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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of that moving in later this morning. now temperatures are in the mid 50s to near 60s across the bay, with highs in the 60s and 70s. a few showers possible for the east and south bay. looks like the rest of the bay area does stay dry. i'll give you an idea of timing and how much rain to expect coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> things are moving good, especially through the altamont pass. we are seeing the typical building, speeds about 60 miles per hour here, so very typical and again, better news for what it usually looks like. as we switch over to the maps ap show you what's happening, we have an accident on 880 southbound into hayward, heading into fremont and san jose, no problems on 880. we have slowing on 101 northbound on oakland road because of an accident. also on the san thomas expressway, an accident approaching 17. 87 starting to slow because of a stall approaching 101. things looking good in the south bay. the peninsula, no problems on
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the 101 or 280. new this morning at 6:00, a dozen people will have to find a new place to stay after flames spread through their home in san jose overnight. firefighters tell us a car caught fire on vine street near sou southall dean avenue. luckily everyone blade it out safely. firefighters say they do not think it is suspicious. levi stadium has been the scene of several fights. now the home of the 49ers is facing a lawsuit for reportedly failing to protect its fans. all this comes as the new venue prepares to host the biggest sporting event in the country. "today in the bay's" chrkris sanchez live with more. >> reporter: trying to convince fans, not just locally, but fans showing up for the big game coming up in february. the strategy is high tech and also low tech. we'll start with the low tech. police are focusing on alcohol
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related infractions and, of course, that violent video of the brawl in the parking lot that went viral last month is certainly fueling that conversation. the cell phone video of a 49ers fan beating a vikings fan, certainly tagetting the stadium authority's attention. a lawsuit filed by a fan beat in a stadium bathroom last year, they're suing not only the team, but the stadium authority as well. despite the two violent videos, the santa clara police chief says the stadium is safe now and will be safer by the time the super bowl comes to town. there have been 830,000 fans passing through, 1800 calls for police service, 319 arrests and most of those were for public intoxication which is why part of the low tech strategy is to crack down on alcohol related issues and making season ticket holders accountable.
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>> if they assault one another, we need to prosecute them. if they're a season ticket holder, we need to revoke their season tickets. if they're not and bought them from somebody else, we need to hold those people accountable, too. >> reporter: so here is a part of the high tech strategy in anticipation of super bowl 50, the stadium authority is working with law enforcement, vta and snai-based telesis to allow better and faster collaboration. the goal is to allow all agencies to be able to hone in on those trouble makers, watch them on video as the situations develop realtime so police can get to them a lot faster. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." this morning friends and family gathering to remember a graffiti artist gunned down in oakland. this comes as the search continues at this hour for the shooter. antonio ramos was painting a mural underneath a highway
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overpass when witnesses say he got into an argument with a man walking by yesterday morning. police say the altercation soon turned violent and the man pulled out a gun and shot ramos killing him. outrage over the shooting has reached city hall. >> every loss of life in this city is tragic, every one. so it's with a very sad heart that we learned of this death. >> for all of us in the city, this is something that's heart-wrenching. >> police have not release add description of the suspect, but are asking anyone with information to please reach out and contact them. a candlelight vigil will be held for ramos at the mural later this morning. it's 6:04. this afternoon students and faculty at san jose's mid difficult high school say good-bye to freshman lucas angelo. the 14-year-old was hit by a car after he ran into the street in front of the school. a memorial service to celebrate his life will be held after
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school in the gym. hayward superintendent of schools may learn his fate from what has been described as an aggressive tirade during a closed door session. two hayward school board trustees filed a police report after the incident involving superintendent stanley dobbs which took place two weeks ago. dobbs is accused of be reading the board, using expletives and physically threatening a trustee. the hayward school board is holding a regularly scheduled meeting tonight. it's possible dobbs will be disciplined and perhaps dismissed. food stamps at farmer's markets. local leaders are working to get governor brown to pass a bill to let people on food stamps by fresh fruit and vegetables at local farmer's markets. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang in the newsroom this morning. the plan is trying to cash in on federal money as well. >> that's right. $100 million of federal money is the pot that helps families struggling to put food on the table. what it does is double the buying power of food stamps at farmer's markets, so $10 can get
