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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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how safe are football nbc bay area news starts now. how safe are football fans at levi's stadium? a new report from santa clara's police chief in the wake of fights like this one. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm an jessica geary. parking lot fistfights, pushing and shoving in the sands. violence at levi's stadium is raising concerns about fan safety. tonight the police chief insists the stadium is safe and says he
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has the proof to show it. new details tonight. a message he wants all fans to hear. >> jessica, the santa clara stadium authority asked the chief how to make the stadium safer. he does have some ideas but says the venue is a safe place. >> cell phone video of 49er fans beating a viking fan at levi's stadium that went viable earlier this month has it the attention of the santa claire rare stadium authority. members issued a memo to city leaders asking what can be done to improve safety. >> 99.96% of the people are law abiding. >> santa clara police chief michael sellers says despite the disturbing video, he believes it's a safe venue. he generated a report that says more than 830,000 fans have attended 13 nfl football games at levi. during those games, police responded to more than 1800
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calls for service and arrested 319 people. most arrests were for being drunk in public. the chief says focusing on alcohol related issues will improve safety. >> make sure the security that's at the magnetometers, really pay attention to people. people obviously intoxicated don't allow them to come in. people serving the alcohol need to pay attention and not serve people obviously intoxicated. i think we need to cut off alcohol sales at the appropriate time. >> the chief also says it's important to remind troublemakers they will be prosecuted. >> if they assault one another, we need to prosecute them. if they're season ticket holder weeks need to revoke their season tickets. we need to hold those people accountable too. >> tonight season ticket holders got a tweet reminding them of the code of conduct. according to that report, three season ticket holders linked to violence have lost their seats. reporting live in santa clara,
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jean elliot. >> more on safety. homeland security is labeling super bowl 50 a level one threat, the highest classification for security at national events. now, new state-of-the-art software will help to keep fans safe. the system allows police vta and stadium security to simultaneously access surveillance cameras. >> just into our newsroom, the state of georgia has executed its first female prisoner 70 years this despite a number of last minute appeals including one from the pope. kelly gissendaner was convicted of murder for convincing her lover to kill her husband, the man who killed her husband is serving a life sentence. one of the three correctional deputies charged with killing an inmate in santa clara county is back in custody despite posting bail. jail is not saying why. the other two deputies did remain out on bail. meanwhile the jail is sharing information about another inmate
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found dead yesterday. he was known to be violent. a week before his death, deputies used plastic projectiles to subdue him. as for his cause of death, that has not been released yet nor his identify? tonight san jose state students on alert because of a robbery off campus. three men confronted a person at fourth and san fernando. the suspect took that person's wallet and backpack and ran through cap pass before getting away. new at 11:00, a proposal to transport crude oil through an east bay city is not sitting well with residents. the proposed route roseville. tonight people came out to confront city leaders about it. we're live in benicia where the meeting is taking place. what's their biggest concern in. >> well, janelle, the chance of these trains being derailed concerns them. but the good news is they have till the end of october to let
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the city and valero know about it. crude oil train wrecks like the one in north dakota and west virginia. is why some in bow knee shah want no part of it in their city. >> we saw this happen in castleton, north dakota. this stuff is so toxic they have to let it burn out. they can't put it out. >> they are not entitled to their own facts. >> during a special session at city hall, valero pitched 80s crude by rail project to a packed house. if approved the refinery can receive up to 70,000 barrels of crude oil per day by rail instead of ship. >> the crude by rail would offset the crude typically from foreign services we bring in by ship. >> the route begins in roseville and end at the refinery. it won't replace the crude currently received through pipeline. valero says it's the only way to get the oil.
