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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bay. pleasant this afternoon with 76 in the peninsula and 79 in the south bay. today in san francisco, expect high of 71 degrees. not a bad start, but warming up towards the end of the week. i'll update you on that and mike will keep you updated on that slow down in oakland. >> that's right, kari. southbound 880 and we're finally seeing now the traffic start to move better and the flashing sign truck we saw here at 98th. got back on the roadway and towards marina boulevard where there was an overnight road crew. no more lanes blocked and that gravel report is justilatal be bit of dirt there. looks like they have traffic restored and typical slowing now through hayward to south of the coliseum. things are better there. the morning build is on for the tri-valley and south 680 through pleasanton. overall, look at this. no big problems for the south bay and 101 and 87 to show a little build, as well. peninsula and north bay and back
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to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:00 right now. an update to breaking news. a san francisco police officer is recovering in the hospital this morning after a suspect tried to run him over. >> "today in the bay" bob redell live from the scene in the district. the officer actually getting pinned behind a car and it could have beenly. >> remarkably, he's in stable condition. police here just cleared the scene on maribel avenue and this is where around midnight last night an officer was responding to a call of someone breaking into a car when he stepped out of his own car to investigate and that's when the suspect had broken into the vehicle. stepped on the gas. tried to run him over and ended up pinning him against his own squad car, the officer. did see him handcuffed to a gurney for a ride to the hospital for unspecified injuries. after he hit the officers he tried to back up and escape and ended up ramming into another police car. that's when officers took him
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into custody. police also detained two other men for their possible involvement in this crime. as for that police officer, as i mentioned, he is in stable condition with possible broken ribs and injuries to his legs. ing live here in sf, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. now to a developing story. it's going to get worse before it gets better. that is the message for people living in soaked parts of south carolina. portions of that state saw 17 inches of rain trapping people inside their homes and in their cars. going to endure another three inches by the time the storm passes through. overnight, fire crews helped people evacuate their homes by boat. this is the scene that has play out hundreds of times across the state as rain dumped down nearly an inch an hour. keep in mind, joaquin didn't even make landfall. bridges buckled, roads turned to rivers making getting out nearly impossible. so far seven people have died. coming up at 6:30, a live report
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from south carolina about the efforts to get everybody out alive because this is not over yet. >> tough go for them. follow up now to a foiled school shooting spot in northern california. there was a counselor on campus. arrested four summerville high school boys on friday. the teens planned to open fire on campus and had names of potential victims and detailed plans. the shocking revelation has many students wondering if it is safe to go back. while tragedy was avrerted, it s still too close for comfort. >> i was absolutely shocked. i didn't think that would happen in this kind of school or this kind of town. >> i don't even know what i would do. something that every parent worries about. is your kid going to be safe at schools. >> the names of the boys will not be released because they are minors. to roseburg, oregon, where sadly a mass shooting was not
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thwart. today students and sfaf will be in roseberinurg, oregon. back on campus for the first time since the gunman killed eight students and a teacher. >> kris sanchez joins us with more on how that community will continue to try to move forward. >> this is only the beginning for them. but today those surviving students and will get to go back to their classrooms. they're not going to do any learning there and said they'll gather their things. they will have the opportunity to talk with counselors and seek financial aid. this weekend was largely spent in contemplation. moments of silence for the victims, one was a teacher. at local church they gathered to pray for many they knew first hand. that pastor his own daughter was on campus during the massacre and survived by playing dead. at a nearby church they mourned this woman, a single mother who was working towards her business degree.
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>> she did answer the question knowing th knowing she would be shot. >> now over the weekend we also learned the gunman christopher harper mercer owned 14 guns found at the apartment that he shared with his mother. officers arrived on the scene five minutes after that first 911 call and while there was a shootout with officers he killed himself. he allegedly gave one student an envelope and said, you will be the lucky one to direct to police information in a backpack. the sheriff has not released new more details on that, but, certainly, that is to come. two of the survivors remain in the hospital and they are expected to survive. one is the veteran who the sheriff charged at that shooter. the other is a 16-year-old girl who finished high school early. was excited to be going to college studying nursing. sam and laura.
