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tv   Today  NBC  September 29, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. hello, everybody. hoda and i were having a little boozeday tuesday laugh with our friends. it is september 29th, and thank you for joining us, and we have a terrific show as usual. >> and he is a good looking grandpa, john may moes, who is getting ready to the play house again with his old cast mates, and we will talk to him.
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>> and jennifer gray is here. >> and also the rock star millionaire listings josh altman is with us to take a a peek inside of some fabulous homes. >> lookie lou. >> and amanda frytag is here with some lusty chicken. >> and we have lou manfredini! >> and everyday is a funday, and so today is national coffee day and that means that lots off places are giving away coffee for free. lots of places for the free coffee. dunkin' donuts. >> and wawa. i never heard of them.
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>> and krispy kreme. >> and for the complete list is at >> can you see these? this is michael breach who has made us a beautiful coffee today and why would we ruin the art? >> let's not slurp these things. >> he has done a dinosaur from jurassic park. a cat and dog. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. >> the sidney opera house. >> who does that! >> michael. michael. >> yeah, right here. yes. >> where do you draw the inspiration from? >> well, i get a lot of the inspiration from puns and things like that, and just, you know, doing stuff that is out of the ordinary with coffee, and it is the sofrt thing that makes me excite and everyone else excite. >> how long does it take for one of these thing, and like hoda's face this is. >> well, i took extra care in
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that one and so it is like extra five or six minutes. >> that is all i am worth? does it upset you when people drink it, and ruin your artwork? >> no, it is not one of those thing things that you should have on the wall forever, so you have to enjoy it. >> and not like a grilled cheese that people try to frame. >> yes. >> and so you can check out michael's work on instagram at baristart. >> we will check in with you later. >> okay. >> and the blind auditions are going on "the voice." and apparently a phenomenal season. >> and there is a duet amanda and jubal and his middle name is lee, get it, jubilee. >> and let's take tohe look at
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their the audition. ♪ where the bridges run >> you guys a couple? >> yes. >> you married? >> not yet. one day. >> all right. >> no way! >> whoa. >> are you serious? >> will you marry me? >> they are going to be making some beautiful music together. god bless them. that is nice.
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>> my favorite rereactions of all and even more than the bride is the entire family, and they totally flipped out. >> that is the genius of the whole show. and that is talented to the go from the lower register up there is so beautiful. >> they both ended up on team pharrell. and tyler dickerson made a big impression, too. ♪ baby ♪ here i am i'm a man all of the same ♪ ♪ and bayh, you have to come home with me ♪ ♪ well, i got some good old loving ♪ ♪ and when i get around you ♪ you come running back for more ♪ >> i know you. what is your name? >> tyler dickerson. >> did you have a deal in nashville? >> yes. >> what is your story.
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>> i got signed at 15, and john rich was my manager and so when i was on tour i got a call from the president of the the label that they canceled the label and so then i got into a car accident and flipped my car five times, and it had it all and it was take n away from me, but no i'm here and this is my second chance. >> oh, my gosh, that is what life is all about, second and third and fourth and fifth chances, right, hoda woman? >> which i-- i wish him so well >> and that is what is so great to pull for these people, and it is not just talented people knocking your socks off. you pull for them.
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>> yes, and the "the voice" does a great job with that. do you know this man? he is retired. that is dave letterman, and if you look closer, it is the glasses, and just walking around by a photographer. >> i prefer the left side, what about you? and he can wear what he is wearing on the right, but it does age a person when you grow a beard like that. >> and he looks so different. >> and we wish him a different life in retirement. >> and can you imagine not have to shave. can you imagine if you didn't have to -- >> i still do. >> what do you mean? >> shave. i don't have to, and here is the thing, you do. and here is the thing, if you have a choice of sleeping an hour more or working out, what would you choose. >> mayo clinic here. >> and what would you do, choosing between an extra hour of sleep or a workout, what would you do?
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>> well, i get a workout for five or six nights a week. and here is the thing i would sleep for an extra hour of sleep, and i really would just kill with the prednisone to sleep, because it messes with you. >> i would choose the workout, because -- >> it is like a baby. >> and if i didn't, even when i have like a crummy night's sleep, the workout gives me energy throughout the day and if i choose to sleep like an extra hour which doesn't change my day much, but -- >> hody! >> you would minimally get seven or eight nights of sleep? >> yes. >> but at lt of people and i think that i have had four hours of sleep in four days total, and who wants to be working out -- so everything is relative.
