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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> that might sound familiar to you. that's miss janet jackson "burn it up." hope you had a great weekend. it's fun day monday, september 28th. >> we have a great show. i cannot believe it has been one year since george and amal got married. they're already having an anniversary. >> good for them. they say it wouldn't last. they seem settled and happy. >> we'll talk with dave carter and a lot of stuff about taylor swift and her concert.
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always making news there. >> "twilight" star nikki reed is back with us. she's a newlywed. she'll show why she has heads turning, just in time for halloween. >> plus with his number one hit song "replay," he's singing with a very, very special guest. >> you'll meet a very inspirational woman, an artist who triumphed over tragedy and creates incredible paintings with her mouth. she's got a surprise for us. looks like piers brce brosnan t. >> hoda and i -- >> hi. >> we were inseparable. >> you left my side long enough to go off to spend time with the girl scouts. >> did i go to nashville, tennessee earlier. and spoke to a great group of girl scouts. there were 600 people. these are some of the girl scouts, those wacky kids. those are the grown-up girl scouts.
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had a great time. >> how long does that continue? can you be a girl scout -- can you be a woman scout. >> ask amanda avery. she was a girl scout through her senior year in high school. nothing looks better than a senior with a girl scout uniform on. you rocked it. congratulations. >> that's great. >> you ran into somebody, didn't you? >> right before the last picture was at sirius xm, buzz's show. all those crazy people drink and do their show. >> you're not one to judge, neither am i. >> when i did get off the plane a friend texted me and said go to this bar in nashville called losers. i said is there a bar called losers? yes, next to winners. everybody goes to losers. guess who we saw? >> look at this. >> blake shelton. >> with your friend jamie. >> what was blake doing at losers. >> he was schmoozing fans. it was a fun meet and greet. >> there is such sexual tension when the two of them get together. >> and then -- >> then you came up to
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greenwich, greenwich food -- wine and food festival was in full swing. >> yes. >> and there i was. that was a couple nights before with geoffrey zakarian. he opened a fabulous new restaurant, the national in greenwich in a couple weeks. he and i had become good pals. that's sonny unger from serendipity magazine who pull on the whole thing. it's second or third year. what is it, chris? second or third? >> it's a big hit. >> look at what we're doing. >> that's me and sheila mara from the mara family, owners of the giants. i did an interview with kimberly from little big town that afternoon. i am -- i have such a girl crush on kimberly schlappman. it's a big hit for them. >> we raised money for paul newman's hole in the wall gang. i into ed to put a check in the mail, remind me. and little big town. >> they sang our theme song
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called "day drinkin'". >> hoda's. >> we got on stage and sang. well, it wasn't pretty. >> they didn't give us a mike. >> i'm a mouther. i'm proud of that. >> they are really, really such dolls. we had a good long weekend. >> wherever you went, though, wherever you went during the course of the weekend everyone was talking about the pope, weren't they. >> absolutely. >> the impact he's had on people's lives, people of the catholic faith and all faiths. he's done something you haven't seen a religious leader do in this country in terms of unifying -- >> how about the world. >>y he, in the world. he left philadelphia and when you think about number one just how many people he touched and just, you know, his words were spectacular but when you watched his deeds, he kept saying to people, pray for me. >> i know. >> which was one of the most touching things he did. instead of saying i'm going to pray for all of you there, he
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was asking -- >> he knows how much he needs the power of prayer from people. even at the very end he still sat there and wave. he kept giving until he had nothing left to give. you know what i pray for the pope now? i hope he had a nice bunch of pasta and i pray god gives him three days of just sleep, faithful servant of the lord. many, many of the people that came to hear him, about 40% were not of the catholic faith. >> yes. >> he just transcended it all because his message of love and forgiveness and inclusion and grace and redemption and forgiveness. >> yes. >> is a universal thing that every human being, no matter who we are or where we live, we need. >> he showed it not only by saying it but by physically showing it. every time he touched somebody you felt he was as joyful as they were. he never looked -- >> happy to meet them as they were to meet him. when he landed -- >> he did this tweet, which is