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>> thank you very much. at 6:05 today. right now relatives mourning the death of young maddy middleton holding a special tribute for her on what would have been her ninth birthday. maddy died in late july. authorities discovered her body in a recycling bin in a complex where she lived. a neighbor pleaded not guilty to murdering maddy. today her mother is helping to organize an event called maddy's day. she hopes children from all over santa cruz come for a day of fun and celebration. it is 6:06. new details now on a manhunt in fremont. the days long search for a man accused of killing his own mother are over. yesterday police arrested omar pettigon. the investigation started last week when police found the body of his mother at their apartment. police not releasing a motive at this time. neighbors we talked to say they're surprise saying they never even heard the mother and son argue.
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a stubborn fire in south san jose. here's a live look at the scene this morning. you can see the fire is out, the building is boarded up. that fire started early yesterday morning burning a grocery store to the ground. crews spent eight hours trying to get it under control. and then it flared back up last night. the fire started to smoke there. cho senter parkway. they evacuated a mobile home park while they battled that fire. the fire is now under control, but 40 plus businesses that were affected by it. that whole center had to be closed down. they're expected toen up again some time today. some wonder if this market with so much history is going to return to its community. >> been here a long time and i'm sure it will come back. >> this is the only grocery store right here on this side of town. >> now, no one was actually hurt
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in the fire. it's 6:07 right now. monday morning. hope you're coming off a nice weekend. i think the temperatures will cooperate for us, kari. >> did you feel the temperatures drop late saturday evening? we're still feeling the effects of that as we start out this morning. it's 54 degrees in oakland. 57 degrees in concord and napa 51 degrees. as we start out with the 50s across the bay area. expect it to be in the 70s and 0s along the immediate coast and then 80s for the inland area. morgan hill today up to 80 it grees and embarcadero at 70 degrees and oakland 76 and 78 degrees today in san ramon. today a lot of spots are cooler than average, but it does heat as we go through the week. i'll show you those numbers and give you a look at the weekend fortast comiecast coming up in minutes. the slow down hap pg in the east bay and now we're taking it to the south bay. >> we'll take you to san jose because we did have that first burst kick right on normal schedule.
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this is what it is like. 6:08 and good volume of traffic. starting to simmer down as we look at your map. it will kick in around 6:30. look at that stretch heading up past the airport. a crash at montgue and great america parkway those both cleared adding a little slow down. a game tonight at sap center. what you think, though. stand by, we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. slower drive building and a recovery through oakland and union city and same thing for south 680 over in the tri-valley. there's a crash clearing to the shoulder on the upper east shore right around west 80. clear view as as the sensors go and show you the live look for san rafael. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, video of a violent home invasion. san francisco police want you to see. twitter has a new ceo thissing and a huge win for a silicon valley engineer. we'll take a look, coming up. stephanie chuang in san
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francisco where fleet week kicks off and happening for the first time here at fleet week. we have all the details coming up.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck.
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when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. find out today if he'll stand trial on rape charges. ==take vo== a former stanford swimmer could find out if he will stand trial on rape charges. during his last court appearance turner led not guilty to sexually assaulting an
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intoxicated woman who he met at a nonkaucampus party. turner admitted to sexually fondling the woman. he faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. the man accused in the bizarre vallejo kidnapping case once thought to be a hoax will be in court today. matthew muller was indicted on kidnapping charges last week. investigators say he broke into the home of aaron quinn and denise huskins and kidnapped huskins. he released her in southern california. he's being held at the sacramento county jail. transportation leaders are giving out passing grades to san francisco's booming corporate shuttle bus program. the pilot program launched in 2014 regulators when and where private silicon valley shuttle buses can stop. critics slam the buses for blocking traffic and illegally using bus stops. the companies now pay for the right for some spots to transport workers. the mta concludes the program is
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working and it should become permanent. they're going to be working over at twitter. they just announced this morning jack dorsey will be a ceo. >> does this guy have more than a 24 hours in a day? running two companies. he was at the helm as interim ceo. >> he took over after the last ceo stepped down, sam. dorsey has been ceo before. in fact, he founded twitter. he knows the company inside and out. but there is that but that you're talking about. that is, dorsey is already the ceo of square. in fact, he dialed down his responsibilities at twitter to concentrate on square. so, now, he runs both. here's the issue. square is readying its ipo and now we know unless it's going to replace dorsey as ceo, it will have a part-time ceo. how much will that hurt the ipo price of square. google will start trading as alphabet on the nasdaq. the name change was announced previously, but it is official.