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>> and enough about me. >> and i do care about you and your four hours over the course of four days. >> you don't care. >> and this is what the doctors tell us, if you are forced, choose sleep, because the research shows that we need at least seven hours a night. >> and i have to confess when you were over at my garden apartment. >> i am snoring. >> i am standing at 2:00 in the morning, and you must have kept the fire on for a little while, and there you were were snoring away and i can't sleep. i was happy for you. >> and he is way too hot to be a grandfather and we will talk to
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boys" john has had quite a careerment. >> and he is the hunky uncle. >> and i always thought he was hunkle. >> and now he is going to be playing a bachelor and living the life until he finds out he has a son who has a daughter. >> you should have told me, what if i were walking around gay standing around in a far. and what if i were in east duncanville. >> do you know where you are? >> and walking around without knowing, and how could you not tell me? >> have you met you? >> and how could somebody so
10:14 am
shallow like you play that. >> and it is like most of the crap that you have done before -- and. >> now, john. >> and this is perfect for you at this point in your life and i'm happy for you. >> when you read the script like kath, did you know that you were going to love it. >> and the writer is danny chung coming from "the office" and "the simpsons" and danny chung talked abme playing a bachelor and having a son and i said, i did that with jack klugman and i was the son and he said, what about the baby and -- so i laugh and i said, great area for humor and a heart, and the show as smart as it, it is emotional and i say, where is the love scene,
10:15 am
between t between me and the son or me and the baby. >> and how is the -- >> well, a a hot sexy guy around 50. and this looks like my bedroom by the way. >>ed from the first scene, you are going to be saying, that is so smart. but you would stand there with the pick-up line with everybody, and you would say, well, i have always -- and he used it as a family thing. probably in e real life, too. >> what is your real life pickup, line? >> hi, i'm john stamos. >> you are not good with women after all of these years -- please, please, please. remember who you are talking to. >> what am i going to say? what else you got? >> netflix, and fuller house, because it is happening. >> it is full enough without the twins joining, and still
10:16 am
satisfying for you? >> i think it is, and we make reference to them in a sweet way. and you know, i have said itúx that we would love to have them. >> at any point. >> yes, we have four or five episodes left, and any time. >> and are you shooting them simultaneously. >> and yes, we are having a big reunion, and the e show eight years, but it was cancelled like two weeks before, and it was prematurely cancel and sew we scrambled to do the final episode, but we didn't, and so the first episode of the netflix is what people would like. >> and that is funny. >> and it was for me. >> and so both you and i have had a challenging year. >> to say the least. >> i am doing okay, and how about you? >> i am sorry for your loss. >> and you lost your mom, and even though you expect these
10:17 am
things, you still aren't ready, are you sweetie? >> no, my mom and i we were really close, and she loved you. >> and she loved life. and people get tired, don't they. >> and you are not tired? >> no, i have felt better than a deca decade. >> and you have a hit on your hand, and we love you and come see us again, buddy. and john stamos, give it up, everybody. >> "grandfather" premiers the night on fox. and josh altman is going to take
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starting tomorrow, josh altman is his name and real estate is the game. >> one of the high rolling power images on "million dollar listings." fast-talking style, baby. >> and he says you can have the same success if you follow his advice in "it's your move." >> look at you writing a book already. >> i'm so excited, this is a big day. >> you available today? >> the rollout show. >> i like the first tip and has to do with someone you met in a gym and it's ready, fire, aim. >> ready, fire, aim. i want to talk about who i wrote the book for. three types of people. i person sitting on the couch right now watching this who
10:22 am