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so exciting, with my heartfelt thanks, may the love of christ always guide the american people. #god bless america. we're a hash tag. it's exciting. >> the catholic church has been through a lot in the last couple of decades. there are so many wonderful, fine, faithful people in that church. and a few, the sins, the horrendous sins of a few have colored the whole as a group if ways that are so unfair. i think this, this visit by this pope has done more to resurrect the beauty that exists in the catholic church than anything that anything else ever could. >> he was amazing. >> it's a wonderful thing. >> let's talk about taylor swift. >> do we have to go from the pope to -- >> we do! every now and then, taylor swift brings a surprise guest. >> pretty much all the time, right? >> yes. >> well, how about this? she brought out mick jagger. >> that would have sent me
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running. >> mick jagger and she did this crazy dance. it looked like she was just -- okay. now, this is epic enough. it's two generations colliding. there was one woman there with her daughter and granddaughter. and she had the best reaction. take a look. she goes for her grandmother -- her granddaughter. she always wanted to see the stones, a life long dream. she never got to see them. she goes to be a good grandmother and who does she see, mick jagger? >> i'm happy for her. >> this is awesome! i love that! i love that. anyway, it must be -- >> were you a stones fan. >> a couple of songs i love. but there's something about someone who does something kind for someone else and ends up getting the gift. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> taylor said this is why i like bringing out surprise
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special gifts on tore. steven tyler joined her. >> casey joined her. >> she has amazing legs. >> how about the rock? >> he's getting cuter and cuter, isn't he. >> he posts pictures of his puppies. >> little hobbs and brutus, apparently all dogs can't swim. take a look at the videos he posted on instagram. hobbs is his character's name. >> named after one of the greatest movie characters of all times, hobbs, let's go. [ laughter ] i took the red eye home, slept three hours, worked out, worked all day, i have to go to work tonight. brutus, let's go. [ laughter ]
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welcome to my world. >> how cute is he. >> puppies, that's so unpuppy hoif like. >> sometimes blake would pancake like that and not move. just like i don't feel like it. they like the coolness of whatever floor they're on or the grass. they like to lay. >> it's just -- >> why are they gallivanting? >> a puppy by nature is bling, bling, bling, bling, bling. >> this is something you're going to love. >> please don't tell me. >> some people think they look good eating cereal. if only i had a selfie spoon. here's the spoon on the end. you go in. see? you're actually in the view. go in. >> don't put me in this. i'm getting out of there. >> mm-mm. >> don't put me in there. >> would you like a bite of? >> no, thank you. no, thank you. >> open, open. >> created by cinnamon toast crunch, which is delicious. >> so dumb.
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i'm sorry. >> sadly it's out of stock right now. company told us it's still deciding if more will be made. gee, i hope they come to aon could collusion. because i don't know how we can go on in life if we don't have a selfie cereal spoon. which could also be used for soup. >> or, or -- >> or anything really. >> yogurt. >> anything that requires a spoon. >> pretty soon there will be two, one with a fork so you can do your pasta. it's awesome. >> or eat a steak. >> all right, all right. if you leave now you'll miss our favorite things later. >> i have a human surprise. >> i like that. >> plus, one of tv's top paid actresses. >> it's all in today's buzz which will have to wait. won't be long. won't be long. hoda ♪
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have missed the hot hollywood gossip. >> it's time to get you caught up in "today's buzz." here's the host of fandango's weekend ticket, dave carver. >> great to see you both. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> let's start with sad news. caylee kuoco announced that she and her husband mutually decided to end their marriage. >> you don't like to see this story happening. cuoco, she's one of the highest paid actresses on tv. she mads 1 million per episode of "big bang theory." >> they all got the same thing. >> yes, parsons. they all got a big, big raise and ownership of the show. >> money can't buy you love. >> it can't. you have to hope there's a prenup there, otherwise there will be a lot of money at stake.
