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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> nice comfortable afternoon temperatures and right now we're at 61 degrees across most of the bay although we start out with clouds something we haven't seen much of recently and a high of 80 degrees can be expected today in the east bay. san francisco, 69 degrees. 82 in the north bay. 83 in the south bay. the tri-valley makes it up to 84 degrees. i'll show you how warm those temperatures get as we head into the weekend. let's check in now with mike who is looking at a few problems on the san mateo bridge. >> we're looking at the volume starting to increase a little bit. not so bad on the span. my big concern as we have the increase and we look at your map, a crash approaching the toll plaza. that's over here westbound off interstate 880. now, update the bridge crew arrived on scene but no word if there are lanes blocked. prepare for slowing. toll plaza approach and build also for 880 off 230 and southbound 680 for pleasanton. no big surprises for this
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wednesday as we look toward the south bay build for 101. this is beginning of south bay morning commute. san jose shows slowing and that will move up toward silicon valley at 7:15. over here the bay bridge has metering lights on. backup at the toll plaza fills in and over 880 and berkeley curve. san francisco police questioning a person of interest in the killing of a woman found shot to death inside a building. it happened last night near market street not far from the westfield shopping center. >> an area many know well. bob redell joining us from san francisco's police department with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: sam and laura, san francisco police did take what they are describing as a person of interest into custody. been interviewing them at their tenderloin station after a shooting that took place around 8:00 last night when police arrived in a residential building in the 100 block of mason street.
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they found a woman who had been shot in the upper part of her body. the responding officers tried cpr to keep her alive. unfortunately she died at the scene. so again they do have a person of interest in custody. police are not saying right now is what led up to this shooting, what motive was and whether it was a targeted attack or a random killing. they did say they might be releasing some more information later this morning. again, a woman shot and killed just off market on the 100 block of mason street. one person of interest in custody. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:02. new details now. police in berkeley reopened a couple roads that were closed overnight after a shooting investigation. happened close to malcolm x elementary school near russell and california streets. they say someone fired several shots about 8:30 last night. we've not been told the victim's condition this morning. for a while people were told to
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stay inside while police searched for a suspect. the order has since been lifted. new details on a high profile homicide in the north bay. do you recognize these people? man and woman on camera. investigators say they may know something about the death of a man shot while walking his dog on a popular hiking trial. >> stephanie chuang live with more this morning. >> reporter: investigators hoping that people will see the footage in this. no more crime scene on the trail but you see the notice posted by the marin county sheriff's office asking for people's help in the search of three persons of interest because they were around here monday night when someone shot the hiker to death. surveillance video from a nearby convenience store in fairfax shows two of the three persons of interest. a man wearing a white hat with what appears to be a california bear on it. also a woman who appears to have dreadlocks. not shown, a third person of interest described as a man wearing a brightly colored t-shirt. the victim, 67-year-old steve
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carter, a well known workshop instructor that came with marin county with his wife staying with friends because his wife has been getting breast cancer treatment in the area. search and rescue crews scoured the area in the open space looking for more evidence yesterday. it's a scene that stunned regular hikers. >> i grew up in the area. i remember the trailside killer and that period where it was sort of frightening to go out in the woods and that was sort of the same feeling i had. >> reporter: investigators say the killer or killers likely stole the victim's car, a 2003 silver volkswagen jetta hatchback with california plate of 6ppg662. it's tragic all around. the victim was walking his dog at the time and he was found on the trail holding the leash to his dog also shot and at last