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you $20 worth of things there. the bill aims to help the more than 11 million californians living in poverty. san francisco assemblyman phil ting says these people and their families don't have access to the safe and nutricius food offered at the more than 700 farmers markets in california. that's the largest network in the country. ting says as the drought has pushed up the prices of fresh produce, this was inspired by non-profits including local ones like market match after it doubled purchasing power, the number of those food stamp purchases shot up 700%. he adds other states have led the way in getting these federal funds with some of the largest grants going to washington and massachusetts. he says it's time for california to cash in and hopefully help people heat more healthfully. governor jerry brown has until october 11 to either sign or veto this bill. live in our san francisco
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newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." alameda county is being sued in federal court for allegedly processing food stamp applications late. according to the lawsuit, the county was late in processing nearly 20% of the applications just over the past year. the lawsuit also claims the county currently has more than 10,000 pending applications. the plaintiffs, three food stamp applicants say this delay is harming people who need the help. so far the county is not commenting on the lawsuit. the environmental protection agency will be many middletown to help people clean up after the devastating valley fire. the fire is all but surrounded, 97% contained. firefighters have kept the spread at a little more than 76,000 acres and are still working to put out hot spots and mop up. the fire killed four people and destroyed nearly 2,000 structures. three napa county wineries are joining forces to help fire
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victims. build at the valley fire relief benefit, featuring a barbecue, fine wines and live entertainment, a silent auction is also being held. it's at the alpha omega winery at 6:00. all funds generate willed go to the valley fire fund-raising effort. agencies from around lake county are sounding the call for job seekers. with so much devastation, a big surge is expected in construction and other related fields as those communities rebuild. today a job fair takes place at kelseyville high school. the event is at 2:30, open to all lake county owned and operated businesses. only companies with valid contractor licenses are allowed to participate. >> nice to see the collaborative effort going on. it will be rain for mainly the south bay, where we could see showers. to give you an idea of when, here is a look at the
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futurecast, starting at 6:00 in the morning. we start to see the possibility of rain moving in by 11:30 this morning. moving in across the santa mountains, wls morgan hill and gilroy. later this afternoon it could hit parts of the east bay over towards livermore as well. we could see showers moving in before it all clears out. as you can see, not everyone will have that chance of rain, but temperatures will be cooler and a lot of clouds across the bay. temperatures in the mid 70s today, in palo alto, 73 degrees, san francisco, mid 60s. 72 in napa. a mixture of sun and clouds today. towards the east bay, union city will have a chance of rain. 70 degrees and in the tri-valley highs in the mid to upper 70s. after some cool weather midweek, it heats up in time for the start of the weekend. i'll show you that in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony for a look at traffic. >> good morning. things are really slow across san jose. 101 northbound, an accident at
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oakland road. that's what this is showing, stop and go on 101. you can see the slowing goes all the way toward 880. also on 87, a stall at 280 that's keeping things slow into downtown san jose. up the fen nins la, things looking good. our final stop takes us to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the red there denotes the slowing. it is slow coming in from emeryvil emeryville. it's stop and go. that's our parking lot. >> those people used to sitting in it, too. new guidelines overnight for treating people who are hiv positive. say hello to the model x. tesla unveils its latest invention sure to wow a lot of drivers. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale -- on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the world health organization is changing its guidelines surrounding treatment for people who test new this morning at 6:13. the world health organization is changing guidelines surrounding treatment for people who test positive for hiv. agency says anyone with the virus should be treated right away. previous guidelines suggested
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doctors should wait to treat until their immune system showed they were getting sick. early treatment keeps people alive healthier and reduces the risk of transmitting the virus. criminal behavior on school grounds worthy of a call. our investigative unit has been looking into how often schools in the bay area are calling police on students and why. critics say law enforcement is being summoned into the classroom that some behavior might describe as childish leaving some students with a criminal record. investigative reporter has been looking into it. >> reporter: good morning. our investigation revealed that one local school district in the bay area called police on its own students so many times one year, it surpassed nearly every district in the country. critics of the policy say one police encounter can have a
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devastating effect on a student's life. after sorting through the most recent data, thousands of data, one district referred to police 1,748 times in the 2011-212 school year. out of more than 16,000 school districts in the country, east side union ranked 14th for often it called. the current superintendent said the district had a practice of relying too much on officers to facilitate disciplinary issues when staff should have leaned more on school administrators. the district referrals to law enforcement 2kr07d to 214 during the 2013-2014 school year, but still among the highest in the bay area. minorities and children with disabilities were referred at higher rates.
