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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"shocked" and "devastated." we're hearing from the wife of the man shot to death on a bay area hiking trail. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. kris/2shot the search is on for the killer or killers who shot a marin county hiker. leaving him to die on a popular trail monday night. vo just moments ago -- investigators released this photo of a person of interest -- connected to the case. they want to talk to this man. vo yesterday -- they released this surveillance video of two other people they believe will help them get closer to solving the case. a man and a woman - the man in a distinctive white cap.. the woman with dreadlocks. spotted in this convenience store. one toward finding closure for the victim's loved ones, especially his wife. scott/boxes nbc bay area's stephanie
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chuang is live in greenbrae.. it's a devastating time for his wife. who's actually in especially his wife. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in greenbrae. devastating time for the wife, stephanie. she's actually fighting breast cancer as well. >> reporter: she is, scott and kris. it's really hard to imagine what the family's going through right now. we're at the marin cancer student which is part of the reason why the couple moved here weeks ago. we're told by friends she was diagnosed with a rare aggressive and invasive form of breast cancer just in july, came here for treatment. they were struggling to figure out how to stay here for the treatment when this all happened when steve carter was shot to death. now the wife left alone as investigators try to track down three people of interest they say is critical to the case. 67-year-old steve carter was on a mission to help save his wife's life. but he ended up losing his own. gunned down hiking a popular trail at the loma alta preserve with his dog. now marin county nrveinvestigat are looking for these people caught on a nearby convenience
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store video. a california bear on it, a woman with dreadlocks and not pictured the third person of interest described as a man wearing a brightly colored tie dye t-shirt. the victim's car is also missing with california license plate of 6ppg662. investigators believe the people who killed carter stole the car. they're hoping new information will lead to a break in the case. but perhaps no one wants that more than lokita carter, steve's wife of 17 years. she posted earlier this morning on a go fund me page set up weeks ago to help with her cancer treatment payments writing in part, i am beyond devastated to face this situation while already going through intensive breast cancer treatment. his senseless and shocking death is incomprehensible to all of us. and this time is the most difficult. please hold steve and me close to your hearts and in your prayers. i am shattered shocked, enraged
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and so, so sad. friends are also reeling from the sudden and tragic news of steve's death. >> this kind of death is hard for everybody. it just rips a hole in the heart of a community when someone dies suddenly like that and senseless in a senseless way. >> reporter: now, take one more look at the third person of interest. at first described as wearing a bright tie dye t-shirt, now in this new picture just released to us from the marin county sheriff's office in the last 20 minutes you see him in a dark beanie, sunglasses on top of his head, dark clothing, back pad and appears to have a skateboard in his head. there's also a second picture shows a back angle of this man. just a person of interest. looks like he has sort of longer length of hair. again, you see the backpack. these are new pictures and the sheriff investigators hoping this will jog someone's memory and get these people also to the investigators so they can talk to them. detectives are also still processing the evidence they collected yesterday. and that victim's car is still
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missing. live here in marin county, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area nusz. >> thanks for the update, steph. developing right now, a suspicisituation. a hazardous materials incident in san francisco's mission district. esar ce claims that they smelled a suspicious odor at the salvation army store on valencia street near cesar chavez street. crews evacuated the building and all 120 people inside. a hazardous materials team is on the scene as is our chopper. we will have an update as we get it. b> new details, a fisherman found a body near liver in a lake. they have yet to officially zed.tify that body, but ryingrities do believe it belongs to a man who disappeared rkter the boat he was in capsized. sing boat ferrying workers involved with the high-tech firm salesforce. a park spokeswoman says the boat sts overloaded. neither the missing man nor coworkers were wearing life
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vests. san francisco police are talking to a person of interest in connection with a homicide. just after 8:00 last night officers showed up to a building ar areon street on a report of a gossible shooting victim. that's not far from the bystfield shopping center on the womaa popular area with tourists. when officers got there they found a woman suffering from a gunshot wound. despite cpr efforts by officers ootingoman did die at the scene. no word yet on a motive for that killing. and new details now on a shooting investigation in berkeley. ned ce now tell us that the victim has died of his injuries. the shooting happened around 8:30 last night close to malcolm x elementary school near russell and california streets. police identified the victim as a 24-year-old man from stockon. vealinorning they arrested a 24-year-old man from berkeley. investigators believe that the two knew each other but they're not yet revealing the motive in that shooting. =v> the san jose police department needs recruits, but only ten cadets have joined the
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academy class. ment iets enrolled. sources tell us three cadets dropped out. the last class only graduated 18 recruits. the vacancy rate for the department is at an all-time high. t/vo==partment is trying to l start its force after resolving labor disputes with to bolice union. today santa clara county will start taking applications for its blue ribbon commission to conduct a top to bottom rder ofion of the county's jail. 25 people will be chosen. this comes after three ris/ectional deputies were charged in the murder of inmate "chael tyree back in august. families of inmates that say they were abused at sonoma l unty jail are speaking out intailing what they say were heinous and inexplicable beatings. a federal lawsuit on behalf of es we inmates was filed against the sheriff's department this week. clo dispute claims the abuse took place for five hours during ng aday back in may. inmates say the deputies wore ski masks and black s.w.a.t.
