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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bay. let's take a look at what's happening right now as we start to see some rain offshore that will be moving in later this afternoon. we do have a dry start to the day and some thin clouds overhead with temperatures starting out around 60 degrees. highs today in the 60s and 70s, mainly upper 70s for the south bay and 75 degrees with sun and clouds for the north bay. san francisco today will see a high of 65 degrees. we'll take a closer look at the chance of rain, all the microclimates and the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony for a look at traffic. >> you've got a whole run down. i got to tell you, i've got nothing. we are looking at good conditions which is good if you're hitting the road from the east bay, things light from concord toward lafayette. moving into the south bay, no issues here as well. lots of green on the map. this just denotes the traffic flow, not the rain kari was talking about. you can see 101, 280 towards the
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city looking good. if you're an evening commuter keep in mind there's a dodgers game against the giants at 7:00. levi stadium has been the seen of sever seerns /* /- scene of several fights. >> all of this coming as the venue prepares to host the biggest sporting event in the country. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in santa clara. we're talking about one of the biggest sporting events to happen in this country. >> reporter: certainly they've had a trial run of it. in 13 games we know hundreds of people have been arrested and at least three season ticket holders have been stripped of their rights to levi stadium for good. there is cell phone video that went viral fueling the conversation. we're talking z about a 49ers fan beating a strike innings fan. that has stadium authority attention, so, too, does the
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lawsuit filed by a fan beaten in the stadium bathroom last year. they're suing the stadium authority. the santa clara police chief says the stadium is safe and will be safer by the time the super bowl comes to town. in 13 nfl games hosted at levi stadium, 830,000 fans moved through and there were 1800 calls for police, 319 people arrested most often for public drunkenness which is why some of the strategy is to crack down on alcohol-related issues. >> if they assault one another, we need to prosecute them. if they're a season ticket holder, we need to revoke their season tickets. if they bought them from somebody else, we need to hold those people accountable, too. >> reporter: in anticipation of super bowl 50, the stadium authority is working with law enforcement, bpa to develop a
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better platform for collaboration allowing all agencies to see trouble makers on a secure network and in realtime so they can get to them a lot faster. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." this morning friends and family will gather to remember a graffiti artist gunned down in oakland. this comes at the search continues at this hour for the sheert. antonio ramos was painting a mural underneath a highway overpass when witnesses say he got into some kind of argument with a man walk by yesterday morning. police say that altercation soon turned violent. the man pulled out a gun and shot ramos killing him. outrage over that shooting eventually reached city hall. >> every loss of life in this city is tragic, every one. so it's with a very sad heart that we learned of this death. >> for all of us in the city, this is something heart-wrenching. >> police have not release add description of the suspect, but
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they are asking anyone with information to contact them. a candlelight vigil will be held for ramos at the mural later this morning. now to another grim discovery on the streets of oakland, a dead body found on union street yesterday. police say when they arrived on scene they found a body that had been on the street wrapped in plastic. investigators have not released any information about the remains or the cause of death. it's not the first thing you associate with food stamps. food stamps at farmers markets. local leaders are working to get governor brown to pass a bill to let people use those food stamps to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. >> stephanie truong in the newsroom. it requires fed rald money. >> it does rely heavily on that, $100 in federal government money that was set aside for families to buy and eat fresh grown produce. californians are trying to get in on some of that money.
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there were concerns over the possible government shutdown, a concern threatening the food stamp program. here in california, the bill passed with flying colors. governor jerry brown might sign or veto by october 11th. if he proves it, it would help boost buying power of food stamp recipients at farmers markets. that would help the 11 million californians living in california. these people and their families don't have access to safe and knew tri shows foods offered at more than 700 farmers markets throughout california, the largest network of such markets in the u.s. ting adds that the drought has pushed up the price of food and produce. market match operates at more than 150 farmers markets in california. it's doubled the purchasing power of food stamps at those markets and assemblyman ting says this is the number. the number of food stamp
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purchases at these farmers markets since this has happened has increase bid 700%. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie truong, "today in the bay." >> you hear so much about increasing food options, maybe this is a small way to get. there. san francisco airport employees will pitch in in an effort to maintain airplane safety. during the annual runway walk, workers look for runway debris that may cause potential hazards at sfo. safety officers conduct frequent checks of all runways, but this walk allows airport workers to get involved. each runway will briefly close. but we're told air photographic should not see a major impact. well, it's been a long two-year wait for tesla fans, finally that model x is out. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from the tesla plant in fremont. no doubt hoping for a test drive. the first and only all-electric luxury suv on the market.