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it's a republicy proposition for residents like christine speak package as a concerned parent. >> when the air is so toxic, i can't go to the school or i'm worried who is sick and who's not. >> now, there is no action taken tonight by the planning commission. this was the last comment hearing at least for the rest of the year. folks can still submit comments online till the end of october. in bow nichia, pete ser rad dose. >> a similar meeting last month in the south bay. county leaders blocked a proposal allowing phillips 66 to extend its santa mario oil refinery. if it passed it would have sent five trains a week through it the south bay to the refinery on the central coast. >> a live cut to shore. tomorrow a high school will say good-bye to one of their own students. lucas angelo passed away friday. he was hit by a car last week after he ran into the street right in front of school. a memorial service to celebrate
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his life will be held tomorrow afternoon at the gym atmydy high. the switch continues in oakland for the gunman that killed a graffiti artist. antonio ra mois was painting between 35th and 36th this morning. ramos got into some sort of argument with a passerby. that man fired at ramos. police are asking for help in catching the shooter. a fight between dogs and gunfire in the east bay on mcintosh terrace in the apple hill estates area of brentwood. a woman was bit trying to break up a fight between two dogs. someone nearby heard her screams for help and shot the dog twice. that dog survived and is now in custody of animal control. stopping the spread. west nile virus for the next few days actually for the next few hours crews with the veecker control district will be sprague to eradicate mosquitoes including oakridge mall.
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mosquitoes collected from the area recently tested positive for the virus. >> tesla's newest invention unveiled tonight. the model x, the electric suv finally hitting the road. the carmaker turning the model's release noose an extraordinary party tonight. our business tech reporter scott budman is outside the tesla plant in fremont. some happy owners. it was pretty cool. >> they're very happy tonight. in fact, they're test driving cars tonight here in fremont with the first half dozen customers already on their way home in brand-new teslas. >> all right. >> only in the bay area would buying a car turn into a giant hi-tech pep rally. >> open these doors. >> the tesla model x complete with gull wing doors and a price tag rising into six figures was
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driven off stage by owners who treated themselves to a locally made suv heavy on technology while using no gas. >> i'm on my third tesla now. i had one when they first came out and got one for myself and gave it to her and bought myself a new fast one. >> fanfare aside, tesla hopes x marks the profitability spot. a way to justify its high stock valuation and prove electric cars will sell in all varieties. >> it's incredibly important that we move to a sustainable world sooner rather than later. the sooner the better it is. >> cheers for the newest piece of silicon valley hardware from those who plan to drive one soon. and the test driving party continues tonight here in fremont. should these drivers decide to buy, it won't be cheap. the starting price said to be in the $80,000 range. it will go up to about $130,000
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with options. reporting live in fremont, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> there were a lot of loop holes where kids were falling through the cracks. >> tonight our investigation into a bay area school district that called police on students almost more than any school district in the country. coming up, why one school official says the police were called nearly 1800 times in a single school year. plus, a bay area coach benched after this video surfaced of him shoving one of his players. tonight new details about that coach. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. high clouds moving in across the bay. we're tracking shower chances over the next two days coming up in my microclimate forecast. response to classroom problems
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involve the police? tonight, we investigate one bay area school district that called the police morth of school's response to classroom problems involve the police. tonight we investigate one bay
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area school district that called the police more than any other district in the bay area and nearly more than every school district in the country. >> we showed you last night how a school's discipline plan can leave your child with a criminal record before they even hit puberty. tonight reporter begat digs deeper into what's behind the high numbers. >> you've probably heard it the phrase school to prison pipeline where certain discipline policies actually hurt students long-term especially minorities by insuring they go from school to prison. we investigate how it's happening and what schools should be doing to stop it. >> hi. good afternoon. >> ada crosby is trying to rerace what she spent the last two years hoping to forget. she's on the phone with the juvenile probation department to request an application to have her son's criminal record sealed. >> i guess this is a factor. >> adrian crosby is her son.
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two years ago, he used a rock to scribble his initials on to a school sidewalk. he is autistic and thought if other students recognized his name on the ground, they would like him more. >> they said he was doing something in probate but i just wanted to be a legend. >> the crime is vandalism. >> this school resource officer handed him a juvenile citation which put an arrest on his criminal record. >> they made me feel fear. they made me feel like i was getting betrayed by the school. >> the u.s. department of education requires every school district in the country to keep track of how often students are referred to law enforcement. we soared through the most recent data. thousands of pages worth. and discovered that one bay area school district was among the top in the nation for how often it called the police on students. out of more than 16,000 school districts, eastside union high school district in san jose ranked 14th. it referred students to police
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1,745 times in the 2011-2012 school year. chris funk is the district superintendent. >> can you justify why police officers were used so often? >> well, i think if a student had a knife on campus, the default because of zero tolerance was to automatically have the student cited. if they found a bag of marijuana, they automatically had the student cited. >> are you saying there's more than 1700 incidents either involved drugs or a weapon? >> well, back in 2011, we had prol 24,000 students. >> the u.s. department of education doesn't require schools to release why students were referred to police. but much larger school districts didn't even come close to eastside union. for the same time period, oakland unified enrolled nearly 15,000 more students than eastside union but only referred 12 students to law enforcement.