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clothing. they allegedly went cell to cell iecking and punching inmates. the mother of one of those = ".tes recounted what her son said happened. >> deputy said if you heard one thing from me, bad day again, iest they would come back and espondi. ce bhe sheriff's department is denying the allegations saying ges.correctional deputies were responding to a coordinated mass eath rbance by inmates. that lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. well, very few answers this morning after the death of a construction worker. he was at a site on almaden road near bruceway in south san jose yesterday afternoon. apparently he was hit in the head by an excavator. s inties say it does appear to e. an accident. the coroner's office has not released the name of that victim. cal osha is investigating the work site. people who live near a proposed bay area green cement plant will have the chance to offer their input on that plant
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tonight. a city based in ireland wants to place what it calls a high performance environmentally favorable concrete facility in ncer ro near mare island. et would be built at the site of a former flour processing plant. opponents are concerned about ris/potential cancer risks from for the issions. tonight's meeting is being held at the john f. kennedy library in vallejo. a ship is to blame for the injuries found on a dead whale in fremont. tut it's not clear if that is why the whale died. amma is the word from the final icropsy report. morecarcass washed ashore nearly two weeks ago. the mammal had a spine hale sality as well making it more susceptible to running into the ship. the exact cause of death whether culavation or illness is unknown. it is the eighth whale stranded in the bay area this year. foo a miscalculation by one north bay homeowner has forced his neighbors to evacuate. n the wrters say the man was
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ritting down a 100-foot pine -- a on marin drive in mill valley tuesday afternoon and it topped in the wrong direction power.into the power lines. he wpower was cut, neighbors erceuated, crews managed to finish the job safely and restore the power. well, one of the worst fires in state history is now 100% contained. merefighters fully surrounded thousalley fire yesterday, but they are still out there mopping four spots in the containment zone. the fire burned more than 76,000 acres in lake, sonoma and napa counties. four people were killed and nearly 2,000 structures cu== aing many homes were ibrary. d. e menlhomes were destroyed in fact. almanother case of bedbugs at the library. this time the bugs were found on cleanir at the menlo park library. that library closed today to allow pest control to inspect, n paloand clean the place. officials hope to reopen that library tomorrow at 10:00. now, three libraries in palo alto have also been temporarily
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stosed because of bedbugs. up next at 11:00, the muir woods a popular weekend destination. why it's going to get even harder to find a prize parking spot. and i'm bob redell. would you believe at the road to the super bowl starts right here in terminal three at sfo? we'll explain coming up in a live report. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures nice and comfortable now. and today another nice one with highs in the 70s and 80s. we'll take a complete look at the microclimate forecast coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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away - but a simple trip to s- f-o may satisfy some of yo super bowl 50 is still
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months away, but a simple trip to sfo might satisfy some of your nfl cravings. nbc bay area's bob redell live at sfo to show us what's going on. we don't have to skip town to find it, bob. >> reporter: no. we don't have to go very far, kris. you know what i'm craving right now from the nfl, if only we had a very, very oversized football helmet on wheels. if only we had that then my cravings would be -- >> oh. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. this is unbelievable. i didn't even see that thing when i was standing next to it. all right. this is from -- started in 1990. was used by the 49ers of course to transport injured players until the mid-2000s. this is kind of the first thing you see as you walk into this new exhibit here at terminal three at sfo. this exhibit's called the nation's game. the nfl from the pro football hall of fame and basically the nfl, the pro football hall of fame, the super bowl 50 host
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committee and of course sfo they got together and put together all these artifacts from all 32 of the different teams. right here you can see you're probably wondering is that jim otto's helmet and shirt 00? you're absolutely correct. >> i knew it. >> the helmet on the other side that's the helmet worn by willie brown. you're thinking i didn't know the san francisco mayor used to play football. that's the same thing i responded to when i saw that. there's a helmet right there worn by ed bud. i think what's interesting that was back in 1970. look at how beat up the helmets were. if you watched the nfl on sunday they're going to look more like helmets over there, the san diego charger helmets. they're always kept shiny and new. as we cross over here you can see the jersey from dan dierdorf when he played with the cardinals. over here to the right seattle seahawks that's when the uniform wasn't as pretty as they are now. i'm curious whose shoe was that, that was cortez kennedy, 1996, i'm a size 13. i'm going to have to guess he's about maybe a 15 or 16.
