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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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communities. ready, set, boom. that is officially the fate of the old span of the bay bridge, but not everybody is looking forward to that implosion. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> it is friday and it will be much warmer this afternoon. the warmest day of the week expected today as those temperatures go way up from yesterday. it is cool to start as we walk out the door, 58 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco at 57 degrees. here's a look at those highs today. around 84 degrees in the south bay. east bay 83 degrees and a tri-valley up to 88 degrees. san francisco expect a high of 71. i'll give you a look at that weekend forecast and a chance of rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now mike is tracking a few problems around oakland. >> kari, big heads up for folks on the nimts. southbound and at the coliseum
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is where it starts. this is the road crew pushing folks over. that is jammed. look at your map. davis in san leand row. it looked like they just cleared because i've seen some recovery for those speed sensors. san leand row boulevard are alternates. the live camera shows the toll plaza looks like what i'll show you in a second because i didn't put in the run down. >> we'll check back with you, thank you very much. it is 5:01. a developing story now. a painfully familiar scene unfolds in oregon. nine lives lost after a gunman opens fire at a community college. now, friends and family are only left with prayers and a lot of tears this morning. >> candlelight vigil as you see there. how the community there in oregon is holding up following this latest tragedy. >> good morning. sheriff's deputies and state troopers have had the campus closed since the shooting. this has been an active crime scene here in roseburg, oregon.
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last night hundreds of people showed up for a candlelight vigil. the college president told the crowd that together they will get through this tragedy. ten hours before, horror on the community college campus. police say the gunman identified as 26-year-old christopher harper mercer entered one of the classrooms and opened fire. one witness says mercer asked people their religion before he pulled the trigger. it has been reported that he had three pistols and a long rifle during the assault. mercer was killed in a gun battle with arriving police officers. yesterday most everyone was in shock here, but many feel today is a day when the pain will really sink in and they vow to ban together as a community. we're going to hold each other's hands and we're going to get through. >> it is actually really hard. i picked him up early from
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school. it is hard. >> reporter: the hospitals are reportedly running low on blood. today the community college will come together in the parking lot of mercy hospital here in roseburg to donate. police have not revealed a motive for the shooting. i'm damian trujillo. >> we talked about this after columbine and after tucson and after newtown. >> the names are all familiar. that list continues to grow. mounting anger and frustration from president obama following the shooting. he says as a country, we're becoming numb to tragedies like these. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with more on how washington is reacting. >> you heard, laura, some of the tone of president obama. he did little to mask the anger and frustration that he says that once again someone was able to get enough weapons to carry out a murderous rampage and that there are still no common sense gun laws to prevent that. here's a photo of the president watching the shooting at umpqua
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community college unfolding. ours is the only advance country in the world that sees these shootings every few months. the president wants what he calls common sense gun control laws that allow law-abiding gun owners to own weapons for their own protection or for sport. at the same time making it harder for criminals to hurt other people. he added that he knows that people will accuse him of politicizing the issue, which he says should be politicized. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> now, two months before the gunman opened fire killing nine people on that oregon campus, oregon had strengthened its gun control laws and started
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instituting universal background checks to make it more difficult or, rather, to make sure that there was nor accountable when people were trying to buy guns. now, president obama also remarked that the last time he talked about common sense gun control laws a mass shooting on the very same day. by the way, republican candidates for president have responded. most of them sending their thoughts and their prayers. something that the president said in his speech last night simply will not be enough. >> all right, thank you very much. >> stay with as new developments unfold this morning. a news conference scheduled for later this morning and we'll, of course, bring it to you live when it starts right here on "today in the bay." it is a go. caltrans has the final permit to blow up part of the old bay bridge and we're now learning how it will all happen. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang with a look at the details for us. good morning, steph. >> laura, it is hard to see. i know the eastern span. the old span behind us.