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the stock symbol will remain. the matt damon movie "the martian" number one at the box office over the weekend. i saw it, it's awesome. the story of an astronaut stranded on mars. "the martian" was written by a software engineer from mountain view and he just wrote it for fun. a listen. >> it was a hobby that i was doing. i was posting it chapter by chapter on my website and my reader said, can you make an ebook version. he said, i don't know how to download an ebook version and i put it up on kindle and kindle said you have to charge a buck and it snowballed. i have no idea what i did right. >> don't worry, andy has now quit his job. we're talking about space. there flkcker taking.
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we are talking about every picture. but it's school stuff cool stuf a big space fan. every single picture. >> sometimes they mess up pictures, too. >> i think it's somebody's head or possibly a bug. >> little part of his moon suit out there. >> very cool. welcome back, by the way. if you are anywhere near the san francisco bay, you'll note as lot more action out there on the water and in the air. the blue angels along with some of the most famous military ships are in the bay area for fleet week. >> always a great week in the bay area. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco and the big show later this week, several agencies taking part, as well, in some disaster training, we understand. >> that's right, laura and sam. fleet week drags out millions of people at least every time but more of a serious side to fleet week. at pier 50 and we just missed
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some of the action. but the american red cross disaster service vehicles just drove up the ramp. this is part of the exercise that is happening this morning. you have salvation army up there and pg&e and all agencies are onboard for the first time on a naval ship. that is what is really cool awhat is happening here with this emergency drill on cape hudson. but, you know how to show how the emergency vehicles would work together. pioneering a model that is elevating this week beyond celebration to making use of the gathering of actual agencies that will need to work together when disaster hits. >> actually the only week in the nation that combines a parade of ship with important disastrous exercises. today is an actual dress rehearsal of the bay area earthquake plan. >> so, the blue angels, which, of course, many people consider the stars of this week landed in oakland last night. they will have the air show that is friday, saturday and sunday. but there's a lot happening
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here. fleet fest is also happening. it's on pier 80 in the dog patch here in san francisco and that will be foods and live entertainment along with the ability for the public to meet with sailors and a lot of fun along with a little bit of this kind of serious side here at sf fleet week. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> looking out for that rooftop spot for fleet week. precious real estate. >> got some good weather for that, too. it's great because it will be nice and cool thet couple of days and then warms up as we head closer to the weekend. i'll show you that coming up. let's get a look outside right now as you head out the door, maybe you head across the bay bridge and looking good with mostly clear skies that start out the day. and taking a look at that seven-day forecast. it will be heating up each day as we go through the week. enjoy this while it lasts. if you like the cool weather, you'll like the next couple of days. 51 degrees in the north bay and a few clouds there and san francisco at 60 degrees. expect a high of 71 today.
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77 in the east bay and the tri-valley. warming up to 80 degrees and then 78 degrees in the north bay. 79 in the south bay. and as we go hour-by-hour in oakland, all bright sunshine throughout the day. it does start out at 8:00 at 59 degrees and then by 11:00, it's 69 degrees. and 71 at lunchtime. and a light wind coming in from the south. it turns more westerly as we go through the day. when we get a westerly wind, that means it's onshore flow and that brings in our cooler air for tonight. so, we've had some cool weather. it's even raining and snowing in the higher els over this year. into the next couple of days, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and hugging the immediate coast. by the end of the week, high starts to build. and that means our temperatures will be warming up. high pressure causes the air to sink. as it sinks, it warms. so, expect a warmer air and the temperatures to ramp up by thursday and friday.
