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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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death toll rises. >> and residences of the carolinas desperately try to get out from under historic flooding. >> new details on the deadly air strikes doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. >> a red eye from phoenix to boston came incapacitated in midair. plus the monday night controversy on the gridiron. the 2016 political front runners gaining attention and an angry mob rips the shirts right off the backs of their bolszs.
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early today starts row. >> it is not over yet. amid full scale evacuations the white house is official naming south carolina a major disaster. desperately working to get back on their feet. 13 deaths. president obama signed a disaster declaration to provide federal funds in the effort. wading in the waist high water to retrieve a floating casket with the family of the deceased right there. if that was my mom or dad i'd walk through hell or high water. and today it happened to be high water. nbc dave wagner has the report. >> from bad to worse in columbia, south carolina. after two feet of rain, damn breeches, flooding already hard
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hit areas. >> we've got to get people downstream evacuated. because if this damn goes, 50,000 people are going to be washed away. >> not everyone is heeding the warning. >> we don't want to have to come skput rescue. and much worse we don't want to add you to the fatalities. >> with no other place to go, shelt erls are filled with families. water is not safe to drink and bottled water is in high demand. >> very little water pressure. and what water we do get we have to boil it. >> downtown column barks fire trucks are pumping clean water into a hospital. travel is tricky and trchs. 550 roads and patricias are washed out. the roads are still unsafe a lot of them have been undermined by the flooding. >> when the water recedes it is clear the suffering in south carolina won't end any time soon. and neither will the memory of this historic storm. dave wagner, nbc news columbia,
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south carolina. >> this morning the pentagon is changing its story. there is new information on the events that led to that deadly u.s. air strike on a hospital in afx and still there are serious questions that need answers. nbc's edward lawrence is live in washington. what is the military saying now? >> right now actually the story is changing. why will be the big question on capitol hill today. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan will be under intense scrutiny facing the senate arms service committee later this morning. the u.n.'s top general in the region nows afghan troops on the ground ordered the air strike, this different from original reports that u.s. troons were taking. 22 die$22 died. including doctors and patients when the u.s. bombs destroyed the hospital run by doctors without borders.
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>> we directed our forces in the area to a make sure that all civilians who need medical care know that our medical facilities are available to treat them. afghan fighters were shooting from the hospital. something with doctors without board irs says impossible. >> fenced hospital. the only people inside are patients caretakers and staff. >> the white house says three investigations are in progress. >> the expect is details won't be whitewashed. there will be a foul accounting of what exactly transpired. >> the president wants changes to mike sure this never happens again. >> this was the first city taken back by the taliban since 2001. overnight. nbc confirmed the name of the commercial pilot who died in d midair yesterday. michael johnson died of a heart
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attack while flying. that according to his wife. the father of eight at bypass surgery in 2007 and physicals every six months. but from that horror to heroism the co-pilot who stepped up to ensure the safety of the passengers. >> passengers on the red eye from phoenix to boston said the plane unexpectedly began to descend. all of a sudden they were like emergency landing in syracuse. and that was it. >> what they didn't know was the pilot of flight 5550 was sick and couldn't no longer fly. the co-pilot had had taken the controls. medical emergency, captain is in capacitated. request handing for runway one zero landing. >> we didn't know the magnitude of what was going on. all we saw was the fire trucks, the ems. >> hours later on a new flight to boston, with a new crew,
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weary passengers were told the pilot died. in a statement, american airlines said we are incredibly saddened by the event and focused on caring four pilot's family and colleagues. on the ground in boston passengers commended the crew for staying calm. >> they knew exactly what they were doing and they put you at ease. >> pilots are rarely get sick or die in flight but aboard 550 the co-pilot was ready and landed the plane safely. >> on dancing with the stars, alex scallatos dedicate his performance to the victims of the umpqua massacre. >> this is where i went to college. i would have had classes that day. it is honestly the strain lly s
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emotions i've ever felt. it is a disarming feeling because you can't do anything else. >> scarlet says it's helping race funds. and president obama will vis roseburg, oregon on friday and have closed door visits with families of the victims. in the 2016 raise hillary clinton is taking aim at congressional republicans. the campaign released its first national political ad over night. and in it you can hear kevin mccarthy's recent comments linking the house benghazi committee to clinton's sagging poll numbers. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today. >> a spokesperson for speaker john boehner has released a statement saying many in part this is a classic clinton attempt to distract from her record at putting classified information at risk and
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jeopardizing our national security. for all the talk objeabout his money, gop front runner isn't spending it. campaign officials said he's only spent about $2 million so far. much less than floe candidates ben cars or ted cruise. they have each spent $5.5 million just through july. meanwhile we learned trump has played a small trang on rubio. the team sent a case of bottled water, bumper stickers and a towel to rubio's campaign office as a light-hearted bank. john mccain was on "the late show" last night and at one point he joked about his previous run for the presidency. >> a five term snrt senator from arizona. >> you were the 2008 republican candidate for the united states. >> thanks feedback bringing that
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up. >> wait a minute, af loss, i let's like a baby. sleep two hours, wake up and cry. sleep two hours, wake up cry. >> and political pumpkins. so far we have lil chint, bernie sanders and donald trump. the so called trumpkin has been viewed almost a million times already online. and some of the islands in the bahamas were not so lucky. the storm left an ununrecognizable landscape in its wake. the winds and rain, flooding have caused food and water supplies to run short. and a number of homes and businesses were destroyed. luckily so far no deaths have been reported. >> we haven't forgotten about that they had to deal with a category 4 hurricane in the bahamas for a while. south carolina, as far as the weather is not going to cause any more damage.
