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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area's robert honda met one-on-one with the sheriff and what did laura smith have to say? >> reporter: the sheriff and sheriff's department are certainly well aware of the public scrutiny on the jail system right new and when we talked officials said they wanted to make sure enough details came out on the inmate who has been arrested for several times for violent assault and battery incidents and his behavior influenced how he was treated. >> there's so much speculation. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff and the head of jails walked with me today trying to define privacy limits and set the record straight on the 33-year-old inmate found dead on his cell yesterday morning on a floor reserved for psychiatric or medical observations. officials acknowledge the inmate had been forcibly moved to the new wing and ultimately department-approved methods such as pepper spray and non-lethal plastic projectiles had to be used but also point pedestrian out medical staff at the jail
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and at valley medical center examined him before and after the move. >> at this time we have no information about the cause of death. any assumptions as to the cause of death is pure speculation until the medical examiner finishes their review. we expect that review to take place in the coming days. based on our information the inmate had a long history of violent behavior, both in public and with jail and medical staff. >> he was in a unit that was being monitored. there was no indication the day before, a couple days before that there was any physical confrontations >> the indent followed the death of enmate michael tyree allegedly beaten to death by three correctional deputies on the same floor of the jail. >> this jail and really no jail is equipped to handle individuals with mental illnesses. the reason it's called an illness is because it requires treatment, treatment to be done at a hospital. >> reporter: and as with the tyree case there are a number of
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different agencies also investigating the incidents and, again, the sheriff's department has not released the name of this inmate because his family has mott been notified. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. the last of the three jail deputies charged in the murder of the original inmate was granted bail. matthew ferris along with two other were accused of beating michael tyree to death last month and all three deputies are scheduled to be in court next month for a plea hearing. we're following a developing story in the east bay. be a artist gunned down while painting a mural in west oakland. the mural is underneath the 580 freeway. nbc bay area has more from city hall about the victim and a possible suspect. chuck. >> he was described as a good kid who tried to end violence through his art. a manhunt for the gunman continues at this hour who fred on foot afterwards, and this
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incident has really struck a nerve at city hall. the muralist was working with others to make oakland a better place to live. with their scaffolding still behind police teach outrage reached oakland city hall. >> every loss of life in this city is tragic, every one, and so it's with a very sad heart that we learned of this death today. >> for all of us in the city this is something that's heart wrenching and unimaginable. >> reporter: shooting happened at about 0:30 this morning ninth state 50 underpass on west street near 35th and west oakland. >> before we knew, it we heard the shot and really just such a horrible surprise. >> reporter: roughly eight muralists were painting when one of them identified by co-workers at antonio ramos got into a brief but soon heated discussion with someone passing by. witnesses say the man pulled out a gun and fired it once hitting ramos who later died at highland hospital according to police.
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>> it's devastate. i mean, this is the reason we're out here doing these projects is because of incidents like this. >> ramos had just resumed painting murals sponsored by the attitudinal healing connection, a nonprofit group in the city bringing beauty to bare concrete. police have not released a description of the suspect but are appealing to the public for help. >> maybe someone captured this crime or the suspect prior to the shooting, during the shooting or after the shooting on their cell phone so we're asking anyone who may have been in the area or captured either a photo or video surveillance to contact the oakland police department. >> also, investigators are contacting business owners in the area and they say surveillance cameras may have captured an image of the gunman either just before the shooting or as he ran away. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thanks cech, chuck. another grim discovery on the streets of oakland today. a dead body found on union street. police say they were called out
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to the scene after 8:00 this morning and when they arrived they found a body wrapped in plastic. investigators have not released any information about the body about an identity in the cause of death. more details about crime in oakland. a new report by the fbi says that violent crime is down in that east bay city. however, it still ranks third in the country behind detroit and memphis. in 2014 there were 80 homicides and more than 3,000 assaults. but that's down 15% from 2013. the report says the second most dangerous city in the bay area is vallejo followed by san pablo. video is alarming and now tonight an east bay coach is on paid leave. can you see the video right here. the high school jv coach arguing with a student on a bus and then pushing him down. it appeared on social media this week. more on the fallout >> reporter: school district says this is a very popular and highly regarded coach and