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but, fairly comfortable the next couple of days and even slightly cooler than average for today, tomorrow and then by wednesday. we start to see a little bit of a change, but not much. this weekend, if you're already starting to make the plans, keep in mind that we're going back to summer with our temperatures, especially on saturday in the north bay. we're up to 90 degrees. 92 degrees in the tri-valley and the south bay we'll see a high of 91 degrees on saturday. and right now mike is getting a look at the bridge and see what is happening there at the toll plaza. >> kari, you get to show the beautiful view of the span, the lights and i show these headlights and the backup. but i guess that is our different departments. looking for the fastrak lanes. that's a good sign. show you the surprise on the map is that there are no big surprises off of 24 or coming through oakland approaching the toll plaza. the upper east shore freeway westbound 80 there is a crash. blocking one, possibly two lanes. as you slow coming off of the
6:21 am
carquinez bridge and clear now for your normal commute south of there down through richmond and no delays for the san rafael side. typical slowing down into the san leandro and tri-valley for pleasanton and sanol. south bay 101 and the midpoint there. the san mateo bridge shows slowing westbound. the live shot with the volume. back to you. >> sound good, thanks, mike. coming up next, several bears no match for one family's 20-pound bull dog. plus, take a good look. a victim fights off an armed suspect and the whole thing is caught on camera.
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welcome back. 6:24. san francisco police want you to take a good look at surveillance video in hopes of catching a suspect in a home invasion last week. take a look. you can see the suspect in a gray hoodie run up and attack another man who was inside a garage in the outer sunset neighborhood last monday. the victim fought back and was able to wrestle the gun away from his attacker. he eventually made it outside. the suspect then took off. if you recognize the man in the gray sweatshirt, police want to hear from you. >> actually, a fight for his life there. 6:24. what could become the first gene therapy to win approval in the u.s. moved one step closer now to market. its developer sparks therapeutic to help people with an eye
6:25 am
disease that could cause blindness. the treatment allows people with certain kinds of retinoldystrophies to more easily maneuver in dimmer lights than they could before. the company plans to apply to the fda next year for approval to sell the product. taking a live look outside this morning. sap center in downtown san jose. it is the home of the sharks, but, tonight, instead of a sea of, fans sporting blue and yellow. yeah, the nba champs golden state warriors tip off preseason tonight against the toronto raptors. the first 10,000 fans inside the door will get a san jose sharks edition steph curry bobblehead. if you want a picture with the championship trophy fans can do that starting at 11:30 this morning starting at san jose city hall. goldylocks has got nothing on a bossy french bulldog whose bark bested her bite in southern california. >> have you seen this yet?
6:26 am
20-pound jewels may appear outside there, but, no, look at the little dog go after the bears to the right of your screen. her family can thank her for just shooing away three hungry bears. two of the bears were caught on cam. you know, look at them run. look at them run. exactly. yeah. jewel's owner said the dog's bravery simply blew them away. bulldogs are lucky because -- >> absolutely. bears are more scared of you, well, there is proof of it. >> tough little bulldogs. coming up next, chaotic moments on a san francisco street. an officer hurt when a suspected car burglar tries to run him over. plus, it is a war crime? the circumstances surrounding a deadly hospital bombing that some say just doesn't add up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
6:27 am nbc bay area. we investigate.
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a monday morning it is, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're tracking the weather and the roads. mike has a look at the morning drive. let's start with kari hall and our microclimate forecast.
6:30 am
>> the beautiful weather we had for the weekend continues into today. a cool start in the east bay. it's 54 degrees and 60 in san francisco. highs today in the 70s all across the bay area. few spots hitting 80 degrees but overall cooler than average for the start of october. and heading through the week it warms right back up. it will be in the 90s heading into the weekend. i'll show you more of that coming up in the microclimate forecast. right now, mike is tracking the roads in the east bay. >> kari, we'll start with a live look over here towards fremont and southbound 880 with the headlights. there's that iconic parkway sign and heading south into milpitas and the map on the same stretch. building the traffic volume is what is causing a little slowing and nothing dramatic over here. and your northbound route now kicking in. 6:30 san jose shows your typical slowing for 101, 87 and 5. as we move up. we're showing you the tri-valley and more slowing through
6:31 am