10:15 am
>> right after they announced the breakup she had some plans, right? >> she participated in a horse jumping show. she's not letting anything bring her down. she's continuing on with her life. >> let's switch over to a happy couple. george and amal. one year since the wedding. >> last september was their huge wedding in venice, italy. this is the one-year an rers n y anniversary. >> that went fast. >> she basically outshines him in every way. >> he loves it. >> he loves it. she's more gloom rouse, smartam >> she's thinner. >> at the party i talked to him for a while. all he wanted to talk about was her. >> what did he say? >> she was in the maldives at the time working on a terrorism case which was very dangerous by the way. her co-counsel was stabbed in the head. all he wanted to talk about how
10:16 am
dangerous it was, how courageous she is. they're renovating a new house outside of london. >> calling it a house is charitable. >> it's a manor. >> it's gorgeous. >> the funniest thing he said, the house is on an island and next to their house is a dinner theater. >> you can always tell how many time someone mentions their significant other to a stranger, you know how much it matters. caitlyn jenner changed her name. >> big news. over the weekend a judge granted her request for the name and gender change. this is a gargantuan moment. this is the legal, official recognition of the name change and the gender change. caitlyn marie jenner. she commemorated this on twitter
10:17 am
with a starbucks cup with caitlyn on it. >> how is the show doing. >> it's over. they announced a second season. the ratings were huge for a second show but trailed off. still a success for e! i got to meet jenner a couple weeks ago. i got to interview her for an hour. i found her so fascinating. because she's on e! and part of the kardashian crew, it's easy to forget she's 65 years old. she's of an older generation. >> right. >> this whole thing -- >> watch it. >> it's still new to her, too. she's getting used to as well. i loved her. >> dave, thank you so much. >> thank you. twilight beauty nikki reed sinks her teeth into a supernatural thriller. >> here to tell us all about it. she's a sweetheart. she's a sweetheart. >> right after this. she's a sweetheart. >> right after this. i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot.
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nikki reed made her big screen debut starring in "13." since they she hit it big as rosalie hail in the blockbuster "twilight" series. >> nikki is taking a bite oust the small screen in a new series called "sleepy hollow" where she flirts with danger and icabod
10:22 am
crane. take a look. >> ichabod, not how i pictured him. >> i haven't even seen that. >> not your typical betsy, not the one you would envision in the rocking chair stitching. >> sewing the flag. >> it's a take on betsy. she's a kick ass, bad ass sexier version of that as they tend to do on television. >> is it based in any historical reality? >> that's what i love about this show. we're surrounded by such -- not that there's anything wrong with it but at this time, mindless entertainment. the thing that's amazing about the show, they do a great job of combining facts, historical
10:23 am
facts. there's such accuracy. they combine that with entertainment. you feel you're a part of something greater. >> actually learning something. >> yes, that thing. >> what a concept. >> does the flag have super powers or something. >> i haven't seen the flag yet. i don't know. that's the thing about tv. we're on this journey together. i don't know what's going to happen. >> you're shooting down in beautiful atlanta. >> yes. >> how's that? are you separated from your new husband now as a result. >> his show was there, too. somehow we joke that we manifested this because we work like 15 minutes from each other. prior to the show, i actually did a film there about a year and a half ago and so the horses that were in this film i shot we now have. so we're kind of like -- we have a family there. >> you are into animals big time. >> one of the headlines, when people say your name, we know that. you foster a lot of animals at your home. >> i do. for many years. >> look at you kids. >> crazy kids. >> those are not fosters. those are the permanent
10:24 am
residents. that's lucy. i love to tell you guys about lucy. she's a dog that i actually rescued just a few weeks ago and she was five minutes before being put down and by accident, lucy needs a home. if anybody sees lucy, you can contact fur kid which is is a rescue that i work with, a no-kill rescue. they do amazing things in rescue. >> they know when you've saved them. >> they sense. they're so grateful. >> is your husband as into animals as you are? did you train him into -- >> i didn't have to train him. no, not at all. he's the real deal. he loves animals. if we could, together, we're a disaster because we would have a thousand. we'll be hoarders. >> we love it every time you come see us, sweetie. happy for your new success on this. catch the premiere, the season premiere this thursday on fox. "sleepy hollow." she's lived life in the spotlight, now ann romney is sharing her story.