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uncharacteristic move. still he's on paid administrative leave a the school district continues to investigate and it's all stemming from that video that you just saw. someone posted that to the oakland school district's twitter feed yesterday that shows the coach and player arguing on the bus and the coach appears to shove the student back into his seat before the two start wrestling. the school district identified the man as the vv football coach carlos anderson. the incident happened on the way back from a big win 11 days ago and was posted yesterday. >> if a picture says a 000 words a video says 10,000 and what we've seen here is extremely disturbing it and requires immediate action and that's what we're taking. >> reporter: district says anderson also works at a pe teacher at high school committee according to his linkedin profile he used to work as a youth and family counsellor for alameda county helping with gang reduction for at-risk youth. the coaches and the students that were on the bus will
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continue to be interviewed as part of their investigation. reporting live in oakland tonight, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, ian. more money for urban shield and not everyone is happy about. the alameda county board of supervisors voted to give the program extra funding for disaster training. urban shield trains police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders in natural disasters. there are opponents saying stop urban shield saying it promotes the militarization of police. seniors pushed out of their san francisco homes took to the street hoping for some change. they held a rally outside the hall of justice on bryant street saying the landlords used the ellis act to force them out of their hopes. they are asking the city to help because many can no longer afford to live in san francisco. >> because there is no other housing. there is no affordable housing. this is no poor people housing and the only thing there is is
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very rich people housing. >> the group filed a complaint with the d.a.'s office back in may and also had a meeting today with the district attorney. no word yet on the outcome of that meeting. trying to pick up the pieces and return to some sort of normalcy. all evacuation orders have been lifted but the cleanup is far from over for the victims of the valley fire. the epa and environmental protection agency announced starting tomorrow it will begin household hazardous waste sweeps on properties around middletown. just yesterday schools reopened to students. the valley fire destroyed nearly 2,000 structures over the past two weeks and has burned more than 76,000 acres and it's now 97% contained. silicon valley technology is giving police the power to spot trouble before it reaches levi stadium. i'm michelle roberts in scolaire yeah, and i'll explain coming up. fired up on both sides. debate over planned parenthood spilled out on to bay area
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streets. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds are moving into california and also a few spotty showers. we have your full microclimate forecast on how this impacts our temperatures coming up in just a few minutes. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. departmen = under scrutiny in the east bay berkeley's police department. we're talking about activists led by the naacp and the aclu.
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newly released information claim officers in berkeley have a the earn of racial profiling. while the city is only 2% african-americans blacks make up nearly one-third of all police stops. >> so if you're stopping plaque folks at an alarming rairt and about two-thirds the time when you stop black folks it's for no legal reason that's inefficient and ineffective policing. >> the activists claim this is discriminal try and the police department said the men and women of the berkeley police department do not, have not and will never tolerate discriminatory bias bids policing. >> not guilty, that's the plea from 49ers linebacker ahmed brooks in a sexual battery case charging from the incident of 49ers ray mcdonald last december. during that a woman claimed that brooks groped her and mcdonald raped her while she was
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unconscious. mcdonald pled not guilty to charges on friday and filed a lawsuit against brooks earlier this year. brooks is continuing to play for the 49ers while the legal process plays out. two men beaten in a levi stadium restroom are now suing the san francisco 49ers. the assault was captured on cell phone video and the victim's lawsuit claims the team failed to provide adequate security. they say the atea, were intoxicated and wearing gang symbols and the lawsuit says they have a responsibility to screen for both. the 49ers do not comment on pending stadium. >> levi stadium has been recognized as one of the most tech friendly stadiums in the world and now we're getting details on how the state of the art security system will be used to protect players and fans during super bowl 50. michelle roberts is live outside the stadium with more on this technology and how police will respond if there's any threat.