pleasanton and a fender bender trying to get more information. but look at the traffic pattern. san mateo and the bay bridge show a slower drive. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. developing right now doctors without borders is leaving afghanistan after an air strike demolished a hospital there killing patients and aide workers. president obama and the afghan president are promising a full investigation. the pentagon has said it may have inadvertently struck that hospital during a military operation. some are now calling it a war crime. "today in the bay" tracy spots is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. a news conference wrapped up at the pentagon and here's the big news from that. he says that it was not u.s. forces being fired on. turns out it was the afghans who were being fired on. they called in the u.s. forces for help. what happened beyond that he's not saying. they're still investigating. he's hoping to get that report
6:32 am
within a few days. so, that's sort of the headline from this morning. doctors without borders, which ran that hospital now, as you said, they pulled out. say that they are, i'm using the words here, disgusted by the suggestion that the taliban was inside the hospital. general campbell did make it clear this morning that the taliban had taken up space where they know innocent civilians are. and that's a very dangerous situation. we'll keep you updated as we get more info. >> tracie potts live from washington, thank you. 6:. developing this morning. historic and deadly flooding and it could get worse. this morning, most of south carolina is under water and rescue crews are going door-to-door to make sure everyone is safe. this is new video from the columbia white water club. water up to the rooftops of some homes. jay gray live in columbia, south carolina. we saw earlier an entire power pole under water just a few feet
6:33 am
from where you are standing. >> yeah, laura. that's the team playing out across the carolinas as you talk about from the coastline to the foothills. here the roadway washed away the rapids are building and so are the flood waters and this is going to continue for the next couple of days. flood waters continue to rush across the carolinas, running through or over everything in their path. >> cars are submerged. cars washed up against the porch and everything and never seen anything like it. >> reporter: in many areas, there's never been anything like this. rain for three days straight, at times more than two inches an hour. >> the rising water has collapsed. bridges overcome dams and destroyed roads and whole neighborhood have found themselves under water and precious lives have been lost. >> reporter: at least five people have died as a result of the storm. hundreds more. >> the house is flooding and they can't stop it.
6:34 am
requesting sandbags or assistance. >> reporter: pushed from their homes by a relentless current and rising water. >> we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much everybody down the hill there has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes. everything. >> reporter: as many scramble to higher ground, forecasters say at some point today the rain should finally begin to ease. the first responders and officials warned, the problem will not. >> this challenge is not over. and the danger to life and property does not end when the rain stops. >> reporter: still, it will be a welcome sign for so many anxious for the recovery to begin here. yeah, and adding to the misery here, there continues to be all of this water. the flood water that are here. but very little usable water. the floods that compromise public water system. they're snapped and some of the
6:35 am
lines. tens of thousands without water and likely will be that way for the next several days. that's the latest live here in columbia, i'm jay gray, back to you. >> state of emergency, no question. thank you very much. in flash flooding the saying goes turn around, don't drown. this incident proves that sound advice. driver's pickup truck was swept away by the raging flood waters in south carolina. you see it just movingidally in the water. the driver of the truck and a good samaritan who tried to help out both had to be rescued themselv themselves. everyone involved in that incident was able to survive. it is 6:35. it's news loved ones were hoping not to hear. for 33 most american crew members aboard a cargo ship lost at sea near the bahamas. nbc is reporting search and rescue crews now believe a container ship caught last week sank to the bottom of the ocean. the coast guard will release new
6:36 am
information within a half an hour. relatives have been gathered in jacksonville, florida, where the ship left puerto rico last tuesday. the ship has two life boats, but so far neither have been located. back at home now and an update to breaking news. a san francisco police officer recovering in the hospital this morning after a suspect alleg allegedly tried to run the officer over. the. >> bob redell live at the scene and it all stems from a reported car burglary. >> laura and sam that was a man who had reportedly broke into a car near maribel avenue when that suspect stepped on the gas, rammed into the officer and ended up hpinning that officer against his own squad car. now, remarkably, that officer is in stable condition with possible broken ribs and injuries to his legs. the suspect was arrested and, as you can see in this video here, taken to the hospital, as well, for unspecified injuries. this happened around midnight last night. after the suspect pins the