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>> sam and laura, you've seen these cars are very nice to look at. unless you have around $100,000 or more, that's probably all you'll be able to do. last night here at the tesla auto factory in fremont, ceo elon musk invited the first six buyers of his company's new model x on stage to take the keys and drive off in the company's first suv. the model x features rear gull wing doors that open upwards, reminds you of a del lorian back in the '80s, a driver door that opens once you approach the door, closes once you're inside, expected to be around 93,000 for the base model, 142,000 for the fully loaded model for the only all-electric suv on the market right now. >> it's incredibly important that we move to a sustainable world sooner rather than later. the sooner we do it, the better
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it is. >> reporter: the model x goes on sale as the market is booming. luxury suv sales were up 17% in august, five times better than the rest of the industry as a whole. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, today in the bay. >> if you are lucky enough to get one of those model x's, you probably don't want to get it wet. >> this rain may be just enough to make the car look even dirtier than it did before. as we take a look at today's weather headlines, thin clouds this morning, sunrise at 7:02 and rain for the south and parts of the south and east bay as well. and then san francisco and the north bay stays dry. the temperatures will be cooler than normal. a look at the futurecast. we can start to see rain moving in by 10:30 this morning, mainly for the far south bay. it will be spotty and light. it may take its time getting going, but only looking at some very minor accumulation not all of us will see the
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showers heading into today, but at least welcome news. let's see if there's welcome news as we check out traffic with anthony. >> we are looking at welcome news, light traffic coming through dublin. this is 580 through the altamont pass. no issues here, seeing the traffic building across parts of sunol, that's where we're also seeing traffic building. as we switch to the maps, you can see what i'm talking about. on 84, a little slowing there heading through the sunol grade. no accidents to report. same deal approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. no major issues here. as we step outside, you can see what i'm talking about, wide-open lanes. >> looks good. up next, america's most wanted whistle-blower joins twitter. plus, it split the nation on whether the federal government should give money to planned parenthood and it cost the speaker of the house its job. now a vote on a pcontentious spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. they only have hours left to do it. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a temporary spending bill - to keep the government open past the deadline. 16 hours and counting. today congress is set to vote on a temporary speping bill to keep the government open past the deadline. >> it looks like we'll avoid the government shutdown, but that doesn't mean congress has agreed on a spending plan. >> nbc's tracie potts in washington, d.c. they talked about a spending plan, but now gearing up for round two. >> reporter: exactly. round two means after today people go back to work but they still have to figure out what stays in the budget and what gets cut. immediately federal workers there in the bay area and around
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the country don't have to worry about work tomorrow morning. they can go in and still expect likely, if everything goes right today, they can go in and still expect to get their paycheck. >> i think everyone is relieved that we're keeping the government open. >> reporter: a last-minute senate vote this morning, another this afternoon in the hours just hours before the deadline, and lawmakers expect to barely avoid a government shutdown. >> it's not the way to do business. >> it does haven't to be that way. >> reporter: today's votes would add $13 billion for defense, $700 million to fight fires and extend everything else through december 11th. >> it's a holiday gift for america, the prospect of shutting down the government again. >> reporter: the senate's top republican wants a long-term deal through 2017. >> so that next year we can have a regular appropriations process. >> reporter: but conservatives are still fighting to strip money e from planned parenthood. the group's president endured a five-hour grilling tuesday. >> do you defend the sale of
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baby body parts? >> no. >> reporter: in the middle of all this, leadership is changing. >> i'm not going to be any different tomorrow than i am today. >> reporter: republicans are trying to figure out how much they can negotiate before john boehner leaves next month. and when boehner leaves, the likely replacement right now is the central valley's congressman. he is currently the majority leader. kevin mccarthy may be taking over. as of last night, republicans met and still don't have a date for that election. >> thank you very much, tracie potts. now to part two of an investigative unit exclusive. our investigative unit has been looking into how often schools in the bay area call police on their students and why. critics say law enforcement is being summoned into the classroom to handle what some call childish behavior. >> leaving some students with a criminal record before they even reach high school. we've been digging into the data