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very large feet. i'm surprised that jerry rice doesn't have as big of shoes. there's his cleats and the san francisco 49ers display case. those were the cleats that he wore in 1994. and of course there you go number 16 the jersey right there, the one and only joe montana. >> it's just great thoroughfare. fun to see people stop and take photos of their favorite moments and teams. special exhibit. >> we wanted to represent artifacts from different eras. so somebody for instance if you're following the 49ers, we want somebody to remember to engage that representation of the 49ers as well as somebody who's from the joe montana, dwight clark era or more current. >> reporter: and as you walk down terminal three live here in sfo you see a lot of passengers coming and going, stopping and going, hey, that's my hometown, taking pictures and whatnot.
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the curator was telling us he's seen a lot of friendly rifing out here as you see people from different teams maybe rivals and the whatnot. if you're not aware, kris, sfo the museum, it's the only airport museum in the world that is accredited displays throughout the year. it's just this is a most appropriate given that the super bowl is 122 days away. going to be hosted at levi's stadium in santa clara. is this your team, miss? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. her team the steelers. i guess i don't know from pittsburgh en route somewhere else. the life of a flight attendant. >> i see a tiny girls. i say it's really important. >> reporter: don't you want to sit with them on the next flight? >> yeah. they're running off all that energy. but seriously, that's when they establish their team loyalty. so you direct them to the 9 ers or the raiders exhibit, okay? >> reporter: i will.
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i will. >> thanks, bob. bye. want to take you to some developing news right now. hazardous materials situation in san francisco's mission district. we told you about a few moments ago. someone smelled a suspicious odor at the salvation army store on valencia street near cesar chavez street about an hour ago. there were about 120 people inside at the time. so crews did take them out of the building, evacuated the building. hazardous materials team now on the scene trying to figure out where that odor is coming from and whether it is dangerous. hopefully things will get back to normal because as you can tell from our chopper shot the road around that store the salvation army store on valencia is closed for the time being. so reroute if you're heading out right now. if not hopefully it will open again soon. scott. let's take a look at the markets this morning. this is pure storage out of mountain view on their very first day of trading.
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and bad sign their ipo has turned negative. they're down about 6% from their initial price. it has been a rough couple of months on ipos. and pure storage having one of those rough days as well. we've been telling you about the scandal in the world of fantasy sports. now the new york attorney general says he will investigate. fan dual and draft kings got into trouble after it was revealed their employees apparently used inside information to win money. the kind of information that the average fan would not have. now, it's not the cheating or the money lost that really hurts those companies, it's the new interest in regulating them. lots of positive reviews coming out about microsoft's new products announced tuesday including a surprise the surface book, a laptop not just a tablet, to compete with apple's mac book and mac book air, about the same price too north of about $1,500. bill gates has made another big investment in sustainable agriculture and alternative
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food. joining a $100 million funding round to redwood city's impossible foods which plans to make hamburgers out of plants. they show off this picture on their website in which it appears to be a delicious cheeseburger, but apparently made with plants. this is not the first time that gates has invested in such a thing. he's also an investor in hampton creek, the san francisco start-up that's making mayonnaise out of cookie dough and vegetables. kris, i think you and i would agree if mother nature didn't want us to eat cows she wouldn't have made them out of steak. >> exactly. there's that whole debate whether or not you want your veggie burger to taste like veggies or whether you replicate the meat experience. i think i like the ones that taste like vegetables. >> sure looks like they're pretty close. >> it did look very rare. very rare. california made a bold move to close the pay gap between women and men. yesterday governor brown signed the fair pay act in richmond.
