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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'll have a look at all the microclimates and the weekend forecast. which includes a little bit of rain. that is coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> a friday how we like it. you have the backup and you have to pause to pay, but you know about this at the toll plaza for the bay bridge. show you the map. an easy friday all around the bay. slowing off the berkeley curve and no drama off the maze. as we move the map up, even the north bay no problems. but northbound commute 101 there's a smoking big rig on the shoulder. i'll track that, but no one injured and not even any fire reported there. meanwhile the rest of your bay, the biggest slow down here is the build. back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. at 6::00, now to the latest developments of oregon where the small community of roseburg is banning together after nine community college students were gunned down in class. >> the gunman armed with a rifle was shot and killed during a shootout with police.
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"in the bay" damian trujillo is in oregon where that campus is still a crime scene. >> community college in roseburg, oregon. the governor spent the entire day and evening processing this crime scene. sure to be another difficult day for the locals here in oregon. last night, hundreds of people showed up for a candlelight vigil at nearby stewart park. the park is about three miles from the college off of highway 5. the college president and the governor of oregon the crowd that together they will get through this tragedy. the horror on the community college campus began around 10:30 yesterday morning. police say the gunman identified as 26-year-old christopher harper mercer entered one of the classrooms here at umpqua community college and opened fire. one witness said mercer asked people their religion before he pulled the trigger. it has been reported that he had pistols and one long rifle during the assaults. merce was later killed in a gun battle with arriving police
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officers. students and the community say they'll need each other to get through this tragedy. >> we're going to be together. we're going to hold each other's hands and cries on each other's shoulders and we'll get through. >> it's really hard. i actually picked him up early from school. so, it's really hard. >> today at noon, the community will come together in the parking lot of mercy hospital here in rosburg to donate. the hospitals are reportedly running low on blood with so many injured victims. at this point police have still not revealed the motive for this mass shooting. i'm damian trujillo. >> as they attempt to heal there. many woundred being treated at a nearby hospital and let's listen in to a news conference going on right now. >> staff coming in on days off and retired physicians coming in and nurses coming in and staff coming in. one of the chamllenges, honestl, coordinating support for the friends and family of the victims and coordinating
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information. >> we heard time and time again that everyone knows somebody who has been impacted by the shooting. has it personally impacted you, as well? >> i have staff members who have been impacted. at this point, we don't know all the names of the victims. >> we're listening in. we'll continue to monitor this news copference going on right now. as he mentioned, they don't even know the names of some of the victims. they're just so busy trying to treat some of the wounded. we're also finding out that at that very hospital many of the employees that were treating some of the patients coming in from this tragic shooting actually trained at the college where the gunman took the lives. >> they're, obviously, trained physicians. that doesn't mean you're prepared for the psychological aspects and now treating the victims. we'll continue to dip in and out of that news conference throughout the morning. new photo just released by the white house overnight. it's president obama watching the television coverage of the
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mass shooting as it was taking place. moments later the president faced the nation making an impassioned plea for more gun control here in the united states. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us now. kris, the president visibly angry said the president has made the political choice not to try to stop these mass shootings. >> was frustrated and did not try to hide that frustration at all. we'll show you the picture, again, of the video unfolding. in his address to the country hours later ours is othe own advanced country in the world that sees mass shootings every few. the president wants what he calls common sense gun control laws that who want people but without making them readily available for people without intent. challenged gun owners to make their own organizations a swipe at the nra and challenged
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everyone else to ask why congress blocks the gun death data. >> this is a political choice we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> how two months before the gunman opened fire at that community college, oregon did make it harder for people to buy a gun in that state. oregon began universal background checks. let's show you some of the numbers. this is the 142nd school shooting since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school back in 2012. there have been 41 school shootings this year alone. there are 52 weeks in the year. that's more than one a week. 247 mass shootings of more than four people in 238 days. and just two months ago, oregon