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including which schools call police on their students the most. >> good morning. our investigation revealed that one local school district in the bay area called police on its own students so many times one year, it surpassed nearly every district in the country. critics say the policy say one police n counter can have a devastating effect on the student's life. after sorting through thousands of pages, we found east side union in san jose referred students to police 1,745 times in the 2011-2012 school year. out of more than 16,000 school districts across the country, east side union ranked 14th for how often it called police on its own students. the current superintendent got the job in 2012 and told us the district had a practice of relying too much on officers to facilitate disciplinary issues when staff should have leaned more on school administrators. the district's referrals to law enforcement dropped to 214
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during the 2013-2014 school year, but the district's rates are still among the highest in the bay area. minorities and children with disabilities were impacted at disproportionately high rates. the superintendent say it is district has to do more to make sure students are disciplined in a way that doesn't hold them long term. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigators, give them a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to america's most wanted whistle-blower is now on twitter. can you hear me now? that was edward snowden's first tweet. former nsa worker faces charges in the u.s. for leaking classified documents about government security. he's currently living in exile in russia. he already has almost 1 million followers on twitter. >> we can verify it's edward snowden, we just can't see him.
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5:16 right now. a major retailer is getting ready to start haggling online. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning to you both. wall street is looking to put the final day of the month and quarter in the rear view mirror. futures are higher ahead of the opening bell. stocks closed mostly higher on tuesday, although the nasdaq was dragged down by tech. this is shaping up to be the worst quarter for the market since 2011 amid worries about china's economy, falling oil prices and prospects of a fed rate hike. september 30th historically is one of the worst days of the year for stocks. since 1945, the s&p 500 is up only 38% of the time. the dow rising 47 points to 16,049, nasdaq falling 26 to 4,517. target will start matching online prices of more than two
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dozen competitors starting thursday. customers will have 14 days, up from seven now, to get a price adjustments. rivals include amazon,, sam's club and costco. twitter is tossing around the idea of ditching the 140-character limit. the project is being spearheaded by interim ceo and co-founder jack dorsey. some at twitter are favoring raising the limit about ten or so characters. >> oh, the things we could say, landon. >> a whole new door has opened now, ten characters. >> that can make a difference. >> you can get in micro climate alert. >> that's not enough. let me do the math. a strang object floating in your graphic in the sky. is that rain? >> it's like what? you may be thinking the same thing, too, as we see that falling from the sky this
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afternoon, the possibility of some rain for parts of the bay area. not all of us will see it. we coupled see it in san jose. we're taking a live look now at a nice quiet dry start to the day. and as we go into the afternoon, we may start to see this moving in. you see this cluster of green maybe moving into the south bay as we go into the evening. so this connecting with clouds and all of the moisture we've seen the past couple day, and now we could see a little bit of some rain out of that. our temperatures are now right at about 60 degrees. our computer model show the possibility of rain starting at about 10:00 this morning for the south bay and parts of the peninsula as well over towards santa cruz mountains and torts the east bay later this afternoon. it doesn't look like we'll see a lot of that rain as you head farther to the north. you'll just see an increase in cloud cover and breaks in the clouds throughout the afternoon. as far as how much rain we could see, the possibility of
5:20 am
maybe .02 in redwood city, in union city, .05. san jose may get the average amount that we should get during this entire month, but we haven't seen any of that yet. so hopefully we will be able to tap into that and get much-needed rain with highs today in the mid 70s,al palo alto at 70 degrees. san francisco mid 60s, also 65 in bell f deer, oakland today 71 degrees, pleasanton getting a chance of rain later this afternoon with highs today in the mid 70s. overnight temperatures in the 60s. as we go into the next several days, after this chance of rain rolls out, temperatures will be warming up for friday and then saturday as well, and then coming down in time for saturday as well as sunday, our high also be in the 60s and 70s across the bay. let's check in with anthony for traffic. >> good morning. things are moving pretty good. the bay bridge and metering lights. you can see traffic is starting to build here, especially for the cash lanes.