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but some red lights in the distance behind me and that is where there is a concrete pier set for this implosion for november 7th. let's take a look at the animation of how caltrans hopes this will all go down after it detonates 600 charges. a bubble curtain to protect wildlife around the concrete debris set to fall down into a hollow structure that is already in place under the bay floor. caltrans blast mats will cover the pier and marine mammals living in the work zone. there's concern about the creation of a toxic hot spot. a lot of the animals and fish around here eat but environmental protection was a very key element in the planning, which is why it decided on a november blast date. >> that's the time in which the least amount of mammals and water or life will be in the bay. >> caltrans says doing it manually would cost $254 million
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and would expose wildlife to months of work compared to the $160 million implosion, which is expected to take just six seconds. the bay bridge will stay open during this implosion, but the chp is set to temporarily close this off. this stretch of the eastern span to drivers so they're not alarmed when there is this muffled blast and the walkway will be closed, as well. >> they wouldn't want to be driving when that happened. >> that would scare the you know what out of you. if you didn't know that was coming. plenty of forewarning and the temperatures will be rising into the weekend. good morning. >> good morning. much warmer today and now it's not too bad. we're right at about 57 to 58 degrees all across the bay. and then look at these highs this afternoon. 81 degrees in san jose. so, that's much warmer than yesterday. palo alot 80 degrees and mission district at 70 degrees and gilroy up to 85 degrees and 86 in napa and oakland 88 and
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livermore a high today of 88 degrees. and it does go down this weekend. and a chance of rain. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike for traffic. >> first, i want to come through. not exciting, but that's what you want to see if you're heading there right now. light here. let's show you just south of the bay bridge crossing the water there. we're looking south to 880 and just south of the coliseum. a lot of folks bailing here because of all this traffic jammed up and the flashing lights and the crews still there. the map shows you the recovery for those speeds starting back at a marina all the way back to the coliseum. alternate eastbound 580. that is the only real slow drive. coming up next, a double whammy of storm as hurricane joaquin barreling towards the coast. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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joaquin's path this morning.. though the category four hurricane's odds of hitting the u- we are tracking hurricane joaquin's path this morning. though the odds of hitting the u.s. dwindling. forecasters say many will still feel the wrath of this very vicious storm. >> bob redell join us with how communities are preparing and those rain totals still looking pretty hefty. >> unfortunately you're correct, sam and laura. looking more like the east coast will dodge a direct hit. hurricane joaquin to miss the eastern seaboard and head north, instead. as you can see in this photo
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taken by astronaut scott kelly from the international space station. it is parked over the bahamas where it's producing sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. so far reports of high surf, flooding and downed trees. now, as it turns north, according to the forecast, it begins to skirt the u.s. coastline. joaquin is expected to bring in lots of rain. 12 to 24 inches in some places. that's why governor chris christie has already declared a state of emergency in his state of new jersey and that's why people have already started to evacuate in places like the outer banks of north carolina and that's where we find nbc's jay gray who is located in kitty hawk, north carolina. obviously, nice and cozy it looks like there, jay. what is the biggest concern for people there? >> hey, bob, as you talk about, it's the water here, not wind. they already started evacuating some of the outer banks here. the areas that are only accessible by ferry. they want to make sure they get people to higher ground. make sure they're not trapped by what they expect to be rising
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waters here. higher tides will likely see that. but the rain going to be a big issue. the carolinas have caused rain over the last several days. here they had minimal flooding and now you add joaquin to the mix and even though it's not going to make landfall here, a brush from the elements will add rain. four to six inches and too much to bear for an area that is already saturated. heavy flooding expected here. some people have boarded up concerned about the wind or if the storm might make a change, but most just making sure they have plenty water and food that they can sustain for a couple of days without power and, especially so they don't have to get out and what is expected to be some high flood waters, bob. it is going to be a mess. the rain falling right now. expected to just intensify through the day and weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much very dry jay gray in kitty hawk. >> the latest forecast calling for hurricane joaquin to not
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directly hit the eastern seaboard and instead head north there and that area, again, bringing lots of rain as you can see there in north carolina. sam? >> more water than they know what to do with there. back here in the bay area, not enough. as a result, hundreds of trees dying on the peninsula. the culprit, the drought. it palo alto removed 400 dead trees this year alone. nearly twice the number the city usually hasz to remove. pao alto is urging residents to let their lawns die but keep watering their trees. the city is expanding its own watering service deploying more trucks to water. amazon will stop allowing third party sellers to offer google and apple video streaming services. >> for that and the rest of your news we turn to landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> sam and laura, good morning to both of you. my favorite friday of the month, jobs friday. wall street is looking athead that big economic report. the september jobs report.