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check in critical condition. live in fairfax, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. a close call and a miscalculation by one north bay homeowner forcing neighbors to have to evacuate their homes. firefighters say a man started cutting down a 100-foot pine tree on marin drive in mill valley after 6:00 last night. before it came all of the way down, he realized something. the tree was headed in the wrong direction right toward power lines. once the power was cut, crews managed to redirect the tree and bring it down safely. neighbors only returned to their homes late last night. a cloud of dust leading to a cloud of controversy on the peninsula. a pile of junk dumped in san carlos have some people who live nearby saying it's making them sick. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san carlos. neighbors want to know what is under that tarp. where does it come from. you said samtrans owns this land. >> reporter: they say they leased this to be a pumpkin patch and that all of this debris that was dumped here was
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dumped here illegally. again, that's according to samtrans. we know it's construction debris and the head of the east san carlos neighborhood association says the pile really did go from eyesore to health concern on saturday. that's the day the winds kicked up and started blowing dust into the neighborhood. since then some of the people who live here tell us they've been coughing and wheezing and the head of the neighborhood association tells us he has a tremor in his hand that wasn't there before. >> i saw basically what i felt was a brown plume of dust that was coming into our neighborhood. the sun was blotted out. the air smelled terrible. we've been told the materials been tested by an outside agency, but we haven't gotten results back of what's in the land yet. >> reporter: again, the head of the neighborhood association says that he has been in contact with the city. the city has not responded to our calls yet. the vice mayor did tell san
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mateo general that there is no indication that the waste is dangerous. no dump is going to accept this into a landfill until they know what it is and the tests are outstanding. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:07. one of the worst fires in state history is now 100% contained. firefighters fully surrounded the valley fire yesterday. they are still out there mopping up hot spots in the containment zone. that fire burned more than 76,000 acres in lake sonoma and napa counties. four people were killed and nearly 2,000 structures destroyed. more than 1,200 of those were homes. devastating. >> happy to close that chapter of recent history and start a new one. we're starting a brand new day. a very similar weather story. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> not much different from yesterday. we do see the clouds this
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morning across most of the bay area and now it's about average with temperatures in the lower 60s as we start out the day and also for those highs this afternoon. look for a high of 79 degrees in san jose. redwood city, 78 degrees. embarcadero at 69 degrees. hayward, 76 degrees. 85 degrees in dublin. with these companitemperatures e not too bad, it warms up closer to the weekend. i'll show you those numbers in ten minutes. let's check in now with mike getting a look at the bay area commute. >> we'll show folks here the bay bridge where we do have westbound. look at that crystal clear view. a nice smooth flow. volume builds a bit here. no problems on the span. nice flow of traffic. looking at oakland. coliseum, slowdown. northbound to bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. southbound is smooth right here at 98. the map will show you south of there around marina boulevard there's a crash reported and
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there may still be vehicles in lanes. that's right why things are starting to slow down heading down into san leandro. moving the map up, we see slowing toward the san mateo bridge and reports of that crash and maybe a couple lanes blocked or affected by crews that arrived to take care of that crash shy of the toll plaza holding folks up from the peninsula. dumbarton moves slowly and so does the traffic build approaching highway 84. northbound route through san jose, 101 and 87 holding with their build. rest seeing traffic northbound through san jose. that's a typical pattern. back to you. >> keeping with the transportation trend, today we should find out where the high-speed rail project stands. we do know the project will blend high-speed trains with caltrain from san francisco to san jose. the $68 billion high-speed rail line is under construction. a hot button issue.
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it's a hot button. some people are complaining their new iphone 6s is too hot to handle. >> perhaps a hot ipo to tell you about coming up. firefighters trying to knock down these huge flames at an historic chicago church. ==laura/vo== a massive fire
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burning at a historic church in chicago. this is happening at the "shrine happening now, 6:12, a
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massive fire burning at an historic church in chicago. this is happening at the shrine of christ king catholic church. it's on the city's south side. crews actually shut down surrounding streets while they battle flames and now they deal with a lot of smoke. you can see the flames deep inside that building. so far no word on any injuries or if anyone was inside the church. the cause is still under investigation. new details this morning on that deadly hospital bombing in afghanistan. doctors without borders is calling for an independent fact finding mission into an air strike that killed 22 people inside the hospital. it would be the first time such a fact finding mission would be launched under the rules of the geneva conventions. this morning the president of doctors without borders told reporters the bombing was not just an attack on the hospital but on the conventions as well. the geneva convention establishes rules of war