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did begin requiring background checks. universal background checks and the sheriff in charge of the investigation today explicitly opposes gun control laws and even wrote a letter to vice president joe biden. we'll continue tracking these numbers for you and bring you more insight and more persective in the next half hour. >> kris, thank you. you list the number, sacramento city college saw that situation one month ago. a bay area mother understands the loss those nine families in oregon are coping with this morning. she has been through it herself. the shooting rampage near uc santa barbara last year killed six students including george chen. his mother has since turned her loss into action. she's now an advocate for stricker gun laws and more families need to push for stronger rules. >> college and the oregon is a
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very rural community college. so, it can, the bomb can ex. any time, any place. >> she's also calling on parents to address warning signs of violence in their children, especially those with signs of mental instability. we're going to be updating the story on air and online as it continues to unfold. the douglas county sheriff's department is hold agnews conference at 10:00 this morning. we'll stream it live on our website and nbc bay area app. it is 6:07. the search for a missing benicia family took a turn for the worst. the father's teenage son is now accused of their murders. the eldorado county sheriff's office arrested nolan buchanan for the deaths of his father, adam, his father's fiancee and their 8-year-old son, gavin. the three vanished last month after a weekend trip to the family's cabin in eldorado county. investigators believe the 16-year-old shot and killed all
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three, then burned their bodies. investigators say they found evidence at the family's home and nearby business linking the teenager to the deaths. >> we located a firearm, ammunition, as well as mr. buchanan's identification and ms. mcafy's identification. >> buchanan will be tried as an adult. now to a developing story. take a look at this astronaut scott kelly tweeted out from onboard the international space station this morning. that is having a big effect. the category 4 hurricane is churning over the bahamas. right now, packing winds topping 40 miles an hour. >> what an amazing viewpoint he has. we have team coverage of this developing story and we begin with bob redell and while joaquin might miss the u.s. it's that storm coupled with another storm that has most of the east coast concerned this morning. >> the east coast is expected to dodge a direct hit and forecasters no longer believe
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that hurricane joaquin will hit the coast. joaquin still a monstrous cat 4 hurricane as you can see in this cell phone video from the bahamas where it's producing sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. so far reports of high surf, flooding and downed trees. as it turns north and begins to skirt the u.s. coastline, joaquin is expected to bring lots of rain. 12 to 24 inches in some places. that's why governor chris christie has already declared a state of emergency in his state of new jersey and that's why people have already started to evacuate in places like the outer banks of north carolina. >> really just kind of -- >> see the signs. >> said leave. we debated on leaving in the morning and then last minute we decided we were leaving tonight. >> where to next isn't. >> we're not sure. >> what are you worried about at this point? >> just getting everything to high ground. >> in new jersey, beach communities are creating sand barriers to protect against possible coastal flooding. one town has already pumped the water out of its biggest lake to
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give the rain an extra place to go. as i mentioned, governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency in the garden state as super storm sandy, that's the system that caused a lot of damage to that reej an few years ago, is still fresh in the minds of people who live there. sam, laura. >> yeah, tough for the people that are living there. bracing for it. kari has been following this storm throughout the week to see it build. >> because it really hasn't moved the past couple of days. it is just sitting right here over the bahamas and affecting parts of cuba and haiti right now. so, this is such a large system that even if it doesn't make a direct landfall on the east coast, it still will have some impact as it interacts with the system that is draped right along the coast right now. and we see the current specs on the storms right now. 130 miles per hour moving northwest at 3 miles per hour. once again, this really isn't moving at this point and we'll be watching over the weekend as it possibly misses the east coast but, once again, it will be tapping into the system
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draped right along the coast and could bring some very heavy amounts of rain as we go into the next several days. so, of course, all eyes on the east coast and the potential flooding that is expected as the days go on into next week. sam and laura. >> pretty fascinating to watch. for the latest on this developing situation any time, download our nbc bay area app. find all the updates on hurricane joaquin as well as your own microclimate forecast. overturned big rigs and road construction and all part of the mix this morning on your morning commute, mike. >> all good. everything is looking clear right now as far as the incidents to report. earlier slow through san leand row and from road crews looking at san jose a little build 101. look at the pattern, not a big surprise. a pleasant friday. over here the tri-valley looking really good through the dublin interchange. more slowing over here for south 880 and down into union city and the build is on for 92 west heading across the san mateo
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bridge and no slowing reached the peninsula just yet. the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights are on and slow drive off the berkeley curve and let's look at oakland 880 past the coliseum to give you an idea of that volume of traffic and no slowing with just enough to fill in the lanes but not enough to cause a problem. back to you. 6:11. coming up. disappointing new job numbers just released within the last hour. ready, set, boom. the fate of the old span of the bay bridge, but not everybody is looking forward to the implosion. ==sam/map== rescue crews in
