the week by friday expect a high of 86 degrees in san jose. and this weekend, we will have a warm start, at least for saturday, but sunday, it comes down a few more degrees. let's see how the commute is moving now with mike. >> kari, we're going to start where we had nine vehicles with flat tires over on the shoulder. sounds like they're still on the shoulder but no harm, but a little bit worried about the cars whizzing by and then on the northbound side, san antonio the off ramp there. reports of a stalled vehicle moving to the shoulder. a lot of activity right in that portion on the north end of mountain view. looking here on the east bay side of the san mateo bridge and heading up towards the toll plaza, the lanes widen. still have the big rig reported there on the right side. stay over to your left. still plenty of room to get by and a lighter flow just now. build over here. 280 shows some slowing and a quick look at the san mateo bridge and westbound heading to the peninsula, you're getting some company, guys. back to you. >> which is always good on a
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monday. somebody to talk to in the lonely early hours. >> that's why we're here for each other. coming up, the investigative unit uncovers a troubling trend when it comes to children peag punished at school. lowering the legal drinking age could help reduce binge drinking at college. but even still the consequences might outweigh the ben fits. you might think childish
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misbehavior at school would land a student in the
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principal's offic you might think childish behavior at school should land a student at the principal's office. >> but in some cases schools are relying on police to discipline students and that could leave your son or daughter with a criminal record before they even hit puberty. >> a trend in the bay area where kids are being criminalized. the color of your child's skin or whether your child has a disability will make them more likely to get disciplined by a police officer while at school. >> for me, it was like the end of the world. because your child is your baby. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter shares one mother's story of how her son's day at school ended with him having a criminal record at the age of 13. and hear why some worry that this could happen to your child, too. if you have a tip for the investigat investigators, give them a call at 1-888-996-tips.
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there have been recent campaigns to lower the legal drinking age as a way to stop binge drinking. a new study suggests that lowering the drinking age might help college kids but also boost the dropout rate. researchers looked back at data from the 70s through the mid-80s when many states lowered the drinking age to 18. during that time, the high drop out rate rose by 13% or rose up by 13%. while there's no proof that the drinking age was the culprit here, experts say access to alcohol may impact kids who are already at risk of dropping out. if you get up at the crack of dawn to the roar of a neighbor's lawn mower or watch the guy next door blow leaves into your yard, you're not alone. new study find 63% of homeowners have experienced a breach of lawn etiquette by a neighbor. millennials are the most common offenders. 34% admit to blowing their leaves next door and just leaving them there. on the flipside, more young people also likely to lend a
5:26 am
hand and mow a neighbor's yard. >> get paid for it and get sh some local economy going. 5:25. coming up next, no accident. the historic carmel mission putting a good scrub down this morning after it was struck by vandals following the controversy canonization of juni junipero serra. while the india prime minister's visit delivered more than hope.
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a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. weather forecast for the start of the weeked like the forecast at the end of last week. let's check in. >> i don't think you'll be able to complain about that, especially when you see the temperatures that stay comfortable as we go into the afternoon. some clouds and fog out there this morning, near the coast. it is cool in the north bay now at 50 degrees and 61 degrees in the south bay. it will be in the 70s and 80s this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. still some fog hanging around san francisco. but the rest of the inland areas will be clearing up and i'll show you that and what to expect as we go deeper into the workweek and that's coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening now on the roads with mike. >> the bay bridge toll mrauza and the last couple of minutes you see filling in. fastrak slowing down and considering the metering lights on and morning commute kicking off at 5:29. the map will show you nothing major on the approaches as far
5:30 am