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and the governor chose rosie riveter representing american women who worked in factories and shipyards during world war ii while the men were at war. the new law is one of the toughest pay equity laws in the country. >> this is really a big day, important. the inequities that have plagued our state and have burdened women for forever are slowly being resolved. >> starting january 1st, if an employer pays one person more money than another for the same work, they will have to prove it has nothing to do with gender. it also protects workers from discrimination and retaliation if they discuss amongst themselves how much they make. the law also makes it easier for workers to file suit against their employer. the census bureau says the average woman still makes 78 cents to every dollar that a man makes. another study shows that men and
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women make the same salary for the same job at the start of their careers but then men pull ahead later in their career. well, it's going to be even harder to find a parking spot at a bay area weekend hot spot. on tuesday the marin county board of supervisors approved severe parking restrictions near muir woods. now, normally hundreds of cars park along the shoulder on that narrow muir woods road on weekend. that makes it treacherous for people trying to pass. but starting in 30 days the shoulder parking will be limited to just 80 cars. >> there are way more than 80 people. >> way more. they need some sort of really advanced shuttle system or something. >> that would be a great idea. here's meteorologist kari hall. a beautiful day to be at muir woods. >> you know this weekend they're also having a sunrise guided hike. so i wonder when they have these big events like that how do they do that if there's not a lot of parking? something i guess we'll keep you up to date on. and maybe you're heading out to mt. diablo because look at this beautiful picture we've taken here. and we grab a shot every couple
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of minutes. and skies are all clear and our temperatures are still nice and comfortable. it's 70 degrees in livermore. concord's at 69. 66 in oakland and san francisco. napa now at 64 degrees. let's go hour by hour in walnut creek. one of the spots that will be a little warmer today at 1:00 a lot of sun, 71 degrees. then into the low to mid-80s by the afternoon heading out to dinner it will be 82 degrees. and then as the sun sets we're dropping back ten degrees to 72. tonight we'll have more clouds moving in and lows in the upper 50s. a look at all the microclimates, gilroy a high of 84 degrees. pacifica 70 degrees. more sun again today burnl hiegtds a high of 68. and napa a high of 79. 85 in brentwood. and also 85 for the high today in dublin. so after having highs today in the 80s, we now turn our attention to see what's happening out there in the pacific. and here's hurricane oho.
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now wind speeds make it a category two hurricane. winds at a 110 miles an hour. the water out there really warm. but as it moves into cooler waters the next couple of days this will continue to weaken very quickly. and by friday it will be approaching alaska. and by then it could be spreading some rain into the northwest. so something we'll be keeping an eye on. here's a look at what computer models do with that rain. unfortunately it takes it well to the north of us. so heading into the weekend it stays dry across the bay area. then we start looking to the south because there will be another surge of subtropical moisture moving into southern california. hoping that makes it to the bay area at least by the middle of next week. until then we have more dry weather. and it will be heating up the next couple of days. it will be in the 80s for most of the bay area. some mid to upper 80s as well. the north bay up to 86 degrees on saturday. sunday 84 degrees. and we keep those temperatures into the columbus day with highs in the upper 80s in the
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tri-valley by monday. scott and kris. all right. thank you very much, kari. up next at 11:00, a prestigious honor, a stanford graduate wins the nobel prize for chemistry.
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coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00 "access hollywood". i love when we keep things nice and local. a stanford grad is one of three scientists awarded the nobel prize in chemistry.