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throughout the community. apparently the fbi has foiled a plot four times over the past five years. an investigation finds gangs with russian ties are linked to a thriving black market in nuclear materials and hotbed for those deals in the tiny eastern european country which borders the ukraine. definitive turnaround on a troubling statistic that caused concerns in marin county for years. breast cancer rates are at a new low there. the latest numbers from cancer prevention institute found marin recorded 130 breast cancer cases for every 100,000 women in 2012. that figure is 31% lower than just 14 years ago. in 2001 there were 188 cases. at that time, those were highest race a rates anywhere in california. researchers cite a change in
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behavior as a possible explanation. >> in 2003 there were published results that haormone therapy ws dangerous and we saw breast cancer rates drop rapidly in marin county and other parts of the country. >> cancer prevention institute has been tracking breast cancer rates since 1988. as you may be aware, october is breast cancer awareness month. california made a bold move to close the pay gap between men and women. yesterday governor brown signed the fair pay act in richmond. american women worked in factories and shipyards during world war ii. the new law is one of the toughest pay equity laws in the country. >> this is a big day. important. the inequities that plagued our state and have burdened women forever are slowly being resolved. >> starting january 1 of the, employers must prove a man's
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higher pay is based on factors other than gender. it also protects workers from discrimination and retaliation if they ask how much other people earn. the law also makes it easier for workers to sue. the new iphones are hot literally. there are a lot of complaints on twitter that the home button can become burning hot. that's not all. the iphone 6 randomly turns off. no word on what's causing that glitch or whether apple is doing anything about it. apple sold 13 million of the latest iphones during the opening weekend last month. >> we can't blame russia for the buttons but russia is hot under the collar about google's android operating system. >> scott mcgrew, russia says no more android phones in that country. >> not unless google stops making the phone manufacturers include google software as defaults on the phone. google gives away the android software. it's free to companies like samsung. that's the whole idea. we'll give you the operating
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system but you have to use google maps and what not. so russia says knock it off. android phones are huge. three out of every four sma smartphones are android. the new york attorney general will investigate fan duel and draft kings after it was revealed that employees used inside information to win money. the sort of information average fans wouldn't have. it's not cheating or money loss that hurts the companies, it's the new interest in regulating them. a rare ipo to tell you about as we look at tuesday's close of the nyse. today the ceo of pure storage out of mountain view will ring the bell as part of that company's first day of trading. we do expect him to wear a suit. the stock price last night at $17 a share. only 19 companies have gone
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public this year. fitbit went public at 20. trading well at 36. shopify doubled. those are exceptions. etsy is a disaster. godaddy trading low as well. i want to add stock market in there. now, take a look at this. note how often the tech companies chose the nyse instead of the nasdaq. the nasdaq is supposed to be the tech market. lately it's been nyse. twitter, linkedin, biggest ipos have been nyse why the nasdaq has been in full-court press to lure more tech business opening a center in san francisco to attract those new startups. they didn't get pure storage though. they'll ring the bell on nyse in 15 minutes. we'll watch for that first trade. a rare ipo.
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only 19 tech ipos so far this year. >> a tug of war going on right now over where those tech companies do ipo. >> hopefully home court advantage for nasdaq in san francisco. >> interesting where those numbers are headed. thanks a lot. doctors right now calling this next story a miracle. >> it really is. a little boy expected to make a full recovery after the force from a car crash actually caused his head to internalaly detach from his neck. he'll spend the next two months wearing that brace you see right there known as a halo. he was with his mom and sister when their car crashed head-on into another car at 70 miles an hour. jackson was air lifted to the hospital where surgeons spent six hours using part of his rib and wire to reattach his head to his spine. surgeons say most people would never survive this type of injury and if they do, they typically would never move or even breathe again. isn't it amazing? look at that.