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>> that's right. there are hundreds of surveillance platforms and others in the stadium and now vta and law enforcement will have access to all of those videos lieu of at the same time. each one of these surveillance cameras at the great america vta stop is linked to a new state of the art software. >> it allows us to share technology, security information across one basic platform. >> reporter: vta spokesperson stacy hendler ross says the new system is a collaboration between levi stadium, local law enforcement and the san jose based company allied telesis. >> more efficient and better for our ride sneers millions of people will flood into the bay area for super bowl 50. homeland security has now labeled the event a so-called level one threat triggering the highest classification for security agencies. >> it's really to provide safety for any event that happens at
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levi stadium. >> reporter: jennifer yamaguma with the city of santa clara says with the new system if there were an emergency station on the vta platform an alert would notify all law enforcement agencies in the area and investigators in each office would have access to the same surveillance camera at exactly the same time. >> if there is anything that is out of the ordinary that the information is sent back. >> reporter: software developers and allied telesis say they designed the system to ensure the video feeds only get to the people who should be seeing it. the vta received nearly a $2 million federal grant to fund this project and currently there is an early version of the system already in place. reporting live in santa clara, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. the south bay is about to get a big dose of olympic fever. the 2016 olympic gymnastic trials are returning to san jose's s.a.p. center. the trials won't be here until next july but tickets go on sale tomorrow. four-time medalist shaun johnson
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says she will be back for sentimental reasons. >> i actually competed here in 2007. it was my first ever senior win and i just remember the community and crowd was -- it was the best. >> the july trials are one of the key qualifying events for the 2016 summer games in rio next august. >> bragging rights. nearly a dozen bay area schools received the blue ribbon recognition honored by the federal department of education for academic excellence. james smith elementary and off middle in mountainview are two local schools that stood out. chose as exemplary top performing schools. there were 11 bay area schools honored with the blue ribbon today. check them out. we have the entire list on our website. click on the top story box on the front page and it will lead you right there at >> mild and beautiful day. let's get check our microclimate
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with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> to complaints in the weather center after the long hot summer starting to feel like fall out there, all it be a little bit humid thanks to the subtropical moisture. we'll also take you back across the oakland hills and we have widespread cloud cover. 75 degrees right now. a few breaks of sun. that's what the compute remembers picking up on but definitely more of a partly sunny situation throughout the oakland hills and back towards mt. hamilton you can see the high clouds up above and a very comfortable 70 degrees. now what's happening? we talked about the subtropical moisture. that the flow is out ahead of a storm system offshore so these two things out in the pacific helping to keep the moisture town but the subtropical moisture will be producing some shower activity to the south of the bay area most certainly tonight and also as we head into tomorrow's forecast the we're primarily looking at more clouds for tomorrow and temperatures actually below average. for the tri-valley we'll look at
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78 degrees and san francisco 65 and for the north bay expecting 75 degrees. as we get a look ahead in the forecast, by thursday we'll see that storm system we highlighted off sure get really close to the bay area and that bring us an isolated shower and a nice chance throughout the syria. how does it look throughout friday's forecast when we see temperatures warm up. it's as hot as 990 expected in the tri-valley and 9 for the peninsula and the south bay looking at 9 degrees. doing any traveling towardsled east coast we are tracking tropical storm joaquin. this is going to be a storm to watch. every time the forecast models come in we're seeing changes on the intensity and also the track. the bottom line is winds right now at 65 miles per hour as we head throughout the next couple of days. it's expected to move up the atlantic seaboard with winds that could be as high as 85 miles per hour. we'll talk more about our weather back here at home and our possibility of a better chance of rain in that full forecast.
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>> all right. we'll see you then, jeff. >> coming up, one of america's most wanted but that isn't stopping edward snowden from tweeting. the remark that's gone viral. >> and be ware what have you post on facebook. the hoax going around that could set you up for future scams. planned parenthood -- the
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subject of divisive debate in washington today-- -- as republicans attempted to move forward with pl the nonprofit women's clinic
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planned parenthood part of a divisive debate as republicans move forward to remove federal funding for the agency. >> the outrage oous videos base on heavily doctored footage is outrageous and untrue. >> the debate in washington prompted today's first ever national pinkout day to show support for planned parenthood and supporters gathered outside clinics nationwide including this demonstration in san jose. a new poll shows 61% of americans do not want congress to cut funding to planned parenthood. >> so we've had, you know, a lot of attacks against the organization and against women and people are coming out and saying that they are not going to stand for it.