as any slowing. toll plaza heading over towards the incline. we'll zoom the map out and typical slowing and also building out of the altamont and the dublin interchange and west 580 right on the approach to that connector. reports of a fender bender. no lane information. i'm check with chp. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. just days after pope francis flew to the u.s. and canonized junipero serra. >> over the weekend someone snuck into the carmel. >> stephanie chuang has the latest on the search for suspects. >> laura, sam, no suspects and police say there is enough evidence to show that there is a link with the recent canonization of junipero serra and the vandalism found at the carmel mission where serra
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wasied. took paint from the mission after sneaking in using it to cover the toppled statue of serra in the courtyard. vandals also scrolled saint of genocide on one headstone. the some criticized serra saying he was responsible for the mistreatment and death of native americans. mission leaders say moving forward they will channel serra's spirit. >> father serra now saint serra and his motto always forward and never back. that is our attitude here at the mission. >> so far police don't have any suspects in this case. but, according to the "l.a. times" police are investigating this as a hate crime because only the tombstones of europeans were defaced while those of native americans there at carmel mission were untouched. one nice thing out of all this is church officials got together to help clean up yesterday all the way through last night and that there should be no permanent damage. live in our san francisco
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newsroom, stephanie chuang. meantime, pope francis back at the vatican this morning after spending six days in the u.s. at each stop the pontiff was welcomed by hundreds of thousands of the faithful as well as nonbelievers. >> jay gray live in philadelphia where the pope held sunday service in front of 800,000 people. quite the mass, jay. >> yeah, laura, sam. the largest when you invite more than 800,000 over for the weekend, you've got a big mess to clean up. that's what's happening in philadelphia right now. the downtown area still closed down for the most part as crews trying to clean up after this weekend. look, the pope is gone as you talk about. the impact from his visit to the tour of the u.s. is going to last for a long time. the images aren't. just like the moment overwhelming. downtown philadelphia for the evening converted into a cathedral. >> it's amazing that the love
5:33 am
and the closeness. it's unbelievable how inspiring. >> reporter: more than 800,000 celebrating mass with the holy father. >> he's a wonderful person. bringing a beautiful message. >> reporter: pope francis began his six-day american tour in the nation's capital. meeting with president obama and then addressing the joint session of congress. the first pontiff recorded thatter. he continued to navigate the tight rope between politics and religion as he traveled to new york, speaking before the united nations general assembly. francis addressing the most powerful leaders in the world. but still always taking time for the most vulnerable among us. it was those moments. face-to-face with the faithful that will define his historic visit. stopping his motorcade to bless the children. they were the times francis seemed to cherish the most.
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closing out his american tour in philadelphia, focused on family, faith and service and offering one final blessing. >> may the lord bless you all. god bless america. >> no question that the pope's visit was an economic blessing for this city. officials saying that revenues earned during the visit close to $500 million for local businesses. that's the latest live here in philadelphia. i'm jay gray, laura, sam, back to you. >> spiritual and economic awakening. president obama today taking america's fight against isis to the united nations. ahead of an important sit down with russian president vladimir putin. the president today is going to address the inu.n. body. it follows his address yesterday at the u.n. sustainable development goal summit. following today's u.n. address president obama is going to have a face-to-face with putin for the first time in two years.
5:35 am
isis andsaryia's future are expected to be major issues around their conversation topic. >> believed it was irresponsible to let this occasion in which the two leaders will be in the same city's path to test whether progress could be made on these crises. >> no doubt they'll be talking about ukraine, as well. president obama also expected to focus attention on the iran nuclear deal during his u.n. address as an example of what happened when nations work together. it is 5:35. the teenager charged with stabbing a 9-year-old boy to death in his own bed is back in court today and we can find out whether he's competent to stand trial. williamtiats say mental illness play a role in the stabbing of the third grader. today a jury will listen as two independent evaluators testify on assessments of the teen. shul the teen has pleaded not guilty.