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it is expected to show another solid month of hiring with company's forecast to add about 200,000 jobs and that could give the fed room to raise interest rates either this month or in december. unemployment is seen holding at 5.1%. futures are higher this morning after stocks managed to cut sharp losses on thursday, which were sparked by disappoint, by a disappointing report on manufacturing. the dow closing down 12 points and the nasdaq edging up seven to 4627. credit reporting agency expeerian said hackers got access to personal data including social security numbers and birth dates from about 15 million t-mobile customers. t-mobile uses expeerian for credit checks and people who signed up for wireless service between september 2013 and this year may be affected. and amazon is telling third party sellers they will no longer be able to offer apple and google video streaming devices because they don't work with their prime instant video
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service. video is an important part of its prime membership program which costs $99 a year. apple tv and google chromecast will be banned but still buy other streaming devices that are compatible with prime video. sam and laura, back over to you. have a good weekend. >> you, too. california is now conducting its own investigation of volkswag volkswagen. the state is dropping out of a multi-state investigation to conduct its own probe into vw's emission to pass smog tests. california is making this move because it has the nation's strongest environmental laws. first a watch and now a ring. could apple be developing a ring? a recently filed patent certainly looks like it. according to the filing, the ring could be linked to larger device such as an iphone, but also be made with or without a touch display. and before you get too excited. apple files many patent
5:17 am
applications and many of them never make it to market. >> earlier this morning we were talking about marriage. marrying weather and traffic. can you imagine getting a marriage proposal from an iring. >> a text. will. >> with a smily face with a little ring next to it. will you say yes? >> no. i'm old-fashioned. you know. you know, why not. let's check out this weather. it is going to be warming up today. as we get a live look from san bruno mountain. we do have have mostly clear skies to start out the day. check out the seven-day forecast as it comes up at the bottom of the screen. chance of rain early sunday morning. as we get a look now at what's happening now outside as you step out. it's 52 degrees in the north bay and 57 in san francisco and the east bay and 58 degrees now in the peninsula. in the south bay, expect highs up to 84 degrees today. 80 in the peninsula and 83
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degrees in the east bay. and the tri-valley will be up 25088 degrees in san francisco. 71 degrees today. with all that sunshine, not much of a wind. let's go through this wind forecast the arrows show you the direction of the wind. more coming in from the north and very light to start out the day. but the winds will be picking up as we go into the afternoon and nice litdal breeze. but still not onshore. so, when we don't have much of an onshore flow, you know those temperatures are heating up and windy along the immediate coast. hour by hour in oakland. bright sunshine at 7:00 in the morning and we're at 55 dexwrees and then warms up to the 60s as you head outside by 11:00, just taking a break or heading out for lunch, it will be 70 degrees and then in the low 70s throughout the afternoon and dinnertime will be at about 73 degrees. the futurecast shows that we will have clear skies throughout the day and most of the day tomorrow. but there will be a couple of disturbances moving through. it could give us some scattered
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showers late saturday night into early. and there will also be the possibility of a little lightning in there, too. hopefully we don't get that. we just need the rain. as we look at the weekend forecast. it will be in the 80s in the north bay. a chance of showers possibly some thunderstorms early sunday morning, but that should not affect your sunday afternoon plans. if you do have plans to travel through oakland, mike's got a heads up. >> heads up for you because that was our slowest somewhat. tough 45 minutes. they had to clear the crews and we just saw a traffic break and all traffic reinstated and little better flow. you're slow from the coliseum down to marina and that early morning road crew took about 45 minutes clear the area and recovering nicely. an easy drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. no big slowing through the east bay and another note northbound 680 and still a stalled big rig blocking your slow lane. that might be a distraction north of the dublin interchange but not a problem as far as the speeds go. zoom out and show you the south bay moves very nicely.
5:20 am
a live look northbound 101 here at 680 interchange. and look at the spacing for these cars. you're at speed through silicon valley. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, breakfast overnight. a passenger plane disappears in indonesia and the search to find answers. a deadly crash in afghan kills six americans. who is now claiming responsibility for downing the plane. next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcbayarea poi koment. ==sam/map== rescue crews in
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eastern indonesia are searching for a small plane that dropped off the radar early this morning. the plane was carrying ten brarking news rescue crews in eastern indonesia are searching for a small plane that dropped off the raearly this morning. that plane was carrying ten people on the same island. the plane vanished 30 minutes before it was scheduled to land. plagued by transportation accidents in recent years, including plane and train crashes and ferry sinkings. 5:23. a developing story out of afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for downing a u.s. military transport plane killing six americans. the plane crashed at takeoff from an airport in the eastern region of afghanistan. happened about midnight afghan time. all six crew members and five civilian passengers were killed.