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breaking news to tell you
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about. rescue crews in eastern entonesia are searching for a small plane that dropped off the radar early this morning. that plane was carrying ten people on the same island. the plane vanished about 30 minutes before it was scheduled to land. now indonesia plagued by transportation accidents in recent years including plane and train crashes and ferry sinkings. a follow up now at 6:15 on a bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo once thought to be a hoax. a federal grand jury indicted the prime suspect in that case. 38-year-old matthew mueller is facing kidnapping charges. investigators say he broke into the home of aaron quinn and denise huskins. mueller held her for ransom and then released her in southern california. vallejo police thought the case was a hoax and he is scheduled to be arraigned on monday. 6:15 right now. t-mobile users might want to listen up. you could be a victim of
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hacking. the credit reporting agency expeerian says that over two years hackers obtained personal information of up to 15 million t-mobile customers. t-mobile uses experian for its credit checks. anyone who applied between september of 2013 and last month. that information taken includes names, social security numbers, addresses, birth dates and driver's license numbers. new this morning, the september job's report just released and not good. employers added 142,000 jobs last month. experts predicted more than 200,000. the unemployment rate held steady and stock futures dropped sharply when that news broke. the current state of the markets coming up when they open in the next half hour. new rules take effect tomorrow making it easier for home buyers and home owners to understand that small print in their mortgage applications. going forward, new and clearer disclosure statements will be
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given to morgan loan applicants before you sign on that dotted line. may create a log jam because take time for lenders, title companies and real estate workers to adjust to some of these new rules. it is going to be a big imall under water. soon caltran crews will place explosives under water to get rid of one the largest sections of the bay bridge. >> steph, some worry that this could pollute the bay. that cal trans insist this is the best way. >> saying this is the least impactful in terms of environmental and wildlife around the concrete here just below the water of the old eastern that you see with lights on. taking a matter of seconds instead of months to get rid of the equivalent of a five-story building weighing 20 million pounds. now, this is the animation of caltrans' plan. detonating 600 microcharges on
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november. a bubble curtain absorbing the shock waves to protect the wild around the concrete debris. environmentalists say there is concern about a toxic hot spot that would contaminate that a lot of animals and fish eat around here. the caltrans says the blast mats protecting the environment was a key part of the planning, that's why they chose a november blast date. >> that's the time the least amount of mammals and water or life will be in the bay. >> caltrans says doing this manually will cost $254 million and expose wildlife to over a year of work. meantime, the $160 million implosion is set to take six second. chp is set to temporarily stop traffic in both directions. by the way, the project off the green light thanks to the u.s. army corps of engineers but had a lot of scrutiny from say u.s. coast guard as well as groups like the fish and wildlife service and local conservation
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groups here in san francisco. so, a lot of eyes already on this project. >> remember, good old yosemite sam with the big tnt. >> he's going to rumble that thing down. meantime, no rumbling on in the skies. very calm start to your weekend. >> for now. we'll see things change as we head into the weekend and it may be good thing. as we take a live look outside right now. we do see that we do have mostly clear skies. a look now at san. as you get the day started. expect some of those clear skies to stay with us and temperatures heating up quickly. this is what it feels like now as you step out the door. here's the current temperature. it is 56 degrees in concord. in sunnyvale it's 58 degrees and 52 degrees in santa rosa. and not much of a wind today. we will have the mostly calm wind and coming from the north. not an onshore flow and that will help our temperatures heat up as we go through the day. here we are at lunchtime. the arrows show you the
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direction of the wind at five miles per hour and then picking up to 15 to close to 20 miles an hour. so, it will be a breezy afternoon as you head home during dinner and going through the evening commute. it will be breezy out there as you let the windows down. let's go hour by hour in walnut creek. that will be one of the spots where does it does heat up quickly. we're jumping from the low 70s 11:00 to 86 degrees at 3:00 and by 7:00 we're back down to 74 degrees and mostly clear skies through the night as we see those lows dipping down into the upper 50s. all the micros it will be a much warmer day than yesterday. with a high of 82 degrees in saratoga and burlinggame at 77 degrees and the marina will be at 66 degrees with bright, sunny skies. 86 degrees in napa and 7 degrees in oakland. and dublin expect a high of 85 degrees. into the weekend, yes, some changes on the way. now, we go through the day. a look at the futurecast shows what the radar and satellite could look like.
