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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the ballot. >> it will take election officers about a month to count and verify all of the signatures and to determine whether this issue will be on the november 16th ballot. in the moont, the california law vaccination law is set to go into effect next summer. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. >> so are there more victims? that's the question being aved tonight after a 25-year-old man was arrested for lewd acts against a teen in san mateo county. this man, originally contacted a 15-year-old online and developed a sexual relationship. police arrested molina yesterday in heyward. he faces charges of committing a lewd act with a minor and possession of child porn. >> we have a follow-up tonight on an embattled heyward school superintendent whose actions at a recent meeting led them to call police. he is offering a formal apology
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for the behavior. they said he shouted, curses, and physically threenned them. in a letter, he apologized and blamed his behavior on an emergency medical procedure he had earlier in the day. it reets in part, quote, while i rested for several hours, i felt okay and determined not to miss the school board meeting. i should have followed my doctor's orders. the school board spend hours discussing it, but will not say whether he will face discipline air action. >> the biggest breakthrough yet in the search for life on mars. it was made possible by the work done here in the bay area. nasa announced today there is liquid water on the red planet. skaud budman is live to show us the discovery and really the big thing is what does it mean? >> jessica, scientists here tell us they have been searching for this one for a long time, and today, they've got it. proof of liquid water on the martian surface. they say that means some day exploring the red planet just got a little more plausible.
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we're about to launch a huge discussion surrounding mars and the possibility of life on the red planet. >> we are on a journey to mars. >> with hollywood like timing, nasa just dropped a bomb. saying liquid water exists on mars, boosting hopes that we may some day spend time there. >> what we observe is liquid water, present in mars. >> at nasa aims in mountain view, research scientist mary beth says the news opens up new possibilities about some day visiting mars. >> for future astronauts who may explore the martian surface, here's a perfect resource for them to use and not carry with them. the decrease of the cost of exploring mars as well as increases the safety for future astronauts and explorers. >> the latest discovery doesn't prove life can exist on mars, but it's raising the possibility that earth-like conditions could also be found here.
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>> we now know that mars once was a planet very much like earth. with warm salty seas, with freshwater lakes. probably snow capped peaks and clouds and a water cycle just like we're studying here on earth. >> there's more research to be done, but now it will be done on a planet looking a lot more capable of sustaining life. and some of that research will be done here at moffett field. researchers tell us they plan to use a lot of technology from silicon valley. coming up tonight at 6:00, a closer look at some of the technology that went into finding water on the surface of mars. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. now to decision 2016. she's back for the money. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight for a two-day fund-raising trip. this is video of her motorcade arriving at her first stop in saratoga. this evening, she's had a mothers and daughters event in
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marin county. then she'll also attend a third fund-raiser tonight and reception in arinda. tonight, the former secretary of state will attend a fund-raising breakfast in san francisco. tickets range from $1,000 to $2700 for each event. >> meanwhile, donald trump unveils his tax plan today at trump tower in new york city. candidate claims his plan would slash income taxes for the middle class and for corporations. the plan would also eliminate income tax for people earning less than $twoib,000 a year or couples earning less than $50,000. he says not only does the plan simplify the tax code, but it would stimulate the economy and bring more jobs back from overseas. >> i think you'll see we have an amazing code. it will be simple. it will be easy. it will be fair. it's graduated. >> critics say the question is how trump would raise enough revenue to offset the plan's deep tax cuts.
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even the wealthy would see their tax rate cut from 40% to 25%. it's no surprise but it's official, kevin mccarthy said he's going to be running to the be the next speaker of the house. most consider him the front runner to replace john boehner of ohio. he shocked many when he announced this past friday that he's resigning from congress at the end of october. mccarthy first went to capitol hill in 2009 after serving as a state lawmaker in sacramento. >> what used to land a stund in the principal's office could now mean a criminal record for your son or daughter. tonight, we investigate how some bay area schools are dealing with even minor misbehaviors in the classroom. our investigator reporter is here with a preview. this could have significant consequences for kids. >> there could be a long term impact for a lot of students across the area. critics in law enforcement and in schools believe some educators are relying heavily on
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police to discipline students which could leave their son or daughter with a criminal record before they hit puberty. we unveil a pattern where kids are being criminalized for what some describe as just children behavior. the color of your child's skin or whether they have a disability makes them more likely to be disciplined by a police officer while at school. >> for me, it was like the end of the world because this is your child. it's your baby. >> and tonight at 11:00, you'll hear one mother's story of how her son's day at middle school ended with him having a criminal record at just 13. we'll also hear why some believe this would easily happen to your child. that and more when we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> okay, thanks again. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit. give them a call. you can also send them an e-mail.