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>> activists say the political attacks on planned parent hoothd are misguided since the organization's primary services include birth control, low-cost pre-natal exams and exams for breast and scanser. >> america's most wanted whistleblower is now on twitter. can you hear me now? that was edward snowden's first tweet today? he started tweeting and twitter has already verified his account today. the former nsa worker faces charges in the u.s. for leaking classified documents are government security and is currently living in exile in russia and already has more than 700,000 followers on twitter. snowden and everyone else may soon have a little more room to tweet. there are reports that twitter may eliminate its trademark 140 character limit. sort of. sources said 1 who character limit will still be in effect on its main time line but the company is in the process of building a feature that lets users public longer form texts. twitter already dropped its
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140-character limit on private messages back in crown. >> you may have seen it on facebook, a post on your news feed that says have you to pay 5.99 in order to keep your profile private. it also tells people to copy and post on your page. facebook add that had facebook is free and always will be. >> he said if you won't sign this citation we're bringing handcuffs in. >> children in the bay area arrested at school for what some parents call childish misbehavior. tonight we investigate why schools are bypassing the principal and calling the police on children as young as 6 years old. >> plus, new flights from san francisco non-stop to india. how long you'll spend in the air and what a ticket will cost you.
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when it comes to disciplining kids at school, you might think the severity of thieir actions would be the only factor in when it comes to disciplining kids at school, you might think the cy verrett of their actions would be the only factor in deciding their punishment. >> but our investigative unit found the color of your child's skin or whether or not your child has a disability can actually increase the chance that the police is brought in to deal with the child at school. >> a investigative report uncovered hundreds of thousands of cases across the county.
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>> reporter: the practice began in the '50s and grew in the 50s and '90s to weed out drugs and violence and now officers are being brought into the classroom for far less, blurring the lines between childish misbehavior and activity. >> he seems happiest with his feathered friends in the backyard. >> next up the worm, follow me, chickens. >> reporter: a visual learner so a few years ago his teacher assigned him a project to research animals adrian's parents bought these chickens. while adrian looks, sounds and plays like your typical teenager he struggled socially. adrian is autistic. >> uh-oh. the other chickens are like a-ha. >> and his mother aida crosby says he has trouble grasping certain concepts. >> the ability to understand
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rules, regulations, expectations, social behavior, especially in the case of adrian as it is with many you a tuftics they do not understand that. >> reporter: two years ago adrian was at a school bret harte middle when he used a small rock to etch the letters adrx, the abbreviation how he often skind his names on the school assignment. the letters measured six inches tall but believed they were a big enough reason to involve campus police. adrian was arrested at 13. >> i thought maybe someone would look at it and say, oh, look, a legend or look, a legend, that this is so cool, a legend was at this school. >> you thought leaving your initials would give you a legacy. >> yes. >> i thought i did something awesome but then they called me into the office and said, hey, you did something wrong and i think we have to call the cops on you now.
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>> how did you react? >> fear to my toes to my brain, fear. >> and were you crying? >> i was -- i was bawling. they said if you won't sign this citation we're bringing handcuffs. >> reporter: adrian wasn't handcuffed but was given this juvenile citation which mean he now has an arrest on his criminal record. >> the crime is vandalism. >> reporter: adrian's mom recorded this video the day her son was arrested. the school resource officers with san jose police. that department wouldn't provide anyone to talk with us on camera but did confirm the arrest. >> for me it was like the end of the world because it's your child, it's your baby. >> reporter: to find out how often schools call police on their student we collected data from 20 of some of the largest school districts in the bay area, home to over 370,000 students. our investigation found those schools sent more than 1,800
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students to police during the 2013-2014 school year. while children with disabilities made up 10% of the population, they totalled 27% of all students referred to law enforcement. black children represented 9% of the population but 16% of all the students referred to police. >> budgets have been squeezeded in california. >> reporter: attorney lenay nelson is with the aclu and believes the rates were made worse after budget cuts left california schools with fewer counselors so educators relied on school resource officers to discipline students. >> police tend to approach conflict by arresteding people rather than having a more supportive approach to keep kids in school and out of trouble. >> reporter: in some districts charges can be brought against the student.