6:37 am
officer, he tried to back up and escape, but, instead, rammed into another responding squad car. that officer who took him into custody. we just spoke with a woman who lives down the street who win witnessed some of what happened last night. >> help me! that's all i heard. officer, somebody outside! >> again, that officer is in stable condition. police also took into custody two other men for their possible involvement in last night's crime. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell "today bay." >> having to go back to the scene of a horrific crime a shooting in oregon that we have been following. students and staff in roseburg will be back on the community campus for the first time since the gunman killed nine people. >> so hard for so many people. kris sanchez joins us now with more on how that community continues to just try to move forward. >> well, today those surviving students and members will go
6:38 am
back to their classrooms, but there won't be any learning today. instead, they will gather their things and have the opportunity to get counseling and financial aid. the first day of class won't happen for another week. the weekend was largely spent in contemplation fund-raising the moments of silence and at a local church they gathered to pray for victims of the massacre. that pastor, his daughter was among the survivors. she survived by playing dead. at a nearby seventh day adventist church they mourned this woman who did survive. she was a single mother who was working towards her business degree. >> she did stand up and say, i am a christian knowing that she would be shot. >> over the weekend, we also learned that the gunman christopher harper mercer owned 14 guns. some found at the apartment he share would his mother and on the day of the shooting officers arrived on scene five minutes
6:39 am
after that 911 call, the first one. there was a shootout with officers. we knew that then. but over the weekend we learned the gunman shot himself. he allegedly gave one student a note and told him he would be the lucky one to live in order to deliver his information in the backpack to police. the sheriff has not released details on that. we can we can tell you that two of the survivors remain in the hospital and both are expected to live. one is and the other is a 16-year-old girl who finished high school early and was excited to be at college studying nursing. sam? >> in a moment of crisis, you find people with incredible bravery. new details and new questions about the safety of the bay bridge. the lead designer is warning that a cable, which holds up the eastern span, could be damaged by leaks. this is a different problem, by the way, from the rods at the base of the tower. caltrans has been working on
6:40 am
fishing th fixing that issue. the anchors of the cable are left exposed to the elements and if water gets to them, they could corrode and fail. caltrans acknowledges that water has been flowing into the two ancho anchors. no word on how officials plan to deal with those leaks. nice mild start, but a warm up by the end of the week. let's check in with kari. >> wish we could get some rain in here. we did have a little bit over the weekend for the north bay and the rest of the bay area stayed dry. we're feeling some cooler temperatures now in the mid-50s for most of us as you head out the door. light jacket for now and then this afternoon you'll be peeling it off as our temperatures warm upp and burlingga burlinggame a fairfield and oakland topping out at 76. 79 degrees today in pleasanton. it will be heating up heading
6:41 am
through the rest the week. i'll show you those numbers coming up in less than ten minutes and now let's check in with mike who has been looking at some problems all across the bay area with that morning commute. what's happening out there? >> well, specifically crossing the bay the san mateo bridge. a slow drive that just kicked in over the last five minutes. all the way across the span, slowing from 101. on the approach to the toll plaza. we'll look at the map and there is also a fender bender. more slowing coming off of 880 southbound and heading across that span. to the toll plaza and the live look and tri-valley standard coming through pleasanton and as we move north of here, no real problems. the east shore freeway shows the slowest drive and leaves a bumper in the lane and they may have to run a traffic break just watch south of that carquinez bridge. the rest of the northbound routes continue to build for san jose and a disabled vehicle just north of 680 at 101. we don't see any problems for this live shot, but see all that
6:42 am
slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, a nobel prize first handed out overnight. twitter has a new ceo and google has an official new name and the markets will see higher this morning as we worry less about a fed rate hike. we'll be back with business and tech news, coming up. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where fleet week kicks off today but plenty going on this morning leading other fleet weeks across the country to model themselves after our week here in the bay area. coming up on "today in the bay."