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a sunday outing on the delta turns scary. for boaters near antioch it started when a boat carrying two men and a 4-year-old boy struck something underwater on the sacramento river shortly before 7:00 last night. the crash opened a hole in the boat and left the boy with a slight head injury. a pashz boater rescued all three people. the boat started taking on water as it was towed to the antioch marina. everyone is okay. a fifth person has died devastating duck boat tour in seattle. four other students from the same college were also killed. we're also learning the military-style boat had not gotten a recommended axle repair. they saw the duck boat left front tire lock up before it veer under to a bus on a bridge. 5:36. right now, more than two weeks after the valley fire began, many students living in middletown are finally headed back to class today. hundreds of homes burned down
5:37 am
and an entire neighborhood was wiped out. the middletown schools were somehow spared. school officials arranged for students to pick up that are staying in lake county. held in portable units set up behind the middletown campus. meantime, researchers from san jose state say hurricane linda may have played a large role in how fast the valley fire spread. "the chronicle" reports remnants of the storm brought unusually strong wind to the area right when the fire started. the fire burned 40,000 acres in the first 12 hours. now it's burned more than 76,000 acres. but the good news, it is 97% contained. a little bit of celebrating here in the midst of tragedy. people in lake napa and sonoma counties banded together yesterday to support the victims
5:38 am
of the valley fire. they had a huge turnout for a benefit concert at the community cultural center. the musical lineup included all local talent. people who showed up say they're in this fight together. >> every little sound is just pulling in and just helping those people that were affected by the fire. there are, you know, friends and relatives right close here. they're our neighbors and we want to help them in every way we can. >> such an incredible gesture. money was raised from donations, silent auctions, raffles, food and freshment sales. if you'd like to donate, go to the redwood credit union website and look for the valley fire fund. it's 5:38. police in petaluma looking for a man who they say set a building on fire using gasoline. the man reportedly poured gas in the parking lot of the quick stop on east washington street in petaluma saturday afternoon. then he doused a nearby building in gas and tried to set it on fire. for some reason, the gasoline
5:39 am
did not ignite. the man took off before police arrived. volkswagen cheating scandal getting bigger. volkswagen luxury brand audi says 2.1 million of its cars were fitted with the soph ware that allowed vw to cheat u.s. emission tests. most of those cars are overseas, but almost 13,000 audis in america are also impacted. meantime german prosecutors have opened up an investigation into the former ceo. san jose and its long legal battle to land the oakland a's. an anti-trust fight for refusing to allow the a's to relocate. after losing in a federal appeals case sitting at the doorstep of the u.s. supreme court in a closed door session today, justices are expected to review potential cases for the upcoming session. by the end of the week, the court should decide whether to take on san jose's appeal. many legal experts say it is a long shot. bay area refinery rules are
5:40 am
currently in the process of being refined. tonight might be the last chance to provide some input in the process. the bay area air quality district for new rules. the goal is to lower emissions 20% in the next five years by 2020. board members will meet with labor groups in a last of a series of open houses. still no rock solid timetable on when those rules might actually take effect. cooling temperatures coming this week and check the forecast now with kari. >> cloudy, as well. the clouds will help cool our temperatures down as we see clouds this morning starting out in san francisco and there it is now 56 degrees. 54 degrees in oakland, livermore, 62 in san jose at 61 degrees as you step out the door with highs this afternoon. topping out in the low to mid-80s in the south bay and the peninsula we're anywhere from 69 degrees at half moon bay to 80 degrees in palo alto and the
5:41 am
sunset in san francisco and 91 degrees in fairfield. in oakland, 76 and dublin 88 degrees and pleasanton expect a high of 87 degrees. our temperatures coming down a few more degrees over the next couple of days. i'll show that to you coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check in with mike for the morning commute. >> turn our camera over here towards the dublin interchange and you see traffic flowing very smoothly and all the way up the dublin grade and that's your westbound commute. the reason i'm concerned right there near the interchange. reports of that crash earlier and still haven't gotten lane information from the chp and no additional slowing. that is a smooth build here and also south of there through pleasanton looking like a typical pattern for the tri-valley. the earlier crash with the big rig over on the right has cleared approaching the san mateo toll plaza. and northbound 101, that's the bigger issue.
5:42 am
approaching san anton approaching. two vehicles hit that trailer and a crash there on the northbound side and the rest of your south bay a typical build over here in san jose but we're watching in mountainview. hopefully the big rig tow truck will arrive any second to clear that from the roadway. coming up next, not just ship strikes what is lurking below the surface threatening the whales we see off the coast of california. ==sam/cu== nasa has some big news from