5:24 am
the plane that went down looked like this. this one is not the actual transport plane. u.s. authorities are not confirming if the taliban is responsible, but they say the crash is under investigation. russia, meantime, continuing its air strike campaign over syria today. the questions still remain about wholy the country's targeting. a top russian official says the bombings may go on for three or four months. russia says the airstrikes have destroyed a dozen islamic state terrorists but the u.s. thinks russia is targeting to protect al assad's regime. they're talking looking for ways to cooperate. >> so far we haven't seen any indication of confrontation or issue, but don't want to cross that bridge, if we can avoid it. >> there are reports this morning that syria's government is getting backup. iran is reportedly sending hundreds of troops to syria to defend against opposition forces.
5:25 am
happening today at 5:24. a bay area visit for former vice president al gore who is spreading his message about climate change awareness. gore will speak to students at stanford university as part of the nationwide day of action. at stanford students are holding a climate change rally for something called the no tomorrow campaign. the purpose of today's event is to draw attention to international climate conference happening in paris takes place later this year. more than just a message, a warning to east coasters. vicious storms threatening that area of the country. how communities are preparing for the wrath of two massive systems swirling near them right now. a live report from north carolina and the outer banks next. plus, tragedy strikes an oregon community college. nine are dead and several others injured after a gunman opened fire. what we're learning about the tense moments before the shooting.
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. boxes a very good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a cool start to your friday, don't get too used to that. let's get a check of the weather with kari hall. >> warming up quickly today with all that sunshine expected across the bay area and much warmer than yesterday. so, as we take a look at what's
5:29 am
happening now across the bay, it's 57 in san francisco and the east bay. the south bay today up to 84 degrees. 86 in the north bay and the peninsula up to 80 degrees. we could be up to 88 degrees in the tri-valley today and san francisco 71 degrees. and a warm day today, but cooler weekend. i'll show you that coming up. mike's tracking a few problems now happening at the toll plaza. >> the toll plaza, kari. it's friday, yes. lighter flow of traffic and still a backup. the cash lanes at the toll plaza. and fastrak lanes a good advantage. we'll show you out on the maps no advantage for the east shore and look at the speeds here. great stuff. zoom past the coliseum and still recovering from earlier road crews that took quite some time to clear in san leandro. despite the slower sensors, the live camera at the coliseum has a nice flow of traffic away from us. there we go southbound with the taillights.
5:30 am
just a couple sets of flashing lights that will clear for the next few minutes. back to you. >> more people were hurt than just the ones that were shot. >> tragedy strikes a community college in oregon as a familiar scene unfolds. a gunman opens fire, killing nine people and wounding a handful of others. >> we have team coverage this morning from community reaction to how president obama is describing the tragedy. first, we turn to kris sanchez in the newsroom with more, kris, on the tense moments before the shots were fired. >> sam, morning will bring no relief to roseburg, oregon, where a gunman killed nine people on a community college campus. many people gathered at a vigil to pray and seek answers that will likely never come. that gunman is described as a shy-year-old man originally from southern california who identified himself as conservative, nonreligious and serially single. the sheriff in charge of the investigation says he did not
5:31 am
raise any reds before yesterday. students who survived the murderous rampage describe it this way. >> we just dropped everything and we ran. and when we ran out of the building, everybody went every which way. it was chaotic. >> my teacher had come running into the room in a very big panic. telling all the students, 20 plus, to come ina teacher's room in the back and hide and duck down and shut off all the lights and don't any noise. >> if it seems like you heard student statement like that before that's what president obama said in his address as he talked to the nation shortly after. hardly masking his anger and frustration for what he says is is a lack of common sense gun control laws. could protect the rights of law-abiding owners while making it harder for people with ill intent to get their hands on guns. the congress' refusal to even fund the tracking of gun violence. now, for more on that part of the story, the political part of the story, we bring in nbc bay
5:32 am
area tracie potts in washington. tracie, the people said people will accuse him of politicizing the issue and he said, that's fine. we should. >> exactly. here on capitol hill. they have been unable to come to any sort of agreement on gun control for the last several years. the president, as you said, was visibly frustrated. having come from before the american people, now more than eight times when there's been a mass shooting to address him. he said it's becoming routine that people are numb to it and thoughts and prayers as you put it are not enough. he called on law-abiding gun owners to leave the charge here to determine whether or not their organizations are properly representing their views. he challenged the media to take a look at gun violence, deaths versus terrorism deaths. obviously, put a lot of time and energy and resources into fighting terror. and then as the president noted, we took a look at those numbers more than 3,000 americans were killed in terrorist-related activity since 2001.