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all clear. until saturday evening. then we start to see this upper level disturbance moving through. it could bring more clouds, possibly some lightning and a few scattered showers. but it doesn't look like all the bay area will see that. we'll keep a slight chance in that forecast between saturday night and sunday. and then a lot of that energy shifts off to the east. so, if you're heading to the sierra, keep in mind that it may be wet, especially during those afternoon hours on sunday. this weekend, it will be turning cooler after a warm day today. we'll see highs in the 70s and 80s tomorrow. and a mix of sun and clouds. that chance of rain late saturday night into sunday and we may see a few more of those showers still lingering into sunday afternoon. have to wait and see on that. but temperatures much cooler with highs in the 60s and 70s across the bay. now let's check in with mike who has been keeping an eye on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> there you go, ari. the big highlight of the morning commute. we have this backup and it looks like the same shot you've seen monday through thursday. look closely, folks.
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the fastrak lanes are moving and that's an indicator as you look at your map of the lighter flow of traffic. just the maze has a slowing at the tail end and the east shore freeway builds and slowing coming off of 880. not a big deal as it gently builds for the volume of traffic throughout the east bay. we have a smooth sflflow acrosse bridges. highway 4 westbound through concord and no problems for that dublin interchange. that's fine for 580 and 680 and the slowing over here in hayward and down towards union city and now building west across the san mateo bridge for 92 westbound. let's show you a live look for premont, as well. the headlights coming towards me and heading down from fremont into pii inmillipedes. warriors head coach steve kerr is taking a time out from the team. the health issues forcing him to stay off court.
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we love their products, but it is a product of growth now. apple will reportedly take up more real estate space in the south bay and the plans have many people wondering what about all that traffic. their next reported office space is going to go right off the central expressway in wolf road in sunnyvale. pictures of the proposed 800,000 square foot behemoth campus is already circulating online. as for the traffic concerns, apple has transportation systems in place for its other campuses and no word from the city on how it plans to deal with the extra 300,000 commuters in that area. the warriors will have to get ready to defend their nba title minus their head coach.
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steve kerr announced yesterday he is taking a leave of absence from the team. he needs time to get healthy after two back surgeries this off season. the most recent just last month. team officials say they hope kerr will be back by the season opener on october 27th, but so far no timeline for his return. maybe all that jumping up and down did it. in the interim, assistant coach luke walton will take over the reigns. >> you can see it every day how bad he wants to be out here with the guys working, but, you know, you can't control your health sometimes and right now he's going through a tough stretch. >> the warriors will play their first exhibition game against toronto at the sap center on monday night. >> luke walton assisted consultant to the team. coming up, a bay area police officer hurt in an overnight crash. panic and fear will return to pain and heart ache. this is a live look from oregon rose burg as that community tries to figure out how to move forward following a deadly mass
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shooting. it's still an active crime scene on campus. we're going to have a live report from the scene right after the break. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale -- on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are tracking the weather and the roadways. much drier friday morning drive and we start with meteorologist kari hall who looks at your
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forecast heading into the weekend. kari? >> clear skies and it will be warmer as you head out the door. as we start out the day, it's nice and cool, though. grab a jacket. it's 57 degrees in san francisco and the east bay and it's 51 degrees now in the north bay. here's a look at those warmer temperatures for the high today. in the south bay, 84 degrees. 80 in the peninsula. the east bay 83 and 88 in the tri-valley. san francisco makes it up to 71 degrees and 86 in the bay. i'll give you a closer look at those temperatures and a look at the weekend forecast coming up. let's check in now with mike for a look at that morning commute. >> here you go, kari. peninsula side of the san mateo bridge. those headlights coming in towards highway 101. over there the flat section off of hayward. we'll look at the map. that volume of traffic now causing some slow down as it continues to build off of 880. the biggest slowing, though, here through hayward and easing up by the time you get to union city crossing over the dumbarton