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nasa has some big news from the red planet. so big, nasa isn't even saying what it is - until a special news nasa has some out of this world news from the red planet. so big nasa isn't saying what it is until a special news conference later today. some images where nasa says it will hold a news briefing at the agency's headquarters in washington and it's going to be broadcast live online, as well. not in black and white either. the director of planetary science is expected to speak, as well as the lead scientist for the mars exploration program. that briefing starts at 8:30 a.m. on our time. it is 5:45. did you get to see it? stargazers treated when a total lunar eclipse combined with a so-called super moon. when a full moon makes its closest approach to the earth it appears 14% bigger with a reddish hue. that coincided last night with a
5:46 am
full lunar eclipse with a moon, earth and sun lined up with the earth's shadow obscuring the moon. sold out for their viewing last night and it didn't disappoint. >> made it look kin of orangey and the bottom was like dark. >> it was really cool just to see and know it doesn't happen that much. >> nope. it was prit orangey. take a look at this. this is what stargazers saw when they looked at the skies over antioch. stargazers say this is the first time since the moon made a twin appearance. won't happen again until 2033. >> we're making up new words to describe it. more than a dozen dead whales washing ashore in northern california. earlier this week, anothered up in fremont near the dumbarton bridge. in many cases these whales have been killed by ships or enta entangled in fishing gear. >> one local man who has made an
5:47 am
art out of rescuing them. >> the interesting whales began when i was 8 years old. >> it isn't hard to find the studio of peter, he just followed the tail. >> i always had a hankering for the big animals. >> reporter: and none are bigger. >> even when i was a kid, i got in trouble for drawing pictures on my math. >> reporter: he doesn't get in trouble drawing whales these days. >> been doing this for 40 years. his illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, even created special effects for "free willy" and "flipper." >> reporter: whales are definitely his second favorite animal. >> my favorite animal is my search dog. >> reporter: his devotion to whales goes well beyond the canvas. >> might have been 1980. >> reporter: he has a soft spot for whales in a hard place. >> some whales get entangled in
5:48 am
crab pots and some in trap. that's me with the knife. >> reporter: entanglements are the leading causes of premature whale deaths. so, when the call comes, his whale entanglement team answer. >> once a report comes in, we can be on that whale in two hours. >> humpback whale in a crab pot. >> reporter: for over 30 years rescues like this one have played out dozens of times man coming to the aid of giants impacted by man. >> we're maybe altogether with our boat and everything 1,000 pounds going up against an animal that is 80,000 pounds who is upset. >> reporter: this disentanglement of a humpback whale took not long ago near monterey. >> there was a knot down below the epiderms. >> reporter: each engtanglement is different except for one thing. >> the anxiety level is quite high. boom, we pop it. >> reporter: the number of whale
5:49 am
entanglements is rising. at least 60 reports from the west coast this year. ten times the two years ago. he also thinks the upcoming el nino may play a hand. >> these animals kind of know that something is up. they're packing on the fat. >> reporter: not every operation is a success, but this one -- >> the rope slipped off and pulled away. >> reporter: no high fives at the end of the rescue. >> we give the signal of success by tapping on the elimate. >> this guy comes back about six weeks later. this is when it feels really good when we see the animal come back and be a whale, again. >> reporter: the survivors are free to carry on their lives at sea and sometimes on his canvas. nbc bay area news. >> pretty cool. >> an appreciation there with little specks on the water rescuing those whales. >> all these little specks want to know what the forecast is for the week. >> going to be nice. great for whale watching or just enjoying some beach time. you can see them in the
5:50 am
distance. y active right about now. as we get a live look outside right now. we see there are some clouds that are starting our workweek as we take a look at the view from san bruno mountain towards san francisco. some low clouds and some fog and low visibility in some spots and temperatures are cool in the south bay. it's 61 degrees. 50 degrees in the north bay and in the east bay now it's 54 degrees. a look at the highs today. we'll be topping out in the mid-80s in the south bay peninsula and 77 degrees. and 76 the east bay and the tri-valley today will the warm spot. topping out at 89 degrees and 70 in san francisco. not much of a wind today. it will be very light coming in onshore. we're struggling to get it up to about five or six miles per hour through lunchtime and then during the evening commute as you head home. windows down and a lot of sun in the inland spots but a wind at about five to ten miles per hour. you'll be out at at&t park for the dodgers versus the giants game first pitch. it will be 64 degrees.
5:51 am
more clouds by the end of the game and breezy. be dropping back to 61 degrees. the clouds will keep us cooler. over the next couple of days also a stronger onshore flow. bringing our temperatures down a few more degrees. so in san jose, up to 80 degrees today and then 77 tomorrow. 79 degrees on wednesday and then it starts to warm up as we head closer to the weekend. a look at that weekend forecast brings it up to 91 degrees north bay. 92 in the tri-valley and also lower 90s in the south bay. and we see it coming down a few more degrees on sunday with a few more clouds and a stronger ocean breeze, once again. bringing our temperatures back to average for this time of year. let's check in now for that morning commute with mike. >> well, the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, that is not a surprise. a burst of traffic hit 101 at 680. as we look at the map starting to ease off after that first big burst of traffic. building up 237 and your two right lanes, two left lanes are opened.