5:33 am
of course, the bulk of that was on 9/11. more than 153,000 in gun violence. the president's point, we need to be pouring a lot more resources in there. top democrats harry reid and nancy pelosi saying this was devastating expressing their own sympathy. on the campaign trail hillary clinton and bernie sanders both calling for more gun control laws. >> a lot of the gop leaders saying their thoughts and prayers are with the folks in oregon. have they said much more than that? thank you very much, tracie. >> stay with and we'll bring you the updated developments this morning. we know there are news conference we are following them for you, as well. we'll bring you more of what the president will talk about in the next half hour. laura and sam. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow our developing story and bring you all the latest as we learn more
5:34 am
about the background of the shooter and what action may or may not be taken. the september jobs report just released about 142,000 jobs were added last month. experts had predicted more than 200,000 so, obviously, fell substantially short. unemployment did hold steady at 5.1%. meantime, a follow up on a bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo once thought to be just a hoax. a federal grand jury indicted the prime suspect in that case. matthew mueller of tahoe is facing charges. he broke into the home of aaron quin and denise huskins. he held her for ransom and released her in southern california. vallejo police initially thought this case was a hoax. he is scheduled to be arraigned on monday. it is 5:34. fbi agents are planning to pay a visit to the embattled santa clara county jail. they're looking into ongoing criminal investigations at the
5:35 am
jail and inmate complaints. three deputies are facing murder charges in connection with the death of an inmate in august. sources tell us five other deputies are on leave, three of them linked to an investigation into inappropriate text messages. the sheriff says she's also bringing in an outside agency to review jail policies. >> we are reviewing policies. in fact, we've asked the national institute of corrections to come in and to do a top to bottom review of our policies, procedures and our practices. >> the feds will also be looking into the death of a second inmate. 33-year-old walter roches was found dead in his jail cell on monday. a preliminary autopsy found no evidence of foul play, but an exact cause of death is still unknown. a developing story now preparing for the worst. hurricane joaquin is swirling off the east coast right now and the exact path is still unclear. but residents are gearing up for the vicious storm just in case. >> bob redell joining us with
5:36 am
how these communities are preparing and doesn't have to make landfall to make a mess here. >> unfortunately, it doesn't. fortunately, sam and laura, the latest forecast predicts that the strfcenter of hurricane joa will not hit the center of the united states. it is still expected to bring of rain from states to south carolina all the way up to new england. as you can see in the cell phone video. joaquin is still a very dangerousgory 4 that is right now parked over the bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 130s an hour. it is expected to turn north and run parallel to the united states with a close forecast for the south oop dern new england coastline. joaquin has forced the evacuation of people living in places like the outer banks of north carolina. that's where we find nbc jay gray. i'm assuming the evacuations are still in effect for that area in spite of the latest forecast. >> yeah, no, bob, you're absolutely right. especially for people who live in areas where they're only
5:37 am
accessible by ferry. that's the main concern right now that those folks could be cut off by what is expected to be some pretty intense rain and flooding over the next several days. look, the carolinas have seen rain over the last several days. they've seen some flooding in certain areas. low lying areas. but now you add joaquin to the mix. as you said, even though this storm and joaquin will brush the outer banks and bring more precipitation and they can't handled it here. alreadyerated and add four to six inches into the mix and already a mess here. a lot of people evacuating and others boarding up just in case the storm makes a turn that is unexpected. but most making sure they have plenty of food and water that they can sustain them selves for a few days without electricity. they don't want to get out in what is expected to be severe flooding here. it will start this evening and run at least through the weekend and a lot of people watching very closely to see what comes
5:38 am
next with joaquin. that's the latest live here in kitty hawk, bob, back to you. >> jay gray, thank you very much. stay dry out there my friend. another thing, governor chris christie of new jersey has declared a state of emergency for his state. the garden state of new jersey. you recall a few years ago they did have super storm sandy that is still fresh on their minds. very prepared this time in case hur wane joaquin causes a lot of, which it is forecast to do. sam? >> keeping a close eye on that, thank you very much, bob. it is official that caltrans has the final permit to implode part of the old bay bridge. environmentalists not too thrilled about that outcome. stephanie chuang joining us live on where we go from here. hey, steph. >> it is tough to see right now. with the new span lit up. but behind me some lights in the water in the distance and this concrete pier where this implosion is set to happen. this pier equivalent to a