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>> the sister of a north carolina dental student shot and killed earlier this year in what many call a hate crime is speaking out about islamophobia. i'm jodi hernandez at sf general with that woman's very powerful message to fellow doctors. >> also, ahead, the outage that has the whole world talking but not posting. what was behind facebook's malfunction. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. high clouds increasing across the south bay and a comfortable 77 degrees. we'll talk about even cooler temperatures tomorrow in my microclimate forecast. we begin with that developing
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news in castro valley... where sheriff's deputies are questioning someone after discovering a husband and wife, killed in their home. they were just dead just after noon today. n-b-c bay area's chuck coppola is in castro valley with more on what neighbors are saying about they chuck is in castro valley with more on what neighbors are saying about the victims and the possible suspects. the bodies of an older couple were found before noon. investigators are questioning a young man they describe only in his 30s. they didn't have to go far to find him. alameda county sheriff's deputies got a call to check on a couple at a mobile home park in castro valley. one of the victims had been due at an appointment but didn't
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show up. it became a double homicide investigation once deputies arrived. >> they made entry into the home and found two murdered people. one man and one woman. a further search of the home found a third person. that person was detained and taken to the station for questioning. >> investigators believe the victims, a male and female, are a couple. and that the person brought in for questioning are related. >> i know she has a son. he has special needs, not, you know, he has maybe bipolar thing going on. >> neighbors say the couple had lived here for about ten years. the bond they all shared, a love of pets. >> they're animal lovers and that's about the relationship we had. keeping communication with our pets. but to hear this, i'm shocked. it doesn't happen around here, really. we have little incidents but nothing like this. >> investigators recovered what they believe is the murder weapon but are not revealing anything about that saying
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that's information only the c l killer would know. >> a powerful message of tolerance from a bay area doctor. her story made headlines when her 23-year-old brother and two other people were gunned down in chapel hill, north carolina. she told fellow doctors she sees signs of hate everywhere, even from her patients. jodi hernandez is live in san francisco where the doctor is sharing what is a very painful, painful story for her. very personal, too. >> jessica, that doctor's presentation was very moving, very powerful. she made that presentation to fellow doctors here at sf general today. she says islamophobia is real. even here in san francisco. >> he was incredibly kind and loving. >> this doctor misses her little brother beyond words.
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23-year-old diya, a dental student at the university of north carolina. his wife, and his wife's sister, were shot and killed allegedly by a neighbor back in february. in what many consider a hate crime. >> my hope is that this kind of thing never happens again to anyone. and that we all realize at the end of the day that we're all human. >> today, she shared her story with her colleagues, fellow doctors at san francisco general. >> realizing that it's because of this head scarf that my family members were murdered. >> she says racism and bias against muslims called islamophobia takes place even at an institution like sf general. >> you realize that this is not acceptable. it is time that people stand up for me. >> she says as a doctor, she has experienced countless acts of islamophobia. some subtle, others not. >> where patients would refuse to shake my hand, would refuse
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to see me and ask for their real doctor by virtue of my wearing the head scarf. >> she's determined to educate others in honor of her loved ones. >> we hope we can live up to what they would have wanted us to do. >> now, after the presentation, the medical director stood up and said he was ashamed to admit that it took this incident to open his eyes about islamophobia. he's pledging to do all he can to make this hospital safe and welcoming for everyone. in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> b.a.r.t. is trying to figure out if an insider is to blame for a massive ticket theft. it's investigating reports of what they call a substantial loss of tickets from its offices. there are reports those tickets ended up for sale on the black market. but the agency refused to confirm the details. in a statement, b.a.r.t. would only say there's an active investigation involving law enforcement. today, muni began rolling