needs the extra motor vags and not really sure what the next step in their career is and then you've got the person looking for that financial freedom who wants to take care of their family and then you have the person who has been passed over when it comes down to promotions or the business is stalling a little bit and go buy this book. i wrote this for you, okay? >> all right. >> ready, fire, aim. >> ready, fire, aim is the mentality that i live by. >> what does that mean? >> okay. i'll give you an example. i sold tyler perry's house, and it was an incredible house and how it went down 7:00 a.m. at the gym and running next to tyler per be, never met him before and i'm like this is a dream client if i've ever seen run and i go back and forth, should i tap him on the shoulder? >> not on the treadmill. >> and i did, and because i did, that was 7:001 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. i was showing his house, by 4:00 i had an offer and by 5:00 p.m. we had a deal at $11.25. >> and there's people like myself who would have jumped off my treadmill the first time you
10:23 am
touched me at 7:00 a.m. and ran the other way. >> some people don't like that, their private space. >> how do you know, you could have botched the deal? >> i could have botched the deal but if i didn't try it never would have happened. you only get one opportunity. >> that's true. you know what the biggest problem, is people get way in somebody's face. >> physically, too close. >> a lot of people do not appreciate that. >> he was running faster than i was, but whole ready, fire, aim mentality is about seeing an opportunity and capitalizing on that opportunity and if you fall down, you've got to get yourself back up and keep going. >> next tip, ready. >> identify yourself as lucky. >> i like this one. >> people don't like people who are unlucky. >> they are afraid of getting cooties from you, you know. >> this is my starbucks story, okay. >> every morning i go to the same starbucks in beverly hills not because i love coffee but because that's where the wealthy clients go and the celebrities who live in beverly hills. >> the one on beverly? >> mm-hmm. >> have you to identify with the
10:24 am
community that you're trying to deal, in line with the real estate magazine as usual, talk to the guy in front of me, looking for a house, describes the house i want. i said i'll give you $1,000 if i'm wrong but get in my car right now and i want to show you a house, this house. ends up buying it that day for $12 million. a lot of people would say it's just luck, it's not -- >> you've got to know your field. >> and put yourself in situations where you get lucky. beautiful house. >> 30 seconds. >> does it ever fall flat on you? >> all the time. no such things as mistakes, just learning experiences. >> we have 0 seconds or less. cultivate your own calculated confidence. >> calculated confidence, trusting your gut, having your gut work with your mind. don't listen to little voices that are doubting you. believe in yourself. i just sold reba mcintire's house last month, okay, for $22.5 million. >> good for boast you. >> and i called the client, wasn't even looking, the check's still wet. the client wasn't even looking. i said trust me because i'm
10:25 am
confident, ended up buying the house and a month later. >> the book is called "it's your move." >> actress jennifer gray is coming up. >> because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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player and a coach identified as decarlos anderson. it happened on the bus following the team's game last saturday. the district says it was made aware of the video and the indent only yesterday. and school officials are now investigating. democratic presidential contender hillary clinton today continuing her latest bay area visit. looking at video of clinton's motorcade arriving at her first stop yesterday which was a reception in saratoga. clinton also attended a fund-raiser in marin county and a reception in arinda. today she's attending a fund-raising breakfast in san francisco. coming up, a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
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we'll see more clouds today and cooler temperatures across the bay area. look for a high of 80 degrees in lohs gatos today. the castro with a high of 68 degrees. 78 degrees in napa. and oakland topping out at 70. in pleasantton, we'll see a high of 81 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> we'll get a check of the san mateo bridge westbound. much, much better drive than a half an hour ago. an easier flow of traffic. whatever was going on cleared from the span. we'll show you the span itself. and speed sensors there as well as the dumbarton bridge dramatically changed over the last 15 minutes. still have slowing south fremont and north past the airport for san jose. over here at the top of the screen, an easy drive approaching the bay bridge. toll plaza itself has traffic backed up. filling into the toll plaza and slow off of the berkeley curve. this is the late commute heading into the city.