5:39 am
five-story building weighing 20 million pounds, but people probably won't see nor hear much. first of all, this area closed off people. this is an animation of caltrans plan. shockwaves absorbed by a bubble curtain. the structure that is already in place under the bay floor. protecting nearby wildlife was top of mind. the massive blast mats will cover the pier to help contain the dust and the november blast date was key because that's when caltrans says the least amount of wildlife in the bay. although they're giving the project the benefit of the doubt, they're keep a close eye on impact studies to come. >> we'll look at the data that is produced. probably in the late winter, early spring. they'll release that and they'll reconsider our stance because they're going to see permits for another 20 piles that they'd like to do this for. >> dismantling the concrete pier
5:40 am
manually and take over a year. meantime, the $160 million implosion is expected to take just six seconds. the chp is set to temporarily shut down traffic in both directions and, of course, caltrans, chp, they don't want drivers on here. they're not going to want pedestrians or cyclists around here. live here, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, steph. you made it to friday morning. what is the forecast? >> congratulations to that. as a bonus, kari, you have a forecast, too. starting off in the upper 50s and a giants game going on today. the big one for the giants as they face off with the rockies. first pitch 65 degrees. cool and clear out there this evening. and a few more clouds moving in the end of the game. 62 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. it will be breezy. a look at all the microclimates in the 80s today for the south bay, palo alto 80 degrees and
5:41 am
embarcadero 71 degrees and 86 degrees in napa and antioch 88 degrees and dublin today topping out at 85 degrees. let's check in now with mike keeping an eye on the toll plaza. >> that's right, kari. looking that metering lights and you can't really see the lights well, but you could see everybody waiting. that makes the bridge clear up a bit as those metering lights turn on. we'll look at your map and we have the backup at the toll plaza going back in towards the maze and off the berkeley curve but it's gentle because it's friday. slowing in on the approach at san francisco. the rest of your east bay, look at that. the north bay, a smooth flow. zoomed out to show you a little slowing through highway 4 on antioch. and the earlier big rig has cleared and just a few minutes ago got that all cleared through the area fremont and southbound 880 in towards san jose. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, let's just say you won $310 million. what do you do? quit your job? the latest on the new jackpot
5:42 am
winner. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit. call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbcbayarea, we investigate. sludge at the base of a cooling
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5:44 am
tower is the source of an outbreak of legionnaires disease at san quentin state nchlthsd at the base of a cooling tower is the source of an outbreak of legionnaire disease at san quintan state prison. state officials reported yesterday that bacteria that sickened more than 80 inmates
5:45 am
had been traced to cooler towers at the medical building. the cooling towers have now been cleaned and the facility is back to normal. the first case of the disease was diagnosed back in august. 81 inmates and three employees got sick. there is a fruit fly problem in san jose. we're talking about oriental fruit flies and they can be destructive. mainly found throughout southerna and known to attack over 200 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. the city of san jose is flying into action with an erratication plan. those flies were found in neighborhoods along west mount avenue north of highway 85. they were also found along carl avenue west of the reservoir. those are the circular shaded areas there on your map. the city started trapping and killing those flies yesterday. eradication will take up to eight weeks. it is 5:45. apple will take up more real estate space in the south bay and many people wondering about all the traffic. the next reported office space
5:46 am
will go right off of central expressway and wolf road in sunnyvale. pictures of the campus already circulating online. as for traffic concerns, apple currently has transportation systems in place for its other campuses, but no word yet from the city on how they plan to deal with the extra 3,000 commuters in that area. fresh off the record-breaking launch weekend for the iphone 6s, apple is getting attention for its new pricing plan. the company now allows you to pay aly fee for their phones. most major carriers have ditched the traditional model of two-year contracts and subsidized phones allowing customers to upgrade faster. >> like a lease where you're getting the new each time and not worrying so much long term about what happens. >> and it's not just iphones. other smartphone makers have similar programs. customers still have the option to pay the full, if they'd like to, for that phone up front. >> as expensive as thoses can