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across the rest of the bay area, no problems. we haven't found any major accidents, minor accidents, things are looking pretty good from richmond down towards emeriville. as you head towards the peninsula, things looking good from millbrae towards palo alto on 101 and 280. the south bay, no issues here, wide open lanes. back over to you. up next, what does the video show here? a bay area high school coach is being questioned after cell phone video surfaces that appears to show him fighting with a student. was the plea from the pope enough to stop the state of georgia from executing its first female inmate in 70 years?
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executed its first female prisoner in 70-years -- despite a plea for mercy fro the state of georgia has executed its first female prisoner in 70 years, this despite a plea for mercy from pope francis. kelly gibson dayne are was put to death after a flurry of last-minute appeals all failed, convicted of the 1997 murder of her husband at the hands of her lover. the man who actually did the killing is serving a life sentence. she sang "amazing grace" until she was given the lethal injection. it is 5:24. a high school football coach in oakland is under investigation for what he appears to be doing in a video posted on social media. decarlos anderson is seen
5:25 am
shoving a student back on his seat in the bus almost two weeks ago, someone anonymously posted the video on twitter this week. the football team was headed back to oakland after a game when that altercation happened. >> if the picture says a thousand words, a video says 10,000. what we've seen here is extremely disturbing and requires immediate action. >> anderson has been placed on paid leave as school officials investigate the incident. firefighters in denver credited with saving the lives of two kids found hiding in a burning home. part of it was all caught on cell phone video. you can see the firefighter handing the child off to a police officer who took him to an ambulance. the family didn't have a fire plan, so when the fire started, the children got scared and hid inside the house. fortunately they were found and taken to the hospital. their conditions are unknown this morning. it is 5:25, coming up, beer, brawls and brute behavior.
5:26 am
santa clara officials focus their safety plan at levi stadium to try to cut down by violence. the red cross called out in the middle of the night to help a dozen people burned out of their south way home. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. boxes boxes ad lib toss to wx good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a sight for sore eyes or at least dry eyes. rain in the forecast. >> for dry lawns, dry everything, as we take a look at this forecast, we will have a chance for the south bay to see very light rain as we go into the afternoon. we do start out with dry conditions, especially as we see more clouds moving in, mostly clear skies in the north bay. that will most likely be what you see through the afternoon. a high of 75 degrees in the north bay, light rain possible in the south bay and also parts of the east bay as well. in san francisco expect mainly cloudy skies and a high of 64 degrees. i'll expect more about what to expect. anthony getting you prepared for the commute. >> yes, thinking about a nap later with the clouds and rain, perfect combo. maybe you want to call off work.
5:30 am
this is 80 in oakland, the stall over to the side is where we're seeing slowing on 880 through oakland. you can see on the traffic maps, still have the green. folks getting by that stall without a problem. through the altamont pass, things are starting to slow down 84 and also through 580 near dublin. in dublin you can see traffic starting to build, speed sensors showing speeds up to 60 miles per hour. i think we're doing okay. back to you guys. >> wish we could say the same for these people. an overnight fire in san francisco leaves a dozen people without a place to stay. though firefighters put out the flames quickly, a lot of damage was left behind. the fire broke out about 12:30 on vine street not far from the 87-280 interchange. luckily no one was hurt. so far we don't know the cause of the fire, but firefighters do not think it is suspicious.