10:25 am
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schultz say mental illness played a role in the stabbing of the third grader last april. today a jury will hear mental assessments from two independent evaluators. schultz entered a not guilty plea. investigators say a barbecue grill may have sparked an overnight fire. neighbors were briefly forced to evacuate nearby homes. no one was hurt. the crews say the fire did displace a family of four. a look at weather and traffic right after this break. =trx at ck=
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after the morning clouds clear out, sunshine, especially inland with a high of 80 degrees today in san jose. also, 80 in palo alto. up to 68 degrees, mixture of sun and cloud s there. napa, expect a high of 81. 76 in oakland. pittsburgh. 87 degrees in livermore today. we'll see a high of 89 degrees. let's see what problems you may face on the roads now. less of a problem across the bay bridge. we had a fully -- we had an engulfed car, smoke, sort of a distraction going on. the fire looks like it has been put out. two lanes blocked. this is westbound 80 treasure island approach off the bay bridge. see the new tower. the map will show you how slow it is on the extension over from oakland. that will build up slowing down the east shore freeway. two lanes blocked, slow getting to san francisco. other bridges move smoothly with lighter flow of traffic.
10:30 am
slow through hayward. back to you. update in half an hour. hope to see you then. we are back with a truly epic love story. ann and mitt romney were high school sweethearts who got married at 19 years old. she had a loving husband, five gorgeous sons, financial security. >> but in 1998 when at 49 years old live threw ann a curveball. she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an auto immune disease that affects 2 million people worldwide and twice as many women as men. >> she's written beautifully and candidly about living with ms in her new memoir called "in this together: my story." >> when you first walked in i knew you were going to be beautiful and all this stuff. can we get a shot of the shoes?
10:31 am
>> she came to play. >> the party is downstairs. ann romney knows how to wear some shoes. >> jill martin and bobbie thomas would be going crazy. >> they know about this epic battle of the multiple sclerosis. >> i'm good. because i'm so strong it's now time for me to be the strength for those that are suffering and hoping for cures with ms. not only is my center going to address ms, it's also going to deal with neurosciences with parkinson's, als, alzheimer's and brain tumors. >> they're all interrelated, aren't they? >> they are. we are going to accelerate and really help promote cures and treatments for these diseases. and by the way, in the lab now, we're working on a nasal vaccine for alzheimer's and the doctors that are working on this will say in our lifetime we will have a nasal vaccine that will be as effective as the polio vaccine. >> wow. >> there's exciting things
10:32 am
coming. >> good things are coming out of your own suffering. >> right. >> when you were 49 to get that kind of news, i was thinking about any of us to be living life, having a beautiful monday and then tuesday you hear some difficult news. >> you've known that, hoda. >> i also had breast cancer on top of that, too. >> you don't write as much about that. >> breast cancer was stage zero. i got treated. i'm in remission. for me it wasn't as life-altering, something you'll live with your entire life. >> ms is still a lifetime battle. >> it is a lifetime battle. the thing people don't understand with ms is the debilitating fatigue. >> you were feeling that. you wanted to drop into a black ball. you thought your life was basically over. >> i was almost in a way relieved for the diagnosis but at the same time when i was told there was nothing we could do
10:33 am
for you -- at that time there weren't a lot of treatments. i was like, wait, this can't be. there has somebody something. i'm excited to be here and talk about the fact that there are treatments now and there's so much hope for people with m. >> was it difficult putting words on paper? sometimes you have stuff in your head and your heart but it's hard to write them down. >> it was hard to go back into the dark, scary place where i was. >> the depression. >> the depression. the overwhelming fatigue, the hopelessness, the feeling that life was over and there was nothing worth living for anymore. going back into that place, that was hard. >> that's okay. that was part of the healing process. you were blessed not only to have your faith but a man like mitt who says no, no, no, we're not staying there and five boys. >> they were great. i finally got medicine that stopped the progress but okay, i still feel lousy. figuring out alternative things
10:34 am
to make me feel better, riding horses. >> acupuncture. >> acupuncture, reflexology. all these different strategies that would give me more energy. there's not a perfect formula. >> everyone is different. >> everyone is different. had to find my way. >> you found it beautifully, like everything you do. >> glad you could share this with us. >> it's called "in this together". >> what size shoes do you wear? i was going to borrow those. >> all of ann's proceeds will go to her neurological research. they say anything is possible. she's living proof. >> the artist who was left partially paralyzed pull fill dr dream. our favorite thing, mine is a human being. >> is it me? >> you're one of them. >> you're one of them. >> okay.