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>> visualize how that would be possible. a ground breaking procedure. >> getting him to walk again. >> miracles of medicine. >> the miracles of another day and more beautiful weather for now. it will heat up later in the week. >> it will heat up this week. maybe one more beach day you'll want to squeeze in. why not? enjoy this as we take a live look at san jose. we do see a few clouds rolling by overhead. into the afternoon it will be clearing up. a look at the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen. pick out where you live. that's what you can expect. "today in the bay" we'll have some clouds this morning. another nice afternoon and by lunchtime we're at 72 degrees. and looking at 69 degrees in the east bay and tri-valley highs will be in the mid 80s. so warming up nicely once again. looking at the hour by hour forecast in san jose at 8:00 we do see clouds overhead. 61 degrees. and then as we go through the rest of the morning, warming up
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into the mid 70s and also the upper 70s with bright sunshine later on today. it's fleet week. there's a lot going on. in san francisco today, you'll see the u.s. navy band performing live. 69 degrees now. there's a lot more events than this going on. we've got the whole lineup at look at the weather. it will be nice in the upper 60s to 70s each day. and into the tropics we go. we are tracking hurricane oho now a category 2 hurricane. look at the direction of this storm. into the next few days not expected to make landfall but it's moving close to the oregon coast and could spread tropical moisture there. as we look at our forecast, unfortunately not looking at a lot of that to make it into the bay area. hopefully at least by saturday, saturday early in the morning, see some rain move into northern california. i don't think we'll see that a lot here. we continue on with our dry weather and a look at that weekend forecast for columbus
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day in the mid 80s in the south bay. sunday dropping back into the 70s and then some 80s in the tri-valley. 89 degrees on columbus day in the tri-valley. let's check in with a look at traffic with mike. >> no surprises across the span. you do have to wait. we'll look at maps and speed sensors show the slowdown down the east shore freeway and typical for 680 down through concord and into walnut creek. over here, crash south 880 has not been presenting much of a problem. all vehicles there off to the shoulder. it's west 92 where there is crash activity blocking two lanes. one as a crew arrived for that crash just before you get to that toll plaza. here's your south bay with a mild build. 101 holding steady and 85 showing slower drive now. traffic builds up toward and past highway 17. a quick look at fremont.
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this car on the shoulder for some time southbound toward the south bay. not presenting a problem. it's there as volume builds. we'll have more right after this quick break.
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the bay bridge. the br a live look outside right now at the western span of the bay bridge. the bridge a little dark right now. this morning those iconic bay bridge lights that once twinkled on the span are slowly turning
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back on. the lights went dark in march and they were taken down to let crews do work on the cables. lights were supposed to be temporary but everybody loved them and thanks to a private fund-raising effort, they'll now be a permanent part of the western span. the lights will shine once again brightly by the time super bowl 50 rolls around. the warriors are now seeing the light on their way into san francisco. the warriors are now one big step closer to moving to sf. mayor ed lee says ucsf is officially onboard with the warriors plan to build a waterfront arena at mission bay. ucsf was originally against that arena plan citing increased traffic near its medical center. the new deal includes a $10 million fund for any potential traffic issues that could arise after the arena opens. the ucsf medical center sits across the street from the arena site. the agreement clears a big hurdle in the $1 billion privately financed arena. the warriors hope to prove
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across the bay in 2018. today team teal kicks off the season down in l.a. taking on rival kings at the staple center. the puck drops at 7:30. coming up, it's happened again. bed bugs shut down another bay area library. >> all classes are canceled at an oregon college after threatening note is found inside a campus restroom. a woman found shot to death in san francisco just blocks away from the city's busiest shopping area. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. on this wednesday morning, a live look right now at the new york stock exchange and pure storage is a local company out of mountain view that is ipoing today. >> first day of trading. a lot of excitement on the markets. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it will make your hair stand up. first, we're tracking weather and roads. mike inouye getting a look at your wednesday commute. what are you doing over there, mike? >> making your hair stand up. >> i'm as excited as they are looking at the new york stock exchange. we're enjoying great weather. no change today although we're seeing more clouds this morning in the lower 60s. here's a look at highs today in the 70s and 80s for most of the bay while the south bay is at 83 degrees. it will be 69 degrees today in san francisco. i'll show you the rest of the microclimate forecast and some warmer air moving in for the
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weekend. i'll help you make plans. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with mike showing the slowdown in the south bay. >> that was kind of the plan down here as well. at least the schedule north 101, second burst of traffic. morning commute kicking in. map will show you pattern typical for the south bay. 101 slows capital expressway to the airport. that general slowing there as well as 87 and 85. we'll of course track that pattern north toward silicon valley. better news for san mateo bridge. all lanes cleared. all activity to the parking lot by the toll plaza. still low and recovering from 880 as volume builds down through san leandro into hayward for southbound 880 itself. smooth drive for the west of the lay over to the peninsula. we'll see 101 shows slowing over the next few and there's your east shore freeway with of course that building westbound 80 is your commute. back to you. 6:31. san francisco police are questioning a person of interest this morning in the killing of a woman shot to death inside a building. it happened last night near
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market street not far from the westfield shopping center. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us from the san francisco police department with the very latest. where do things stand in the investigation, bob? >> reporter: well, san francisco police have taken into custody a person of interest. that's how they classify this person. brought him into their tenderloin station for an interview as far as motive, police have not released that yet. also whether or not this is random attack or a targeted killing. it was around 8:00 last night that police received the 911 call that somebody might have been shot. this was in a residential building in the 100 block of mason in downtown san francisco. officers arrived and found a woman shot in her upper body. the responding officers performed cpr and tried to save her but unfortunately she did die on the scene. they do have a person of interest in custody still trying to determine the cause.