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>> worst case square scenario that the charges are referred to the district attorney and they end up being charged with a crime. >> reporter: a team of provides legal advocacy for children and teens. many of their clients were referred to police while at school. >> some of the cases we hear about are as young as first grade. >> reporter: in some cases 6-year-olds are getting the police called on them. >> correct. they are doing things 6-year-olds do, not behaving in a way that a reasonable adult would behave. they are children. they may be talking back to the teacher. they may be, you know, hitting or kicking. don bridges is with the national association of school resource officers and said police should only be called for serious concerns, not routine misbehavior. when we have officers that are in the school that are dealing with the discipline issue, that's when we have problems. >> reporter: he says schools that choose to have police on
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campus should have a written agreement to outline an officer's responsibility. >> so that everyone stays in their line. >> reporter: 85% of the bay area district we looked at have officers on campus and our investigation found of those only 35% have agreements with police to detail roll of officers. san jose said the district's policy or what happens to adrian would not be discussed on cam a camera. their officers complete a separate program through the san jose police department that talks about building relationships with kids, how to talk to students and serve as role models and mentors and what the school district calls a training program actually lasts about 30 minute according to san jose police. the department of justice recommends 40 hours worth of training through the national association of school resource officers and as for adrian's infamous signature soap and
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water wipes it right o.adrian's parents made him clean it up, much harder to erase was the impact. >> for really a long time adrian will not leave the house. >> reporter: adrian still gets nervous going beyond his backyard. >> they made me feel fear. >> reporter: how do you think the school should have handled that situation? they should have called my mom. we should have just cleaned it up and we did. we should have just cleaned it up and get on with the school day snow think you could have learned your lesson without be the police being there. >> yes. >> reporter: adrian had to nervously wait nearly four month before learning whether he would also face criminal charges. a probation officer decided to close the case but adrian's arrest remains on his criminal record and could stay there even as an adult which could impact his job prospects since it would show up on a background check. i know you looked at a lot of
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schools. how do bay area schools compare with other schools across the stayed in terms of how many times they call police for infractions that might be as minor as there. >> a very wide range. some districts refer zero students to police but tonight we'll look at record of one bay area school district that had a practice of calling the police on its students at a rate higher than any school district in the entire country, nearly 1,800 times in a single school year. >> wow. >> thank you very much. look forward to that. if you have a tip for the investigative unit give them a call at 881-96-tips or sent an e-mail to >> this is no typical car dealership. tonight the new teslas roll off the lot. i'm live at tesla headquarters. coming up why what goes on this evening is so important to the company's future. >> and "forbes" announces its
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latest rich of america's rich et people and a silicon valley giant breaking into the top ten for the very first time. plans to put the brakes on a law
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giving cyclists more legal leeway at intersections. ==vo== the law is what support ies from so's mayor plans to put the brakes on a law gives riders more leeway. it allows cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs and red lies like stoplights. legislation was introduced this month in response to the recent tug-of-war involving police and cyclists. mayor lee is already warning the board to expect a veto if approved. flying from india to san francisco just became yearsier as promised by the prescription.
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air india announced today a new non-stop flight from sfo. new flight takes passengers from india to san francisco. check out the route. it will go over alaska and russia and it will be one of the world's longest non-stop commercial flights, 16 hours in the air. flying round trip in coach will cost you $1,600. first class tickets will go for about 12,000. flights will run three days a week beginning december 2nd. google's late innovation is more targeted at your tv than your computer. today the mountainview tech giant unveiled an upgraded version of its chromecast device which connects your smartphone or computer to your tv and meant to compete with similar devices from amazon and apple. the device streams netflix and youtube and google says the updated version is also designed and set to capture the best wi-fi signal in your home and today they also introduced an audio version of chrome cast so you can stream music and
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podcasts. >> richest people in america, a new list out. the number one spot won't surprise you, of course, bill gates with $76 billion. the youngest person on the list, snapchat's founder evan spiegel. 25 years old and worth 2 billion. mark zuckerberg cracked the top ten for the first time and warren buffet in the two spot and rounding out top three, larry ellison. >> a shake-up in the fashion world, ralph lauren is stepping down and will continue as chief creative officer. the 75-year-old created the company pack in 1967. stefan larson will take over for ralph lauren. he's current president of old navy and he starts in november. >> certainly a fashion legend for sure. >> yes, i hope it stays on track with just how it is now.