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they s >> bigat, thank you very much. if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or sent us an e-mail to meet the model x. tesla unveiled the highly anticipated long awaited all electric crossover at its plant in fremont last night. a lot of words for something that simply amazes. only in the bay area does getting a new car turn into one massive standing room only party. >> a lot of words and a lot of money, too. bob redell live in front of the tesla plant. six people actually left that party in their new model x. >> reporter: with a little less cash in their wallet. the model xs are nice to look at. that's about all you'll be able to do unless you have around $90,000 to $100,000 to spend. last night ceo elon musk invited
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the first six buyers of his company's new model x on stage to take the keys and drive off in the company's first suv. the model x which is an all-electric vehicle features rear gull wing doors, a driver door that automatically opens as you approach the car, closes once you're inside and a hefty price tag, expected to be around $93,000 for the base, $142,000 for the fully loaded model, the only all-electric luxury suv on the market. >> it's important that we move to a sustainable world sooner rather than later. the sooner we do it, the better it is. >> reporter: the model x goes on sale as the market for luxury suvs is booming. u.s. luxury suv sales are up 17% through august, five times better than the industry as a whole. reporting live in fremont, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." it's beautiful, but we're all looking at the white seats, and as parents -- >> that's dangerous. also raises an interesting question. if you're parked next to one of these doors and the gull wing doors, how close can you get. >> you park it in your garage. $140,000. >> put red carpet around it and section it off. something we haven't seen in a while. >> the last day of the month. we haven't had any rain in san jose and we may get the average amount we should get for the entire month all today. so mother nature is trying to make things up here. as we take a live look at san francisco, i don't think you'll see any rain today. in fact, you'll see the clouds hanging around throughout the afternoon. not everyone will get in on the wet weather. it's only a slight chance. a look at today's weather headlines. thin clouds this morning, sunrise at 7:02. rain for the south and beast bay is possible as we go through late morning, early afternoon.
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san francisco and farther to the north will stay dry. at least you have cooler than normal temperatures. this is what we've been watching very closely on the radar. it's rain that is just offshore starting to reach in around monterey, sprinkles there and we may see that once again for the rest of the bay area, for the south bay as well as the east bay, temperatures now in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees, and the futurecast shows that the rain may be moving in as early as 10:00 for the santa cruz mountains over towards san jose and then approaching parts of the south and the east bay as we go into the afternoon. livermore may see some rain as well as pleasanton in the tri-valley. all that clears to the east and we'll be left with cloudy skies to start out tomorrow morning. the rainfall estimates bring us at least measurable amounts of rain for half moon bay, farther to the south, livermore .1 inch and closer to .2 inch.
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highs today in the mid 70s, after our chance of showers clears ourkts temperatures will be heating out, look at all the microclimates that will be pretty hot on friday. starting to calm down on saturday. sunday looks like the coolest day of the weekend. anthony? >> things looking pretty good in san jose. we have a few accidents. the first one is 101 where things are slowing on the northbound side. you see stop and go because of an accident at oakland road. switch over to the maps, there is the accident and there's the slowing we were looking at, also slowing on 87 northbound approaching 280 because of a stall. also in san thomas expressway at hamilton. across the east bay, an accident approaching the smidgeon 880 southbound right before the exit for the bridge. also headed up towards oakland, things are a little slow approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not all that bad. you can see traffic is moving on 880 northbound. even for 880 southbound, we had
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an earlier stall keeping things slow, but not all that bad. 6:20. as any baseball fan will tell you, there are days when nothing seems to go right. this morning one baseball fan in particular is a big hit for that very reason. >> let's just say the scouts were not impressed with one fan in the front row of last night's game at yankee stadium. he looks so unassuming there. first, he botches the ball, harder to catch than it does. strike one. later, he couldn't quite grab a bouncer that came into the stands. strike twochlt then when the ball boy gently tossed him a ball, it bounced off of his face. that was a pop fly from earlier. you can be sure that after -- there you go. that's pretty rough. after strike three, even his date started to leave a little more space in the seats. >> she put her face in her hands, too. it's 6:21. maybe it's not his forte.