10:30 am
back to you. >> when all else is clear, rest assured you'll always see that backup at the toll plaza. thank you very much, mike. we'll be back for our 11:00 newscast in a half an hour. perfect. >> talk it over. >> and that is what we do. >> and thirsty tuesday and we are here to talk about a beautiful actress who danced her way into our hearts and i can't believe it is 25 years. >> and she was crowned champion of the 11th season of "dancing with the stars." and if you grew up in the '80s you remember jennifer as -- >> no, no, we got confused, because shethey are showing "di dancing." >> yes, but she was ferris bueler's little sister, and that is her h as bayby with patrick
10:31 am
swayze. and now she is in "red oaks." >> i graduated secretarial school, and when everybody was backpacking through europe and having sex with strangers. >> and so you feel like you have missed out on a lot. >> i have never been outside of the united states. >> what are you kidding? we have been to both sides of niagara falls. >> that is richard kind. are you having a good time? >> how could you not. richard kind, this amazing young actor named craig roberts who plays the lead, and parents, and it is the most beautiful cast of young people who are you doing to love. >> and you are a complex character in this. >> yeah. >> and it is not revealed in this little clip, but you are challenging or thinking about your own sexuality. >> i would say it is a coming of age movie, and it feels like a
10:32 am
movie, because we shot ten in a row, and you will be able to watch ten in a row, as we do in the binging types do. what i am doing is that it is a coming of age for everybody. it is not just him leaving home, and you nknow, the child leavin home, but it is the child leaves home, and then a lot of the women and men come of age, and say, wait, is this really my job is kind of done now, and what do i really want is if on the ride home, and mid-life h this is the ride home, and it is going to go fast, and you have to do what you really want to do, and so people have what they have suppressed and things they have not the given themselves, and afforded themselves. >> and you have started to ask yourselves have i been authentically me or do for this person. >> and you have questioned your own father who questioned his sexuality and came out. >> yes, in the 1950s when he and my mom met, it is basically if you wanted a family, and if you
10:33 am
wanted to live a normal life, which is, you know, whatever that is, you had to get married and everybody now can have children no matter who they are in love with, and it is the most beautiful and correct thing. >> a lot less stigma. >> and not that ability then. my parents were married for 24 year, and in love and good to each other, and did a great job -- >> look at you. >> and raising me, and they are great human beings but it took a long time for my dad to come out, and he came out a 82, 83. >> yes, he did. >> would you like to play a game with us? >> i love games. >> and this is called the "fifty shades of jennifer grey. " "". >> and we will show you a picture, and what film. maybe it is there? >> yes, the first one. >> "house." >> and ding, ding.
10:34 am
yes. >> "friends." >> yes. >> and "new ad ventures of christian." "ferris bueler." "blood hounds" with madonna." and "dirty dancing" with patrick swayze. >> you remembered them all. >> i am not that old, so i could remember them all. >> and the new release of "red oaks" will be released on october 29th. you can binge watch. >> i dare you. >> and if you don't know what to do if you have a mouse in your house, "ask lou" and find out if smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible.
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so...last drop of gogurt, where ya living now? a tube check this place out. so come on out, sign the papers, and this little gem, it's all yours gogurt. whatever it takes to get it all. brandois heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. do you a musty smell in the
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basement or a rodent rummaging through the appliances? >> hope not, but if you are have a pesky problem, one thing to do the "ask lou" and our contributor of house smart is lou manfredini and he has a name that rhymes with skal pea ipini >> oh, very nice. >> and now, kim from jackson wrote in and said, i noticed that i had mouse droppings in the dishwasher and please help. how are they getting in there and do i need to buy a new dishwasher? e wushgs! >> and if they are in there, they are coming through the drain hose, and there is no such thing as one mouse, ever. so when you say, i have a -- >> mice. >> and so it is mice and or rats. and there are baits that kill them, and this is a poison that
10:40 am
you have to be careful with. there are traps like that, and -- >> that is peanut butter. >> yes. and it is chunky, and that is the only kind i use, because that is what they like, and i think so, too. and with these traps, the redents when they come in with the path they go, they will avoid it, and if you have traps, you put the peanut butter there, so you don't set it, let them eat it thinking it is a food source, and then set it. and this is called house magic, and it smells like spearmint. mice and rats don't like the smell of spearmint, so if you put in there, they won't go near it. so the key element is find out where they are coming in, and
10:41 am
this time of the year as it cools off, they are starting to come in. >> and now, how do you make your butcher block look like new? >> this is a random orbit sander, and it is about $100, and you put the velcro there and put on the safety glasses and sand away. if you look, i have sanded it off. and now, mineral oil is what you treat butcher blocks with, and it is all natural and okay for food, and it moisturizes the food, and it is going the seal it a little bit, and easier to wipe away, and if you are slightly constipated, this is going to help, too. >> will that get rid of the salmonella or anything on the surface. >> and now you don't want to put raw chicken up there, and -- >> people do. >> and you have to wash it, and
10:42 am
even then, stuff remains? >> well, with hot water and soap in the sink, but what happens is people will let it soak, and it will start to separate. >> and how do you get rid of musty smells. >> if you put in a box fan and move it around, it will help. there is all types of damp neutralizes. damp rid is a big one, and this is all-natural called pearl packs, and it won't overtake the space, but it captures the smell. and this is a sanidry unit you can install. an installed it is $2,000, but if you have a problem area that you cannot control, it is one of the best investments that you will make. >> and mike wants to know if
10:43 am
there is a product that he can connect to the hose to kill the weeds that won't harm the dog. >> mostf of the sprays are chemical based but you have to keep the animal off for 24 hours. these jonathan green products are particular ly all-natural fr animals and gluten free. >> and if you have any questions, just send us your question, and we will have lou answer it for you. >> and
10:44 am
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make. install. it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at if you are like most, you probably eat chicken a couple of times a week. >> and so the food team came up with a clever way to make meal time better. >> it is called "winner, winner,
10:49 am
chicken dinner." >> and am man da frietag came up with a new book "the chef next door." >> and congratulations on the book. and you chose the name lusty lemon chicken. >> and what was the reason? >> well, i was inspired by a article written by michael ruleman who is a a food writer who said that we don't spend enough time with our loved ones. >> and to go to poughkeepsie he called it. >> and to get busy, and so that the time it takes to roast the chicken while the chicken is in the oven. >> how long? >> 20 or 25 minutes. >> and while the chicken is in the oven, you might as well get some quality time. >> and we understand.