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police indicated they may be able to release more information later this morning. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> new clues that authorities hope will help them find a killer. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang has been following the story. police say they have three persons of interest they need to find. >> reporter: they do. really important for them to help find closure for the victim's wife who posted a plea earlier this morning saying she is shattered by all of this. investigators say those people were around the area here of old railroad monday night when and where the victim was killed and shot. his dog also shot and in critical condition. you see a notice posted here by the marin county sheriff's office asking for people to call with any tips that they might have. now, take a look at this s surveillance video.
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it shows two of the three persons of interest. a man wearing a white cap with what appears to be a california bear on it and also a woman who appears to have dreadlocks. not shown the third person of interest described as a man wearing a brightly colored t-shirt. now, the victim, 67-year-old steve carter was a well known workshop instructor. recently couple to stay in marin county with friends along with his wife because she's been getting breast cancer treatment here. on a gofund me page, she wrote i'm beyond devastated to face this situation while going through intensive breast cancer treatment. this senseless death is incomprehensible to all of us. please hold steve and me close to your hearts and prayers. i'm shattered, shocked, enraged and so, so sad. look at this picture. investigators believe the victim's car was taken by the killer or killers. the car is a 2003 silver vw jetta hatchback with california
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license plate 6ppg662. do not approach the car if you see it because they believe whoever is in it is armed and dangerous. >> crucial clues. thank you. a follow-up. a search for a missing tech worker is temporarily suspended. his family and co-workers now fear the worse. he was last seen near livermore on friday when he disappeared during a work outing for sales force. the boat he was in capsized and neither he nor his co-workers were wearing life vests at the time. after four unsuccessful days, search crews say they need a break. no word on when that search will resume. it's 6:35. we expect an appeal from a california teenager suspected of stabbing his little sister to death. he's guilty of second-degree murder for stabbing her in her
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bed in 2013. he was just 12 years old at the time. you may recall the boy told investigators he saw a stranger running from their valley spring home leading to a two-week search for her killer. despite the conviction, his family claims he is innocent. new this morning, classes canceled at a college in southern oregon as authorities are investigating a threatening note that they found inside a woman's restroom. that note was found last night at southern oregon university in ashland. investigators have not said what was written on it but they are taking it very seriously. students have been asked to stay inside of their dorms. this potential threat comes less than a week after nine students were killed at the community college in roseberg 80 miles north of ashland. more people are being forced from their homes this morning as flood threats continue in south carolina. authorities are telling people living near a weakened dam in the columbia area to leave
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immediately as crews search for two missing people who drove around the barricade. their pickup truck then went off the road. three people managed to escape safely but two still have not been found. outrage on the peninsula this morning. dust from an illegal dump site floated into a nearby neighborhood in san carlos. now some people are complaining about health problems. >> i mean, it's just this hand. it's like a little weak. i have weakness. >> that neighbor talking to terry mcsweeney. ben fuller says his hand was fine until last saturday when winds kicked up dust from a pile of construction debris into his neighborhood. that pile consists of old pipes. residents are concerned it may contain asbestos. >> we're told the material has been tested by an outside agency but we haven't gotten the results back of what's in the land yet. >> a spokesperson for samtrans which owns the land say
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it's from an illegal dumping by a sewer project contractor and they did not authorize it. the transit agency never agreed to use the land as a dump site. people who live near a proposed bay area green cement plant will have a chance to offer their input on the plan tonight. a company base d in ireland wans to place a concrete facility in vallejo. it would be built at the site of a former flour processing plant. authorities are concerned about potential cancer risks from toxic emissions. tonight's meeting will be in vallejo. creepy crawlers back to life. another case of bed bugs at a another library in the peninsula. the bugs were found on a chair at the menlo park library. the city of menlo park is keeping the facility closed today. officials hope to reopen it tomorrow morning at 10:00.