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>> he earned ph.d. from stanford in 19d73. awarded for their work in repairing dna. according to the members of the royal swedish academy of sciences their work has led to research on how to fight cancer, at least one new cancer drug being developed using their techniques. >> that is awesome. well, the new iphones are hot, literally hot. there are a lot of complaints on twitter that the home button is getting burning hot. and that is not all. apparently the iphone 6s also randomly just turns off. no word yet on what's causing the glitch, nor whether apple is doing anything about it. we do know apple sold 13 million of the latest iphones during its opening weekend last month. up next at 11:00, toxic concerns on the peninsula. why neighbors fear a pile is dangerous to their health. ..worst case scenario is that we
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are breahing asbestos or even worse pcbs outcue: even worse, pbcs trt:05 =scott/cont vo= a cloud of dust is leading to a the worst case scenario is we're breathing asbestos or even worse pcbs. >> hasn't been proven yet, but a cloud of dust is leading to a cloud of controversy on the peninsula quickly turning into a health concern. the city of san carlos giving a contractor three days to move a pile of debris that appeared in a lot along el camino real. blaming health problems on the dust that blew into the neighborhood. >> we take you to the beginning of the story. >> sometimes the entire hand tremors and involuntarily shakes. >> reporter: president of the east san carlos neighborhood association says there was no problem with that hand until last saturday when winds kicked up dust from this pile of construction debris and blew it across the cal train tracks into his neighborhood. >> i saw basically what i felt was a brown plume of dust that
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was coming into our neighborhood. the sun was blotted out. and the air smelled terrible. >> reporter: that dust came from this debris pile consisting of old pipes dug up at a nearby sewer and water project. >> the worst case scenario is we were breathing asbestos or even worse pcbs. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the owner of the land says this is an illegal dumping by one of two sewer project contractors. never agreed to use this as a dump site and has no idea what type of materials are in the pile. one neighbor who did not want to go on camera says the dust has also made her sick. >> coughing. shortness of breath and of course this wheezing that doesn't go away. it isn't comfortable and doesn't allow me to sleep well at night. >> reporter: the city of san carlos which hired the contractors did not return our calls today. but fuller says city officials have talked to him. >> we've been told that the material's been tested by an
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outside agency. but we haven't gotten results back of what's in the land yet. >> reporter: leaving fuller with two questions. >> who's responsible and what is it? >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> in the last hour the san carlos city manager responded to us telling us that they're giving three days of notice to the contractor to remove all of that debris from that location. but the city manager adds this is really all just a big misunderstanding. he says a foreman for the contractor thought the company had a deal with sam tran to dump it there when in fact it did not. this all stemming from a vacation. the city manager says kj wood will not be fined or fired but will get a bill from the city for the cleanup there. test results by the way on that debris are still outstanding. let's take you to the roads in silicon valley in the south bay. on your left is 880 in fremont. on your right the 101 interchange in san jose. if you live and work in the south bay, you know this looks pretty good. but the early morning commute not easy at all.
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>> no. and you can blame success, tech expansion leading to new jobs. nbc bay area scott budman shows us why it's not likely to get better any time soon. >> two, one, cut! >> reporter: with the cheer of optimism, qct moved into san jose. the data storage company plans to hire hundreds of people to work here. people who will then have to face the south bay's increasingly paralyzing traffic. >> this tuesday traffic really kicking in there. >> in the afternoon when i leave work it's taking me almost an hour and a half, close to an hour 45 minutes. >> reporter: you're feeling it. >> i'm feeling it, yes. long, long time to get home. >> the roads definitely need some improvements. >> reporter: with companies like samsung and apple hiring by the thousands, the south bay is becoming tech's hot spot. >> if you're looking at a company some place to locate, there's not a better place really in the world. >> reporter: but call it the
11:34 am
perils of prosperity, the city is gridlocked and knows it needs to do something. >> the good news is b.a.r.t. is under construction. it's under budget and ahead of schedule. we've got bus driver transit under construction, we're doing a lot to try to see how we can make this transition into a city that really it's going to continue to be a major global center of technology. >> reporter: there's solutions that can't come soon enough, even for the company moving in. >> so i think for san jose or in this area i think the traffic system, you know, maybe need to be further improved. >> reporter: so stay tuned. and we know you're not going anywhere fast. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope this boom lasts a bit longer than the other one. >> indeed. well, breast cancer cases are on the decline in marin. in fact, they're at a new low. >> yes. a significant change of direction for county that was actually once known as having the highest breast cancer rates