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bridge and 87 into san jose with slower speeds into the 60s now. tri-y and no big drama there or for the upper east shore free way. no slowing for the sensors through san rafael but the live camera shows you have a good amount of company. back to you. >> mike, thank you. now, to the very latest developments out of oregon where we are waiting to learn more about the victims shot and killed when a man armed with several guns, including an assault rifle opened fire inside a community college. nine people died. another seven were wounded. the gunman killed during, was killed, i should say, during a shootout with police on campus. so many people holding vigils now. remembering the victims and praying for those who are injured. we heard briefly from doctors at the rosburg hospital where many of the wounded are being treated this morning. hoping to get additional updates on their conditions. we do haveple reports on this developing story. kris sanchez in our newsroom
6:32 am
with reaction from the white house. we will also check in with the reporter live in rosburg this morning. let's get the very latest from, actually, we won't right now. all right, in a30 minutes ago, as we mentioned, we got an update from where some of those victims were being treated. staff at mercy hospital said they received a huge outpouring of support. >> we will practice it. the outpouring of the community. the outpouring of our staff coming in on their days off. retired physicians coming in. nurses coming in. staff coming in. one of the challenges, honestly, is coordinating support for the friends, the family of the victims. and coordinating ninformation. >> the hospital received ten patients in the aftermath of the shooting. all had gunshot wounds and one of them died. three patient husband to be transferred to higher level facilities. four others underwent surgery and doctors say they're doing
6:33 am
well this morning. during the chaotic moments following the shooting, president obama had to face the nation making an impassioned plea for more gun control in the u.s. >> the president visibly angry congress made the political choice not to try to stop these mass shootings. >> quite the contrast. he was visibly angry and frustrated in talking about that lack of common sense gun control laws. we put together some of the numbers for you. this is what he's working with. in president obama's second term, there has been at least one mass shooting a week. there have been 41 school shootings alone this year. and this is the 14 2nd school shooting since that massacre of 20 elementary school children at sandy hook elementary cool school in newtown, connecticut. there have been 247 mass
6:34 am
shootings of four or more people in 238 days of this year. a lot of numbers to digest. but here's the president watching the coverage of that shooting at umpqua community college before he addressed the victim's families and the rest of the nation. this is the reason why the president is calling for more gun control laws. he says it is possible for law-abiding gun owners to have their weapons that they want for protection without making them readily available to people with ill intent. if people accuse him of politicizing the issue, so be it. >> to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families. who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> now just two months before the shooting, oregon began requiring universal background checks for people who wanted to
6:35 am
buy a gun. the sheriff who's handling this investigation who we've heard from this morning oppose that legislation, even went so far as to write the vice president a letter that was after the sandy hook shooting in newtown, connecticut. a lot of talk is going to happen about gun control. about common sense gun control. and certainly a lot of fingerpointing in terms of who is politicizing what. sam? >> kris, of course, we're going to be updating the story on air and online as it continues to unfold. the douglas county sheriff's department is going to hold a news conference at 10:00 this morning. nbc news will bring that to you as a special report. at 6:35. new this morning, a vallejo police officer and another person are recovering after a crash the officer was riding on a motorcycle on broadway near couch street last night when he saw another motorcycle speeding. the officer attempted to catch up to the speeding motorcyclist
6:36 am
but crashed into a, who was in the middle of the street. both the officer and the pedestrian were hurt, but  they're expected to recover. the collision is under investigation. laura, developing right now forecasters are calling this a dangerous one-two punch. rain and wind from hurricane joaquin coupled with a rain storm that's already soaking up parts of the east coast it could bring widespread flooding across states. >> we have team coverage on this developing situation. kari hall has a look at how much rain some areas are getting and we begin with "today in the bay jay gray live in kitty hawk, north carolina. looks pretty drenched out there. >> yeah, you can see the rain hitting the lens here. it's beening throughout the morning here in and expected to continue and intensify as a result of joaquin. this rain not from joaquin. they have seen steady rain over the last several days here and minimal flooding. the concern is adding joaquin to the mix is going to make this a