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in the last nine days, three libraries have been shut down because of bed bug infestation. >> it's so strange. so many recently. >> it's giving me goose bumps this morning. >> 6:39 right now. weather won't give you any goose bumps. warm up is on the way when the weekend comes around. >> it will warm up this weekend. take the book outside today and enjoy this mild weather. we're right at about the low 60s across the bay area right now. and highs in the 70s and 80s. we're still in the 60s near the immediate coast and mountain view up to 79 degrees. gilroy topping out at 84. warming up a couple degrees in some spots like fairfield 83 degrees. dublin at 85 degrees. and we're talking about 90s here between friday and saturday. i'll show you that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike giving us a look at a few slowdowns across the bay area. >> over toward the san mateo
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bridge we have volume of traffic. flat section starting to slowdown because of the number of cars here. we'll look at the reason why we see that burst. the map will show you over here toward the toll plaza for the san mateo bridge we had a crash. it sounds like all lanes are open but the distraction for the activity and flashing lights over by the administration building. that's causing more slowing and maybe in the backup. there's the jam over toward that san mateo bridge. slowing for the tri-valley. that's on place for pleasanton and build for the south bay kicking in on schedule for 101, 87, 85 and 280 in full force throughout san jose. approach toward the bay bridge not so bad. a nice flow for 24 and down the east shore freeway metering lights are on. back to you. >> thanks so much. as you head to work this morning, make sure to keep an extra close eye out for students walking to school today. it's walk to school day. thousands of kids across the bay
6:41 am
area are going to skip the bus or car ride to take part in the national movement aimed at raising awareness about pedestrian safety. >> may want to find another way to get to mirror woods. it will be harder to find parking at that bay area hot spot. the marin county board of supervisors approved severe parking restrictions. hundreds of cars typically park along that shoulder of the narrow road on weekends making it treacherous for people trying to pass. shoulder parking will be limited to just 80 cars. coming up, a prestigious honor. the nobel prize for chemistry overnight. >> we'll look at new laws on drones coming up in business and tech. a live look at the big board dow industrials up 125 points. another good, rare day on the markets.
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the numbers are bleak. the san jose police department needs recit 6:44. the numbers are bleak. the san jose police department needs recruits but the response has been lackluster. only ten cadets are joining the latest academy class. sources tell us three cadets have dropped out. the last class only graduated 18 recruits. the vacancy rate for the department is at an all-time high. the department is trying to rebuild its force after settling labor disputes with the police officers association.
6:45 am
25-member commission will conduct a top to bottom evaluation of the county jail. it comes after three correctional deputies were charged in the death of an an inmate back in august. what happened at the sonoma county jail? family of inmates say they were abused there. a federal lawsuit on behalf of those inmates was filed against the sheriff's department this week. the suit claims the abuse took place for five hours during one day back in may. inmates say the deputies wore ski masks and black clothing. they allegedly went cell to cell kicking and punching them. that's what the lawsuit outlines. >> the deputy said if he heard one thing from me that they would come back and beat me. >> the sheriff's department is denying the allegations saying the correctional deputies were responding to a coordinated mass
6:46 am
disturbance by inmates. the lawsuit is seeking unspecified daniemages. >> a moment environmentalist call a milestone for the state of california as governor brown signs a landmark energy bill. it requires half of the electricity to come from renewable sources like solar and wind by the end of 2030. supporters say the new law is likely to help kick-start a program green power transformation program on a scale never before seen in the state of california. >> very cool. scott mcgrew has been pumped up about this all morning long. a new ipo out mountain view. >> the ceo seemed excited about it. how are we looking? >> i was checking my secret computer to check the latest stock price. they haven't started trading yet. not unusual to see that. opening the nyse this morning. starting at $17 a share.