5:47 am
be, makes a lot of sense. uber is reportedly creating a bumpy ride for california regulators who are seeking a peek under the company's hood. this year, california's public utility's commission has fined uber $7 million for failing to share data about its drivers. uber is, once again, stonewalling a request from the upuc. a judge then ordered the company to come clean within five days. uber is still keeping regulators in the dark. new rules take effect tomorrow making it easier for homebuyers and home owners to understand that small print in their mortgage applications. going forward, new and clearer disclosure documents will be given to morgan loan documents before signing on the dotted line. they're shorter and easier to use when comparing multiple loan office offers and may create a bit of a
5:48 am
log jam. take time for lenders and workers to adjust to some of those new rules. >> to dream a dream. millions of people have probably already day dreamed about this at one time or another, winning the lottery and just simply walking right off the job into the sunset. >> the latest power ball winner just lived that dream. you may have heard the one winner from wednesday's $310 million jackpot lives in michigan and co-workers say she actually realized she won in the middle of overnight shift at the waste water treatment plant where she worked. became emotional and said some good-byes and then just promptly clocked out for good. >> seeing everybody crowding around her and went up to ask what happened and they told us that she won. she had clocked out and left. >> so, basically, take this job. it's all a great story, but keep in mind the winner hasn't actually officially come forward yet and had ticket certified. >> but a whole lot of cousins
5:49 am
have. >> what are you doing? >> facebook friends. >> that's right. me, too, kari. both of us. >> oh, man. >> there is a saying that you don't, you don't move on until you have an exit strategy, right? >> well, yeah, i guess so. >> with actual winning ticket would help. >> get the lawyer, get the accountant. >> you have a plan. >> maybe so. >> we've got a winning forecast here as we take a live look out there now. as you walk out the door, it's mostly clear. a look at the bay bridge. and it's all lit up with a lot of activity going around the bridge there. and look at the seven-day forecast now as it comes up at the bottom of the screen. you can see what to expect as we go to the next several days. now, notice, there could be some rain forecast this weekend. so, i'll update you on that. right now, here is a look at those temperatures as you walk out the door. it's 55 degrees in the south bay. the north bay is at 52 degrees and today's highs for all of the microclimates. up to 80 degrees in the
5:50 am
peninsula and 83 degrees in the east bay and tri-valley will be up to 88 degrees today. mucher than yesterday. san francisco a high today of 71 degrees and a lot of sunshine. and one of the warmer spots will be livermore. let me take you hour by hour as we see all that sunshine. 10:00, 68 degrees. lunchtime it is 78 degrees. 2:00 we're in the mid-80s. so, you see those temperatures warming up very quickly and then mostly sunny skies by 4:00. we'll start to see the sun set even earlier now. and 80 degrees and then it cools off to 70 degrees by 8:00 later on this evening. and the futurecast, this is what the radar and the satellite could look like as we go into the weekend it shows mostly clear skies throughout today as well as tomorrow. but look at what is happening late saturday night. we start to see an upper level disturbance moving in and that could be enough to spark off some lightning, especially for the south bay and then a little bit of some rain in the forecast late saturday night into early sunday. we'll see if this lingers into sunday afternoon, but it looks
5:51 am
like most of that energy shifts off to the east over towards the sier sierra. a look at the weekend forecast. warm today. also pretty tomorrow. but then much cooler on sunday with that chance of showers, possibly some thunderstorms all across the bay area and some much cooler temperatures on sunday into the start of next week. and any problems in the south bay? >> you know, kari, seeing more cars but not more problems. that's good stuff. a smooth flow and this is an easy friday build. we'll show you over all, not just san jose but the sensors throughout. we have a crash just off of 680 over there near alan rock. not a problem getting on or off of the freeway. typical pattern there as well as the tri-valley. look, the dublin interchange and a little build off the castro valley and saw a burst of traffic as that construction crew cleared from san leandro. an easy drive up towards the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. we saw that a few seconds ago. let's show you the san mateo
5:52 am
bridge. an easy build and an easy drive for this friday over towards the peninsula. back to you. >> all right, mike. hoping for no show on the roadways and certainly one here from the skies. new photos from nasa show something unexpected on pluto's largest moon. scientists say that photos of moon show a large canyon system stretching across the entire visible face of the moon. it's four times bigger than the grand canyon for perspective and twice as deep. scientists say that the canyon suggests some major geological event in sharon's history. >> pretty amazing to see and what they discover out there. >> i don't know if it's a tourist attraction yet. coming up, russia continues its air strike campaign over syria today, but questions are still swirling on who they're really targeting. how washington is reacting this morning. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:53 am [announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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5:55 am