10:35 am
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a woman who was a true inspiration. her name ask miriam parre. when she was just 20 years old, she was hit by a stray bullet, shot in the back while driving a car, leaving her a quadriplegic. >> instead of giving up on her dream of painting, she taught herself how to pain the with her mouth. her skills even captured the attention of actor pierce brosnan who invited her to his home last year where miriam presented him with two portraits. she's with us here today. >> welcome. >> our pleasure to welcome you. >> how did the pierce brosnan thing come about? >> that was such an amazing experience. i panted pierce brosnan as a fan, i painted him as bond. he saw the painting that i did for him. not a lot of people know, pierce brosnan is a painter himself. >> he's a fine artist. >> he was impressed with my work and he invited me to his home in
10:40 am
malibu to present him personally with the painting that i did for him which was so neat. i got to look at his paintings and we hung out and talked about art and the things that inspire us to paint. >> miriam, we had mrs. romney on talking about how when she got her ms diagnosis how she went into a dark place which is an understandable thing. can you relate? how long were you there? thinking maybe all my dreams are over. i have no hope for a future. >> being an able-bodied person your whole life you don't think something like disability will happen to you. it is life changing. but i had a lot of friends and family around me and you learn, you learn how to continue on and you learn to do the things that you love to do. >> you loved painting obviously. >> yes. >> when you had to make the transition to learn how to inpat using your mouth, did you start off? i'm looking at your pantings and i'm in awe by the way. >> beautiful. >> how long did it take you to become this prolific of a painter?
10:41 am
>> you know, it didn't happen right away. i didn't even know -- i wasn't sure i'd ever be able to paint again when i was first injured. i didn't know there was such a thing as mouth painting. >> you didn't hear of johnny eric satada? >> no, i didn't. >> i heard about the mouth and foot painting artist, there's an association of artists that paint with their mouth and feet. i got a scholarship and it allowed me to hone my skills as a mouth painter. >> we're going to reveal what you've done for us. >> we'll have to fight over it. >> how long did this take you, miriam? >> about a month and a half. >> god bless you. we are not worth that. we definitely are not. >> wow! >> we are going to fight over this. >> i look young. >> can we keep this on our set? >> yes, nice little bit of
10:42 am
cleavage. good job. >> i've been looking at your two faces for all these weeks. it's been such a pleasure to paint you. i try to capture the things that made you individual. you have beautiful, soulful eyes, hoda, your smile. i hope that i captured that. >> you did. >> you are amazing. >> thank you so much. i love you. >> thank you so much. >> find out more about her on the internet. >> check out all these paintings here. we'll put them on the website. his music makes you want to his music makes you want to hit enjoy your break! thanks. i love being on stage. but when i get time off, i take advantage of it. i have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... and i know the best way to enjoy a break...