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hedon't pump the brakes. the issue prompting the recall of more than 1 million bikes nationwide. should know before pedalling to
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work or school. a massive recall involving one- and-a-half million bicyes here is something you should know before pedaling to work or school. a massive recall involving 1.5 million bicycles, 17 companies involved, diamondback, cannondale and jameses.
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the front wheel can come to a sudden stop or separate entirely from the bike. bike stores sold those bikes from 1998 through this year. more than 50,000 pacifier clips are being recalled due to a choking hazard. it involves five different styles. the d ring can break allows beads to detach and pose a choking hazard. bye-bye baby retail stores nationwide and in canada sold the products from september of last year through june of this year. researchers at stanford may have a new way to get rid of notoriously durable styrofoam. the only problem is it will make your skin crawl in the process. researchers have been raising beetle larvae feeding them only bits of styrofoam. the bugs can digest the styrofoam because of a specific bacteria in their gut.
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each worm can eat a few dozen milligrams a day, converting about half to carbon dioxide and leaving half behind as non-toxic waste. research rs say eating plastic all day had no negative effects on the bugs. the findings will help solve the pollution problem in the country. >> leave it to the bugs, they can handle it. scary moments for a sheriff's deputy in oklahoma. he was held hostage inside his own cruiser, not by a suspect, but by a swarm of bees. >> you have to see this. the deputy was responding to a big rig crash along a busy highway yesterday. that rig was carrying thousands of honey bees. all the bees spilled out of the truck, covered the deputy's cruiser, trapping him inside. eventually did get out. he was not hurt. after dark, the bees became aggressive and eventually they had to choose to burn all those hives. >> too soon, by the way. we talked about africanized killer bees in the bay area.
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all but a done deal, what congress is doing to keep the government running past today's deadline. a safety plan to cut down on violence at levi stadium ahead of super bowl 50. joining us. i'm sam brock
6:28 am
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are tracking the weather and the roads. anthony slaughter is in for mike inouye. let's start with meteorologist
6:30 am
kari hall with a look at the changing micro climate forecast. >> keeping a close eye on the radar as rain creeps closer to the coast and maybe moving into the south bay as we go into the next couple hours. some welcome news there and a much-needed rain as we head into the rest of the day. not all of us will see it. so 55 degrees is the current temperature in the north bay. you will stay dry today. 60 now in the peninsula, highs in the 60s and 70s today. the rain mainly for the south bay and parts of the east bay. i'll give you an idea of exactly what to expect and how much rain and when. that comes up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony to see how traffic is moving. >> things running pretty good. in san francisco on 101 where we always see the slowing we have an accident. that's keeping this backup in place all morning long. there's the accident right at oakland road. but the backup goes all the way back towards tullie. also on 87, a stall near 280
6:31 am
connector keeping things slow towards blossom hill. and san thomas expressway, an accident near hamilton. we're starting to see a couple accidents in on 237. as we hollywood towards parts of the bay bridge, you can see stop-and-go traffic. you can see what i'm talking about, it's a parking lot. guys, back over to you. >> not exactly what you want to start your day off with. thank you, anthony. 15 hours and counting. today the congress set to vote on a temporary spending bill to keep the government open past today's deadline. it looks like we'll avoid the government shutdown. it doesn't mean the congress agreed on an actual spending plan. today in the bay's tracie potts joining us from wad. tracie, they talked about the plan yesterday, bought a little time. now lawmakers are gearing up for round two. >> reporter: exactly. round two means they have three more months to figure out what
6:32 am
stays in the budget and what goes. the good news now, sam, for now, people in the bay area and around the country who work for the federal government or rely on the federal government can go to work in the morning or get those services and those employees don't have to worry about doing it without a paycheck. >> i think everyone is relieved that we're keeping the government open. >> a last-minute senate vote later this morning. another this afternoon in the house just hours before the deadline. lawmakers expect to barely avoid a government shut down. >> it's not the way to do business. >> it doesn't have to be that way. >> today's vote would add $13 billion for defense, $700 million to fight fires and extend everything else through december 11. >> a holiday gift for america, the prospect of shutting down the government again. >> reporter: the senate's top republican wants a long-term deal through 2017. >> so that next year we can have a regular appropriations process. >> reporter: but conservatives are still fighting to strip money from planned parenthood.