11:35 am
in the state. nbc bay area's jean el li has more. >> started the project based ongoing to a supervisors meeting in 2002 and hearing our breast cancer rates risen 80% in six years and don't have enough money to figure out why. >> reporter: alarming breast cancer rates got judy's attention more than a decade ago. she set out to find what was making so many women sick. >> i have a daughter. i have friends that have breast cancer. i don't want to hear you can't figure out why. >> this is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. >> reporter: researchers like tina clark from the cancer prevention institute of california started monitoring breast cancer cases in marin county in 1988. >> there was a time when people thought it was the highest breast cancer rate in the world. >> reporter: now there's a new trend, a decline in breast cancer cases in marin county. the lowest ever recorded in 2012, 130 cases per 100,000 women. that's 31% lower than the
11:36 am
highest rate of 188 cases in 2001. researchers say they know what changed. >> in 2003 the womens health initiative published results saying hormone therapy was dangerous, women quit taking hormone therapy, we saw breast cancer rates drop very rapidly not only in marin county but other parts of the country too. >> reporter: the decline in breast cancer cases is something to celebrate during breast cancer awareness month, but she's still looking for answers. >> who moeb replacement therapy could be one thing, but there's a whole toxic soup that's part of our everyday. >> reporter: now advocating for a healthier environment at turning green. still fighting to get the number of breast cancer cases in marin county to zero. >> cancer is part of our everyday. and until that word and that disease are not infiltrating so many lives and so many families, we're so far from done. >> reporter: jean ellie, nbc bay area news. and now to decision 2016. presidential candidates are
11:37 am
headed to the first primary states today. nbc bay area's edward lawrence has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: hillary clinton spoke to workers in iowa, and took shots at the republican candidates. she says she sent gop candidates a copy of her book "hard choices," so they will know what it means to face tough decisions. >> if they want to know how you put together a coalition that imposes international sanctions on a country like iran, they can read about it. because that's what i did. >> reporter: she also pointed out differences between her and the other democratic contender senator bernie sanders who's gaining in the polls. that momentum carrying him into the democratic debate next week. for republicans national polls show donald trump's lead faltering, but senator marco rubio moved into third place jumping six points, within striking distance of the republican front runners. >> we have people in public office at every level, but particularly in washington that forgot what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck or never did. >> reporter: rubio fared well in
11:38 am
the last two presidential debates. >> as more light is placed on his campaign and on his message, more scrutiny will come with that. >> reporter: we'll see how all the candidates fare in the next cnbc debate later this month. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. well, it is quite natural for parents to want their children to be safe and protected, of course. >> but as i've always said, trying to shield a child from all life's complications can do more harm than good. here's erica edwards. >> reporter: it comes as a surprise to many parents. >> there came a day where my kid was 9 and i did realize that she doesn't know how to like toast a bagel. >> reporter: when it hits them, they've become helicopter parents. author stephanie wilder taylor is the mother of three young girls who found herself guilty of this behavior. >> she had no independence. i was like i need to change my ways a little bit. >> reporter: helicopter parents, the definition, those who are often overly involved in the lives of their children, hovering over them to resolve
11:39 am
their conflicts, solve their problems, make their decisions. experts say this isn't really a growing problem, but a pattern more parents are noticing. >> i don't think people are coming for help recognizing i'm a helicopter parent, help me. i think they're coming saying this is what i'm noticing in my child. this is what i'm upset about. >> reporter: psychologists say this parenting style could have a negative effect on a child's well being. >> i think if we're always solving their problems they will go off in the world and the first problem they're faced with will seem like a catastrophe. >> reporter: the cure? experts say go ahead, let go. >> a little bit of suffering helps a child grow. >> parents want their kids to go to the right preschool to get into the right private school to get into the right private upper school to go to the right college. it doesn't matter. their children will grow up and succeed and do what they are destined to do. >> reporter: giving up that pilot's license may actually make parents feel better too.