10:50 am
>> so i am massaging some butter on the breasts and the thighs. >> this is porno. >> and i'm the chef next door, i can't help it. >> and chicken, and very basic vegetables, and the thing is that i want people to cook at home. >> i'm a pro chef, because i have stainless steel and all of the equipment, and so this is cookt at home, and it is hard, so this is a little love letter. >> yes. >> and garlic, and thyme. >> and you baste it inside of the chick even? >> yes, the butter underneath the skin is you can self-baste. and then the vegetables, too, because it will be delicious. >> and the tastes will be melding together. >> and you cook the breasts for about 10 minutes first, and then you add the thighs and the legs later. >> you put in liquid? >> no, the butter and the chick en juices will come together.
10:51 am
>> and now what? >> you add the lemon, and make the broth and i recommendt getting your own parmesan from the store, and get a chunk and grate it, but if you have a leftover rhine, it goes into the sauce, and it is the salt and the flavor and the richness. and this is my favorite. >> give it, give it. >> we are going to be cutting the lemon, and sear them. you will see it a lot, because the chefs are embracing caramelizing the it is is rus. g -- the citrus. >> and get the pans hot at home. >> yes. >> and hot massaging butter. >> 30 seconds. >> finished product, and it is roasted and it has the broth and the roasted vegetable, and then you just squeeze this lemon right over it. >> okay. go for it. >> and talk about it.
10:52 am
>> and our barista michael breech was here making coffee art, and thank you for doing that. and the book is out here for amanda freitag, and don't forget to pick it up. >> hmm.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
we want to say hi to some nice people who stopped by to say hello to the show. >> look at them do-si-doing. and just say hi. >> yes. >> and we hope that you entered the drawing this week, because it is time to -- >> give it a away. >> and the prize this week is. >> two wireless speakers from bose. they are 10 inch speakers and worth a total of $400 and make
10:56 am
streaming music so easy from the bluetooth or the tablets. >> and who are the winners. five of them. and way down in there, and the first winner is caroline sherman from langhorn, pennsylvania. >> linda tucker, we hear you from geary, oklahoma. >> i have been there, hoda. albert wetzel from hudson, florida. >> and daniel dress from grand rapids, michigan. and who is the last winner, kath? >> it is helen fenko from ironwood, michigan. >> congratulations, you guys, and if you want to enter, go to the complete rules and connections at, and hit connect. >> and we have a great comedy tomorrow, and we will talk about your skin tomorrow. >> and jill will be back. >> and darlene love. >> i love her. >> she will sing for us.
10:57 am
>> and bye to the friends on the couch. >> maybe i should not be spanking you sam/vo right now at 11:
10:58 am
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11:00 am
another inmate found dead - inside the nbc bay area news starts now. right now, 11:00, another inmate found dead inside the south bay's largest jail. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. scott and kris have the day off. bad timing or symptomatic of a larger problem? the already-troubled santa clara main jail, the death of another inmate. stephanie chuang joining us live in san jose. what did the sheriff's department tell you about the circumstances surrounding this man's death? >> we learned that it was a 33-year-old hispanic man in and out of jail. housed in the north tower here. this is the first time the sheriff's office has is


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