6:33 am
the group's president endured a five-hour grilling tuesday. >> do you defend the sale of baby body parts? >> no. >> reporter: in the middle of all this, leadership is changing. >> i'm not going to be any different tomorrow than i am today. >> reporter: republicans are trying to figure out how much they can negotiate before john boehner leaves next month. and once he leaves, california's kevin mccarthy from central valley is expected to be his likely replacement. after a meeting last night, republicans still hadn't come up with a date for those elections. >> tracie potts live from washington, thank you. one of three correctional deputies charged with killing an inmate in santa clara county is out of jail this morning. the other two deputies were released last friday. in the meantime the jail is sharing new information about another inmate found dead on monday. the vary hif says that inmate was known to be violent and a week before his death, deputies used non-lethal plastic
6:34 am
projectiles to subdue him. his cause of death and identity have not been released. this morning san jose students on alert because after of a robbery that occurred off campus. three men confronted a man on the roof of a parking garage, took the person's wallet, backpack and ran through the campus before they were able to escape. is levi stadium safe enough to host the super bowl? a lot of concerns are coming up after several fights at the stadium, a lawsuit alleging stadium workers don't do enough to keep fans safe. kris, the city released a report in the wake of fist fights caught on camera. >> reporter: we have those numbers in just a minute. that strategy they're going after is a combination of high tech and low tech. we'll start with the low tech part. police paying close attention to people violating alcohol policy and arresting them really, and that is also fueled by the fact that there was that vicious
6:35 am
fight caught in the parking lot on cell phone video that went viral just last month. it was 9ers fans beating a vikings fan. that has stadium authority's full attention. add to that the lawsuit filed yesterday by the fans beaten in the stadium bathroom last year. they're suing the team and the santa clara stadium authority. despite those violent videos, the police chief says the stadium is safe now, but will be safer by the time the super bowl comes to town. here are the numbers we mentioned. in the 13 nfl football games hosted here at levi stadium, 830,000 fans have moved through. there have been 1800 calls for police service and 319 people have been arrested, mostly for public drunkenness, which is why that part of the strategy is to crack down on alcohol-related issues and making season ticket holders accountable. >> if they assault one another, we need to prosecute them. if they're a seen ticket holder,
6:36 am
we need to revoke their season tickets. if they're not and they bought them from someone else, we need to hold those people accountable, too. >> reporter: here is the high-tech part of the strategy, in anticipation, the stadium is looking at law enforce. and the stadium to develop better security platform allowing better and faster collaboration, allowing all agencies to see the trouble makers on closed security cameras in realtime so they can get to them a lot faster. ? santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> seen one too many of those gruesome videos. speaking of which, a high school football coach in oakland under investigation for what he appears to be doing in a video posted on social media. carlos anderson of mcclimate high school is seen shoving a student back in his seat on a bus almost two weeks ago. someone anonymously posted the video on twitter this week. the football team was headed back to oakland after a game when that altercation happened.