the third and final review of the unrest in ferguson, missouri -- following the police shooting of michael brown. =vo= the city's police chief requested the review -- looking for advice happening today the third and final review of the unrested ferguson, missouri, following the police shooting of michael brown. city's police chief requested that review looking for advice on officer training, use of
5:56 am
force policy and bias free policing. more than a year ago, a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager marking months of protest in the st. louis suburb. the department of justice issued two reports on that incident. one exposing local police and another criticizing police response to the protests that followed the shooting. the taliban is now claiming responsibility for downing a u.s. military transport plane that killed six americans. that plane crashed at takeoff from an airport in jalalabad. this happened around midnight afghan time. all six crew members and five civilian passengers died in that crash. the plane that went down looks like this one, it's not actually the transport plane there. but u.s. authorities are not confirming if the taliban is actually responsible. they do say that crash is under investigation. it's 5:56. russian president vladimir putin heads to paris today for talks that were supposed to be about
5:57 am
ukraine but now include russia's military campaign in syria. tracie potts is in washington where they're trying to figure out putin's strategy. >> reporter: new this morning, the foreign affairs chief for their version of congress says the bombing may go on for three or four months. russia says these airstrikes have destroyed a dozen laumic state targets. >> russia is targeting areas where there are few, if any, forces operating. >> russia wants to prop up president assad. >> reporter: the u.s.-led coalition are all running russia to stay away from president assad's opponents. their concern, what happens if russia hits opposition forces trained by the u.s.? >> that, obviously, is going to be a problem. >> reporter: the pentagon won't say if the u.s. would strike back. the u.s. and russian militarierizing, looking for ways to cooperate. >> so far we haven't seen any indication of confrontation or an issue. but we don't want to cross that
5:58 am
bridge. if we can avoid it. >> reporter: this morning, reports out of leb that iran is sending hundreds of troops in to help syria's government. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> tracie, thank you very much. 5:57 now. it's not exactly your average trip to the supermarket when it comes to restocking the international space station. >> and liftoff. >> all right, an unmanned russian cargo ship blasted off from kazakhstan last night carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies. included in that haul. fuel for the space station. that is a good idea. gra grapefruit, oranges, garlic and mustard. a few hours later it safely docked at the space station. nasa says the trip went off without a hitch. >> i like the combination. but it's hard. what are you going to make with that? coming up now at 6:00, a unique view showing just how powerful hurricane joaquin is as it approaches the united states.
5:59 am
the latest on the storm's unpredictable path, next. ♪ prayers during a vigil. a community coming together to honor the lives of nine people shot and killed inside of an oregon community college. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are tracking the weather and the roads. mike has a look at the morning cubut let's start out with kai hall. >> a warmer day today all across the bay with temperatures heating up into the 80s. but a nice, cool start as you walk out the door. it is 57 degrees in the east bay. in the north bay, 51 cdegrees. here's a look at the highs and what to expect this afternoon. a lot of sunshine, breezy and warmer with a high of 86 degrees in the north bay. and the south bay will be up to 84 degrees. i'll have a look at all the
6:00 am
microclimates and the weekend forecast. which includes a little bit of rain. that is coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> a friday how we like it. you have the backup and you have to pause to pay, but you know about this at the toll plaza for the bay bridge. show you the map. an easy friday all around the bay. slowing off the berkeley curve and no drama off the maze. as we move the map up, even the north bay no problems. but northbound commute 101 there's a smoking big rig on the shoulder. i'll track that, but no one injured and not even any fire reported there. meanwhile the rest of your bay, the biggest slow down here is the build. back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. at 6::00, now to the latest developments of oregon where the small community of roseburg is banning together after nine community college students were gunned down in class. >> the gunman armed with a rifle was shot and killed during a shootout with


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