11:40 am
erica edwards, nbc news. >> oh, just like it used to be. up next at 11:00, the gift of life. we'll show you how a tragic accident ended up saving a friend's life. and a second career and a second life after racehorses too old for the track, one man giving them a new reason to live. it is part of our bay area proud series. as we take a live look from mt. tam you see the clear blue skies, such a gorgeous day. and i'm happy to say it continues for a little while longer. find out if there's any changes coming up in the microclimate forecast. sometimes something beautful
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comes from a tragedy. kris/2shot in this case... the gift of life. kye martin has a story of the power of organ donation. well, sometimes something beautiful comes from tragedy. >> in this case it is the gift of life. we have the story of the power of organ donation. >> this is nicki's heartbeating inside tanisha's chest. these are the stars of a new psa campaign. now living with the heart of her best friend vicky's daughter. in june 18-year-old smith drowned, a tragic accident. the bright teen has just finished her freshman year at value pareso. >> i carried nicki nine months. >> organ donation is so important. needing kidneys, needing hearts, needing lungs, anything. it's just so important. that's why i'm alive today. and i couldn't thank vicky or
11:44 am
nicki enough. >> reporter: they were a perfect match, both b-positive blood types, same size heart, same antibodies. >> i'm asking, please, please become a donor, donate whatever you can. >> that was really a great story around how organ donation changes the end of a really tragic story. from one of despair and loss to one of life and hope. >> so important. >> yeah. second chance at life for many of us, that is a gift. but this is a different kind of second chance. >> that's right. these are about horses and the man saving them. garvin thomas here with today's bay area proud. >> dennis winfrey says horses have been a part of his life for the past 40 years. he says when he married his wife she told him though she was fine with all the horses as long as he used them. she didn't want to pay for pasture decoration. he's discovered great use for a whole bunch of them. he's happy, she's happy, and the horses have a very good reason
11:45 am
to be happy too. the number of years a harness racing horse lives has a lot to do with the number of seconds it takes for it to get around the track. finish out of the money enough times, a horse can be quite literally finished. >> racehorse either pays his own way or he's history. >> reporter: unless that horse has been lucky enough to cross paths with dennis winfrey. over the past quarter century dennis has invited more than 70 standard bred horses to come live with him after their racing careers were over. he has more than 30 on his salinas ranch right now. some he didn't even have to pay a dime for. >> there are those that think that the more you pay for a horse the better they are. and that's not the case. he's one of the newer ones. >> reporter: dennis says these horses just happen to be perfect for what he needs them to do.
11:46 am
the fact he saved their lives in the process dennis just calls that a collateral benefit. >> it happened because i was playing with my hobby. >> reporter: it's a hobby dennis says in need of horses used to pulling things, surrounded by a crowd of people and not scared by loud noises. really loud noises. dennis, you see, is the california historical artillery society's stable sergeant. civil war reenactments up and down the west coast would not nearly be as authentic or as much fun without these horses to deliver the cannons and the ambulance to where they need to be. >> come on, girls. >> i'm not going anymore. it's my big disneyland. >> reporter: it wouldn't fit dennis' gruff persona to get misty eyed about saving the lives of so many beautiful creatures. they were simply animals in need
11:47 am
of a second career. who were lucky enough to find a man who believed in second chances. >> as far as i'm concerned these are horses that people put down. and i was able to give them a job. and they were very good at their job. maybe they weren't good at the last one, but that doesn't concern me. >> dennis it should be said has a terrific relationship with cal x harness racing in sacramento. they wish he could take even more of their horses. and on some nights they've even done fundraisers to help his organization. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> another nice story from garvin. >> no kidding. let's talk to meteorologist kari hall. what a forecast. it's not really appropriate for october though. >> well, you know, we can make that work, right? >> yeah, we won't complain too much. >> it will be a great weekend. but it will start to warm up and feeling a little bit more like summer. so you're thinking pumpkin patches and spiced lattes and
11:48 am
it's going to be, you know, in the upper 80s out there. as we step out the door now it's right around 70 degrees in some parts of the bay area. but look at all of that sunshine. it is such a beautiful day. and it will be up to 80 degrees in the east bay. in the tri-valley a high of 84 degrees these temperatures really not that bad. and right at about average for the beginning of october. and looking at the wind forecast these arrows show you the direction of the wind when we get an onshore flow that of course helps our temperature stay in check. and our winds picking up to about 10 to 15 miles an hour. but look at what happens tomorrow morning. we see the arrows change direction. they come more out of the north. it starts out with a calm wind and then continues to pick up as we go through the day staying more northerly and northwesterly. and that will give us a boost in our temperatures without the ocean breeze. and a look at the fog on the bay. the fog forecast keeps the fog offshore for a little while but then starts to spread across the inner bay as we go into tonight
11:49 am
and into the start of the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies once again kind of like what we had this morning. but it does clear out quickly. and we'll go back to that sunshine with that northerly wind the temperatures will be going up a few more degrees from today. let's go hour by hour in oakland where we see all of the sunshine, temperatures staying in the low 70s for several hours. a few more clouds at 5:00. it's 69 degrees. and then as the sun sets it drops back to about 60 degrees, taking the dog out one more time at 10:00 mostly cloudy and 60 degrees. and, hey, it's fleet week. some of the festivities really get going today. and it will be 69 degrees in san francisco. you want to head out there and check out the u.s. navy live band. air practice starts tomorrow 71 degrees. by friday the parade of ships at 11:00 will see highs in the low 70s. also in the 70s heading into the weekend for the air show and the ship tours on columbus day. and we've been keeping an eye on hurricane oho now with wind speeds up to 110 miles an hour.