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we'll continue to watch for that first trade but it's been rough on ipos lately. only 19 so far this year in tech. other news, new rules for drones. governor brown signed a bill into law yesterday that bans sending a drone into the airspace above someone else's land in order to make a recording. it's really an anti-paparazzi bill. you want to take a picture of your own house, you're going to be just fine. the faa has proposed the largest fine ever against a drone company that had special commercial licenses to fly and take pictures in new york and chicago but still managed to break the rules. here's one of their videos. a drone's eye view of a takeoff from the pitching mound at chicago's wrigley field up to the height of chicago's tallest building. the faa says it will fine sky pan international $2 million for failing to follow faa rules. as you reported, congress holding hearings with the faa about the dangers drones hold
6:48 am
for airplanes and helicopters. president obama's top advisers on drones, one of the first to recognize that drones would be a problem at the justice department will be my guest here on "press here." >> i don't see drones being part of the mix any time soon. thank you, scott. >> expensive task for that company. 6:48. new this morning, a stanford grad one of three scientists awarded the nobel prize in chemistry. according to members of the royal swedish academy of scientists, this is research led to how to fight cancer and one drug is being developed because of their research. >> amazing to see what people do
6:49 am
in their lifetime. >> an entire population of nobel prize winners in the bay area. we try to do our part. >> we appreciate it. kari has a look at the forecast. >> it will be great the next couple days. heating up as we get closer to the weekend. friday and saturday is looking pretty warm. so enjoy this. we have clouds back this morning as we look at the golden gate bridge. clouds will be with us through most of the morning especially along coastal areas. inland it will clear out a lot sooner. here's a look at temperatures now. it's in the lower 60s for san francisco, east bay, peninsula and south bay. north bay now checking in at 52 degrees. all of the highs today mostly in the 70s and low 80s. san francisco staying upper 60s. a mix of sun and clouds. we'll see sunshine in the north bay today with a high of 82. and as we go hour by hour in oakland, here are clouds by
6:50 am
8:00, 9:00, we still see clouds. the sun peeks out at 10:00 and 11:00 into lunchtime, it's bright and sunny. 69 degrees. highs in the low 70s. a light wind out of the west as highs top out in the low 70s today in oakland. still very comfortable with all of the festivities going on for fleet week in san francisco. the next few days are really looking good. air practice starts tomorrow from 2:00 to 4:00. 71 degrees heading into the weekend. air show going on for saturday and sunday. and columbus day the ship tours happening in the lower 70s. we turn our attention to hurricane oho. it's well to the east of hawaii right now. it's a category 2 hurricane. and look at where this storm is headed over some very cool waters. the storm will fizzle out and weakening and move toward the oregon area and it looks to bring rain for them as we go through the next several days for the bay area. staying dry.