5:31 am
is levi stadium safe enough to host the super bowl? a lot of concerns are coming up after several fights at the popular stadium, even a lawsuit alleging stadium workers don't do enough to keep fans safe. >> the police chief issued a new report in the wake of some of these fights caught on camera. >> reporter: the strategy is high tech and low tech. we'll start with low tech first. they're cracking down on alcohol-related infractions. of course, that violent video of a beating in the parking lot is certainly fueling that conversation, pushing it right along. cell phone video of a 49ers fan beating a vikings fan went viral earlier this month. it certainly has the stadium authority's attention. add to that, yesterday a lawsuit was filed by fans beaten in a stadium bathroom last year. they're suing both the team and santa clara stadium authorities. despite those videos, the santa clara police chief says the stadium is safe now and will be even safer by the time the super
5:32 am
bowl comes to town. here is how the numbers break down. there have been 13 nfl football games hosted here at levi stadium, 830,000 fans have moved through in that time. 1800 people called for police service, 319 people were arrested, mostly for public intoxication which is why part of that strategy is to crack down on alcohol related issues and making season ticket holders accountable. >> if they assault one another, we need to prosecute them. if they're season ticket holders, we need to revoke their season tickets. if they're not and they bought them from somebody else, we need to hold those people accountable, too. >> reporter: in anticipation of super bowl 50, they're working the develop a security platform to allow better and faster collaboration. what does that mean in plain english? it means all agencies would be
5:33 am
able to look for trouble makers on a secure network and get to them faster. chris sanchez, "today in the bay". at 5:32, one of the three correctional deputies charged with killing an inmate in santa clara county is out of jail. the other two were released last friday. in the meantime the jail is sharing new information about another inmate found dead on monday. the sheriff says that inmate was known to be violent. a week before his death, deputies used non-lethal plastic projectiles to subdue him. his cause of death has not been released nor has his identity. happening today, hayward superintendent of schools may learn his fate from what's being described as an aggressive tirade during a closed door session. two hayward school board trustees filed a police report after the incident involving superintendent stanley dobbs two weeks ago. he's accused of berating the board and using expletives.
5:34 am
the school board is holding a regularly scheduled meeting later and it's possible he'll be disciplined and perhaps face dismissal. the environmental protection agency will be in town helping people clean up after the devastating valley fire. 97% contained this morning. firefighters capped the spread at a little more than 76,000 acres. they're still working to put out hot spots and mop up. the fire killed four people and destroyed nearly 2,000 structures. >> in an effort to help those affect bid the fire, three napa county wineries are joining forces for a fun and tasty benefit to help fire victims. it's going to include a barbecue featuring fine wines and live entertainment. a silent auction is also being held. it takes place at the alpha omega winery starting at 6:00. all the funds generated from tonight's event go directly to the valley fire fund-raising effort. >> agencies from around lake county are sounding the call for
5:35 am
job seekers. with so much devastation, a big surge is expected in construction and other related fields. today it takes police at kelseyville high school. it's open to all lake county owned and operated businesses, but only companies with valid contractor licenses are allowed to participate. lau do you bring healthier food options to everybody? here is one option, a bill to expand fresh produce, giving families with food stamps giving them more buying power. >> let's check in with "today in the bay's" stephanie truong. it requires some money from the federal government. >> it does, very, very dependent on it. it takes directly from federal money. there's some concern over the potential federal government shutdown which is still looming. it would end this possible taking money for the food stamp
5:36 am
program that aims to help more than 11 million californians living in pourity. the assemblyman behind the bill says they don't have access to fresh grown produce at the largest network of famers markets in the country, here in california more than 700 markets. the idea of this impact, this bill was inspired in part by local non-profits like market match which doubles the purchasing power at food stamps at more than 150 farmers markets in the state. ting says that has increased the number of food stamp purchases by 700% at these markets. the bill got a lot of support and quick approval in the state assembly and senate. what it does, it would get cash from the federal farm bill of 2014 which put aside $100 million to encourage and support the buying and eating of fresh grown produce. governor jerry brown might sign or veto this bill by october 11. ting says the need is greater now because the drought has pushed up the prices of fresh
5:37 am
produce. >> thank you very much, stephanie. thousands of city officials from across california will be in the south bay to collaborate on getting more women involved in politics. the annual league of california's civics conference and expo begins at the san jose convention center. the focus of the main panel is encouraging more women to take part in local politics. the panel will include statistics on women serving in city councils in california and also resources available for women thinking about running for office. 2,000 elected city officials from more than 400 different cities are expected to attend. the bay area housing crisis is hitting pretty much everywhere. tonight another big city tries to tackle the problem. oakland city council members will hold a session to address affordable housing and owner evictions. supporters say family in some cases are being kicked out of their home illegally under fake owner move-in schemes. in a lot of cases tenants are