6:37 am
mess and some severe flooding on the way here. now, look they're evacuating some of these islands and the areas that are only accessible by ferry. that ferry only running out right now. they are trying to get everyone to higher ground and fearful that the higher will cut them off and cause some problems there. here in kitty hawk and areas surrounding this, there are very concerned about what this rain is going to do a lot of people stocking up on food, water, making sure they can go for a couple of days without electricity and making sure they don't have to get out in what is going to be a high-water situation. this is going to last through the weekend. likely into the first of next week. but, again, they are very concerned that even though this storm is not going to make landfall, it's going to cause some serious problems here. that's the latest. we'll continue to watch it, but for now, i'm jay gray in kitty hawk, north carolina. back to you. >> so much moisture coming in so quickly. rets let's bring in
6:38 am
meteorologist kari hall. close to a foot of rain in some areas. a lot of rain, not just because of the hur, but because of a front that has been sitting there and this hurricane is just sitting over the bahamas and some of the other islands and the caribbean. so, they're really having to deal with a lot there with those wind speeds at 130 miles an hour. and you can tell by the satellite imagery just how large storm is. so, even though it doesn't make a direct landfall, some of that tropical moisture will be drawn into the front. that's draped along the east coast. and will produce some excessive amounts of rain as we go into the next several days. so, with this, we are expecting the possibility up around philly about two inches of rain and an additional, close to three inches of rain around d.c. and charlotte, close to seven. over seven inches of rain in south carolina. so, as we talked about up a foot of rain in some isolated areas. just a lot. it's already been flooding there as we go into the next couple of
6:39 am
days. all eyes will be on the east coast. now, let's check in with mike for a look at our traffic here. >> we have behind me what looks like a screen shot. a frozen digital image of just a couple seconds ago. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. a crash reported right around powell and i don't see it on our live cameras but the slowing as folks make their way and that bend towards the berkeley curve. we'll show that on the sensors. the live sensors show you, as well. past the scene of the crash, we didn't see any lanes blocked there. eastbound 80 around highway 4 that's getting into hercules and stalled big rig and there is your for up thor east shore. there's the walnut creek interchange for south 680 and 24 starting to see the build there, as well. over here in the south bay, northbound routes kicking in. 101, 87, the latest to show some slowing and catching up for that volume through silicon valley and a crash reported countercommute right there making your way over towards 680 and southbound 880 through
6:40 am
fremont starts to build as you're coming down towards mission and that fremont funnel. back to you. >> thank you, mike. details continue to trickle in from rosburg, oregon. after a shooting claimed the lives of nine people. jennifer bjorklund joining us and we don't know much about the shooter yet. >> we don't. sam, laura. we've been hearing little bits and pieces trickling out but the sheriff of douglas county came out about an hour ago and said, you know, he has spent much of the night going over the evidence that has been collected by dozens of fbi agents and law enforcement officers looking into the background of the shooter and he's no closer to figuring out a motive for what caused this tragedy to unfold yesterday morning. when a student walk under to a classroom and opened fire on a teacher and then on several students kill nine people before he was shot dead himself.
6:41 am
students held a candlelight vigil last coming together. the community is suffering and struggling through this. small college that last year had talked about getting an armed security guard on campus and they were split 50/50 on it. decided not to go that direction because it's a safe campus. they felt secure there and they didn't want culture to change is the term you hear kicked around a lot. but now the investigation is on. and we know one thing about this 26-year-old man is that he was not a student at the college. and there's really no connection that he may have had to any of the victims. so, that's another thing that they're looking into and they hope to have more answers and more victim identifications as the time goes on. sam, laura? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. as she mentioned, an active crime scene, still as investigators combing for more information. >> to find out more even about that shooting. 6:41 right now.
6:42 am
coming up, some question the pope for meeting privately with coy clerk kim davis. this morning, the vatican comes to the of's defense. we take a look right now at the big board while all those gains earlier in the week starting to dissipate at least in early trading so far this morning. the dow down about 215 pints to start your day. but it's early. we'll keep an eye on the markets and we'll be right back.