6:51 am
hopefully we can at least get a little bit of those showers to move into northern california. we'll keep an eye on that. a look at the columbus day weekend forecast. it will be nice. plan one more beach outing with those highs topping out in the upper 80s in the tri-valley. let's check in now with mike. got to look at what's happening with that morning commute. >> san mateo bridge right now one of your slowest rides getting there a hassle westbound 92. look at that flat section. eastbound toward us is fine off the peninsula but going to the peninsula the map will show you what happened is we had a crash over there around the toll plaza. that backed up traffic. activity off the roadway but advisable. another crash now right around a street for southbound 880. trying to get details. slow drive hayward down into union city. some folks takie ining dumbarto bridge as your alternate. 101 seeing slowing for the peninsula. moving maps to the north, a smooth drive with a build for
6:52 am
concord. walnut creek, 24. interstate 80 toward the maze and same with oakland a build generally over toward that bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you the south bay where northbound routes through san jose continue that slowdown for 101 around capital and 85 off the 87 split. back to you. >> mike, thank you. a problem break in the case. surveillance video that authorities say could help catch a killer. >> is it toxic? concerns swirling this morning over a mysterious pile of junk that suddenly turned up in one peninsula neighborhood.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
in the north bay: authorities are releasing new surveillance video - they hope will lead them to several "p o authorities are releasing new surveillance video they hope will lead them to several persons of interest in the killing of a hiker earlier this week. >> stephanie chuang joining us live in fairfax right now with a look at who authorities are searching for at this hour. steph? >> reporter: this could be that big break they're hoping for. the notice now posted here by the trail by marin county sheriff's office hoping that people will call them with tips, with any information especially after looking at this surveillance video from a nearby convenience store in fairfax that shows two of the people of interest. a man wearing a white hat with what appears to be a california bear on it and a woman with dreadlocks. not shown a third person of interest described as a man wearing a brightly colored
6:56 am
t-shirt. they believe the victim's car was taken by the killer or killers. california license plate 6ppg 622. the victim a well known workshop instructor, steve carter, recently came to stay in marin county with friends because his wife was getting breast cancer treatment here. she posted on a gofundme page that she's devastated by this. we move over to bob redell live in san francisco at the police department this morning with police are questioning a person of interest in the death of a woman last night not too far from market street. >> reporter: sam and laura, this shooting took place last night around 8:00 in a residential building on 100 mason. when police arrived, they did find this woman. she had been shot in the upper part of her body. the responding officers tried cpr to try to keep her alive. unfortunately she did die at the
6:57 am
scene as you mentioned. officers did take a person of interest, that's how they classify this person, as a person of interest into custody to their tenderloin station to be interviewed. they have not released and perhaps don't even know what the motive was and whether or not this was targeted or random. it's possible they might have more information to release later this morning. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:57. new details now. all roads in berkeley back open this morning. they were closed for most of the night as police search for a gunman. someone fired several shots about 8:30 last night. a victim was taken to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition. it happened close to malcolm x elementary school near russell and california streets. for a while people were told to stay inside while police searched for a suspect. the order has since been lifted. a pile of junk dumped in san carlos and now it's stirring up controversy as many people are worried about their health. >> "today in the bay's" kris
6:58 am
sanchez is live in san carlos this morning. people want to know what's under that tarp. >> reporter: it's definitely construction debris. whether or not there's anything toxic about it remains to be seen. samtrans which owns this property says it was dumped here illegally on land already leased to a pumpkin patch. the folks who live here say the pile went from eyesore to health concern on saturday when the winds kicked up dust and started blowing it into the neighborhood and some residents tell us it's making them sick. >> it was fecal matter. worst case scenario is we were breathing asbestos or pcp. >> reporter: the city has not responded to nbc bay area but the vice mayor said there's no indication that the debris poses a public health threat but the tests are still outstanding. until the tests prove that no landfall will accept this debris because they don't know whether or not it's toxic. in san carlos, kris sanchez,
6:59 am
"today in the bay." >> no parents will take kids to the pumpkin patch. clearing the air now, clear skies with a little bit of clouds. >> we'll have clouds during the morning. sunshine all afternoon. here's a look at the microclimates and highs and what to expect for today. 82 in los gatos. 88 degrees in fairfield. 82 degrees today in pleasanton. >> it's walk to school day. keep an eye out for the kids. >> some areas of slowing like a walk in san jose. south bay northbound 101 crawling right here. that's typical at 680 interchange. we'll show you the entire stretch for 101 on the map. slow from capital expressway. arrow northbound for san jose freeways even though on compass they go east at that point. that's the trend for south bay. not unusual. jam through hayward toward san mateo bridge after earlier crash took a toll on that approaching the tolls but now sorting itself
7:00 am
out. there's san rafael showing a slowdown out of nevadaed ao. good morning. breaking overnight breaking overnight. nuclear ambitions. the fbi reportedly foiling a frightening plot by russian-linked smugglers to sell nuclear material to isis, at least four attempts over the past five years, the material enough to contaminate several city blocks. city blocks. we have a live report this morning. breaking point. a dangerous situation in south carolina today. several major dams on the verge of giving way. entire neighborhoods still threatened long after the rain has stopped. we'll be live on the flood lines in south carolina. the political clock is ticking. new calls this morning for vice president joe biden to run for president.


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