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how about jetting into the bay area. starting today san francisco's famous waterfront buzzing for the start of fleet week. >> are you saying you want to go up for the blue angels? "today the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco and the big show with the iconic blue angels later this week but right now we understand that they are taking part in a disaster training opwraeration. >> we keep hearing about the next big one and we have a simulation if that were to break here in the bay area. we're here at pier 50 where cape hudson, this big vessel is docked and you see the tent there and some military vehicles and the command post for the military agency. the coast guard, the navy and civilian groups. pg&e and red cross. for the first time you have military and civilian loading these vehicles on to a ship for the simulation of a catastrophic
6:46 am
earthquake. it is setting the standard for fleet weeks across the country. going beyond celebration and then testing emergency drills since you have so many of the actual agencies right here in one place. people who need to work together when disaster strikes. >> you know, many times when we're thinking of a plan, when we're working with our partners and we're sitting around a table and we're saying, okay, we're going to do this if this happens. this is a dress rehearsal. you'll see a lot of moving parts and a lot of disaster response vehicles and a lot of first responders. >> the stars of sf fleet week landed in the bay area meantime. the second time the blue angels will be flying over head since the sequesteration in 2013 grounded them. the air show the last three days the highlight. it goes friday through sunday. a lot happening all week long. drawing out more than a million people out here and, of course, it goes from today through next monday. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." twitter announcing this morning jack dorsey, its new
6:47 am
ceo. >> also the interim ceo. he has been ceo in the past, as well. >> they're just going the dependable route here. he founded twitter, as well. so, dorsey the new ceo and no doubt the right person for the job. importantly, he has the backing of one of twitter's biggest investors, as well. the big question is, really, what happens to square. dorsey is also the founder and ceo of square and that company is about to go public. if you're a twitter investor, you're probably pleased this morning. if you're a potential square investor, maybe not. there have been other people who have been ceo of two companies at the same time. steve jobs and elan musk come to mind. that's pretty elite company. other news, the transpacific partnership trade deal has been signed. we'd love to show you details all done behind closed doors. we'll show you protests, instead. one of the issues that protesters have is that it was all done behind closed doors and
6:48 am
the truth is, we don't know a lot of details. the u.s. said it will have to approve this deal, but it is the biggest trade deal for the united states in 20 years with the u.s. japan and ten other countries that covers 40% of the world's trade and is part of our shift in focus from europe to asia. and the markets mostly moving higher this morning. google officially announcing its umbrella company alphabet this morning. the stock symbol will remain, but today it it is alpha. when we're talking about googthal search engine, that's google. the company that runs google and that is alphabet. so a new ceo at google. >> i bet you're going to repeating that a few times. >> alphabet. >> alphabet. >> all right. quite an honor here this morning. thank you very much, scott. new for the first time a nobel prize for medicine includes a historic first. made the announcement this morning in stockholm. >> three scientists will share the prize.
6:49 am
william campbell of ireland and satoshi omura from japan and a nobel prize awarded to someone in china her name youyou tu. all being honored for their groundbreaking discoveries to help fight infections. >> that is really amazing. 1.5 billion people in china and this is the first time. >> 100 plus more billion. >> okay. >> math is not my strong suit. we'll stick with english and weather right now. you were saying something really interesting, this weekend you felt a change in the temperatures. >> oh, yeah. really dropped saturday. >> felt like fall. >> it did. yesterday was cool, as well. we had a strong breeze and cooler than average temperatures. we're still feeling the after effects of that front today. as you step out right now, we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. just a few clouds. but not the typical fog that we sometimes see this time of year. and now the temperature is at 60
6:50 am
degrees in san francisco. the north is at 51 degrees and 58 degrees in the peninsula and south bay. as the sun rises, our temperatures warm up slowly today. we're heading into the 70s this afternoon. 77 degrees in the east bay and the north bay up to 78 degrees. a nice, calm wind to start out the day. and the wind that starts out southerly, but it does turn onshore as we go into the rest of the day. so, more of a southerly wind than not much of a breeze until about 4:00 are winds picking up at 15 to 20 miles an hour. but it will be a breezy afternoon with our temperatures that areally cooler than average. so, let me take you hour by hour in san francisco. a lot going on there with fleet week at 9:00 it's 63 degrees and 1:00, 69 degrees. so comfortable today and with all of that sun and a breeze and highs in the low 70s oh, great way to start out the week. a cool start, but our week will have a warm finish after this area of low pressure slides to
6:51 am
the east. we do start out the next couple of days with morning clouds and some bay fog and then by the end of the week, high pressure builds. it causes the air to sink and warm and our temperatures will be responding by going up a few degrees each day. so, looking at the tri-valley. we do have normal temperatures today and tomorrow. wednesday it starts to warm up. look at friday. 90 degrees. all those microclimates expect highs widespread in the 90s and the bay, tri-valley, as well as the south bay. does come down a few more degrees by sunday, but it is going to be a weekend that feels more like summer rather than fall. let's check in now with mike to see the slow downs on the roads. >> we have a number of them. fortunately, none of them are really big surprises. here is 101, 87. crash out of lanes and enough of a distraction and to cause more slowing and build for fremont southbound and hayward all the way down through union city for
6:52 am
that slower drive. the trend continues for the build across the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. we'll show that in a second and show you the rest of the tri-valley and the approach towards the bay bridge. the slowest drive here down the east shore freeway. let's look at the san mateo bridge and had that crash approaching the toll plaza and saw of smooth ourselves out and that first burst cause a clog and now moving over towards the peninsula. we'll look at san rafael and we do have this volume so it's slow right here and from novato down to san rafael the biggest volume shift and, of course, karied you the nice, clear view of the golden gate bridge. in south carolina, you couldn't even the roads. coming up nearly an entire state under water as historic rain proves too much for south carolina. plus, an update to breaking news. a suspected car burglar accused of trying to run down a bay area police officer overnight. bob redell has the latest from the scene, next. got a tip for nbc bay area
6:53 am
investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. =laura/2shot= a san francisco
6:54 am
6:55 am
police officer is in the hospital this morning. he was pinned agt at 6:55. an update to breaking new. a san francisco police officer is in the hospital this morning. he was pipped up against his patrol car by a burglary suspecting to get away.