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out a series of improvements meant to make their transit system more efficient and cleaner. the transit agency is adding more musbuses to some of the city's busiest routes and they're hybrids. over the next few months, more than 20 buses will be added to the freet. ultimately, they hope to replace all of their older buses within five years. >> this is a great investment that san francisco is modeling for the rest of the country. i know oakland, i know san jose, i know los angeles, are all wanting the same things to happen in their cities. >> muni buses make more than 700,000 trips a day. >> a facebook outage caused a slight panic online this afternoon. users took to other social media sites to complain, writi writing #facebookdown. it started trending on twitter around noon. ultima ultimately, facebook posted an apology. facebook's spokesperson blamed a
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configuration problem for the outage. some people had fun with the outage. cam fire, tweeted, with facebook down, now is the perfect time to practice your wildfire evacuation plan. >> the chants are back. today, the warriors quest to defend their nba title began with a meet and greet. the team hosted media day at their practice facility in downtown oakland. a short off season for golden state. just three months ago, they were hoisting the championship trophy at the victory parade in oakland. today, the team says they're looking forward to the challenge of repeating as world champs. >> we know how tough it is to win one championship, so we know how tough it will be to defend. but the same confidence we had last season that we could, you know, be the nba champs of last year, we have the same confidence this year. >> training camp begins tomorrow. the warriors will play their first exhibition game in the south bay. they take on the toronto raptors at the s.a.p. center on october 5th. >> you can see riley under the table? i kept looking for her.
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why is she not at the news conference. >> hopefully she'll show up during the season. >> jeff, starting the work week. what can we expect? >> comfortable temperature today. and as we head throughout the next couple days. it's looking really great across the bay area. 70s for some of the interior valleys and with temperatures starting to feel like fall, it might have you wondering when does the rainfall begin to pick up. on average, we start to see an increase by october. definitely by november, and also in december. so let'sope on these storms getting here, 95% chance of that el nino continuing through early spring. our best chance of getting any rainfall from el nino. at least enhanced impacts, would be january, february, also in march. let's take you to the sky camera network. you can see how comfortable it is. 77 across the south bay. east bay at 82. back into san francisco, at least at the immediate coastline from our san bruno mountain camera, you can see how fogged in it is at this hour with also
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areas of drizzle. that fog at the immediate coastline, very strong. we are expecting that to come back for tomorrow morning. in fact, for tuesday morning, it does look like it will be a lot cloudier than we had this morning with isolated drizzle in san francisco and down to 57. for the peninsula, 58. for the south bay, we'll start at 50 degrees. i want to take you next to the satellite radar picture because we're noting changes on that this afternoon. what we're finding is a stream of cloud cover across central california. no you'll probably notice the cloud cover in the south bay. we're not expecting rainfall particularly from this, but if you're heading domonterey, soledad, you may get spotty showers, a little green showing up on the radar. it is worth noting this cloud cover is associated with a trough of low pressure off shore. it's a rather large trough of low pressure with that subtropical jet stream riding right across central california. for tomorrow, the biggest change will be the increased high cloud cover and also the cooler
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temperatures. then, once we hit thursday's forecast, this week, we'll see a weak system moving in with that that could produce some showers to the south of the bay area and also likely across the sierra. we'll watch it closely because a little deviation could mean a little spotty rainfall for san jose. again, for thursday, it look s mainly to the south and for the sierra. then once we head into the upcoming weekend, temperatures will warm up but stay out of the 100s. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. you can see how nice it's going to be. high clouds do increase. that will keep all of san francisco in the skith. for the pinls, palo alto at 69. and in the south bay, 82 in morgan hill, but downtown san jose should be at 78 degrees. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, no 90s, no 100s for you in the tri-valley. might even be able to leave the ac off with the windows cracked open. coming in with 81 across pleasanton, and wine country, 78
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expected in napa. by the upcoming weekend, temperatures begin to warm up but it's not going to get extremely hot. for the south bay, 87 on saturday, 83 on sunday. for the tri-valley, 87, and expecting 84 degrees. a nice couple days coming our way. >> thanks, jeff. >> still to come, here come the grime fighters. super hero surprise for patients at a bay area children's hospital. trt=:03 janelle/contvo an ugly