11:50 am
so this is a pretty strong hurricane, but it will be weakening as it moves quickly over some colder waters as it surges quickly towards the north and east. and it looks like it could be rolling closer to the gulf of alaska. but this does not look to make landfall. it will quickly weaken and fizzle out. and a look at the rain forecast. it does bring in a lot of rain for oregon. but for us we're missing out on all of that rain. so more dry weather over the next several days. and then another system starts to develop around southern california for the beginning of next week. that maybe, keep fingers crossed, could bring us a little more rain. we will have highs in the 80s across most of the bay area. the east bay on saturday up to 81 degrees. 80 on sunday. it stays warm as we go into next week. no major changes in our temperatures. scott and kris. >> kari, thanks. >> we'll be right back. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our
11:51 am
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step closer to moving to san francisco. ===vo=== the warriors are now one big step closer to moving to san francisco. mayor ed lee says ucsf is officially on board with the warriors plan to build a waterfront arena at mission bay. ucsf was originally a bit cautious about that plan citing increased traffic near the medical center. the new deal includes a $10 million fund for any potential traffic issues that might arise after the arena opens. the ucf medical center sits across the street from the arena site. warrior officials say the agreement clears a big hurdle in the billion-dollar privately financed arena. the warriors hope to move across the bay in 2018. the san jose sharks hope to bounce back after a disappointing 2014 season. today team teal kicks off the season in l.a. taking on the rival kings at the staples center. puck will drop at 7:30. it's been seven months,
11:54 am
believe it or not, since we last saw the bay bridge lights installation glisten in our night skies. but they are slowly starting to come back to life. maybe you've seen them. reinstallation of the lights on the bay bridge starting back up after a long pause. thanks to a private fund raising effort the lights will now be a permanent part of the western span. they are expected to be fully on before super bowl 50. >> i think it's the best improvement to san francisco since the central freeway came down. gorgeous. >> just don't ask golden gate bridge. >> true. we'll be right back. the world will soon be up for
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
grabs. scott/vo it's the original soon one of the best kept secrets in the world will be up for grabs. >> the original recipe for dr pepper will be up for auction in rural virginia. i suppose you could just pause your tv right here and just write it down. it fell into the hands of an antique collector at a previous auction. it will be available to anyone willing to pony up. dr pepper first served soda shop in waco in 1885, considered one of the oldest sodas in the world. >> that's if you can read it though. >> that's true. well, you can just buy some dr pepper. >> well, yeah. >> wouldn't you like to be a pepper too? no. >> she's showing her age. >> i am. >> we are far too young to remember that commercial. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
11:58 am
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♪ today on "access hollywood live," marsha gay harden is back. >> last time she was with us, this happened. we were all a little frisky for our 50 shades of gray week. mrs. gray is here. >> she also has her 50th here. >> you are exposing me. you just can't help it. >> it is 100 steps to our set. >> and the stairs if you want to take them. >> we are talking about your new show "code brac". >> adam lambert is with with us. we are going to hear if he is closer to his dream duet with beyonce. >> david arquette joins us. he brought his sherlock holmes co-star, james and renee. i love you guys are doing a little theatre. "access hollywood live"


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