5:38 am
powerless to fight back and given no relocation help. to it in's hearing is 6:00 at city hall. a unique homeless assistance program housed in prime san francisco real estate is moving its address. the group north beach citizens will open a new headquarters on kearny street near broadway. the old headquarters was located on very busy columbus avenue. the group's new building will be double the size and provide greater access to more people. tesla owners have been waiting for this a long time, tesla fans i should say, too. after a two-year wait, the tesla model x now out on the road. >> it's not going to come cheap. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at the tesla plant in fremont. thousands of these luxury suvs have already sold and they have a pretty sweet looking design. >> reporter: sam and laura, around 25,000 people have put their name on the list for the new model x being produced at the tesla auto plant in fremont. if you were to put an order in today, you'd still have to wait
5:39 am
about another year. last night quite a party in free month as ceo elon musk unveiled his company's first all-electric suv. one of the most interesting pee tours, the rear gull wing doors that open upwards. the driver's door also opens as you approach the car, closes once you're settled inside. tesla hopes this model x suv will help attract more women to its brand. last night tesla delivered a model x to its first six buyers who stepped up on stage and drove off in what is one of the most talked about suvs. >> i'm on my third tesla now. i had one when they first came out. i got one for myself and gave it to her when she sold her range rover and bought myself a new fast one. >> reporter: the base model is expected to start at around $93,000. fully loaded only $142,000. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thank you very much. for the first time in recent
5:40 am
memory we actually have rain in the forecast. >> it's very exciting. how much, when and where, kari? >> we're starting to see some of the rain moving in south of monterey. take a look at this cluster of showers just offshore. may be moving toward the south bay, san francisco cruz mountains as well as we go into later this morning. a look at how much rain we could see, the possibility of up to about .500 inch in union city. nothing really high but beneficial rain especially for san jose and over toward livermore where we could have up to .1 inch or a little more in spots. i'll detail this, give you an idea of timing and a look at the forecast in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads with anthony. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and you can see the backup is starting to build here. really no concerns getting through to the maze. things are wide open from emeryville towards oakland as well. in the south bay we had an
5:41 am
earlier accident at 101 and oakland, keeping things slow as you move toward an already slow commute. 101 northbound always slow. i want to show you what happened outside. when it happens, you get this backup. that's going to be quite a ways to go as we head through the morning. guys, back over to you. >> all right, thanks for keeping tabs on it. 5:41. coming up, the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples says she had a secret meeting with the pope and left with good advice. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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5-million dollar reward for information that will help hit isis where it hurts: its wallet. the state department is asking theub the u.s. government is offering a $5 million reward for helping to hit isis, looking for trips to disrupt their trade of oil and trafficking of antiques. it's a significant financial source of operations. isis pulls in an estimated $10 million a month in oil and gas smuggling in iraq and syria. president obama and john boehner were not the only ones who reportedly left with the pope. lawyers for kentucky clerk kim davis said she had a meeting with the pontiff last thursday, the same day the pope gave a
5:45 am
historic speech to congress. the pope allegedly told davis to stay strong. davis was briefly jafld last month for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religion. the vatican hasn't reported on the meeting, but earlier the pope told reporters people have the right not to do something if their conscience objects. some people in benicia, not tear cli thrilled to hear a plan of crude oil coming through their city. the proposed route goes from roseville northeast of sack men to benicia. if approved it would bring 70 million barrels a day to the refinery. last night people in benicia came out to confront city leaders about the proposals. they pointed to crude oil explosions in north dakota and west virginia to highlight their concerns. >> saw this happen in castleton, north dakota. this stuff is so volatile and toxic, they have to let it burn out.
5:46 am
they can't put it on. >> residents can submit public comments online through the end of october. a similar meeting last month in the south bay. santa clara county leaders blocked a proposal for phillips 66 to expand its refinery. if passed, it would have carried millions of gallons of week through the south bay to the refinery on the central coast. a rate drop for some businesses that felt their bills were getting out of hand. the oakland city council has agreed to cap composting costs. it seems the city's new trash contractual loud restaurant owners to be charged more for composting than trash service. that left many ditching composting altogether. the new compost rates will be at least 30% thanks to an amended contract. researchers may have a new way to get rid of notoriously durable styrofoam.