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>> absolutely. >> beautiful weather, might be able to fet away with a little janet. high clouds continue to stream across and the possibility of a few showers coming up in my microclimate forecast. years, tonight's the night for
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some lucky "soon-to-be" after a wait of nearly two years tonight is the night for some lucky soon-to-be tesla owners. they will sit in the driver's seat of their new model "x" and drive it right off the lot. our business and tech reporter scott budman is live at tesla's plant in fremont where the company is getting ready to release the suvs with fanfare. scott. >> reporter: yeah, big night for tesla and tesla owners, janelle. welcome to tesla headquarters where we're surrounded by model
6:44 pm
ss and roadsters and soon new tesla on lots and bay area roadways. the suv that will roll out tonight. this is interesting. not a typical go up to a car dealer and buy a car kind of evening. people are showing up here to get their hands on their new cars and they are dressed to the nines. this is kind of a party and elon musk at about 8:00 will start to hand out the keys to new tesla model s owners. there is pomp and circumstance here but this is also a business story. des la has seen a lot of suck wes with the model price and stock price is hovering around $250 a share but company is still not profitable and hope to change that with the model "x" and broaden the audience to families and get more women involved in buying these guys. they have dwul wing doors, an did have, maybe -- more chance
6:45 pm
for tesla to make money on every sale. the event gets off at 6:00 and people will get their keys for the first time and they are still being shuttled in from all over the bay area and tonight at 11:00 we'll show you what it's like to get your hands on the brand new tesla. tonight we're at tesla headquarters awaiting the new ones. they are going out in the wild tonight. >> thank you, scott. google's driverless cars with a little too safe and now the company is trying to make the machines act more like human drivers. want to show you one of the cars. people are complaining the cars are a bit too robotic and tap the brakes too frequently and stop too abruptly and take extra wide turns. google is teaching the driverless cars to act more human by cutting into corners and generally behaving a little less cautious. >> i know. test those driverless cars.
6:46 pm
>> bell, we've got some changes in our weather this week. let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ranieri. >> very comfortable today and as we head throughout the next two days in the forecast. sky camera network. microclimate is in full effect. 70 across the south bay and high clouds moving. in the peninsula very comfortable. 66 degrees with the cool wind at coastline. east bay 72 and then right here across san francisco a chilly 59 if you're headed anywhere tonight you need the jacket. not too much fog up across the immediate coastline and weather underground camera. high clouds filledering in and that's all part of the subtropical moisture feeding in across california and will bring us the possibility of a couple of raindrops. we'll have more of that in a moment and let's get you right into that wednesday morning forecast and with the high clouds continuing tomorrow morning everyone will start off overcast here from the north bay down to the south bay and will likely have areas of drizzle and san francisco and also the
6:47 pm
peninsula with widespread 50s to start. let's take you to the doppler radar and also the satellite mixed in and you can note the stream of subtropical moisture right here across central california. we're just on the cusp here of some of those showers that have been happening off to the south. haven't had anything measured today at least over a tenth of an inch and it's certainly noteworthy helping the temperatures to go down and released immediately lowering that fire danger. can you see on the close-up scan we do have showers approaching the interstate 5 corridor near soledad and showers near monterey with the moisture. we may get a spotty shower near santa cruz but that's just about it this evening and what we'll be tracking for tomorrow is the cloud cover associated with this area of upper level pressure offshore. that will keep clouds in place and also the cooler temperatures ant subtropical stream will add in a little humidity as well and then by thursday the upper low pressure offshore begins to move in just to the south so right
6:48 pm
now we've added the possibility of a few isolated shoerts here for the bay area and a better chance up across the sierra mountains and once we pass thursday does get hotter for friday, saturday's forecast and numbers go back down by sunday. all over the place and check that controlling seven-day forecast at the bottom. screen and see the trend that we expect in the microclimate there. we go, san francisco 65 and expected in the marina and pack to the financial district and also looking at 16 and for pattia 15 and in pacifica that's where we may have a few drops for tomorrow with the storm system offshore. south bay 76 and partly sunny and morgan hill once again on the line of where some of those showers may develop so we went ahead and put in for the possibility of a couple of drops. north bay, east bay and tri-valley much, much better than what you've had all summer lob. pleasantton with a high of 75 and 70s right across oakland and napa as well. temperatures do eventually get