6:37 am
>> i think what we've seen here is extremely disturbing, and it requires immediate action and that's what we're taking. >> anderson has since been placed on paid leave as school officials investigate the incident. 6:37. some people in benicia not too thrilled to hear of a plan to bring crude oil by rail tlur their city. if approved, the route would bring 70,000 barrels of crude oil a day to the benicia refinery. last night people in benicia came out in full force to confront city leaders about it. they referred to the crude oil explosions in north dakota. >> the stuff is so volatile and toxic, they have to let it burn out. they can't put it out. >> benicia residents can submit public comments online through the end of october. thinking outside the box and
6:38 am
onto the farm. food stamps at farmers markets. a bill to expand access to fresh produce is now awaiting a signature from governor brown. that legislation would help california obtain federal funding to provide incentives for food stamp recipients to shop at farmers markets. those funds would come from last year's farm bill which set aside $100 million to encourage healthy eating. state lawmakers want to use that money to increase the buying power of food stamps at local markets. governor brown has until mid october to sign the bill. >> let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. i'm watching the radar this morning. this will bring in very light sprinkles to start out. maybe accumulating rain later in the morning. futurecast shows we could be seeing some of the rain moving into the san jose area and farther south by noon today. more light rain as we go into
6:39 am
the afternoon, approaching parts of the east bay as well. so some welcome news on this last day of september, been so dry throughout the month, a chance of rain today. a look at the forecast will bring those highs down into the mid 70s, 73 in palo alto and san francisco, mid 60s. low 70s for the north bay. a little more sunshine and staying dry in the north bay. the east bay also a chance of rain around union city, and the tri-valley as well later this afternoon with high ms. the mid to upper 70s. we'll talk more about what to expect and take a look ahead through the weekend. that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. let's check in now with anthony for traffic. >> good morning. in fact, one word of caution to those south bay commuters this morning. maybe use the side streets because our highways are starting to bog down. this is 101. now we have another accident on this same thoroughfare, the same one we were talking about erldier. this one south of mckee. the earlier one was at oakland. this is a very, very slow go this morning. also 87 northbound slow because of a stall at 280.
6:40 am
all the way back towards blossom hill it's slow. even coming in from 85 starting to see slowing as there was an earlier accident on san thomas expressway at hamilton. across the east bay, hayward seeing some slowing. the san mateo bridge seeing some slowing as well. there was an accident getting onto the bridge. now that slowing continues as you head towards foster city. i want to tell you what it looks like in san mateo. a slow crawl toward the peninsula. back over to you. you do see teslas out there on bay area roadways. say hello to the model x. tesla unveiled the highly anticipated all-electric crossover at its plant in fremont last night. only in the bay area does getting a new car turn into a massive standing room only party. >> electric faces after you look at one of those things. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the tesla plant this morning. six people left that party last night in their new model x. >> reporter: and there's another
6:41 am
25,000 people who have already put their names on the list for the new car being produced here in fremont. if you were to try to put your name on the list now, you'd have to wait a year. it was quite a party here last night as ceo elon musk unveiled his company's first all electric luxury suv, one of the most interesting features, the rear gull wing doors that open upwards. the driver's door, they also open automatically as you approach the car, close once u you're settled inside. tesla hopes the model x will help attract more women to the brand. last night tesla delivered the model x to the first six buyers who stepped up on stage and drove off in one is the most talked about suvs. >> i had one when they first came out. i got one for myself and gave it to her when she sold her range rover and bought myself the new fast one.
6:42 am
>> reporter: they are quick, zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds and they are expensive. a fully loaded model x performance model is running around $142,000. the base expected to run around $93,000. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> does that come with heated seats? >> i would hope for that price it does. up next, the kentucky clerk once jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples says she had a secret meeting with the pope. a live look at the big board this morning. look at that. dow jones industrial average up about 210. historically not a good day for the markets. we'll see how we're doing today and how we, of course, will end. 6:42.
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[get up to 48 monthsw interest-free financing
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on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. within the past hour -- russia launched airstrikes in at 6:45, a developing story this morning. within the past hour russia launched strikes in syria. this comes days after president obama met with vladimir putin at the general assembly. putin says russia will be helping syria's president with the air strikes against isis. also this morning, russian lawmakers gave him the approval to use troops in syria. a potential shift in policy. u.s. military commanders say they want to keep at least a few thousand american troops in afghanistan dei don't understand next year. that is a sharp departure from president obama's existing plan.