5:47 am
they're been raising beetle larvae, the bugs can digest styrofoam because of a bacteria in their gut. each worm can eat a few dozen milligrams every day, converting about half carbon dioxide and leaving half behind as non-toxic waste. researchers say eating plastic all day has no negative effect on the bugs and they hope it will help solve the pollution problem. >> as long as we're digesting the beetles. 5:47. businesses have until tomorrow to equip credit card readers with high-tech chip reiders or face the possibility of paying up. tomorrow is the self-imposed deadline for switching to new cards. a lot of people have cards with the chips built in already. some businesses haven't made the switch yet with their infrastructure. businesses who don't comply by tomorrow could have to reimburse people for any money lost to fraudulent transactions.
5:48 am
this year alone 13 people have been attacked. some beaches use nets to deter sharks from getting close to the star. the sydney morning herald reports officials are considering using is that right detecting smart buoys which automatically send a text message to lifeguards who can get people out of the water before an attack happens. it's a first for major league baseball, the oakland a's announce they've hired the very first female coach in history. >> according to the team's website, justine segal will serve as a guest instructor for the club's 2015 instructional league. she is used to firsts, also the first woman to throw batting practice for a major league team. >> it's been a rough year for the a's. an a plus for that gesture right there. >> more than a gesture. >> more than a gesture. it's a talent, sam brock.
5:49 am
>> the curveball is wicked. a pleasant surprise today, something we have not heard in so long. rain in the forecast. >> rain is in the forecast, but not everyone will see it. don't get your hopes up too high, especially if you're north of san francisco. as we take a live look outside right now, we've taking a view from san bruno mountain towards san francisco and we start this morning with mostly clear skies and start to see clouds start to roll in as we go through the day. today's weather headlines starts with a sunrise at 7:02 and thin clouds that we've seen the past couple days, that will bring us a chance of rain for the south and parts of the east bay. san francisco and farther to the north, it stays dry. at least it will be cooler than normal. we're looking at the clouds that have been streaming in with an upper level disturbance the past couple days. now we're starting to see wet weather offshore that looks to reach farther inland as we go through the day. now our temperatures are 59 to 60 degrees across the bay area
5:50 am
as you step out the door and get the day started. a better idea of the timing of when we can start to see this moving in by 11:00 this morning. it moves across the santa cruz mountains and also over towards san jose and farther off towards the east. as we go through the rest of the day, the rain is very spotty and light and may reach up toward the tri-valley with some of the lighter rain moving in there by later on tonight. all that moisture starts to roll off towards the east towards the sierra, and the rest of us left with cloudy skies. once again, a look at how much rain we can see, maybe .1 inch, closer to .2 inch in san jose. over toward livermore, .1 inch. that's about the average amount of rain we get through the entire month of september. it looks like we could get it today, hopefully we will get that falling from the sky with highs today reaching into the mid 70s. the peninsula today in millbrae at 70 degrees. san francisco at 66 degrees and some 60s and 70s elsewhere
5:51 am
across the bay. we'll take another look at that and what to expect heading into the weekend. let's check in now with anthony. >> good morning. things are starting to backup approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on now. also in oakland, i want to show you what's happening. we had an earlier accident 880 southbound at high street. that's been pushed over to the shoulder. getting on to the san mateo bridge, some slowing there, same for the dumbarton bridge, but more slowing across the south bay because we had an accident at 101 in oakland and san jose,nd another one popped up on san thomas expressway. this is 101 approaching the accident at oakland street. starting to see things back up here. >> thanks, anthony. the images from one ohio bride's big day have gone global after a surprise gesture from one father to another. >> i got weak in the niece and
5:52 am
everything. i couldn't have had anything better in my life. >> it all unfolded last saturday as tom bachman started walking his biological daughter brittany down the aisle. he stopped the procession and grabbed the other man who had been so important in brittany's life, her stepfather. >> you look at the expression on his face, the photos capturing the unexpected moment have been viewed some 30 million times since last week. an unusual bonding that's also been shared by many on facebook. >> he came up to me and reached out and grabbed my hand. he said, hey, you've worked for this as hard as i have. he said you deserve this as much as i do. >> no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking my daughter -- our daughter down the aisle. >> everyone in brittany's family admits her parents' divorce was not always peaches and cream, but the father says that's exactly why he did what he did