6:56 am
is. >> officer lucky to walk away with broken ribs, bob. >> sam and laura, considering how dangerous this was, considering that he could have easily been killed, this officer is doing okay. he is in stable condition, according to sf police. again, with possible broken ribs and injuries to his legs. now, the driver accused of pinning the officer with his car has been arrested. you can see him there. he is handcuffed to a gurney being taken to the hospital for unknown injuries. sfpd responding to someone breaking into a car in the engelside district. when the officer got out of his car to investigate, the suspect in that car stepped on the gas and rammed the officer, pinning him against his own squad car. the suspect then tried to escape but slammed into another responding police car. police did take him into custody and they also detained two other men who were possibly involved in this crime. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, today in the bay." >> thank you. developing right now people living in the carolinas are being told to stay indoors as
6:57 am
officials warn that historic flooding will get worse today before it gets any better. parts of south carolina could see another three inches of rain as that storm moves off shore. the severe weather is blamed for at least seven deaths. emergency crews say they carried out too many water rescues to count. you see cars floating, power lines down. today authorities will go door-to-door to make sure everyone is safe. lers will be at summerville high school to talk to students as they return to clasfor the first time since authorities diverted a shooting plot. the deputies say those students planned to open fire on campus. they even had names of potential victims. the names of the suspects will not be released because they are minors. and students and staff in roseburg, oregon, will be allowallow ed back on the umpqua campus.
6:58 am
>> chris san has has more on how the community is attempting to move forward. kris? >> they are going back to classeclas school. classes will not begin for another week. they will see counselors and sign up for financial aid, as well. they spent time gathered for fund-raisers and vigils and gathered at church to pray for victims they knew first hand, including this pastor's own daughter who survived by playing dead. and another church member at a different church who did not survive. she was a single mother who was working towards a business degree. now, this weekend we also learned that the gunman shot himself after taking aim at police and that he allegedly told one survivor to live specifically to deliver a backpack of information to the authorities. we are hoping that the sheriff in charge of the investigation will reveal more details about that today. >> okay, kris, thank you very much. now, as we start off your monday morning workweek.
6:59 am
nice weather to get you out of bed, kari. >> you know what, it makes it so much easier to get up on a monday morning when you know it is going to be a beautiful day. going to be in the 70s and 80s. palo alto 77 and embarcadero 77 degrees and fleet week going on. 75 degrees in napa. oakland 76 and san ramon up to 78 degrees. >> okay. weather great. the morning commute. >> yeah. >> get there. look, we'll show you. no big surprises. we have san jose north 101 slow for all your northbound san jose freeway and at allenrock all clearing to the shoulder. look over over farther north and westbound slow drive and now 101 shows some slowing coming off the foster city approach. and we'll show you the bay bridge, of course. we know the backup will be there. no big surprises, that is your advantage. really slow down the east shore freeway richmond to the berkeley curve. >> make the backup seem nice. we know it will be there. >> it's fine.
7:00 am
>> rather early, but that's okay. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us, of course, for "bay area local news" at 11. have a great day. good morning. breaking news. disaster in the carolinas. deadly rains wash away homes, roads and cars, dramatic rescues caught on tape. thousands without power. schools shut dowand officials are warning residents do not go outdoors. >> if you're in your house, stay in your house. this is not something to be out taking pictures of. this is not something that you want your kids playing in. >> we'll talk to some south carolina's governor and al is live in columbia as the rains keep coming. breaking news. lo


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