6:46 am
military leaders say it is necessary with the security situation happening there right now. the taliban recently captured the northern city of con dues this week clup. the state of georgia executed its first female president in 70 years despite a plea for mercy from pope francis. kelly gainer was put to death after a flurry of last minute appeals were failed. she was con virked of the 1997 murder of her husband at the hands of her lover. the man who actually did the killing is serving a life sentence. she sang "amazing grace" until being given the lethal objection. president obama and john boehner were not the only ones who reportedly met with the pope. lawyers for kentucky clerk kim davis say she had a secret meeting with the pontiff during his trip to the united states. they say it happened last thursday, the same day the pope gave the historic speech to congress. the pope allegedly told davis to stay strong. davis was briefly jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples
6:47 am
because of her religion. the vatican has not can commented on the reported meeting. earlier in the week the pope told reporters people have the right not to do something if their conscience objects. thousands of city officials from across california will be in the south bay today to collaborate on getting more women into politics. the annual league begins today at the san jose convention center. the focus of the main panel is encouraging more women to take part in local politics. the panel will include statistics on women serving in city councils in california and resources for women thinking about running for office. 2,000 elected city officials from more than 400 cities are expected to at tnd. protecting your private data. businesses have until tomorrow to equip credit card readers are high tech cheap readers or pfac the possibility of paying up. a lot of people have credit cards with the chips already built in, but some businesses haven't made the switch yet.
6:48 am
businesses who don't comply by tomorrow could have to reimburse people for any money lost to fraudulent transactions. it's 6:47. images from one ohio bride's big day have gone global after a surprise gesture from one father to another. >> i got weak in the knees and everything. i couldn't have had anything better in my life. >> it all unfolded last saturday as todd bachman started walking his biological daughter brittany down the aisle. he stopped the procession and grabbed the other man who had been so important in brittany's life, her stepfather. >> the photos capturing the unexpected moments have been viewed some 30 million times since last week, an unusual bonding that's also been shared by many on facebook. >> he came up to me and reached out and grabbed my hand. he said, hey, he said you've worked for this as hard as i have. he said you deserve this as much as i do. >> no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking my daughter, our
6:49 am
daughter down the aisle. >> everyone in brittany's family admits that her parents' divorce was not always the easiest news to take in. but todd bachman says that's exactly why they did what they did. if they could do it, anybody can do it. >> that's nice. sitting side by side talking about it. >> weddings about love. >> usually about the bride. >> and the dress, of course. i'll never understand. >> i'll set you straight on that one when it's time, sam. nice day not in store today, but this is what we need. >> oh, my goodness, we need this so bad pour the last day of the month. finally we could get some rain for the south bay. as we take a live look from san bruno mountain, you see the clouds this morning. you will see the clouds throughout most of the day, only a few peeks of sun expected in san francisco and the temperatures will be much coo r cooler. here is what i'm talking about.
6:50 am
we are seeing rain approaching the south bay, moving closer to the santa cruz mountains. it's also moving into santa cruz right now and will be approaching san jose and parts of the south bay over the next couple of hours. so grab the umbrella, dust it off and you may need it as we go through at least the morning and early afternoon. temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s, a better idea of when we can actually see some of that hitting the ground maybe later on this morning, and then for the rest of the afternoon. some of the showers possibly making it into the east bay and some accumulating rain will be possible. so an update with a computer model shows the possibility of maybe some trace amounts of rain for the south bay, and as you head over towards san jose, we may see amounts of rain that could be closer to the average amount of the total amount of rain we should see during the entire month of september. it's the last day we could get some of that today. heading into next month and the next several months we'll see more rain.
6:51 am
finally heading into the wet season of the year. our high today should top out in the mid 70s. in san francisco i don't think you'll see much of the rain there and farther to the north. highs today in the mid 60s and 72 degrees in napa, oaking land 71 degrees. chance of rain in union city as well as the tri-valley with highs today in the mid to upper 70s. let's check in with anthony for a look at traffic. >> you've got the green. i've got the red. look at all the slowing we're finding across parts of san jose. 87 slow, 101 is slow. a couple of accidents. the first one at mckee and another towards capital expressway. 101 will be a slow go all morning long. now 280, an accident at 17. lots of accidents there even across the east bay this morning. 880 starting to slow down. we also had the accident approaching the san mateo bridge. once you get onto the bridge there's an accident. so slow going as well. the only spot that we usually have accidents in but we don't have them this morning coming in from emeryville and richmond.