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remember, eastside union referred over 1700. >> i think that we had a practice here where we were relying too much on having the officer do the facilitation and the legwork versus the administration doing the legwork. >> funk was named superintendent in 2012. the district has since doubled the number of its counselors. social workers are on every campus and there's more than 1700 referrals to police dropped to 214 during the 2013-2014 school years. but those lower rates are still among the highest in the bay area and just like in 2011, minorities and students with disabilities were sent to police at disproportionately high rates. children with disabilities made up 10% of the population but totaled 25% of all students referred to law enforcement. hispanic children represented 47% of the population but 73% of all students referred to police.
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>> that's an issue. we've got to solve that. >> reporter: the district hires local police officers to patrol nearly all of its schools. in fact, 6% of high schools across the country have officers or security right on campus. while the goal is to make schools safer, some believe students can actually be harmed when schools decide to involve police in cases of minor misbehavior. >> it's tragic. there are tragic consequences. >> chief laura garnett heads the probation department in santa clara keep the and says when is the child is put in the criminal justice system at an early age, they begin to identify as a criminal and are more likely to offend again. >> it's really, really hard to get out of the system. >> students can even get juvenile citations like the one adrian received which are equivalent to an arrest and go on a child's criminal record. those students then have to meet with juvenile probation officers. >> i think we see a lot of case
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has we think seriously? >> she says close to 70% of the time her officers decide the offense isn't actually serious enough to get referred to the district attorney for criminal charges. even in those cases, much of the damage is already done. >> the child can still be left with a criminal record? >> it will still show an arrest on their rap sheet, yes, absolutely. they've been arrested. if the case comes to us, they've been arrested whether they were put in handcuffs and brought to us or just given a slip of paper by the police. they've been arrested. >> is that fair? >> well, i mean, no. i don't think it's fair. >> but it's the reality for adrian. >> ready? go. >> a 15-year-old with autism and a criminal record. >> it makes you want to collapse. and just stop being. because of so much pain. you don't want to the exist
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anymore. >> ada says her son's probation officer closed the case since it wasn't a serious offense. adrian will even cleaned off his initials with so and water. but ada says the probation officer never mentioned adrian would have a criminal record. ada didn't know till we told her. that's when she called the probation department. >> i just found out right now the two years later. >> a juvenile court judge can order that i an chide's criminal history be wiped clean but there are no guarantees. and by law, you can't start the process until the child turns 18. ada says she often cries herself to sleep worrying about adrian's future. >> tears. because you don't know what's going to happen with your baby. >> and to find out how the your child's school how often your child's school sends students to police, check out an easy to use statewide database we created and posted on
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just click the investigations tab. their viewers can check out part one of our investigation that aired last night. >> that's a good tool resource for people to check it out. >> very helpful. >> if you have a tip for anyone our investigative unit give us a call at 1-88-996-tips. >> let's switch gars now. october is just around the corner. the possibility of some rain maybe. here's jeff. >> it's finally starting to feel like it outside. very refreshing today and tomorrow. we keep the cooler temperatures and also the clouds. for the morning forecast, down in the 50s throughout the bay area. overcast skies from the north bay down to the south bay. potentially drizzle in san francisco and the peninsula. i want to take you next to the satellite radar picture. we've been showing you this stream of subtropical moisture pushing across northern california. it hasn't meant anything for rainfall for us. >> soledad monterey, carmel, we've had a few spotty showers over the past 36 hours.