5:53 am
because, if they could do it, then anyone can. >> we know family's come in different shapes an sizes, too. up next, the president's plan to withdraw all troops from afghanistan by next year may not happen after all. why u.s. military commanders want to change course. >> there are definite expectations for hispanic students the state of georgia has
5:54 am
5:55 am
executed its first female prisoner in 70-years -- despite a plea for mercy from pope francis. ==take vo== "kelly gissen-daner" was put to death early this morning -- after a flurry of last minute
5:56 am
appeals failed. kelly danger was put to death early this morning after a flurry of last minute appeals failed. she was con viced of the 1997 murder of her husband at the hand of her lover. she sang "amazing grace" until given the lethal injection. a developing story, russian lawmakers giving president vladimir putin the ap profl to use troops in syria. it comes days after putin met with president obama at the united nations general assembly. there the two leaders discussed russia's military buildup in syria. russia says it's necessary to defend russia's national interests. a potential shift in policy. u.s. military commanders say they want to keep at least a few,thousand american troops in afghanistan beyond last year, a sharp departure from president obama's existing plan. military leaders say it's necessary with the security situation happening there now.
5:57 am
the taliban recently captured the northern city this week. government shutdown has become too familiar willn our language. later today, both the senate and house are expected to approve a temporary funding bill to keep the government from shutting down. that doesn't mean both sides of the aisle agree on a spending plan. "today in the bay's" tracie potts explains. >> i think everyone is relieved we're keeping the government open. >> reporter: a last-minute senate vote later this morning, another this afternoon in the house, just hours before the deadline. lawmakers expect to barely avoid a government shutdown. >> it's not the way to do business. >> it doesn't have to be that way. >> reporter: today's votes would add $13 billion for defense, $700 million to fight fires and extend everything else through december 11. >> it's a holiday gift for america, the prospect of shutting down the government again. the senate's top republican wants a long-term deal through 2017. >> so that next year we can have
5:58 am
a regular appropriations process. but conservatives are still fighting to strip money from plabd parenthood. the group's president endured a five-hour grilling tuesday. >> do you defend the sale of baby body parts? >> no. >> reporter: in the middle of all this, leadership is changing. >> i'm not going to be any different tomorrow than i am today. >> reporter: republicans are trying to figure out how much they can negotiate before john boehner leaves next month. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 5:58. starting to feel like fall here, but 1,000 miles off the coast -- the east coast could be slammed by wind and rain as a new hurricane barrels towards the beach. the storm system became a hurricane less than an hour again. hurricane joaquin could hit the mid atlantic and northeast by the weekend or early next week. correspondently it has 65-mile-per-hour winds. that could increase as the storm strengthens. flood watches are posted from
5:59 am
north carolina to southern maine. >> we've learned from recent history, be prepared. coming up at 6:00, while the bay area won't see hurricane strength winds, neighborhoods could see sprinkle later today. the timeline with meteorologist c kari hall in less than a minute. a dozen people without a police to live this morning. searching for a killer. the community getting ready to remember the popular muralist who was gunned down. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. with anthony slaughter is in for mike inouye this morning. kari, you mentioned the prospect of wet weather? >> i'm tracking it on the radar. it starts as light rain and may be moving into the south bay as we head through the rest of the day. not expected much farther to the north of san francisco and the north bay, but we could see some
6:00 am
of that moving in later this morning. now temperatures are in the mid 50s to near 60s across the bay, with highs in the 60s and 70s. a few showers possible for the east and south bay. looks like the rest of the bay area does stay dry. i'll give you an idea of timing and how much rain to expect coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> things are moving good, especially through the altamont pass. we are seeing the typical building, speeds about 60 miles per hour here, so very typical and again, better news for what it usually looks like. as we switch over to the maps ap show you what's happening, we have an accident on 880 southbound into hayward, heading into fremont and san jose, no problems on 880. we have slowing on 101 northbound on oakland road because of an accident. also on the san thomas expressway, an accident approaching 17. 87 starting to slow because of a stall approaching 101. things looking good in the south bay. the


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