6:52 am
at least things are moving, this is approaching the bay bridge maze. it starts to slow as you get over towards those fast track cash lanes, but getting to the bay bridget self, well, there you have it. a slow go. >> looks like you have to pack your patience out there. 6:52. this morning friends and family will gather to remember a graffiti artist gunned down in oakland as the search continues for the shooter. antonio ramos was painting a mural under a highway overpass when witnesses say he got into an argument with a man walking by yesterday morning. police say the altercation soon turned violent. the man pulled out a gun and shot ramos, killing him. police have not released a description of the suspect, but they're asking anyone with information to contact them. a candlelight vigil will be held for the artist at the mural. freshman lucas angelo died on friday, the 14-year-old hit by a car last night after he ran
6:53 am
into the street in front of the school. memorial service to celebrate his life is going to be held after school in the midky high school jim. hayward superintendent of schools may learn his fate from what's being described as an aggressive tirade during a closed door session. two trustees filed a police report after the incident involving superintendent stanley dobbs two weeks ago. he's accused of berating the board, using expletives and threatening a trustee. the hayward cool board is holding a regularly scheduled meeting tonight. it is possible dobbs will be discipline and perhaps face dismissal. 6:53. gaining strength. hurricane joaquin making its way towards the u.s. at this very moment. flames jump from a car to a home. dozens of people are without a place to live this morning. new this morning: ==laura/vo==
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a dozen people will have to find a new place to stay - after flames spread tohe 6:56. new this morning, a dozen people will have to find a new place to stay after flames spread to their home in san jose, firefighters tell us a car caught fire on vine street near southall dean avenue. those flames burned two vehicles and jumped to the home. everyone made it out safely. firefighters say they don't think the fire is suspicious. it's been the scene of several fights. now levi stadium is facing a
6:57 am
lawsuit for reportedly failing to protect fans. >> all this as the stadium plans to host the biggest sporting event in the country, the super bowl. >> reporter: we're talking about the super bowl. if you're drunk in public, there's a good chance you'll be arrested. santa clara police focusing on drunkenness and alcohol infractions, but also focusing on creating platform where all agency can communicate realtime. the fight last month fueling the intensity of the safety bowl safety, add to that the lawsuit filed by stands beaten in the stadium bathroom, suing the team and the santa clara stadium authority. santa clara police chief maintains those incidents are outliers and the stadium is safe. his numbers are, 13 nfl games hosted by levi stadium, 830,000 fans moved through and just a little over 300 were arrested, mostly for public intoxication. still that conversation will
6:58 am
continue to go forward all the way through next february. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." happening now, hurricane joaquin is strengthening near the bahamas this morning and could soon head towards the u.s. right now forecasters say so far the storm's path is not clear, but it could soak much of the east coast. joaquin is the tenth named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. fire devastated folks in napa county for a period of time, but now they're rebuilding. three napa county wineries joining forces for a night of fun and tasty benefit to help the victims of the valley fire. billed as the valley fire relief benefit. it will feature a barbecue featuring live wines and live entertain. a silent auction is being held. it takes place at the alpha omega winery at 6:00. agencies around the county are sounding the call for people
6:59 am
looking with jobs, a big surge expected in construction and other related fields. today a job fair takes place at teleview high school, open to all lake county opened and operated businesses. only companies with valid contractor licenses are allowed to participate. a big surge of rain today, no, but a little bit. we'll take some sprinkles kari. >> we'll get that as we go into the late morning, early afternoon hours especially for the south bay. a high around 75 degrees in palo alto. 73 degrees in san francisco. mid 60s in napa. expect a high of 72. 71 in oakland. a chance of rain also for the tri-valley. highs to the mid to upper 70s. >> what about a surge in traffic. south bay commuters. it looks really bad. this is the scene we're looking at from 101 northbound in san jose. this is very similar as to what you'll find across the rest of the highways. 101 slow, two accidents, one at capital expressway, another at mckee. 87 slow as well, 85 slow there.
7:00 am
bay bridge toll plaza, no big surprise, slow there. >> waiting for the sun to rise officially. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 25 for another update. >> have a great day. . breaking news, joaquin strengthens into a hurricane the caribbean overnight. tens of millions deal flooding from a rainy mess and down the east coast. joaquín se days. secret meeting? the controversial kentucky wn jailed for same-sex marriageas. claiming she met polémica w francis during kentucky washington. reunió this con morning el what s told her and the gift he gave her. reunión de washington, que document el another dijo y 6,000 pages from hillaryregalo.clinton's server


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