5:52 am
disabled big rig that was there and then two cars hit it and now they need a larger tow truck to clear that from the roadway. chp even though this is a big backup forming now, they should be able to clear that quickly once that tow truck arrives. not too concerned about it. but the rest of your bay moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. mike pope francis had a pretty good laugh when he meant a pont-size pontiff saturday at a parade in philadelphia. the baby's parents, as you can see right there dress her in papal including the hat. in the hopes of getting the pope's attention. >> the baby caught the eye of one of the pope's security guards. picked up the little girl and handed her to the holy father. the guard told the baby's parents the pope says you have a sense offer. i love that moment. i think it's so cute. >> adorable and also maybe also a future pope down the road. 5:52 coming up next. >> making the rounds in the
5:53 am
morning talk shows, but this morning a popular presidential candidate will be back in the bay area. america's fight against isis to
5:54 am
5:55 am
president obama today taking america's fight against isis to the united nations ahead of an important sit down with russian president vladimir putin. the president today will address the entire u.n. body. it follows his address yesterday at the u.n. sustainable development goal summit
5:56 am
following today's u.n. address president obama will have a face-to-face with putin for the first time in two years. isis and syria's future expected to be among the topics discussed. >> the president believed it would be irresponsible to let this occasion in which the two leaders would be in the same city pass without trying to test to see if progress would be made on these crises. >> president obama is also expected to focus attention on the iran nuclear deal during his u.n. address as an example of what happens when nations work together. at 5:56. to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be back in the bay area today kicking off her visit in the south bay. with the reception in saratoga. later she'll be in belvedere and marin county for a mothers and daughters vent. off to the east bay for a reception and tomorrow breakfast in san francisco. tickets cost between $1,000 and $2,700 for each event. clinton last visited the bay
5:57 am
area for fund last month. carly fiorina refusing to back down. yesterday on "meet the press" fiorina clashed with host chuck todd over recent comments about a planned parenthood video. fiorina described a gruesome scene from one of the controversial undercover videos involving planned parenthood. the footage showed workers keeping an aborted fetus alive to harvest its brain. fact checkers and even the makers of the video found that statement to be false. saying the video was stock footage. fiorina refused to acknowledge the fact. >> planned parenthood is aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains and other body parts. that is a fact. planned parenthood cannot and will not deny this because it is happening. it is happening in this nation and taxpayers are paying for it. >> fiorina did stop short of saying that republicans should force a government shutdown to
5:58 am
defund the organization. planned parenthood said it doesn't use public money to perform abortion. this is certainly not a good sign for superstitious supporters of carly fiorina at a campaigning event in texas, a curtain fell on her, literally. she was speaking at an event in san antonio when the frame piping and backdrop fell to the ground. luckily no one was hurt. she made light of the situation saying, i'm plenty of tough enough to be commander in chief. >> she's holding her people up there. this afternoon, crime fighting window washers dressed as souper heroes will fight crime. >> antioch children's hospital. will get a little surprise when they look outside. superheroes will certainly brighten their day and the windows that hospital, as well. these are images of an event just a couple years ago. window washers zipped around and superman and spiderman costumes and always fun for the kids. today's event starts at 5:45.
5:59 am
>> flying from window to window and we fly now to our next show coming up at 6:00. electroifying and inspiring thousands. the prime minister of india's message for people all across the bay area. and vandals targeted california mission damaging a statue of junipero serra just days after he was made a saint. just into our newsroom a south bay family safe after their home catches fire overnight. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good monday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a track of your weather and roadways. mike i hinouye has your traffic. >> 70s and 80s this afternoon with some spots getting some
6:00 am
full-on sunshine throughout the day. and some clouds in san francisco with a high of 70 degrees. the south bay will be topping out at 4. i'll show you more of the microclimate forecast and what to expect through the workweek coming up. let's how the week is getting started on the roads with mike. >> it's a tough start right now for mountain view. the stretch of 101 from moffett up past the shoreline. we have the disabled big rig trailer which had two cars crash into it. it's a crash scene blocking the two left lanes and only half your freeway and we have that build coming up through the area. elcamino the surface streets and you might want to stay on the the road because the chp will have to clear that once they get a bigger truck and shouldn't be too long from now. build out of san jose and where those metering lights, of course, are on. your standard backup as we look at the toll plaza shot. smooth drive on the approach and, of course, we have. >> mike,


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