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onday on wall street. the dow fell more than 300 points, while the 's & p 500' lost nearly 50. an ugly monday on wall street. the dow fell more than 300 points while the s & p lost nearly 50. u.s. stocks are on track for their worstwat quarter in four years as investors worry about china's economy. >> one of california's most popular grocery stores is downsizing. whole foods is planning to cut about 1500 jobs over the next couple months. that's nearly 2% of the work force. they said it will let them focus more on up grading technology. they want totone down the reputation for being too expesive for lowering prices for customers. >> profiting from climate change, that's what protesters are accusing bank of the west of
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doing. dozens of activists gathered at a branch, blocking traffic and refusing to leave the lobby. they're partially owned by a french company which protesters say is a leading coalistry. . >> we see that as them doing public relations to make their image look better while their funding dirty fuel. i just have seen what the fossil fuel industry does to communities. it's broken my heart and i want that to change. >> supporters of the company says not only is the bank a major sponsor of the upcoming climate conference. it's also a policy against funding extreme coal mining practices. today's demonstration led to more than a dozen arrests. a milestone on the road to recovery for hundreds of families impacted by the valley fire in lake county. today, schools reopened in middletown for the first time since the fire ripped through the city. while the flames destroyed
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hundreds of homes, middletown schools were largely undamaged. this is video from right after the fire began. school officials say they have made arrangements to get almost every child to school regardless of where they are currently staying in the county. >> here is the latest on the firefight. the valley fire is now 97% contained. firefighters say they hope to have it fully surrounded and contained by the end of the week. fire has burned more than 76,000 acres, killed four people, and destroyed nearly 2,000 homes and businesses. as of this weekend, all evacuation orders have been lifted. >> did you get a peek in the sky. superman washing windows. that's where he was at the children's hospital where lots of kids greeted him. 13 superheroes came together to fight crime and grime. washing windows and cheering up little patients. the visits help kids focus on something other than being sick and the long hospital day.
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>> these superheroes are sending the message along with us that everyone is a hero and we want to celebrate that fact while children are here in our care. >> the caped crusaders met with the kids and their moms and dads and went on solid ground to have some play time and pose for some pictures as well. >> well, another record smash. we're back with details on the crush to get apple's new iphone.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, clooner air by google home tech titans newest project will help measure the smog in your neighborhood. a new record for apple. the tech giant says it sold more than 13 million s6 models over the weekend. that's 3 million more than the original iphone 6 last year. much of the sales came from china. wall street wasn't impressed. apple stock down about 2% today. >> a hot air balloon fryi flyin in las vegas sparked a flurry of calls. it appears to be flying upside down, but it isn't. there's a dummy cabin at the top. it's supposed to look that way. some people called concerned it
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was in trouble. the company had alerted authorities beforehand about the stunt. it's the first time it has flown in the u.s. and it's purposely supposed to be upside down. >> it's just fake upside down. >> yes, with the fake little -- >> oh, my gosh. that would get me to stop and look at it. >> and call 911. >> i don't know about that. but maybe check my camera settings. >> well, jeff, the start of the work week. by the way, i stayed up for the super moon. i stayed outside. waiting, waiting, the clouds cleared and there it was. >> wasn't it beautiful. >> i have never seen an eclipse. >> it was amazing. i was on a road trip and had the sun roof open. took a photo while the car was going. i wasn't driving. >> it was pretty. >> let's get a look at the trast. you can see right across point reyes, fog moving back in. winds out of the northwest at 17. fog at the coastline this week and a system moving to the south will help to keep temperature down through thursday. so comfortable. feeling like fall, and then a little hotter by the weekend,
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but no more 100s at this point. >> thanks for joining us. hope to see you back at 6:00. tonight, cold war. a frosty showdown between the u.s. and russia. did putin just outmaneuver president obama on the world stage as the two leaders meet one on one for first time in years? trump's tax plan. he calls it common sense. some believe it's a major windfall for the rich. tonight, who would see their taxes go up, who would see them go down, and who would pay for it all. sticker shock over a staple of the american breakfast table. cereal suddenly getting more expensive. shrinking boxes and concerns at the grocery store about what's behind it. and signs of life? nasa's exciting new discovery on mars as millions take in a breathtaking show in


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