6:49 pm
hotter once again by friday and then they go back down again as we head out to sunday and the example of south bay on friday down to 7 on sunday. jess and janelle, we have been looking at any kind of possibility of rainfall coming our way. three days in a rote gfs model has had october rain the 7th and 8th and we're hoping on it and see what it brings. >> another do or die game against the giants against their biggest rivals. tonight an epic pitching matchup between two of the best lefties of our team. a preview of kershaw and mad bum coming up next sports. this oklahoma police cruiser
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came under aac this video is buzzing the internet right now and oklahoma police cruiser constitutional amendment under attack today by thousands of honeybees. look it. the entire vehicle was covered and a deputy was trapped inside. he shot this video from the inside. now here's what happened. a truck was transporting the bees when it crashed and all the honeybees spilled out. the most unbelievable thing from this crash no, one was hurt. >> all right. turn things over. the real buzz tonight is the giants came in san francisco against the dodgers. >> absolutely, ladies. if you like the season opener, are you going to love tonight. last night's 12-inning 3-2 giants victory to keep their season alive the appetizer. tonight the battle of lefty elite bumgarner versus kershaw in game two as the dodgers try to clinch. n.l. west. friends during pregame and foes, of course, at first pitch. the g-men have won all three
6:53 pm
games in this particular matchup with mad bum getting two of the victories. kershaw is the man the dodgers want on the hill. he beat the dodgers in l.a. against mike leak a month ago and the dodgers are 0-7 this season right here at at&t park. >> not going to give you much, if anything, so you have to play sound baseball defensively for one. you can't give extra house. at this point of the year nothing will be given. we'll be out there to compete. >> a look inside third and king where buster posy is taking bp. posey 6 for 13 versus clayton kershaw this year. the a's attempting to play spoilers against the angels down in anaheim half a game out of second wild card spot. off the field athletics continue to break ground becoming the
6:54 pm
first major league team to higher a female coach. justine seigle was announced as a gestd reporter. >> steve kerr knows his physical nba season couldn't have gone much better because he knows his team has a target hon their back. >> just get better, you know. don't worry about repeating or -- or, you know, how many games are we going to tin. everything all of you people are going to talk about, doesn't get sufficient and all that sufficient it's a long ways off. stuff curry hopes to have his golf on in the pro-am persian. andre iguodala will both
6:55 pm
participate in the event in napa. check this out. former 49ers qb steve crowning was known as being a great improviser on the field as well as drop back paster. last night young improvises here hand this thing is done on and lewis. his performance, is in full awe. >> looking at steve martin nickble and professionaled. >> impressive. the personality comes out. lots of agility there. for a whole area of sports coverage with more coming up tonight at 11:00 >> the mayor of santa clara is reaching out to 49er fans and how it could impact your next trip to levi stadium.
6:56 pm
that's tonight at 11:00 right here. >> before you go, one last check of the. >> if it has not changed, yes, look at this, our weather underground camera showing us that beautiful sunset in woodside and can you see the high clouds moving across the high clouds are the main reason why it was so much cooler today. you can see tomorrow's forecast. does not get hotter and temperatures go down a couple of degrees. call it cool for the north bay and 75 and partly sunny and high clouds continuing and in the south bay you'll notice slight humidity as we do have subtropical moisture moving in from the south. may get a stray shower overnight into tomorrow morning. we'll watch the forecast closely tonight because we may have to change the weather forecast tomorrow and add in a few sprinkles. we'll have to wait and sglee that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> bye, folks. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
6:57 pm
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and we just couldn't say no to that face.
6:59 pm
then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
7:00 pm
about his ex-girlfriend's suicide. >> only 30 years old, the latest details on carey's tragedy now on "extra." >> jim carrey's on-again/off-again girlfriend takes her own life. >> investigation at breyerwood drive. >> her suicide note, the clues in her final tweet. did their breakup trigger her final act? the latest tragedy for the comedy superstar whose life has been filled with heartbreak. kim zolciak fighting to get back on "dancing with the stars" after suffering a stroke. >> could the rules be bent this


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