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it is almost 6:45. russia continues air strike campaign over syria today, though questions still remain
6:45 am
about who they're really ta targeting. russia says the air strikes have destroyed a dozen islamic state targets, but the u.s. thinks russia is targeting american-backed opposition forces in order to protect syrian president assad's regime. the u.s. and russian militaries are talking, looking for ways to cooperate. >> so far we haven't seen any indication of confrontation or an issue. but we don't want to cross that bridge. if we can avoid it. >> there are reports this morning that syria's government is getting back up. iran is reportedly sending hundreds of troops to syria to defend against opposition forces. well, new this morning, a response from the vatican regarding the pope's controversial meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. the two met while the pope was in the u.s. last week. the vatican says the pontiff's face-to-face with davis should not be considered a form of support of her position,
6:46 am
unquote. davis gained national taengdz and was even jailed for a few days for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the vatican says the pope met with many people during his visit because of his kindness and availability. okay. fading more than just fading into the bay, imploding. we're talking about the last span of the bay bridge. the old span. soon caltrans will use hundreds of small explosives to get rid of one of the largest sections left of the bay bridge. >> stephanie cuang is live this morning and a lot of people are worried about this this morning worried it could pollute the bay. >> caltrans says this is the least disruptive method here taking under ten seconds instead of over a year around the concrete pier you can't see it from here, but just west of the old eastern span which you can see is lit up this morning. let's take a look at the animation of caltrans plan. implode the pier, which is
6:47 am
essentially a five-story building weighing 20 million pounds. shockwaves set to absorb, be absorbed by a bubble curtain. the concrete debris to fall down into a hollow structure already in place under the bay floor. caltran, says it shows the november blast date, november 7th the least amount of wildlife in the bay. environmentalists say they're giving the produject the benefi of the doubt but will continue to keep an eye on the impact studies. >> look at the data produced in the late winter, early spring. they'll release that and then we'll reconsider our stance because they're going to seek permits for another 20 piles that they'd like to do this for. >> a lot of eyeballs on this. now, caltrans says dismantling the pier manually would cost $254 million and take many, many months. the implosion is expected to last just six seconds. the chp is set to stop traffic
6:48 am
in both directions. this is happening under water with big blast mats over to help contain the dock. anyone trying to look for a show probably not going to get the one you are expecing or hoping. >> steph, thank you very much. 6:48. happening today a bay area visit from former vice president al gore who is spreading his message about climate change awareness. gore is going to speak to students at stanford university as part of a nationwide day of action. stanford students are holding a climate change rally for something called "the no tomorrow campaign." the purpose of's event to draw attention to an international climate conference taking place in paris, which will be later in the year. 6:48. retiring alabama police officer is going out with a very impressive notch on his belt. 35 years in the making. >> there's long streaks and then there's this. tuscaloosa police captain mike flowers today is calling it quits without ever having called in sick.
6:49 am
that is zero sick days in 35 years. that, of course, is a department record. no surprise there. the closest he ever got was when his gull bladder ruptured and need needed emergency surgery. he came back on light duty. he credits good genes. he says he never got sick as a child either. >> oh, my goodness. >> he had his gallbladder out. take a day, buddy. >> that's a good excuse. >> he's the iron man. mike is going to get to clogging, but, first, clear skies heading into the weekend. >> warming up we go through the day. a lot of those sunshines heating the temperatures up well above what we had yesterday. and as we see, we have a clear shot of the golden gate bridge. so, the tourists won't get the iconic fog over the bridge as you head out today. you'll see that sun and a gorgeous day as our temperatures
6:50 am
slowly warm up. here's where we're starting right now. as you walk out the door, 51 degrees in the north bay. san francisco 57 degrees and the south bay is at 56 degrees and this is what you can expect this afternoon. a look at today's highs. it will be preezbreezy, sunny ae warm highs going up into the 80s today across most of the bay area. not much of a wind starting out and comes in from the north rather than onshore as we typically see. so our temperatures will be heating up. at lunchtime we feel the winds coming in from the northwest and not too much at five to ten. but it will be picking up as we go through the day turning more breezy this afternoon. kind of a hot, dry breeze coming in from the north. so, if you're out at at&t park for the rockies versus the giants game. the first pitch at 7:15. it will be mild at 75 degrees and turning cooler by the end of the game and still keeping mostly clear skies. a lot of sunshine today and heading into the day tomorrow, this is the futurecast and it shows with the radar and the
6:51 am
satellite could look like. we start to see some activity going on as we head into saturday night into early sunday. all because of an upper level disturbance moving in. that could bring us more clouds. possibly some isolated lightning strikes and a few scattered showers between saturday night and sunday. and then it looks like a lot of that energy focuses on the sierra. if you're heading over to lake tahoe or over towards the sierra, keep in mind some wet weather moving in, especially on sunday. a look at all the microclimates and the weekend forecast. and san francisco 77 degrees tomorrow in the east bay 79 degrees and not too bad. it will be cooler than today and getting even cooler as we head into sunday with that slight chance of showers and storms. but right, as you head out, not looking bad. let's check in with mike to how the commute is rolling. >> the conditions are great, like you said, kari. traffic jamming up. this is the clog that sam is talking about. slow drive west 92 because of that volume as we show you the