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a lot of water fell by columbia now heading south down soft the rivers and four or five are still in major flood stage. still evacuations are on going. our next weather maker in the las vegas area and continuing bouts of heavy rain in the mountainous areas. and just like in the southeast this is going to be very slow to move. tha thankfully it doesn't have the tropical source of moisture to tap into. we have a slight risk of severe storms with this. could get lightning with gusty winds out of this and maybe dust storms too. the pine p strong upper level low. threat for large hail and damaging winds. southwest texas in tuesday, some of the rain is going to shift towards new mexico. it it's isolatedrth we're
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. the body of a crew member from a missing car go ship was found wear tag survival suit yesterday. and the el suicifaro went missi
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yesterday. >> we are still looking for survivors or any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. >> the search continues for the remaining crew member, including 28 americans. lived air france employees stormed the airlines employees yesterday. two company's executives barely left the scene with their clothes on. general mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cheerios. it was supposed to be gluten free but wheat flour was uned a vernt very tently. inadvertently added.
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>> hey melissa, fedex is raining its fuel surcharge for the second time this year. the move announced november 2nd. fedex says the increases is in response to heavier packages and rise in residential deliveries which uses more fuel. and a trip to the happiest place on earth disney is raising the price of its pass which let you visit any day of the year to $1049. the move comes as tourists are spending more. and finally egg mcmuffins morning noon or night. the launch started today as part of an e effort to boost sagging sales. and they believe all day
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this morning today goes live to south carolina with the latest on the fatal flooding and the thousands still without
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power and water. time to get caught up on sports and here's betty nguyen. good morning. >> we bin request controversy in seattle. lyons down by three. less than 2:00 in the game. matt stafford connects with the calvin johnson. but jonsz has the football punched out of his hands and knocked out of bounds by the seahawks. the refs called it a touchback but after the game it was revealed that right's batting the ball was illegal and the lyons should have gotten baa ball back. seahawks 13, lyons 10. insider training in football? well there are questions of whether an employee of draft kings uses insider information. this after he accidentally po posted stats on which nfl players were picked most for
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draft line ups. both companies defending their business integrate and saying they have strong policies to make sure employees don't misuse proprietary information. and cc sabathia will miss the game tonight. the 2007 cy young win ler check himself into an alcohol rehab center. and fired manager matt williams. just last june he was voted manager of the year. the irony there. and joe philbin was fired after the one and three start after three plus seasons. now back to you. >> betty, thank you. just ahead jimmy pal stuffs celebrities into the phone boths. and santa claus gets political. where is he running for city council? you think it smells fin, but your guests smell this...
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they released this jaws 19 trailer. pepsi is getting in on the action releasing a limited edition pepsi perfect bottle. all that is left is for the cubs to win the world serious. and. each wrong answer got the phone booth. shaq got request alex trebek an elon hall. >> you have to close the door? >> pressing against my chest. i hope it is his belly button. >> that is his belly button. he has onty. >> i'm trying to keep my hands away -- >> we hope this is just fur first stap of the day on nbc. tu. you tuck there. tu.
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leading the news on nbc terminally ill californians gain the right to die. the fifth state to allow assisted physician suicide. aive i do not know what i could do if i were dying in prolonged excruciating pain. i do know-how it would be a comfort to have this bill and i wouldn't deny that others. three mile island, a small fire broke out at the nuclear power
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plant in pennsylvania. officials say at no time was there any danger of radiation being released or to the public. you may recall three mile island suffered a partial nuclear melt down back in 1979. and former president carson will help resolve a legal battle between martin luther king, jr. carter says i believe we'll be able to resolve the disputes once and for all. grace lee bogs died monday morning in her home in detroit. she dedicated her time to social justice, labor, women's rights and the black power movement. and she founded a non profit that allowed children to revitalize detroit neighborhoods. grace lee bogs was a hundred
4:28 am
years old. the city of north pole, okay alaska has someone running for city council. santa himself. legally changed his name in 2025 5 and has served as president of the north pole chamber of commerce. he's facing only one other person. >> how do you do a negative ad against santa. >> how about he's not santa. >> you can't, right? you can't attack sanity? a news conference will be held to announcement the winner of last week's power ball jackpot. coworkers say she was working overnight when she realized she won't. good for her. >> and more birthdays. and super bowl winning coach and
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nbc sports football analyst tony dungee turned 60. thank you for watching today. have a great tuesday. allegations of "heinous"
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beatings at a sonoma county jail -- spring into federal court today. allegations of heinous beatings at a sonoma county jail spring into federal court today. the lawsuit that covers nearly two dozen inmates. a mysterious death on a popular north bay trail. now investigators are scaling the preserve. plus, a work outing to turn tragic in an instant. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good tuesday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> clear skies and some of us are seeing some low clouds this morning. as we go into the rest of the


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