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to the live doppler scan. as we put a stop on the radar, nothing in terms of rainfall for us but a little bit of spotty activity near santa cruz and there's definitely more energy offshore. i think overnight we may get a few spotty showers near the immediate coastline in santa cruz and might have something tomorrow near morgan hill. you can see where all this cloud cover is coming from. it's this trough of upper low pressure spiralling in this subtropical moisture that keeps the clouds for wednesday and cooler temperatures. then by thursday's forecast, that trough of low pressure moves inland just to the south and with it being so close, i've now added in the possibility of isolated showers because this could move a little bit more off to the north and again bring us a little bit of activity. the best chance would be right across the sierra. this weekend we're good for a 5 to 10 degree warmup. temperatures warmer but we should stay out of the 90s for the most part and no chance of any triple digits coming our way saturday or sunday. let's take you into the microclimates throughout
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wednesday. a cool day throughout san francisco. 65 in the marina and back into the financial district. 66 for the peninsula. 75 in palo alto. there's the possibility of maybe spotty showers in pacifica and 63. so close again to the subtropical moisture stream. san jose a little bit of sun. high clouds and back towards morgan hill once again close to the subtropical moisture tap and 77 for the possibility of a few spotty showers. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, 70s all around. and instead of above average temperatures like we've had for the entire summer pretty much, pleasanton tomorrow in the tri-valley will be at just 75. a nice day in oakland at 71. we have those hotter temperatures once we hit friday's forecast returning in the south bay leaving us with 89 degrees. eventually by sunday 78. we've been keeping track of any rainfall coming down the pipeline. october 7th andth still a slight
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chance of maybe getting something. we'll continue to track that. >> thanks, jeff. up next, time for some fine tuning, how google plans to humanize its driverless car. >> and we have jimmy. >> julianne moore is here. plus, we have mark paul gossler.
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investigation for what he appears to be doing in this >> football coach in oakland under investigation for what you see there. it appears in the video. carlos anderson is seen shoving a student back in his seat on a bus almost two weeks ago. someone anonymously posted the video on twitter yesterday. the football team was headed to oakland after a game when the altercation happened.
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he has been paid on school leave as school officials investigate what happened on that bus. google wants machine to act more like man. apparently the tech giant feels their driverless cars are too safe. according to "the wall street journal," google is teaching the cars to act more human by cutting corners, edging into intersections and acting a little less cautious there after testers complained cars are just a bit too robotic. they tapped the brakes too quickly, and take extra wide turns. champagne flowing at at&t park for all the wrong reasons. next with sports. ♪
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency.
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pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. good evening. jerad mon cure here in the studios. a clash of titans on the diamond at third and king tonight. madison bumgarner throwing to keep his team season alive. clayton kershaw working to send the dodgers into the playoffs for a third straight year. top six, giants trailing 2-0. l.a. swinging for more. justin eyeing the hanger. he doesn't miss. a no doubter into left field. 3-0 donors.
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very next pitch, a.j. ellis solid lumber. the result telling. back to back off bumgarner. third homer for the dodgers of the night. that was much more than kershaw needs. one-hitter as he gets shelby tomlinson to ground out. dodgers win the west for the third straight season,-0 the final. >> always tough when this happens. but you know, to go in the last week and still be in it, i'm proud of these guys. >> a's hoping to put the angels hopes on hold. anaheim up 4-zip. eric i bar, a triple down the right field line. carlos perez and johnny score. angels win 8-1 and move into the al second wildcard spot for now. that's a quick look at sports. more after the break. with a very large friend. this
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is off the coast of san diego county. darren case says he was southern california surfer had a close encounter with a very large friend as in that friend. this is off the coast of san diego county. darren was hit the waves this morning when he spotted a
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20-foot gray whale swimming along with him. he had his go pro camera with him and took the video. experts say it's rare but not unheard of. majestic video. he made a new friend. >> look at that. >> maybe he was interested in him, like what is that camera he has. >> wow. >> look at all the barnicles on him. >> i was noticing the same thing. >> he's an old guy. >> no. sea life attaching to him. >> he just needs a good scrub. >> he needs a loofah. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore. mark-paul gosselaar.


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