6:52 am
map, kicking in coming off of 880 and the nimts freeway. nothing is holding folks coming and get to 92 and cause this big jam. making your way towards the foster city side. 101 slowing there and dumbarton showed some slowing and expect a bigger volpast palo alto. sorting themselves out your typical friday commute and bogging down and 101 at capital expressway and over here the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. no big drama for much of the east and concord and walnut creek through 680 and upper east shoreway. live look at oakland past the coliseum where traffic flows nicely but northbound routes have seen one set of flashing lights. we didn't have any lanes blocked. i'm checking, but so far nothing going on that you have to worry about. back to you. coming up, a powerful and potentially deadly one-two punch as hurricane joaquin combines with a rain storm threatening millions of people up and down
6:53 am
the east coast. developments - =laura/2shot=
6:54 am
6:55 am
out of oregon: where the small community of "roseburg" will come together to donate blood for the surviving victims of yesterday's shooting rampage. small community of rosburg will come together to donate blood for the surviving victims
6:56 am
of yesterday's shooting rampage. prayer and reflection right there now. kris sanchez joining us. this is a horrific scene and one all too familiar for so many people. >> the president even says it's too familiar, too routine and we're numb to it all. morning will bring little relief for the people of rosburg where the gunman killed nine people on the community college campus. gathered to pray for the people who were killed and the survivors still fighting for their lives in the hospital this morning. some of those folks will roll up their sleeves in the hospital parking lot to donate blood for them this morning. the shooter raised no red flags before this. the 26-year-old gunman originally from southern california was killed in a shootout with police. the president watching the scene unfold and then addressing the nation hardly masking anger and frustration as he calls for common sense gun control laws. he says mass shootings are so routine we as a nation have become numb to them.
6:57 am
this is the 41st school shooting this year alone. 142nd since the massacre of 20 school children at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. laura? >> thank you very much, kris. of course, we'll be continuously updating this story on air and online. damian trujillo is in rosburg and live reports during our evening newscast and douglas county department will hold a news conference at 10:00 this morning. nbc news will bring that to you as a special report. now to a developing store economying in like a hurricane because it actually is a hurricane. hurricane joaquin moving slowly northwest as it batters the central bahamas. >> bob redell is here with how the storm system killed another person in the united states. >> laura and sam, even though hurricane joaquin is forecast to miss the u.s., it is still bringing a lot of rain to the eastern seaboard. we have just learned that this wet weather system knocked down a tree yesterday afternoon that killed a 72-year-old passenger in a car in north carolina. as you can see, joaquin is still
6:58 am
a monstrous cat 4 hurricane. it is parked over the bahamas where it's producing sustained winds of 130 miles an hour. so far there are reports of high surf, flooding and downed trees. now, as it turns north and bes to skirt the u.s. coastline, joaquin is expected to bring in lots of more rain. 12 to 24 inches in some places. that's why governor chris christie has already declared a state of emergency and his state of new jersey and that's why people have already started to evacuate in places like the outer banks of north carolina. sam, laura. >> thank you very much, bob. new this morning, a disappearing job's report, disappointing for the month of november employers just added 142,000 jobs last month. experts had predicted more than 200,000. the unemployment rate held steady at 5.1%. now, let's see how the markets are reacting. just as we thought. down about 221 points this
6:59 am
morning. it's been fluctuating around that 200-mark so far. a rough start to our friday. we'll see how it will end today. >> giving back some of the gains there. but we are gaining a lot by having this be friday morning. >> we'll add on to those temperatures, too. the numbers going up today there. 85 degrees in gilroy and burlinggame 77 and marina will be at 66 degrees. as warm as 71 in san francisco and napa up to 86 degrees. oakland 78 degrees in pleasanton 86 degrees later today. >> what about that morning commute. >> it's building right on schedule. that's great stuff. it's building. that's not great news for folks who have to get stuck in the slow down. all your silicon valley freeways building up in towards saratoga for 85, for example. big build for the last few minutes. san mateo moving smoother than five minutes ago. big burst of traffic sorted itself out and still slow towards hayward and over towards the peninsula.
7:00 am
you recognize this, the bay bridge toll plaza. low clouds in the distance but not a problem. >> not a problem if you're not sitting in that. >> that's true. back in half an hour with a live news update. >> "today" show will not pick up coverage from rosburg, we hope you have a great weekend. an oregon college shooting them one by one after asking them about their faith. >> we have one female shot at this time. >> he was eventually killed during the shoot out with police. his father stunned to learn that his son was behind the tragedy. >> i am just as shocked as anybody at what happened today. >> president obama outraged. >> as i said just a few months ago and i said a few months before that and i said each time


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