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10:47 am
♪ i love that song. the 2009 multiplatinum smash hit "replay" topped the charts in this country and all over the
10:48 am
world. >> well, that song was the creation of singer, songwriter and rapper iyaz who is ready to take the world by storm again with his new single "alive" featuring lead singer nash who's also with us. hi, guys. >> glad to be here. >> welcome the band and the ladies. this is big. you had such a big hit. you think there's another big one on this new record. >> we have three of them right now. >> i likey, i like what you're thinking. same kind of sound. >> even better. this is a whole new me. >> you took a little time off. >> yes. >> what was the inspiration? >> family. basically i went back home to the family. >> like the pope says, familia! >> there you go. i perfected my craft. >> nash, coming in from hot shell ray, you are an entity yourself. why did you decide to hook up. >> we met on the road doing radio promo shows. >> you bonded. >> yes, absolutely.
10:49 am
we both got a love for a lot of similar types of music. he asked me to be on this song and write the verse. >> why not. >> it was a blast. >> we're skated xcited to hear >> what are you singing for us? >> "alive" the new single. >> take it away, everybody. ♪ ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ every girl in the club wants to be her ♪ ♪ and her family says she a keeper ♪ ♪ but they don't know what i know ♪ ♪ she could be crazy ♪ but i fell a bill of paradise when i look into her eyes ♪ ♪ i'm all right i'm all right ♪ this light of mine sets me on fire ♪ ♪ she build me up she break me down ♪ ♪ couldn't even let go tell me would you let go ♪ ♪ of what keeps you alive keeps you alive ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ i don't know whether it's wrong or right but either way i gotta take a bit ♪ ♪ first sign of trouble
10:51 am
♪ i'm diving in ♪ and if i go too deep and get the bends ♪ ♪ well, maybe we can lay out by the pool and order takeout ♪ ♪ watching everybody watch us while we sipping champagne ♪ ♪ she lights me up like the fourth of july ♪ ♪ when there's no holiday ♪ and even if it's 100 degrees i know she gonna keep it cool ♪ ♪ this light of mine sets me on fire ♪ ♪ she build me up she break me down ♪ ♪ couldn't even let go tell me would you let go ♪ ♪ of what keeps you alive keeps you alive ♪ ♪ you and i we can never lose yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ and now we're better maybe
10:52 am
cause of you ♪ ♪ cause i've been thinking lately that maybe just maybe ♪ ♪ i'm going john legend crazy ♪ cause all of me wants ♪ this light of mine sets me on fire ♪ she build me up she break me down ♪ ♪ couldn't even let go tell me would you let go ♪ ♪ of what keeps you alive keeps you alive ♪ ♪ this light of mine sets me on fire ♪ ♪ she build me up she break me down down ♪ ♪ couldn't even let go tell me would you let go ♪ ♪ of what keeps you alive keeps you alive ♪ >> yeah! whoo-hoo! >> it's a miracle, i actually loved that! >> it's awesome. >> another hit.
10:53 am
>> our favorite things are nest. everybody, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time to share our favorite things. if you like ginger, get chimes. they're at whole foods and everywhere. >> mine is five-time grammy winner sandi patty. >> what do you mean? >> sandi patty. her farewell tour, say it ain't so, is kicking off spring of 2016. >> it is indeed. >> one of the greatest voices god ever gave a human being. crank it, please. ♪ >> you have been such a kind friend to me. >> and virus versa, missy. i'm going to get there. hoda has to come. >> five-time grammy winner. hello. >> we lost track of the records.
10:57 am
>> still just kickin' it. >> we're going over for a birthday party for her.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
killers escape from prison.. joyce mitchell learns her fate. right now at 11:00, sentence death for helping two convicted killers escape prison. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the woman who escaped from new york prison pleads for mercy. but he didn't buy her tears. >> you are sentenced to two and one-third years to seven years. >> the judge revoked her plea for leniency telling her she got a pretty good deal in her plea agreement.


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